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Frid, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Spectral and textural features for automatic classification of fricatives using SVM

Frid, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Fracture Electromagnetic Radiation Induced by a Seismic Active Zone (in the Vicinity of Eilat City, Southern Israel)

Fridberg, M. Co Author Listing * Towards Self-Powered Cameras

Friderikos, V. Co Author Listing * Efficient Cellular Load Balancing Through Mobility-Enriched Vehicular Communications

Fridman, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Coopertive surveillance in video sensor networks
* Visualization of Resource Allocation in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Fridman, J. Co Author Listing * On the Scalability of 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform Algorithms

Fridman, L.[Lex] Co Author Listing * Automated synchronization of driving data using vibration and steering events
* Detecting road surface wetness from audio: A deep learning approach
* Driver Gaze Region Estimation without Use of Eye Movement
* Owl and Lizard: Patterns of head pose and eye pose in driver gaze classification
Includes: Fridman, L.[Lex] Fridman, L.

Fridman, P. Co Author Listing * Radio Astronomy Image Enhancement in the Presence of Phase Errors Using Genetic Algorithms

Fridman, R.[Rafail] Co Author Listing * Text2LIVE: Text-Driven Layered Image and Video Editing

Fridman, Y.[Yonatan] Co Author Listing * Deformable M-Reps for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Fridovich Keil, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Plenoxels: Radiance Fields without Neural Networks
Includes: Fridovich Keil, S.[Sara] Fridovich-Keil, S.[Sara]

Fridrich, J. Co Author Listing * Digital Bullet Scratches for Images
* Digital camera identification from sensor noise
* Digital Watermarking and Steganography
* Effect of saturated pixels on security of steganographic schemes for digital images
* Identifying Common Source Digital Camera from Image Pairs
* Image Steganography With Symmetric Embedding Using Gaussian Markov Random Field Model
* Image watermarking for tamper detection
* Images with Self-Correcting Capabilities
* Intriguing Struggle of CNNs in JPEG Steganalysis and the OneHot Solution, An
* Lossless authentication of mpeg-2 video
* Lossless Data Embedding: New Paradigm in Digital Watermarking
* Modern Trends in Steganography and Steganalysis
* New Fragile Authentication Watermark for Images
* Payload Scaling for Adaptive Steganography: An Empirical Study
* Special Issue: Emerging Applications of Multimedia Data Hiding
* Using sensor pattern noise for camera model identification
Includes: Fridrich, J. Fridrich, J.[Jessica] Fridrich, J.[Jiri]
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