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Meuleman, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * FloatingFusion: Depth from ToF and Image-Stabilized Stereo Cameras
* High-Quality Stereo Image Restoration from Double Refraction
* NormalFusion: Real-Time Acquisition of Surface Normals for High-Resolution RGB-D Scanning
* Real-Time Sphere Sweeping Stereo from Multiview Fisheye Images
* Single-Shot Monocular RGB-D Imaging Using Uneven Double Refraction
Includes: Meuleman, A.[Andreas] Meuleman, A.

Meuleman, B. Co Author Listing * Induction and Profiling of Strong Multi-Componential Emotions in Virtual Reality
* Nonlinear Appraisal Modeling: An Application of Machine Learning to the Study of Emotion Production

Meulemans, P. Co Author Listing * Image sequence analysis and segmentation using G-blobs
* Multiresolution Motion Analysis Combining Feature-Based and Featureless Estimates

Meulenbroek, R.G.J.[Ruud G.J.] Co Author Listing * 3D motion-tracking method in graphonomic research: possible applications in future handwriting recognition studies, A

Meulengracht, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Multi-planar 3D knee MRI segmentation via UNet inspired architectures

Meuli, R. Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of Head Motion Information in Multi-Channel Free Induction Decay Navigators for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Automatic Segmentation of Internal Structures of the Brain in MR Images Using a Tandem of Affine and Non Rigid Registration of an Anatomical Brain Atlas
* Cross Validation Study of Deep Brain Stimulation Targeting: From Experts to Atlas-Based, Segmentation-Based and Automatic Registration Algorithms, A

Meulman, H. Co Author Listing * KAIRA: The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array: System Overview and First Results

Meulman, J.J.[Jacqueline J.] Co Author Listing * Supervised Segmentation of NO2 Plumes from Individual Ships Using TROPOMI Satellite Data

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