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CACM( Vol No. ) * *Communications of the ACM

CACM(10) * Computer Representation of Planar Regions by Their Skeletons
* On Computing the Fast Fourier Transform

CACM(11) * Algol Procedure for the Fast Fourier Transform with Arbitrary Factors, Algorithm 339, An
* Algol Procedures for the Fast Fourier Transform, Algorithm 338

CACM(12) * Automated Contour Map, The
* Comments on a Line Thinning Scheme
* Concepts of Use in Contour Map Processing

CACM(13) * Further Comments on a Line Thinning Scheme
* Note on Minimal Length Polygonal Approximations to a Digitized Contour, A
* Representations for Space Planning

CACM(14) * Applications of Game Tree Searching Techniques to Sequential Pattern Recognition
* On the Optimal Detection of Curves in Noisy Pictures
* Put-That-There: Voice and gesture at the graphics interface
* Reconstruction of Pictures from their Projections

CACM(15) * Experimental Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing, An
* New Approach to Automatic Scanning of Contour Maps, A
* On Shrinking Binary Pictures
* Thinning Algorithms on Rectangular, Hexagonal, and Triangular Arrays
* Use of the Hough Transform to Detect Lines and Curves in Pictures

CACM(16) * Algorithm 457: Finding All Cliques in an Undirected Graph (H)
* Region Coloring Technique for Scene Analysis, A
* Representation of Contours and Regions for Efficient Computer Search

CACM(17) * Cell Organized Raster Display for Line Drawings, A
* Scan Conversion Algorithms for a Cell Organized Raster Display

CACM(18) * Determining the Minimum-Area Encasing Rectangle for an Arbitrary Curve
* Efficient String Matching: An Aid to Bibliographic Search
* Finding Circles by an Array of Accumulators
* Linear Space Algorithm for Computing Maximal Common Subsequences, A
* Multidimensional Binary Search Trees Used for Associative Searching
* Syntactic Algorithm for Peak Detection in Waveforms with Applications to Cardiography, A

CACM(19) * Application of Heuristic Search Methods to Edge and Contour Detection, An
* Hierarchical Geometric Models for Visible Surface Algorithms

CACM(20) * Convex Hulls of Finite Sets of Points in Two and Three Dimensions
* Editing of Picture Segmentations Using Local Analysis of Graphs, The
* Equivalence of Hough Curve Detection to Template Matching
* Fast String Searching Algorithm, A
* Optimal Surface Reconstructions from Planar Contours
* Representation of Many-Sided Polygons and Polygonal Lines for Rapid Processing

CACM(21) * Some New Methods of Detecting Step Edges in Digital Pictures
* Synthesizing Constraint Expressions
* Using Synthetic Images to Register Real Surfaces with Surface Models

CACM(22) * Approximation of polygonal maps by cellular maps
* Breaking Substitution Ciphers Using a Relaxation Algorithm
* Computing Connected Components on Parallel Computers
* Cyclic Order Property of Vertices as an Aid in Scene Analysis, The
* Detection of Three-Dimensional patterns of Atoms in chemical Structures
* Interference Detection among Solids and Surfaces
* On Improving the Worst Case Running Time of the Boyer-Moore String Matching Algorithm
* Optimal Real-Time Algorithm for Planar Convex Hulls, An
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CACM(23) * Deletion in Two-Dimensional Quad Trees
* Learning and Reasoning by Analogy
* Region Representation: Boundary Codes from Quadtrees
* Region Representation: Quadtrees from Boundary Codes

CACM(24) * On-Line Algorithm for Fitting Straight Lines Between Data Ranges, An
* Random Sample Consensus: A Paradigm for Model Fitting with Applications to Image Analysis and Automated Cartography
* Strip Trees: A Hierarchical Representation for Curves

CACM(25) * Algorithms for Computing the Volume and Other Integral Properties of Solids
* Approximation Algorithms for Convex Hulls
* Comment on Computer Rendering of Stochastic Models
* Computer Rendering of Stochastic Models
* Effective Way to Represent Quadtrees, An
* Strip Trees: A Hierarchical Representation for Curves

CACM(26) * Hierarchical Data Structure for Multidimensional Digital Images, A
* Maintaining Knowledge About Time Temporal Intervals
* Quadtree Medial Axis Transform, A

CACM(27) * Comment on Quad- and Octtrees
* Efficient Nesting Of Congruent Convex Figures
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Quadtree Medial Axis Transform, A
* Virtual Memory System for Picture Processing, A
* Weighted Median Filter, The

CACM(28) * Data Compression Using Static Huffman Code-Decode Tables
* Data Structures for Quadtree Approximation and Compression
* P(2) Algorithm for Dynamic Calculation of Quantiles and Histograms without Storing Observations, The

CACM(29) * Comment on A Fast Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Locally Adaptive Data Compression Scheme, A
* Planar Point Location Using Persistent Search Trees
* TID: A Translation Invariant Data Structure for Storing Images

CACM(30) * Adjacency Detection Using Quadcodes
* Arithmetic coding for data compression
* Computing Multi-Colored Polygonal Masks in Pipeline Architectures and Its Application to Automated Visual Inspection
* Improved Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An
* Quadcode and Its Arithmetic, The
* Systolic Algorithms to Examine All Pairs of Elements

CACM(31) * Computing with Structured Connectionist Networks
* Connectionist Expert Systems
* Equivalence of the Subregion Representation and the Wall Representation for a Certain Class of Rectangular Dissections, The
* Thinning Algorithm by Contour Generation, A

CACM(32) * Fast Parallel Thinning Algorithms: Parallel Speed and Connectivity Preservation
* Parallel Thinning with Two-Subiteration Algorithms
* Technique for Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, A

CACM(33) * Very Fast Substring Search Algorithm, A

CACM(34) * JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard, The
* MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications
* NeXTstep: Putting JPEG to Multiple Uses
* Overview of the pX64 kbit/s Video Coding Standard

CACM(35) * Dimensioning Analysis, Toward Automatic Understanding of Engineering Drawings

CACM(36) * Charade: Remote Control of Objects Using Free-Hand Gestures

CACM(37) * Computer Vision Applications
* New Technologies and Applications in Robotics

CACM(38) * Rough sets

CACM(39) * Rapid Design and Prototyping of Customized Rehabilitation Aids

CACM(4) * On the Approximation of Curves by Line Segments Using Dynamic Programming

CACM(40) * In Search of Information in Visual Media
* Managing Multimedia: Information In Database Systems
* Retrieving and Visualizing Video
* Video Abstracting
* Visual Information Management
* Visual Information Retrieval
* Visual Information Retrieval from Large Distributed Online Repositories
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CACM(41) * Digital Watermarking Introduction
* How Watermarking Adds Value to Digital Content
* In Business Today and Tomorrow
* Opportunities for Watermarking Standards
* Protecting Digital Media Content
* Technical Trials and Legal Tribulations

CACM(42) * framework for realistic image synthesis, A
* Sampling, synthesis, and input devices

CACM(43) * Affective Perception
* Complementary video and audio analysis for broadcast news archives
* KidsRoom, The
* Look Ma, No Mouse!: Simplifying Human-Computer Interaction by Using Hand Gestures
* Machine learning of event segmentation for news on demand
* MAESTRO: Conductor of Multimedia Analysis Technologies
* Perceptual Intelligence
* Things That See
* Transcribing broadcast news for audio and video indexing
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CACM(5) * Algorithm 112: Position of point relative to polygon
* Certification of Algorithm 112: Position of point relative to polygon

CACM(51) * Scene Completion using Millions of Photographs

CACM(52) * Face recognition breakthrough
* status of the P versus NP problem, The

CACM(53) * Eyes Have It, The
* Faster Dimension Reduction
* Future of Digital Imaging, The
* Looking Beyond Stereoscopic 3D's Revival
* Making Sense of Real-Time Behavior
* Not Seeing the Crime for the Cameras?
* Toward Robotic Cars
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CACM(54) * 10 Scientific Problems in Virtual Reality
* Automotive Autonomy
* Building Rome in a Day
* I, Domestic Robot
* Improving Brain-Computer Interfaces
* PatchMatch Randomized Matching Algorithm for Image Manipulation, The
* Seeing is Not Enough
* Self-Similarity-based Image Denoising
* Sorting Through Photos
* Technical Perspective: Images Everywhere Looking for Models
* Technical Perspective: Visual Reconstruction
* Vision-Based Hand-Gesture Applications
* Visual Crowd Surveillance Through a Hydrodynamics Lens
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CACM(55) * Computer) Vision Without Sight
* DARPA Shredder Challenge Solved
* Frankencamera: An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography, The
* Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis
* Modeling People and Places with Internet Photo Collections
* Questioning Naturalism in 3D User Interfaces
* Real-Time Computer Vision with OpenCV
* Smarter Photography
* Talking to Machines
* Technical Perspective: Where Do People Draw Lines?
* Where Do People Draw Lines?
* Word-Gesture Keyboard: Reimagining Keyboard Interaction, The
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CACM(56) * Adaptation of Audiovisual Contents and Their Delivery Means
* Bounded Biharmonic Weights for Real-Time Deformation
* Collaboration With a Robotic Scrub Nurse
* Diffusion Curves: A Vector Representation for Smooth-Shaded Images
* Discriminative Learning with Latent Variables for Cluttered Indoor Scene Understanding
* Hello, My Name Is . . .
* Illustrating How Mechanical Assemblies Work
* More than a Mouse
* Motion Fields for Interactive Character Locomotion
* Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images
* Robots Are Coming
* Robots Compete in Disaster Scenarios
* Security and Privacy for Augmented Reality Systems
* Seeing the Big Picture
* Surgical Robots Deliver Care More Precisely
* Technical Perspective: Progress in Visual Categorization
* Technical Perspective: Understanding Pictures of Rooms
* Technical Perspective: Video Quality Assessment in the Age of Internet Video
* Trends in Steganography
* Understanding the Impact of Video Quality on User Engagement
* Visual Object Detection with Deformable Part Models
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CACM(57) * Augmented Reality
* Building Volumetric Appearance Models of Fabric Using Micro CT Imaging
* Computational Photography Comes into Focus
* Computationally Modeling Human Emotion
* Decoding the Language of Human Movement
* Historical Perspective of Speech Recognition, A
* Intelligent Living
* Moving Portraits
* Museums Go High-Tech with Digital Forensics
* Scene Understanding by Labeling Pixels
* Sensors for Seniors
* Technical Perspective: The Intricate Dance of Fabric and Light
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CACM(58) * IllumiRoom: Immersive Experiences Beyond the TV Screen
* In Search of Bayesian Inference
* Local Laplacian Filters: Edge-aware Image Processing with a Laplacian Pyramid
* Personalizing Maps
* Technical Perspective: Paris Beyond Frommer's
* What Makes Paris Look Like Paris?

CACM(59) * Biometric Identity
* Bringing Holography to Light
* Challenges of Partially Automated Driving, The
* Creating Connection with Autonomous Facial Animation
* Extracting 3D Objects from Photographs Using 3-Sweep
* Farm Automation Gets Smarter
* GPUs Reshape Computing
* Graph Matching in Theory and Practice
* Imaging the Propagation of Light Through Scenes at Picosecond Resolution
* Interactive Visualization of 3D Scanned Mummies at Public Venues
* Learning to Name Objects
* Multimodal Biometrics for Enhanced Mobile Device Security
* Seeing More Clearly
* Sensing Emotions
* Silicon Photonics: Ready to Go the Distance?
* Technical Perspective: 3D Image Editing Made Easy
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CACM(60) * All The Pretty Pictures
* Cambits: A Reconfigurable Camera System
* Digital Hearing
* Eulerian Video Magnification and Analysis
* ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* It's All About Image
* Technical Perspective: Magnifying Motions the Right Way
* Technical Perspective: What Led Computer Vision to Deep Learning?
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CACM(61) * 3D Sensors Provide Security, Better Games
* Artificial (Emotional) Intelligence
* Deep Learning Hunts for Signals Among the Noise
* Emotion Recognition Using Wireless Signals
* Feeling Sounds, Hearing Sights
* Floating Voxels Provide New Hope for 3D Displays
* Halide: Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules For High-Performance Image Processing
* Is the Law Ready for Driverless Cars?
* State of Fakery, The
* When Machine Learning is Facially Invalid
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CACM(62) * Augmented Reality Gets Real
* Being Recognized Everywhere
* Edge of Computational Photography, The
* Encryption and Surveillance
* Face2Face: Real-Time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos
* Guiding Computers, Robots to See and Think
* I Don't Understand My Car
* Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda
* Metamorphic Testing of Driverless Cars
* Real-World Applications for Drones
* Sampling-Based Robot Motion Planning
* Technical Perspective: Photorealistic Facial Digitization and Manipulation
* When Drones Fly
* Who Owns 3D Scans of Historic Sites?
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CACM(63) * Attaining The Third Dimension
* Automating Visual Privacy Protection Using a Smart LED
* Capturing Cultural Heritage in East Asia and Oceania
* Computing Value of Spatiotemporal Information
* Digital Humans on the Big Screen
* Editing Self-Image
* Flood-Risk Analysis on Terrains
* Generative Adversarial Networks
* Graph Isomorphism Problem, The
* Imaging Sciences R&D Laboratories in Argentina
* Kode Vicious Plays in Traffic
* Self-Driving Vehicle Technology: Progress and Promises
* Technical Perspective: Lighting the Way to Visual Privacy
* Technologies for the Visually Impaired
* Toward Smart and Sustainable Cities
* Tracking Shoppers
* Understanding Salsa: How Computing Is Defining Latin Music
* Will Deepfakes Do Deep Damage?
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CACM(64) * 3D Localization for Subcentimeter-Sized Devices
* Can the Biases in Facial Recognition Be Fixed; Also, Should They?
* Coalition of the Willing Takes Aim at COVID-19
* Deep Learning Speeds MRI Scans
* Formalizing and Guaranteeing Human-Robot Interaction
* Holograms on the Horizon?
* Human Detection of Machine-Manipulated Media
* Inferring and Improving Street Maps with Data-Driven Automation
* Isomorphism, Canonization, and Definability for Graphs of Bounded Rank Width
* Model Restoration, A
* Multi-Itinerary Optimization as Cloud Service
* Multimedia Data Delivery Based on IoT Clouds
* Non-Traditional Data Sources: Providing Insights into Sustainable Development
* Practice of Applying AI to Benefit Visually Impaired People in China, The
* Road Ahead for Augmented Reality, The
* Six Reasons Why Virtual Reality Is a Game-Changing Computing and Communication Platform for Organizations
* Traffic Routing in the Ever-Changing City of Doha
* What To Do About Deepfakes
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CACM(65) * Computing and Assistive Technology Solutions for the Visually Impaired
* Expressive Querying for Accelerating Visual Analytics
* Eyelid Gestures for People with Motor Impairments
* Fake News in India: Scale, Diversity, Solution, and Opportunities
* FANG: Leveraging Social Context for Fake News Detection Using Graph Representation
* Is Your Autonomous Vehicle as Smart as You Expected?
* NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
* Preserving the Past with Immersive Technologies
* Seeing Beneath the Skin with Computational Photography
* Still Waiting for Self-Driving Cars
* Swarm Robotics Moves Forward
* Technical Perspective: Visualization Search: From Sketching to Natural Language
* Troubling Future for Facial Recognition Software, The
* Using Makeup to Block Surveillance
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CACM(66) * Beyond Deep Fakes
* Eight Reasons to Prioritize Brain-Computer Interface Cybersecurity
* It Is Time to Let Go of 'Virtual Reality'
* On QR Codes and Safety
* Outsmarting Deepfake Video
* Protecting Autonomous Cars from Phantom Attacks
* Quantum Speedup for the Fast Fourier Transform?
* When Two Cameras Are a Crowd
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CACM(67) * Anthropomorphism and Human-Robot Interaction
* Computer Vision, ML, and AI in the Study of Fine Art
* Pondering the Ugly Underbelly, and Whether Images Are Real
* Service Robots Roll Forward

CACM(8) * Boundary networks

CACM(9) * BUGSYS: A Programming System for Picture Processing -- Not for Debugging
* Syntax-Directed Interpretation of Classes of Pictures

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