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Ichida, L.F.[Le_Roy F.] Co Author Listing * Scene tracker using multiple independent correlators

Ichida, T.[Tomoki] Co Author Listing * 500-fps face tracking system
* Data Compression of Kanji Character Patterns Digitized in the Hexagonal Mesh
* GPU-based face tracking at 500 fps
Includes: Ichida, T.[Tomoki] Ichida, T.

Ichigaya, A.[Atsuro] Co Author Listing * Improvement of normality and orthogonality in HEVC transform bases
* method of estimating coding PSNR using quantized DCT coefficients, A
* Nonreference Method for Estimating PSNR of MPEG-2 Coded Video by Using DCT Coefficients and Picture Energy
* Super Hi-Vision Codec, The
Includes: Ichigaya, A.[Atsuro] Ichigaya, A.

Ichige, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Generalized Extended Nested Array Design via Maximum Inter-Element Spacing Criterion, A

Ichigozaki, D.[Daisuke] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Feature Fusion Based Machine Learning on Shallow-wide and Heterogeneous-sparse Industrial Datasets

Ichihara, K.[Kentaro] Co Author Listing * Remote Detection of the Fluorescence Spectrum of Natural Pollens Floating in the Atmosphere Using a Laser-Induced-Fluorescence Spectrum (LIFS) Lidar

Ichihara, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Catadioptric reduction projection optical system

Ichihashi, Y.[Yasuyuki] Co Author Listing * 3D visual system using electronic holography: Towards ultra-realistic communication
* Development of electronic holography toward ultra-realistic communication
* Electronic holography using tiled multiple spatial light modulators and its luminance compensation
* Holographic stereogram using camera array in dense arrangement
* Inclinometer and Improved SBAS Methods with a Random Forest for Monitoring Landslides and Anchor Degradation in Otoyo Town, Japan
Includes: Ichihashi, Y.[Yasuyuki] Ichihashi, Y. Ichihashi, Y.[Yoshiharu]

Ichii, K.[Kazuhito] Co Author Listing * First Provisional Land Surface Reflectance Product from Geostationary Satellite Himawari-8 AHI
* Geolocation Accuracy Assessment of Himawari-8/AHI Imagery for Application to Terrestrial Monitoring
* Hydrological Variability and Changes in the Arctic Circumpolar Tundra and the Three Largest Pan-Arctic River Basins from 2002 to 2016
* Recent Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity in Asia from 1982 to 2011
* Satellite-Based Estimation of Carbon Dioxide Budget in Tropical Peatland Ecosystems
* Scale alignment of 3D point clouds with different scales
* Scale ratio ICP for 3D point clouds with different scales
* Uncertainty quantification in land surface temperature retrieved from Himawari-8/AHI data by operational algorithms
Includes: Ichii, K.[Kazuhito] Ichii, K.[Koji]
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Ichikari, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Technology Applied to MR-Based Pre-visualization in Filmmaking
* Geometry and Texture Measures for Interactive Virtualized Reality Indoor Modeler
Includes: Ichikari, R.[Ryosuke] Ichikari, R.

Ichikawa, A. Co Author Listing * Block classification method based on human perception for dynamic bitstream scaling of MPEG video
* Boundary Extraction of Discrete Objects
* Discrete Combinatorial Geometry
* Randomized Polygon Search for Planar Motion Detection
Includes: Ichikawa, A. Ichikawa, A.[Akira]

Ichikawa, D.[Dorj] Co Author Listing * Development and Utilization of a Mirror Array Target for the Calibration and Harmonization of Micro-Satellite Imagery

Ichikawa, H. Co Author Listing * Determining of Surface Properties by Projecting a Stripe Pattern
* Determining Surface Orientation by Projecting a Stripe Pattern

Ichikawa, I.[Iwao] Co Author Listing * Laser beam inspection apparatus

Ichikawa, K.[Kaoru] Co Author Listing * Capability of Jason-2 Subwaveform Retrackers for Significant Wave Height in the Calm Semi-Enclosed Celebes Sea
* Characterization of Cancer and Normal Intracellular Images by the Power Law of a Fuzzy Partition Functional
* Coastal Waveform Retracking for Jason-2 Altimeter Data Based on Along-Track Echograms around the Tsushima Islands in Japan
* Coastal Waveform Retracking in the Slick-Rich Sulawesi Sea of Indonesia, Based on Variable Footprint Size with Homogeneous Sea Surface Roughness
* Component-based robust face detection using AdaBoost and decision tree
* Effect of High-Frequency Sea Waves on Wave Period Retrieval from Radar Altimeter and Buoy Data
* Experimental Analysis on the Mechanisms of Singular Point Generation in InSAR by Employing Scaled Optical Interferometry
* Singular Unit Restoration in InSAR Using Complex-Valued Neural Networks in the Spectral Domain
Includes: Ichikawa, K.[Kaoru] Ichikawa, K.[Kazuhisa] Ichikawa, K.
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Ichikawa, M. Co Author Listing * Edge strength evaluation with reaction-diffusion systems
* Long-Range Inhibition in Reaction-Diffusion Algorithms Designed for Edge Detection and Stereo Disparity Detection
* Reaction-diffusion algorithm for stereo disparity detection
* Stereo Vision System with the Grouping Process of Multiple Reaction-Diffusion Models
Includes: Ichikawa, M. Ichikawa, M.[Makoto]

Ichikawa, T. Co Author Listing * Generation of a Disparity Panorama Using a 3-camera Capturing System
* Hierarchical Smoothing of Grey Tone Images with Adaptive Region Merging Capability
* Multi-media Ambiance Communication based on Actual Moving Pictures
* Pyramidal Representation of Images and Its Feature Extraction Facility, A
* Pyramidal Representation of Images, A
* Shape from Sky: Polarimetric Normal Recovery Under The Sky
* Special Computer Architectures for Pattern Processing
* Visual User Interface for Map Information Retrieval Based on Semantic Significance, A
Includes: Ichikawa, T. Ichikawa, T.[Tadashi] Ichikawa, T.[Tomoki]
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Ichiki, A.[Akihisa] Co Author Listing * Design Framework of Image Sensor System Based on Dynamic Range Extension by Adding Noise for Saturated Conditions
* Stochastic-Resonance Based Iterative Detection for Serially-Concatenated Turbo Codes
Includes: Ichiki, A.[Akihisa] Ichiki, A.

Ichim, L.[Loretta] Co Author Listing * Combining Color Fractal with LBP Information for Flood Segmentation in UAV-Based Images
* Complex Image Processing Using Correlated Color Information
* Integrating UAV in IoT for RoI Classification in Remote Images
* Interconnected Neural Networks Based on Voting Scheme and Local Detectors for Retinal Image Analysis and Diagnosis
* Monitoring and Evaluation of Flooded Areas Based on Fused Texture Descriptors
* Segmentation of Vegetation and Flood from Aerial Images Based on Decision Fusion of Neural Networks

Ichim, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Features of the Surface Urban Heat Island of Bacau City (Romania) during the Warm Season and Local Trends of LST Imposed by Land Use Changes during the Last 20 Years

Ichimaru, K. Co Author Listing * 3d Imaging For Thermal Cameras Using Structured Light
* CNN Based Dense Underwater 3D Scene Reconstruction by Transfer Learning Using Bubble Database
* Multi-scale CNN Stereo and Pattern Removal Technique for Underwater Active Stereo System
* Underwater Stereo Using Refraction-Free Image Synthesized From Light Field Camera
* Unified Underwater Structure-from-Motion

Ichimura, J. Co Author Listing * Representation of Dynamic 3D Objects Using the Coaxial Camera System

Ichimura, M. Co Author Listing * Fast global motion estimation algorithm based on elementary motoin detectors

Ichimura, N.[Naoyuki] Co Author Listing * GPU computing with orientation maps for extracting local invariant features
* Image-Based Rendering by Virtual 1D Cameras
* Inexhaustive region segmentation by robust clustering
* Motion Segmentation based on Factorization Method and Discriminant Criterion
* Motion Segmentation Using Feature Selection and Subspace Method Based on Shape Space
* Recognizing Multiple Billboard Advertisements in Videos
* Region Based Coding of Volume Data using Finite Mixture Model
* Robust and Efficient Motion Segmentation based on Orthogonal Projection Matrix of Shape Space, A
* Stereo by multiperspective imaging under 6 DOF camera motion
* Stochastic filtering for motion trajectory in image sequences using a monte carlo filter with estimation of hyper-parameters
* Token Grouping Based on 3d Motion and Feature Selection in Object Tracking
* Volume Data Coding Based on Region Segmentation Using Finite Mixture Model
Includes: Ichimura, N.[Naoyuki] Ichimura, N.
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Ichimura, T. Co Author Listing * Matched Filtering Accelerated by Tensor Cores on Volta GPUs With Improved Accuracy Using Half-Precision Variables

Ichino, J.[Junko] Co Author Listing * Gender Effects on Physical Contact in Social VR

Ichino, K.[Kiyohisa] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D Hybrid Video Coding Based on Motion Compensation

Ichino, M.[Manabu] Co Author Listing * apparent simplicity appearing in pattern classification problems, An
* Detection of chain structures embedded in multidimensional symbolic data
* Multimodal Biometrics of Lip Movements and Voice using Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* relative neighborhood graph for mixed feature variables, The
* Text independent speaker gender recognition using lip movement
Includes: Ichino, M.[Manabu] Ichino, M. Ichino, M.[Masatsugu]

Ichinose, A.[Akimichi] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Pulmonary Nodules in Computed Tomography Images Based on Pseudo-Labeling Using Radiology Reports
* Synthesizing Diverse Lung Nodules Wherever Massively: 3D Multi-Conditional GAN-Based CT Image Augmentation for Object Detection
Includes: Ichinose, A.[Akimichi] Ichinose, A.

Ichinose, S. Co Author Listing * Global Brightness-Variation Compensation for Video Coding

Ichinose, T. Co Author Listing * Inverse Quantization for Resolution Conversion
* Model-Guided Monitoring of a Building Environment by a Mobile Robot

Ichioka, M. Co Author Listing * Statistical-Mechanical Algorithm in MRF Model Based on Variational Principle

Ichioka, Y. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Neural-Network: Application to Character-Recognition on X-Ray-Films, An
* Convergence Properties of Recursive Rank-Order Filter and Neural Network
* Generalization of Shift-Invariant Neural Networks: Image-Processing of Corneal Endothelium
* Image Restoration by Wiener Filtering in the Presence of Signal Dependent Noise
* Nearest Neighbor Median Filter: Some Deterministic Properties and Implementations, The
* Optical Information-Processing and Beyond
* Reliable classification by double hyperspheres in pattern vector space
* RONDO: Rank-Order Based Nonlinear Differential Operator
Includes: Ichioka, Y. Ichioka, Y.[Yoshiki]
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Ichir, M.M. Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Models for Wavelet-Based Blind Source Separation

Ichise, R.[Ryutaro] Co Author Listing * Explanatory Rule Generation for Advanced Driver Assistant Systems
* Ontology-Based Driving Decision Making: A Feasibility Study at Uncontrolled Intersections

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