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IPOL( Vol No. ) * *Image Processing Online

IPOL(10) * All Terrain Crack Detector Obtained by Deep Learning on Available Databases, An
* Cloud Detection by Luminance and Inter-band Parallax Analysis for Pushbroom Satellite Imagers
* Daily Measure of the SARS-CoV-2 Effective Reproduction Number for all Countries, A
* Local Contrast Enhancement based on Adaptive Logarithmic Mappings
* Local JPEG Grid Detector via Blocking Artifacts, a Forgery Detection Tool
* Matching of Weakly-Localized Features under Different Geometric Models
* On Anisotropic Optical Flow Inpainting Algorithms
* PALMS Image Partitioning: A New Parallel Algorithm for the Piecewise Affine-Linear Mumford-Shah Model
* SEAIR Framework Accounting for a Personalized Risk Prediction Score: Application to the Covid-19 Epidemic
* Temporal Repetition Detector for Time Series of Spectrally Limited Satellite Imagers
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IPOL(11) * Algorithm for 3D Curve Smoothing, An
* Analysis and Implementation of the HDR+ Burst Denoising Method, An
* Automatic 1D Histogram Segmentation and Application to the Computation of Color Palettes
* Center/Surround Retinex: Analysis and Implementation
* Compartmental Epidemiological Model Applied to the Covid-19 Epidemic, A
* Exploring Patch Similarity in an Image
* Finding the Skeleton of 2D Shape and Contours: Implementation of Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton
* Generic Bundle Adjustment Methodology for Indirect RPC Model Refinement of Satellite Imagery, A
* Ground Visibility in Satellite Optical Time Series Based on A Contrario Local Image Matching
* Image Forgeries Detection through Mosaic Analysis: the Intermediate Values Algorithm
* Image Inpainting using Patch Consensus and DCT Priors
* Implementation of VBM3D and Some Variants
* Mathematical Analysis and Implementation of Residual Interpolation Demosaicking Algorithms, A
* Polar Epipolar Rectification, The
* Portilla-Simoncelli Texture Model: Towards Understanding the Early Visual Cortex, The
* Segmentation with Active Contours
* ZERO: a Local JPEG Grid Origin Detector Based on the Number of DCT Zeros and its Applications in Image Forensics
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IPOL(12) * Adaptive Anisotropic Morphological Filtering Based on Co-Circularity of Local Orientations
* Analysis and Experimentation on the ManTraNet Image Forgery Detector
* Ant Colony Optimization for Estimating Pith Position on Images of Tree Log Ends
* Association Rules Discovery of Deviant Events in Multivariate Time Series: An Analysis and Implementation of the SAX-ARM Algorithm
* Automatic RANSAC by Likelihood Maximization
* Bilateral K-Means for Superpixel Computation (the SLIC Method)
* Breaking down Polyblur: Fast Blind Correction of Small Anisotropic Blurs
* Brief Analysis of the Dense Extreme Inception Network for Edge Detection, A
* Brief Analysis of the Holistically-Nested Edge Detector, A
* Brief Analysis of the SwinIR Image Super-Resolution, A
* CAEclust: A Consensus of Autoencoders Representations for Clustering
* CNN-based Method for Segmenting Tree Bark Surface Singularites
* Constrained and Unconstrained Inverse Potts Modelling for Joint Image Super-Resolution and Segmentation
* Deep Learning Model for Change Detection on Satellite Images, A
* DeOldify: A Review and Implementation of an Automatic Colorization Method
* Detection and Interpretation of Change in Registered Satellite Image Time Series
* Disparity Estimation Networks for Aerial and High-Resolution Satellite Images: A Review
* Experiments on Deep Single-Image Portrait Relighting
* Forensic Similarity for Source Camera Model Comparison
* Image Forgery Detection via Forensic Similarity Graphs
* Image Unprocessing: A Pipeline to Recover Raw Data from sRGB Images
* Non-Local Means Filters for Full Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images with Stochastic Distances
* Parallel, O(n) Algorithm for an Unbiased, Thin Watershed, A
* Phase Unwrapping using a Joint CNN and SQD-LSTM Network
* Presentation and Short Discussion of rVAD-fast, a Fast Voice Activity Detector, A
* Reliable JPEG Quantization Table Estimator, A
* Reviewing ViBe, a Popular Background Subtraction Algorithm for Real-Time Applications
* Single Date Wind Turbine Detection on Sentinel-2 Optical Images
* Spectral Pre-Adaptation for Restoring Real-World Blurred Images using Standard Deconvolution Methods
* Study of RobustNet, a Domain Generalization Method for Semantic Segmentation, A
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IPOL(13) * Analysis of Multi-stage Progressive Image Restoration Network (MPRNet), An
* Binary Shape Vectorization by Affine Scale-space
* Data Set for Fall Detection with Smart Floor Sensors, A
* Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction with Total Variation Regularization
* Fast Chromatic Aberration Correction with 1D Filters
* Implementation of Image Denoising based on Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
* Implementing Handheld Burst Super-Resolution
* Incidence of the Sample Size Distribution on One-Shot Federated Learning
* Monocular Depth Estimation: a Review of the 2022 State of the Art
* OpenCCO: An Implementation of Constrained Constructive Optimization for Generating 2D and 3D Vascular Trees
* Progressive Compression of Triangle Meshes
* Reference Data Set for the Study of Healthy Subject Gait with Inertial Measurements Units, A
* Robust Homography Estimation from Local Affine Maps
* Semantic Segmentation: A Zoology of Deep Architectures
* Signal-dependent Video Noise Estimator Via Inter-frame Signal Suppression, A
* Two-stage Signal Decomposition into Jump, Oscillation and Trend using ADMM, A
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IPOL(14) * Arm-CODA: A Data Set of Upper-limb Human Movement During Routine Examination
* Brief Analysis of iColoriT for Interactive Image Colorization, A
* Brief Analysis of the Generic Framework for the Structured Abstraction of Images, A
* Comparing Interactive Image Segmentation Models under Different Clicking Procedures
* Image Forgery Detection Based on Noise Inspection: Analysis and Refinement of the Noisesniffer Method
* Line Segment Detection: a Review of the 2022 State of the Art
* Localization and Image Reconstruction in a STORM Based Super-resolution Microscope
* On the Domain Generalization Capabilities of Interactive Segmentation Methods
* Short Analysis of BigColor for Image Colorization, A
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IPOL(2010) * Algebraic Lens Distortion Model Estimation

IPOL(2011) * ASIFT: An Algorithm for Fully Affine Invariant Comparison
* Cartoon+Texture Image Decomposition
* DCT image denoising: a simple and effective image denoising algorithm
* Farman Institute 3D Point Sets: High Precision 3D Data Sets
* Finite Difference Schemes for MCM and AMSS
* Gunturk-Altunbasak-Mersereau Alternating Projections Image Demosaicking
* Image Color Cube Dimensional Filtering and Visualization
* Image Interpolation with Contour Stencils
* Image Interpolation with Geometric Contour Stencils
* Linear Methods for Image Interpolation
* Local Color Correction
* Malvar-He-Cutler Linear Image Demosaicking
* Micro-Texture Synthesis by Phase Randomization
* Non-local Means Denoising
* Quasi-Euclidean Epipolar Rectification
* Retinex Poisson Equation: a Model for Color Perception
* Roussos-Maragos Tensor-Driven Diffusion for Image Interpolation
* Self-Similarity Driven Demosaicking
* Simplest Color Balance
* Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking
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IPOL(2012) * Analysis and Extension of the Ponomarenko et al. Method, Estimating a Noise Curve from a Single Image
* Analysis and Implementation of the BM3D Image Denoising Method, Image Processing, An
* Automatic Color Enhancement (ACE) and its Fast Implementation
* Automatic Homographic Registration of a Pair of Images, with A Contrario Elimination of Outliers
* Chan-Vese Segmentation
* Combined First and Second Order Total Variation Inpainting using Split Bregman
* Finite Difference Scheme for the Stack Filter Simulating the MCM, A
* Flutter Shutter Camera Simulator, The
* Horn-Schunck Optical Flow with a Multi-Scale Strategy
* Image Demosaicking with Contour Stencils
* implementation and detailed analysis of the K-SVD image denoising algorithm, An
* Implementation of SURE Guided Piecewise Linear Image Denoising, The
* LSD: a Line Segment Detector
* Mao-Gilles Stabilization Algorithm
* Non-parametric sub-pixel local point spread function estimation
* Non-uniformity Correction of Infrared Images by Midway Equalization
* Real Time Morphological Snakes Algorithm, A
* Rudin-Osher-Fatemi Total Variation Denoising using Split Bregman
* Total Variation Deconvolution Using Split Bregman
* Total Variation Inpainting Using Split Bregman
* TV-L1 Optical Flow Estimation
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IPOL(2013) * Analysis and Extension of the Percentile Method, Estimating a Noise Curve from a Single Image
* Chambolle's Projection Algorithm for Total Variation Denoising
* E-PLE: an Algorithm for Image Inpainting
* Exemplar-based Texture Synthesis: the Efros-Leung Algorithm
* Implementation of the Non-Local Bayes (NL-Bayes) Image Denoising Algorithm
* Recovering the Subpixel PSF from Two Photographs at Different Distances
* Robust Optical Flow Estimation
* Selective Contrast Adjustment by Poisson Equation
* Survey of Gaussian Convolution Algorithms, A
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IPOL(2014) * Analysis and Implementation of a Parallel Ball Pivoting Algorithm, An
* Analysis and Improvement of the BLS-GSM Denoising Method, An
* Analysis of the Viola-Jones Face Detection Algorithm, An
* Automatic Lens Distortion Correction Using One-Parameter Division Models
* Cartoon + Texture Image Decomposition by the TV-L1 Model
* Digital Level Layers for Digital Curve Decomposition and Vectorization
* Extraction of Connected Region Boundary in Multidimensional Images
* Heeger & Bergen Pyramid Based Texture Synthesis Algorithm, The
* Implementation of Nonlocal Pansharpening Image Fusion
* Implementation of the Centroid Method for the Correction of Turbulence
* Interactive Segmentation Based on Component-trees
* Kolmogorov and Zabih's Graph Cuts Stereo Matching Algorithm
* Meaningful Scales Detection: An Unsupervised Noise Detection Algorithm for Digital Contours
* Multiscale Retinex
* Near-Linear Time Guaranteed Algorithm for Digital Curve Simplification Under the Fréchet Distance, A
* Parameter-Free Fast Pixelwise Non-Local Means Denoising
* Screened Poisson Equation for Image Contrast Enhancement
* Stereo Disparity through Cost Aggregation with Guided Filter
* Streaming Distance Transform Algorithm for Neighborhood-Sequence Distances, A
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IPOL(4) * Anatomy of the SIFT Method
* Integral Images for Block Matching

IPOL(5) * Accelerating Monte Carlo Renderers by Ray Histogram Fusion
* Algorithmic Analysis of Variational Models for Perceptual Local Contrast Enhancement, An
* Analysis of the SURF Method, An
* Attitude Refinement for Orbiting Pushbroom Cameras: A Simple Polynomial Fitting Method
* Automatic Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise in Audio Signals
* Bilaterally Weighted Patches for Disparity Map Computation
* Demosaicking Algorithm with Adaptive Inter-Channel Correlation, A
* Fast C++ Implementation of Neural Network Backpropagation Training Algorithm: Application to Bayesian Optimal Image Demosaicing, A
* Flutter Shutter Code Calculator, The
* Implementation and Parallelization of the Scale Space Meshing Algorithm, An
* Implementation of Combined Local-Global Optical Flow, An
* Line Search Multilevel Truncated Newton Algorithm for Computing the Optical Flow, A
* Noise Clinic: a Blind Image Denoising Algorithm, The
* Obtaining High Quality Photographs of Paintings by Image Fusion
* Unsupervised Point Alignment Detection Algorithm, An
* Variational Framework for Non-Local Inpainting
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IPOL(6) * Analysis and Extension of the PCA Method, Estimating a Noise Curve from a Single Image
* C++ Implementation of Otsu's Image Segmentation Method, A
* Computing an Exact Gaussian Scale-Space
* Directional Filters for Cartoon + Texture Image Decomposition
* Fundamental Matrix of a Stereo Pair, with A Contrario Elimination of Outliers
* Generation and Detection of Alignments in Gabor Patterns
* How to Apply a Filter Defined in the Frequency Domain by a Continuous Function
* Implementation of the Midway Image Equalization
* Inverse Compositional Algorithm for Parametric Registration, The
* Iterative Optimization Algorithm for Lens Distortion Correction Using Two-Parameter Models, An
* On the Implementation of Collaborative TV Regularization: Application to Cartoon+Texture Decomposition
* PARIGI: a Patch-based Approach to Remove Impulse-Gaussian Noise from Images
* Poisson Image Editing
* Robust Discontinuity Preserving Optical Flow Methods
* Small Neural Networks can Denoise Image Textures Well: A Useful Complement to BM3D
* Unsupervised Smooth Contour Detection
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IPOL(7) * 2D Filtering of Curvilinear Structures by Ranking the Orientation Responses of Path Operators (RORPO)
* Algorithm for Gaussian Texture Inpainting, An
* Bilateral Filter for Point Clouds, The
* Comparison of Motion Smoothing Strategies for Video Stabilization using Parametric Models
* Contrario 3D Point Alignment Detection Algorithm, A
* Cradle Removal in X-Ray Images of Panel Paintings
* Data Adaptive Dual Domain Denoising: a Method to Boost State of the Art Denoising Algorithms
* Efros and Freeman Image Quilting Algorithm for Texture Synthesis
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Graph Clustering Methods
* Image Curvature Microscope: Accurate Curvature Computation at Subpixel Resolution, The
* Implementation of Local Fourier Burst Accumulation for Video Deblurring
* Iterative Hough Transform for Line Detection in 3D Point Clouds
* Local Region Expansion: A Method for Analyzing and Refining Image Matches
* Midway Video Equalization
* Multi-Scale DCT Denoising
* Non-Local Patch-Based Image Inpainting
* Realistic Film Grain Rendering
* Robust Phase Retrieval with the Swept Approximate Message Passing (prSAMP) Algorithm
* Sub-Pixel Edge Detector: an Implementation of the Canny/Devernay Algorithm, A
* Vanishing Point Detection in Urban Scenes Using Point Alignments
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IPOL(8) * Affine Invariant Patch Similarity, An
* Analysis and Implementation of Multigrid Poisson Solvers With Verified Linear Complexity, An
* Analysis and Implementation of the Harris Corner Detector, An
* Analysis and Implementation of the Shape Preserving Local Histogram Modification Algorithm, An
* Automatic Detection of Internal Copy-Move Forgeries in Images
* Contours, Corners and T-Junctions Detection Algorithm
* Efficient Large-scale Image Search With a Vocabulary Tree
* EPLL: An Image Denoising Method Using a Gaussian Mixture Model Learned on a Large Set of Patches
* Estimating an Image's Blur Kernel Using Natural Image Statistics, and Deblurring it: An Analysis of the Goldstein-Fattal Method
* Fast Affine Invariant Image Matching
* Gestaltic Grouping of Line Segments
* Implementation of the Exposure Fusion Algorithm, An
* Improvements of the Inverse Compositional Algorithm for Parametric Motion Estimation
* Interpolation of Missing Samples in Sound Signals Based on Autoregressive Modeling
* MATLAB SMO Implementation to Train a SVM Classifier: Application to Multi-Style License Plate Numbers Recognition, A
* Numerical Simulation of Landscape Evolution Models
* Production of Ground Truths for Evaluating Highly Accurate Stereovision Algorithms, The
* Structural Similarity Metrics for Quality Image Fusion Assessment: Algorithms
* Study of the Principal Component Analysis Method for the Correction of Images Degraded by Turbulence
* Theory and Practice of Image B-Spline Interpolation
* Video Denoising with Optical Flow Estimation
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IPOL(9) * Analysis and Implementation of the FFDNet Image Denoising Method, An
* Analysis and Speedup of the FALDOI Method for Optical Flow Estimation, An
* Blind Image Deblurring using the l0 Gradient Prior
* Comparison of Optical Flow Methods under Stereomatching with Short Baselines
* Contrario Detection of Faces with a Short Cascade of Classifiers, A
* Data Set for the Study of Human Locomotion with Inertial Measurements Units, A
* Extended Exposure Fusion
* Extraction of the Level Lines of a Bilinear Image
* Gradient Product Transform: An Image Filter for Symmetry Detection, The
* Hamiltonian Fast Marching: A Numerical Solver for Anisotropic and Non-Holonomic Eikonal PDEs
* How to Reduce Anomaly Detection in Images to Anomaly Detection in Noise
* Implementation of a Denoising Algorithm Based on High-Order Singular Value Decomposition of Tensors
* Implementation of the Mean Shift Algorithm, An
* Joint TV-L1 Optical Flow and Occlusion Estimation
* Local Assessment of Statokinesigram Dynamics in Time: An in-Depth Look at the Scoring Algorithm
* Optimization of Image B-spline Interpolation for GPU Architectures
* Orthographic Projection Model for Pose Calibration of Long Focal Images, The
* Reversibility Error of Image Interpolation Methods: Definition and Improvements
* Simulated Exposure Fusion
* Study of Two CNN Demosaicking Algorithms, A
* Trigonometric Polynomial Interpolation of Images
* TriplClust: An Algorithm for Curve Detection in 3D Point Clouds
* Watervoxels
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