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Bimber, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Coded Aperture Photography
* Capturing the World
* Color invariant chroma keying and color spill neutralization for dynamic scenes and cameras
* Computational Archaeology: Reviving the Past with Present-Day Tools
* Directional Super-Resolution by Means of Coded Sampling and Guided Upsampling
* Display Pixel Caching
* Displays: Fundamentals and Applications
* Embedded entertainment with smart projectors
* Fast and robust CAMShift tracking
* Generalized Depth-of-Field Light-Field Rendering
* Guest Editor's Introduction: Computational Photography-The Next Big Step
* Optimized sampling for view interpolation in light fields using local dictionaries
* Thermal Airborne Optical Sectioning
* Thinking Virtual
* Toward a Flexible, Scalable, and Transparent Thin-Film Camera
* Unsynchronized 4D Barcodes
* Visual Analytics: Seeking the Unknown
* Visual Effects and Beyond
Includes: Bimber, O.[Oliver] Bimber, O.
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Bimbo, A.D. Co Author Listing * Compact Hash Codes for Efficient Visual Descriptors Retrieval in Large Scale Databases
* Reading Text in the Wild from Compressed Images

Bimbot, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * BANCA Database and Evaluation Protocol, The
* From Blind to Guided Audio Source Separation: How models and side information can improve the separation of sound
Includes: Bimbot, F.[Frederic] Bimbot, F.[Frédéric] Bimbot, F.

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