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Berg, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * Applying Machine Learning and Time-Series Analysis on Sentinel-1A SAR/InSAR for Characterizing Arctic Tundra Hydro-Ecological Conditions
* Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Camera-Based Ballot Counter
* Channel Coded Distribution Field Tracking for Thermal Infrared Imagery
* Deep Ordinal Regression with Label Diversity
* Detecting Rails and Obstacles Using a Train-Mounted Thermal Camera
* Enhanced analysis of thermographic images for monitoring of district heat pipe networks
* Evaluating Landfast Sea Ice Ridging near UtqiagVik Alaska Using TanDEM-X Interferometry
* Evaluating template rescaling in short-term single-object tracking
* Generating Visible Spectrum Images from Thermal Infrared
* Impact of Soil Moisture Data Characteristics on the Sensitivity to Crop Yields Under Drought and Excess Moisture Conditions
* Investigation of a Hybrid Algorithm for Sea Ice Drift Measurements Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Leveraging Long-Range Temporal Relationships Between Proposals for Video Object Detection
* Modelling the L-Band Snow-Covered Surface Emission in a Winter Canadian Prairie Environment
* Multi-Task Fusion for Improving Mammography Screening Data Classification
* On the Importance of Domain Awareness in Classifier Interpretations in Medical Imaging
* Parameterization of Vegetation Scattering Albedo in the Tau-Omega Model for Soil Moisture Retrieval on Croplands
* Points to Patches: Enabling the Use of Self-Attention for 3D Shape Recognition
* Semi-Automated Roadside Image Data Collection for Characterization of Agricultural Land Management Practices
* Semi-Automatic Annotation of Objects in Visual-Thermal Video
* Sensitivity of C-Band SAR Polarimetric Variables to the Directionality of Surface Roughness Parameters
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12): Prelaunch Calibration and Validation of the SMAP Soil Moisture Algorithms, The
* Spatial Variability of L-Band Brightness Temperature during Freeze/Thaw Events over a Prairie Environment
* Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using the L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Onboard the Soil Moisture Active-Passive Satellite and Evaluation at Core Validation Sites
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2015 Challenge Results, The
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* thermal Object Tracking benchmark, A
* VidHarm: A Clip Based Dataset for Harmful Content Detection
* Within-Field Yield Prediction in Cereal Crops Using LiDAR-Derived Topographic Attributes with Geographically Weighted Regression Models
* X-Band Interferometric SAR Observations of Baltic Fast Ice
Includes: Berg, A.[Aaron] Berg, A. Berg, A.[Andrew] Berg, A.[Axel] Berg, A.[Amanda] Berg, A.[Anders] Berg, A.[Astrid]
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Berg, A.A.[Aaron A.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Ground-Point Classifiers for Terrestrial LiDAR, An
* Assessing Soil Cover Levels during the Non-Growing Season Using Multitemporal Satellite Imagery and Spectral Unmixing Techniques
* Comparing the Assimilation of SMOS Brightness Temperatures and Soil Moisture Products on Hydrological Simulation in the Canadian Land Surface Scheme
* Ensemble Identification of Spectral Bands Related to Soil Organic Carbon Levels over an Agricultural Field in Southern Ontario, Canada
* Estimation of Soil Moisture Using Optical/Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing in the Canadian Prairies
* Extensive Field-Scale Dataset of Topsoil Organic Carbon Content Aimed to Assess Remote Sensed Datasets and Data-Derived Products from Modeling Approaches, An
* Fine-Scale SAR Soil Moisture Estimation in the Subarctic Tundra
* Improved SMAP Dual-Channel Algorithm for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture
* Satellite-Observed Soil Moisture as an Indicator of Wildfire Risk
* Time-Series Approach to Estimating Soil Moisture From Vegetated Surfaces Using L-Band Radar Backscatter, A
Includes: Berg, A.A.[Aaron A.] Berg, A.A.
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Berg, A.C.[Alexander C.] Co Author Listing * Active Vision Dataset Benchmark
* Attribute and simile classifiers for face verification
* Automatic Attribute Discovery and Characterization from Noisy Web Data
* BabyTalk: Understanding and Generating Simple Image Descriptions
* Boundary IoU: Improving Object-Centric Image Segmentation Evaluation
* Classification using intersection kernel support vector machines is efficient
* Combining Multiple Cues for Visual Madlibs Question Answering
* Combining multiple sources of knowledge in deep CNNs for action recognition
* DCMSVM: Distributed parallel training for single-machine multiclass classifiers
* Describable Visual Attributes for Face Verification and Image Search
* Detecting Avocados to Zucchinis: What Have We Done, and Where Are We Going?
* Efficient Classification for Additive Kernel SVMs
* Efficient Two-View Geometry Classification
* Fast Single Shot Detection and Pose Estimation
* Finding iconic images
* From Large Scale Image Categorization to Entry-Level Categories
* Geometric Blur and Template Matching
* Hedging your bets: Optimizing accuracy-specificity trade-offs in large scale visual recognition
* Hierarchical semantic indexing for large scale image retrieval
* Hipster Wars: Discovering Elements of Fashion Styles
* ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge
* IMP: Instance Mask Projection for High Accuracy Semantic Segmentation of Things
* Large Scale Retrieval and Generation of Image Descriptions
* Learning to Name Objects
* MatchNet: Unifying feature and metric learning for patch-based matching
* Materials discovery: Fine-grained classification of X-ray scattering images
* Max-margin additive classifiers for detection
* Meta-tracker: Fast and Robust Online Adaptation for Visual Object Trackers
* Modeling Context in Referring Expressions
* Names and faces in the news
* PAIGE: PAirwise Image Geometry Encoding for improved efficiency in Structure-from-Motion
* Parsing Images of Architectural Scenes
* Point-Level Region Contrast for Object Detection Pre-Training
* Predicting Entry-Level Categories
* Recognizing action at a distance
* Recovering Human Body Configurations Using Pairwise Constraints between Parts
* Runway to Realway: Visual Analysis of Fashion
* Segment Anything
* Shape Matching and Object Recognition
* Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Low Distortion Correspondences
* Solving Visual Madlibs with Multiple Cues
* SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector
* SVM-KNN: Discriminative Nearest Neighbor Classification for Visual Category Recognition
* SymGAN: Orientation Estimation without Annotation for Symmetric Objects
* Transformation-Grounded Image Generation Network for Novel 3D View Synthesis
* Understanding and predicting importance in images
* Visual Madlibs: Fill in the Blank Description Generation and Question Answering
* What Does Classifying More Than 10,000 Image Categories Tell Us?
* When Was That Made?
* Where to Buy It: Matching Street Clothing Photos in Online Shops
* Who are you with and where are you going?
* Worldsheet: Wrapping the World in a 3D Sheet for View Synthesis from a Single Image
Includes: Berg, A.C.[Alexander C.] Berg, A.C.
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Berg, A.P. Co Author Listing * Image Representation Using Nonorthogonal Basis Images with Adaptive Weight Optimization

Berg, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Surface Scanner For Medical Tangible User Interfaces

Berg, B.V.[Baptiste Vande] Co Author Listing * statistical evaluation of eye-tracking data of screening mammography: Effects of expertise and experience on image reading, A

Berg, D. Co Author Listing * Low Power, Fully Event-Based Gesture Recognition System, A

Berg, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Relationship between Air and Land Surface Temperature within the Madison, Wisconsin Urban Heat Island, The
* Improving Depth, Energy and Timing Estimation in PET Detectors with Deconvolution and Maximum Likelihood Pulse Shape Discrimination
* Machine Learning in PET: From Photon Detection to Quantitative Image Reconstruction
Includes: Berg, E.[Elizabeth] Berg, E.

Berg, E.A.R. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Segmentation Using an Open Large-Scale Dataset in 2D Echocardiography

Berg, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning on Active Sonar Data Using Bayesian Optimization for Hyperparameter Tuning
* GIS Assessment of the Suitability of Tilapia and Clarias Pond Farming in Tanzania, A
Includes: Berg, H.[Henrik] Berg, H.[Håkan]

Berg, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Diffusion-based Image Compression in Steganography
* Object displays for identifying multidimensional outliers within a crowded visual periphery
Includes: Berg, M.[Matthias] Berg, M.[Mikko]

Berg, M.J. Co Author Listing * Fault-tolerant tracking for gait analysis
* novel volumetric feature extraction technique with applications to MR images, A
* Segmentation and features extraction techniques, with applications to biomedical images
* Stochastic kinematic modeling and feature extraction for gait analysis
* Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Determine Differences in Vegetation Cover: A Tool for Monitoring Coastal Wetland Restoration Schemes, The
Includes: Berg, M.J. Berg, M.J.[Maureen J.]

Berg, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Learning for Scene Classification in Remote Sensing: Current State of the Art and Perspectives
* Weakly Supervised Detection of Marine Animals in High Resolution Aerial Images

Berg, R.[Roelof] Co Author Listing * Highly efficient image registration for embedded systems using a distributed multicore DSP architecture

Berg, S.[Stefanie] Co Author Listing * 3D-Modelling of Charlemagne's Summit Canal (Southern Germany): Merging Remote Sensing and Geoarchaeological Subsurface Data
* High-Resolution Direct Push Sensing in Wetland Geoarchaeology: First Traces of Off-Site Construction Activities at the Fossa Carolina
* HYPSO-1 CubeSat: First Images and In-Orbit Characterization
Includes: Berg, S.[Stefanie] Berg, S.[Simen]

Berg, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Birdsnap: Large-Scale Fine-Grained Visual Categorization of Birds
* Connecting What to Say With Where to Look by Modeling Human Attention Traces
* Discovering Underground Maps from Fashion
* How Do You Tell a Blackbird from a Crow?
* POOF: Part-Based One-vs.-One Features for Fine-Grained Categorization, Face Verification, and Attribute Estimation
* Tom-vs-Pete Classifiers and Identity-Preserving Alignment for Face Verification
Includes: Berg, T.[Thomas] Berg, T.[Tamara]

Berg, T.L.[Tamara L.] Co Author Listing * Animals on the Web
* Attention-based Query Expansion Learning
* Auto-Illustrating Poems and Songs with Style
* Automatic Attribute Discovery and Characterization from Noisy Web Data
* BabyTalk: Understanding and Generating Simple Image Descriptions
* Combining Multiple Cues for Visual Madlibs Question Answering
* Combining multiple sources of knowledge in deep CNNs for action recognition
* Dance Dance Generation: Motion Transfer for Internet Videos
* Dataset Issues in Object Recognition
* End-to-End Visual Editing with a Generatively Pre-Trained Artist
* Finding iconic images
* From Large Scale Image Categorization to Entry-Level Categories
* High level describable attributes for predicting aesthetics and interestingness
* Hipster Wars: Discovering Elements of Fashion Styles
* Image2GIF: Generating Cinemagraphs Using Recurrent Deep Q-Networks
* IMP: Instance Mask Projection for High Accuracy Semantic Segmentation of Things
* Joint Speaker-Listener-Reinforcer Model for Referring Expressions, A
* Labeled faces in the wild: A database for studying face recognition in unconstrained environments
* Large Scale Retrieval and Generation of Image Descriptions
* Learning High-Level Judgments of Urban Perception
* Learning Temporal Transformations from Time-Lapse Videos
* Learning to Name Objects
* Less is More: CLIPBERT for Video-and-Language Learning via Sparse Sampling
* Materials discovery: Fine-grained classification of X-ray scattering images
* MAttNet: Modular Attention Network for Referring Expression Comprehension
* Modeling Context in Referring Expressions
* Multi-Target Embodied Question Answering
* Names and faces in the news
* Paper Doll Parsing: Retrieving Similar Styles to Parse Clothing Items
* Parsing clothing in fashion photographs
* Predicting Entry-Level Categories
* Retrieving Similar Styles to Parse Clothing
* Runway to Realway: Visual Analysis of Fashion
* Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Low Distortion Correspondences
* Solving Visual Madlibs with Multiple Cues
* Studying Relationships between Human Gaze, Description, and Computer Vision
* Temporal Perception and Prediction in Ego-Centric Video
* TVR: A Large-scale Dataset for Video-subtitle Moment Retrieval
* Two-person interaction detection using body-pose features and multiple instance learning
* Understanding and predicting importance in images
* Visual Madlibs: Fill in the Blank Description Generation and Question Answering
* Visual to Sound: Generating Natural Sound for Videos in the Wild
* When Was That Made?
* Where to Buy It: Matching Street Clothing Photos in Online Shops
* Who are you with and where are you going?
Includes: Berg, T.L.[Tamara L.] Berg, T.L.
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Berg, W.[Wesley] Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of the TEMPEST-D CubeSat Radiometer
* Fundamental Climate Data Records of Microwave Brightness Temperatures

Berg, W.A.[Wendie A.] Co Author Listing * Deep learning of longitudinal mammogram examinations for breast cancer risk prediction

Berg, W.K. Co Author Listing * Improved Geolocation and Earth Incidence Angle Information for a Fundamental Climate Data Record of the SSM/I Sensors
* Toward an Intercalibrated Fundamental Climate Data Record of the SSM/I Sensors

Berga, D. Co Author Listing * MineGAN: Effective Knowledge Transfer From GANs to Target Domains With Few Images
* QMRNet: Quality Metric Regression for EO Image Quality Assessment and Super-Resolution
* Saliency for free: Saliency prediction as a side-effect of object recognition
* SID4VAM: A Benchmark Dataset With Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
Includes: Berga, D. Berga, D.[David]

Bergadano, F. Co Author Listing * Automated concept acquisition in noisy environments
* EnFilter: A Password Enforcement and Filter Tool Based on Pattern Recognition Techniques
* Pattern recognition and Valiant's learning framework
Includes: Bergadano, F. Bergadano, F.[Francesco]

Bergado, J.R.[John Ray] Co Author Listing * Detection of Informal Settlements from VHR Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Land Use Classification Using Deep Multitask Networks
* Recurrent Multiresolution Convolutional Networks for VHR Image Classification
Includes: Bergado, J.R.[John Ray] Bergado, J.R.

Bergamaschi, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography

Bergamaschi, B.A.[Brian A.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Refinement of Chlorophyll-a Algorithms for High-Biomass Blooms in San Francisco Bay (USA)

Bergamasco, F.[Filippo] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Robust Artificial Marker Based on Cyclic Codes, An
* Adaptive Albedo Compensation for Accurate Phase-Shift Coding
* Adopting an unconstrained ray model in light-field cameras for 3D shape reconstruction
* Camera Calibration from Coplanar Circles
* Can a Fully Unconstrained Imaging Model Be Applied Effectively to Central Cameras?
* Cross-Dataset Data Augmentation for Convolutional Neural Networks Training
* Cylinders extraction in non-oriented point clouds as a clustering problem
* Deep Demosaicing for Polarimetric Filter Array Cameras
* Dense multi-view homography estimation and plane segmentation
* Design and Evaluation of a Viewer-Dependent Stereoscopic Display
* Dynamic Optimal Path Selection for 3D Triangulation with Multiple Cameras
* Exploring Audio Compression as Image Completion in Time-frequency Domain
* game-theoretic approach to deformable shape matching, A
* game-theoretic approach to fine surface registration without initial motion estimation, A
* game-theoretical approach for joint matching of multiple feature throughout unordered images, A
* graph-based technique for semi-supervised segmentation of 3D surfaces, A
* High-Coverage 3D Scanning through Online Structured Light Calibration
* Image-Space Marker Detection and Recognition Using Projective Invariants
* Loosely Distinctive Features for Robust Surface Alignment
* Neighborhood-Based Recovery of Phase Unwrapping Faults
* Non-cooperative Game for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
* On-the-go Reflectance Transformation Imaging with Ordinary Smartphones
* One-Shot HDR Imaging via Stereo PFA Cameras
* Pairwise similarities for scene segmentation combining color and depth data
* Parameter-Free Lens Distortion Calibration of Central Cameras
* Phase-based spatio-temporal interpolation for accurate 3D localization in camera networks
* Physics-Driven CNN Model for Real-Time Sea Waves 3D Reconstruction, A
* Pi-Tag: a fast image-space marker design based on projective invariants
* Robust joint selection of camera orientations and feature projections over multiple views
* Robust Multi-camera 3D Ellipse Fitting for Contactless Measurements, A
* RUNE-Tag: A high accuracy fiducial marker with strong occlusion resilience
* Saliency-Driven Variational Retargeting for Historical Maps
* Scale Independent Selection Process for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
* Semi-supervised Segmentation of 3D Surfaces Using a Weighted Graph Representation
* Spectral Dichromatic Parameter Recovery from Two Views via Total Variation Hyper-priors
* stable graph-based representation for object recognition through high-order matching, A
* Using multiple sensors for reliable markerless identification through supervised learning
Includes: Bergamasco, F.[Filippo] Bergamasco, F.
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Bergamasco, L. Co Author Listing * Decay Classification Using Artificial Intelligence
* Explainable Convolutional Autoencoder Model for Unsupervised Change Detection, An

Bergamasco, M. Co Author Listing * Comparing Innovative Xr Systems in Cultural Heritage. a Case Study
* dynamically reconfigurable stereoscopic/panoramic vision mobile robot head controlled from a virtual environment, A
* immersive time-machine: A virtual exploration of the history of Livorno, The
* Urban procedural modeling for real-time rendering
Includes: Bergamasco, M. Bergamasco, M.[Massimo]

Bergametti, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Casual Rerouting of AERONET Sun/Sky Photometers: Toward a New Network of Ground Measurements Dedicated to the Monitoring of Surface Properties?

Bergami, G. Co Author Listing * Predicting Frailty Condition in Elderly Using Multidimensional Socioclinical Databases

Bergamini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * End-to-End 6-DoF Object Pose Estimation Through Differentiable Rasterization
* Extracting Accurate Long-Term Behavior Changes from a Large Pig Dataset
* Future Urban Scenes Generation Through Vehicles Synthesis
* Robust Re-identification by Multiple Views Knowledge Distillation
* Segmentation Guided Scoring of Pathological Lesions in Swine Through CNNs
* Unsupervised Vehicle Re-identification Using Triplet Networks
* Warp and Learn: Novel Views Generation for Vehicles and Other Objects
Includes: Bergamini, L.[Luca] Bergamini, L.
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Bergamo, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos
* Classemes and Other Classifier-Based Features for Efficient Object Categorization
* Large Scale Real-World Multi-person Tracking
* Leveraging Structure from Motion to Learn Discriminative Codebooks for Scalable Landmark Classification
* Meta-class features for large-scale object categorization on a budget
* Self-taught object localization with deep networks
* SkeleTR: Towards Skeleton-based Action Recognition in the Wild
Includes: Bergamo, A.[Alessandro] Bergamo, A.[Alessandra]
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Bergamo, T.F.[Thaisa F.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Classification and Accuracy Assessment from High-Resolution Images of Coastal Wetlands
* Potential of Optical UAS Data for Predicting Surface Soil Moisture in a Peatland across Time and Sites, The
Includes: Bergamo, T.F.[Thaisa F.] Bergamo, T.F.[Thaisa Fernandes]

Bergano, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * ATLAS: Latest Advancements and First Observations

Bergant, K.[Klemen] Co Author Listing * Application of the Ultraviolet Scanning Elastic Backscatter LiDAR for the Investigation of Aerosol Variability
* Bora Flow Characteristics in a Complex Valley Environment
* Investigation of Aerosol Types and Vertical Distributions Using Polarization Raman Lidar over Vipava Valley
* Retrieval of Vertical Mass Concentration Distributions: Vipava Valley Case Study

Bergaoui, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * Object-Centric and Memory-Guided Normality Reconstruction for Video Anomaly Detection

Bergasa, L.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic LightBeam Controller for driver assistance
* Automatic Traffic Signs and Panels Inspection System Using Computer Vision
* character recognition method in natural scene images, A
* Combination of Feature Extraction Methods for SVM Pedestrian Detection
* Commands Generation by Face Movements Applied to the Guidance of a Wheelchair for Handicapped People
* E.O.G Guidance of a Wheelchair Using Neural Networks
* ERFNet: Efficient Residual Factorized ConvNet for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
* Face pose estimation and tracking using automatic 3D model construction
* Face pose estimation with automatic 3D model creation in challenging scenarios
* Face tracking and pose estimation with automatic three-dimensional model construction
* Face tracking with automatic model construction
* Gauge-SURF descriptors
* Gaze Fixation System for the Evaluation of Driver Distractions Induced by IVIS
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Robust and Efficient Vision Techniques for Intelligent Vehicles
* Improving Multi-Agent Motion Prediction with Heuristic Goals and Motion Refinement
* Industrial inspection using Gaussian functions in a colour space
* PASS: Panoramic Annular Semantic Segmentation
* Real-Time Hierarchical Outdoor SLAM Based on Stereovision and GPS Fusion
* Real-time system for monitoring driver vigilance
* RSMAT: Robust simultaneous modeling and tracking
* Text Detection and Recognition on Traffic Panels From Street-Level Imagery Using Visual Appearance
* Text location in complex images
* text reading algorithm for natural images, A
* Unsupervised and adaptive Gaussian skin-color model
Includes: Bergasa, L.M. Bergasa, L.M.[Luis M.] Bergasa, L.M.[Luis Miguel]
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Bergasa, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Holocene Erosional Processes in a Highly Exposed Intertidal Sandstone Reef Inferred from Remote Sensing Data

Bergauer, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * B-spline deconvolution for differential target cross-section determination in full-waveform laser scanning data
* Retrieval of the Backscatter Cross-Section in Full-Waveform Lidar Data using B-Splines

Bergbauer, J. Co Author Listing * Proximity Priors for Variational Semantic Segmentation and Recognition
* Wimmelbild Analysis with Approximate Curvature Coding Distance Images
Includes: Bergbauer, J. Bergbauer, J.[Julia]

Bergboer, N.H.[Niek H.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy versus speed in context-based object detection
* Context-based object detection in still images

Bergdahl, A. Co Author Listing * Low Rank and Sparse Decomposition of Ultrasound Color Flow Images for Suppressing Clutter in Real-Time

Berge Nguyen, M.[Muriel] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration or Validation of the Altimeters on the Sentinel-3A and the Jason-3 over Lake Issykkul (Kyrgyzstan)
* Benefits of the Ka-Band as Evidenced from the SARAL/AltiKa Altimetric Mission: Quality Assessment and Unique Characteristics of AltiKa Data, The
* Evaluation of the Performances of Radar and Lidar Altimetry Missions for Water Level Retrievals in Mountainous Environment: The Case of the Swiss Lakes
* Inundations in the Inner Niger Delta: Monitoring and Analysis Using MODIS and Global Precipitation Datasets
* Remote Sensing-Derived Bathymetry of Lake Poopó
* Roles of the S3MPC: Monitoring, Validation and Evolution of Sentinel-3 Altimetry Observations, The
Includes: Berge Nguyen, M.[Muriel] Bergé-Nguyen, M.[Muriel] Berge-Nguyen, M.[Muriel]

Berge, A.[Asbjorn] Co Author Listing * Improving Hyperspectral Classifiers: The Difference Between Reducing Data Dimensionality and Reducing Classifier Parameter Complexity
* motion based real-time foveation control loop for rapid and relevant 3D laser scanning, A
* Pipeline landmark detection for autonomous robot navigation using time-of-flight imagery
* Principal Feature Visualisation in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-time online camera synchronization for volume carving on GPU
* Regression Approaches to Small Sample Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Sparse Covariance Estimates for High Dimensional Classification Using the Cholesky Decomposition
* Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimates for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Structured Gaussian Components for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Berge, A.[Asbjorn] Berge, A.[Asbjørn] Berge, A.[Asbjrn]
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Berge, C. Co Author Listing * Graphs and Hypergraphs

Berge, J.[Jorgen] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Historical Shipwreck Figaro in the High Arctic Using Underwater Sensor-Carrying Robots
* Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging of Arctic Macroalgal Habitats during the Polar Night Using a Novel Mini-ROV-UHI Portable System
Includes: Berge, J.[Jorgen] Berge, J.[Jørgen]

Berge, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * global unimodal thresholding based on probabilistic reference maps for the segmentation of muscle images, A

Berge, T.W.[Therese With] Co Author Listing * Transformer in UAV Image-Based Weed Mapping

Bergeaud, F. Co Author Listing * Matching pursuit of images

Bergel, A. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Clutter Filtering of Ultrafast Ultrasound Data Highly Increases Doppler and fUltrasound Sensitivity

Bergel, G.[Giles] Co Author Listing * Re-presentations of Art Collections

Bergel, I. Co Author Listing * Performance of Zero Forcing DSL Systems, The

Bergeles, C. Co Author Listing * Corner-Based Geometric Calibration of Multi-focus Plenoptic Cameras
* Large-Scale, Metric Structure From Motion for Unordered Light Fields
* Linear Approach to Absolute Pose Estimation for Light Fields, A
* Multi-scale and Cross-scale Contrastive Learning for Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Bergeles, C. Bergeles, C.[Christos]

Bergelt, J. Co Author Listing * Spatial Attention Improves Object Localization: A Biologically Plausible Neuro-Computational Model for Use in Virtual Reality

Bergelt, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Sensor Data Analysis for Detection of Risk Situations of Fragile People in @home Environments

Bergemann, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * SCMNet: Shared Context Mining Network for Real-time Semantic Segmentation

Bergen Cico, D.[Dessa] Co Author Listing * xR-Based Systems for Mindfulness Based Training in Clinical Settings
Includes: Bergen Cico, D.[Dessa] Bergen-Cico, D.[Dessa]

Bergen, J. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Spatiotemporal Analysis Using an Oriented Energy Representation
* Video as an image data source: efficient representations and applications
* Visual odometry

Bergen, J.R.[James R.] Co Author Listing * email: Bergen, J.R.[James R.]: jbergen AT sarnoff com
* Adaptive-complexity registration of images
* Apparatus for enhancing images using flow estimation
* Computing Two Motions from Three Frames
* Early Vision and Texture Perception
* Efficient representations of video sequences and their applications
* Extraction of Spatio-Temporal Energy in Human and Machine Vision, The
* Frameless registration of MR and CT 3D volumetric data sets
* Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation
* Method and apparatus for enhancing regions of aligned images using flow estimation
* Method and apparatus for mosaic image construction
* Method and apparatus for processing images to compute image flow information
* Method and system for image combination using a parallax-based technique
* Method and system for rendering and combining images to form a synthesized view of a scene containing image information from a second image
* Method for transmitting a high-resolution image over a narrow-band communication channel
* Multi-view image registration with application to mosaicing and lens distortion correction
* Object Tracking with a Moving Camera
* Plenoptic Function and the Elements of Early Vision, The
* Pyramid-Based Texture Analysis/Synthesis
* Representation of Scenes from Collections of Images
* Spatiotemporal Energy Models for the Perception of Motion
* Techniques and systems for developing high-resolution imagery
* Texture Segregation and Orientation Gradient
* Three-Frame Algorithm for Estimating Two-Component Image Motion, A
* Three-frame technique for analyzing two motions in successive image frames dynamically
* Transparent-motion analysis
* VideoBrush: Experiences with Consumer Video Mosaicing
Includes: Bergen, J.R.[James R.] Bergen, J.R. Bergen, J.R.[James Russell] Bergen, J.R.[Jim R.]
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Bergen, K.[Kathleen] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Estimation of Forest Canopy Height and Biomass in the Canadian Boreal Forest Using Radar, LiDAR, and Optical Remote Sensing
* Uncertainty of Forest Biomass Estimates in North Temperate Forests Due to Allometry: Implications for Remote Sensing

Bergen, L. Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation and Depth Ordering Based on Morphological Segmentation
* Novel Approach to Depth Ordering in Monocular Image Sequences, A

Bergen, R. Co Author Listing * Textons, The Elements of Texture Perception, and Their Interactions
* Textons, The Fundamental Elements in Preattentive Vision and Perception of Textures

Bergen, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Automatic and interactive evolution of vector graphics images with genetic algorithms

Bergenti, F. Co Author Listing * Evolving Binary Classifiers Through Parallel Computation of Multiple Fitness Cases
* JaNeT: A Framework for Flexible Web-Content Retrieval
* Smart Maintenance to Support Digital Life
Includes: Bergenti, F. Bergenti, F.[Federico]

Bergeot, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Snow Height Variations in Antarctica from GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry

Berger Wolf, T. Co Author Listing * Animal Detection Pipeline for Identification, An
* Three-D Safari: Learning to Estimate Zebra Pose, Shape, and Texture From Images In the Wild
Includes: Berger Wolf, T. Berger-Wolf, T.

Berger Wolf, T.Y.[Tanya Y.] Co Author Listing * Biometric animal databases from field photographs: Identification of individual zebra in the wild
* HotSpotter: Patterned species instance recognition
Includes: Berger Wolf, T.Y.[Tanya Y.] Berger-Wolf, T.Y.[Tanya Y.] Berger-Wolf, T.Y.

Berger, A.[Armin] Co Author Listing * Multiple instance learning from multiple cameras
* Threshold optimization for F measure of macro-averaged precision and recall
Includes: Berger, A.[Armin] Berger, A.[Anna]

Berger, A.M.[Andres M.] Co Author Listing * Privacy mode for acquisition cameras and camcorders

Berger, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Colocalization structures and eigenvalue spectra for colour image comparison
* Complex line bundle Laplacians
* CryoDRGN2: Ab initio neural reconstruction of 3D protein structures from real cryo-EM images
* Model-Based Approach to Recovering the Structure of a Plant from Images, A
* Subimage sensitive eigenvalue spectra for image comparison
Includes: Berger, B.[Benjamin] Berger, B.[Bonnie] Berger, B.[Bettina]

Berger, B.A.[Bruce A.] Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition apparatus utilizing area linking and region growth techniques

Berger, B.J. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Applied to Vehicle Guidance

Berger, C. Co Author Listing * Best Rated Human-Machine Interface Design for Autonomous Vehicles in the 2016 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, The
* Colour Perception Graph for Characters Segmentation
* Effective Component Tree Computation with Application to Pattern Recognition in Astronomical Imaging
* Feature selection from high resolution remote sensing data for biotope mapping
* Formally Robust and Safe Trajectory Planning and Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles
* Graph-based Urban Land Use Mapping From High Resolution Satellite Images
* Pedestrian Behavior Prediction Using Deep Learning Methods for Urban Scenarios: A Review
* Removal of Optically Thick Clouds from Multi-Spectral Satellite Images Using Multi-Frequency SAR Data
* Satellite Remote Sensing of Surface Urban Heat Islands: Progress, Challenges, and Perspectives
* Signature Verification Competition for Online and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigComp2011)
* Strokes Detection for Skeletonisation of Characters Shapes
* Supporting Agile Change Management by Scenario-Based Regression Simulation
* Surface Moisture and Vegetation Cover Analysis for Drought Monitoring in the Southern Kruger National Park Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Landsat-8
* TerraSAR-X and RapidEye data for the parameterisation of relational characteristics of urban ATKIS DLM objects
* Vision-Based SLAM: Stereo and Monocular Approaches
Includes: Berger, C. Berger, C.[Cyrille] Berger, C.[Christian] Berger, C.[Charles]
15 for Berger, C.

Berger, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Detecting Synapse Location and Connectivity by Signed Proximity Estimation and Pruning with Deep Nets
* Two Stream Active Query Suggestion for Active Learning in Connectomics

Berger, D.A. Co Author Listing * distributed hierarchical video-on-demand system, A

Berger, D.R.[Daniel R.] Co Author Listing * Boundary Learning by Optimization with Topological Constraints

Berger, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Compression of map images for real-time applications
* Magnetoencephalography With Optically Pumped4He Magnetometers at Ambient Temperature
* meeting scheduling problem respecting time and space, A
* Using geomatics and airborne laser scanning for rockfall risk zoning: A case study in the french alps
Includes: Berger, F.[Florian] Berger, F. Berger, F.[Frédéric]

Berger, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Agile Modeling: From Concept to Classifier in Minutes
* Automatic Detection of the Boundary of the Calcaneus from Ultrasound Parametric Images Using an Active Contour Model: Clinical Assessment
* Efficient neural supersampling on a novel gaming dataset
* Jester Dataset: A Large-Scale Video Dataset of Human Gestures, The
* QuickSRNet: Plain Single-Image Super-Resolution Architecture for Faster Inference on Mobile Platforms
Includes: Berger, G.[Gabriel] Berger, G. Berger, G.[Guillaume]

Berger, H.[Helmut] Co Author Listing * Shaping 3D multimedia environments: the MediaSquare

Berger, I.[Inga] Co Author Listing * Bone Age Assessment Using the Classifying Generalized Hough Transform

Berger, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Estimating Vehicle Ego-Motion and Piecewise Planar Scene Structure from Optical Flow in a Continuous Framework
* Joint Recursive Monocular Filtering of Camera Motion and Disparity Map
* Role of Vocal Persona in Natural and Synthesized Speech, The
* Second Order Minimum Energy Filtering on SE3 with Nonlinear Measurement Equations
* Second-Order Recursive Filtering on the Rigid-Motion Lie Group SE3 Based on Nonlinear Observations
* Solution-Driven Adaptive Total Variation Regularization
Includes: Berger, J.[Johannes] Berger, J.[Jonathan]

Berger, J.O. Co Author Listing * Occam's Razor and Bayesian Analysis

Berger, J.W.[Jeffrey W.] Co Author Listing * Mosaicing and enhancement of images for ophthalmic diagnosis and documentation

Berger, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Area Processing Unit of Caroline: Finding the Way through DARPA's Urban Challenge, The
* Assessing Non-Photosynthetic Cropland Biomass from Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* capturing of turbulent gas flows using multiple Kinects, The
* Cloud-Free Global Maps of Essential Vegetation Traits Processed from the TOA Sentinel-3 Catalogue in Google Earth Engine
* Efficient RTM-based training of machine learning regression algorithms to quantify biophysical and biochemical traits of agricultural crops
* Evaluation of the PROSAIL Model Capabilities for Future Hyperspectral Model Environments: A Review Study
* Fast and Robust Approach to Lane Marking Detection and Lane Tracking, A
* Fitted PROSAIL Parameterization of Leaf Inclinations, Water Content and Brown Pigment Content for Winter Wheat and Maize Canopies
* Gaussian Process Regression Hybrid Models for the Top-of-Atmosphere Retrieval of Vegetation Traits Applied to PRISMA and EnMAP Imagery
* Mapping landscape canopy nitrogen content from space using PRISMA data
* Model-Based Optimization of Spectral Sampling for the Retrieval of Crop Variables with the PROSAIL Model
* Monitoring Cropland Phenology on Google Earth Engine Using Gaussian Process Regression
* Monitoring the Foliar Nutrients Status of Mango Using Spectroscopy-Based Spectral Indices and PLSR-Combined Machine Learning Models
* Physically-Based Retrieval of Canopy Equivalent Water Thickness Using Hyperspectral Data
* Prototyping Crop Traits Retrieval Models for CHIME: Dimensionality Reduction Strategies Applied to PRISMA Data
* Quantifying Fundamental Vegetation Traits over Europe Using the Sentinel-3 OLCI Catalogue in Google Earth Engine
* Quantifying Irrigated Winter Wheat LAI in Argentina Using Multiple Sentinel-1 Incidence Angles
* Remote and Proximal Assessment of Plant Traits
* Retrieval of Biophysical Crop Variables from Multi-Angular Canopy Spectroscopy
* Retrieval of carbon content and biomass from hyperspectral imagery over cultivated areas
* Seasonal Mapping of Irrigated Winter Wheat Traits in Argentina with a Hybrid Retrieval Workflow Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Segmentation of medical images using geo-theoretic distance matrix in fuzzy clustering
* Survey of Active Learning for Quantifying Vegetation Traits from Terrestrial Earth Observation Data, A
* Synergy of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series for Cloud-Free Vegetation Water Content Mapping with Multi-Output Gaussian Processes
* UHD image reconstruction by estimating interpolation error
* UHD image reconstruction by estimating interpolation error
* Untangling the Causal Links between Satellite Vegetation Products and Environmental Drivers on a Global Scale by the Granger Causality Method
* Vehicle object retargeting from dynamic traffic videos for real-time visualisation
Includes: Berger, K.[Kai] Berger, K.[Katja] Berger, K. Berger, K.[Klaus] Berger, K.[Kongfeng]
28 for Berger, K.

Berger, L. Co Author Listing * Software Comparison for Underwater Archaeological Photogrammetric Applications

Berger, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Model Based Pose Determination in Real-time: Strategies, Convergence, Accuracy
* A Contrario Model for Matching Interest Points under Geometric and Photometric Constraints, An
* Active View Optimization for Viewing Objects in Motion
* Deformable Multi Template Matching With Application To Portal Images
* Epipolar Consistency in Transmission Imaging
* Fast object recognition and pose determination
* Intellix: End-User Trained Information Extraction for Document Archiving
* Method and system for accelerating warping
* On Time-Series Topological Data Analysis: New Data and Opportunities
* Region-Based Epipolar and Planar Geometry Estimation in Low-Textured Environments
* Remote Sensing for Soil Organic Carbon Mapping and Monitoring
* Subspace Tracking under Dynamic Dimensionality for Online Background Subtraction
* Topological Eulerian Synthesis of Slow Motion Periodic Videos
* Training Deep Network Ultrasound Beamformers With Unlabeled In Vivo Data
* Urban Surface Temperature Time Series Estimation at the Local Scale by Spatial-Spectral Unmixing of Satellite Observations
* Vision Driven Automatic Assembly Unit, A
* Wavelet-Based Stratified Irradiance Caching for Efficient Indirect Illumination
Includes: Berger, M. Berger, M.[Matt] Berger, M.[Marc] Berger, M.[Matthew] Berger, M.[Michael] Berger, M.[Martin]
17 for Berger, M.

Berger, M.H.[Marie Helene] Co Author Listing * Morphological Characterization of Graphene Plans Stacking
Includes: Berger, M.H.[Marie Helene] Berger, M.H.[Marie-Hélène]

Berger, M.O.[Marie Odile] Co Author Listing * email: Berger, M.O.[Marie Odile]: berger AT loria fr
* 3-Component Inverse Depth Parameterization for Particle Filter SLAM, A
* 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Occluding Contours
* 3D-Aware Ellipse Prediction for Object-Based Camera Pose Estimation
* A-Contrario Horizon-First Vanishing Point Detection Using Second-Order Grouping Laws
* Computing the Uncertainty of the 8 point Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation
* Detection of the intersection lines in multiplanar environments: Application to real-time estimation of the camera-scene geometry
* Enhancing pose estimation through efficient patch synthesis
* Flexible Iterative Method for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from X-Ray Projections, A
* Fundamental Matrix Estimation Without Prior Match
* Global active method for automatic formant tracking guided by local processing
* How to Overcome Perceptual Aliasing in ASIFT?
* How to Track Efficiently Piecewise Curved Contours with a View to Reconstructing 3D Objects
* Interactive building and augmentation of piecewise planar environments using the intersection lines
* Joint CNN and Variational Model for Fully-Automatic Image Colorization
* Mixing Synthesis and Video Images of Outdoor Environments: Application to the Bridges of Paris
* Mixing Synthetic and Video Images of an Outdoor Urban Environment
* Model-image registration of a building's facade based on dense semantic segmentation
* Object-Based Visual Camera Pose Estimation From Ellipsoidal Model and 3D-Aware Ellipse Prediction
* On the influence of fixing the principal point in frame-by-frame multiplanar calibration
* Perspective-1-Ellipsoid: Formulation, Analysis and Solutions of the Camera Pose Estimation Problem from One Ellipse-Ellipsoid Correspondence
* Real time registration of known or recovered multi-planar structures: application to AR
* Realistic Face Animation for Audiovisual Speech Applications: A Densification Approach Driven by Sparse Stereo Meshes
* Recovering Planar Surfaces by Stereovision Based on Projective Geometry
* Registration with a Moving Zoom Lens Camera for Augmented Reality Applications
* Resolving Occlusion in Augmented Reality: A Contour Based Approach Without 3D Reconstruction
* Semi-Automatic Method for Resolving Occlusion in Augmented Reality, A
* Smooth surface reconstruction from image sequences
* Snake growing
* Towards autonomy in active contour models
* Tracking articulators in X-ray images with minimal user interaction: Example of the tongue extraction
* Transitive Closure Based Visual Words for Point Matching in Video Sequence
* Two-Stage Robust Statistical Method for Temporal Registration from Features of Various Type, A
* Using Projective Geometry to Recover Planar Surfaces in Stereovision
* View synthesis for pose computation
* Visual Words for 3D Reconstruction and Pose Computation
* Workflow monitoring based on 3D motion features
Includes: Berger, M.O.[Marie Odile] Berger, M.O.[Marie-Odile] Berger, M.O.
37 for Berger, M.O.

Berger, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * image-space algorithm for immersive views in 3-manifolds and orbifolds, An

Berger, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Automatic Ship Detection on Multispectral and Thermal Infrared Aerial Images Using MACS-Mar Remote Sensing Platform
* Calibrating Photogrammetric Airborne Camera Systems With Diffractive Optical Elements
* Fast multiple histogram computation using Kruskal's algorithm
* Integrated Rapid Mapping System for Disaster Management, An
* Integrated UAV-Based Real-Time Mapping for Security Applications
* MACS-TumbleCam: A Novel Approach for Aerial Oblique Imaging
* MACS: Modular Airborne Camera System for Generating Photogrammetric High-Resolution Products
* Neural Network Classifiers for Optical Chinese Character Recognition
Includes: Berger, R.[Ralf] Berger, R. Berger, R.[Raoul] Berger, R.[Robert]
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Berger, R.J. Co Author Listing * Data Embedding in JPEG Bitstream by Code Mapping
* foundation for watermarking in compressed domain, A
Includes: Berger, R.J. Berger, II, R.J.

Berger, S. Co Author Listing * Projection Algorithm

Berger, S.A.[Stella A.] Co Author Listing * Performance of the Landsat 8 Provisional Aquatic Reflectance Product for Inland Waters
* Retrieval of Water Constituents from Hyperspectral In-Situ Measurements under Variable Cloud Cover: A Case Study at Lake Stechlin (Germany)
* Use of Sentinel-2 for Chlorophyll-a Spatial Dynamics Assessment: A Comparative Study on Different Lakes in Northern Germany, The

Berger, T.[Toby] Co Author Listing * email: Berger, T.[Toby]: berger AT ee cornell edu
* Adaptive Method and System for Real Time Verification of Dynamic Human Signatures
* Adaptive Regularized Constrained Least Squares Image Restoration
* Compact Airborne C-Band Radar Sounder
* Model-based imaging of cardiac electrical excitation in humans
* Optimization of a Signature Verification System Using a Neural Network
* Rate-distortion theory: A mathematical basis for data compression
* Reliable on-line human signature verification system for point-of-sales applications
* Reliable Online Human Signature Verification Systems
* Software-Only Videocodec Using Pixelwise Conditional Differential Replenishment and Perceptual Enhancements
* Ultrawideband Gated Step Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar
Includes: Berger, T.[Toby] Berger, T.
11 for Berger, T.

Berger, Z.[Zachary] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic Universal Perturbations across Different Architectures and Datasets

Bergerhoff, L.[Leif] Co Author Listing * Modelling Stable Backward Diffusion and Repulsive Swarms with Convex Energies and Range Constraints
* Stable Backward Diffusion Models that Minimise Convex Energies

Bergeron, C.[Cyril] Co Author Listing * Auto-synchronized selective encryption of video contents for an improved transmission robustness over error-prone channels
* Convex Optimization Framework for Video Quality and Resolution Enhancement From Multiple Descriptions, A
* Extended Selective Encryption of H.264/AVC (CABAC)- and HEVC-Encoded Video Streams
* Extrinsic distortion based source-channel allocation for wireless JPEG2000 transcoding systems
* Fast Bundle Algorithm for Multiple-Instance Learning
* Gradient-based algorithms for block-oriented MAP estimation of motion and application to motion-compensated temporal interpolation
* Parametric Block Estimation of Motion and Application to Temporal Interpolation of Video Sequences
* Quality-Driven Dynamic VVC Frame Partitioning for Efficient Parallel Processing
* real-time ciphering transcoder for H.264 and HEVC streams, A
* robust content-based JPWL transmission over a realistic MIMO channel under perceptual constraints, A
* Super-resolution of HEVC videos via convex optimization
* Tunable VVC Frame Partitioning Based on Lightweight Machine Learning
Includes: Bergeron, C.[Cyril] Bergeron, C. Bergeron, C.[Charles]
12 for Bergeron, C.

Bergeron, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Emulation of Radiative Transfer Models for Top-of-Atmosphere BRDF Modelling Using Sentinel-3 OLCI

Bergeron, R.D.[R. Daniel] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Chunking for Out-of-Core Volume Visualization Applications

Bergeron, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration Evaluation System (ARES)

Bergeron, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Boundary Primitives Using a Multiscale Quadtree Segmentation

Bergeron, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Assessing forest fire properties in Northeastern Asia and Southern China with satellite microwave Emissivity Difference Vegetation Index (EDVI)
* Estimation of Vegetation Latent Heat Flux over Three Forest Sites in ChinaFLUX using Satellite Microwave Vegetation Water Content Index
* Fire Detection and Fire Radiative Power in Forests and Low-Biomass Lands in Northeast Asia: MODIS versus VIIRS Fire Products
* How Initial Forest Cover, Site Characteristics and Fire Severity Drive the Dynamics of the Southern Boreal Forest

Bergerot, L. Co Author Listing * versatile and low-cost 3D acquisition and processing pipeline for collecting mass of archaeological findings on the field, A

Bergervoet, E.J. Co Author Listing * Bombs, fish, and coral reefs

Berges, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Automated Tagging of Fashion Images

Berges, V.P.[Vincent Pierre] Co Author Listing * Galactic: Scaling End-to-End Reinforcement Learning for Rearrangement at 100k Steps-Per-Second
Includes: Berges, V.P.[Vincent Pierre] Berges, V.P.[Vincent-Pierre]

Bergevin, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bergevin, R.[Robert]: bergevin AT gel ulaval ca
* Body Tracking in HumanWalk from Monocular Video Sequences
* Can Contextual Information Improve Scene Classification Performance?
* Carried Object Detection Based on an Ensemble of Contour Exemplars
* Computing and evaluating view-normalized body part trajectories
* Computing View-normalized Body Parts Trajectories
* Detection and characterization of junctions in a 2D image
* Detection of cyclic human activities based on the morphological analysis of the inter-frame similarity matrix
* Detection of Multi-Part Objects by Top-Down Perceptual Grouping
* Detection of unexpected multi-part objects from segmented contour maps
* Enhancing Boundary Primitives Using a Multiscale Quadtree Segmentation
* Enhancing Contour Primitives by Pairwise Grouping and Relaxation
* Estimating the 3D Rigid Transformation Between Two Range Views of a Complex Object
* Extraction of Line Drawing Features for Object Recognition
* Fast Image Gradients Using Binary Feature Convolutions
* Flexible Background Subtraction with Self-Balanced Local Sensitivity
* From 3-D Scattered Data to Geometric Signal Description: Invariant Stable Recovery of Straight Line Segments
* From superpixel to human shape modelling for carried object detection
* Generalized Cylinder Extraction in Range Images
* Generic Detection of Multi-Part Objects
* Generic Detection of Multi-Part Objects by High-Level Analysis
* Generic Modeling of 3d Objects from Single 2d Images
* Generic multi-scale segmentation and curve approximation method
* Generic Object Recognition: Building and Matching Coarse Descriptions from Line Drawing
* Generic Object Recognition: Building Coarse 3D Descriptions from Line Drawings
* Generic temporal segmentation of cyclic human motion
* Human gait characteristics from unconstrained walks and viewpoints
* Integration of Uncertainty in the Analysis of Dyadic Human Activities
* method for the registration of attributed range images, A
* MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras
* Morphological analysis of spatio-temporal patterns for the segmentation of cyclic human activities
* Multi-Task Learning based Video Anomaly Detection with Attention
* Multiscale Compression of Planar Curves Using Constant Curvature Segments
* Multiscale Contour Segmentation and Approximation: An Algorithm Based on the Geometry of Regular Inscribed Polygons
* Multiscale Segmentation and Approximation for Significant Description of 2D Contours
* Mutual Foreground Segmentation with Multispectral Stereo Pairs
* Object Class Aware Video Anomaly Detection through Image Translation
* Object-level structured contour map extraction
* On Structuring Multiple Grouping Hypotheses in Generic Object Detection
* Online multimodal video registration based on shape matching
* Online Mutual Foreground Segmentation for Multispectral Stereo Videos
* Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition
* Part Decomposition of Objects from Single View Line Drawings
* Part segmentation of objects in real images
* Qualitative part-based models in content-based image retrieval
* Registering Range Views of Multipart Objects
* Registration of Multiple Range Views for Automatic 3-D Model Building
* Reproducible evaluation of Pan-Tilt-Zoom tracking
* Robust Extraction of 3d Structures by Fusion of Intensity-based and Contour-based Junction Features
* Self-Adjusting Approach to Change Detection Based on Background Word Consensus, A
* Semantic human activity recognition: A literature review
* Shape Description Using Geons as 3D Primitives
* SPiKeS: Superpixel-Keypoints structure for robust visual tracking
* Straight Line Segments and Circular Arcs for Significant Description of 2D Contours
* SuBSENSE: A Universal Change Detection Method With Local Adaptive Sensitivity
* Time-slice Prediction of Dyadic Human Activities
* Towards a General Multiview Registration Technique
* Towards view-invariant gait modeling: Computing view-normalized body part trajectories
* Trajectories normalization for viewpoint invariant gait recognition
* Two-Stage Outdoor-Indoor Scene Classification Framework: Experimental Study for the Outdoor Stage, A
* Universal Background Subtraction Using Word Consensus Models
* Use of Geons for Generic 3-D Object Recognition, The
Includes: Bergevin, R.[Robert] Bergevin, R.
63 for Bergevin, R.

Bergevoet, B.A.J.[Bas Arnold Jan] Co Author Listing * Post-synchronizing an information stream including lip objects replacement

Berggren, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Retrieval of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in Northern Lakes Using Sentinel-2 Data

Bergh, C.[Cecilia] Co Author Listing * Objective and Subjective Meal Registration via a Smartphone Application

Bergh, F. Co Author Listing * Modular CACC System Integration and Design, A

Bergh, T.F. Co Author Listing * Multi-speaker voice activity detection using a camera-assisted microphone array

Berghel, H.[Hal] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Telematics: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Berghmans, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Space Weather Services for Civil Aviation: Challenges and Solutions

Berghmans, F.[Francis] Co Author Listing * Design and Analysis of a Next-Generation Wide Field-of-View Earth Radiation Budget Radiometer
* Optical System Design of a Wide Field-of-View Camera for the Characterization of Earth's Reflected Solar Radiation

Berghoff, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Interplay of AI and Biometrics: Challenges and Opportunities, The

Bergholm, F.[Fredrik] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Bias in the Apparent Correlation Coefficient Between Image Pairs Corrupted by Severe Noise
* Combining Central and Peripheral Vision for Reactive Robot Navigation
* Convected Activation Profiles and Image Flow Extraction
* Convected Activation Profiles and the Measurement of Visual Motion
* Decomposition Theory and Transformations of Visual Directions
* Edge Focusing
* Extension of Marr's Signature Based Edge Classification and Other Methods Determining Diffuseness and Height of Edges, and Bar Edge Width, An
* Extension of Marr's Signature Based Edge Classification, An
* Extraction of Diffuse Edges by Edge Focusing
* Extraction of Shape Features and Experiments on Cue Integration
* Global Structure of Velocity Fields and the Aperture Problem in the Large
* Motion from Flow Along Contours: A Note on Robustness and Ambiguous Cases
* Multiscale Blur Estimation and Edge Type Classification for Scene Analysis
* On the Content of Information in Edges and Optical Flow
* On The Importance Of Being Asymmetric In Stereopsis: Or Why We Should Use Skewed Parallel Cameras
* Relating Scene Depth to Image Ratios
* Sensitivity Analysis of Multichannel Images Intended for Instantaneous Imaging Spectrometry Applications
* Theory of Optical Flow, A
* Theory on Optical Velocity Fields and Ambiguous Motion of Curves, A
Includes: Bergholm, F.[Fredrik] Bergholm, F.
19 for Bergholm, F.

Berghorn, W. Co Author Listing * Context conditioning and run-length coding for hybrid, embedded progressive image coding
* Fast variable run-length coding for embedded progressive wavelet-based image compression

Bergin, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Local PM2.5 Hotspot Detector at 300 m Resolution: A Random Forest-Convolutional Neural Network Joint Model Jointly Trained on Satellite Images and Meteorology

Berginc, G.[Gregor] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Statistical Learning of Generic Parts of Object Structure

Bergkamp, D. Co Author Listing * novel measurement technique to assess the effects of coronary brachytherapy in clinical trials, A

Bergkessel, K.A. Co Author Listing * Feature extraction for the analysis of gait and human motion

Bergkvist, A.[Anders] Co Author Listing * Fast algorithms for finding disjoint subsequences with extremal densities

Bergler, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Case Study on the Use of the SafeML Approach in Training Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Bergler, S. Co Author Listing * Language Identification of On-Line Documents Using Word Shapes
* Segmenting document images using diagonal white runs and vertical edges

Bergles, D.E. Co Author Listing * Throughput-Speed Product Augmentation for Scanning Fiber-Optic Two-Photon Endomicroscopy

Berglund, C.N.[C. Neil] Co Author Listing * Automated system for extracting design and layout information from an integrated circuit

Berglund, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Distributed Newton Method Over Graphs: Can Sharing of Second-Order Information Eliminate the Condition Number Dependence?
* Experimental Analysis of Face Recognition on Still and CCTV Images
* Intelligent CCTV for Mass Transport Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Video and Face Processing
* On intelligent surveillance systems and face recognition for mass transport security
Includes: Berglund, E.[Erik] Berglund, E.

Berglund, J.[Judith] Co Author Listing * Impact of Lidar Nominal Post-spacing on DEM Accuracy and Flood Zone Delineation

Bergman, A.W.[Alexander W.] Co Author Listing * Generative Novel View Synthesis with 3D-Aware Diffusion Models
* Instant Continual Learning of Neural Radiance Fields

Bergman, H. Co Author Listing * Quantifying Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia Using Depth Camera

Bergman, J. Co Author Listing * Informative Frame Classification of Endoscopic Videos Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models

Bergman, J.J.G.H.M. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Self-Supervised Learning Methods for Downstream Classification of Neoplasia in Barrett's Esophagus

Bergman, L. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation by Modular Neural-Network
* PANDA: Adapting Pretrained Features for Anomaly Detection and Segmentation
* Solarspire: Querying Temporal Solar Imagery by Content
* Unsupervised colour image segmentation applied to printing quality assessment
Includes: Bergman, L. Bergman, L.[Liron]

Bergman, L.D. Co Author Listing * Progressive search and retrieval in large image archives

Bergman, R.[Ruth] Co Author Listing * Efficient and robust image descriptor for GUI object classification
* Perceptual Segmentation: Combining Image Segmentation With Object Tagging
Includes: Bergman, R.[Ruth] Bergman, R.

Bergman, S. Co Author Listing * Finding Objects in Aerial Photographs: A Rule-Based Low Level System

Bergmann, A. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Regulation and Trading of Emissions Using Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Bergmann, H. Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Calibration Method for an Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Operating Microscope With Variable Zoom and Focus, A
* head-mounted operating binocular for augmented reality visualization in medicine-design and initial evaluation, A
* modular software system for computer-aided surgery and its first application in oral implantology, A

Bergmann, H.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Different Displacement Estimation Algorithms for Digital Television Signals

Bergmann, J.R. Co Author Listing * Perturbation Method to Model Electromagnetic Well-Logging Tools in Curved Boreholes, A
* Robust Mode-Matching Algorithm for the Analysis of Triaxial Well-Logging Tools in Anisotropic Geophysical Formations, A

Bergmann, K.[Kirsten] Co Author Listing * Assessing Agreement on Segmentations by Means of Staccato, the Segmentation Agreement Calculator according to Thomann
* How Do Iconic Gestures Convey Visuo-Spatial Information? Bringing Together Empirical, Theoretical, and Simulation Studies
* Systematicity and Idiosyncrasy in Iconic Gesture Use: Empirical Analysis and Computational Modeling

Bergmann, L.[Luke] Co Author Listing * Dominant Modes of Agricultural Production Helped Structure Initial COVID-19 Spread in the U.S. Midwest

Bergmann, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Evolution of Maritime GNSS and RNSS Performance Standards
* Ranking Color Correction Algorithms Using Cluster Indices
Includes: Bergmann, M.[Michael] Bergmann, M.[Melanie]

Bergmann, N. Co Author Listing * automatic image quality assessment technique incorporating higher level perceptual factors, An
* Video Compression on FPGA-Based Custom Computers

Bergmann, N.W. Co Author Listing * Arabic optical character recognition system using recognition-based segmentation, An

Bergmann, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in 3D Point Clouds using Deep Geometric Descriptors
* Beyond Dents and Scratches: Logical Constraints in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Localization
* Exploring the Importance of Pretrained Feature Extractors for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Localization
* Introducing MVTec ITODD: A Dataset for 3D Object Recognition in Industry
* MVTec AD: A Comprehensive Real-World Dataset for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* MVTec Anomaly Detection Dataset: A Comprehensive Real-World Dataset for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection, The
* Tracking Without Bells and Whistles
* Uninformed Students: Student-Teacher Anomaly Detection With Discriminative Latent Embeddings
Includes: Bergmann, P.[Paul] Bergmann, P.
8 for Bergmann, P.

Bergmann, R.[Ronny] Co Author Listing * Graph Framework for Manifold-Valued Data, A
* Infimal Convolution Coupling of First and Second Order Differences on Manifold-Valued Images
* Inpainting of Cyclic Data Using First and Second Order Differences
* Iterative Multiplicative Filters for Data Labeling
* MVIRT, a toolbox for manifold-valued image restoration
* Parallel Douglas-Rachford Algorithm for Minimizing ROF-like Functionals on Images with Values in Symmetric Hadamard Manifolds, A
* Priors with Coupled First and Second Order Differences for Manifold-Valued Image Processing
* Second Order Differences of Cyclic Data and Applications in Variational Denoising
* Second-Order TV-Type Approach for Inpainting and Denoising Higher Dimensional Combined Cyclic and Vector Space Data, A
* Total Generalized Variation for Piecewise Constant Functions on Triangular Meshes with Applications in Imaging
Includes: Bergmann, R.[Ronny] Bergmann, R.
10 for Bergmann, R.

Bergmann, R.B.[Ralf B.] Co Author Listing * Computational shear interferometry for digital holography
* Speckle reduction in holographic projection using temporal-multiplexing of spatial frequencies

Bergmann, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Forensic analysis of AI-compression traces in spatial and frequency domain
* Iterative Estimation of Rigid-Body Transformations: Application to Robust Object Tracking and Iterative Closest Point
* Probabilistic Surface Inference for Industrial Inspection Planning
Includes: Bergmann, S.[Sandra] Bergmann, S.[Sven] Bergmann, S.

Bergmann, U. Co Author Listing * Conditional Analogy GAN: Swapping Fashion Articles on People Images, The
* Generating High-Resolution Fashion Model Images Wearing Custom Outfits
* Scene Representation Transformer: Geometry-Free Novel View Synthesis Through Set-Latent Scene Representations
Includes: Bergmann, U. Bergmann, U.[Urs]

Bergmeir, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Environmental Sound Classification on the Edge: A Pipeline for Deep Acoustic Networks on Extremely Resource-Constrained Devices
* Global models for time series forecasting: A Simulation study
* Improving the accuracy of global forecasting models using time series data augmentation

Bergmeister, A.[Achim] Co Author Listing * Denoising of Audio Data by Nonlinear Diffusion

Bergmuller, K.O.[Kai O.] Co Author Listing * Predicting Tree Mortality Using Spectral Indices Derived from Multispectral UAV Imagery
Includes: Bergmuller, K.O.[Kai O.] Bergmüller, K.O.[Kai O.] (Maybe also Bergmueller, K.O.)

Bergmuller, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Recompression effects in iris recognition
Includes: Bergmuller, T.[Thomas] Bergmüller, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Bergmueller, T.)

Bergner, S. Co Author Listing * Deformable structural models
* Segmenting Microorganisms in Multi-modal Volumetric Datasets Using a Modified Watershed Transform
* Spatio-chromatic decorrelation for color image compression
Includes: Bergner, S. Bergner, S.[Steven]

Bergner, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Clean Implicit 3D Structure from Noisy 2D STEM Images

Bergo, F.P.G.[Felipe P.G.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation by Tree Pruning
* Interactive Volume Segmentation With Differential Image Foresting Transforms
Includes: Bergo, F.P.G.[Felipe P.G.] Bergo, F.P.G.

Bergomi, M.G.[Mattia G.] Co Author Listing * Towards a Topological Fingerprint of Music

Bergonnier, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Local anisotropy analysis for non-smooth images

Bergonzoli, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Methodology for the Definition of Durum Wheat Yield Homogeneous Zones by Using Satellite Spectral Indices

Bergot, C. Co Author Listing * constrained region growing approach based on watershed for the segmentation of low contrast structures in bone micro-CT images, A

Bergot, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Casual Rerouting of AERONET Sun/Sky Photometers: Toward a New Network of Ground Measurements Dedicated to the Monitoring of Surface Properties?

Bergou, A.J.[Attila J.] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of bat flight kinematics from sparse multiple views

Bergougnoux, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Editorial: A Perspective on Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS in the 21st Century
* Editorial: Geographic Information Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bergounioux, M.[Maitine] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Inf-Convolution BV Type Model for Dynamic Reconstruction, An
* Automatic Choice of the Threshold of a Grain Filter via Galton-Watson Trees: Application to Granite Cracks Detection
* Denoising 3D Medical Images Using a Second Order Variational Model and Wavelet Shrinkage
* Mathematical Image Processing
Includes: Bergounioux, M.[Maitine] Bergounioux, M.[Maïtine]

Bergquist, J.A.[Jake A.] Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Electrocardiographic Imaging with Generative Forward Model for Error Reduction
* GRÖMeR: A Pipeline for Geodesic Refinement of Mesh Registration
* Improving Generalization by Learning Geometry-Dependent and Physics-Based Reconstruction of Image Sequences
* Simultaneous Multi-heartbeat ECGI Solution with a Time-Varying Forward Model: A Joint Inverse Formulation

Bergqvist, G. Co Author Listing * Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition: Theory and an Application, The

Bergsma, E.W.J.[Erwin W. J.] Co Author Listing * Coastal Bathymetry Estimation from Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery: Comparing Deep Learning and Physics-Based Approaches
* Coastal Topo-Bathymetry from a Single-Pass Satellite Video: Insights in Space-Videos for Coastal Monitoring at Duck Beach (NC, USA)
* Depth Inversion from Wave Frequencies in Temporally Augmented Satellite Video
* Deriving High Spatial-Resolution Coastal Topography From Sub-meter Satellite Stereo Imagery
* Global Satellite-Based Coastal Bathymetry from Waves
* Monitoring Beach Topography and Nearshore Bathymetry Using Spaceborne Remote Sensing: A Review
* Observing and Predicting Coastal Erosion at the Langue de Barbarie Sand Spit around Saint Louis (Senegal, West Africa) through Satellite-Derived Digital Elevation Model and Shoreline
* Radon-Augmented Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery to Derive Wave-Patterns and Regional Bathymetry
* Sea State from Single Optical Images: A Methodology to Derive Wind-Generated Ocean Waves from Cameras, Drones and Satellites
* Storm Event to Seasonal Evolution of Nearshore Bathymetry Derived from Shore-Based Video Imagery
* Updates to and Performance of the cBathy Algorithm for Estimating Nearshore Bathymetry from Remote Sensing Imagery
11 for Bergsma, E.W.J.

Bergsneider, M. Co Author Listing * New Framework for Object Warping: A Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Approach, A
* Random Subwindows for Robust Peak Recognition in Intracranial Pressure Signals
Includes: Bergsneider, M. Bergsneider, M.[Marvin]

Bergstedt, H.[Helena] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Link between Human Modification and Changes in Land Surface Temperature in Hainan, China Using Image Archives from Google Earth Engine
* Dependence of C-Band Backscatter on Ground Temperature, Air Temperature and Snow Depth in Arctic Permafrost Regions
* Deriving a Frozen Area Fraction From Metop ASCAT Backscatter Based on Sentinel-1
* Remote Sensing-Based Statistical Approach for Defining Drained Lake Basins in a Continuous Permafrost Region, North Slope of Alaska
* Seasonal Progression of Ground Displacement Identified with Satellite Radar Interferometry and the Impact of Unusually Warm Conditions on Permafrost at the Yamal Peninsula in 2016
Includes: Bergstedt, H.[Helena] Bergstedt, H.

Bergstein, L.[Leonard] Co Author Listing * Design of Extended Depth-of-Focus Laser Beams Using Orthogonal Beam Expansions

Bergstra, J. Co Author Listing * Spike-and-Slab RBM and Extensions to Discrete and Sparse Data Distributions, The

Bergstresser, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Elevation Change Thresholds between Structure-from-Motion DEMs Derived from Historical Aerial Photos and 3DEP LiDAR Data

Bergstrom Lehtovirta, J. Co Author Listing * On-Skin Interaction Using Body Landmarks
Includes: Bergstrom Lehtovirta, J. Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J.

Bergstrom, A.K.[Ann Kristin] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Retrieval of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in Northern Lakes Using Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: Bergstrom, A.K.[Ann Kristin] Bergström, A.K.[Ann-Kristin] (Maybe also Bergstroem, A.K.)

Bergstrom, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Compressed Imaging at Long Range in SWIR
* Hyperspectral image analysis using deep learning: A review
* Unpaired Thermal to Visible Spectrum Transfer Using Adversarial Training
Includes: Bergstrom, D.[David] Bergström, D.[David] (Maybe also Bergstroem, D.)Bergstrom, D.

Bergstrom, E.T. Co Author Listing * Combining linear filtering and radial basis function networks for accurate profile recovery
Includes: Bergstrom, E.T. Bergström, E.T. (Maybe also Bergstroem, E.T.)

Bergstrom, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Detecting, segmenting and tracking unknown objects using multi-label MRF inference
* Integration of Visual Cues for Robotic Grasping
* Scene Understanding through Autonomous Interactive Perception
* Using Symmetry to Select Fixation Points for Segmentation
Includes: Bergstrom, N.[Niklas] Bergström, N.[Niklas] (Maybe also Bergstroem, N.)

Bergstrom, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Eye-movement-controlled transform image coders
Includes: Bergstrom, P.[Peter] Bergström, P.[Peter] (Maybe also Bergstroem, P.)

Bergtholdt, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Detection and localization of spatially correlated point landmarks in medical images using an automatically learned conditional random field
* Greedy-Based Design of Sparse Two-Stage SVMs for Fast Classification
* Learning of Graphical Models and Efficient Inference for Object Class Recognition
* Shape Priors and Online Appearance Learning for Variational Segmentation and Object Recognition in Static Scenes
* Study of Parts-Based Object Class Detection Using Complete Graphs, A

Bergui, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * UniToBrain Dataset: A Brain Perfusion Dataset

Bergvall, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Model Based Cardiac Motion Tracking Using Velocity Encoded Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Spline-Based Cardiac Motion Tracking Using Velocity-Encoded Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Bergweiler, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Based Integration of Sensor Web Services in Disaster Management

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