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Dhar, A.S.[Anindya Sundar] Co Author Listing * fast VLSI architecture of a hierarchical block matching algorithm for motion estimation, A
* Novel Nested Array for Real-Valued Sources Exploiting Array Motion, A
* VLSI array architecture for realization of DFT, DHT, DCT and DST, A
Includes: Dhar, A.S.[Anindya Sundar] Dhar, A.S.

Dhar, D.[Debarun] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Side Information by Adaptive Convolution
* Monte-Carlo Siamese Policy on Actor for Satellite Image Super Resolution
* S2A: Wasserstein GAN with Spatio-Spectral Laplacian Attention for Multi-Spectral Band Synthesis
Includes: Dhar, D.[Debarun] Dhar, D.

Dhar, D.B.[Deeptendu Bikash] Co Author Listing * Extraction and recognition of geographical features from paper maps

Dhar, M. Co Author Listing * Robust kernel principal nested spheres

Dhar, N.K. Co Author Listing * Glidar3DJ: a View-Invariant Gait Identification via Flash Lidar Data Correction
* Performance benefits of sub-diffraction sized pixels in imaging sensors
* Spatial oversampling in imaging sensors: Benefits in sensitivity and detection

Dhar, P.[Prasenjit] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Performance Evaluation of ICA-Based Architectures for Face Recognition
* How are attributes expressed in face DCNNs?
* Learning Without Memorizing
* On Measuring the Iconicity of a Face
* Semi-Automatic 2D Solution for Vehicle Speed Estimation from Monocular Videos, A
Includes: Dhar, P.[Prasenjit] Dhar, P. Dhar, P.[Prithviraj]

Dhar, S.[Sagnik] Co Author Listing * BabyTalk: Understanding and Generating Simple Image Descriptions
* High level describable attributes for predicting aesthetics and interestingness
* Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images
Includes: Dhar, S.[Sagnik] Dhar, S.[Soumyadeep]

Dhar, V.[Vansh] Co Author Listing * 3DCD: Scene Independent End-to-End Spatiotemporal Feature Learning Framework for Change Detection in Unseen Videos
* 3DFR: A Swift 3D Feature Reductionist Framework for Scene Independent Change Detection
Includes: Dhar, V.[Vansh] Dhar, V.

Dhara, A.K. Co Author Listing * Interactive Segmentation of Glioblastoma for Post-surgical Treatment Follow-up
* Performance metrics for image contrast
* Quantitative evaluation of margin sharpness of pulmonary nodules in lung CT images
* Segmentation of Intracranial Aneurysm Remnant in MRA using Dual-Attention Atrous Net
Includes: Dhara, A.K. Dhara, A.K.[Ashis Kumar]

Dhara, B.C.[Bibhas Chandra] Co Author Listing * Block truncation coding using pattern fitting
* Color image compression based on block truncation coding using pattern fitting principle
* Fast Interactive Image Segmentation to Locate Multiple Similar-colored Objects, A
* fast iris localization using inversion transform and restricted circular Hough transform, A
* fast progressive image transmission scheme using block truncation coding by pattern fitting, A
* Iris recognition using multiscale morphologic features
* NIR and VW iris image recognition using ensemble of patch statistics features
* Video motion estimation using prediction based hybrid approach
Includes: Dhara, B.C.[Bibhas Chandra] Dhara, B.C.
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Dhara, S.K.[Sobhan Kanti] Co Author Listing * Color Cast Dependent Image Dehazing via Adaptive Airlight Refinement and Non-Linear Color Balancing
* Low Light Image Enhancement Using Grover's Algorithm on Superposed Luminance Levels
* Zero-shot Single Image Restoration through Controlled Perturbation of Koschmieder's Model
Includes: Dhara, S.K.[Sobhan Kanti] Dhara, S.K.

Dharani, J. Co Author Listing * Realization of Beamlet Transform edge detection algorithm using FPGA

Dharanipragada, S.[Satya] Co Author Listing * Multimedia Document Retrieval Using Speech and Speaker Recognition

Dharanya, V. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition through person-wise regeneration of expressions using Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network (AC-GAN) based model

Dharejo, F.A.[Fayaz Ali] Co Author Listing * Lossless digital image watermarking in sparse domain by using K-singular value decomposition algorithm
* plexus-convolutional neural network framework for fast remote sensing image super-resolution in wavelet domain, A
* remote-sensing image enhancement algorithm based on patch-wise dark channel prior and histogram equalisation with colour correction, A
* Sparse representation based computed tomography images reconstruction by coupled dictionary learning algorithm

Dhariwal, S.[Sumit] Co Author Listing * Image Normalization and Weighted Classification Using an Efficient Approach for SVM Classifiers

Dharmagunawardhana, C.[Chathurika] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Markov random field based improved texture descriptor for image segmentation
* Rotation invariant texture descriptors based on Gaussian Markov random fields for classification
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation using Active Contours and Local Distributions of Gaussian Markov Random Field Parameters

Dharmakumar, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Feature Learning for Myocardial Segmentation of CP-BOLD MRI
* Dictionary-Driven Ischemia Detection From Cardiac Phase-Resolved Myocardial BOLD MRI at Rest
* Disentangle, Align and Fuse for Multimodal and Semi-Supervised Image Segmentation
* dynamic programming solution to tracking and elastically matching left ventricular walls in cardiac cine MRI, A
* Synthetic Generation of Myocardial Blood: Oxygen-Level-Dependent MRI Time Series Via Structural Sparse Decomposition Modeling
* Unsupervised Myocardial Segmentation for Cardiac BOLD
Includes: Dharmakumar, R.[Rohan] Dharmakumar, R.

Dharmalakshmi, D. Co Author Listing * Outdoor scene classification using invariant features
* Robust indoor/outdoor scene classification

Dharmaraj, C.D.[Christopher D.] Co Author Listing * Feature Identification System for Electron Magnetic Resonance Tomography: Fusion of Principal Components Transform, Color Quantization and Boundary Information, A

Dharmarathne, A.T. Co Author Listing * mathematical model for computational aesthetics, A

Dharmaratne, A.[Anuja] Co Author Listing * Affordance detection by mid-level physical parts
* Application of Computer Vision and Vector Space Model for Tactical Movement Classification in Badminton
* Attribute Based Affordance Detection from Human-Object Interaction Images
* Classification of spatio-temporal data represented as multiset for tactical profiling in badminton
* Labeling abnormalities in video based complex Human-Object Interactions by robust affordance modelling
Includes: Dharmaratne, A.[Anuja] Dharmaratne, A.

Dharmaratne, A.T. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction from 2D Images
* Taxonomy of File Fragments Using Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrices

Dharmasiri, T. Co Author Listing * EMPNet: Neural Localisation and Mapping Using Embedded Memory Points
* ENG: End-to-End Neural Geometry for Robust Depth and Pose Estimation Using CNNs
Includes: Dharmasiri, T. Dharmasiri, T.[Thanuja]

Dharmawan, D.A. Co Author Listing * Design of Optimal Adaptive Filters for Two-Dimensional Filamentary Structures Segmentation
* Residual U-Net for Retinal Vessel Segmentation

Dharminder, D.[Dharminder] Co Author Listing * SFVCC: Chaotic map-based security framework for vehicular cloud computing

Dharshini, A.L.S.[A. Leo Sahaya] Co Author Listing * Removal of high density salt and pepper noise using neighborhood based switching filter

Dharumarajan, S.[Subramanian] Co Author Listing * Use of Sentinel-2 Time-Series Images for Classification and Uncertainty Analysis of Inherent Biophysical Property: Case of Soil Texture Mapping

Dharun, V.S. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Affine Transformation Approach for Cloud Free Multi-Temporal Image Registration, A

Dharwadkar, N.V.[Nagaraj V.] Co Author Listing * Steganographic Scheme For Gray-level Image Using Pixel Neighborhood And LSB Substitution

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