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Hatt, M. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Locally Adaptive Bayesian Segmentation Approach for Volume Determination in PET, A
* Image Change Detection Using Paradoxical Theory for Patient Follow-Up Quantitation and Therapy Assessment
* Image Enhancement With PDEs and Nonconservative Advection Flow Fields
* Image Filtering with Advectors
* Non-stationary fuzzy Markov chain

Hatta, A. Co Author Listing * Development of A Spatial Information Consulting Method for Merged Local Governments

Hattanda, S.[Shunsuke] Co Author Listing * K-means clustering for support construction in diffractive imaging

Hattay, J.[Jamel] Co Author Listing * Block-Based Adaptive Vector Lifting Schemes for Multichannel Image Coding
* Digital in-line particle holography: Twin-image suppression using sparse blind source separation
* new multi-scale framework for convolutive blind source separation, A

Hattel, A. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Sparsity Model for Histopathological Image Representation and Classification

Hattendorf, M.J.[Mary J.] Co Author Listing * Optical and Thermal Remote Sensing of Turfgrass Quality, Water Stress, and Water Use under Different Soil and Irrigation Treatments

Hattery, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Depth from Physics: Physics-Based Image Analysis and Feature Definition
* Hyperspectral imaging of Kaposi's Sarcoma for disease assessment and treatment monitoring
* Optical Signatures of Small, Deeply Embedded, Tumor-like Inclusions in Tissue-like Turbid Media Based on a Random-walk Theory of Photon Migration
Includes: Hattery, D.[David] Hattery, D.

Hattich, W. Co Author Listing * VISTA: Visual Interpretation System for Technical Applications - Architecture and Use

Hatton, E.[Emma] Co Author Listing * Displacements Monitoring over Czechia by IT4S1 System for Automatised Interferometric Measurements Using Sentinel-1 Data
* LiCSAR: An Automatic InSAR Tool for Measuring and Monitoring Tectonic and Volcanic Activity
* Towards INSAR Everywhere, All The Time, With Sentinel-1

Hatton, R.L. Co Author Listing * Practical aspects of a data-driven motion correction approach for brain SPECT

Hattori, A. Co Author Listing * Sphere-Filled Organ Model for Virtual Surgery System

Hattori, G.[Gen] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Pipeline for Spotting Macro- and Micro-expressions in Long Video Sequences Based on Action Units and Optical Flow
* Face Mask Aware Robust Facial Expression Recognition During the Covid-19 Pandemic
* Face-mask-aware Facial Expression Recognition based on Face Parsing and Vision Transformer

Hattori, H. Co Author Listing * Development of night-vision system
* Illumination Subspace for Multibody Motion Segmentation
* Image recognition apparatus
* Improving Human Detection by Long-Term Observation
* Learning scene-specific pedestrian detectors without real data
* practical stereo scheme for obstacle detection in automotive use, A
* Real-time 3D tracking using multiple sample points
* Representing and Recognizing Simple Hand-Tools Based on Their Functions
* Stereo Matching with Direct Surface Orientation Recovery
* Stereo without Depth Search and Metric Calibration
* Stereo-Based Pedestrian Detection using Multiple Patterns
* Synthesizing a Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detector and Pose Estimator for Static Video Surveillance
* System and method for detecting obstacle
* Temporal integration for on-board stereo-based pedestrian detection
Includes: Hattori, H. Hattori, H.[Hiroshi] Hattori, H.[Hironori]
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Hattori, K. Co Author Listing * Accurate Rangefinder with Laser Pattern Shifting
* Detection of Thermal Changes Related to the 2011 Shinmoedake Volcano Activity and Japan: Spatiotemporal Variation of Singularity of MODIS Data after Discriminating False Changes Due to Cloud
* Effective algorithms for the nearest neighbor method in the clustering problem
* Estimating Pose of Human Face Based on Symmetry Plane Using Range and Intensity Images
* Evaluation of Pre-Earthquake Anomalies of Borehole Strain Network by Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve
* GCV-Aided linear image regularization for the reconstruction of wave distribution function of magnetospheric VLF/ELF waves
* Grouped outlier removal for robust ellipse fitting
* new edited k-nearest neighbor rule in the pattern classification problem, A
* new nearest-neighbor rule in the pattern classification problem, A
* Recent Advances and Challenges in the Seismo-Electromagnetic Study: A Brief Review
Includes: Hattori, K. Hattori, K.[Katsumi] Hattori, K.[Kazuo] Hattori, K.[Kazuyuki] Hattori, K.[Kosuke]
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Hattori, M.[Motofumi] Co Author Listing * Breath Chair: Reduce Fear and Anxiety by Simulating Breathing Movements
* Head Mounted Display Attachment Olfactory Display to Offer Multimodal Sensory Information for Advertisements in Metaverse, A
* Personal Dictionaries for Handwritten Character Recognition Using Characters Written by a Similar Writer
* Reducing Fear or Anxiety by Simulating Breathing Movements as Physical Contact with an Unrelated Person
Includes: Hattori, M.[Motofumi] Hattori, M.[Masahiro]

Hattori, R.[Ryoji] Co Author Listing * Conspicuous Character Patterns
* novel high efficiency fixed length coding for video compression based on symbol probability estimation, A

Hattori, S.[Susumu] Co Author Listing * Automated Procedures with Coded Targets in Industrial Vision Metrology
* Detection Of Slope Movement By Comparing Point Clouds Created by SFM Software
* Fundamental Principles of Image Orientation Using Orthogonal Projection Model
* Learning Self-prior for Mesh Denoising Using Dual Graph Convolutional Networks
* Overview of the MVC+D 3D video coding standard
* Qualification of Point Clouds Measured by SFM Software
Includes: Hattori, S.[Susumu] Hattori, S.[Satoko] Hattori, S.[Shota] Hattori, S.[Shinobu] Hattori, S.

Hattori, T.[Tatsumi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Attractiveness of Food Photography Based on Image Features
* High-Speed Pipeline Processor for Regional Labelling Based on a New Algorithm, A
* Rolling Guidance Filter as a Clustering Algorithm
Includes: Hattori, T.[Tatsumi] Hattori, T. Hattori, T.[Takayuki]

Hatture, S.[Sanjeevakumar] Co Author Listing * Hand geometry based user identification using minimal edge connected hand image graph

Hatty, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * Insect Monitoring Radar: Maximizing Performance and Utility

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