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Faye, A.[Abdoulaye] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hydrological Modeling in Drylands with TRMM Based Rainfall

Faye, C. Co Author Listing * Apparent image formation by compton-scattered photons in gamma-ray imaging
* Atmospheric Correction of Hyperspectral Data Over Dark Surfaces via Simulated Annealing
* Hydro-Geophysical Evaluation of the Regional Variability of Senegal's Terrestrial Water Storage Using Time-Variable Gravity Data
* Polarization of Light Based System, Designed for Real Time Applications in Computer Vision, Making Use of Highlights in a Metallic Environement, A
* Regularized Restoration of Scintigraphic Images in Bayesian Frameworks
* Way to Exploit Highlights in Metallic Environment for Pipes Localization, A
Includes: Faye, C. Faye, C.[Cheikh] Faye, C.[Christian]

Faye, E.[Emile] Co Author Listing * Mango Yield Mapping at the Orchard Scale Based on Tree Structure and Land Cover Assessed by UAV
Includes: Faye, E.[Emile] Faye, É.[Émile]

Faye, G.[Gayane] Co Author Listing * Do Agrometeorological Data Improve Optical Satellite-Based Estimations of the Herbaceous Yield in Sahelian Semi-Arid Ecosystems?

Faye, I.[Ibrahima] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Foreground Extraction for Crowd Analytics Surveillance on Unconstrained Environments
* Document Image Binarization Using Retinex and Global Thresholding
* EEG-based brain source localization using visual stimuli
* Fast and efficient multichannel image completion using local similarity
* Fusion of structural and textural features for melanoma recognition
* pre-processing approach for efficient feature matching process in extreme illumination scenario, A
Includes: Faye, I.[Ibrahima] Faye, I.

Faye, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Usage of Smartphone Data to Derive an Indicator for Collaborative Mobility between Individuals
Includes: Faye, S.[Sebastien] Faye, S.[Sébastien]

Fayed, H.A.[Hatem A.] Co Author Listing * Self-generating prototypes for pattern classification

Fayed, Z.T.[Zaki T.] Co Author Listing * Masked SIFT with align-based refinement for contactless palmprint recognition

Fayehun, O.[Olufunke] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia

Fayek, H.[Haytham] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Satellite Wildfire Detection Using Hyperspectral Imagery and Neural Networks: A Case Study on Australian Wildfire
* Knowledge Capture and Replay for Continual Learning

Fayek, M.B.[Magda B.] Co Author Listing * Human-inspired features for natural scene classification
* Sketch recognition using particle swarm algorithms

Fayek, R. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based 3D Surface Modeling by Improved Constrained Triangular Meshes
* Using Hypergraph Knowledge Representation for Natural Terrain Robot Navigation and Path Planning

Fayek, R.E.[Reda E.] Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings from Aerial Topographic Maps

Fayer, J. Co Author Listing * Radiometric confidence criterion for patch-based inpainting

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