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Grubb, G. Co Author Listing * 3D vision sensing for improved pedestrian safety
* Multi-sensor tracking and lane estimation in highly automated vehicles

Grubel, J.[Jascha] Co Author Listing * Hitchhiker's Guide to Fused Twins: A Review of Access to Digital Twins In Situ in Smart Cities, The
Includes: Grubel, J.[Jascha] Grübel, J.[Jascha] (Maybe also Gruebel, J.)

Gruber Geymayer, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Towards 3D map generation from digital aerial images
Includes: Gruber Geymayer, B.[Barbara] Gruber-Geymayer, B.[Barbara]

Gruber Geymayer, B.C. Co Author Listing * Data Fusion for Classification and Object Extraction
Includes: Gruber Geymayer, B.C. Gruber-Geymayer, B.C.

Gruber, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Biological shape characterization for automatic image recognition and diagnosis of protozoan parasites of the genus Eimeria
* Digital Surface Models from UltraCam-X Images
* Evaluation of a Global Soil Moisture Product from Finer Spatial Resolution SAR Data and Ground Measurements at Irish Sites
* Global Tandem-X DEM: Production Status and First Validation Results, The
* graph cut algorithm for higher-order Markov Random Fields, A
* Homogenization of Structural Breaks in the Global ESA CCI Soil Moisture Multisatellite Climate Data Record
* Hypergraph-Based Reduction for Higher-Order Binary Markov Random Fields, A
* Incorporating Non-motion Cues into 3D Motion Segmentation
* Multibody factorization with uncertainty and missing data using the EM algorithm
* Operational TanDEM-X DEM calibration and first validation results
* Quality Assessment of the CCI ECV Soil Moisture Product Using ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath Data over Spain, Ireland and Finland
* Review of Irrigation Information Retrievals from Space and Their Utility for Users, A
* TANDEM-X: Block Adjustment of Interferometric Height Models
* Triple Collocation-Based Merging of Satellite Soil Moisture Retrievals
Includes: Gruber, A.[Arthur] Gruber, A. Gruber, A.[Alexander] Gruber, A.[Aritanan] Gruber, A.[Amit] Gruber, A.[Astrid]
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Gruber, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Facade reconstruction from Aerial Images by Multi-View Plane Sweeping
* On-line boosting-based car detection from aerial images
* Ultramap V3: A Revolution In Aerial Photogrammetry
Includes: Gruber, B.[Barbara] Gruber, B.

Gruber, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Online Signature Verification with New Time Series Kernels for Support Vector Machines
* Online Signature Verification With Support Vector Machines Based on LCSS Kernel Functions

Gruber, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Space-Time Multi-Resolution Banded Graph-Cut for Fast Segmentation

Gruber, D.P.[Dieter P.] Co Author Listing * Method for the Evaluation and Classification of the Orange Peel Effect on Painted Injection Moulded Part Surfaces, A

Gruber, F.K.[Fred K.] Co Author Listing * Reinterpretation and Enhancement of Signal-Subspace-Based Imaging Methods For Extended Scatterers
* Time-Reversal MUSIC Imaging of Extended Targets

Gruber, H.G. Co Author Listing * Programmable DSP platform for digital still cameras

Gruber, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Micrant: Towards Regression Task Oriented Annotation Tool for Microscopic Images
* Mutual Support of Data Modalities in the Task of Sign Language Recognition

Gruber, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * LaMAR: Benchmarking Localization and Mapping for Augmented Reality
* Optimization of Target Objects for Natural Feature Tracking
* Rapid reconstruction of small objects on mobile phones

Gruber, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* Calibrating And Testing New Ultracam Sensors
* Calibrating the new Ultracam Osprey Oblique Aerial Sensor
* Comparison of Quality and Information Content of Digital and Film-Based Images
* Domain Adaptation for Unknown Image Distortions in Instance Segmentation
* Extraction of Man-Made Objects from Aerial and Satellite Images: Foreword
* Geometric Calibration and Validation of Ultracam Aerial Sensors
* Geometric versus Texture Detail in 3-D Models of Real World Buildings
* Managing Large 3D Urban Database Contents Supporting Phototexture and Levels of Detail
* Microsoft Global Ortho Program, The
* Models of Urban Areas for Line-of-Sight Analyses
* Moment-Based Image Normalization with High Noise-Tolerance
* Radiometric and Geometric Quality Aspects of the Large Format Aerial Camera ULTRACAM XP
* Ultracam Eagle, Details and Insight
* Ultracam Story, The
* Ultramap V3: A Revolution In Aerial Photogrammetry
* Ultramap: The All In One Photogrammetric Solution
Includes: Gruber, M.[Michael] Gruber, M. Gruber, M.[Maximiliane] Gruber, M.[Matthias]
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Gruber, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * AutoAssign: An Automatic Assignment Tool for Independent Components
* Generative Probabilistic Model and Discriminative Extensions for Brain Lesion Segmentation: With Application to Tumor and Stroke, A
Includes: Gruber, P.[Peter] Gruber, P.

Gruber, S. Co Author Listing * Open Source Geovisual Analytics Toolbox for Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Data in Environmental Change Modelling, An
* Post-hoc Uncertainty Calibration for Domain Drift Scenarios
* Towards Informed Watermarking of Personal Health Sensor Data for Data Leakage Detection
Includes: Gruber, S. Gruber, S.[Sebastian]

Gruber, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Developing a simulation framework for safe and optimal trajectories considering drivers' driving style
* Gated2Depth: Real-Time Dense Lidar From Gated Images
* Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Observation Concept and Preliminary Results in the Baltic Sea
* Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Results in the Baltic Sea Test Network
* Hybrid Electrostatic-Atomic Accelerometer for Future Space Gravity Missions
* On-line motif detection in time series with SwiftMotif
* Online Segmentation of Time Series Based on Polynomial Least-Squares Approximations
* Online Signature Verification with New Time Series Kernels for Support Vector Machines
* Online Signature Verification With Support Vector Machines Based on LCSS Kernel Functions
* Pixel-Accurate Depth Evaluation in Realistic Driving Scenarios
* Seeing Through Fog Without Seeing Fog: Deep Multimodal Sensor Fusion in Unseen Adverse Weather
* Temporal Gravity Signals in Reprocessed GOCE Gravitational Gradients
Includes: Gruber, T.[Thierry] Gruber, T. Gruber, T.[Thomas] Gruber, T.[Thiemo]
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Grubert, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * ReconViguRation: Reconfiguring Physical Keyboards in Virtual Reality

Grubina, P.[Praskovia] Co Author Listing * Influence of Soil Background on Spectral Reflectance of Winter Wheat Crop Canopy

Grubinger, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * segmented and annotated IAPR TC-12 benchmark, The

Grubisic, A. Co Author Listing * Novel Interferometric Microwave Radiometer Concept Using Satellite Formation Flight for Geostationary Atmospheric Sounding, A
* Phase and Baseline Calibration for Microwave Interferometric Radiometers Using Beacons
Includes: Grubisic, A. Grubišic, A.

Grubisic, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * baseline for semi-supervised learning of efficient semantic segmentation models, A
* Multi-domain semantic segmentation with overlapping labels *
Includes: Grubisic, I.[Ivan] Grubišic, I.[Ivan]

Grubisic, V.[Vanda] Co Author Listing * Education and training activities in airborne research

Grubler, T. Co Author Listing * Real-time Wildfire Detection From Space - a Trade-off Between Sensor Quality, Physical Limitations and Payload Size
Includes: Grubler, T. Grübler, T. (Maybe also Gruebler, T.)

Grubmuller, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Multi-Scale Multiple Instance Learning to Improve Thyroid Cancer Classification
Includes: Grubmuller, P.[Philipp] Grubmüller, P.[Philipp] (Maybe also Grubmueller, P.)

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