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Tende, A.W.[Andongma W.] Co Author Listing * Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping Using Landsat 8 and ASTER Data and Geochemical Characteristics of Precambrian Rocks in the Egyptian Shield: A Case Study from Abu Ghalaga, Southeastern Desert, Egypt

Tendencia, E. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of Satellite Precipitation Products In The Philippine Archipelago

Tender, N.H.[Neil H.] Co Author Listing * Methods for performing 2-dimensional maximum differences coding and decoding during real-time facsimile image compression and apparatus therefor

Tendero, Y.[Yohann] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Occlusion Detection and Removal, A
* Fast plane detection in disparity maps
* Flutter Shutter Camera Simulator, The
* Flutter Shutter Code Calculator, The
* Flutter Shutter Paradox, The
* Non-uniformity Correction of Infrared Images by Midway Equalization
* On the Mathematical Foundations of Computational Photography
* Optimal Blind Temporal Motion Blur Deconvolution Filter, An
* Study of the Principal Component Analysis Method for the Correction of Images Degraded by Turbulence
* Theory of Optimal Flutter Shutter for Probabilistic Velocity Models, A
Includes: Tendero, Y.[Yohann] Tendero, Y.
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Tendulkar, P.[Purva] Co Author Listing * Revealing Occlusions with 4D Neural Fields
* SQuINTing at VQA Models: Introspecting VQA Models With Sub-Questions
Includes: Tendulkar, P.[Purva] Tendulkar, P.

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