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CVHCI04 * *Computer Vision in Human-Computer Interaction
* 3D Digitization of a Hand-Held Object with a Wearable Vision Sensor
* AR Human Computer Interface for Object Localization in a Cognitive Vision Framework, An
* Arm-Pointer: 3D Pointing Interface for Real-World Interaction
* Authentic Emotion Detection in Real-Time Video
* Djinn: Interaction Framework for Home Environment Using Speech and Vision
* EM Enhancement of 3D Head Pose Estimated by Perspective Invariance
* Exploring Interactions Specific to Mixed Reality 3D Modeling Systems
* Hand Gesture Recognition in Camera-Projector System*
* Hand Pose Estimation Using Hierarchical Detection
* Location-Based Information Support System Using Multiple Cameras and LED Light Sources with the Compact Battery-Less Information Terminal (CoBIT)
* Model-Based Head and Facial Motion Tracking
* Motivational System for Human-Robot Interaction
* Multi-View Face Image Synthesis Using Factorization Model
* Novel Wearable System for Capturing User View Images, A
* Pose Invariant Face Recognition Using Linear Pose Transformation in Feature Space
* Practical Interface Experiments with Implant Technology
* Real-Time Person Tracking and Pointing Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
* State-of-the-Art in Human-Computer Interaction, The
* Typical Sequences Extraction and Recognition
* Virtual Touch Screen for Mixed Reality
* Vision-Based Gestural Guidance Interface for Mobile Robotic Platforms, A
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CVHCI05 * *Computer Vision in Human-Computer Interaction
* 3D Human Action Recognition Using Spatio-temporal Motion Templates
* Accurate and Efficient Gesture Spotting via Pruning and Subgesture Reasoning
* Action Recognition with Global Features
* Appearance Manifold of Facial Expression
* Articulated Body Tracking Using Dynamic Belief Propagation
* Attention Monitoring Based on Temporal Signal-Behavior Structures
* Fast Head Tilt Detection for Human-Computer Interaction
* HMM Based Falling Person Detection Using Both Audio and Video
* Information Layout and Interaction Techniques on an Augmented Round Table
* Interactive Point-and-Click Segmentation for Object Removal in Digital Images
* Joint System for Person Tracking and Face Detection, A
* Mobile Camera-Based User Interaction
* Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction: A Survey
* On-Line Novel View Synthesis Capable of Handling Multiple Moving Objects
* Perceptive User Interface, a Generic Approach
* Real-Time Adaptive Hand Motion Recognition Using a Sparse Bayesian Classifier
* Recover Human Pose from Monocular Image Under Weak Perspective Projection
* Resolving hand over face occlusion
* Study of Detecting Social Interaction with Sensors in a Nursing Home Environment, A
* Topographic Feature Mapping for Head Pose Estimation with Application to Facial Gesture Interfaces
* Tracking Body Parts of Multiple People for Multi-person Multimodal Interface
* Vision Based Game Control Method, A
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CVHCI06 * *Computer Vision in Human-Computer Interaction
* Action Recognition in Broadcast Tennis Video Using Optical Flow and Support Vector Machine
* Computing Emotion Awareness Through Facial Electromyography
* EigenExpress Approach in Recognition of Facial Expression Using GPU
* Face Representation Method Using Pixel-to-Vertex Map (PVM) for 3D Model Based Face Recognition
* FaceMouse: A Human-Computer Interface for Tetraplegic People
* Object Retrieval by Query with Sensibility Based on the KANSEI-Vocabulary Scale
* Robust Face Alignment Based on Hierarchical Classifier Network
* Robust Head Tracking with Particles Based on Multiple Cues Fusion
* Silhouette-Based Method for Object Classification and Human Action Recognition in Video
* Vision-Based Interpretation of Hand Gestures for Remote Control of a Computer Mouse
* Voice Activity Detection Using Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Spectrum and Support Vector Machines and Audio Mixing Algorithm
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CVHCI07 * *Computer Vision in Human-Computer Interaction
* Artificial Imagination for Interactive Search, An
* Combined Support Vector Machines and Hidden Markov Models for Modeling Facial Action Temporal Dynamics
* Drowsy Driver Detection Through Facial Movement Analysis
* Exact Eye Contact with Virtual Humans
* Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction: A Survey
* Interactive Feedback for Video Tracking Using a Hybrid Maximum Likelihood Similarity Measure
* Large Lexicon Detection of Sign Language
* Multiple Cue Integrated Action Detection
* Non-intrusive Physiological Monitoring for Automated Stress Detection in Human-Computer Interaction
* Nonparametric Modelling and Tracking with Active-GNG
* PEYE: Toward a Visual Motion Based Perceptual Interface for Mobile Devices
* Pose and Gaze Estimation in Multi-camera Networks for Non-restrictive HCI
* Real Time Body Pose Tracking in an Immersive Training Environment
* Real-Time Automatic Kinematic Model Building for Optical Motion Capture Using a Markov Random Field
* System for Hybrid Vision- and Sound-Based Interaction with Distal and Proximal Targets on Wall-Sized, High-Resolution Tiled Displays, A
* Vision-Based Projected Tabletop Interface for Finger Interactions
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