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Mukadam, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Revitalizing Optimization for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation: A Sparse Constrained Formulation
* Where2Act: From Pixels to Actions for Articulated 3D Objects

Mukai, K.[Koki] Co Author Listing * Improving Robustness to out-of-Distribution Data by Frequency-Based Augmentation
* Segmentation and Analysis of Liver Cancer Pathological Color Images based on Artificial Neural Networks
Includes: Mukai, K.[Koki] Mukai, K.[Kyoshi]

Mukai, M. Co Author Listing * Ecological Vehicle Control on Roads With Up-Down Slopes

Mukai, R. Co Author Listing * BM25 With Exponential IDF for Instance Search

Mukai, S.[Sonoyo] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Wildfire Smoke over Complex Terrain Using Satellite Observations, Ground-Based Observations, and Meteorological Models

Mukai, T.[Tomohiko] Co Author Listing * Development and evaluation of a self-training system for tennis shots with motion feature assessment and visualization
* Protein-based optical filters for image processinge
* Recognition of Gestures Using Morphological Features of Networks Made of Gesture Motion Images and Word Sequences
* Recovery of Object Shape and Camera Motion using a Sensing System with a Video Camera and a Gyro Sensor, The
* robust eigenspace method for obtaining feature values in high-speed massively parallel vision systems, A
Includes: Mukai, T.[Tomohiko] Mukai, T.[Takayuki] Mukai, T. Mukai, T.[Toshiharu]

Mukai, Y.[Yoshiharu] Co Author Listing * Non-contact measurement system for swallowing time using Fiber grating vision sensor

Mukaibo, T. Co Author Listing * Classification of Pulmonary Blood Vessel Using Multidetector-row CT Images

Mukaida, M.[Mashiho] Co Author Listing * Low-Light Image Enhancement Method by Using a Modified Gamma Transform for Convex Combination Coefficients

Mukaida, S. Co Author Listing * Extraction and manipulation of wrinkles and spots for facial image synthesis
* Quantitative analysis of Iaido proficiency by using motion data
Includes: Mukaida, S. Mukaida, S.[Sho]

Mukaigawa, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * 8-D reflectance field for computational photography
* Adaptation to Walking Direction Changes for Gait Identification
* Adaptive dynamic range camera with reflective liquid crystal
* Adaptive-Scale Robust Estimator Using Distribution Model Fitting
* Adherent Raindrop Detection and Removal in Video
* Adherent Raindrop Modeling, Detection and Removal in Video
* Analysis of light transport in scattering media
* Analysis of photometric factors based on photometric linearization
* Analysis of subsurface scattering under generic illumination
* Blind 3D-Printing Watermarking Using Moment Alignment and Surface Norm Distribution
* Blind Watermarking for 3-D Printed Objects by Locally Modifying Layer Thickness
* BRDF Estimation of Structural Color Object by Using Hyper Spectral Image
* Classification of Photometric Factors Based on Photometric Linearization
* Coordination of appearance and motion data for virtual view generation of traditional dances
* Descattering Transmission via Angular Filtering
* Description of Eye Figure with Small Parameters
* Digital Archives and Virtual Exhibitions of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritages
* Direct Alignment of Narrow Field-of-View Hyperspectral Data and Full-View RGB Image
* Eliminating Temporal Illumination Variations in Whisk-broom Hyperspectral Imaging
* Estimating Depth of Layered Structure Based on Multispectral Speckle Correlation
* Free-Form Mirror Design Inspired by Photometric Stereo
* Gait Identification Considering Body Tilt by Walking Direction Changes
* Gait Recognition Using a View Transformation Model in the Frequency Domain
* Hemispherical Confocal Imaging Using Turtleback Reflector
* High Dynamic Range Camera using Reflective Liquid Crystal
* High-Speed Measurement of BRDF using an Ellipsoidal Mirror and a Projector
* Inertial-sensor-based walking action recognition using robust step detection and inter-class relationships
* largest inertial sensor-based gait database and performance evaluation of gait-based personal authentication, The
* Layered optical tomography of multiple scattering media with combined constraint optimization
* Light Transport Refocusing for Unknown Scattering Medium
* Linear Estimation of 4-D Illumination Light Field from Diffuse Reflections
* Material Classification from Time-of-Flight Distortions
* Material Classification Using Frequency-and Depth-Dependent Time-of-Flight Distortion
* Multiplexed Illumination for Measuring BRDF Using an Ellipsoidal Mirror and a Projector
* Multispectral Photometric Stereo for Spatially-Varying Spectral Reflectances
* Multispectral Photometric Stereo for Spatially-Varying Spectral Reflectances: A well posed problem?
* Non-rigid registration of serial section images by blending transforms for 3D reconstruction
* One-Shot Hyperspectral Imaging Using Faced Reflectors
* Optical Model for Show-through Cancellation in Ancient Document Imaging with Dark and Bright Mounts, An
* Orientation-Compensative Signal Registration for Owner Authentication Using an Accelerometer
* Parasitic Egg Detection and Classification by Utilizing the YOLO Algorithm with Deep Latent Space Image Restoration and GrabCut Augmentation
* Phase Registration of a Single Quasi-Periodic Signal Using Self Dynamic Time Warping
* Photometric Image-Based Rendering for Image Generation in Arbitrary Illumination
* Polarized Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
* Position estimation of near point light sources using a clear hollow sphere
* Practical Descattering of Transmissive Inspection Using Slanted Linear Image Sensors
* Raindrop Detection and Removal from Long Range Trajectories
* Real-Time Estimation of Fast Egomotion with Feature Classification Using Compound Omnidirectional Vision Sensor
* Reconstructing Shape and Appearance of Thin Film Objects with Hyper Spectral Sensor
* Reconstructing Shapes and Appearances of Thin Film Objects Using RGB Images
* Reconstruction of Geometric and Optical Parameters of Non-Planar Objects with Thin Film
* Recovering Inner Slices of Layered Translucent Objects by Multi-Frequency Illumination
* Recovering inner slices of translucent objects by multi-frequency illumination
* Recovering Transparent Shape from Time-of-Flight Distortion
* Scattering tomography using ellipsoidal mirror
* Shape from Single Scattering for Translucent Objects
* Shape from Thermal Radiation: Passive Ranging Using Multi-spectral LWIR Measurements
* Similar gait action recognition using an inertial sensor
* Simultaneous Reproduction of Reflectance and Transmittance of Ink Paintings
* Surface Normal Deconvolution: Photometric Stereo for Optically Thick Translucent Objects
* Synchronized Ego-Motion Recovery of Two Face-to-Face Cameras
* Synthesis of Facial Images with Lip Motion from Several Real Views
* Time-Resolved Far Infrared Light Transport Decomposition for Thermal Photometric Stereo
* Time-Resolved Light Transport Decomposition for Thermal Photometric Stereo
* Ultra-Shallow DoF Imaging Using Faced Paraboloidal Mirrors
* Visibility Enhancement by Integrating Refocusing and Direct-Global Separation with Contact Imaging
* Which Reference View is Effective for Gait Identification Using a View Transformation Model?
Includes: Mukaigawa, Y.[Yasuhiro] Mukaigawa, Y.
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Mukanova, A.[Albina] Co Author Listing * N-Gram Based Image Representation and Classification Using Perceptual Shape Features

Mukarambi, G.[Gururaj] Co Author Listing * Energy-based features for Kannada handwritten digit recognition
* recognition system for handwritten Kannada and English characters, A

Mukasa, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Scene Mesh from CNN Depth Predictions and Sparse Monocular SLAM
* 3D Shape Descriptor for Segmentation of Unstructured Meshes into Segment-Wise Coherent Mesh Series, A
* Complex human motion estimation using visibility
* Finding Kinematic Structure in Time Series Volume Data
* Photo Booth That Finds Your Sports Player Lookalike, A
Includes: Mukasa, T. Mukasa, T.[Tomoyuki]

Mukati, M.U.[M. Umair] Co Author Listing * Light field super resolution through controlled micro-shifts of light field sensor
* Light-Field View Synthesis Using A Convolutional Block Attention Module

Mukawa, M.A. Co Author Listing * Wearable Virtual Usher for Vision-Based Cognitive Indoor Navigation, A

Mukawa, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * email: Mukawa, N.[Naoki]: mukawa AT lit rd nttdata co jp
* Detecting Changes of Buildings from Aerial Images Using Shadow and Shading Model
* Estimation of Homogeneous Regions for Segmentation of Textured Images
* Estimation of Shape, Reflection Coefficients and Illuminant Direction from Image Sequences
* Interframe coding method and apparatus therefor
* Interframe Coding System for Video Teleconferencing Signal Transmission at a 1.5 Mbit/S Rate, An
* Multispectral Image Retrieval Using Vector Quantization
* Multiview occlusion analysis for tracking densely populated objects based on 2-D visual angles
* particle filter for tracking densely populated objects based on explicit multiview occlusion analysis, A
* Robust feature extraction based on run-length compensation for degraded handwritten character recognition
* Seeing the Character Images That an OCR System Sees: Analysis by Genetic Algorithm
* Surface Reconstruction by Smoothness MAP Estimation
* Uncovered Background Prediction in Interframe Coding
Includes: Mukawa, N.[Naoki] Mukawa, N.
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