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Kara, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Reconstruction from Point Correspondences between Two Perspective Projections

Kara, B. Co Author Listing * Leveraging Maturity Assessment to Choose the Right Applications For Smart Cities: Turkey's Approach

Kara, C. Co Author Listing * Using GIS for Developing Sustainable Urban Growth Case Kyrenia Region

Kara, F.[Fatih] Co Author Listing * Blind restoration and resolution enhancement of images based on complex filtering

Kara, L.B.[Levent Burak] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Investigation and Estimation of Optimal Topologies under Variable Loading Configurations, A
* Predictive Modeling for 2D Form Design

Kara, P.A. Co Author Listing * 3D Objective Quality Assessment of Light Field Video Frames
* Cinema as large as life: Large-scale light field cinema system
* Expert Evaluation of a Novel Light-Field Visualization Format
* interdependence of spatial and angular resolution in the quality of experience of light field visualization, The
* Perceived quality of angular resolution for light field displays and the validy of subjective assessment
* Ray tracing for HoloVizio light field displays
* Subjective quality assessment of zooming levels and image reconstructions based on region of interest for light field displays
* Towards display-independent light-field formats
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Kara, S.[Sadik] Co Author Listing * Atrial fibrillation classification with artificial neural networks

Kara, Y.E.[Yunus Emre] Co Author Listing * Hand Pose Estimation and Hand Shape Classification Using Multi-layered Randomized Decision Forests
* Hierarchically constrained 3D hand pose estimation using regression forests from single frame depth data
* Randomized decision forests for static and dynamic hand shape classification
* Real time hand pose estimation using depth sensors

Karaa, W.B.[Wahiba Ben_Abdessalem] Co Author Listing * Log Transform Based Optimal Image Enhancement Using Firefly Algorithm for Autonomous Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: An Application of Aerial Photography
Includes: Karaa, W.B.[Wahiba Ben_Abdessalem] Karâa, W.B.[Wahiba Ben_Abdessalem]

Karaahmetoglu, R. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Implementation of Team Mekar at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge

Karaali, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Adaptive scale selection for multiresolution defocus blur estimation
* Edge-Based Defocus Blur Estimation With Adaptive Scale Selection
* Impact of Reduced Video Quality on Visual Speech Recognition, The
* Temporal Consistency for Still Image Based Defocus Blur Estimation Methods
Includes: Karaali, A.[Ali] Karaali, A.

Karabassi, E.A.[Evaggelia Aggeliki] Co Author Listing * On the automatic assemblage of arbitrary broken solid artefacts
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Objects through Matching of Their Parts
* Segmentation and Surface Characterization of Arbitrary 3d Meshes for Object Reconstruction and Recognition
* Stereo Matching Using Optic Flow
Includes: Karabassi, E.A.[Evaggelia Aggeliki] Karabassi, E.A.[Evaggelia-Aggeliki] Karabassi, E.A.

Karabat, C.[Cagatay] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Threshold Based Robust Watermark Detection Method
* Discriminative Projection Selection Based Face Image Hashing
* Error-Correcting Output Codes Guided Quantization for Biometric Hashing
* Space Time Block Coding for Spread Spectrum Watermarking Systems

Karabatak, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Automated invasive ductal carcinoma detection based using deep transfer learning with whole-slide images

Karabatis, G. Co Author Listing * Queryable Semantics to Detect Cyber-Attacks: A Flow-Based Detection Approach

Karabelas, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Effect of Ventricular Myofibre Orientation on Atrial Dynamics, The

Karabernou, M. Co Author Listing * effective resolution definition or how to choose an edge detector, its scale parameter and the threshold?, An

Karabernou, S.M.[Si Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Erratum to Real-time FPGA implementation of Hough Transform using gradient and CORDIC algorithm
* Real-time FPGA implementation of Hough Transform using gradient and CORDIC algorithm
* Reconfigurable computing: design methodology and hardware tasks scheduling for real-time image processing

Karabin, M. Co Author Listing * Possibility Of Using Images Obtained From the UAS in Cadastral Works, The

Karabina, K.[Koray] Co Author Listing * new cryptographic primitive for noise tolerant template security, A

Karaboga, D.[Dervis] Co Author Listing * survey on the applications of artificial bee colony in signal, image, and video processing, A

Karaboga, N.[Nurhan] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary algorithms for sparse signal reconstruction

Karabork, H. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Pansharpened Image On Some Of Pixel Based And Object Based Classification Accuracy
* Estimating Crop Cover Fraction From Digital Color Images
* Estimation of Unknown Height with Artificial Neural Network on Digital Terrain Model
* Evaluation Digital Elevation Model Generated By Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
Includes: Karabork, H. Karabörk, H. (Maybe also Karaboerk, H.)

Karabulut Ilgu, A.[Aliye] Co Author Listing * Guiding or Exploring? Finding the Right Way to Teach Students Structural Analysis with Augmented Reality
Includes: Karabulut Ilgu, A.[Aliye] Karabulut-Ilgu, A.[Aliye]

Karabulut, E.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Nonlinear Imaging Approach for Dielectric Objects Buried Under a Rough Surface, An

Karabulut, G.Z. Co Author Listing * Integrating flexible tree searches to orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm
* Motion estimation in the frequency domain using fuzzy c-planes clustering

Karaca, I.[Ismet] Co Author Listing * Classification of Digital Covering Spaces, The
* Some Properties of Digital Covering Spaces

Karaca, S.O.[Sukru O.] Co Author Listing * Neotectonics of the Western Suleiman Fold Belt, Pakistan: Evidence for Bookshelf Faulting

Karacali, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic target detection using multispectral imaging
* comparative analysis of structural risk minimization by support vector machines and nearest neighbor rule, A
* Estimating Topology Preserving and Smooth Displacement Fields
* Information Theoretic Deformable Registration Using Local Image Information
* Joint Transformation and Residual Image Descriptor for Morphometric Image Analysis using an Equivalence Class Formulation, A
* Noise Reduction in Surface Reconstruction from a Given Gradient Field
* Partial integrability in surface reconstruction from a given gradient field
* Quasi-supervised learning for biomedical data analysis
* Reconstructing discontinuous surfaces from a given gradient field using partial integrability
* Simulation of Tissue Atrophy Using a Topology Preserving Transformation Model
Includes: Karacali, B. Karaçali, B.[Bilge] Karacali, B.[Bilge] Karaçali, B.
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Karacan, H.[Hacer] Co Author Listing * Effects of Color-Multiplex Stereoscopic View on Memory and Navigation

Karacan, L. Co Author Listing * Alpha Matting With KL-Divergence-Based Sparse Sampling
* Image Matting with KL-Divergence Based Sparse Sampling
* Image Synthesis in Multi-Contrast MRI With Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks

Karacelebi, U. Co Author Listing * Bathymetric Surveying in Lake Superior: 3D Modeling and Sonar Equipments Comparing

Karachaliou, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Representation of the 19th Century Balkan Architecture Using Scaled Museum-maquette And Photogrammetry Methods
* 3d Surveying and Modelling of Roman Monument with Arch
* Cultural Heritage in Smart City Environments
* From OSS CAD to BIM for Cultural Heritage Digital Representation
* Spatial DMBS Architecture for A Free And Open Source BIM
* UAV for Mapping Historic Buildings: from 3D Modelling to BIM

Karachevtseva, I. Co Author Listing * Topographic Mapping of the Moon In the 21st Century: From Hectometer To Millimeter Scales

Karachevtseva, I.P. Co Author Listing * Automation Of Morphometric Measurements For Planetary Surface Analysis and Cartography
* Development Of A Heterogenic Distributed Environment For Spatial Data Processing Using Cloud Technologies
* Mapping Of Inner And Outer Celestial Bodies Using New Global And Local Topographic Data Derived From Photogrammetric Image Processing
* Relief of Mercury and The Moon: From Morphometry to Morphological Mapping
* Special Software For Planetary Image Processing And Research

Karacor, D. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Measurement System and Identification Method for Buried Magnetic Materials Within Wet and Dry Soils, A

Karacs, K.[Kristof] Co Author Listing * Peeling off image layers on topographic architectures
* Towards a balanced trade-off between speed and accuracy in unsupervised data-driven image segmentation
Includes: Karacs, K.[Kristof] Karacs, K.[Kristóf]

Karadag, I.E.[Ilyas E.] Co Author Listing * Regionally Optimised Mathematical Models of Cardiac Myocyte Orientation in Rat Hearts

Karadag, O.O.[Ozge Oztimur] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Image Segmentations under Markov, Random Fields
* HANOLISTIC: A Hierarchical Automatic Image Annotation System Using Holistic Approach
* Image segmentation by fusion of low level and domain specific information via Markov Random Fields
* MRF Based Image Segmentation Augmented with Domain Specific Information
Includes: Karadag, O.O.[Ozge Oztimur] Karadag, Ö.Ö.[Özge Öztimur]

Karadimas, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Innovative Business Plans for H-BIM Application Related to Alternative Financing Opportunities for Cultural Heritage

Karadimitriou, K. Co Author Listing * Centroid Method for Compressing Sets of Similar Images, The

Karadimou, E. Co Author Listing * Test of rolling stock electromagnetic compatibility for cross-domain interoperability

Karaduman, O. Co Author Listing * Road-Geometry-Based Risk Estimation Model for Horizontal Curves

Karaev, V. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Retrieving the Surface Waves Parameters Using Doppler Spectrum Measurements at Small Incident Angles, The
* Doppler Spectrum of the Microwave Radar Signal Backscattered From the Sea Surface in Terms of the Modified Bragg Scattering Model, The
* Retrieval of the Statistical Characteristics of Wind Waves From the Width and Shift of the Doppler Spectrum of the Backscattered Microwave Signal at Low Incidence Angles

Karaev, V.Y. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Variance of the Vertical Orbital Velocity Component by an Acoustic Wave Gauge With a Single Transceiver Antenna

Karafiat, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * 2007 AMI(DA) System for Meeting Transcription, The

Karafylli, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment

Karafylli, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment

Karafyllidis, I. Co Author Listing * Cellular-Automaton for the Determination of the Mean Velocity of Moving-Objects and Its VLSI Implementation, A
* Geometrical Shape-Recognition Using a Cellular Automaton Architecture and Its VLSI Implementation
* New Hardware Module for Automated Visual Inspection Based on a Cellular-Automaton Architecture, A

Karafyllis, I. Co Author Listing * Lane-Free Artificial-Fluid Concept for Vehicular Traffic

Karagaitanakis, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * Detection of Biogenic Oil Films near Aquaculture Sites Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Images
* Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Artificial Floating Plastic Targets with Sentinel-2 and Unmanned Aerial Systems (Plastic Litter Project 2019)

Karagali, I.[Ioanna] Co Author Listing * Spectral Properties of ENVISAT ASAR and QuikSCAT Surface Winds in the North Sea
* Validation of Sentinel-1A SAR Coastal Wind Speeds Against Scanning LiDAR

Karageorgis, A.P.[Aristomenis P.] Co Author Listing * ROSACE: A Proposed European Design for the Copernicus Ocean Colour System Vicarious Calibration Infrastructure

Karageorgos, G.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pulse Wave Imaging: Automated Spatial Vessel Wall Inhomogeneity Detection in Phantoms and in-Vivo

Karageorgos, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* Semantic filtering for video stabilization
Includes: Karageorgos, K.[Konstantinos] Karageorgos, K.

Karagianni, A. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Techniques In Disaster Management: Amynteon Mine Landslides, Greece

Karagianni, A.C. Co Author Listing * Landsat 8 Multispectral And Pansharpened Imagery Processing On The Study Of Civil Engineering Issues

Karagiannidis, G.K. Co Author Listing * 3D Non-Stationary Wideband Tunnel Channel Models for 5G High-Speed Train Wireless Communications
* Distributed Differential Modulation Over Asymmetric Fading Channels
* Entropy and Channel Capacity under Optimum Power and Rate Adaptation over Generalized Fading Conditions
* Optimal Power Allocation for OFDMA Systems Under I/Q Imbalance
* Optimum Wirelessly Powered Relaying
* Solutions to Integrals Involving the Marcum Q-Function and Applications
* Wireless Networks with Energy Harvesting and Power Transfer: Joint Power and Time Allocation
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Karagiannis, G.[Giorgos] Co Author Listing * Realistic Texture Reconstruction Incorporating Spectrophotometric Color Correction

Karagiannis, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Analysis, Documentation and Proposal for Restoration and Reuse of the Chrysalis Silk Factory in Goumenissa, Kilkis, Northern Greece

Karagiannis, X. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for the Handwritten Text Recognition of Historical Greek Manuscripts, A

Karagiorgou, S.[Sophia] Co Author Listing * comparison and evaluation of map construction algorithms using vehicle tracking data, A

Karagounis, A. Co Author Listing * 90nm Manchester Code Generator with CMOS Switches Running at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, A

Karagoz, B. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Efficient Moving Object Detection for Low-Altitude Aerial Platforms

Karagoz, I.[Irfan] Co Author Listing * Modified ultrasound despeckling assessment index for the Field II simulated cyst image

Karagoz, S.[Salih] Co Author Listing * MultiPoseNet: Fast Multi-Person Pose Estimation Using Pose Residual Network
* Self-Supervised Learning of 3D Human Pose Using Multi-View Geometry

Karahaliou, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided diagnosis of mammographic masses based on a supervised content-based image retrieval approach

Karahan, E. Co Author Listing * Tensor Analysis and Fusion of Multimodal Brain Images

Karahan, F. Co Author Listing * Fusing length and voicing information, and HMM decision using a Bayesian causal tree against insufficient training data

Karahan, S.[Samil] Co Author Listing * Regressor Based Estimation of the Eye Pupil Center

Karahanoglu, F.I. Co Author Listing * Deconvolution of Sustained Neural Activity From Large-Scale Calcium Imaging Data
* Robust Recovery of Temporal Overlap Between Network Activity Using Transient-Informed Spatio-Temporal Regression

Karaimer, H.C. Co Author Listing * Improving Color Reproduction Accuracy on Cameras
* Software Platform for Manipulating the Camera Imaging Pipeline, A
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Karaimer, H.C. Karaimer, H.C.[Hakki Can]

Karain, L.J. Co Author Listing * Selective FEC for error-resilient image coding and transmission using similarity check functions

Karajekar, S. Co Author Listing * Impact of Prior Channel Information for Speaker Identification

Karakas, G. Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping with Random Forest Model for Ordu, Turkey

Karakashian, O. Co Author Listing * new deformable model for analysis of X-ray CT images in preclinical studies of mice for polycystic kidney disease, A

Karakasis, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Hot spot method for pedestrian detection using saliency maps, discrete Chebyshev moments and support vector machine

Karakasis, E.G. Co Author Listing * Accurate and speedy computation of image Legendre moments for computer vision applications
* Can Speedup Assist Accuracy? An On-Board GPU-Accelerated Image Georeference Method for UAVs
* Computing Orthogonal Moments in Biomedical Imaging
* Efficient and accurate computation of geometric moments on gray-scale images
* Generalized dual Hahn moment invariants
* Image moment invariants as local features for content based image retrieval using the Bag-of-Visual-Words model
* Novel moment invariants for improved classification performance in computer vision applications
* Unified Methodology for Computing Accurate Quaternion Color Moments and Moment Invariants, A
Includes: Karakasis, E.G. Karakasis, E.G.[Evangelos G.]
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Karakaya, F.[Fuat] Co Author Listing * SIH: segmented intensity histogram for orientation estimation in image matching

Karakaya, M.[Mahmut] Co Author Listing * CNN-based off-angle iris segmentation and recognition
* Deep learning frameworks for diabetic retinopathy detection with smartphone-based retinal imaging systems
* study of how gaze angle affects the performance of iris recognition, A

Karaki, N.A.[Najib Abou] Co Author Listing * complex karst dynamics of the Lisan Peninsula revealed by 25 years of DInSAR observations. Dead Sea, Jordan, The

Karakis, S. Co Author Listing * Data Acquisition through the Model Aircraft for Mapping Purposes
* Morphologic Quality of DSMs Based on Optical and Radar Space Imagery

Karakizi, C. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Contribution of Spectral and Temporal Features for Annual Land Cover and Crop Type Mapping
* Detailed Land Cover Mapping from Multitemporal Landsat-8 Data of Different Cloud Cover
* Vineyard Detection and Vine Variety Discrimination from Very High Resolution Satellite Data
Includes: Karakizi, C. Karakizi, C.[Christina]

Karakoc, N.S.[Necmeddin Said] Co Author Listing * Regressor Based Estimation of the Eye Pupil Center

Karakos, D.G. Co Author Listing * Combining vector median and vector directional filters: The directional-distance filters
* Directional Processing of Color Images: Theory and Experimental Results
* Generalized Multichannel Image-Filtering Structures

Karakose, M. Co Author Listing * Image processing based traffic sign detection and recognition with fuzzy integral
* IMU based adaptive blur removal approach using image processing for railway inspection
* Monitoring of pantograph-catenary interaction by using particle swarm based contact wire tracking
Includes: Karakose, M. Karaköse, M. (Maybe also Karakoese, M.)Karakose, M.[Mehmet]

Karakostas, A. Co Author Listing * LBP-Flow and Hybrid Encoding for Real-Time Water and Fire Classification
* People and Vehicles in Danger: A Fire and Flood Detection System in Social Media
* SpAtiAL: A sensor based framework to support affective learning

Karakostas, I.[Iason] Co Author Listing * Occlusion detection and drift-avoidance framework for 2D visual object tracking
* UAV Cinematography Constraints Imposed by Visual Target Tracking

Karakottas, A.[Antonios] Co Author Listing * 360° Surface Regression with a Hyper-Sphere Loss
* OmniDepth: Dense Depth Estimation for Indoors Spherical Panoramas
* Spherical View Synthesis for Self-Supervised 360° Depth Estimation
Includes: Karakottas, A.[Antonios] Karakottas, A.[Antonis]

Karakozis, I.C.[Ioannis Christos] Co Author Listing * Towards Fairness in Visual Recognition: Effective Strategies for Bias Mitigation

Karakullukcu, E.[Erdinc] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of skin burn colour images using texture-based feature extraction
Includes: Karakullukcu, E.[Erdinc] Karakullukçu, E.[Erdinç]

Karakus, O. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Ship Wakes In Sar Imagery Using Cauchy Regularisation
* Effect Of Sea State On Ship Wake Detectability In Simulated Sar Imagery, The
* Generalized Bayesian Model Selection for Speckle on Remote Sensing Images
* Interactive quality assessment for asymmetric coding of 3D video
* On Solving SAR Imaging Inverse Problems Using Nonconvex Regularization With a Cauchy-Based Penalty
* Ship Wake Detection in SAR Images via Sparse Regularization
Includes: Karakus, O. Karakus, O.[Oktay]

Karakus, P. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Pansharpened Image On Some Of Pixel Based And Object Based Classification Accuracy
* Estimating Crop Cover Fraction From Digital Color Images

Karalas, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Land Classification Using Remotely Sensed Data: Going Multilabel

Karaletsos, T.[Theofanis] Co Author Listing * Conditional Similarity Networks

Karali, A.[Abubakrelsedik] Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition in the wild using rich deep features
* Motion History of Skeletal Volumes for Human Action Recognition

Karali, A.O.[A. Onur] Co Author Listing * Adaptive enhancement of sea-surface targets in infrared images based on local frequency cues

Karali, E. Co Author Listing * Scatter Correction Techniques in High Resolution Detectors Based on Pspmts and Scintillator Arrays: An Evaluation Study

Karalli, P.[Polina] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the CDOM Absorption Coefficient in the Arctic Seas Based on Sentinel-3 OLCI Data

Karalurt, Y. Co Author Listing * Driver Behavior Analysis for Safe Driving: A Survey

Karam, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Towards Deriving Freight Traffic Measures from Truck Movement Data for State Road Planning: A Proposed System Framework

Karam, C. Co Author Listing * Fast Convolutional Distance Transform
* Monte-Carlo Acceleration of Bilateral Filter and Non-Local Means
* Near-Constant Time Bilateral Filter for High Dimensional Images
* Stochastic bilateral filter for high-dimensional images
Includes: Karam, C. Karam, C.[Christina]

Karam, G.M. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Expert System for Updating Forestry Maps with Landsat Data, A

Karam, H. Co Author Listing * Generation of Missing Medical Slices Using Morphing Technology
* Image Metamorphosis Transformation of Facial Images Based on Elastic Body Splines

Karam, L.[Lina] Co Author Listing * Augmented SRC for face recognition under quality distortions
* Chroma coding for video at very low bit rates
* Defending Against Universal Attacks Through Selective Feature Regeneration
* Efficient Embedded Zerotree Wavelet Image Codec Based on Intraband Partitioning, An
* Image Coding for Transmission Over Multiple Noisy Channels Using Punctured Convolutional Codes and Trellis-coded Quantization
* no-reference objective image quality metric based on perceptually weighted local noise, A
* Quality of multimedia experience
* Quality of Multimedia: Challenges and Trends, The
* Select Trends in Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing
* Unconstrained ear recognition using deep neural networks
Includes: Karam, L.[Lina] Karam, L.
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Karam, L.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive image coding with perceptual distortion control
* APIC: Adaptive Perceptual Image Coding Based on Sub-Band Decomposition with Locally Adaptive Perceptual Weighting
* AQT-DVC: Adaptive Quantization for transform-domain distributed video coding
* Attentive gesture recognition
* Augmented Sparse Representation Classifier for Blurred Face Recognition
* Automated Bird Plumage Coloration Quantification in Digital Images
* Autonomous Driving: Part 1-Sensing and Perception
* Autonomous Driving: Part 2-Learning and Cognition
* Background subtraction using spatio-temporal continuities
* Camera calibration using adaptive segmentation and ellipse fitting for localizing control points
* Can the Early Human Visual System Compete with Deep Neural Networks?
* Context formation by mutual information maximization
* DeepCorrect: Correcting DNN Models Against Image Distortions
* Design of Complex Multi-Dimensional FIR Filters by Transformation
* Distributed Canny Edge Detector: Algorithm and FPGA Implementation, A
* Efficient perceptual attentive super-resolution
* Efficient perceptual-based spatially varying out-of-focus blur detection
* Efficient Selective Perceptual-Based Super-Resolution Estimator, An
* Efficient Super-Resolution driven by saliency selectivity
* H.264/SVC memory architecture supporting spatial and course-grained quality scalabilities, An
* Human Visual System Based No-Reference Objective Image Sharpness Metric
* improved perception-based no-reference objective image sharpness metric using iterative edge refinement, An
* JPEG2000 Encoding With Perceptual Distortion Control
* JPEG2000-based shape adaptive algorithm for the efficient coding of multiple regions-of interest
* Locally Adaptive Perceptual Image Coding
* Locally Weighted Fixation Density-Based Metric for Assessing the Quality of Visual Saliency Predictions, A
* Morphological Reversible Contour Representation
* Morphological Text Extraction from Images
* Mutual Information-Based Analysis of JPEG2000 Contexts
* no reference texture granularity index and application to visual media compression, A
* No-Reference Image Blur Metric Based on the Cumulative Probability of Blur Detection (CPBD), A
* No-Reference Objective Image Sharpness Metric Based on Just-Noticeable Blur and Probability Summation, A
* No-Reference Objective Image Sharpness Metric Based on the Notion of Just Noticeable Blur (JNB), A
* No-Reference Objective Wavelet Based Noise Immune Image Sharpness Metric
* no-reference perceptual image sharpness metric based on saliency-weighted foveal pooling, A
* No-Reference Texture Regularity Metric Based on Visual Saliency, A
* Perceptually Tuned Embedded Zerotree Image Coder, A
* Perceptually Tuned Image Coder with Channel-Optimized Trellis-Coded Quantization, A
* Quality Robust Mixtures of Deep Neural Networks
* Rate-distortion based selective decoding for pixel-domain distributed video coding
* reduced-reference perceptual quality metric for texture synthesis, A
* Reduced-reference quality assessment based on the entropy of DNT coefficients of locally weighted gradients
* Reduced-Reference Quality Assessment Based on the Entropy of DWT Coefficients of Locally Weighted Gradient Magnitudes
* Reduced-reference synthesized-texture quality assessment based on multi-scale spatial and statistical texture attributes
* Robust hyperspectral image coding with channel-optimized trellis-coded quantization
* Robust radial distortion correction based on alternate optimization
* Selective Error Detection for Error-Resilient Wavelet-Based Image Coding
* Sparse Depth Calculation Using Real-Time Key-Point Detection and Structure from Motion for Advanced Driver Assist Systems
* Spatially-Varying Blur Detection Based on Multiscale Fused and Sorted Transform Coefficients of Gradient Magnitudes
* Super-resolution using a Wavelet-based Adaptive Wiener Filter
* Synthesized Texture Quality Assessment via Multi-scale Spatial and Statistical Texture Attributes of Image and Gradient Magnitude Coefficients
* Transform-domain distributed video coding with rate-distortion-based adaptive quantisation
* Universal Adversarial Attack Via Enhanced Projected Gradient Descent
* Visual attention quality database for benchmarking performance evaluation metrics
* Visual Saliency Prediction Using a Mixture of Deep Neural Networks
* Wavelet-based adaptive image denoising with edge preservation
Includes: Karam, L.J. Karam, L.J.[Lina J.]
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Karam, M.A. Co Author Listing * Reforming the force-restore method for predicting ground surface temperature

Karam, S.[Samer] Co Author Listing * Design, Calibration, and Evaluation of a Backpack Indoor Mobile Mapping System
* Integrating a Low-cost Mems Imu Into a Laser-based Slam for Indoor Mobile Mapping
* Simple loop closing for continuous 6DOF LIDAR&IMU graph SLAM with planar features for indoor environments
Includes: Karam, S.[Samer] Karam, S.

Karam, W.[Walid] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Identity Verification and Robustness to Imposture

Karamage, F.[Fidele] Co Author Listing * Understanding the Spatial Temporal Vegetation Dynamics in Rwanda

Karamalis, A.[Athanasios] Co Author Listing * IVUS-Histology Image Registration
* Multi-Scale Tubular Structure Detection in Ultrasound Imaging
Includes: Karamalis, A.[Athanasios] Karamalis, A.

Karaman, H.[Himmet] Co Author Listing * Citizens' Spatial Footprint on Twitter: Anomaly, Trend and Bias Investigation in Istanbul
* Spatial Reliability Assessment of Social Media Mining Techniques with Regard to Disaster Domain-Based Filtering

Karaman, K.[Kutlay] Co Author Listing * Anatomical Landmark Based Registration of Contrast Enhanced T1-Weighted MR Images
* Quadruplet Selection Methods for Deep Embedding Learning
* Tumor-Cut: Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radiosurgery Applications
Includes: Karaman, K.[Kutlay] Karaman, K.

Karaman, M. Co Author Listing * Extracting High Level Semantics by Means of Speech, Audio, and Image Primitives in Surveillance Applications
* Framework for Evaluating Video Object Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Minimally Redundant 2-D Array Designs for 3-D Medical Ultrasound Imaging
* Towards Fully Automatic Image Segmentation Evaluation
* Ultrasonic array imaging based on spatial interpolation
* Ultrasound Imaging Based on Multiple Beamforming with Coded Excitation
Includes: Karaman, M. Karaman, M.[Mustafa]

Karaman, S.[Svebor] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Structured Pooling for Action Recognition
* Assessment of Tree Detection Methods in Multispectral Aerial Images
* Bridging Knowledge Graphs to Generate Scene Graphs
* Deep Image Set Hashing
* Dynamics of soil surface temperature with unmanned aerial systems
* Human Daily Activities Indexing in Videos from Wearable Cameras for Monitoring of Patients with Dementia Diseases
* Identity Inference: Generalizing Person Re-identification Scenarios
* Learning Discriminative and Transformation Covariant Local Feature Detectors
* Leveraging local neighborhood topology for large scale person re-identification
* MORF: Multi-Objective Random Forests for face characteristic estimation
* Multi-layer Local Graph Words for Object Recognition
* Multi-Level Multimodal Common Semantic Space for Image-Phrase Grounding
* Multi-target Data Association Using Sparse Reconstruction
* MuseumVisitors: A dataset for pedestrian and group detection, gaze estimation and behavior understanding
* Passive Profiling and Natural Interaction Metaphors for Personalized Multimedia Museum Experiences
* Safe Nonlinear Trajectory Generation for Parallel Autonomy With a Dynamic Vehicle Model
* Scene-dependent proposals for efficient person detection
* Strategies for multiple feature fusion with Hierarchical HMM: Application to activity recognition from wearable audiovisual sensors
* Unsupervised Scene Adaptation for Faster Multi-scale Pedestrian Detection
* Weakly Supervised Visual Semantic Parsing
Includes: Karaman, S.[Svebor] Karaman, S.[Sertac] Karaman, S.
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Karamanis, R.[Renos] Co Author Listing * Assignment and Pricing of Shared Rides in Ride-Sourcing Using Combinatorial Double Auctions

Karamanolis, D. Co Author Listing * object oriented approach for the discrimination of forest areas under the criteria of forest legislation in Greece using very high resolution data, An

Karamatli, E. Co Author Listing * Audio Source Separation Using Variational Autoencoders and Weak Class Supervision

Karamchandani, S.H. Co Author Listing * Parallel support vector architectures for taxonomy of radial pulse morphology

Karame, G.[Ghassan] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D face localization for complex scenes
* AIT 2D Face Detection and Tracking System for CLEAR 2007, The

Karami, A.[Azam] Co Author Listing * Advancing Tassel Detection and Counting: Annotation and Algorithms
* Analysis of Geotagging Behavior: Do Geotagged Users Represent the Twitter Population?
* Band-Specific Shearlet-Based Hyperspectral Image Noise Reduction
* Hyperspectral image compression based on Tucker Decomposition and Discrete Cosine Transform
* Hyperspectral Image Compression Optimized for Spectral Unmixing
* Image denoising using generalised Cauchy filter
* Quality Evaluation of Digital Twins Generated Based on UAV Photogrammetry and TLS: Bridge Case Study
* SAR image denoising using homomorphic and shearlet transforms
* SAR image segmentation using region growing and spectral cluster
* Spatial Resolution Enhancement of Hyperspectral Images Using Spectral Unmixing and Bayesian Sparse Representation
Includes: Karami, A.[Azam] Karami, A.[Amir] Karami, A. Karami, A.[Ali]
10 for Karami, A.

Karami, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Polar Active Contour for Segmentation and Tracking in Ultrasound Videos

Karami, J. Co Author Listing * Traffic Collision Time Series Analysis (a Case Study of Karaj-Qazvin Freeway)

Karami, M. Co Author Listing * Identification Of A Robust Lichen Index For The Deconvolution Of Lichen And Rock Mixtures Using Pattern Search Algorithm (case Study: Greenland)
* phenology-based approach to the classification of Arctic tundra ecosystems in Greenland, A
* Towards High-Resolution Land-Cover Classification of Greenland: A Case Study Covering Kobbefjord, Disko and Zackenberg
Includes: Karami, M. Karami, M.[Mojtaba]

Karami, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Design redundant Chebyshev dictionary with generalized extreme value distribution for sparse approximation and image denoising
* Exploitation of Mcda to Learn The Radial Base Neural Network (rbfnn) Aim Physical and Social Vulnerability Analysis Versus The Earthquake (case Study: Sanandaj City, Ira
* Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Model for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment (SV
* new adaptive coupled diffusion PDE for MRI Rician noise, A
Includes: Karami, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Karami, M.R. Karami, M.R.[Mohammad-Reza]

Karami, P. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Distinguishability Predictor For JND-Noise-Contaminated Images, A

Karami, V.[Vania] Co Author Listing * Neuroimaging computer-aided diagnosis systems for Alzheimer's disease

Karamihalaki, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Modelling Daily Gross Primary Productivity with Sentinel-2 Data in the Nordic Region: Comparison with Data from MODIS

Karamitilios, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Modelling High-Resolution Actual Evapotranspiration through Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Data Fusion

Karamitsos, S. Co Author Listing * Approach to Optimize Reference Ground Control Requirements for Estimating LIDAR/IMU Boresight Misalignment, An

Karamouzas, I. Co Author Listing * Bema: A multimodal interface for expert experiential analysis of political assemblies at the Pnyx in ancient Greece
* Exploiting Motion Capture to Enhance Avoidance Behaviour in Games
* Predictive Collision Avoidance Model for Pedestrian Simulation, A
Includes: Karamouzas, I. Karamouzas, I.[Ioannis]

Karampaglidis, T.[Theodoros] Co Author Listing * 4D Monitoring of Active Sinkholes with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS): A Case Study in the Evaporite Karst of the Ebro Valley, NE Spain

Karampatziakis, N. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition
* Evaluation of 3D Face Recognition in the presence of facial expressions: an Annotated Deformable Model approach
* Three-Dimensional Face Recognition in the Presence of Facial Expressions: An Annotated Deformable Model Approach

Karampinos, D.C. Co Author Listing * K-Space and Image-Space Combination for Motion-Induced Phase-Error Correction in Self-Navigated Multicoil Multishot DWI

Karamvasis, K.[Kleanthis] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Open Source Time Series InSAR Methods for Deformation Monitoring over a Broader Mining Region

Karan, K.[Kundun] Co Author Listing * Vessel Bend-Based Cup Segmentation in Retinal Images

Karan, S. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Quantum Number: The Logic for Nano Scale Information Processing in Minds and Machines

Karanam, H.P.[Hima P.] Co Author Listing * Fusing biographical and biometric classifiers for improved person identification

Karanam, S. Co Author Listing * DukeMTMC4ReID: A Large-Scale Multi-camera Person Re-identification Dataset
* End-to-End Learning of Keypoint Detector and Descriptor for Pose Invariant 3D Matching
* From the Lab to the Real World: Re-identification in an Airport Camera Network
* Hierarchical Kinematic Human Mesh Recovery
* Learning Affine Hull Representations for Multi-Shot Person Re-Identification
* Learning Compositional Visual Concepts with Mutual Consistency
* Learning Hierarchical Attention for Weakly-Supervised Chest X-Ray Abnormality Localization and Diagnosis
* Learning Local RGB-to-CAD Correspondences for Object Pose Estimation
* Multi-Shot Human Re-Identification Using Adaptive Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* Particle dynamics and multi-channel feature dictionaries for robust visual tracking
* Peek Into the Reasoning of Neural Networks: Interpreting with Structural Visual Concepts, A
* Person re-identification with block sparse recovery
* Person Re-Identification with Discriminatively Trained Viewpoint Invariant Dictionaries
* Re-Identification With Consistent Attentive Siamese Networks
* RPIfield: A New Dataset for Temporally Evaluating Person Re-identification
* Sharpen Focus: Learning With Attention Separability and Consistency
* Sparse re-id: Block sparsity for person re-identification
* Systematic Evaluation and Benchmark for Person Re-Identification: Features, Metrics, and Datasets, A
* Towards Contactless Patient Positioning
* Towards Visually Explaining Variational Autoencoders
Includes: Karanam, S. Karanam, S.[Srikrishna]
20 for Karanam, S.

Karananos, A.[Aristeidis] Co Author Listing * Energy Consumption Patterns of Residential Users: A Study in Greece

Karanasiou, I.S. Co Author Listing * Alignment of three-dimensional point clouds using combined descriptors
* Wireless Local Danger Warning: Cooperative Foresighted Driving Using Intervehicle Communication

Karanasos, A. Co Author Listing * Repeatability Assessment of Intravascular Polarimetry in Patients

Karande, K.J.[Kailash Jagannath] Co Author Listing * Independent Component Analysis of Edge Information for Face Recognition

Karande, P. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Using a Large Out-of-Context Dataset

Karande, S. Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing for Chromosome Segmentation and Deep Classification
* Multi-view image inpainting with sparse representations
* Predicting Sentiments in Image Advertisements using Semantic Relations among Sentiment Labels
Includes: Karande, S. Karande, S.[Shirish]

Karande, S.S.[Shirish S.] Co Author Listing * CLIX: Network Coding and Cross Layer Information Exchange of Wireless Video
* Complexity reduction using power-law based scheduling for exploiting spatial correlation in distributed video coding
* Network Embedded FEC (NEF) for Video Multicast in Presence of Packet Loss Correlation
* Network-embedded FEC for optimum throughput of multicast packet video
* Performance analysis and modeling of errors and losses over 802.11b LANs for high-bit-rate real-time multimedia
* Rate-constrained adaptive FEC for video over erasure channels with memory
* Transmission-Distortion Tradeoffs in Network Channel Coding
7 for Karande, S.S.

Karandikar, N. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Video Image Sequences Using Point and Line Correspondences

Karani, N. Co Author Listing * Reducing Navigators in Free-Breathing Abdominal MRI via Temporal Interpolation Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Karani, R. Co Author Listing * Pothole Detection and Dimension Estimation System using Deep Learning (YOLO) and Image Processing

Karanikolas, G.V. Co Author Listing * Topology Identification and Learning over Graphs: Accounting for Nonlinearities and Dynamics

Karanikolas, N.[Nikitas] Co Author Listing * Preservation and Management of Greek Dialectal Data

Karanja, F.N. Co Author Listing * Transformation from Green to Concrete Cities; A Remote Sensing Perspective, The

Karantaidis, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Adaptive hypergraph learning with multi-stage optimizations for image and tag recommendation
* Block Randomized Optimization for Adaptive Hypergraph Learning
Includes: Karantaidis, G.[Georgios] Karantaidis, G.[George]

Karantanellis, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Hazard Analysis and Object-based Characterization of Landslide Motion Mechanism Using UAV Imagery
* Evaluating the Quality of Photogrammetric Point-clouds In Challenging Geo-environments - A Case Study In An Alpine Valley
* Object-Based Analysis Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Site-Specific Landslide Assessment
Includes: Karantanellis, E. Karantanellis, E.[Efstratios]

Karanth, A. Co Author Listing * Comparing the performance of natural, semi-natural, and non-natural locomotion techniques in virtual reality

Karantininis, K.[Kostas] Co Author Listing * Monitoring and Projecting Land Use/Land Cover Changes of Eleven Large Deltaic Areas in Greece from 1945 Onwards

Karantza, A. Co Author Listing * comparison of sequential and GPU-accelerated implementations of B-spline signal processing operations for 2-D and 3-D images, A

Karantzalos, K. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Contribution of Spectral and Temporal Features for Annual Land Cover and Crop Type Mapping
* Automatic Change Detection in Urban Areas Under a Scale-Space, Object-Oriented Classification Framework
* Automatic Descriptor-Based Co-Registration of Frame Hyperspectral Data
* Automatic Model-Based Building Detection from Single Panchromatic High Resolution Images
* Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region
* Competing 3D Priors for Object Extraction in Remote Sensing Data
* Correcting Image Refraction: Towards Accurate Aerial Image-Based Bathymetry Mapping in Shallow Waters
* Deep Learning-Based Man-Made Object Detection from Hyperspectral Data
* Deep Multitask Learning Framework Coupling Semantic Segmentation and Fully Convolutional LSTM Networks for Urban Change Detection, A
* DepthLearn: Learning to Correct the Refraction on Point Clouds Derived from Aerial Imagery for Accurate Dense Shallow Water Bathymetry Based on SVMs-Fusion with LiDAR Point Clouds
* Detailed Land Cover Mapping from Multitemporal Landsat-8 Data of Different Cloud Cover
* Editorial for the Special Issue Frontiers in Spectral Imaging and 3D Technologies for Geospatial Solutions
* Effect Of Pansharpening Algorithms On The Resulting Orthoimagery, The
* Efficient and Automated Multimodal Satellite Data Registration through MRFs and Linear Programming
* Fusing Multimodal Video Data for Detecting Moving Objects/Targets in Challenging Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* Higher Order Polynomials, Free Form Deformations and Optical Flow Estimation
* Large-Scale Building Reconstruction Through Information Fusion and 3-D Priors
* Leaf Area Index Estimation in Vineyards from UAV Hyperspectral Data, 2D Image Mosaics and 3D Canopy Surface Models
* Model-Based Building Detection from Low-Cost Optical Sensors Onboard Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Novel Object-Based Deep Learning Framework for Semantic Segmentation of Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Data: Comparison with Convolutional and Fully Convolutional Networks, A
* Object-based image analysis through nonlinear scale-space filtering
* Pansharpening On The Narrow Vnir And Swir Spectral Bands Of Sentinel-2
* Precision Viticulture From Multitemporal, Multispectral Very High Resolution Satellite Data
* Recognition-Driven Two-Dimensional Competing Priors Toward Automatic and Accurate Building Detection
* Region-based Level Set Segmentation for Automatic Detection of Man-made Objects from Aerial and Satellite Images, A
* Remotely Sensing the Source and Transport of Marine Plastic Debris in Bay Islands of Honduras (Caribbean Sea)
* Seafloor Mapping From Multispectral Multibeam Acoustic Data At The European Open Science Cloud
* Semantic 3d Point Cloud Segmentation Approach Based On Optimal View Selection for 2d Image Feature Extraction, A
* Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping from Uav Imagery Based On Machine Learning
* Unsupervised Multistep Deformable Registration of Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Deep Learning
* Variational model-based 3d building extraction from remote sensing data
* Vineyard Detection and Vine Variety Discrimination from Very High Resolution Satellite Data
Includes: Karantzalos, K. Karantzalos, K.[Konstantinos]
32 for Karantzalos, K.

Karaoglu, S.[Sezer] Co Author Listing * Age estimation under changes in image quality: An experimental study
* Automatic generation of dense non-rigid optical flow
* Color Correction: A Novel Weighted Von Kries Model Based on Memory Colors
* Con-Text: Text Detection for Fine-Grained Object Classification
* Detect2Rank: Combining Object Detectors Using Learning to Rank
* Detecting Text in Natural Scenes Based on a Reduction of Photometric Effects: Problem of Color Invariance
* Detecting Text in Natural Scenes Based on a Reduction of Photometric Effects: Problem of Text Detection
* EDEN: Multimodal Synthetic Dataset of Enclosed GarDEN Scenes
* Identity Unbiased Deception Detection by 2D-to-3D Face Reconstruction
* Joint 3d Layout and Depth Prediction from a Single Indoor Panorama Image
* Joint Learning of Intrinsic Images and Semantic Segmentation
* Large scale Gaussian Process for overlap-based object proposal scoring
* Multi-Loss Weighting with Coefficient of Variations
* Novel Algorithm for Text Detection and Localization in Natural Scene Images, A
* Object features and face detection performance: Analyses with 3D-rendered synthetic data
* Object Reading: Text Recognition for Object Recognition
* On the benefit of adversarial training for monocular depth estimation
* Per-patch metric learning for robust image matching
* Physics-based shading reconstruction for intrinsic image decomposition
* Point Light Source Position Estimation From RGB-D Images by Learning Surface Attributes
* Pose and Expression Robust Age Estimation via 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Pose invariant age estimation of face images in the wild
* ShadingNet: Image Intrinsics by Fine-Grained Shading Decomposition
* Unified Application of Style Transfer for Face Swapping and Reenactment
* Words Matter: Scene Text for Image Classification and Retrieval
Includes: Karaoglu, S.[Sezer] Karaoglu, S.
25 for Karaoglu, S.

Karaoguz, H.[Hakan] Co Author Listing * RGB-D based place representation in topological maps

Karaolani, P. Co Author Listing * Active Contours Using Finite Elements to Control Local Scale
* Parabolic and hermite cubic finite elements: a flexible technique for deformable models

Karapelou, M. Co Author Listing * Non-Invasive Functional Brain Mapping Using Registered Transcranial Magnetic Simulation

Karapetyan, G. Co Author Listing * noninvasive, multimodality approach based on MRS and MRI techniques for monitoring intracranial brain tumor angiogenesis, A

Karapetyan, H. Co Author Listing * Agriculture-Vision: A Large Aerial Image Database for Agricultural Pattern Analysis

Karapurkar, A.[Alap] Co Author Listing * View-Invariant Modeling and Recognition of Human Actions Using Grammars
* Who killed the directed model?

Karar, V. Co Author Listing * Non-parametric modified histogram equalisation for contrast enhancement

Karara, G.[Ghizlane] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Semantic Augmentation: Instance Segmentation of 360° Panoramas by Deep Learning Techniques

Karara, H.M. Co Author Listing * Handbook of Non-Topographic Photogrammetry

Karargyris, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs
* Lung Segmentation in Chest Radiographs Using Anatomical Atlases With Nonrigid Registration
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Digestive Wall in Capsule Endoscopy Videos Using Elastic Video Interpolation

Karas, I.R. Co Author Listing * 3D Campus Information System: Initial Studies, A
* Application of Exploratory Spatial Techniques In the Identification Of Tourism Hotspots In the Aegean Region of Turkey
* Correction Of Faulty Lines In Muscle Model, To Be Used In 3d Building Network Construction
* Determining the Locations of Potential Firefighting Teams By Using GIS Techniques
* Estimation of Population Number Via Light Activities On Night-time Satellite Images
* Fifth International Conference on Smart City Applications: Preface, The
* Genetic Algorithm-Aided Routing on 3D Dynamic Networks
* Geospatial Machine Learning Datasets Structuring and Classification Tool: Case Study for Mapping LULC From Rasat Satellite Images
* Low Data Requirements Framework for Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Using 3d Alos Palsar Images and Neural Networks
* Measuring the Spatial Readiness of Ambulance Facilities for Natural Disasters Using GIS Networks Analysis
* Mobile-web-base Volunteered Geographic Information Application And Geometric Accuracy Analysis for Traffic Accidents
* Road Extraction Techniques From Remote Sensing Images: A Review
* Role of Volunteered Geographic Information Applications in Disaster Management, The
* SmartEscape: A Mobile Smart Individual Fire Evacuation System Based on 3D Spatial Model
Includes: Karas, I.R. Karas, I.R.[Ismail Rakip]
14 for Karas, I.R.

Karas, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * Use of UAV in Cadastral Mapping of the Czech Republic, The

Karas, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * GPU implementation of linear morphological openings with arbitrary angle
* GPU Optimization of Convolution for Large 3-D Real Images

Karasaka, L. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Laser Scanner Performance In Documentation Of Historical And Architectural Ruins, A Case Study In Konya
* Photogrammetric Measurement Of The Meke Lake And Its Environment With Kite Photographs To Monitoring Of Water Level To Climate Change

Karasaki, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Inspection System for Printed Circuit Boards
* Real-Time X-Ray Inspection of 3D Defects in Circuit Board Patterns
* System for PCB Automated Inspection Using Fluorescent Light, A
Includes: Karasaki, K. Karasaki, K.[Koichi]

Karasan, E. Co Author Listing * Computational MRI With Physics-Based Constraints: Application to Multicontrast and Quantitative Imaging

Karasaridis, A. Co Author Listing * Filter Design Technique For Steerable Pyramid Image Transforms, A
* Multichannel Transforms for Signal/Image Processing

Karasawa, K.[Ken'ichi] Co Author Listing * Structure Specific Atlas Generation and Its Application to Pancreas Segmentation from Contrasted Abdominal CT Volumes

Karaseitanidis, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-sensor tracking and lane estimation in highly automated vehicles

Karasev, P. Co Author Listing * Fire and smoke detection in video with optimal mass transport based optical flow and neural networks
* Interactive Medical Image Segmentation Using PDE Control of Active Contours
* Kernel-based high-dimensional histogram estimation for visual tracking
* Optical Flow Estimation for Flame Detection in Videos
* Range based object tracking and segmentation
* video analytics framework for amorphous and unstructured anomaly detection, A
Includes: Karasev, P. Karasev, P.[Peter]

Karasev, V.[Vasiliy] Co Author Listing * Active Frame, Location, and Detector Selection for Automated and Manual Video Annotation
* Causal video object segmentation from persistence of occlusions

Karashi, J.[Jafar] Co Author Listing * Sequential SAR Coherence Method for the Monitoring of Buildings in Sarpole-Zahab, Iran

Karasiak, N. Co Author Listing * Mapping tree species of forests in southwest France using Sentinel-2 image time series
* Statistical Stability and Spatial Instability in Mapping Forest Tree Species by Comparing 9 Years of Satellite Image Time Series
Includes: Karasiak, N. Karasiak, N.[Nicolas]

Karasick, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Same-Object Problem for Polyhedral Solids, The

Karasik, A.[Avshalom] Co Author Listing * complete, automatic procedure for pottery documentation and analysis, A

Karasik, Y.B. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of 3-D Convolution by 2-D Filtering
* How To Compute 3-Dimensional Convolution and/or Correlation Optically: A Mathematical Foundation
* How to Implement N-Dimensional Image Processing Optically
* On a Planar Representation of 3D Figures Commutative with Respect to Set and Morphological Operations
* On commutative properties of halftoning and their applications
* On implementation of adaptive local coordinate transformations in optical image processing
* Recursive Formula for Convolutions/Correlations and Its Application in Pattern-Recognition, A
* Towards 3-dimensional optical image processing
8 for Karasik, Y.B.

Karasinski, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality/Internet of Things Prototype for Just-in-time Astronaut Training, An

Karasoy, B.[Burcu] Co Author Listing * Multiview video compression with 1-D transforms

Karastoyanova, D.[Dimka] Co Author Listing * Fall Detection and Recognition from Egocentric Visual Data: A Case Study

Karasudani, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Invariant object representation and recognition using Lie algebra of perceptual vector fields

Karaszewski, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of next-best-view algorithms performance with various 3D scanners and manipulator
* Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage: Key Questions in 3D Optical Documentation of Material Culture for Conservation, Study and Preservation
* In the Pursuit of Perfect 3D Digitization of Surfaces of Paintings: Geometry and Color Optimization
Includes: Karaszewski, M. Karaszewski, M.[Maciej]

Karatapu, N.[Nagaprakash] Co Author Listing * Optimal weighted hybrid pattern for content based medical image retrieval using modified spider monkey optimization

Karathanassi, V. Co Author Listing * Development of a Network-Based Method for Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data
* Fine-Tuning Self-Organizing Maps for Sentinel-2 Imagery: Separating Clouds from Bright Surfaces
* Performance Analysis of Open Source Time Series InSAR Methods for Deformation Monitoring over a Broader Mining Region
* Scalable Machine Learning Pipeline for Paddy Rice Classification Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel Data, A
* texture-based classification method for classifying built areas according to their density, A
* Unsupervised Classification Approach for Polarimetric SAR Data Based on the Chernoff Distance for Complex Wishart Distribution, An
Includes: Karathanassi, V. Karathanassi, V.[Vassilia]

Karatsiolis, S.[Savvas] Co Author Listing * IMG2nDSM: Height Estimation from Single Airborne RGB Images with Deep Learning
* Training Deep Learning Models via Synthetic Data: Application in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Karatson, D.[David] Co Author Listing * DTM-Based Morphometric Analysis of Scoria Cones of the Chaîne des Puys (France): The Classic and a New Approach
Includes: Karatson, D.[David] Karátson, D.[Dávid]

Karatzalos, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous registration and change detection in multitemporal, very high resolution remote sensing data

Karatzas, D. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Model for Speech Balloon Detection in Comics, An
* Automatic Verification of Properly Signed Multi-page Document Images
* Blue-green color categorization in Mandarin-English speakers
* Complete Approach to the Conversion of Typewritten Historical Documents for Digital Archives, A
* Document Classification and Page Stream Segmentation for Digital Mailroom Applications
* Document image analysis for World War II personal records
* DocVQA: A Dataset for VQA on Document Images
* Dynamic Lexicon Generation for Natural Scene Images
* Efficient indexing for Query By String text retrieval
* Embedding Document Structure to Bag-of-Words through Pair-wise Stable Key-Regions
* Exploring Hate Speech Detection in Multimodal Publications
* fast hierarchical method for multi-script and arbitrary oriented scene text extraction, A
* FAST: Facilitated and Accurate Scene Text Proposals through FCN Guided Pruning
* Fine-grained Image Classification and Retrieval by Combining Visual and Locally Pooled Textual Features
* Generation of synthetic documents for performance evaluation of symbol recognition and spotting systems
* generic framework for median graph computation based on a recursive embedding approach, A
* Good News, Everyone! Context Driven Entity-Aware Captioning for News Images
* Ground Truth for Layout Analysis Performance Evaluation
* Hardware-Independent Colour Calibration Technique, A
* ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition - Challenge 1: Reading Text in Born-Digital Images (Web and Email)
* ICDAR 2013 Robust Reading Competition
* ICDAR 2015 competition on Robust Reading
* Improving patch-based scene text script identification with ensembles of conjoined networks
* Key-Region Detection for Document Images: Application to Administrative Document Retrieval
* Knowledge-driven understanding of images in comic books
* Learning from #Barcelona Instagram Data What Locals and Tourists Post About Its Neighbourhoods
* Learning to Learn from Web Data Through Deep Semantic Embeddings
* Location Sensitive Image Retrieval and Tagging
* MSER-Based Real-Time Text Detection and Tracking
* Multi-Modal Reasoning Graph for Scene-Text Based Fine-Grained Image Classification and Retrieval
* Multi-script Text Extraction from Natural Scenes
* Multimodal grid features and cell pointers for scene text visual question answering
* Multimodal page classification in administrative document image streams
* Multipage document retrieval by textual and visual representations
* Novel line verification for multiple instance focused retrieval in document collections
* Object proposals for text extraction in the wild
* Perceptual Image Retrieval by Adding Color Information to the Shape Context Descriptor
* Preface: Robust Reading
* Reading Text in the Wild from Compressed Images
* Real-time Lexicon-free Scene Text Retrieval
* Recursive Embedding Approach to Median Graph Computation, A
* Report from the AND 2009 working group on noisy text datasets
* Rotation invariant hand-drawn symbol recognition based on a dynamic time warping model
* Scene Text Recognition: No Country for Old Men?
* Scene Text Visual Question Answering
* Segmentation robust to the vignette effect for machine vision systems
* Self-Supervised Learning of Visual Features through Embedding Images into Text Topic Spaces
* Semantics-based content extraction in typewritten historical documents
* Single Shot Scene Text Retrieval
* Sparse radial sampling LBP for writer identification
* StacMR: Scene-Text Aware Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Text Recognition - Real World Data and Where to Find Them
* Text Segmentation in Colour Posters from the Spanish Civil War Era
* TextProposals: A text-specific selective search algorithm for word spotting in the wild
* Towards Modelling an Attention-Based Text Localization Process
* Towards multispectral data acquisition with hand-held devices
* Word Spotting in Scene Images Based on Character Recognition
Includes: Karatzas, D. Karatzas, D.[Dimosthenis]
57 for Karatzas, D.

Karatzoglou, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * Event Detection in Communication and Transportation Data

Karatzs, D.[Dimosthenis] Co Author Listing * Colour text segmentation in web images based on human perception
* Fuzzy Segmentation of Characters in Web Images Based on Human Colour Perception
* Text extraction from web images based on a split-and-merge segmentation method using colour perception
* Two approaches for text segmentation in web images

Karaulova, I.A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Model of Dynamics for Tracking People with a Single Video Camera, A
* Tracking people in three dimensions using a hierarchical model of dynamics

Karavasilis, E. Co Author Listing * FMRI-based perceptual validation of a computational model for visual and auditory saliency in videos

Karavasilis, V.[Vasileios] Co Author Listing * Matching mixtures of curves for human action recognition
* novel framework for motion segmentation and tracking by clustering incomplete trajectories, A
* Real time visual tracking using a spatially weighted von Mises mixture model
* Visual tracking using spatially weighted likelihood of Gaussian mixtures
* Visual tracking using the Earth Mover's Distance between Gaussian mixtures and Kalman filtering

Karavelas, M.[Menelaos] Co Author Listing * Voronoi Diagram of Convex Objects in the Plane, The

Karawia, A.[Abdelrahman] Co Author Listing * Image encryption based on Fisher-Yates shuffling and three dimensional chaotic economic map

Karawia, A.A.[Abdelrahman A.] Co Author Listing * Cryptographic algorithm based on pixel shuffling and dynamical chaotic economic map
* Medical image steganographic algorithm via modified LSB method and chaotic map
Includes: Karawia, A.A.[Abdelrahman A.] Karawia, A.A.

Karayaka, H.B. Co Author Listing * filterbank method to determine ocean wave frequency, A

Karayannopoulou, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Evaluation of Her-2/neu Status in Breast Tissue From Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Images

Karayazi, S.S.[Sevim Sezi] Co Author Listing * Utilizing Urban Geospatial Data to Understand Heritage Attractiveness in Amsterdam

Karayev, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * Anytime Recognition of Objects and Scenes
* category-level 3-D object dataset: Putting the Kinect to work, A
* probabilistic model for recursive factorized image features, A
* Recognizing Image Style

Karayiannis, N.B. Co Author Listing * Application of adaptive block matching in the extraction of temporal motor activity signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures
* Comments on Two-Dimensional Interpolation by Generalized Spline Filters Based on Partial Differential Equation Image Models
* Extraction of motion strength and motor activity signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures
* Fuzzy vector quantization algorithms and their application in image compression
* Image Compression Based on Fuzzy Algorithms for Learning Vector Quantization and Wavelet Image Decomposition
* Image interpolation based on variational principles
* improved procedure for the extraction of temporal motion strength signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures, An
* Improving the extraction of temporal motion strength signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures
* Quantifying Motion in Video Recordings of Neonatal Seizures by Regularized Optical Flow Methods
* Regularization Theory in Image Restoration: The Stabilizing Functional Approach
* Removal of Bird-Contaminated Wind Profiler Data Based on Neural Networks
* replenishment technique for low bit-rate video compression based on wavelets and vector quantization, A
Includes: Karayiannis, N.B. Karayiannis, N.B.[Nicolaos B.]
12 for Karayiannis, N.B.

Karayiannis, Y.[Yorgos] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vision-Based System for Textile Fabric Inspection

Karayil, T.[Tushar] Co Author Listing * Focus-Aspect-Value model for predicting subjective visual attributes, The
* segmentation-free approach for printed Devanagari script recognition, A

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