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Wilches, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Region Growing Selection Technique for Dense Volume Visualization

Wilcox, B. Co Author Listing * Pipelined Processor for Low-Level Vision, A
* Self-attention Capsule Network for Tissue Classification in Case of Challenging Medical Image Statistics
* Sensing and Perception Research for Space Telerobotics at JPL
Includes: Wilcox, B. Wilcox, B.[Brian]

Wilcox, B.P.[Bradford P.] Co Author Listing * Woody Plant Encroachment: Evaluating Methodologies for Semiarid Woody Species Classification from Drone Images

Wilcox, C.[Che] Co Author Listing * Structured and unstructured document summarization: Design of a commercial summarizer using Lexical chains
* Web page summarization for handheld devices: a natural language approach

Wilcox, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Information-Theoretic Compressive Measurement Design
* Study on MVDR Beamforming Applied to an ESPAR Antenna, A
Includes: Wilcox, D.[David] Wilcox, D.

Wilcox, L.[Lynn] Co Author Listing * Crowd Knowledge Enhanced Multimodal Conversational Assistant in Travel Domain
* MET: media-embedded target for connecting paper to digital media

Wilcox, L.D.[Lynn D.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive clustering and interactive visualizations to support the selection of video clips
* Automatic video segmentation using hidden markov model
* Automatic video summarization using a measure of shot importance and a frame-packing method
* Detection and Location of Multicharacter Sequences in Lines of Imaged Text
* Genetic Algorithm for Video Segmentation and Summarization, A
* Indexing the Content of Multimedia Documents
* Interactive Video Search Using Multilevel Indexing
* Keyframe-Based User Interfaces for Digital Video
* Method and apparatus for classifying documents
* Methods and apparatuses for interactive similarity searching, retrieval, and browsing of video
* Methods and apparatuses for segmenting an audio-visual recording using image similarity searching and audio speaker recognition
* Methods and apparatuses for video segmentation, classification, and retrieval using image class statistical models
* Spotting Phrases in Lines of Imaged Text
* Support for effective use of multiple video streams in security
Includes: Wilcox, L.D.[Lynn D.] Wilcox, L.D.
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Wilcox, L.M.[Laurie M.] Co Author Listing * 3D display size matters: Compensating for the perceptual effects of S3D display scaling
* effects of depth warping on perceived acceleration in stereoscopic animation, The
Includes: Wilcox, L.M.[Laurie M.] Wilcox, L.M.

Wilcox, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Ground Surface Models Derived from Unmanned Aerial Systems with Digital Aerial Photogrammetry in a Disturbed Conifer Forest

Wilczek, A. Co Author Listing * One-Port Vector Network Analyzer Characterization of Soil Dielectric Spectrum

Wilczkowiak, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * 3D Modelling Using Geometric Constraints: A Parallelepiped Based Approach
* Analysis of Ambiguous Solutions in Linear Systems and its Application to Computer Vision, The
* Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction from Single Images Using Parallelepipeds
* Scene modeling based on constraint system decomposition techniques
* Using Geometric Constraints through Parallelepipeds for Calibration and 3D Modeling
* Visire: Photorealistic 3D Reconstruction from Video Sequences
Includes: Wilczkowiak, M.[Marta] Wilczkowiak, M.

Wilczkowiak, M.M. Co Author Listing * Hole Filling Through Photomontage

Wilczynski, S.[Slawomir] Co Author Listing * Quantitative assessment of the impact of blood pulsation on images of the pupil in infrared light

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