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Perra, C. Co Author Listing * analysis of 3D point cloud reconstruction from light field images, An
* Automatic Sea-Ice Classification of SAR Images Based on Spatial and Temporal Features Learning
* Exploiting JPEG2000 and Jpip for Image Based Authentication
* FACE: fast active-contour curvature-based evolution
* High-frequency error recovery in JPEG XR coded images
* Image Blockiness Evaluation Based on Sobel Operator
* Investigation of Coding Standards Performances on Optically Acquired and Synthetic Holograms
* TV white spaces exploitation for multimedia signal distribution
* User Authentication Based on JPEG2000 Images
* Video Streaming in Electron Microscopy Applications
Includes: Perra, C. Perra, C.[Cristian]
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Perra, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Adaptive eye-camera calibration for head-worn devices
* Cloud-scale Image Compression Through Content Deduplication

Perra, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Epidemic Spreading in Metapopulation Networks Coupled With Awareness Propagation

Perracchione, E. Co Author Listing * Local-to-Global Support Vector Machines (LGSVMs)

Perraki, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Pigments Identification in Oil Paintings of 18th-19th Century from the Museum of Post-Byzantine Art of Zakynthos Using Raman Spectroscopy and XRF

Perramon, X. Co Author Listing * Adaptation-aware encryption of scalable H.264/AVC video for content security

Perraud, F. Co Author Listing * N-gram and N-class models for on line handwriting recognition
* Statistical Language Models for On-Line Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Perraud, F. Perraud, F.[Freddy]

Perrault, C.R.[C. Raymond] Co Author Listing * email: Perrault, C.R.[C. Raymond]: perrault AT ai sri com

Perraut, K.[Karine] Co Author Listing * SPICA, Stellar Parameters and Images with a Cophased Array: A 6T visible combiner for the CHARA array

Perre, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic identification of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Perreard, I. Co Author Listing * Inverse Problems Approach to MR-EPT Image Reconstruction, An

Perreault, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Speckle Simulation Based on B-Mode Echographic Image Acquisition Model

Perreault, F.[Francis] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection and Tracking from Surveillance Cameras in Urban Scenes

Perreault, H.[Hughes] Co Author Listing * CenterPoly: real-time instance segmentation using bounding polygons
* FFAVOD: Feature fusion architecture for video object detection
* RN-VID: A Feature Fusion Architecture for Video Object Detection
* SpotNet: Self-Attention Multi-Task Network for Object Detection

Perreault, S. Co Author Listing * Cable-driven Parallel Mechanism for Capturing Object Appearance from Multiple Viewpoints, A
* Median Filtering in Constant Time

Perreira da Silva, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Tone mapping based HDR compression: Does it affect visual experience?
* Visual Attention Modeling for Stereoscopic Video: A Benchmark and Computational Model
Includes: Perreira da Silva, M.[Matthieu] Perreira da Silva, M.

Perrelli, M. Co Author Listing * Semiautomatic Anomalous Change Detection Method For Monitoring Aims, A

Perrels, A.[Adriaan] Co Author Listing * Towards a Traceable Climate Service: Assessment of Quality and Usability of Essential Climate Variables
* Weather Conditions, Weather Information and Car Crashes

Perren, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spatiotemporal SVD Clutter Filtering for Ultrafast Doppler Imaging Using Similarity of Spatial Singular Vectors

Perren, L.J.[Lee J.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Feasibility of UAS-Based EMI Sensing for Underground Utilities Detection and Mapping
* Automatic Detection of a Subsurface Wire Using an Electromagnetic Gradiometer
Includes: Perren, L.J.[Lee J.] Perren, L.J.

Perrenot, B. Co Author Listing * Motion Correction for Coronary Stent Reconstruction From Rotational X-ray Projection Sequences

Perret, B. Co Author Listing * CGO: Multiband Astronomical Source Detection With Component-Graphs
* Characterization of Graph-Based Hierarchical Watersheds: Theory and Algorithms
* Connected Component Trees for Multivariate Image Processing and Applications in Astronomy
* Connected image processing with multivariate attributes: An unsupervised Markovian classification approach
* Constructive Links between Some Morphological Hierarchies on Edge-Weighted Graphs
* Directed Connected Operators: Asymmetric Hierarchies for Image Filtering and Segmentation
* Evaluation of Combinations of Watershed Hierarchies
* Evaluation of Hierarchical Watersheds
* Evaluation of Morphological Hierarchies for Supervised Segmentation
* Galaxy Decomposition in Multispectral Images Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms
* Hierarchical multispectral galaxy decomposition using a MCMC algorithm with multiple temperature simulated annealing
* Hyperconnections and Hierarchical Representations for Grayscale and Multiband Image Processing
* Inf-structuring Functions and Self-dual Marked Flattenings in bi-Heyting Algebra
* Inf-structuring Functions: A Unifying Theory of Connections and Connected Operators
* Interactive Segmentation with Incremental Watershed Cuts
* Label Propagation Guided by Hierarchy of Partitions for Superpixel Computation
* Playing with Kruskal: Algorithms for Morphological Trees in Edge-Weighted Graphs
* Properties of combinations of hierarchical watersheds
* Recognizing Hierarchical Watersheds
* Removing non-significant regions in hierarchical clustering and segmentation
* robust hit-or-miss transform for template matching applied to very noisy astronomical images, A
* Supervised Learning of Hierarchical Image Segmentation
Includes: Perret, B. Perret, B.[Benjamin]
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Perret, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Generic Model to Exploit Urban Regulation Knowledge, A
* Historical Collaborative Geocoding
* scalable and multi-purpose point cloud server (PCS) for easier and faster point cloud data management and processing, A

Perret, L. Co Author Listing * Pleiades System Architecture And Main Performances

Perret, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Cued Speech Gesture Recognition: A First Prototype Based on Early Reduction
* Factor Analysis of Dynamic Sequence with Spatial Prior for 2D Cardiac Spect Sequences Analysis
Includes: Perret, P.[Pascal] Perret, P.[Pascale]

Perret, Y. Co Author Listing * Real Object Parameters Tracking: a Geometric Model Based Approach

Perrett, D.I. Co Author Listing * Neurophysiology of shape processing
* Perception of age in adult caucasian male faces: computer graphic manipulation of shape and colour information
* Synthesising continuous-tone caricatures
Includes: Perrett, D.I. Perrett, D.I.[David I.]

Perrett, T.[Toby] Co Author Listing * Cost-Based Feature Transfer for Vehicle Occupant Classification
* DDLSTM: Dual-Domain LSTM for Cross-Dataset Action Recognition
* EPIC-KITCHENS Dataset: Collection, Challenges and Baselines, The
* Meta-learning with Context-Agnostic Initialisations
* Recurrent Assistance: Cross-Dataset Training of LSTMs on Kitchen Tasks
* Rescaling Egocentric Vision: Collection, Pipeline and Challenges for EPIC-KITCHENS-100
* Scaling Egocentric Vision: The Epic Kitchens Dataset
* Sit-to-Stand Analysis in the Wild Using Silhouettes for Longitudinal Health Monitoring
* Temporal-Relational CrossTransformers for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Use Your Head: Improving Long-Tail Video Recognition
* Visual Monitoring of Driver and Passenger Control Panel Interactions
* What can a cook in Italy teach a mechanic in India? Action Recognition Generalisation Over Scenarios and Locations
* Who Goes There? Exploiting Silhouettes and Wearable Signals for Subject Identification in Multi-Person Environments
Includes: Perrett, T.[Toby] Perrett, T.
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Perretta, J. Co Author Listing * architecture for sensor data fusion target tracking, An
* Sensor fusion for target detection and tracking
* Using optical imagery to enhance radar tracking performance

Perri, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Census Transform: A novel hardware-oriented stereovision algorithm
* CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The
* Low Bit Rate Image Compression Core for Onboard Space Applications
* Multimodal background subtraction for high-performance embedded systems
* Stereo vision architecture for heterogeneous systems-on-chip
Includes: Perri, S.[Stefania] Perri, S.

Perria, E. Co Author Listing * Survey of the Pagoda Timber Roof in Derneburg Castle

Perria, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Aerial and Ground 3D Point Clouds for Canopy Size Assessment in Precision Viticulture

Perricone, U.[Ugo] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network for Virtual Screening of Molecular Fingerprints, A

Perrie, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Air-Sea Interface Parameters and Heat Flux from Neural Network and Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer Observations
* Aircraft and Satellite Observations of Vortex Evolution and Surface Wind Asymmetry of Concentric Eyewalls in Hurricane Irma
* Application of DINCAE to Reconstruct the Gaps in Chlorophyll-a Satellite Observations in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea
* Compact Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar for Marine Oil Platform and Slick Detection
* Comparison of C-Band Quad-Polarization Synthetic Aperture Radar Wind Retrieval Models
* Developing a Quality Index Associated with Rain for Hurricane Winds from SAR
* Dual-Polarized Backscatter Features of Surface Currents in the Open Ocean during Typhoon Lan (2017)
* Estimation of Wind Direction in Tropical Cyclones Using C-Band Dual-Polarization Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Examination of Surface Wind Asymmetry in Tropical Cyclones over the Northwest Pacific Ocean Using SMAP Observations
* Hurricane Morphology and Sea Surface Wind Vector Estimation Model Based on C-Band Cross-Polarization SAR Imagery, A
* Hurricane Tangential Wind Profile Estimation Method for C-Band Cross-Polarization SAR, A
* Hurricane Wind Speed Retrieval Model for C-Band RADARSAT-2 Cross-Polarization ScanSAR Images, A
* Is Radar Phase Information Useful for Sea Ice Detection in the Marginal Ice Zone?
* Ku-Band Sea Surface Radar Backscatter at Low Incidence Angles under Extreme Wind Conditions
* Multi-Sensor Observations of Submesoscale Eddies in Coastal Regions
* Ocean Surface Wind Speed Retrieval Using Simulated RADARSAT Constellation Mission Compact Polarimetry SAR Data
* Ocean Wind and Current Retrievals Based on Satellite SAR Measurements in Conjunction with Buoy and HF Radar Data
* Ocean Wind Retrieval Models for RADARSAT Constellation Mission Compact Polarimetry SAR
* On C-Band Quad-Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar Properties of Ocean Surface Currents
* Proof and Application of Discriminating Ocean Oil Spills and Seawater Based on Polarization Ratio Using Quad-Polarization Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Retrieval of Oil-Water Mixture Ratio at Ocean Surface Using Compact Polarimetry Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Sea Ice Detection from RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarization SAR Imagery Based on Co- and Cross-Polarization Ratio
* Symmetric Double-Eye Structure in Hurricane Bertha (2008) Imaged by SAR
* Target Detection on the Ocean With the Relative Phase of Compact Polarimetry SAR
* Typhoon/Hurricane-Generated Wind Waves Inferred from SAR Imagery
* Wind Speed Retrieval From VH Dual-Polarization RADARSAT-2 SAR Images
Includes: Perrie, W.[William] Perrie, W. Perrie, W.[Will]
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Perrier, E. Co Author Listing * Multi-block PCA method for image change detection

Perrier, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Interactive Curvature Tensor Visualization on Digital Surfaces
Includes: Perrier, H.[Helene] Perrier, H.[Hélène]

Perrier, R.[Regis] Co Author Listing * Estimating satellite attitude from pushbroom sensors
* Estimation of an Observation Satellite's Attitude Using Multimodal Pushbroom Cameras
* Satellite image registration for attitude estimation with a constrained polynomial model
* Sensor Measurements and Image Registration Fusion to Retrieve Variations of Satellite Attitude
Includes: Perrier, R.[Regis] Perrier, R.[Régis]

Perrier, V.[Valerie] Co Author Listing * Convex Approach to Superresolution and Regularization of Lines in Images, A
* Optimal transport using Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition and first-order primal-dual algorithms
* Texture modeling by Gaussian fields with prescribed local orientation
Includes: Perrier, V.[Valerie] Perrier, V.[Valérie]

Perrig, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Seeing-Is-Believing: Using Camera Phones for Human-Verifiable Authentication

Perriman, D. Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Multi-Modal Image Registration for 3D Knee Kinematics

Perriman, D.M.[Diana M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of U-Net CNN Approaches for Human Neck MRI Segmentation

Perriman, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Screened image reproduction

Perrimon, N. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Drosophila RNAI Fluorescence Images Using Level Sets

Perrimond, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Precipitation Inferred from Soil Moisture (PrISM) Near Real-Time Rainfall Product: Evaluation and Comparison, The

Perrin, A.F.[Anne Flore] Co Author Listing * How Well Current Saliency Prediction Models Perform on UAVs Videos?
* Image coding with incomplete transform competition for HEVC
* On The Benefit of Parameter-Driven Approaches for the Modeling and the Prediction of Satisfied User Ratio for Compressed Video
* When is the Cleaning of Subjective Data Relevant to Train UGC Video Quality Metrics?
Includes: Perrin, A.F.[Anne Flore] Perrin, A.F.[Anne-Flore]

Perrin, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Characterization of SWOT Water Level Errors on Seine Reservoirs and La Bassée Gravel Pits: Impacts on Water Surface Energy Budget Modeling

Perrin, D.[Dimitri] Co Author Listing * Flood Detection in Social Media Using Multimodal Fusion on Multilingual Dataset
* Fusing Visual Features and Metadata to Detect Flooding in Flickr Images
* Ground Truth Tool for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imagery, A
* Multi-Prototype Few-shot Learning in Histopathology
* Two-Way String-Matching
Includes: Perrin, D.[Dimitri] Perrin, D. Perrin, D.[Dominik]

Perrin, D.P. Co Author Listing * Mitral Annulus Segmentation From 3D Ultrasound Using Graph Cuts
* Rethinking Classical Internal Forces for Active Contour Models
Includes: Perrin, D.P. Perrin, D.P.[Doug P.]

Perrin, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D Vegetation Resource Parameters Assessment using Marked Point Processes
* Adaptive Simulated Annealing for Energy Minimization Problem in a Marked Point Process Application
* Marked Point Process Model for Tree Crown Extraction in Plantations, A
* Non-Bayesian Model for Tree Crown Extraction using Marked Point Processes, A
* Point processes in forestry: an application to tree crown detection
* Satellite image restoration in the context of a spatially varying point spread function

Perrin, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Regional Scale Rain-Forest Height Mapping Using Regression-Kriging of Spaceborne and Airborne LiDAR Data: Application on French Guiana
Includes: Perrin, J.[Jose] Perrin, J.[José]

Perrin, J.P. Co Author Listing * Laser Range Data, Photographs and Architecural Components
* method for the 3D modelling of historic monuments: The case of a Gothic abbey church, A

Perrin, M.E.[Marc Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * real-time ciphering transcoder for H.264 and HEVC streams, A
Includes: Perrin, M.E.[Marc Emmanuel] Perrin, M.E.[Marc-Emmanuel]

Perrin, O. Co Author Listing * Visual Analysis of Inconsistencies In Hydraulic Simulation Data

Perrin, P.N.[Pierre Nicolas] Co Author Listing * MVPSNet: Fast Generalizable Multi-view Photometric Stereo
Includes: Perrin, P.N.[Pierre Nicolas] Perrin, P.N.[Pierre-Nicolas]

Perrin, S. Co Author Listing * CCD Camera Modeling and Simulation
* Gesture recognition using laser-based tracking system

Perrin, T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of a Canal-Tunnel 3D Model by Comparing Photogrammetry and Laserscanning Recording Techniques
* Devising a Visual Inspection System for Canal Tunnels: Preliminary Studies

Perrine, C.[Clency] Co Author Listing * Global Decoding Strategy with a Reduced-Reference Metric Designed for the Wireless Transmission of JPWL, A
* link adaptation scheme optimized for wireless JPEG 2000 transmission over realistic MIMO systems, A
* Optimal resource allocation for Medium Grain Scalable video transmission over MIMO channels
* Reduced-reference image quality metric based on statistic model in complex wavelet transform domain
* robust content-based JPWL transmission over a realistic MIMO channel under perceptual constraints, A
* robust joint source channel coding scheme for image transmission over the ionospheric channel, A
* Soft decoding algorithms for optimized JPEG 2000 wireless transmission over realistic MIMO-OFDM systems
* solution to efficient power allocation for H.264/SVC video transmission over a realistic MIMO channel using precoder designs, A
Includes: Perrine, C.[Clency] Perrine, C.
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Perrine, K.A.[Kenneth A.] Co Author Listing * Robust Traffic Control Model Considering Uncertainties in Turning Ratios, A

Perrine, M. Co Author Listing * NASA High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler, The

Perrinet, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Self-Invertible 2D Log-Gabor Wavelets

Perrinet, L.U.[Laurent U] Co Author Listing * Learning hetero-synaptic delays for motion detection in a single layer of spiking neurons
* Time-to-Contact Map by Joint Estimation of Up-to-Scale Inverse Depth and Global Motion using a Single Event Camera
Includes: Perrinet, L.U.[Laurent U] Perrinet, L.U.[Laurent Udo]

Perrinez, P.R. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Resonance Poroelastography: An Algorithm for Estimating the Mechanical Properties of Fluid-Saturated Soft Tissues

Perrins, E. Co Author Listing * Coherence Statistics of Structured Random Ensembles and Support Detection Bounds for OMP

Perriollat, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Generalized Thin-Plate Spline Warps
* Image Registration by Combining Thin-Plate Splines with a 3D Morphable Model
* Industrial Phase-Shifting Profilometry in Motion
* Monocular Template-based Reconstruction of Inextensible Surfaces
* Quasi-Minimal Model for Paper-Like Surfaces, A
Includes: Perriollat, M.[Mathieu] Perriollat, M.

Perrizo, W. Co Author Listing * PARM: An Efficient Algorithm to Mine Association Rules From Spatial Data

Perro, C. Co Author Listing * Arctic Surface Properties and Their Impact on Microwave Satellite Water Vapor Column Retrievals

Perrollaz, M. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Integration of Intensity and Depth Information for Part-Based Vehicle Detection
* Road Scene Analysis by Stereovision: a Robust and Quasi-Dense Approach
* Using fast classification of static and dynamic environment for improving Bayesian occupancy filter (BOF) and tracking
* Visibility-Based Approach for Occupancy Grid Computation in Disparity Space, A

Perron, J. Co Author Listing * Ready-Aim-Fly! Hands-Free Face-Based HRI for 3D Trajectory Control of UAVs

Perrone, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Phase Screen Compensation on Wrapped Ground-Based SAR Interferograms
* GPR and ERT Investigations in Urban Areas: the Case-Study of Matera (Southern Italy)

Perrone, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Blind Deconvolution via Lower-Bounded Logarithmic Image Priors
* Clearer Picture of Total Variation Blind Deconvolution, A
* Image Priors for Image Deblurring with Uncertain Blur
* Logarithmic Image Prior for Blind Deconvolution, A
* Plenoptic Image Motion Deblurring
* Total Variation Blind Deconvolution: The Devil Is in the Details
Includes: Perrone, D.[Daniele] Perrone, D.

Perrone, I. Co Author Listing * Influence of the Spatio-Temporal Terzi Treatment on the Kinematics of Cursive Writing of Dysgraphic Subjects, The

Perrone, J.A. Co Author Listing * Estimating heading direction from monocular video sequences using biologically-based sensors
* Generalization Approach for CNN-based Object Detection in Unconstrained Outdoor Environments
* Testing a Biologically-Based System for Extracting Depth from Brief Monocular 2-D Video Sequences
* Using the Properties of Primate Motion Sensitive Neurons to Extract Camera Motion and Depth from Brief 2-D Monocular Image Sequences
Includes: Perrone, J.A. Perrone, J.A.[John A.]

Perrone, L.[Loredana] Co Author Listing * First Pi2 Pulsation Observed by China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* Investigating a Possible Correlation between NOAA-Satellite-Detected Electron Precipitations and South Pacific Tectonic Events
* Mid-Latitude Daytime F2-Layer Disturbance Mechanism under Extremely Low Solar and Geomagnetic Activity in 2008-2009
* Multi-Parametric and Multi-Layer Study to Investigate the Largest 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Eruptions, A
* Seasonal Transitions in the Thermosphere Inferred from Ionospheric Observations
* Space Weather Effects Observed in the Northern Hemisphere during November 2021 Geomagnetic Storm: The Impacts on Plasmasphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere Systems
* Space Weather Services for Civil Aviation: Challenges and Solutions
* Thermospheric Parameters during Ionospheric G-Conditions
* Using Multimodal Wearable Technology to Detect Conflict among Couples
Includes: Perrone, L.[Loredana] Perrone, L.
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Perrone, M. Co Author Listing * Active face and feature tracking
* Markov vs. model document retrieval
* Parameter Tying in Writer Dependent Recognition of On-Line Handwriting
* Pre-processing methods for handwritten Arabic documents
* Water Mixing Conditions Influence Sentinel-2 Monitoring of Chlorophyll Content in Monomictic Lakes
Includes: Perrone, M. Perrone, M.[Michela]

Perrone, M.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive N-best-list handwritten word recognition
* Confidence modeling for handwriting recognition: Algorithms and Applications
* Confidence modeling for verification post-processing for handwriting recognition
* Confidence-scoring post-processing for off-line handwritten-character recognition verification
* Handwritten document retrieval
* On-line handwriting recognition using character bigram match vectors
* Probability table compression for handwritten character recognition
Includes: Perrone, M.P. Perrone, M.P.[Michael P.]
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Perrone, T.[Tiziano] Co Author Listing * Integrating Domain Knowledge Into Deep Networks for Lung Ultrasound With Applications to COVID-19

Perroni Scharf, M.[Maxine] Co Author Listing * Material Swapping for 3D Scenes using a Learnt Material Similarity Measure
Includes: Perroni Scharf, M.[Maxine] Perroni-Scharf, M.[Maxine]

Perronin, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Comparison of face detection and image classification for detecting front seat passengers in vehicles
* LEWIS: Latent Embeddings for Word Images and Their Semantics
Includes: Perronin, F.[Florent] Perronin, F.

Perronnet, F. Co Author Listing * Cooperative vehicle-actuator system: a sequence-based framework of cooperative intersections management
* Deadlock Prevention of Self-Driving Vehicles in a Network of Intersections

Perronnin, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Adapted Vocabularies for Generic Visual Categorization
* Aggregating Local Image Descriptors into Compact Codes
* analysis of the relationship between painters based on their work, An
* Assessing the aesthetic quality of photographs using generic image descriptors
* Asymmetric distances for binary embeddings
* Asymmetric Distances for Binary Embeddings
* AVA: A large-scale database for aesthetic visual analysis
* Bag-of-Pages Approach to Unordered Multi-page Document Classification, A
* Convolutional Patch Representations for Image Retrieval: An Unsupervised Approach
* Data-Driven Vehicle Identification by Image Matching
* Deep Fishing: Gradient Features from Deep Nets
* Deformable face mapping for person identification
* Discovering Beautiful Attributes for Aesthetic Image Analysis
* Discriminative Face Recognition
* Distance-Based Image Classification: Generalizing to New Classes at Near-Zero Cost
* Domain Adaptation with a Domain Specific Class Means Classifier
* Efficient Approach to Semantic Segmentation, An
* Explicit Embeddings for Nearest Neighbor Search with Mercer Kernels
* family of contextual measures of similarity between distributions with application to image retrieval, A
* Fisher Kernels for Handwritten Word-spotting
* Fisher Kernels on Visual Vocabularies for Image Categorization
* Fisher vectors meet Neural Networks: A hybrid classification architecture
* Font retrieval on a large scale: An experimental study
* Generalized Max Pooling
* Generic Visual Categorization Using Weak Geometry
* Good Practice in Large-Scale Learning for Image Classification
* Handwritten Word Image Retrieval with Synthesized Typed Queries
* Handwritten word-spotting using hidden Markov models and universal vocabularies
* Hierarchical Image-region Labeling via Structured Learning
* High-dimensional signature compression for large-scale image classification
* Image Classification with the Fisher Vector: Theory and Practice
* Images as sets of locally weighted features
* Improving the Fisher Kernel for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Incorporating Geometry Information with Weak Classifiers for Improved Generic Visual Categorization
* Interferences in Match Kernels
* Iterative quantization: A procrustean approach to learning binary codes
* Iterative Quantization: A Procrustean Approach to Learning Binary Codes for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* Label embedding for text recognition
* Label Embedding: A Frugal Baseline for Text Recognition
* Label-Embedding for Attribute-Based Classification
* Label-Embedding for Image Classification
* Large-scale document image retrieval and classification with runlength histograms and binary embeddings
* Large-scale image categorization with explicit data embedding
* Large-scale image retrieval with compressed Fisher vectors
* Learning beautiful (and ugly) attributes
* Learning to rank images using semantic and aesthetic labels
* Leveraging category-level labels for instance-level image retrieval
* Local Convolutional Features with Unsupervised Training for Image Retrieval
* Metric Learning for Large Scale Image Classification: Generalizing to New Classes at Near-Zero Cost
* Model-Based Sequence Similarity with Application to Handwritten Word Spotting, A
* Modeling images as mixtures of reference images
* Modeling the spatial layout of images beyond spatial pyramids
* Polysemous Codes
* Probabilistic Model of Face Mapping with Local Transformations and Its Application to Person Recognition, A
* Reasonable Effectiveness of Synthetic Visual Data, The
* Revisiting the Fisher vector for fine-grained classification
* similarity measure between unordered vector sets with application to image categorization, A
* similarity measure between vector sequences with application to handwritten word image retrieval, A
* Simple High Performance Approach to Semantic Segmentation, A
* Synthesizing queries for handwritten word image retrieval
* Towards good practice in large-scale learning for image classification
* Transformation Pursuit for Image Classification
* Universal and Adapted Vocabularies for Generic Visual Categorization
* Unsupervised writer adaptation of whole-word HMMs with application to word-spotting
* Unsupervised writer style adaptation for handwritten word spotting
* What is a good evaluation measure for semantic segmentation?
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Perrot, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Fast GPU-based denoising filter using isoline levels

Perrot, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Deep Graphics Encoder for Real-Time Video Makeup Synthesis from Example
* Diffeomorphic Brain Registration Under Exhaustive Sulcal Constraints
* Model-Driven Harmonic Parameterization of the Cortical Surface: HIP-HOP
* Modeling Perceptual Color Differences by Local Metric Learning
* Skin Tone Diagnosis in the Wild: Towards More Robust and Inclusive User Experience Using Oriented Aleatoric Uncertainty
* Weak Segmentation-guided GAN for Realistic Color Edition
Includes: Perrot, M.[Matthieu] Perrot, M. Perrot, M.[Michaël]

Perrot, R.[Romuald] Co Author Listing * Implementing cascaded regression tree-based face landmarking: An in-depth overview
* Photon mapping with visible kernel domains
* Sampling strategies for performance improvement in cascaded face regression

Perrot, V. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a smart tablet's interface for 3D interaction
* Phase Aberration Correction for In Vivo Ultrasound Localization Microscopy Using a Spatiotemporal Complex-Valued Neural Network
Includes: Perrot, V. Perrot, V.[Vincent]

Perrotin, F. Co Author Listing * Development of a Fluid Dynamic Model for Quantitative Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging

Perroton, L. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based architecture for hardware compression/decompression of wide format images
* New 26-Connected Objects Surface Tracking Algorithm and Its Related PRAM Version, A
* Real-time dynamic tone-mapping operator on GPU
* Special issue (part II) on parallel computing for real-time image processing
* Special issue (part III) on parallel computing for real-time image processing
* Special issue on parallel computing for real-time image processing
* three-dimensional holes closing algorithm, A
Includes: Perroton, L. Perroton, L.[Laurent]
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Perrott, C.G.[Chris G.] Co Author Listing * Object Recognition: A Survey of the Literature

Perrott, R. Co Author Listing * From Line Drawings to Impressions of 3D Objects: Developing a Model to Account for the Shapes That People See

Perrott, R.H. Co Author Listing * Improved Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An

Perrotta, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Environment Object Detection for Marine Argo Drone by Deep Learning

Perrotta, M.M.[Monica M.] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of the Reflectance Spectra of Lithium (Li) Minerals and Pegmatites: A Case Study for Mineralogical and Lithological Identification in the Fregeneda-Almendra Area
Includes: Perrotta, M.M.[Monica M.] Perrotta, M.M.[Mônica M.]

Perrotte, S. Co Author Listing * Camera Location and Aperture Characterization Using the Transformation between a 2D Plane and the Image Captured by the Camera

Perrotti, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Integrated Procedure to Assess the Stability of Coastal Rocky Cliffs: From UAV Close-Range Photogrammetry to Geomechanical Finite Element Modeling, An
* Investigating the Susceptibility to Failure of a Rock Cliff by Integrating Structure-from-Motion Analysis and 3D Geomechanical Modelling

Perrotton, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Detection on Aerial Images Using Local Descriptors and Image Synthesis
* Conditional Vehicle Trajectories Prediction in CARLA Urban Environment
* Implicit hierarchical boosting for multi-view object detection
* Interactive Deep Annotation as DARos: Object Detection Supervision for Efficient Instance Segmentation
* Mining families of features for efficient object detection
* Sparse and Dense Data with CNNs: Depth Completion and Semantic Segmentation
* WoodScape: A Multi-Task, Multi-Camera Fisheye Dataset for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Perrotton, X.[Xavier] Perrotton, X.
7 for Perrotton, X.

Perrou, T.[Theodora] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Land Deformation as a Factor Contributing to Relative Sea Level Rise in Coastal Urban and Natural Protected Areas Using Multi-Source Earth Observation Data

Perroud, T. Co Author Listing * Text extraction from color documents-clustering approaches in three and four dimensions
* Text Extraction from Colored Book and Journal Covers

Perroy, R.L.[Ryan L.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the impacts of canopy openness and flight parameters on detecting a sub-canopy tropical invasive plant using a small unmanned aerial system
* Comparing Interpretation of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery by Humans and Artificial Intelligence to Detect an Invasive Tree Species
* Examining the Utility of Visible Near-Infrared and Optical Remote Sensing for the Early Detection of Rapid Ohia Death

Perruchet, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Constrained agglomerative hierarchical classification

Perry, A.[Adi] Co Author Listing * Crossing the Road Without Traffic Lights: An Android-Based Safety Device
* Remote Sensing of Landslide-Generated Sediment Plumes, Peace River, British Columbia
* Road-Crossing Assistance by Traffic Flow Analysis
* Segmentation of Textured Images
* Visual Tracking Extensions for Accurate Target Recovery in Low Frame Rate Videos
Includes: Perry, A.[Adi] Perry, A.[Alexandra] Perry, A.

Perry, B.[Baker] Co Author Listing * Processing of VENmuS Images of High Mountains: A Case Study for Cryospheric and Hydro-Climatic Applications in the Everest Region (Nepal)
* Semantic agents for content-based discovery in distributed image libraries
Includes: Perry, B.[Baker] Perry, B.

Perry, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * FarSight: A Physics-Driven Whole-Body Biometric System at Large Distance and Altitude
* Vision-Based Modeling for Film and Multimedia Production
Includes: Perry, C.[Christopher] Perry, C.

Perry, E.[Eileen] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Biomass and Growth for Grain Crops Using NDVI Time Series

Perry, E.M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of atmospheric modelling versus empirical line fitting for mosaicking HYDICE imagery
* Frost Damage Assessment in Wheat Using Spectral Mixture Analysis
* NDVI from Active Optical Sensors As A Measure Of Canopy Cover And Biomass
Includes: Perry, E.M. Perry, E.M.[Eileen M.]

Perry, J. Co Author Listing * MinENet: A Dilated CNN for Semantic Segmentation of Eye Features

Perry, L.B.[L. Baker] Co Author Listing * Observations of Winter Ablation on Glaciers in the Mount Everest Region in 2020-2021

Perry, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Multisensor Thermal Infrared and Microwave Land Surface Temperature Algorithm Intercomparison
* Seasonality of Surface Urban Heat Islands across Climates, The
* Supporting Complex Thematic, Spatial and Temporal Queries over Semantic Web Data
Includes: Perry, M.[Mike] Perry, M.[Matthew]

Perry, M.J. Co Author Listing * Shape Description Using Surface Triangularization

Perry, N.K. Co Author Listing * Simulating the Autonomous Future: A Look at Virtual Vehicle Environments and How to Validate Simulation Using Public Data Sets

Perry, O. Co Author Listing * Novel Inspection System For Variable Data Printing Using Deep Learning, A

Perry, R. Co Author Listing * Efficient adaptive complex filtering algorithm with application to channel equalisation

Perry, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Augmented Virtuality Using Touch-Sensitive 3D-Printed Objects
* Content-Based Navigation from Images
* Enhanced 3D Point Cloud from a Light Field Image
* Of Mice and Pose: 2d Mouse Pose Estimation from Unlabelled Data and Synthetic Prior
* Quality Evaluation Of Static Point Clouds Encoded Using MPEG Codecs
* Recall What You See Continually Using GridLSTM in Image Captioning
* Single-View 3D Object Reconstruction from Shape Priors in Memory
Includes: Perry, S.[Sara] Perry, S. Perry, S.[Stuart] Perry, S.[Sharn]
7 for Perry, S.

Perry, S.L.[Sandra L.] Co Author Listing * Mineral Mapping Using Simulated Worldview-3 Short-Wave-Infrared Imagery

Perry, S.W.[Stuart William] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Processing: A Computational Intelligence Perspective
* Adaptive Scaled Mean-Square Error Filtering by Neural Networks
* Paper Fingerprinting Using alpha-Masked Image Matching
Includes: Perry, S.W.[Stuart William] Perry, S.W. Perry, S.W.[Stuart W.]

Perry, T. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Tracking at 300Hz Using Raw Time-of-Flight Observations

Perry, T.P.[Thomas P.] Co Author Listing * Woolz IIP: A Tiled On-the-Fly Sectioning Server for 3D Volumetric Atlases

Perry, T.S. Co Author Listing * Augmented reality: forget the glasses
* Conjurer of Compression: From WinZips to cat GIFs, JACOB ZIV's algorithms have been making data disappear and reappear for decades
* Here comes driverless ride sharing: Cruise unveils the origin, a fully autonomous SUV designed for app-controlled urban transportation
* Look Out for Apple's AR Glasses: With head-up displays, cameras, inertial sensors, and lidar on board, Apple's augmented-reality glasses could redefine wearables
* Virtual reality goes social
* Wearable sensor detects stress in sweat: Cortisol is key to tracking stress, but it's tough to measure in an instant-[News]
Includes: Perry, T.S. Perry, T.S.[Tekla S.]

Perry, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Shared Mission Planning Scenario: Observations on Shared Experience, An
* Comparative Study for Multiple Coordinated Views Across Immersive and Non-immersive Visualization Systems
* Pose Estimation and Video Annotation Approaches for Understanding Individual and Team Interaction During Augmented Reality-Enabled Mission Planning
* Sensor Data Fusion Framework to Improve Holographic Object Registration Accuracy for a Shared Augmented Reality Mission Planning Scenario

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