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Duan, B.[Boheng] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of Typhoon Wind Field Retrieved from Scatterometer and SAR Based on the Huber Norm Quality Control
* Audio-Visual Event Localization via Recursive Fusion by Joint Co-Attention
* Cascade Attention Guided Residue Learning GAN for Cross-Modal Translation
* Combining Spectral and Texture Features of UAV Images for the Remote Estimation of Rice LAI throughout the Entire Growing Season
* Monitoring Hybrid Rice Phenology at Initial Heading Stage Based on Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Data
* UAV Remote Sensing Estimation of Rice Yield Based on Adaptive Spectral Endmembers and Bilinear Mixing Model
* UAV-Based Biomass Estimation for Rice-Combining Spectral, TIN-Based Structural and Meteorological Features
Includes: Duan, B.[Boheng] Duan, B.[Bin] Duan, B.[Bo]
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Duan, B.H.[Bo Heng] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Derived Sea Surface Winds for Typhoon Forecasting
* More Accurate Field-to-Field Method towards the Wind Retrieval of HY-2B Scatterometer, A
Includes: Duan, B.H.[Bo Heng] Duan, B.H.[Bo-Heng]

Duan, B.Y.[Bo Yan] Co Author Listing * Cross-Spectral Face Hallucination via Disentangling Independent Factors
Includes: Duan, B.Y.[Bo Yan] Duan, B.Y.[Bo-Yan]

Duan, C. Co Author Listing * Coupled Level Set Framework for Bladder Wall Segmentation With Application to MR Cystography, A
* Deep Unsupervised Learning of 3D Point Clouds via Graph Topology Inference and Filtering
* Detecting Bladder Abnormalities Based on Inter-layer Intensity Curve for Virtual Cystoscopy
* Extended smoothlets: An efficient multi-resolution adaptive transform
* Feature level MRI fusion based on 3D dual tree compactly supported Shearlet transform
* Gauss mixture hidden Markov model to characterise and model discretionary lane-change behaviours for autonomous vehicles
* Highly and Adaptively Undersampling Pattern for Pulmonary Hyperpolarized 129Xe Dynamic MRI
* How to make local image features more efficient and distinctive
* Image fusion method based on spatially masked convolutional sparse representation
* Location-Aware Image Classification
* Method for Active Marine Target Detection Based on Complex Interferometric Dissimilarity in Dual-Channel ATI-SAR Systems, A
* Pedestrian-Detection Method Based on Heterogeneous Features and Ensemble of Multi-View Pose Parts, A
* Sea Surface Wind Speed Retrieval from the First Chinese GNSS-R Mission: Technique and Preliminary Results
* Sparse Representation Based Autofocusing Technique for ISAR Images
* Texture Feature Extraction and Analysis for Polyp Differentiation via Computed Tomography Colonography
* Two-scale fusion method of infrared and visible images via parallel saliency features
Includes: Duan, C. Duan, C.[Chaijie] Duan, C.[Chang] Duan, C.[Chunguang] Duan, C.[Chaowei] Duan, C.[Chen] Duan, C.[Chongdi]
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Duan, C.H.[Chih Hsueh] Co Author Listing * Face Verification With Local Sparse Representation
* Learning Component-Level Sparse Representation for Image and Video Categorization
* Learning component-level sparse representation using histogram information for image classification
* Learning spatial weighting for facial expression analysis via constrained quadratic programming
* Learning spatial weighting via quadratic programming for facial expression analysis
Includes: Duan, C.H.[Chih Hsueh] Duan, C.H.[Chih-Hsueh]

Duan, C.S.[Cheng Sen] Co Author Listing * Acquiring the Mapping Knowledge of Basic Elements Based on PSO in the Chinese Character Intelligent Information
Includes: Duan, C.S.[Cheng Sen] Duan, C.S.[Cheng-Sen]

Duan, C.X.[Chen Xi] Co Author Listing * ABCNet: Attentive bilateral contextual network for efficient semantic segmentation of Fine-Resolution remotely sensed imagery
* Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Double-Branch Dual-Attention Mechanism Network
* Thick Cloud Removal of Remote Sensing Images Using Temporal Smoothness and Sparsity Regularized Tensor Optimization
* Transformer Meets Convolution: A Bilateral Awareness Network for Semantic Segmentation of Very Fine Resolution Urban Scene Images
Includes: Duan, C.X.[Chen Xi] Duan, C.X.[Chen-Xi]

Duan, C.Y.[Cong Ying] Co Author Listing * New Analysis on PVL Model Reduction Using Solutions of Linear Systems by the Lanczos Method, A
* pooling-based feature pyramid network for salient object detection, A
Includes: Duan, C.Y.[Cong Ying] Duan, C.Y.[Cong-Ying] Duan, C.Y.[Chang-Yu]

Duan, D.[Dandan] Co Author Listing * Application of Multispectral Camera in Monitoring the Quality Parameters of Fresh Tea Leaves
* Monitoring Meteorological Drought in Southern China Using Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Duan, D.[Dandan] Duan, D.[Dingding]

Duan, D.F.[Ding Feng] Co Author Listing * Improved Algorithm to Delineate Urban Targets with Model-Based Decomposition of PolSAR Data, An
Includes: Duan, D.F.[Ding Feng] Duan, D.F.[Ding-Feng]

Duan, D.L.[Ding Long] Co Author Listing * Benchmark Dataset and Evaluation for Non-Lambertian and Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo, A
Includes: Duan, D.L.[Ding Long] Duan, D.L.[Ding-Long]

Duan, D.P.[Deng Ping] Co Author Listing * Finite-time spatial path following control for a robotic underactuated airship
Includes: Duan, D.P.[Deng Ping] Duan, D.P.[Deng-Ping]

Duan, D.R.[Ding Rui] Co Author Listing * Gaze Estimation in Children's Peer-Play Scenarios
* Joint estimation of head pose and visual focus of attention
* Video Based Children's Social Behavior Classification in Peer-Play Scenarios
Includes: Duan, D.R.[Ding Rui] Duan, D.R.[Ding-Rui]

Duan, D.Y.[De Yang] Co Author Listing * Visible ghost imaging with nonvisible light
Includes: Duan, D.Y.[De Yang] Duan, D.Y.[De-Yang]

Duan, F. Co Author Listing * High-Fidelity Face Sketch-To-Photo Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Highly Effective Impulse Noise Detection Algorithm for Switching Median Filters, A
* real-time machine vision system for bottle finish inspection, A
* Text2Sketch: Learning Face Sketch from Facial Attribute Text
* TPFN: Applying Outer Product Along Time to Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Fusion on Incomplete Data
* UAV-based multispectral remote sensing for precision agriculture: A comparison between different cameras
Includes: Duan, F. Duan, F.[Feng] Duan, F.[Fuzhou]

Duan, F.J.[Fa Jie] Co Author Listing * Fourier Transform Profilometry Based on Fiber-Optic Interferometric Projection
* Metric learning via feature weighting for scalable image retrieval
* Robust method for constructing rotational invariant descriptors, A
* rotationally invariant descriptor based on mixed intensity feature histograms, A
* Three-dimensional shape reconstruction system based on fiber-optic interference fringe imaging
Includes: Duan, F.J.[Fa Jie] Duan, F.J.[Fa-Jie]

Duan, F.Q.[Fu Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D craniofacial reconstruction using reference skull-face database
* 8-Point Algorithm Revisited: Factorized 8-Point Algorithm
* Active contour model combining region and edge information
* Affine Invariant of Parallelograms and Its Application to Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction, An
* Calibrating effective focal length for central catadioptric cameras using one space line
* Craniofacial Reconstruction Using Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
* Edge-guided single facial depth map super-resolution using CNN
* Energy minimisation-based multi-class multi-instance geometric primitives extraction from 3D point clouds
* Energy-based automatic recognition of multiple spheres in three-dimensional point cloud
* Extraction of Multi-class Multi-instance Geometric Primitives from Point Clouds Using Energy Minimization
* Face sketch synthesis using non-local means and patch-based seaming
* new easy calibration algorithm for para-catadioptric cameras, A
* new linear algorithm for calibrating central catadioptric cameras, A
* Pose determination and plane measurement using a trapezium
* Self-calibration of hybrid central catadioptric and perspective cameras
* Visual metrology with uncalibrated radial distorted images
* Weighted Landmark-Based Algorithm for Skull Identification, The
* Zhang's one-dimensional calibration revisited with the heteroscedastic error-in-variables model
Includes: Duan, F.Q.[Fu Qing] Duan, F.Q.[Fu-Qing] Duan, F.Q.
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Duan, F.Y.[Fang Yong] Co Author Listing * Intra-Block Algorithm for Digital Watermarking
Includes: Duan, F.Y.[Fang Yong] Duan, F.Y.[Fang-Yong]

Duan, F.Z.[Fu Zhou] Co Author Listing * effect of spatial resolution on radiometric and geometric performances of a UAV-mounted hyperspectral 2D imager, The
* M2H-Net: A Reconstruction Method For Hyperspectral Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Novel Approach for Coarse-to-Fine Windthrown Tree Extraction Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images, A
* Tidal Flat Wetlands Delineation and Classification Method for High-Resolution Imagery, A
Includes: Duan, F.Z.[Fu Zhou] Duan, F.Z.[Fu-Zhou] Duan, F.Z.[Fu-Zhi]

Duan, G.[Genquan] Co Author Listing * Group Tracking: Exploring Mutual Relations for Multiple Object Tracking
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Rotation Forest Ensemble Technique with Different Decision Trees in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
* Median Filtering Detection of Small-size Image Using Alexcaps-network
* Obtaining virtual lighting condition based on images using NNs
* Rotation Invariant Texture Retrieval Considering the Scale Dependence of Gabor Wavelet
Includes: Duan, G.[Genquan] Duan, G.[Gonghao] Duan, G.[Guiduo] Duan, G.[Guolin] Duan, G.

Duan, G.F.[Gui Fang] Co Author Listing * Automatic optical flank wear measurement of microdrills using level set for cutting plane segmentation
* Automatic optical phase identification of micro-drill bits based on improved ASM and bag of shape segment in PCB production
* Batch-incremental principal component analysis with exact mean update
* Global Selection vs Local Ordering of Color SIFT Independent Components for Object/Scene Classification
* Improved Active Shape Model for automatic optical phase identification of microdrill bits in Printed Circuit Board production
* Independent component analysis based ring artifact reduction in cone-beam CT images
* K-CPD: Learning of overcomplete dictionaries for tensor sparse coding
* Multiple feature selection and fusion based on generalized N-dimensional independent component analysis
* Reconstruction of 3D dynamic expressions from single facial image
Includes: Duan, G.F.[Gui Fang] Duan, G.F.[Gui-Fang]
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Duan, G.J.[Gui Jiang] Co Author Listing * Modeling of image, video and text fusion quality data packet system for aerospace complex products based on business intelligence
Includes: Duan, G.J.[Gui Jiang] Duan, G.J.[Gui-Jiang]

Duan, G.Q.[Gen Quan] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of boosted pedestrian detectors by feature reselection
* Boosting Associated Pairing Comparison Features for pedestrian detection
* Context-based text detection in natural scenes
* Fast human detection using Node-Combined Part Detector
* Human Detection in Video over Large Viewpoint Changes
* Practical Transfer Learning Algorithm for Face Verification, A
* Scene Aware Detection and Block Assignment Tracking in crowded scenes
* Scene transformation for detector adaptation
* Structural Filter Approach to Human Detection, A
Includes: Duan, G.Q.[Gen Quan] Duan, G.Q.[Gen-Quan]
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Duan, G.R. Co Author Listing * Generalized PID Observer Design for Descriptor Linear Systems
* Passive position location estimation using particle filtering
Includes: Duan, G.R. Duan, G.R.[Guang-Ren]

Duan, G.S.[Guang Shuang] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Spatial Differences in Canopy Height Models from UAV LiDAR and Photogrammetry
* Prediction of Individual Tree Diameter and Height to Crown Base Using Nonlinear Simultaneous Regression and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Prediction of Individual Tree Diameter Using a Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling Approach and Airborne LiDAR Data
Includes: Duan, G.S.[Guang Shuang] Duan, G.S.[Guang-Shuang]

Duan, G.X.[Guo Xiu] Co Author Listing * CDADNet: Context-guided dense attentional dilated network for crowd counting
Includes: Duan, G.X.[Guo Xiu] Duan, G.X.[Guo-Xiu]

Duan, G.Y.[Guang Yao] Co Author Listing * Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA): Evidence from Quasi-PS InSAR Analysis
* Regional Land Subsidence Analysis in Eastern Beijing Plain by InSAR Time Series and Wavelet Transforms
Includes: Duan, G.Y.[Guang Yao] Duan, G.Y.[Guang-Yao]

Duan, H.[Haoran] Co Author Listing * Channel Pruning for Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks via Wasserstein Metric
* Compressed Channel Estimation for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Millimeter Wave Systems
* Context-Aware Convolutional Neural Network for Object Detection in VHR Remote Sensing Imagery
* E-Net Modeling and Analysis of Emergency Response Processes Constrained by Resources and Uncertain Durations
* Fast Inverse-Free Sparse Bayesian Learning via Relaxed Evidence Lower Bound Maximization
* Fluid Mechanics-Based Data Flow Model to Estimate VANET Capacity, A
* Hybrid GIS Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method for Flood Susceptibility Mapping at Shangyou, China, A
* Identifying Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on Gaze-Following
* incremental learning algorithm for Lagrangian support vector machines, An
* IVQAD 2017: An immersive video quality assessment database
* Learning to Predict where the Children with ASD Look
* New Azimuth Ambiguity Suppression Algorithm for Surface Current Measurement in Coastal Waters and Rivers With Along-track InSAR, A
* Reinforcement Learning-Based Variable Speed Limit Control Strategy to Reduce Traffic Congestion at Freeway Recurrent Bottlenecks
* TRB: A Novel Triplet Representation for Understanding 2D Human Body
* Validation Study of an Improved SWIR Iterative Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for MODIS-Aqua Measurements in Lake Taihu, China, A
* Volumetric Topological Analysis: A Novel Approach for Trabecular Bone Classification on the Continuum Between Plates and Rods
Includes: Duan, H.[Haoran] Duan, H. Duan, H.[Hua] Duan, H.[Hexiang]
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Duan, H.B.[Hai Bin] Co Author Listing * Artificial bee colony (ABC) optimized edge potential function (EP
* Elitist Chemical Reaction Optimization for Contour-Based Target Recognition in Aerial Images
* Meta-heuristic intelligence based image processing
* novel image template matching based on particle filtering optimization, A
* Template matching using chaotic imperialist competitive algorithm
Includes: Duan, H.B.[Hai Bin] Duan, H.B.[Hai-Bin]

Duan, H.C.[Han Chen] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Differences in Alpine Meadow, Alpine Steppe and All Vegetation of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Their Responses to Climate Change
Includes: Duan, H.C.[Han Chen] Duan, H.C.[Han-Chen]

Duan, H.D.[Hao Dong] Co Author Listing * Omni-sourced Webly-supervised Learning for Video Recognition
Includes: Duan, H.D.[Hao Dong] Duan, H.D.[Hao-Dong]

Duan, H.L.[Hui Long] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Gastric Image Retrieval Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Duan, H.L.[Hui Long] Duan, H.L.[Hui-Long]

Duan, H.P.[Hui Ping] Co Author Listing * effective vector model for global-contrast-based saliency detection, An
* Face recognition using training data with artificial occlusions
* Pattern-Coupled Sparse Bayesian Learning for Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
* Proximal ADMM for Decentralized Composite Optimization, A
* Saliency detection in complex scenes
Includes: Duan, H.P.[Hui Ping] Duan, H.P.[Hui-Ping]

Duan, H.T.[Hong Tao] Co Author Listing * approach for developing Landsat-5 TM-based retrieval models of suspended particulate matter concentration with the assistance of MODIS, An
* Determination of the Downwelling Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient of Lake Water with the Sentinel-3A OLCI
* Effect of Satellite Temporal Resolution on Long-Term Suspended Particulate Matter in Inland Lakes
* Effects of broad bandwidth on the remote sensing of inland waters: Implications for high spatial resolution satellite data applications
* EOF-Based Algorithm to Estimate Chlorophyll a Concentrations in Taihu Lake from MODIS Land-Band Measurements: Implications for Near Real-Time Applications and Forecasting Models, An
* Fourteen-Year Record (2000-2013) of the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Floating Algae Blooms in Lake Chaohu, Observed from Time Series of MODIS Images
* Integrative Remote Sensing Application of Stacked Autoencoder for Atmospheric Correction and Cyanobacteria Estimation Using Hyperspectral Imagery, An
* Lake Phenology of Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using Random Forest: A Case Study of Qinghai Lake
* New Method for Modifying Thresholds in the Classification of Tree Models for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in Taihu Lake with Satellite Images, A
* Remote Sensing Approach to Estimate Vertical Profile Classes of Phytoplankton in a Eutrophic Lake, A
* Spectral Decomposition Algorithm for Estimating Chlorophyll-a Concentrations in Lake Taihu, China, A
* Using Partial Least Squares-Artificial Neural Network for Inversion of Inland Water Chlorophyll-a
Includes: Duan, H.T.[Hong Tao] Duan, H.T.[Hong-Tao]
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Duan, H.X.[Hui Xian] Co Author Listing * calibration method for paracatadioptric camera from sphere images, A
* Classification of Hyperspectral Images by SVM Using a Composite Kernel by Employing Spectral, Spatial and Hierarchical Structure Information
* Efficient performance estimate for one-class support vector machine
* Paracatadioptric camera calibration using sphere images
Includes: Duan, H.X.[Hui Xian] Duan, H.X.[Hui-Xian] Duan, H.X.[He-Xiang] Duan, H.X.[Hai-Xin]

Duan, H.Z.[Hui Zhan] Co Author Listing * SalED: Saliency prediction with a pithy encoder-decoder architecture sensing local and global information
Includes: Duan, H.Z.[Hui Zhan] Duan, H.Z.[Hui-Zhan]

Duan, J. Co Author Listing * Actionet: An Interactive End-To-End Platform For Task-Based Data Collection And Augmentation In 3D Environment
* Adaptive Time-Resampled High-Resolution Synchrosqueezing Transform and Its Application in Seismic Data
* Adaptive Weighting of Handcrafted Feature Losses for Facial Expression Recognition
* Automatic 3D Bi-Ventricular Segmentation of Cardiac Images by a Shape-Refined Multi- Task Deep Learning Approach
* Decoupled H 8 control of automated vehicular platoons with complex interaction topologies
* End-to-End Fovea Localisation in Colour Fundus Images With a Hierarchical Deep Regression Network
* End-to-End Single Image Fog Removal Using Enhanced Cycle Consistent Adversarial Networks
* Explainable Anatomical Shape Analysis Through Deep Hierarchical Generative Models
* Face Recognition Despite Wearing Glasses
* Fast Mode Decision Based on Grayscale Similarity and Inter-View Correlation for Depth Map Coding in 3D-HEVC
* G2L-Net: Global to Local Network for Real-Time 6D Pose Estimation With Embedding Vector Features
* Geometry Normalization Networks for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* GPU-accelerated local tone-mapping for high dynamic range images
* How Did Built Environment Affect Urban Vitality in Urban Waterfronts? A Case Study in Nanjing Reach of Yangtze River
* Image Defogging Quality Assessment: Real-World Database and Method
* Interface MB-Based Video Content Editing Transcoding
* Interpretable convolutional neural networks via feedforward design
* Interpretable Generative Model for Handwritten Digits Synthesis, An
* Learning to display high dynamic range images
* On LARS/Homotopy Equivalence Conditions for Over-Determined LASSO
* One-stage Multi-task Detector for 3D Cardiac MR Imaging
* Outlier-Suppressed Triplet Loss with Adaptive Class-Aware Margins for Facial Expression Recognition
* Parameter-Free Selective Segmentation With Convex Variational Methods
* PointPoseNet: Point Pose Network for Robust 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Segmentation Based Tone-Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images
* Strong Tracking Square Root Central Difference FastSLAM for Unmanned Intelligent Vehicle With Adaptive Partial Systematic Resampling, A
* Tone Mapping for HDR Image using Optimization A New Closed Form Solution
* Tone-mapping high dynamic range images by novel histogram adjustment
* Using an ARIMA-GARCH Modeling Approach to Improve Subway Short-Term Ridership Forecasting Accounting for Dynamic Volatility
Includes: Duan, J. Duan, J.[Jianli] Duan, J.[Jiang] Duan, J.[Jin] Duan, J.[Jiali] Duan, J.[Junbo] Duan, J.[Jinming] Duan, J.[Jian]
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Duan, J.A.[Ji An] Co Author Listing * Stream-of-Variation (SOV) Theory Applied in Geometric Error Modeling for Six-Axis Motion Platform
Includes: Duan, J.A.[Ji An] Duan, J.A.[Ji-An]

Duan, J.B.[Jian Bo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Procedure for Early Disaster Change Mapping Based on Optical Remote Sensing, An
* Content-Based Remote Sensing Image Change Information Retrieval Model, A
* Crowdsourcing Rapid Assessment of Collapsed Buildings Early after the Earthquake Based on Aerial Remote Sensing Image: A Case Study of Yushu Earthquake
* Customized Automatic Processing Framework for HY-2A Satellite Marine Advanced Products, The
* High-Resolution Interannual Mass Anomalies of the Antarctic Ice Sheet by Combining GRACE Gravimetry and ENVISAT Altimetry
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Classification of Imbalanced Data Using Multistage Sampling Method and Deep Neural Networks
* Joint Least Squares and Least Absolute Deviation Model, A
* Pixel-Wise Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Duan, J.B.[Jian Bo] Duan, J.B.[Jian-Bo] Duan, J.B.[Jian-Bin] Duan, J.B.[Jun-Bo]
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Duan, J.C.[Jian Chun] Co Author Listing * RGB-D image segmentation using superpixel and multi-feature fusion graph theory
Includes: Duan, J.C.[Jian Chun] Duan, J.C.[Jian-Chun]

Duan, J.D.[Jiu Ding] Co Author Listing * Intransitivity Model for Matchup and Pairwise Comparison, An
* Robust proportionate adaptive filter based on maximum correntropy criterion for sparse system identification in impulsive noise environments
Includes: Duan, J.D.[Jiu Ding] Duan, J.D.[Jiu-Ding] Duan, J.D.[Jian-Dong]

Duan, J.F.[Ji Fang] Co Author Listing * Correspondence rejection by trilateration for 3D point cloud registration
* Localization of the Chang'e-5 Lander Using Radio-Tracking and Image-Based Methods
Includes: Duan, J.F.[Ji Fang] Duan, J.F.[Ji-Fang] Duan, J.F.[Jian-Feng]

Duan, J.G.[Jian Gang] Co Author Listing * Compression of the layered depth image
Includes: Duan, J.G.[Jian Gang] Duan, J.G.[Jian-Gang]

Duan, J.H.[Jin Hao] Co Author Listing * Multi-semantic long-range dependencies capturing for efficient video representation learning
Includes: Duan, J.H.[Jin Hao] Duan, J.H.[Jin-Hao]

Duan, J.L.[Jia Li] Co Author Listing * Face Detection by Aggregating Visible Components
* Hierarchical reinforcement learning for self-driving decision-making without reliance on labelled driving data
Includes: Duan, J.L.[Jia Li] Duan, J.L.[Jia-Li] Duan, J.L.[Jing-Liang]

Duan, J.M.[Jin Ming] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of retinal layers from optical coherence tomography images using geodesic distance
* Efficient image structural similarity quality assessment method using image regularised feature
* Geometry Constrained Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Image Segmentation with Depth Information via Simplified Variational Level Set Formulation
* Nonlocal graph theory based transductive learning for hyperspectral image classification
* Open snake model based on global guidance field for embryo vessel location
* Optical coherence tomography image segmentation
* Second order Mumford-Shah model for image denoising
* Some fast projection methods based on Chan-Vese model for image segmentation
* Surrogate network-based sparseness hyper-parameter optimization for deep expression recognition
Includes: Duan, J.M.[Jin Ming] Duan, J.M.[Jin-Ming]
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Duan, J.W.[Jin Wei] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Intrusive Complex on a Small Scale Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Duan, J.W.[Jin Wei] Duan, J.W.[Jin-Wei]

Duan, J.Y.[Jian Yong] Co Author Listing * Document Image Binarization Based on NFCM
* Efficient Image Dehazing with Boundary Constraint and Contextual Regularization
* Group sparsity based semi-supervised band selection for hyperspectral images
* integrated graph-based face segmentation approach from Kinect videos, An
* Local Label Probability Propagation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Metric Rectification of Curved Document Images
* Multi-scale Deblurring with Smooth Region Constraints
* Multifocus Image Fusion via Region Reconstruction
* SALICON: Saliency in Context
Includes: Duan, J.Y.[Jian Yong] Duan, J.Y.[Jian-Yong] Duan, J.Y.[Jiang-Yong] Duan, J.Y.[Juan-Yong]
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Duan, J.Z.[Ji Zhong] Co Author Listing * Bregman Iteration Based Efficient Algorithm for MR Image Reconstruction From Undersampled K-Space Data
* Monitoring of Wheat Powdery Mildew Disease Severity Using Multiangle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Simple and Efficient Re-Scrambling Scheme for DTV Programs, A
Includes: Duan, J.Z.[Ji Zhong] Duan, J.Z.[Ji-Zhong] Duan, J.Z.

Duan, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * Attribute-based vehicle recognition using viewpoint-aware multiple instance SVMs
* CenterNet: Keypoint Triplets for Object Detection
* Detecting Small Objects Using a Channel-Aware Deconvolutional Network
* Discovering localized attributes for fine-grained recognition
* Image Stitching Method for Airborne Wide-Swath HyperSpectral Imaging System Equipped with Multiple Imagers, An
* In-bed patient motion and pose analysis using depth videos for pressure ulcer prevention
* Learning patch-dependent kernel forest for person re-identification
* MIDI-assisted egocentric optical music recognition
* Monocular Depth Estimation via Deep Structured Models with Ordinal Constraints
* Multi-layer Composite Model for Human Pose Estimation, A
* Multimodal Learning in Loosely-Organized Web Images
* Procrustean decomposition for orthogonal cascade detection
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Benchmark: Object Detection and Tracking, The
* VisDrone-SOT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Single-Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Visual tracking based on object appearance and structure preserved local patches matching
Includes: Duan, K.[Kun] Duan, K. Duan, K.[Keke] Duan, K.[Kaiwen]
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Duan, K.F.[Kai Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Earthquake-Damaged Buildings by Integrating UAV Oblique Photography and Infrared Thermal Imaging
Includes: Duan, K.F.[Kai Feng] Duan, K.F.[Kai-Feng]

Duan, K.M. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Transformation for Temporal Gene Expression Analysis, The

Duan, K.W.[Kai Wen] Co Author Listing * Corner Proposal Network for Anchor-free, Two-stage Object Detection
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
Includes: Duan, K.W.[Kai Wen] Duan, K.W.[Kai-Wen]

Duan, K.Y.[Ke Yu] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Survey on Transfer Learning, A
Includes: Duan, K.Y.[Ke Yu] Duan, K.Y.[Ke-Yu]

Duan, L. Co Author Listing * Accelerate convolutional neural networks for binary classification via cascading cost-sensitive feature
* AI-Oriented Large-Scale Video Management for Smart City: Technologies, Standards, and Beyond
* Analyzing Space-Time Dynamics of Theft Rates Using Exchange Mobility
* Automated Chain for Large-scale 3d Reconstruction of Urban Scenes From Satellite Images
* Bee pose estimation from single images with convolutional neural network
* CoCNN: RGB-D deep fusion for stereoscopic salient object detection
* Collaborative Generative Hashing for Marketing and Fast Cold-Start Recommendation
* Context-aware network for RGB-D salient object detection
* Cross-regional driver-vehicle interaction design: an interview study on driving risk perceptions, decisions, and ADAS function preferences
* Data-Driven Lightweight Interest Point Selection for Large-Scale Visual Search
* DEFEATnet: A Deep Conventional Image Representation for Image Classification
* Denoising Adversarial Networks for Rain Removal and Reflection Removal
* Efficient BOF Generation and Compression for On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Efficient image retrieval based mobile indoor localization
* Estimating 2D Multi-hand Poses from Single Depth Images
* Group-Sensitive Triplet Embedding for Vehicle Reidentification
* Hybrid L2 -LP Variational Model For Single Low-Light Image Enhancement With Bright Channel Prior, A
* Improved Multi-Sensor MTI Time-Series Fusion Method to Monitor the Subsidence of Beijing Subway Network during the Past 15 Years, An
* Iterative Local-Global Collaboration Learning Towards One-Shot Video Person Re-Identification
* Joint Multisource Saliency and Exemplar Mechanism for Weakly Supervised Video Object Segmentation
* Land Subsidence Response to Different Land Use Types and Water Resource Utilization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China
* Learning to Jointly Generate and Separate Reflections
* Mop Moiré Patterns Using MopNet
* Near Duplicate Identification With Spatially Aligned Pyramid Matching
* Near duplicate image identification with patially Aligned Pyramid Matching
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
* OCTRexpert: A Feature-Based 3D Registration Method for Retinal OCT Images
* Overview of the MPEG-CDVS Standard
* Prediction of Suspect Location Based on Spatiotemporal Semantics
* Query Adaptive Multiview Object Instance Search and Localization Using Sketches
* Reflection Scene Separation From a Single Image
* Relative Position and Map Networks in Few-shot Learning for Image Classification
* Single-Image Insect Pose Estimation by Graph Based Geometric Models and Random Forests
* Smart query expansion scheme for CDVS based on illumination and key features
* Speeding up correlation search for binary data
* SPLINE-Net: Sparse Photometric Stereo Through Lighting Interpolation and Normal Estimation Networks
* Toward Intelligent Sensing: Intermediate Deep Feature Compression
* What Does Plate Glass Reveal About Camera Calibration?
Includes: Duan, L. Duan, L.[Lian] Duan, L.[Lijuan] Duan, L.[Liya] Duan, L.[Le] Duan, L.[Li] Duan, L.[Lunhao]
38 for Duan, L.

Duan, L.A. Co Author Listing * Mean shift based nonparametric motion characterization

Duan, L.H.[Liang Hua] Co Author Listing * Person re-identification with deep dense feature representation and Joint Bayesian
Includes: Duan, L.H.[Liang Hua] Duan, L.H.[Liang-Hua]

Duan, L.J.[Li Juan] Co Author Listing * Deep feature representation based on privileged knowledge transfer
* Exploring the Sensitivity of Sampling Density in Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon and Its Application in Soil Sampling
* Image Segmentation with Automatically Balanced Constraints
* Multi-vehicles dynamic navigating method for large-scale event crowd evacuations
* simple and effective saliency detection approach, A
* spatiotemporal weighted dissimilarity-based method for video saliency detection, A
* Visual Conspicuity Index: Spatial Dissimilarity, Distance, and Central Bias
* Visual saliency detection by spatially weighted dissimilarity
Includes: Duan, L.J.[Li Juan] Duan, L.J.[Li-Juan] Duan, L.J.[Li-Jun]
8 for Duan, L.J.

Duan, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Ground-Based Remote Sensing Cloud Classification via Learning Heterogeneous Deep Features
* Salient region detection: An integration approach based on image pyramid and region property
Includes: Duan, L.L.[Lin Lin] Duan, L.L.[Lin-Lin] Duan, L.L.[Liang-Liang]

Duan, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using context and appearance distribution features
* Action Recognition Using Multilevel Features and Latent Structural SVM
* Adversarial Multimodal Network for Movie Story Question Answering
* Batch mode Adaptive Multiple Instance Learning for computer vision tasks
* Constructing Self-Motivated Pyramid Curriculums for Cross-Domain Semantic Segmentation: A Non-Adversarial Approach
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Through Structure Enhancement
* Domain Transfer Multiple Kernel Learning
* Domain Transfer SVM for video concept detection
* Dynamic and Static Context-aware Lstm for Multi-agent Motion Prediction
* Efficient Discriminative Learning of Class Hierarchy for Many Class Prediction
* Event Recognition in Videos by Learning from Heterogeneous Web Sources
* Exploiting Images for Video Recognition: Heterogeneous Feature Augmentation via Symmetric Adversarial Learning
* Exploiting web images for event recognition in consumer videos: A multiple source domain adaptation approach
* Improving Web Image Search by Bag-Based Reranking
* Learning With Augmented Features for Supervised and Semi-Supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation
* Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification with Graph Regularized Probabilistic Multi-label Learning
* Real-Time Video Super-Resolution on Smartphones with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Sequential Instance Refinement for Cross-Domain Object Detection in Images
* Temporal Action Proposal Generation via Multi-Task Feature Learning
* Text-based image retrieval using progressive multi-instance learning
* Video Anomaly Detection with Sparse Coding Inspired Deep Neural Networks
* Visual Event Recognition in Videos by Learning from Web Data
* Weakly-Supervised Cross-Domain Road Scene Segmentation via Multi-Level Curriculum Adaptation
* Webly-Supervised Video Recognition by Mutually Voting for Relevant Web Images and Web Video Frames
Includes: Duan, L.X.[Li Xin] Duan, L.X.[Li-Xin]
24 for Duan, L.X.

Duan, L.Y. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Single-Image Reflection Removal Algorithms
* Classes Matter: A Fine-grained Adversarial Approach to Cross-domain Semantic Segmentation
* Codebook-Free Compact Descriptor for Scalable Visual Search
* Compact Descriptors for Video Analysis: The Emerging MPEG Standard
* Compact Descriptors for Visual Search
* Component hashing of variable-length binary aggregated descriptors for fast image search
* CoRRN: Cooperative Reflection Removal Network
* CRRN: Multi-scale Guided Concurrent Reflection Removal Network
* Data Representation in Hybrid Coding Framework for Feature Maps Compression
* Deep regional feature pooling for video matching
* Deep Variational and Structural Hashing
* DeepShoe: An improved Multi-Task View-invariant CNN for street-to-shop shoe retrieval
* Depth-based local feature selection for mobile visual search
* Depth-Preserving Warping for Stereo Image Retargeting
* Dual-Refinement: Joint Label and Feature Refinement for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification
* efficient coding framework for compact descriptors extracted from video sequence, An
* Embedding Adversarial Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Estimating Visual Saliency Through Single Image Optimization
* ESUR: A system for Events detection in SURveillance video
* Exploring Object Relation in Mean Teacher for Cross-Domain Detection
* Extending Hashing Towards Fast Re-Identification
* Face Image Reflection Removal
* Fashion Recommendation on Street Images
* Fast MPEG-CDVS Encoder With GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing
* Feature Boosting Network For 3D Pose Estimation
* Fhde2net: Full High Definition Demoireing Network
* Finding the Secret of Image Saliency in the Frequency Domain
* Gated Square-Root Pooling for Image Instance Retrieval
* Generating vocabulary for global feature representation towards commerce image retrieval
* Global Context-Aware Attention LSTM Networks for 3D Action Recognition
* GPU Based fast MPEG-CDVS encoder
* Group-sensitive multiple kernel learning for object categorization
* Group-Sensitive Multiple Kernel Learning for Object Recognition
* Hard-Net: Hardness-aware Discrimination Network for 3d Early Activity Prediction
* Hierarchical Connectivity-Centered Clustering for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Person Re-Identification
* Hierarchical multi-VLAD for image retrieval
* HNIP: Compact Deep Invariant Representations for Video Matching, Localization, and Retrieval
* hybrid pixel-block based view synthesis for multiviewpoint 3D video, A
* Image partitioning into convex polygons
* Interactive Web Video Advertising with Context Analysis and Search
* Joint optimization of JPEG quantization table and coefficient thresholding for low bitrate mobile visual search
* Key-Point Sequence Lossless Compression for Intelligent Video Analysis
* Learning a cross-modal hashing network for multimedia search
* Learning Compact Visual Descriptors for Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search
* Learning from mobile contexts to minimize the mobile location search latency
* Learning sparse tag patterns for social image classification
* Learning the trip suggestion from landmark photos on the web
* Learning to Distribute Vocabulary Indexing for Scalable Visual Search
* Learning to remove reflections from windshield images
* Local Motion Analysis and Its Application in Video based Swimming Style Recognition
* local shape descriptor for mobile linedrawing retrieval, A
* Location Discriminative Vocabulary Coding for Mobile Landmark Search
* Low Complexity Interest Point Detector, A
* Minimizing Reconstruction Bias Hashing via Joint Projection Learning and Quantization
* Mining Compact Bag-of-Patterns for Low Bit Rate Mobile Visual Search
* Multi-Block N-ary trie structure for exact r-neighbour search in hamming space, A
* Multi-Scale Optimal Fusion Model for Single Image Dehazing
* Multi-stage vector quantization towards low bit rate visual search
* Multimodal Scheme for Program Segmentation and Representation in Broadcast Video Streams, A
* Network Update Compression for Federated Learning
* novel pair-wise image matching strategy with compact descriptors, A
* NTU RGB+D 120: A Large-Scale Benchmark for 3D Human Activity Understanding
* Optimizing JPEG quantization table for low bit rate mobile visual search
* Per-Sample Multiple Kernel Approach for Visual Concept Learning
* PKUBench: A context rich mobile visual search benchmark
* Pose-Normalized and Appearance-Preserved Street-to-Shop Clothing Image Generation and Feature Learning
* Query-Adaptive Small Object Search Using Object Proposals and Shape-Aware Descriptors
* Rate-adaptive Compact Fisher Codes for Mobile Visual Search
* Rate-distortion based sparse coding for image set compression
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Sparse Coding With Ordered Dictionary for Image Set Compression
* Region-Aware Reflection Removal With Unified Content and Gradient Priors
* Region-based depth-preserving stereoscopic image retargeting
* Robust Distracter-Resistive Tracker via Learning a Multi-Component Discriminative Dictionary
* Robust moving video object segmentation in the MPEG compressed domain
* Sampling Wisely: Deep Image Embedding by Top-K Precision Optimization
* Sequence Multi-Labeling: A Unified Video Annotation Scheme With Spatial and Temporal Context
* Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition With Global Context-Aware Attention LSTM Networks
* Skeleton-Based Online Action Prediction Using Scale Selection Network
* Spatiotemporal Grid Flow for Video Retargeting
* SSNet: Scale Selection Network for Online 3D Action Prediction
* Toward Intelligent Product Retrieval for TV-to-Online (T2O) Application: A Transfer Metric Learning Approach
* Towards Accurate One-Stage Object Detection With AP-Loss
* Towards Coding for Human and Machine Vision: Scalable Face Image Coding
* Towards compact topical descriptors
* Towards Efficient Front-End Visual Sensing for Digital Retina: A Model-Centric Paradigm
* Towards Large-Scale City Reconstruction from Satellites
* Towards Large-Scale Object Instance Search: A Multi-Block N-Ary Trie
* Towards Mobile Document Image Retrieval for Digital Library
* Two-stage pooling of deep convolutional features for image retrieval
* Unified Spatio-Temporal Attention Networks for Action Recognition in Videos
* VERI-Wild: A Large Dataset and a New Method for Vehicle Re-Identification in the Wild
* Video Coding for Machines: A Paradigm of Collaborative Compression and Intelligent Analytics
* Weakly supervised topic grouping of YouTube search results
* Weighted Component Hashing of Binary Aggregated Descriptors for Fast Visual Search
Includes: Duan, L.Y. Duan, L.Y.[Ling-Yu] Duan, L.Y.[Liu-Yun]
94 for Duan, L.Y.

Duan, M. Co Author Listing * Age Estimation Using Aging/Rejuvenation Features With Device-Edge Synergy
* Automatic Vehicle Extraction from Airborne LiDAR Data Using an Object-Based Point Cloud Analysis Method
* Color image guided locality regularized representation for Kinect depth holes filling
* Deep learning-based real-time VPN encrypted traffic identification methods
* Kinect depth map based enhancement for low light surveillance image
* New Weighting Method by Considering the Physical Characteristics of Atmospheric Turbulence and Decorrelation Noise in SBAS-InSAR, A
* Polinsar Experiments Of Multi-mode X-band Data Over South Area Of China
* RTL3D: real-time LIDAR-based 3D object detection with sparse CNN
* Style modeling for tagging personal photo collections
Includes: Duan, M. Duan, M.[Minyan] Duan, M.[Mang] Duan, M.[Ming] Duan, M.[Meng] Duan, M.[Meiyu] Duan, M.[Manni]
9 for Duan, M.

Duan, M.S.[Ming Shan] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of the Radar Reflectivity of Convective Storms Based on Deep Learning and Himawari-8 Observations
Includes: Duan, M.S.[Ming Shan] Duan, M.S.[Ming-Shan]

Duan, M.X.[Min Xuan] Co Author Listing * C-SURE: Shrinkage Estimator and Prototype Classifier for Complex-Valued Deep Learning
Includes: Duan, M.X.[Min Xuan] Duan, M.X.[Min-Xuan]

Duan, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Surface Subsidence in Chiba Using PSInSAR Technique, An
* Combined DEM Extration Method from StereoSAR and InSAR
* Geo-Info Graph Spectrum Analysis for Representing Distance Relations in GIS
* Reforming mixed operation schedule for electric buses and traditional fuel buses by an optimal framework
Includes: Duan, M.Y. Duan, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan]

Duan, M.Z.[Min Zheng] Co Author Listing * Measurement of Cloud Top Height: Comparison of MODIS and Ground-Based Millimeter Radar
Includes: Duan, M.Z.[Min Zheng] Duan, M.Z.[Min-Zheng]

Duan, N.[Na] Co Author Listing * Image Contrast Enhancement by Global and Local Adjustment of Gray Levels
* Visual Question Generation as Dual Task of Visual Question Answering
Includes: Duan, N.[Na] Duan, N.[Nan]

Duan, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using dynamic hierarchical trees
* Component Decomposition-Based Hyperspectral Resolution Enhancement for Mineral Mapping
* Decolorization-Based Hyperspectral Image Visualization
* Detection and Correction of Mislabeled Training Samples for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Double random scrambling encoding in the RPMPFrHT domain
* Estimation of Link Travel Time Distribution With Limited Traffic Detectors
* Feasibility of the Spatiotemporal Fusion Model in Monitoring Ebinur Lake's Suspended Particulate Matter under the Missing-Data Scenario
* Framework for Jointly Training GAN with Person Re-identification Model, A
* Fusion of Dual Spatial Information for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Fusion of Multiple Edge-Preserving Operations for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection With Kernel Isolation Forest
* Investigation on the Expansion of Urban Construction Land Use Based on the CART-CA Model
* Large-Scale Video Classification with Feature Space Augmentation Coupled with Learned Label Relations and Ensembling
* Multi-person pose estimation based on a deep convolutional neural network
* Multichannel Pulse-Coupled Neural Network-Based Hyperspectral Image Visualization
* Multilevel Structure Extraction-Based Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
* Neuromorphic Camera Guided High Dynamic Range Imaging
* New Single Image Super-resolution Method Using SIMK-based Classification and ISRM Technique, A
* Real-Time 3D Face Alignment Using an Encoder-Decoder Network With an Efficient Deconvolution Layer
* Remote Sensing Applications in Monitoring of Protected Areas: A Bibliometric Analysis
* Robust Normalized Softmax Loss for Deep Metric Learning-Based Characterization of Remote Sensing Images With Label Noise
* Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Navigation for Unmanned Multi-Sensor Aerial Platforms
* Studies on Three-Dimensional (3D) Modeling of UAV Oblique Imagery with the Aid of Loop-Shooting
* Unified Spatio-Temporal Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction, A
Includes: Duan, P.[Peng] Duan, P.[Puhong] Duan, P. Duan, P.[Pan] Duan, P.[Ping] Duan, P.[Peilin] Duan, P.[Peili]
24 for Duan, P.

Duan, P.H.[Pu Hong] Co Author Listing * Deep Unsupervised Embedding for Remotely Sensed Images Based on Spatially Augmented Momentum Contrast
* Texture-aware total variation-based removal of sun glint in hyperspectral images
Includes: Duan, P.H.[Pu Hong] Duan, P.H.[Pu-Hong]

Duan, P.Q.[Pei Qi] Co Author Listing * Joint Filtering of Intensity Images and Neuromorphic Events for High-Resolution Noise-Robust Imaging
Includes: Duan, P.Q.[Pei Qi] Duan, P.Q.[Pei-Qi]

Duan, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * bivariate rational interpolation based on scattered data on parallel lines, A
* Coherence Statistics of Structured Random Ensembles and Support Detection Bounds for OMP
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Microwave Emissivity and Brightness Temperature Sensitivities to Soil Parameters Using Qualitative and Quantitative Sensitivity Analyses, A
* Compressive environment matting
* From Face Recognition to Kinship Verification: An Adaptation Approach
* Mapping the condition of macadamia tree crops using multi-spectral UAV and WorldView-3 imagery
* Mesh Variational Autoencoders with Edge Contraction Pooling
* Point control of the interpolating curve with a rational cubic spline
* Recovering Surface Details under General Unknown Illumination Using Shading and Coarse Multi-view Stereo
* Shading-Based Surface Detail Recovery Under General Unknown Illumination
* Simulation of 3D Ultrasound with a Realistic Electro-mechanical Model of the Heart
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Taxi-Driver Shifts Using Big Trace Data
* Surface Function Actives
* Surface Modeling Method by Using C2 Piecewise Rational Spline Interpolation, A
* Vector field fitting for real-time environment matting of transparent objects
Includes: Duan, Q.[Qi] Duan, Q. Duan, Q.[Qibin] Duan, Q.[Qian]
15 for Duan, Q.

Duan, Q.S.[Quan Sheng] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Syllable/Phone HMM Based Mandarin TTS
* Section Approach for Representation of 3-Dimentional Point Clouds
Includes: Duan, Q.S.[Quan Sheng] Duan, Q.S.[Quan-Sheng] Duan, Q.S.[Qi-San]

Duan, Q.T.[Qun Tao] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Evaluating Human Pressure Changes in the Qilian Mountains
Includes: Duan, Q.T.[Qun Tao] Duan, Q.T.[Qun-Tao]

Duan, R. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Camouflage: Hiding Physical-World Attacks With Natural Styles
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Video Temporal Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Brain Image Segmentation by Markov Field and Normal Distribution Curve, The
* Cardiac image segmentation by random walks with dynamic shape constraint
* Closed-Form Hybrid Cramer-Rao Bound for DOA Estimation by an Acoustic Vector Sensor Under Orientation Deviation
* Deep Learning Based on Striation Images for Underwater and Surface Target Classification
* Recommended keypoint-aware tracker: Adaptive real-time visual tracking using consensus feature prior ranking
* Robust Adjusted Likelihood Function for Image Analysis
* Robust Multipath Time-Delay Estimation of Broadband Source Using a Vertical Line Array in Deep Water
* Rotation invariant texture classification using directional filter bank and support vector machine
* Semi-Supervised Image Classification in Likelihood Space
Includes: Duan, R. Duan, R.[Ran] Duan, R.[Rui] Duan, R.[Rong]
11 for Duan, R.

Duan, S.[Shu] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Rain-Induced Attenuation over Signal Links at Frequency Ranges of 25 and 38 GHz Observed in Beijing
* Climate and Spring Phenology Effects on Autumn Phenology in the Greater Khingan Mountains, Northeastern China
* Evaluation of Five Deep Learning Models for Crop Type Mapping Using Sentinel-2 Time Series Images with Missing Information
* model based on hierarchical safety distance algorithm for ACC control mode switching strategy, A
* New Method for Winter Wheat Mapping Based on Spectral Reconstruction Technology, A
Includes: Duan, S.[Shu] Duan, S.[Shengwu] Duan, S.[Sibo] Duan, S.[Sutao]

Duan, S.B.[Si Bo] Co Author Listing * Algorithm Development for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval: Application to Chinese Gaofen-5 Data
* Cross-satellite comparison of operational land surface temperature products derived from MODIS and ASTER data over bare soil surfaces
* Estimation of daily mean land surface temperature at global scale using pairs of daytime and nighttime MODIS instantaneous observations
* Estimation of Diurnal Cycle of Land Surface Temperature at High Temporal and Spatial Resolution from Clear-Sky MODIS Data
* Evaluation of Seven Atmospheric Profiles from Reanalysis and Satellite-Derived Products: Implication for Single-Channel Land Surface Temperature Retrieval
* Evapotranspiration Retrieval Under Different Aridity Conditions Over North American Grasslands
* Improvement of Split-Window Algorithm for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Sentinel-3A SLSTR Data Over Barren Surfaces Using ASTER GED Product
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Passive Microwave Satellite Observations: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
* Method for Deriving Relative Humidity From MODIS Data Under All-Sky Conditions, A
* Normalization of the temporal effect on the MODIS land surface temperature product using random forest regression
* practical approach for deriving all-weather soil moisture content using combined satellite and meteorological data, A
* Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature With Topographic Effect Correction From Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Data in Mountainous Areas
* Spatial Downscaling of MODIS Land Surface Temperatures Using Geographically Weighted Regression: Case Study in Northern China
* Spectral Signature Shape-Based Algorithm for Landsat Image Classification, A
* Validation and Analysis of Long-Term AATSR Land Surface Temperature Product in the Heihe River Basin, China
Includes: Duan, S.B.[Si Bo] Duan, S.B.[Si-Bo] Duan, S.B.
15 for Duan, S.B.

Duan, S.F.[Shu Fei] Co Author Listing * Timed and probabilistic automata for automatic animal Call Recognition
Includes: Duan, S.F.[Shu Fei] Duan, S.F.[Shu-Fei]

Duan, S.J.[Song Jiang] Co Author Listing * P-Linknet: Linknet with Spatial Pyramid Pooling for High-resolution Satellite Imagery
Includes: Duan, S.J.[Song Jiang] Duan, S.J.[Song-Jiang]

Duan, S.K.[Shu Kai] Co Author Listing * Convergence Analysis of a Fixed Point Algorithm Under Maximum Complex Correntropy Criterion
Includes: Duan, S.K.[Shu Kai] Duan, S.K.[Shu-Kai]

Duan, S.M.[Shao Ming] Co Author Listing * Combining dissimilarity measures for image classification
Includes: Duan, S.M.[Shao Ming] Duan, S.M.[Shao-Ming]

Duan, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Analytical Method for Dynamic Wave-Related Errors of Interferometric SAR Ocean Altimetry under Multiple Sea States, An
* Detecting the Presence of Stationary Objects from Sparse Stereo Disparity Space
Includes: Duan, T.[Tao] Duan, T.[Tiandi]

Duan, W.[Wenting] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of flying bird species using computer vision techniques
* Classification of Hyperspectral Images by Exploiting Spectral-Spatial Information of Superpixel via Multiple Kernels
* Compressive sensing MR imaging based on adaptive tight frame and reference image
* Computer Vision Approach to Classification of Birds in Flight from Video Sequences, A
* Deep saliency map estimation of hand-crafted features
* EEG-Based Multi-Modal Emotion Database with Both Posed and Authentic Facial Actions for Emotion Analysis, An
* Growing Artificial Transportation Systems: A Rule-Based Iterative Design Process
* Multi-Temporal InSAR Parallel Processing for Sentinel-1 Large-Scale Surface Deformation Mapping
* Recent Advancement in Remote Sensing Technology for Hydrology Analysis and Water Resources Management
* Spatio-Temporal Trends of Surface Energy Budget in Tibet from Satellite Remote Sensing Observations and Reanalysis Data
* Spectral Efficiency Enhanced Cooperative Device-to-Device Systems With NOMA
* Time Series InSAR Three-Dimensional Displacement Inversion Model of Coal Mining Areas Based on Symmetrical Features of Mining Subsidence
Includes: Duan, W.[Wenting] Duan, W.[Wuhui] Duan, W.[Wei] Duan, W. Duan, W.[Wenna] Duan, W.[Weili] Duan, W.[Wentao]
12 for Duan, W.

Duan, W.G.[Wen Guo] Co Author Listing * 3D Digital Investigation on Diseases of Tibet Murals
Includes: Duan, W.G.[Wen Guo] Duan, W.G.[Wen-Guo]

Duan, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Co Author Listing * Automatic object and image alignment using Fourier Descriptors
Includes: Duan, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Duan, W.S.[Wei-Sheng]

Duan, W.T.[Wen Ting] Co Author Listing * Automatic Conic and Line Grouping for Calibration of Central Catadioptric Camera
* Entrance Pupil Irradiance Estimating Model for a Moon-Based Earth Radiation Observatory Instrument
* J-Linkage Based Approach for Vanishing Direction Estimation in Catadioptric Images, A
Includes: Duan, W.T.[Wen Ting] Duan, W.T.[Wen-Ting] Duan, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Duan, W.W.[Wei Wei] Co Author Listing * Combining Remote-Sensing-Derived Data and Historical Maps for Long-Term Back-Casting of Urban Extents
* Map Archive Mining: Visual-Analytical Approaches to Explore Large Historical Map Collections
* Spatialising uncertainty in image segmentation using weakly supervised convolutional neural networks: a case study from historical map processing
Includes: Duan, W.W.[Wei Wei] Duan, W.W.[Wei-Wei]

Duan, W.Y.[Wen Yang] Co Author Listing * Numerical Investigations on Wave Remote Sensing from Synthetic X-Band Radar Sea Clutter Images by Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Duan, W.Y.[Wen Yang] Duan, W.Y.[Wen-Yang]

Duan, X. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Scene Category Discovery With Generative Learning and Compositional Sampling
* Analysis of Amazon Market Product Satisfaction Based on LDA Theme Model
* Assessment and Validation of AirMOSS P-Band Root-Zone Soil Moisture Products
* Bidding Strategies in Energy and Reserve Markets for an Aggregator of Multiple EV Fast Charging Stations With Battery Storage
* Bistatic Vector 3-D Scattering From Layered Rough Surfaces Using Stabilized Extended Boundary Condition Method
* Coherent Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Two-Layer Rough Surfaces Within the Kirchhoff Regime
* Concurrent and Lagged Effects of Extreme Drought Induce Net Reduction in Vegetation Carbon Uptake on Tibetan Plateau
* Discovering Video Shot Categories by Unsupervised Stochastic Graph Partition
* Endless Fluctuations: Temporal Dynamics of the Amplitude of Low Frequency Fluctuations
* Feature matching based on unsupervised manifold alignment
* Full-Wave Electromagnetic Scattering From Rough Surfaces With Buried Inhomogeneities
* Generalized Terrain Topography in Radar Scattering Models
* image reconstruction framework based on deep neural network for electrical impedance tomography, An
* Impacts of Farmland Loss on Regional Food Self-Sufficiency in Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration over Last Two Decades, The
* Joint Spatio-Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos with Per-Frame Segmentation
* MEC Intelligence Driven Electro-Mobility Management for Battery Switch Service
* P-Band Radar Retrieval of Subsurface Soil Moisture Profile as a Second-Order Polynomial: First AirMOSS Results
* Reliability-Aware Joint Optimization for Cooperative Vehicular Communication and Computing
* Reliability-Oriented Optimization of Computation Offloading for Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems
* Ultra-Compact Microsystems-Based Confocal Endomicroscope
* Visualizing Epithelial Expression in Vertical and Horizontal Planes With Dual Axes Confocal Endomicroscope Using Compact Distal Scanner
Includes: Duan, X. Duan, X.[Xingwu] Duan, X.[Xifa] Duan, X.[Xuelin] Duan, X.[Xuting] Duan, X.[Xueyang]
21 for Duan, X.

Duan, X.C.[Xuan Chu] Co Author Listing * Glaucoma screening pipeline based on clinical measurements and hidden features
* Robust Loop Closure Detection Integrating Visual-Spatial-Semantic Information via Topological Graphs and CNN Features
Includes: Duan, X.C.[Xuan Chu] Duan, X.C.[Xuan-Chu] Duan, X.C.[Xue-Chao]

Duan, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * feature subtraction method for image based kinship verification under uncontrolled environments, A
* Local feature learning for face recognition under varying poses
* Neighbors Based Discriminative Feature Difference Learning for Kinship Verification
* spatial self-similarity based feature learning method for face recognition under varying poses, A
Includes: Duan, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Duan, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Duan, X.F.[Xian Fei] Co Author Listing * Recurrent Deep Attention Network for Person Re-Identification
Includes: Duan, X.F.[Xian Fei] Duan, X.F.[Xian-Fei]

Duan, X.G.[Xu Guang] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Contextual Graph Neural Network for Text Visual Question Answering
Includes: Duan, X.G.[Xu Guang] Duan, X.G.[Xu-Guang]

Duan, X.H. Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal fusion for Macro- and Micro-expression Spotting in Long Video Sequences

Duan, X.J.[Xiao Jie] Co Author Listing * Referring expression comprehension model with matching detection and linguistic feedback
* Saliency-guided level set model for automatic object segmentation
* Three-dimensional shape reconstruction system based on fiber-optic interference fringe imaging
Includes: Duan, X.J.[Xiao Jie] Duan, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Duan, X.J.[Xiao-Jun]

Duan, X.T.[Xin Tao] Co Author Listing * Efficient image encryption and compression based on a VAE generative model
Includes: Duan, X.T.[Xin Tao] Duan, X.T.[Xin-Tao]

Duan, X.W.[Xing Wu] Co Author Listing * Examining the Effects of Hydropower Station Construction on the Surface Temperature of the Jinsha River Dry-Hot Valley at Different Seasons
Includes: Duan, X.W.[Xing Wu] Duan, X.W.[Xing-Wu]

Duan, X.Y.[Xiao Yue] Co Author Listing * Interpretable Attention Guided Network for Fine-grained Visual Classification
Includes: Duan, X.Y.[Xiao Yue] Duan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yue]

Duan, X.Z.[Xu Zhe] Co Author Listing * Approach of Identifying and Extracting Urban Commercial Areas Using the Nighttime Lights Satellite Imagery, An
Includes: Duan, X.Z.[Xu Zhe] Duan, X.Z.[Xu-Zhe]

Duan, Y.[Ye] Co Author Listing * 2D Matching Using Repetitive and Salient Features in Architectural Images
* 2D Wavelet Decomposition and F-K Migration for Identifying Fractured Rock Areas Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* 500-2000-MHz Brightness Temperature Spectra of the Northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet
* Adaptive Video Streaming With Optimized Bitstream Extraction and PID-Based Quality Control
* Algorithm for the Retrieval of High Temporal-Spatial Resolution Shortwave Albedo from Landsat-8 Surface Reflectance and MODIS BRDF, An
* AMS-3000 Large Field View Aerial Mapping System: Basic Principles And The Workflow
* Circle detection on images by line segment and circle completeness
* Color Photometric Stereo for Albedo and Shape Reconstruction
* Deep Adversarial Metric Learning
* Deep Adversarial Metric Learning
* Deep Localized Metric Learning
* Detecting Thalamic Abnormalities in Autism Using Cylinder Conformal Mapping
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image Using Spatial-Spectral Regularized Sparse Hypergraph Embedding
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Spatial-Spectral Manifold Learning
* Ensemble Approach to Image Matching Using Contextual Features, An
* Gradient Regression for Brain Landmark Localization on Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Group Self-Paced Learning With a Time-Varying Regularizer for Unsupervised Change Detection
* Image set querying based localization
* Incident-Supporting Visual Cloud Computing Utilizing Software-Defined Networking
* INS Error Estimation Based on an ANFIS and Its Application in Complex and Covert Surroundings
* Integrating LIDAR Range Scans and Photographs with Temporal Changes
* Iterative Surface Evolution Algorithm for Multiview Stereo, An
* Local Constraint-Based Sparse Manifold Hypergraph Learning for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image
* Local Geometric Structure Feature for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Local Linear Spatial-Spectral Probabilistic Distribution for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Local Manifold-Based Sparse Discriminant Learning for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Image
* Managing Emergency Traffic Evacuation With a Partially Random Destination Allocation Strategy: A Computational-Experiment-Based Optimization Approach
* method of compensating inter-reflections in color photometric stereo, A
* new information fusion approach for image segmentation, A
* New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain Extraction, A
* Novel Algorithm for Automatic Brain Structure Segmentation from MRI, A
* Novel Modeling Algorithm for Shape Recovery of Unknown Topology, A
* novel variational model for retinex in presence of severe noises, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification Challenge
* Optimal mass transport based brain morphometry for patients with congenital hand deformities
* Optimal spectral and spatial weights for photometric stereo for accurate shape reconstruction
* Partially Coherent Approach for Modeling Polar Ice Sheet 0.5-2-GHz Thermal Emission, A
* Point-based rendering enhancement via deep learning
* PointGrid: A Deep Network for 3D Shape Understanding
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part II: Two-Pass VBR Coding for H.264/AVC
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part I: Fundamental Theory
* Relative Radiometric Correction Method for Airborne Image Using Outdoor Calibration and Image Statistics, A
* Robust Harris-Laplace Detector by Scale Multiplication
* Rooftop Detection and 3D Building Modeling from Aerial Images
* Saliency Prediction on Omnidirectional Image With Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning
* Self-adaptive manifold discriminant analysis for feature extraction from hyperspectral imagery
* Semantic Perceptual Image Compression With a Laplacian Pyramid of Convolutional Networks
* Semi-supervised Edge Learning for Building Detection in Aerial Images
* Shape Reconstruction from 3D and 2D Data Using PDE-Based Deformable Surfaces
* Simple and Efficient Method for Radial Distortion Estimation by Relative Orientation, A
* Spatial-Spectral Local Discriminant Projection for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image
* Toward Variable-Rate Generative Compression by Reducing the Channel Redundancy
* Traffic Flow Prediction With Big Data: A Deep Learning Approach
* Vehdoop: A Scalable Analytical Processing Framework for Vehicular Sensor Networks
* Video denoising via spatially adaptive coefficient shrinkage and threshold adjustment in Surfacelet transform domain
* Water Balance Analysis Based on a Quantitative Evapotranspiration Inversion in the Nukus Irrigation Area, Lower Amu River Basin
Includes: Duan, Y.[Ye] Duan, Y.[Yunling] Duan, Y. Duan, Y.[Yu] Duan, Y.[Yule] Duan, Y.[Yabo] Duan, Y.[Yubo] Duan, Y.[Yuru] Duan, Y.[Yuna] Duan, Y.[Ying] Duan, Y.[Yongchao]
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Duan, Y.B.[Yan Biao] Co Author Listing * benchmark for interactive image segmentation algorithms, A
* Experts-Shift: Learning active spatial classification experts for keyframe-based video segmentation
Includes: Duan, Y.B.[Yan Biao] Duan, Y.B.[Yan-Biao]

Duan, Y.C.[Yong Chao] Co Author Listing * Accurate Simulation of Ice and Snow Runoff for the Mountainous Terrain of the Kunlun Mountains, China
Includes: Duan, Y.C.[Yong Chao] Duan, Y.C.[Yong-Chao]

Duan, Y.J.[Ya Juan] Co Author Listing * Understanding How Low-Level Clouds and Fog Modify the Diurnal Cycle of Orographic Precipitation Using In Situ and Satellite Observations
Includes: Duan, Y.J.[Ya Juan] Duan, Y.J.[Ya-Juan]

Duan, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Crop Classification with Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images
* EasyIDP: A Python Package for Intermediate Data Processing in UAV-Based Plant Phenotyping
* Efficient Method for Estimating Wheat Heading Dates Using UAV Images, An
* Finer Classification of Crops by Fusing UAV Images and Sentinel-2A Data
* Unsupervised Global Urban Area Mapping via Automatic Labeling from ASTER and PALSAR Satellite Images
* Wavelet Scattering Network-Based Machine Learning for Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging: Application in Pipeline Identification
Includes: Duan, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Duan, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Duan, Y.L.[Yun-Ling]

Duan, Y.N.[Yu Ning] Co Author Listing * Research on the Temperature Transfer Relationship Between Miniature Fixed-Point and Blackbody for On-Orbit Infrared Remote Sensor Calibration
Includes: Duan, Y.N.[Yu Ning] Duan, Y.N.[Yu-Ning]

Duan, Y.P.[Yi Ping] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hierarchical Multinomial Latent Model With Hybrid Kernel Function for SAR Image Semantic Segmentation
* Adaptive trainable non-linear reaction diffusion for Rician noise removal
* Deep Coupled Feedback Network for Joint Exposure Fusion and Image Super-Resolution
* Dense Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Fast Augmented Lagrangian Method for Euler's Elastica Model, A
* fixed-point augmented Lagrangian method for total variation minimization problems, A
* Hierarchical objectness network for region proposal generation and object detection
* Identification of digital radiography image source based on digital radiography pattern noise recognition
* Learning Interpolation via Regional Map for Pan-Sharpening
* L_0 Regularized Mumford-Shah Model for Bias Correction and Segmentation of Medical Images, The
* Minimizing Discrete Total Curvature for Image Processing
* Nonlocal Elastica Model for Sparse Reconstruction
* Piecewise Smooth Segmentation with Sparse Prior
* SAR Image segmentation based on convolutional-wavelet neural network and markov random field
* SAR Image Segmentation Based on Hierarchical Visual Semantic and Adaptive Neighborhood Multinomial Latent Model
* Semantic Conditional Random Field for Object Based SAR Image Segmentation
* Shape Prior Regularized Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Image Segmentation
* Simultaneous bias correction and image segmentation via L0 regularized Mumford-Shah model
* Surgical Simulation Robot with Haptics and Friction Compensation
* Total Variation-Based Phase Retrieval for Poisson Noise Removal
* TVp Regularized Mumford-Shah Model for Image Labeling and Segmentation, The
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using Euler's Elastica Regularized Mumford-Shah Model, A
Includes: Duan, Y.P.[Yi Ping] Duan, Y.P.[Yi-Ping] Duan, Y.P.[Yu-Ping]
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Duan, Y.Q.[Yue Qi] Co Author Listing * Building change detection based on 3D reconstruction
* Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition
* Curriculum DeepSDF
* Deep Embedding Learning With Discriminative Sampling Policy
* Deep Variational Metric Learning
* Graph-based Social Relation Reasoning
* GraphBit: Bitwise Interaction Mining via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Knowledge Distillation via Instance Relationship Graph
* Learning Deep Binary Descriptor with Multi-Quantization
* Learning Rotation-Invariant Local Binary Descriptor
* Preliminary Evaluation of the Error Budgets in the TALIS Measurements and Their Impact on the Retrievals
* Progressive feature matching via triplet graph
* Structural Relational Reasoning of Point Clouds
* UniformFace: Learning Deep Equidistributed Representation for Face Recognition
Includes: Duan, Y.Q.[Yue Qi] Duan, Y.Q.[Yue-Qi] Duan, Y.Q.[Yun-Qiang] Duan, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang]
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Duan, Y.S.[Yan Song] Co Author Listing * Dense Image Matching With Two Steps Of Expansion
* Lidar Photogrammetry And Its Data Organization
* Research of Image Matching Algorithm Based On Rotation Vector Field
Includes: Duan, Y.S.[Yan Song] Duan, Y.S.[Yan-Song] Duan, Y.S.

Duan, Y.W.[Ya Wen] Co Author Listing * Catch: Context-based Meta Reinforcement Learning for Transferrable Architecture Search
Includes: Duan, Y.W.[Ya Wen] Duan, Y.W.[Ya-Wen]

Duan, Y.X.[Yong Xu] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Aerosol Radiative Forcing over Beijing under Different Air Quality Conditions Using Ground-Based Sun-Photometers between 2013 and 2015
* Control study of low tube voltage computed tomography angiography (CTA) and digital subtraction angiography (DS
* Illumination Estimation of 3D Surface Texture Based on Active Basis
* Revising the Observation Satellite Scheduling Problem Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Texture synthesis by Support Vector Machines
Includes: Duan, Y.X.[Yong Xu] Duan, Y.X.[Yong-Xu] Duan, Y.X.[Yu-Xia] Duan, Y.X.[Yuan-Xu] Duan, Y.X.[Yu-Xiao]

Duan, Y.Y.[Yong Yong] Co Author Listing * Image stabilization algorithm based on KLT motion tracking
Includes: Duan, Y.Y.[Yong Yong] Duan, Y.Y.[Yong-Yong]

Duan, Y.Z.[Yuan Zheng] Co Author Listing * Correlation Analysis and Reconstruction of the Geometric Evaluation Indicator System of the Discrete Global Grid
* Efficient dead-zone plus uniform threshold scalar quantization of generalized Gaussian random variables
* Implementation of HEVC decoder on x86 processors with SIMD optimization
* low-latency peer-to-peer live and VOD streaming system based on scalable video coding, A
* Novel Efficient HEVC Decoding Solution on General-Purpose Processors
* Novel Wavefront-Based High Parallel Solution for HEVC Encoding, A
* Optimising total entry delay at roundabouts with unbalanced flow: A dynamic strategy for smart metering
* optimized real-time multi-thread HEVC decoder, An
* Towards simple and smooth rate adaption for VBR video in DASH
Includes: Duan, Y.Z.[Yuan Zheng] Duan, Y.Z.[Yuan-Zheng] Duan, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhou] Duan, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhou]
9 for Duan, Y.Z.

Duan, Z.[Zheng] Co Author Listing * Assessment of GPM and TRMM Precipitation Products over Singapore
* Audiovisual Analysis of Music Performances: Overview of an Emerging Field
* Automatic Music Transcription: An Overview
* Class-unbalanced domain adaptation for object detection via dynamic weighting mechanism
* Creating a Multitrack Classical Music Performance Dataset for Multimodal Music Analysis: Challenges, Insights, and Applications
* Earth Observation Based Assessment of the Water Production and Water Consumption of Nile Basin Agro-Ecosystems
* efficient all zero block detection algorithm based on frequency characteristics of DCT in HEVC, An
* Estimation of Lake Outflow from the Poorly Gauged Lake Tana (Ethiopia) Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Estimation of Reservoir Discharges from Lake Nasser and Roseires Reservoir in the Nile Basin Using Satellite Altimetry and Imagery Data
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Residue Coverage Using Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Images
* Evaluation of Six High-Resolution Satellite and Ground-Based Precipitation Products over Malaysia
* Frame level rate control algorithm based on GOP level quality dependency for low-delay hierarchical video coding
* Groundwater Depletion Estimated from GRACE: A Challenge of Sustainable Development in an Arid Region of Central Asia
* Hierarchical Cross-Modal Talking Face Generation With Dynamic Pixel-Wise Loss
* Hydrologic Evaluation of TRMM and GPM IMERG Satellite-Based Precipitation in a Humid Basin of China
* Knowledge-Based Temporal Planning Approach for Urban Traffic Control, A
* Listen and Look: Audio-Visual Matching Assisted Speech Source Separation
* Lossless Frame Memory Compression Using Pixel-Grain Prediction and Dynamic Order Entropy Coding
* Monitoring Water Quality of Valle de Bravo Reservoir, Mexico, Using Entire Lifespan of MERIS Data and Machine Learning Approaches
* Multiscale Comparative Evaluation of the GPM IMERG v5 and TRMM 3B42 v7 Precipitation Products from 2015 to 2017 over a Climate Transition Area of China
* New Machine Learning Approach in Detecting the Oil Palm Plantations Using Remote Sensing Data, A
* novel multiplex cascade classifier for pedestrian detection, A
* One-Class Learning Towards Synthetic Voice Spoofing Detection
* Parallel Content-Aware Adaptive Quantization-Oriented Lossy Frame Memory Recompression for HEVC
* Performance Ranking of Kalman Filter With Pre-Determined Initial State Prior
* Piano Transcription With Convolutional Sparse Lateral Inhibition
* Pixel-grain prediction and K-order UEG-rice entropy coding oriented lossless frame memory compression for motion estimation in HEVC
* Preliminary Utility of the Retrospective IMERG Precipitation Product for Large-Scale Drought Monitoring over Mainland China
* RAPiD: Rotation-Aware People Detection in Overhead Fisheye Images
* Recommendation for Ridesharing Groups Through Destination Prediction on Trajectory Data
* Route-Based Dynamics Modeling and Tracking With Application to Air Traffic Surveillance
* Speaker Attractor Network: Generalizing Speech Separation to Unseen Numbers of Sources
Includes: Duan, Z.[Zheng] Duan, Z. Duan, Z.[Zhemin] Duan, Z.[Zhiyao] Duan, Z.[Zhu] Duan, Z.[Zhansheng]
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Duan, Z.B.[Zhi Bo] Co Author Listing * Weighted Forward-Backward Spatial Smoothing DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on TLS-ESPRIT, A
Includes: Duan, Z.B.[Zhi Bo] Duan, Z.B.[Zhi-Bo]

Duan, Z.H.[Zhong Hui] Co Author Listing * Bi-branch network for dynamic scene deblurring
Includes: Duan, Z.H.[Zhong Hui] Duan, Z.H.[Zhong-Hui]

Duan, Z.J.[Zhi Jie] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Model Consisting of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, A
Includes: Duan, Z.J.[Zhi Jie] Duan, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie]

Duan, Z.K.[Zhi Kui] Co Author Listing * Fast detection method of quick response code based on run-length coding
Includes: Duan, Z.K.[Zhi Kui] Duan, Z.K.[Zhi-Kui]

Duan, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Consensus tracking of nonlinear multi-agent systems with switching directed topologies
* Joint Cramér-Rao Lower Bound for Nonlinear Parametric Systems With Cross-Correlated Noises
Includes: Duan, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Duan, Z.S.[Zhi-Sheng] Duan, Z.S.[Zhan-Sheng]

Duan, Z.T.[Zong Tao] Co Author Listing * Data dissemination in service discovery for vehicular ad hoc networks: a survey
Includes: Duan, Z.T.[Zong Tao] Duan, Z.T.[Zong-Tao]

Duan, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Co Author Listing * Feature-metric Loss for Self-supervised Learning of Depth and Egomotion
Includes: Duan, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Duan, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang]

Duan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yao] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Event Localization in Unconstrained Videos
* Geometric Constrained Joint Lane Segmentation and Lane Boundary Detection
* Lip Movements Generation at a Glance
* Understanding evacuation and impact of a metro collision on ridership using large-scale mobile phone data
* Understanding multiple days' metro travel demand at aggregate level
* Using ALPR data to understand the vehicle use behaviour under TDM measures
Includes: Duan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yao] Duan, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yao] Duan, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Duan, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yu]

Duan, Z.Z.[Zhi Zhao] Co Author Listing * VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Duan, Z.Z.[Zhi Zhao] Duan, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhao]

Duanduan, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Aligned matching: An efficient image matching technique
* Detection and segmentation of near-duplicate fragments in random images
* low-dimensional local descriptor incorporating TPS warping for image matching, A
* Performance evaluation of low-dimensional sifts

Duane, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * Annotation System for Egocentric Image Media, An
* Baseline Analysis of a Conventional and Virtual Reality Lifelog Retrieval System
* Lifelog Exploration Prototype in Virtual Reality
* User Interaction for Visual Lifelog Retrieval in a Virtual Environment
* Wearable Cameras for Real-Time Activity Annotation

Duane, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Effect of Attenuation from Fish Shoals on Long-Range, Wide-Area Acoustic Sensing in the Ocean, The

Duanggate, C.[Cattleya] Co Author Listing * Object detection with feature stability over scale space

Duangphasuk, S.[Surakarn] Co Author Listing * hybrid method for facial recognition systems, A

Duanmu, C.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Block Motion Estimation With 8-Bit Partial Sums Using SIMD Architectures
* Multilevel Successive Elimination Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation, A

Duanmu, F.[Fanyi] Co Author Listing * Fast CU partition decision using machine learning for screen content compression

Duanmu, F.Y.[Fan Yi] Co Author Listing * HEVC-Compliant Fast Screen Content Transcoding Framework Based on Mode Mapping, An
* HEVC-compliant screen content transcoding based on mode mapping and fast termination
* novel screen content fast transcoding framework based on statistical study and machine learning, A
Includes: Duanmu, F.Y.[Fan Yi] Duanmu, F.Y.[Fan-Yi]

Duanmu, J.[Jialong] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Different Methods for Estimating Diameter at Breast Height from Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Duanmu, J.L.[Jia Long] Co Author Listing * Annular Neighboring Points Distribution Analysis: A Novel PLS Stem Point Cloud Preprocessing Algorithm for DBH Estimation
Includes: Duanmu, J.L.[Jia Long] Duanmu, J.L.[Jia-Long]

Duanmu, S.[Sicheng] Co Author Listing * Real-time Binocular Vision Implementation on an Soc Tms320c6678 DSP

Duanmu, Z. Co Author Listing * Characterizing Generalized Rate-Distortion Performance of Video Coding: An Eigen Analysis Approach
* Modeling Generalized Rate-Distortion Functions
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of 3d Point Clouds
* Quality-of-Experience for Adaptive Streaming Videos: An Expectation Confirmation Theory Motivated Approach
* Temporal Motion Smoothness and the Impact of Frame Rate Variation on Video Quality

Duanmu, Z.F.[Zheng Fang] Co Author Listing * AVC, HEVC, VP9, AVS2 or AV1?: A Comparative Study of State-of-the-Art Video Encoders on 4K Videos
* Deep Guided Learning for Fast Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
* End-to-End Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Deep Neural Networks
* Group MAD Competition? A New Methodology to Compare Objective Image Quality Models
* Group Maximum Differentiation Competition: Model Comparison with Few Samples
* Waterloo Exploration Database: New Challenges for Image Quality Assessment Models
Includes: Duanmu, Z.F.[Zheng Fang] Duanmu, Z.F.[Zheng-Fang]

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