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WTRCV01 * Classification and Characterization of Image Acquisition for 3D Scene Visualization and Reconstruction Applications
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Regional Representation
* Ellipsoidal Bias in Learning Appearance-Based Recognition Functions
* Epipolar Geometry in Polycentric Panoramas
* Fusion of Image and Range Flow, The
* Gabor Wavelet Networks for Object Representation
* Geometry of Eye Design: Biology and Technology
* Image-Based Rendering from Uncalibrated Lightfields with Scalable Geometry
* Implicit 3D Approach to Image Generation: Object-Based Visual Effects by Linear Processing of Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Integration of Photometric Stereo and Shape from Occluding Contours by Fusing Orientation and Depth Data
* Knowledge-Based Concepts for the Fusion of Multisensor and Multitemporal Aerial Images
* Matching Multiple Views by the Least Square Correlation
* Modelling and Removing Radial and Tangential Distortions in Spherical Lenses
* Multi-valued Images and Their Separation
* Pose Estimation Using Geometric Constraints
* Recent Progress in Digital Photogrammetric Stereo Cameras and Data Evaluation
* Scene Change Detection Based on Audio-Visual Analysis and Interaction
* Structure Multivector for Local Analysis of Images
* Towards Segmentation from Multiple Cues: Symmetry and Color
* Visual Sign Language Recognition
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WTRCV02 * All Points Considered: A Maximum Likelihood Method for Motion Recovery
* Calibration of Panoramic Cameras Using 3D Scene Information
* Combinatorial and Geometric Problems Related to Digital Halftoning
* Denoising Images: Non-linear Leap-Frog for Shape and Light-Source Recovery
* Deriving Topological Representations from Edge Images
* Discrepancy-Based Digital Halftoning: Automatic Evaluation and Optimization
* Distance Map Based Enhancement for Interpolated Images
* External versus Internal Parameterizations for Lengths of Curves with Nonuniform Samplings
* Fan Clouds: An Alternative to Meshes
* Flat Morphological Operatorson Arbitrary Power Lattices
* From Digital Plane Segmentation to Polyhedral Representation
* Geometric Structure and Randomness in Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Hyperfigures and Their Interpretations
* Inverse Quantization for Resolution Conversion
* Lines as the Fundamental Unit of Vision
* Medial Set, Boundary, and Topology of Random Point Sets
* Morphological Texture Analysis Using Optimization of Structuring Elements
* Multigrid Convergence and Surface Area Estimation
* New Class of Morphological Pyramids for Multiresolution Image Analysis, A
* Polygon Decomposition Based on the Straight Line Skeleton
* Quantification of the Spatial Distributionof Line Segments with Applications to CAD of Chest X-Ray CT Images
* Quantitative Depth Recovery from Time-Varying Optical Flow in a Kalman Filter Framework
* Reestablishing Consistency of Uncertain Geometric Relations in Digital Images
* Root Images of Median Filters: Semi-topological Approach
* Scale-Based Corner Extraction of a Contour Figure Using a Crystalline Flow
* Topological Analysis and Characterization of Discrete Scalar Fields
* Unifying Quantitative, Semi-quantitative and Qualitative Spatial Relation Knowledge Representations Using Mathematical Morphology
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