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Naka, K.[Katsuyuki] Co Author Listing * Convolver-Based Real-Time Stereo Machine (SAZAN), A

Nakabayashi, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * Event-based Blur Kernel Estimation For Blind Motion Deblurring

Nakachi, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Color-component bit allocation scheme for JPEG 2000 parallel codec
* Digital Cinema and Super-High-Definition Content Distribution on Optical High-Speed Networks
* Layered Multicast Encryption of Motion JPEG2000 Code Streams for Flexible Access Control
* Lossless and Near-Lossless Compression of Still Color Images
* MMT-Based Hierarchical Transmission Module for 4K/120fps Temporally Scalable Video, An
* Secure OMP Computation Maintaining Sparse Representations and Its Application to EtC Systems
Includes: Nakachi, T.[Takayuki] Nakachi, T.

Nakada, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * RarePlanes Soar Higher: Self-Supervised Pretraining for Resource Constrained and Synthetic Datasets

Nakada, H.[Hidemoto] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Pose Data in a Distributed Environment over the Edge and Cloud
* Surface object recognition with CNN and SVM in Landsat 8 images

Nakada, K.[Kosaku] Co Author Listing * Distributed Image Processing Environment VIOS III and it's Performance Evaluation, A
* Intraoperative Magnetic Tracker Calibration Using a Magneto-Optic Hybrid Tracker for 3-D Ultrasound-Based Navigation in Laparoscopic Surgery
Includes: Nakada, K.[Kosaku] Nakada, K.

Nakada, M. Co Author Listing * AcFR: Active Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automated Layout Synthesis and Visualization from Images of Interior or Exterior Spaces
* Biomimetic Perception Learning for Human Sensorimotor Control
* Deep Learning of Neuromuscular Control for Biomechanical Human Animation
* Learning Biomimetic Perception for Human Sensorimotor Control
* Locally-Connected, Irregular Deep Neural Networks for Biomimetic Active Vision in a Simulated Human
* Neuromuscular Control of the Face-Head-Neck Biomechanical Complex with Learning-Based Expression Transfer from Images and Videos
Includes: Nakada, M. Nakada, M.[Masaki]
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Nakada, R. Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring System for Redd+ in Lao P.D.R., A

Nakada, R.J.[Ryu Ji] Co Author Listing * Verification Of Potency Of Aerial Digital Oblique Cameras For Aerial Photogrammetry In Japan
Includes: Nakada, R.J.[Ryu Ji] Nakada, R.J.[Ryu-Ji]

Nakada, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Flexible Bayesian Inference by Weight Transfer for Robust Deep Neural Networks
* Hybrid Bayesian-Convolutional Neural Network for Adversarial Robustness, A

Nakada, Y.[Yuichi] Co Author Listing * Recognition of lung lobes and its application to the bronchial structure analysis

Nakae, K. Co Author Listing * PAT: Probabilistic Axon Tracking for Densely Labeled Neurons in Large 3-D Micrographs

Nakaema, W.M.[Walter M.] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric aerosol measurements in São Paulo, Brazil

Nakagaki, R. Co Author Listing * VQ-based blind image restoration algorithm, A
* VQ-based image restoration algorithm, A

Nakagami, K.[Kazuki] Co Author Listing * Transformed domain GMM foreground segmentation for mobile video camera

Nakagaw, M.[Masaki] Co Author Listing * Nom historical document recognition system for digital archiving, A

Nakagawa, A. Co Author Listing * Combining words and object-based visual features in image retrieval
* Detecting Prominent Objects for Image Retrieval
* High-Performance Video Codec for Super Hi-Vision
* Image retrieval via connecting words to salient objects
* Improving Predicate Representation in Scene Graph Generation by Self-Supervised Learning
* Naming of Image Regions for User-Friendly Image Retrieval
* Relating words and image segments on multiple layers for effective browsing and retrieval
* Segment-based image classifcaton using Layered-SOM
* Semantic Browsing and Retrieval in Image Libraries
* Speed-Up of Object Detection Neural Network with GPU
* Use of Adaptive Still Image Descriptors for Annotation of Video Frames
* Variable Rate Image Compression Method with Dead-zone Quantizer
Includes: Nakagawa, A. Nakagawa, A.[Akihiko] Nakagawa, A.[Akira]
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Nakagawa, C. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Effects of a Personal Mobility Vehicle on Multiple Pedestrians Using Personal Space

Nakagawa, C.R.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Two Microphone Method for Feedback Cancellation
* Feedback Cancellation With Probe Shaping Compensation
* New Insights Into Optimal Acoustic Feedback Cancellation

Nakagawa, H. Co Author Listing * Detection and Volume Estimation of Large-Scale Landslides Based on Elevation-Change Analysis Using DEMs Extracted From High-Resolution Satellite Stereo Imagery
* Efficient acquisition of human existence priors from motion trajectories
* Iterative Improvement of Human Pose Classification Using Guide Ontology
* Motion Analysis of Simulated Patients During Bed-to-Wheelchair Transfer by Nursing Students and Skill Acquisition Based on the Analysis
* Study of Factors that Lead to Falls During Body Position Change from a Dorsal Position to a Seated Position by Nursing Students
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder Data for Lunar Subsurface Imaging
* Web Document Parsing: A New Approach to Modeling Layout-Language Relations
Includes: Nakagawa, H. Nakagawa, H.[Hidehito] Nakagawa, H.[Hiroyuki] Nakagawa, H.[Hiromi]
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Nakagawa, J.[Junichi] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Evaluation and Branch Detection Method of 3D Modeling Using Backpack 3D Lidar SLAM and UAV-SfM for Peach Trees during the Pruning Period in Winter

Nakagawa, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Visual Inspection of LSI Photomasks
* Change detection of buildings using an airborne laser scanner
* Initial Observations for Precipitation Cores With X-Band Dual Polarized Phased Array Weather Radar
* Measurement Method for Specific Attenuation in the Melting Layer Using a Dual Ka-Band Radar System
* Overview of the End-of-Mission Observation Experiments of Precipitation Radar Onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Satellite
* Radar Attenuation and Reflectivity Measurements of Snow With Dual Ka-Band Radar
* Theoretical analysis on optimum word length assignment for integer DCT
Includes: Nakagawa, K. Nakagawa, K.[Katsuto]
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Nakagawa, L.[Liam] Co Author Listing * ExplainGAN: Model Explanation via Decision Boundary Crossing Transformations

Nakagawa, M. Co Author Listing * Accelerating large character set recognition using pivots
* attention-based row-column encoder-decoder model for text recognition in Japanese historical documents, An
* Augmented incremental recognition of online handwritten mathematical expressions
* Behavior of Dynamic Relaxation in an Elastic Stroke Model for Character Recognition, The
* Building a Compact On-Line MRF Recognizer for Large Character Set Using Structured Dictionary Representation and Vector Quantization Technique
* Building a compact online MRF recognizer for large character set by structured dictionary representation and vector quantization technique
* Building Change Detection Using 3-D Texture Model
* Building compact recognizer with recognition rate maintained for on-line handwritten Japanese text recognition
* Callpaper Concept: Turning Paper into Computer Terminals, The
* Character Shape Restoration of Binarized Historical Documents by Smoothing via Geodesic Morphology
* Character-Position-Free On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition by Two Segmentation Methods
* Clustering online handwritten mathematical expressions
* CNN based spatial classification features for clustering offline handwritten mathematical expressions
* Coarse Classifier Construction Method from a Large Number of Basic Recognizers for On-line Recognition of Handwritten Japanese Characters, A
* Collection and analysis of on-line handwritten Japanese character patterns
* Collection of on-line handwritten Japanese character pattern databases and their analyses
* Combination of global and local contexts for text/non-text classification in heterogeneous online handwritten documents
* Comparing Character Recognition Based Approach with Feature Matching Based Approach for Digital Ink Search
* Comparing On-Line Recognition of Japanese and Western Script in Preparation for Recognizing Multi-Language Documents
* database of unconstrained Vietnamese online handwriting and recognition experiments by recurrent neural networks, A
* Development of a Robust and Compact On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognizer for Hand-Held Devices
* Digital Camera as a GPS Compass: Location Matching Using Point Clouds, The
* Digital Ink Recogntion Server for Handwritten Japanese Text, A
* Digital Ink Search Based on Character-Recognition Candidates Compared with Feature-Matching-Based Approach
* Discriminative Model for On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Retrieval, A
* Effect of Improved Path Evaluation for On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition
* Effects of Generating a Large Amount of Artificial Patterns for On-line Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
* Effects of Line Densities on Nonlinear Normalization for Online Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
* Enhancing efficiency and speed of an off-line classifier employed for on-line handwriting recognition of a large character set
* Error Reduction by Confusing Characters Discrimination for Online Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
* Evaluation of prototype learning algorithms for nearest-neighbor classifier in application to handwritten character recognition
* Formalization of On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition Free from Line Direction Constraint, A
* Gaze Tracking Control Using Active Stereo Camera
* Generating realistic Kanji character images from on-line patterns
* Geofencing-based Localization For 3d Data Acquisition Navigation
* Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Text Recognition Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
* Impact of Large Training Sets on the Recognition Rate of Offline Japanese Kanji Character Classifiers, The
* Improved Approach to Generating Realistic Kanji Character Images from On-Line Characters and Its Benefit to Off-Line Recognition Performance, An
* Improvement in the Geofencing Service Interface Using Indoor Positioning Systems and Mobile Sensors
* Improvements in Keyword Search Japanese Characters within Handwritten Digital Ink
* Interface Oriented Approach to Character-Recognition Based on a Dynamic Model, An
* Large-Scale Stereo for Improvement of 3D Measurement Accuracy in Gaze-Observation
* Layered Search Spaces for Accelerating Large Set Character Recognition
* learning algorithm for structured character pattern representation used in on-line recognition of handwritten Japanese characters, A
* Line-Direction-Free and Character-Orientation-Free On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition System, A
* Location-Based Infrastructure Inspection for Sabo Facilities
* Merging Airborne Lidar Data and Satellite SAR Data for Building Classification
* Model of On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition Free from Line Direction and Writing Format Constraints, A
* new warping technique for normalizing likelihood of multiple classifiers and its effectiveness in combined on-line/off-line Japanese character recognition, A
* Nom document digitalization by deep convolution neural networks
* Objective Function Design for MCE-Based Combination of On-line and Off-line Character Recognizers for On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition
* On-Line Handwritten Character Pattern Database Sampled in a Sequence of Sentences without Any Writing Instructions
* On-line Handwritten Japanese Characters Recognition Using a MRF Model with Parameter Optimization by CRF
* On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition Free from Constrains on Line Direction and Character Orientation
* On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition System Free from Line Direction and Character Orientation Constraints, An
* On-line Handwritten Text Search Method Based on Directional Feature Matching, An
* On-line Writing-box-free Recognition of Handwritten Japanese Text Considering Character Size Variations
* Online Handwritten Cursive Word Recognition Using Segmentation-Free MRF in Combination with P2DBMN-MQDF
* Online Handwritten Japanese Character String Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields
* Online Handwritten Lao Character Recognition by MRF
* Online Recognition of Chinese Characters: The State-of-the-Art
* Pattern generation strategies for improving recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* Pen-Coordinate Information Modeling by SCPR-based HMM for On-line Japanese Handwriting Recognition
* Personal digital bodyguards for e-security, e-learning and e-health: A prospective survey
* Precise Candidate Selection for Large Character Set Recognition by Confidence Evaluation
* Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling
* Prototype learning for structured pattern representation applied to on-line recognition of handwritten Japanese characters
* prototype of an active form system, A
* Recent Results of Online Japanese Handwriting Recognition and Its Applications
* Recognition of Anomalously Deformed Kana Sequences in Japanese Historical Documents
* Recognition of Online Handwritten Math Symbols Using Deep Neural Networks
* Robust and Highly Customizable Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Japanese Characters
* Robust and real-time stroke order evaluation using incremental stroke context for learners to write Kanji characters correctly
* robust method for coarse classifier construction from a large number of basic recognizers for on-line handwritten Chinese/Japanese character recognition, A
* Robust Model for On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition, A
* Seamless Navigation Using Various Sensors: An Overview of The Seamless Navigation Campaign
* Segmentation Based Online Word Recognition: A Conditional Random Field Driven Beam Search Strategy
* Segmentation Method of Single- and Multiple-Touching Characters in Offline Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition, A
* Segmentation of On-Line Freely Written Japanese Text Using SVM for Improving Text Recognition
* Segmentation of on-line handwritten Japanese text of arbitrary line direction by a neural network for improving text recognition
* Segmentation of On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Using SVM for Improving Text Recognition
* Semi-automatic Road Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Image
* Semi-Incremental Recognition Method for On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text, A
* Semi-Incremental Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text
* state of the art in Japanese online handwriting recognition compared to techniques in western handwriting recognition, The
* Stereo Self-adjustment Methodology for Resuming Active Camera Operation, A
* Stroke order normalization for improving recognition of online handwritten mathematical expressions
* Structuring Search Space for Accelerating Large Set Character Recognition
* Support system for archeologists to read scripts on mokkans
* Syntactic data generation for handwritten mathematical expression recognition
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition with Stochastic Dissimilarity in Japanese On-Line Input System (JOLIS)-1/1.5
* system for recognizing online handwritten mathematical expressions by using improved structural analysis, A
* Techniques to Enhance Images for Mokkan Interpretation
* Text-independent writer identification using convolutional neural network
* Topological 3D Modeling Using Indoor Mobile Lidar Data
* Training of an on-line handwritten Japanese character recognizer by artificial patterns
* Transcript Mapping for Handwritten Text Lines Using Conditional Random Fields
* Trie-Lexicon-Driven Recognition for On-line Handwritten Japanese Disease Names Using a Time-Synchronous Method
* Triplet Measured by Aerial Camera Using Line Segments Line Matching-Based Relative Orientation Using Triplet Camera, The
* Two on-line Japanese character databases in Unipen format
* unified method for augmented incremental recognition of online handwritten Japanese and English text, A
* Using Stroke-Number-Characteristics for Improving Efficiency of Combined Online and Offline Japanese Character Classifiers
* Visualization Tool to Improve the Performance of a Classifier Based on Hidden Markov Models, A
Includes: Nakagawa, M. Nakagawa, M.[Masaki] Nakagawa, M.[Masafumi]
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Nakagawa, N.[Nao] Co Author Listing * Interpretable Representation Learning on Natural Image Datasets via Reconstruction in Visual-Semantic Embedding Space

Nakagawa, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Human for Visual Surveillance System
* Bias Field Correction of Chest Thin Section CT Images
* Deformation-based data reduction of Time-Varying Meshes for displaying on mobile terminals
* Matched Filtering Accelerated by Tensor Cores on Volta GPUs With Improved Accuracy Using Half-Precision Variables
Includes: Nakagawa, S. Nakagawa, S.[Suguru]

Nakagawa, T. Co Author Listing * Live image analysis for computer assisted presentation
* Low-Power Video Encoder/Decoder Chip Set for Digital VCRs
* Shape from self-calibration and Fast Marching Method
Includes: Nakagawa, T. Nakagawa, T.[Takashi]

Nakagawa, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Temperature Change Using RGB-D Camera and Thermal Camera

Nakagawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Adaptable Image Interpolation with Skeleton-Texture Separation
* Analysis of Crowds Flow Characteristics by Using Laser Range Scanners, An
* Automatic Printed Circuit Pattern Inspection Using Connectivity Preserving Image Reduction and Connectivity Comparison
* Edge/Border Coincidence as an Aid in Edge Extraction
* Fuzzy Knowledge-Base for Dynamic Image Understanding, A
* Note on Polygonal and Elliptical Approximation of Mechanical Parts, A
* Note on the Use of Local Min and Max Operations in Digital Image Processing, A
* On-Line Handwriting Character Recognition Algorithm RAV (Reparameterized Angle Variations), An
* Precise visual inspection for LSI wafer patterns using subpixel image alignment
* RAV (Reparameterized Angle Variations) Algorithm for Online Handwriting Recognition
* Robot vision system
* Shape from Focus
* Shape from Focus: An Effective Approach for Rough Surfaces
* Some Experiments on Variable Thresholding
* Surface correspondence based on three-dimensional structure inference in animation images
* Three-Dimensional Vision Systems Using the Structured-Light Method for Inspecting Solder Joints and Assembly Robots
Includes: Nakagawa, Y. Nakagawa, Y.[Yasuo]
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Nakagomi, K.[Keita] Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of 3D CT Images Based on Statistical Atlas and Graph Cuts

Nakaguchi, T.[Toshiya] Co Author Listing * Fast Block Matching Algorithm Based on Motion Vector Correlation and Integral Projections, A
* Hybrid Tracking and Matching Algorithm for Mosaicking Multiple Surgical Views
* Improvement and Evaluation of Real-Time Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images Using Gaze Information
* Method to Analyze Preferred MTF for Printing Medium Including Paper, A
* Model Optimization Approach to the Automatic Segmentation of Medical Images, A
* Subjective Evaluation of Specular Appearance for Multiple Observations Using Projector-Based Appearance Reproduction
* Tokenless Cancelable Biometrics Scheme for Protecting Iris Codes
* Video Quality Assessment Using Spatio-Velocity Contrast Sensitivity Function
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Nakaguro, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Domain-adversarial Multiple-instance CNN for Cancer Subtype Classification with Unannotated Histopathological Images

Nakaguro, Y.[Yoichi] Co Author Listing * Volumetric 3D Reconstruction and Parametric Shape Modeling from RGB-D Sequences

Nakahar, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * Threshold Neuron Pruning for a Binarized Deep Neural Network on an FPGA, A

Nakahara, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * FPGA Realization of a Random Forest with k-Means Clustering Using a High-Level Synthesis Design, An

Nakahara, K.[Kentaro] Co Author Listing * Specialized Processor Suitable for AdaBoost-Based Detection with Haar-like Features, A

Nakahara, S. Co Author Listing * On lattice structure and design of orthogonal and biorthogonal multifilter banks
* Smooth shading of specular surfaces in polygon-based high-definition CGH
* Spatial 3D imaging by synthetic and digitized holography
Includes: Nakahara, S. Nakahara, S.[Sumio]

Nakahara, T.[Taku] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Manga Show-Through Cancellation
* Experiments in Multiple-Baseline Stereo
* Multiple-Baseline Stereo Method, A
Includes: Nakahara, T.[Taku] Nakahara, T.

Nakahashi, T. Co Author Listing * Variable-bit-rate HDTV codec with ATM-cell-loss compensation

Nakahata, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Development of a Dynamic Relighting System for Moving Planar Objects with Unknown Reflectance
* Measuring Spectral Reflectance and 3D Shape Using Multi-primary Image Projector

Nakahira, Y. Co Author Listing * DCVGAN: Depth Conditional Video Generation
* Research Challenges for Energy-Efficient Computing in Automated Vehicles
Includes: Nakahira, Y. Nakahira, Y.[Yorie]

Nakai, H.[Hiroaki] Co Author Listing * Applying Non-stationary Noise Estimation to Achieve Contrast Invariant Edge Detection
* Binarization Algorithm Based on Shade-Planes for Road Marking Recognition, A
* Calibration Technique for Underwater Active Oneshot Scanning System with Static Pattern Projector and Multiple Cameras
* Developing Nonstationary Noise Estimation for Application in Edge and Corner Detection
* Display monitoring system for detecting and tracking an intruder in a monitor area
* Fast Feature Extraction Using Approximations to Derivatives with Summed-Area Images
* High Resolution and High Dynamic Range Image Reconstruction from Differently Exposed Images
* Improvement in Accuracy of Respiration Pattern Detection on Visual Sensing System
* Multiple Object Tracking System with Three Level Continuous Processes
* Non-restrictive Visual Respiration Monitoring
* On a Fluency Image Coding System for Beef Marbling Evaluation
* On a grading system for beef marbling
* practical stereo scheme for obstacle detection in automotive use, A
* Simulation and Analysis of Spectral Distributions of Human Skin
Includes: Nakai, H.[Hiroaki] Nakai, H. Nakai, H.[Hiroyuki] Nakai, H.[Hiroyasu] Nakai, H.[Hisroyasu] Nakai, H.[Hisashi]
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Nakai, K.[Katsuhiro] Co Author Listing * Angular Margin Constrained Loss for Automatic Liver Fibrosis Staging
* Coded Aperture for Watermark Extraction from Defocused Images, A
* Neural Architecture Search for Convolutional Neural Networks with Attention
* Randomized Subspace Newton Convex Method Applied to Data-Driven Sensor Selection Problem
Includes: Nakai, K.[Katsuhiro] Nakai, K.[Kentaro] Nakai, K.[Kohei] Nakai, K.[Kumi]

Nakai, M. Co Author Listing * Context-dependent substroke model for HMM-based on-line handwriting recognition
* Generation of hierarchical dictionary for stroke-order free Kanji handwriting recognition based on substroke HMM
* On-line overlaid-handwriting recognition based on substroke HMMs
* Pen pressure features for writer-independent on-line handwriting recognition based on substroke HMM
* Substroke approach to HMM-based on-line Kanji handwriting recognition

Nakai, S. Co Author Listing * Radar Attenuation and Reflectivity Measurements of Snow With Dual Ka-Band Radar

Nakai, T.[Tomohiro] Co Author Listing * Camera-based document image retrieval as voting for partial signatures of projective invariants
* Capturing Digital Ink as Retrieving Fragments of Document Images
* Efficient Recognition of Planar Objects Based on Hashing of Keypoints: An Approach Towards Making the Physical World Clickable
* Error resilient video coding controlled by backward channel signaling
* Fast and Memory Efficient Online Handwritten Strokes Retrieval Using Binary Descriptor
* Head gesture 3D interface using a head mounted camera
* Improvement of Retrieval Speed and Required Amount of Memory for Geometric Hashing by Combining Local Invariants
* Method of Annotation Extraction from Paper Documents Using Alignment Based on Local Arrangements of Feature Points, A
* Real-Time Retrieval for Images of Documents in Various Languages Using a Web Camera
* Self-Synchronized Syntax for Error-Resilient Video Coding
* Use of Affine Invariants in Locally Likely Arrangement Hashing for Camera-Based Document Image Retrieval
Includes: Nakai, T.[Tomohiro] Nakai, T.[Toshihisa] Nakai, T. Nakai, T.[Takehiro]
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Nakai, Y.[Yohei] Co Author Listing * 3-D voxel-based solid modeling of a broad-leaved tree for accurate volume estimation using portable scanning lidar
* Classification based group photo retrieval with bag of people features
* Estimating Carbon Stocks of Coniferous, Woody Canopy Trees Using Airborne Lidar and Passive Optical Sensor
* Estimation and Error Analysis of Woody Canopy Leaf Area Density Profiles Using 3-D Airborne and Ground-Based Scanning Lidar Remote-Sensing Techniques
* object-based non-blind watermarking that is robust to non-linear geometrical distortion attacks, An
Includes: Nakai, Y.[Yohei] Nakai, Y.[Yujiro] Nakai, Y.[Yasumasa]

Nakaia, H.[Hiroaki] Co Author Listing * Development of a Face Recognition System on an Image Processing LSI Chip

Nakaji, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural networks: Ensemble modeling, fine-tuning and unsupervised semantic localization for neurosurgical CLE images

Nakaji, T.[Tatsuro] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) and Chlorophyll Carotenoid Index (CCI) Derived from GCOM-C/SGLI with In Situ Data

Nakajima, C.[Chikahito] Co Author Listing * Autodetection of barnacle larvae at power plants
* Design and Implementation of Sensor-Embedded Chair for Continuous Sitting Posture Recognition
* Extraction of Salient Apexes from an Image by Using the Function at the Primary Visual Cortex
* Feature detection based on directional co-occurrence histograms
* Full-body person recognition system
* Hybrid Approach of Video Indexing and Machine Learning for Rapid Indexing and Highly Precise Object Recognition
* Object Recognition and Detection by a Combination of Support Vector Machine and Rotation Invariant Phase Only Correlation
* People Recognition in Image Sequences by Supervised Learning
* Posture recognition of nuclear power plant operators by supervised learning
* support system for maintenance training by augmented reality, A
Includes: Nakajima, C.[Chikahito] Nakajima, C.[Chihiro] Nakajima, C.
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Nakajima, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Using Passive Stereo Vision
* Bilevel Optimization Using Stationary Point of Lower-Level Objective Function for Discriminative Basis Learning in Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Dynamic scene reconstruction using asynchronous multiple Kinects
* Effective Approach for Iris Recognition Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Efficient Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Fast and Robust Fingerprint Identification Algorithm and Its Application to Residential Access Controller
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Combining Phase-Based Image Matching and Feature-Based Matching, A
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching for Low-Quality Fingerprints, A
* Palmprint Recognition Algorithm using Phase-Based Image Matching, A
* Phase-Based Iris Recognition Algorithm, A
* Point cloud transport
* Precursory Slope Deformation Around Landslide Area Detected By Insar Throughout Japan
* Sub-Pixel Stereo Correspondence Technique Based on 1D Phase-only Correlation, A
Includes: Nakajima, H. Nakajima, H.[Hozuma] Nakajima, H.[Hiroshi]
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Nakajima, J.[Jiro] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Audio Signals into Constructing a Visual Saliency Map
* Visual Attention Driven by Auditory Cues

Nakajima, K.[Ken] Co Author Listing * Camera image interpolation apparatus
* Camera signal processing apparatus and camera signal processing method
* Energy-Based Tree Illustration System: ETIS
* Full Screen Touch Detection for the Virtual Touch Screen
* Image processing method for generating weighted interpolated pixel data
* Image processing system for generating interpolated data based on color-difference signals
* Interpolation process for an image processing apparatus
* real time connected word recognition system, A
* Super-resolved 3D reconstruction for parking assistance using projective transformation
Includes: Nakajima, K.[Ken] Nakajima, K.[Katsuto] Nakajima, K. Nakajima, K.[Keiko]
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Nakajima, M. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Approach to the Generation and Description of Binary Pictures, An
* Algebraic Description of Painted Digital Pictures, An
* Animating Planar Folds by Computer
* Automated Detection of Breast Tumors in Ultrasonic Images Using Fuzzy Reasoning
* Automatic Road Vector Extraction Method from Maps, An
* Combining words and object-based visual features in image retrieval
* Curvature-based stroke rendering
* Design and Evaluation of More Accurate Gradient Operators on Hexagonal Lattices
* Design of Multiple Spatial Context Detection Method Considering Elongated Top-Bounded Spaces Based on GPS Signal-To-Noise Ratio and Fuzzy Inference
* Detection of the Front Vehicle from the Stereoscopic Image Using Hierarchy Process
* Detection of Tongue Protrusion Gestures from Video
* Estimating Object Contours from Binary Edge Images
* Example-Based Color Transformation of Image and Video Using Basic Color Categories
* Extended Visual Cryptography for Natural Images
* Face Identification Using a 3D Gray-Scale Image: A Method for Lessening Restrictions on Facial Directions
* Generation of Missing Medical Slices Using Morphing Technology
* Graphical Structure Extracting Method from an Urban Map Using Parallel Vector Tracers, A
* Hair image generating algorithm using fractional hair model
* Hierarchical Invariant Representation of Spatial Topology of 3D Objects and Its Application to Object Recognition, A
* Image Metamorphosis Transformation of Facial Images Based on Elastic Body Splines
* Image retrieval via connecting words to salient objects
* Implementation and evaluation of FAST corner detection on the massively parallel embedded processor MX-G
* Method of Recognition of Korean Characters by Tree Grammars, A
* Pseudo-Coding Method for Digital Line Figures
* Query-by-Sketch Based Image Synthesis
* Single-View Sketch Based Surface Modeling
* use of tongue protrusion gestures for video-based communication, The
Includes: Nakajima, M. Nakajima, M.[Masayuki] Nakajima, M.[Madoka] Nakajima, M.[Masaki] Nakajima, M.[Masami]
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Nakajima, N. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Address Layout on Japanese Handwritten Mail: A Hierarchical Process of Hypothesis Verification
* Document Reconstruction and Recognition from an Image Sequence
* Job Accessibility as a Lens for Understanding the Urban Structure of Colonial Cities: A Digital Humanities Study of the Colonial Seoul in the 1930s Using GIS
* Lensless coherent imaging by a deterministic phase retrieval method with an aperture-array filter
* method for determining address format in the automated sorting of Japanese mail, A
* Method of Analyzing the Handling of Paper Documents in Motion Images, A
* New Precise Recognition Method for Handprinted Kanji, A
* On-Line Cursive Kanji Character Recognition Using Stroke Based Affine Transformation
* Phase retrieval from a high-numerical-aperture intensity distribution by use of an aperture-array filter
* Super Hi-Vision Codec, The
* Super-Resolved Video Mosaicing for Documents Based on Extrinsic Camera Parameter Estimation
* Video Mosaicing Based on Structure from Motion for Distortion-Free Document Digitization
* Video Mosaicing for Curved Documents Based on Structure from Motion
* Video mosaicing for curved documents by structure from motion
Includes: Nakajima, N. Nakajima, N.[Noboru] Nakajima, N.[Naoto] Nakajima, N.[Nobuharu] Nakajima, N.[Nao]
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Nakajima, S.[Shinichi] Co Author Listing * Higher-Order Explanations of Graph Neural Networks via Relevant Walks
* On the Relation Between the Hough Transformation and the Projection Curves of a Rectangular Window
* procedure of adaptive kernel combination with kernel-target alignment for object classification, A
* Variational Robust Subspace Clustering with Mean Update Algorithm
Includes: Nakajima, S.[Shinichi] Nakajima, S.

Nakajima, T.[Tatsuo] Co Author Listing * Are You There? A Study on Measuring Presence in Immersive Virtual Reality
* Automatic image stabilization device
* Binarization system for an image scanner
* Comparison of Cloud-Screening Methods Applied to GOSAT Near-Infrared Spectra
* Development of an Algorithm to Retrieve Aerosol Optical Properties Over Water Using an Artificial Neural Network Radiative Transfer Scheme: First Result From GOSAT-2/CAI-2
* Differences in temporal frequency tuning between the two binocular mechanisms for seeing motion in depth Virtual Journal
* Enhanced Simulation of an Asian Dust Storm by Assimilating GCOM-C Observations
* Estimating Aerosol Emissions by Assimilating Remote Sensing Observations into a Global Transport Model
* Geolocation Correction for Geostationary Satellite Observations by a Phase-Only Correlation Method Using a Visible Channel
* Image shake detecting device
* Using Aesthetic and Empathetic Expressions to Motivate Desirable Lifestyle
* Virtual Fieldwork: Designing Augmented Reality Applications Using Virtual Reality Worlds
* VRowser: A Virtual Reality Parallel Web Browser
Includes: Nakajima, T.[Tatsuo] Nakajima, T.[Toshiyuki] Nakajima, T.[Toshiki] Nakajima, T. Nakajima, T.[Teruyuki] Nakajima, T.[Tomohiko]
13 for Nakajima, T.

Nakajima, T.Y. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cloud-Screening Methods Applied to GOSAT Near-Infrared Spectra
* Ice Cloud Properties From Himawari-8/AHI Next-Generation Geostationary Satellite: Capability of the AHI to Monitor the DC Cloud Generation Process
* Impact of Different Support Vectors on GOSAT-2 CAI-2 L2 Cloud Discrimination, The
Includes: Nakajima, T.Y. Nakajima, T.Y.[Takashi Y.]

Nakajima, Y. Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Symbolic Description from Flow-Fields: A New Approach Based on a Fluid Model
* Automated MPEG audio-video summarization and description
* Complete Video Quality-Preserving Data Hiding
* Efficient Transcoding from MPEG-2 to MPEG-1, An
* Fast DV to MPEG-4 Transcoder Integrated With Resolution Conversion and Quantization, A
* fast scene change detection on MPEG coding parameter domain, A
* Global methods for stroke segmentation
* High-level soccer indexing on low-level feature space
* Improvement of depth position in 2-D/3-D registration of knee implants using single-plane fluoroscopy
* Incremental Class Discovery for Semantic Segmentation With RGBD Sensing
* Integrated compressed domain resolution conversion with de-interlacing for DV to MPEG-4 transcoding
* Noise reduction apparatus for reducing noise in decoding of moving picture sequence
* pel adaptive reduction of coding artifacts for MPEG video signals, A
* Physics-based flow estimation of fluids
* Rate conversion of MPEG coded video by re-quantization process
* Scene change detector
* Shot genre classification using compressed audio-visual features
* Simultaneous Object Segmentation and Recognition by Merging CNN Outputs from Uniformly Distributed Multiple Viewpoints
* two-stage variable block size motion search algorithm for H.264 encoder, A
* Video Error Concealment Using Fidelity Tracking
Includes: Nakajima, Y. Nakajima, Y.[Yasuyuki] Nakajima, Y.[Yoshikazu] Nakajima, Y.[Yoshikatsu]
20 for Nakajima, Y.

Nakalembe, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * Learning to predict crop type from heterogeneous sparse labels using meta-learning
* Validation of Automatically Generated Global and Regional Cropland Data Sets: The Case of Tanzania

Nakama, E. Co Author Listing * Estimating Carbon Stock Changes Of Mangrove Forests Using Satellite Imagery And Airborne Lidar Data In The South Sumatra State, Indonesia

Nakamae, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of buildings utilizing geometric features of a scanned topographic map
* Fast Rendering Water Surface For Outdoor Scenes
* Isotropic Four-Point Interpolation Based on Cubic Splines, An
* Light source estimation of outdoor scenes for mixed reality
* Overview Of Photo-realism For Outdoor Scenes, An
* Theoretical Assessments of Mean Square Errors of Antialiasing Filters
Includes: Nakamae, E. Nakamae, E.[Eihachiro]

Nakamae, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Estimation of electron probe profile from SEM image through wavelet multiresolution analysis for inline SEM inspection

Nakamae, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Surface matching by curvature distribution images generated via gaze modeling

Nakami, Y.[Yoshihiro] Co Author Listing * Edge-enhancement processing apparatus and method, and medium containing edge-enhancement processing program

Nakaminami, K. Co Author Listing * Global Mapping Project: Applications and Development of Version 2 Dataset

Nakamori, N.[Nobuyuki] Co Author Listing * Colorization by Landmark Pixels Extraction
* Multiscale Antidiffusion Approach for Gaussian Blurred Images, A
Includes: Nakamori, N.[Nobuyuki] Nakamori, N.

Nakamori, Y. Co Author Listing * Alternative Extension of the k-Means Algorithm for Clustering Categorical Data, An

Nakamoto, C.[Chihiro] Co Author Listing * Font Distribution Observation by Network-Based Analysis

Nakamoto, M. Co Author Listing * Intraoperative Magnetic Tracker Calibration Using a Magneto-Optic Hybrid Tracker for 3-D Ultrasound-Based Navigation in Laparoscopic Surgery
* Survey on Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning Approaches to Computer Assisted Medical Intervention: Intraoperative Anatomy Modeling and Optimization of Interventional Procedures, A
Includes: Nakamoto, M. Nakamoto, M.[Masahiko]

Nakamoto, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Extraction of trabecular structures of mandible excluding tooth roots on dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphology

Nakamura, A.[Akio] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Fine Motion Considering Individual Habit for Appearance-Based Proficiency Evaluation
* Automatic spin measurements for pitched Baseballs via consumer-grade high-speed cameras
* Bagging, Random Subspace Method and Biding
* Bigram-based post-processing for on-line handwriting recognition using correctness evaluation
* Caption text recognition in video frames by MAP matching
* Classification by bagged consistent itemset rules
* Classification by reflective convex hulls
* Classifier Selection in a Family of Polyhedron Classifiers
* Connected Pictures Are not Recognizable by Deterministic Two Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors
* Connectivity calculus of fractal polyhedrons
* Construction of convex hull classifiers in high dimensions
* Continuous-Functions on Fuzzy Digital Pictures
* Could you guess an interesting movie from the posters?: An evaluation of vision-based features on movie poster database
* Digital Circles
* Digital Images of Geometric Pictures
* Digital knots
* Digital Squares
* Direction-Change Features of Imaginary Strokes for On-Line Handwriting Character Recognition
* efficient construction and application usefulness of rectangle greedy covers, An
* Grammars on the Hexagonal Array
* Handwritten Chinese Character Segmentation Using Local Potential Threshold and Minimum Potential Search
* Human-robot eye contact through observations and actions
* Image based smoke detection with local Hurst exponent
* Interactive Object Recognition through Hypothesis Generation and Confirmation
* Interchangeable pairs of pixels in two-valued digital images
* Local Deformations of Digital Curves
* Magnification in Digital Topology
* Method for Character String Extraction Using Local and Global Segment Crowdedness, A
* Motion Analysis of Traditional Dances and Its Applications
* Multimodal Dance Training System based on Motion Analysis
* On a Relationship Between Graph L-Systems and Picture Languages
* On the Recognition of Properties of Three-Dimensional Pictures
* Parallel Sigma-erasing array acceptors
* Parsing of two-dimensional images represented by quadtree adjoining grammars
* Picture Languages
* Pre-Training Without Natural Images
* Quadtree Adjoining Grammar
* Relationship Between Coordinate Grammars and Path Controlled Graph Grammars
* Some Results Concerning Connected Fuzzy Digital Pictures
* Special Issue on Parallel Image Analysis and Processing
* Special Issue: Parallel Image Analysis
* StyleDiff: Attribute comparison between unlabeled datasets in latent disentangled space
* Topology-Preserving Deformations of Two-Valued Digital Pictures
* Two simply connected sets that have the same area are IP-equivalent
* Understanding inexplicit utterances using vision for helper robots
Includes: Nakamura, A.[Akio] Nakamura, A.[Atsushi] Nakamura, A.[Atsuyoshi] Nakamura, A. Nakamura, A.[Akira] Nakamura, A.[Akihiro]
45 for Nakamura, A.

Nakamura, D. Co Author Listing * Data Embedding into Pictorial Images with Less Distortion Using Discrete Cosine Transform

Nakamura, E.[Eiji] Co Author Listing * Determining number of clusters and prototype locations via multi-scale clustering
* DNA spot extraction via grayscale range quantization and morphological measurement
* Fast global motion estimation algorithm based on elementary motoin detectors
* Generalization of the EM Algorithm for Mixture Density Estimation
* Real Time Parameter Optimization for Elementary Motion Detectors
* RLGS Profile Segmentation Via a SVM
Includes: Nakamura, E.[Eiji] Nakamura, E.

Nakamura, E.F.[Eduardo F.] Co Author Listing * Distributed Approach for Classifying Anuran Species Based on Their Calls, A
* Target Tracking for Sensor Networks: A Survey

Nakamura, F.[Futoshi] Co Author Listing * Synthesis of L-Band SAR and Forest Heights Derived from TanDEM-X DEM and 3 Digital Terrain Models for Biomass Mapping

Nakamura, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Modeling of Pedestrian Crossing Behavior During the Pedestrian Flashing Green Interval
* Geological Mapping By Combining Spectral Unmixing And Cluster Analysis For Hyperspectral Data
* Individual Tree Species Classification Based On Terrestrial Laser Scanning Using Curvature Estimation and Convolutional Neural Network
* Limits on the accuracy of 3-D thickness measurement in magnetic resonance images- Effects of voxel anisotropy
* RAPiD: Rotation-Aware People Detection in Overhead Fisheye Images
* Rule-based searching for collision test cases of autonomous vehicles simulation
* Study on Emergency-Avoidance Braking for the Automatic Platooning of Trucks
Includes: Nakamura, H. Nakamura, H.[Hiroaki]
7 for Nakamura, H.

Nakamura, I. Co Author Listing * Interactive Tool for Recognizing Structured Figures with Variable Shapes, An
* Reconstruction of Neutron Penumbral Image by a Constrained Genetic Algorithm
* Unitary Transform-Based Template Protection and Its Application to l2-norm Minimization Problems
Includes: Nakamura, I. Nakamura, I.[Ibuki]

Nakamura, J. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution CMOS Video Image Sensors

Nakamura, K.[Kaori] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of a femoral shape using a parametric model and two 2D fluoroscopic images
* 3D Reconstruction of Book Surface Taken from Image Sequence with Handy Camera
* Apparatus and methods for detecting number of people waiting in an elevator hall using plural image processing means with overlapping fields of view
* Assessment of Algorithms to Estimate Respiratory Rate from the Remote Photoplethysmogram, An
* Camera oscillation pattern for VSLAM: Translational versus rotational
* Characterization of Pulmonary Nodules in Computed Tomography Images Based on Pseudo-Labeling Using Radiology Reports
* Class-Difficulty Based Methods for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition
* Class-wise Difficulty-balanced Loss for Solving Class-imbalance
* Constructing Geographic Dictionary from Streaming Geotagged Tweets
* Constructing Geospatial Concept Graphs from Tagged Images for Geo-Aware Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Detection of groups in crowd considering their activity state
* Digital Curvature Flow and Its Application for Skeletonization
* Discrimination between Genuine and Cloned Gait Silhouette Videos via Autoencoder-Based Training Data Generation
* Distributed Stream Multiplexing Architecture for Multi-Chip Configuration beyond HDTV, A
* Drawing for Traffic Marking Using Bidirectional Gradient-based Detection with MMS Lidar Intensity
* Dynamic feature detection using virtual correction and camera oscillations
* Effect of Junk Images on Inter-concept Distance Measurement: Positive or Negative?
* Emotional State Recognition with Micro-expressions and Pulse Rate Variability
* Flexible Video CODEC System for Super High Resolution Video, A
* Framework of Privacy-Preserving Image Recognition for Image-Based Information Services, A
* Generation and Detection of Media Clones
* Generative adversarial networks via a composite annealing of noise and diffusion
* Handwritten numeral recognition using flexible matching based on learning of stroke statistics
* Image blending by feature overwrite
* Image enhancement method for underwater images based on discrete cosine eigenbasis transformation
* Image-correspondence position detection device, distance measuring device and apparatus using the same
* Incremental learning of context free grammars based on bottom-up parsing and search
* Individuality-Preserving Silhouette Extraction for Gait Recognition and Its Speedup
* Inter-Concept Distance Measurement with Adaptively Weighted Multiple Visual Features
* Jointly Learning Energy Expenditures and Activities Using Egocentric Multimodal Signals
* Lensless Imaging with Focusing Sparse Ura Masks in Long-wave Infrared and Its Application for Human Detection
* Long Short-Term Memory Deep-Filter in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Low-Latency 4K HEVC Multi-Channel Encoding System with Content-Aware Bitrate Control for Live Streaming, A
* Measurement Method for Specific Attenuation in the Melting Layer Using a Dual Ka-Band Radar System
* Multitemporal Fluctuations in L-Band Backscatter From a Japanese Forest
* Overview of the End-of-Mission Observation Experiments of Precipitation Radar Onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Satellite
* People counting across spatially disjoint cameras by flow estimation between foreground regions
* Preventing Fake Information Generation Against Media Clone Attacks
* publishing system based on fluency coding method, A
* Radar Attenuation and Reflectivity Measurements of Snow With Dual Ka-Band Radar
* Real-Time Temporal Superpixels for Unsupervised Remote Photoplethysmography
* Recognizing human behavior using universal eigenspace
* Rotation Invariant Iris Recognition Method Adaptive to Ambient Lighting Variation
* Semi-Supervised Outdoor Image Generation Conditioned on Weather Signals
* Stochastic batch size for adaptive regularization in deep network optimization
* Tablet owner authentication based on behavioral characteristics of multi-touch actions
* Tast: Trademark Application Assistant
* Training-Free Method for Generating Motion Video Clones From A Still Image Considering Self-Occlusion of Human Body
Includes: Nakamura, K.[Kaori] Nakamura, K. Nakamura, K.[Kiyoshi] Nakamura, K.[Kazuaki] Nakamura, K.[Keigo] Nakamura, K.[Katsuyuki] Nakamura, K.[Kiwamu] Nakamura, K.[Ken] Nakamura, K.[Keisuke] Nakamura, K.[Kensuke] Nakamura, K.[Kenji] Nakamura, K.[Katsuhiko] Nakamura, K.[Koichiro] Nakamura, K.[Kenichiro] Nakamura, K.[Kiyomi] Nakamura, K.[Kumi]
48 for Nakamura, K.

Nakamura, M.[Motohiro] Co Author Listing * Acquiring 4D Light Fields of Self-Luminous Extended Light Sources Using Programmable Filter
* Acquiring 4D Light Fields of Self-Luminous Light Sources Using Programmable Filter
* Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in Real Traffic Situations
* Describing Upper-Body Motions Based on Labanotation for Learning-from-Observation Robots
* Developing Face Emotion Tracker for Quantitative Evaluation of Care Effects
* Estimating Contribution of Training Datasets using Shapley Values in Data-scale for Visual Recognition
* Gauss-Markov Measure Field Models for Low-Level Vision
* Generating Personalized Virtual Agent in Speech Dialogue System for People with Dementia
* Hierarchical Algorithm for MR Brain Image Parcellation, A
* Image data file storage and retrieval system for an image data filing system
* Image-to-Graph Convolutional Network for 2D/3D Deformable Model Registration of Low-Contrast Organs
* Increasing the performance of MAP (multi-angled parallelism) erosion-dilation for feature extraction through unary/binary operations
* Indirect Evaluation of Nurse's Transfer Skill Through the Measurement of Patient
* Log4Care: Unified Event Logging Service for Personalized Care
* Monitoring system using infrared image processing
* Picture image forming apparatus
* Scalable coding schemes based on DCT and MC prediction
* Special Issue on Multimedia on Demand: Foreword
* Structured and unstructured document summarization: Design of a commercial summarizer using Lexical chains
Includes: Nakamura, M.[Motohiro] Nakamura, M. Nakamura, M.[Minako] Nakamura, M.[Masahide] Nakamura, M.[Mitsuki] Nakamura, M.[Miguel] Nakamura, M.[Masao] Nakamura, M.[Mitsuhiro] Nakamura, M.[Masaaki] Nakamura, M.[Mitsuaki]
19 for Nakamura, M.

Nakamura, N. Co Author Listing * Image analysis of crosswalk
* Image processing apparatus having apparatus for correcting the image processing
Includes: Nakamura, N. Nakamura, N.[Niyoshi]

Nakamura, O. Co Author Listing * Document Input According to Recognition Accuracy of Handwritten Characters
* Fast template matching algorithm for contour images based on its chain coded description applied for human face identification
* Identification of Human Faces Based on Isodensity Maps
Includes: Nakamura, O. Nakamura, O.[Osamu]

Nakamura, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Animal Detection Using Thermal Images and Its Required Observation Conditions
* Automated Attitude Determination for Pushbroom Sensors Based on Robust Image Matching
* Automated Method for Crater Counting Using Rotational Pixel Swapping Method, An
* Calibration of NIR 2 of Spectral Profiler Onboard Kaguya/SELENE
* Construction of a Database of Pi-SAR2 Observation Data by Calibration and Scattering Power Decomposition Using the ABCI
* CORN: An Alternative Way to Utilize Time-Series Data of SAR Images in Newly Built Construction Detection
* Damage detection from aerial images via convolutional neural networks
* Detection by classification of buildings in multispectral satellite imagery
* Detection of Small Wildfire by Thermal Infrared Camera With the Uncooled Microbolometer Array for 50-kg Class Satellite
* Emphasizing 3D Structure Visually Using Coded Projection from Multiple Projectors
* Extension of Scattering Power Decomposition to Dual-Polarization Data for Tropical Forest Monitoring
* FBNet: FeedBack-Recursive CNN for Saliency Detection
* Filmy Cloud Removal on Satellite Imagery with Multispectral Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets
* Impact of Changes in Minimum Reflectance on Cloud Discrimination
* Impact of Different Support Vectors on GOSAT-2 CAI-2 L2 Cloud Discrimination, The
* Lunar Calibration for ASTER VNIR and TIR with Observations of the Moon in 2003 and 2017
* MMSNet: Multi-modal scene recognition using multi-scale encoded features
* Near Real-Time Browsable Landsat-8 Imagery
* Newly Built Construction Detection in SAR Images Using Deep Learning
* OPF-MRF: Optimum-Path Forest and Markov Random Fields for Contextual-Based Image Classification
* Optimizing Contextual-Based Optimum-Forest Classification through Swarm Intelligence
* Output augmentation works well without any domain knowledge
* Point-Wise LiDAR and Image Multimodal Fusion Network (PMNet) for Aerial Point Cloud 3D Semantic Segmentation, A
* Pre-training Vision Transformers with Very Limited Synthesized Images
* PSNet: A Style Transfer Network for Point Cloud Stylization on Geometry and Color
* Rare Event Detection Using Disentangled Representation Learning
* Robust 3D Object Detection for Moving Objects Based on PointPillars
* Rotational Pixel Swapping Method for Detection of Circular Features in Binary Images
* SalFBNet: Learning pseudo-saliency distribution via feedback convolutional networks
* Satellite Attitude Determination and Map Projection Based on Robust Image Matching
* Scale Estimation of Monocular SfM for a Multi-modal Stereo Camera
* Surface object recognition with CNN and SVM in Landsat 8 images
* Vicarious Calibration of the Formosat-2 Remote Sensing Instrument
* When CNNs meet random RNNs: Towards multi-level analysis for RGB-D object and scene recognition
Includes: Nakamura, R.[Ryosuke] Nakamura, R. Nakamura, R.[Ryo] Nakamura, R.[Rodrigo] Nakamura, R.[Ryota]
34 for Nakamura, R.

Nakamura, R.Y.M. Co Author Listing * Nature-Inspired Framework for Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Toward Satellite-Based Land Cover Classification Through Optimum-Path Forest

Nakamura, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Acceptability and Trustworthiness of Virtual Agents by Effects of Theory of Mind and Social Skills Training
* Assisting human experts in the interpretation of their visual process: A case study on assessing copper surface adhesive potency
* Automatic Indexing of Broadcast Content Using its Live Chat on the Web
* Coastal Wind Measurements Using a Single Scanning LiDAR
* DeePoint: Visual Pointing Recognition and Direction Estimation
* Distributed Raid Style Video Server
* Fontender: Interactive Japanese Text Design with Dynamic Font Fusion Method for Comics
* Fusion of Audio-Visual Information for Integrated Speech Processing
* Image-Based Target Detection and Radial Velocity Estimation Methods for Multichannel SAR-GMTI
* Improvements of Voice Timbre Control Based on Perceived Age in Singing Voice Conversion
* Initial response time measurement in eye movement for dementia screening test
* Instance-Level Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation for Limited-Labeled Sketch-to-Photo Retrieval
* Investigation of the Fetch Effect Using Onshore and Offshore Vertical LiDAR Devices
* Lip Movement Synthesis from Speech Based on Hidden Markov Models
* Method for Enriching Video-Watching Experience with Applied Effects Based on Eye Movements, A
* Multi-scale Domain-adversarial Multiple-instance CNN for Cancer Subtype Classification with Unannotated Histopathological Images
* Online EEG-Based Emotion Prediction and Music Generation for Inducing Affective States
* ReMOT: A model-agnostic refinement for multiple object tracking
* Segmentation of sputum color image for lung cancer diagnosis
* Segmentation of sputum color image for lung cancer diagnosis based on neural networks
* Speech-To-Face Movement Synthesis Based on HMMS
* SweepCam: Depth-Aware Lensless Imaging Using Programmable Masks
* Tackling multiple object tracking with complicated motions: Re-designing the integration of motion and appearance
* Target decomposition analysis of SIR-C imagery for characterization of scattering mechanisms and their dependence on observation parameters
* Temporal Modulation Normalization for Robust Speech Feature Extraction and Recognition
Includes: Nakamura, S.[Satoshi] Nakamura, S. Nakamura, S.[Shu] Nakamura, S.[Shigeki]
25 for Nakamura, S.

Nakamura, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis of in- and out-group differences between Western and East-Asian facial expression recognition
* Analysis of Required Elements for Next-Generation Document Reader on the Basis of User Requirements
* Application of Complexity Measure to Reversible Information Hiding
* Assessment of Machine Learning Algorithms for Automatic Benthic Cover Monitoring and Mapping Using Towed Underwater Video Camera and High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Automatic Semantic Segmentation of Benthic Habitats Using Images from Towed Underwater Camera in a Complex Shallow Water Environment
* Calibration-free projector-camera system for spatial augmented reality on planar surfaces
* Characteristics of the Annual Maximum and Minimum Water Temperatures in Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia from 2000 to 2019
* Classifier Acceleration by Imitation
* Composite feature modeling and retrieval
* Compound-eye-based multidimensional imager
* Data-oriented Algorithm For Route Choice Set Generation In A Metropolitan Area With Mobile Phone GPS Data
* Detection of Driver's Drowsy Facial Expression
* Detection of River Plastic Using UAV Sensor Data and Deep Learning
* Digital Archiving of People Flow by Recycling Large-Scale Social Survey Data of Developing Cities
* Evolutionary Multivalued Decision Diagrams for Obtaining Motion Representation of Humanoid Robots
* Exchangeable Deep Neural Networks for Set-to-set Matching and Learning
* Exploring Travel Pattern Variability of Public Transport Users Through Smart Card Data: Role of Gender and Age
* Fashion-Specific Ambiguous Expression Interpretation with Partial Visual-Semantic Embedding
* Fast self-localization method for mobile robots using multiple omnidirectional vision sensors
* Fingerprint Authentication Device Based on Optical Characteristics Inside a Finger
* Fingerprint image enhancement using a parallel ridge filter
* Geographical Information Analysis Of Tsunami Flooded Area By The Great East Japan Earthquake Using Mobile Mapping System
* Global Mapping Project: Applications and Development of Version 2 Dataset
* Hatched Image Representation of Human Faces Based on a Cognitive Model
* HDP-MRF: A hierarchical Nonparametric model for image segmentation
* Hierarchical Dictionary Constructing Method for the Parametric Eigenspace Method
* Hierarchical multilevel object recognition using Markov model
* Hierarchical-clustering of Parametric Data with Application to the Parametric Eigenspace Method
* High-resolution 3-D shape integration of dentition and face measured by new laser scanner
* Image information summary apparatus, image information summary method and image information summary processing program
* Kinect-based automatic scoring system for spasmodic torticollis
* Label-Related/Unrelated Topic Switching Model: A Partially Labeled Topic Model Handling Infinite Label-Unrelated Topics
* Learning Multimodal Representations for Drowsiness Detection
* Mapping VHR Water Depth, Seabed and Land Cover Using Google Earth Data
* Method for Enhancing Lung Nodules in Chest Radiographs by Use of LoG Filter, A
* Methods of Traffic Flow Measurement using Spatio-Temporal Image
* Monitoring system employing infrared image
* Monitoring system using infrared image processing
* Moving object measurement device employing a three-dimensional analysis to obtain characteristics of the moving object
* Multicultural Facial Expression Recognition Based on Differences of Western-Caucasian and East-Asian Facial Expressions of Emotions
* Multiscale Analysis of Intensive Longitudinal Biomedical Signals and Its Clinical Applications
* Online trajectory recovery from offline handwritten Japanese kanji characters of multiple strokes
* Progress Overview of Capturing Method for Integral 3-D Imaging Displays
* Qualitative Approach to Quantitative Recovery of SHGC's Shape and Pose from Shading and Contour, A
* Resolution Improvement In FZA Lens-Less Camera By Synthesizing Images Captured With Different Mask-Sensor Distances
* Semiautomated Mapping of Benthic Habitats and Seagrass Species Using a Convolutional Neural Network Framework in Shallow Water Environments
* Shape recovery of color textured object using Fast Marching Method via self-calibration
* SHIFT15M: Fashion-specific dataset for set-to-set matching with several distribution shifts
* Siamese-structure Deep Neural Network Recognizing Changes in Facial Expression According to the Degree of Smiling
* Simultaneous linear separation and unmixing of fluorescent and reflective components from a single hyperspectral image
* Skeleton Revision Algorithm Using Maximal Circles
* Temporal Differences in Eye and Mouth Movements Classifying Facial Expressions of Smiles
* Time Series Analysis for Monitoring Seagrass Habitat and Environment In Busuanga, Philippines Using Google Earth Engine
* Towards Benthic Habitat 3D Mapping Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Structures from Motion Photogrammetry
* Weak Lambertian Assumption for Determining Cylindrical Shape and Pose from Shading and Contour
Includes: Nakamura, T. Nakamura, T.[Takashi] Nakamura, T.[Takayuki] Nakamura, T.[Tomoya] Nakamura, T.[Tai] Nakamura, T.[Takuma] Nakamura, T.[Toshiyuki] Nakamura, T.[Takahiro] Nakamura, T.[Tomoaki] Nakamura, T.[Tomohiko] Nakamura, T.[Takeshi] Nakamura, T.[Toru] Nakamura, T.[Tetsuya] Nakamura, T.[Tsubasa] Nakamura, T.[Taichi] Nakamura, T.[Tsuyoshi]
55 for Nakamura, T.

Nakamura, Y.[Yasuaki] Co Author Listing * 3D acquisition system using uncalibrated line-laser projector
* Adaptive rate control for JPEG2000 image coding in embedded systems
* Analysis of Detailed Patterns of Contour Shapes Using Wavelet Local Extrema
* Appearance-based parameter optimization for accurate stereo camera calibration
* Automated camerawork for capturing desktop presentations
* Automatic Verification of Seal-Impression Pattern
* Classification of Multi-class Daily Human Motion using Discriminative Body Parts and Sentence Descriptions
* Cubistic Representation for Real-Time 3D Shape and Pose Estimation of Unknown Rigid Object
* Data structures for multilayer N-dimensional data using hierarchical structure
* Dense 3D Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Active Stereo System
* Design and Performance Analysis of a Skin-Stretcher Device for Urging Head Rotation
* Efficient Data Management Method for Spatial Objects Using MD-tree-Experimental Evaluation and Comparisons, An
* Eigen nodule: view-based recognition of lung nodule in chest X-ray CT images using subspace method
* Fast Shape Detection Using Hough Transform by Raster Operation
* Feedback Control Model of a Gesture-Based Pointing Interface for a Large Display
* Few-shot Adaptive Object Detection with Cross-domain Cutmix
* Four-Component Scattering Power Decomposition Algorithm with Rotation of Covariance Matrix Using ALOS-PALSAR Polarimetric Data
* Free-Angle 3D Head Pose Tracking Based on Online Shape Acquisition
* Hotspots detection for machine operation in egocentric vision
* Hotspots Integrating of Expert and Beginner Experiences of Machine Operations through Egocentric Vision
* Individuality analysis of online Kanji handwriting
* interactive walkthrough for a city area using the efficient 3D object management, An
* MD-Tree: A Balanced Hierarchical Data Structure for Multi-Dimensional Data with Highly Efficient Dynamic Characteristics
* Method and device for handwritten letter recognition
* Micro-Vibration Patterns Generated from Shape Memory Alloy Actuators and the Detection of an Asymptomatic Tactile Sensation Decrease in Diabetic Patients
* MMID: Multimodal Multi-view Integrated Database for Human Behavior Understanding
* Motion Recognition Employing Multiple Kernel Learning of Fisher Vectors Using Local Skeleton Features
* Name-It: Naming and Detecting Faces in Video by the Integration of Image and Natural Language Processing
* Non-Linear Distance Filter for Modeling Effect of a Large Pointer Used in a Gesture-Based Pointing Interface
* Object Arrangement Estimation Using Color Edge Profile
* Occlusion Detectable Stereo -- Occlusion Patterns in Camera Matrix
* Parallel feature extraction system with multi agents-PAFE
* Pedestrian Recognition in Far-Infrared Images by Combining Boosting-Based Detection and Skeleton-Based Stochastic Tracking
* Probabilistic Pedestrian Tracking Based on a Skeleton Model
* real-time multi face detection technique using positive-negative lines-of-face template, A
* Realization of Membership Queries in Character-Recognition
* Recognition of Overlapping 2-D Objects by Local Feature Construction Method
* Siamese-structure Deep Neural Network Recognizing Changes in Facial Expression According to the Degree of Smiling
* Smart meeting systems: A survey of state-of-the-art and open issues
* Spatial data structures for version management of engineering drawings in CAD database
* Specialized Processor Suitable for AdaBoost-Based Detection with Haar-like Features, A
* Stroke Re-Ordering Algorithm for On-Line Handwritten Character Recognition
* Structuring Personal Activity Records Based on Attention: Analyzing Videos from Head Mounted Camera
* Structuring Personal Experiences: Analyzing Views from a Head-mounted Camera
* Synergetic reconstruction from 2D pose and 3D motion for wide-space multi-person video motion capture in the wild
* Tracking hands and objects for an intelligent video production system
Includes: Nakamura, Y.[Yasuaki] Nakamura, Y. Nakamura, Y.[Yasutoshi] Nakamura, Y.[Yoshihiko] Nakamura, Y.[Yuichi] Nakamura, Y.[Yuzuru] Nakamura, Y.[Yoshikatsu] Nakamura, Y.[Yu] Nakamura, Y.[Yukihiro]
46 for Nakamura, Y.

Nakamura, Y.C.[Yui Chi] Co Author Listing * Hotspot Modeling of Hand-Machine Interaction Experiences from a Head-Mounted RGB-D Camera
Includes: Nakamura, Y.C.[Yui Chi] Nakamura, Y.C.[Yui-Chi]

Nakanishi, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Camera as a GPS Compass: Location Matching Using Point Clouds, The

Nakanishi, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Development of 135 Mbit/s HDTV codec

Nakanishi, I.[Isao] Co Author Listing * Line Detection by Spherical Gradient
* On-Line Signature Verification Based on Discrete Wavelet Domain Adaptive Signal Processing
* Optimal User Weighting Fusion in DWT Domain On-Line Signature Verification
* Simply Partitioned DP Matching and Threshold Equalizing in DWT Domain On-line Signature Verification
* SVM-Based Biometric Authentication Using Intra-Body Propagation Signals
Includes: Nakanishi, I.[Isao] Nakanishi, I.

Nakanishi, K.[Kaoru] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Method for Palmprint Considering Elimination of Creases
* Limits on the accuracy of 3-D thickness measurement in magnetic resonance images- Effects of voxel anisotropy
* Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing
Includes: Nakanishi, K.[Kaoru] Nakanishi, K. Nakanishi, K.[Kunio]

Nakanishi, K.M.[Ken M.] Co Author Listing * Neural Multi-scale Image Compression

Nakanishi, M.[Mamoru] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Real-time Image Processing on a New PC-compatible Board
* Fingerprint image enhancement by pixel-parallel processing
* Hough Transform Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Segment Extraction and its Parallel Hardware Implementation
* Hough Transform Implementation on a Reconfigurable Highly Parallel CAM Architecture
* On Using the CAM Concept for Parametric Curve Extraction
* parallel algorithm for real-time object recognition, A
* Real-Time CAM-Based Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation
* Real-Time CAM-Based Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation, A
* Real-Time Image Segmentation on a Massively Parallel Architecture, A
* Real-Time Line Extraction Using a Highly Parallel Hough Transform Board
* robust hardware algorithm for real-time object tracking in video sequences, A
* Wheelchair control system by using electrooculogram signal processing
Includes: Nakanishi, M.[Mamoru] Nakanishi, M. Nakanishi, M.[Masaki]
12 for Nakanishi, M.

Nakanishi, R.M. Co Author Listing * Introduction of Sample Based Prior into the D-Bar Method Through a Schur Complement Property

Nakanishi, S.[Satoru] Co Author Listing * Deep Photo Relighting by Integrating Both 2D and 3D Lighting Information
* Helping Computer Vision by Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
* Moving object detection from a point cloud using photometric and depth consistencies
* Performance Study of a Regularization-Based Deformable Handwritten Recognition Approach
* Robotic wheelchair observing its inside and outside
* Sub-pixel disparity search for binocular stereo vision
Includes: Nakanishi, S.[Satoru] Nakanishi, S. Nakanishi, S.[Shinya]

Nakanishi, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Vehicle Image Extraction Based on Spatio-Temporal Image Analysis
* Evaluation Of Wheat Growth Monitoring Methods Based On Hyperspectral Data Of Later Grain Filling And Heading Stages In Western Australia
* Structure from Image Sequences Captured Through a Monocular Extra-Wide Angle Lens

Nakanishi, W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Parameter Estimation of Person Recognition Model in a Stochastic Human Tracking Process
* Multi-target Detection From Full-waveform Airborne Laser Scanner Using PHD Filter
* Multiple Human Tracking In Complex Situation By Data Assimilation With Pedestrian Behavior Model
* Sensitive Analysis of Observation Model for Human Tracking Using a Stochastic Process

Nakanishi, Y. Co Author Listing * Video-based tracking of user's motion for augmented desk interface

Nakanno, T.[Tomoaki] Co Author Listing * Study of Early Screening Method of Dementia and Its Systemization

Nakano Miyatake, M.[Mariko] Co Author Listing * Image Authentication Scheme Based on Self-embedding Watermarking
* Imperceptible-visible watermarking for copyright protection of digital videos based on temporal codes
* Robust hybrid color image watermarking method based on DFT domain and 2D histogram modification
* Robust watermarking method in DFT domain for effective management of medical imaging
* Watermarking-based image authentication with recovery capability using halftoning technique
Includes: Nakano Miyatake, M.[Mariko] Nakano-Miyatake, M.[Mariko] Nakano-Miyatake, M.

Nakano Miytake, M.[Mariko] Co Author Listing * Movement Detection and Tracking Using Video Frames
Includes: Nakano Miytake, M.[Mariko] Nakano-Miytake, M.[Mariko]

Nakano, F.[Fumiya] Co Author Listing * Improvement of JPEG Compression Efficiency Using Information Hiding and Image Restoration

Nakano, F.K.[Felipe Kenji] Co Author Listing * Deep tree-ensembles for multi-output prediction

Nakano, G. Co Author Listing * Accelerated RANSAC for 2D homography estimation based on global brightness consistency
* Algebraic Constraint for Preserving Convexity of Planar Homography
* BRIO-TA Dataset: Understanding Anomalous Assembly Process in Manufacturing, The
* Camera Calibration Using Parallel Line Segments
* Efficient DLT-Based Method for Solving PnP, PnPf, and PnPfr Problems
* Fast and Robust Homography Estimation by Adaptive Graduated non-Convexity
* Globally Optimal DLS Method for PnP Problem with Cayley parameterization
* MCFM: Mutual Cross Fusion Module for Intermediate Fusion-Based Action Segmentation
* Minimal Solutions to Uncalibrated Two-view Geometry with Known Epipoles
* Occlusion-Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image
* Solution Space Analysis of Essential Matrix Based on Algebraic Error Minimization
* Spatial-Temporal Motion Field Analysis for Pixelwise Crack Detection on Concrete Surfaces
* Versatile Approach for Solving PnP, PnPf, and PnPfr Problems, A
Includes: Nakano, G. Nakano, G.[Gaku]
13 for Nakano, G.

Nakano, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Assessing Correlation of High-Resolution NDVI with Fertilizer Application Level and Yield of Rice and Wheat Crops Using Small UAVs
* Classifying Human Body Motions Using Gabor Features
* Classifying the Motions of Human Body by Using Gabor Wavelets
* Image processing method for system employing pattern matching
* Image recognition method and apparatus
* Large Scale Specific Object Recognition by Using GIFTS Image Feature
* Method for classifying an object in a moving picture
* Multi-stage Neural Networks with Single-Sided Classifiers for False Positive Reduction and Its Evaluation Using Lung X-Ray CT Images
* Real-time human figure control using tracked blobs
Includes: Nakano, H.[Hiroshi] Nakano, H. Nakano, H.[Hiroki]
9 for Nakano, H.

Nakano, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of influence on driver behaviour while using in-vehicle traffic lights with application of head-up display
* Assessing Correlation of High-Resolution NDVI with Fertilizer Application Level and Yield of Rice and Wheat Crops Using Small UAVs
* Camera Calibration Techniques Using Multiple Cameras Of Different Resolutions And Bundle Of Distances
* Camera-Variant Calibration and Sensor Modeling for Practical Photogrammetry in Archeological Sites
* Effect of a Haptic Guidance Steering System on Fatigue-Related Driver Behavior, The
* Effects of Exterior Lighting System of Parked Vehicles on the Behaviors of Cyclists
* Evaluation of Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Activity of a Passenger in Response to a Car's Lateral Acceleration While Slalom Driving
* Evaluation of the effects of in-vehicle traffic lights on driving performances for unsignalised intersections
* Extraction and Recognition of 3-Dimensional Information by Projecting a Pair of Slit-Ray Beams
* Eye-Gaze Tracking Analysis of Driver Behavior While Interacting With Navigation Systems in an Urban Area
* Influence of haptic guidance on driving behaviour under degraded visual feedback conditions
* Modeling and analysis of driver behaviour under shared control through weighted visual and haptic guidance
* On Fundamental Evaluation Using UAV Imagery And 3d Modeling Software
* On Ground Surface Extraction Using Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanner for CIM
* On Improvement of Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanner Data Using Digital Images
* On Object Extraction Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data And Digital Images for 3D Modelling
* On Practical Accuracy Aspects of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Equipped With Survey Grade Laser Scanners
* Optimal Implementation of the Approximate String Matching on the Hierarchical Memory Machine, with Performance Evaluation on the GPU, An
* Prediction Based Trajectory Planning for Safe Interactions Between Autonomous Vehicles and Moving Pedestrians in Shared Spaces
* Rabin-Karp Implementation for Handling Multiple Pattern-Matching on the GPU, A
* Road Surface Recognition Using Laser Radar for Automatic Platooning
* Spatio-Temporal Image Representation and Deep-Learning-Based Decision Framework for Automated Vehicles
* Structural Transformer Improves Speed-Accuracy Trade-Off in Interactive Trajectory Prediction of Multiple Surrounding Vehicles
* Study on Emergency-Avoidance Braking for the Automatic Platooning of Trucks
Includes: Nakano, K. Nakano, K.[Keiko] Nakano, K.[Kimihiko] Nakano, K.[Kazuya] Nakano, K.[Koji]
24 for Nakano, K.

Nakano, L.G.M.[Luis G.M.] Co Author Listing * Class Discriminability Measure Based on Feature Space Partitioning, A

Nakano, M.[Mariko] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spatial Concealment of Damaged Coded Images
* Automatic Estrus Cycle Identification System on Female Dogs Based on Deep Learning
* Disambiguation in Unknown Object Detection by Integrating Image and Speech Recognition Confidences
* Discriminating Unknown Objects from Known Objects Using Image and Speech Information
* Evaluation of Denoising Algorithms for Source Camera Linking
* Improved imperceptible visible watermarking algorithm for auxiliary information delivery
* Mosquito Larvae Image Classification Based on DenseNet and Guided Grad-CAM
* Neovascularization Detection on Optic Disc Region Using Deep Learning
* Object Recognition by Integrated Information Using Web Images
* Selection of Unknown Objects Specified by Speech Using Models Constructed from Web Images
Includes: Nakano, M.[Mariko] Nakano, M.[Mikio]
10 for Nakano, M.

Nakano, N.[Nami] Co Author Listing * Study of Reducing Circuit Scale Associated with Bit Depth Expansion Using Predictive Gradation Detection Algorithm

Nakano, S.[Shota] Co Author Listing * Appearance control for human material perception manipulation
* Person re-identification using co-occurrence attributes of physical and adhered human characteristics
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Echocardiograms Based on Orthogonal Sections
Includes: Nakano, S.[Shota] Nakano, S. Nakano, S.[Shigenori]

Nakano, S.Z.[Shi Zuo] Co Author Listing * Study of video-on-demand system using narrow band ISDN
Includes: Nakano, S.Z.[Shi Zuo] Nakano, S.Z.[Shi-Zuo]

Nakano, T.[Teppei] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourced Verification for Operating Calving Surveillance Systems at an Early Stage
* Development of System for Comprehensively Measuring Driving Ability for Elderly Safe Driving
* Feature Representation Learning for Calving Detection of Cows Using Video Frames
* Geographical Information Analysis Of Tsunami Flooded Area By The Great East Japan Earthquake Using Mobile Mapping System
* Improvements of Voice Timbre Control Based on Perceived Age in Singing Voice Conversion
* Method and apparatus for checking pattern
* On a Technique for Evaluating Performance of Wipers Based on Forward Visibility
* Precursory Slope Deformation Around Landslide Area Detected By Insar Throughout Japan
* Real-Time Range Measurement Device for Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
* SemiCCA: Efficient Semi-supervised Learning of Canonical Correlations
* Toward Building a Data-Driven System For Detecting Mounting Actions of Black Beef Cattle
* Water Area Observation Experiment Using Optical Sensor for Extracting Inundation Boundary At Night
Includes: Nakano, T.[Teppei] Nakano, T.[Tomoaki] Nakano, T. Nakano, T.[Tomoyasu] Nakano, T.[Takahiro] Nakano, T.[Takuho]
12 for Nakano, T.

Nakano, Y. Co Author Listing * algorithm for the skew normalization of document image, An
* Digit classification on signboards for telephone number recognition
* Digit recognition in a natural scene with skew and slant normalization
* Document Analysis System Based on Text Line Matching of Multiple OCR Outputs, A
* Document Understanding System Incorporating with Character Recognition, A
* Extraction of Facial Images from a Complex Background Using SGLD Matrices
* Extraction of place-name from natural scenes
* Face Recognition by Bidirectional View Synthesis
* Face-Texture Model-Based on SGLD and Its Application in Face Detection in a Color Scene
* Fast Mode Decision Technique for HEVC Intra Prediction Based on Reliability Metric for Motion Vectors
* Handprinted Hiragana recognition using support vector machines
* HMM-Based Approach for Text Region Detection in Coded Video Bitstreams
* Image processing apparatus and processing method
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation Method for Document Understanding, A
* method to make multiple hypotheses with high cumulative recognition rate using SVMs, A
* Needs and Seeds in Character Recognition
* Off-line handwritten character recognition by SVM based on the virtual examples synthesized from on-line characters
* Picture processing apparatus
* Recognition of Facial Images with Low-Resolution Using a Hopfield Memory Model
* Safe Route Carpooling to Avoid Accident Locations and Small-Scale Proof of Concept in Japan
* Segmentation Methods for Character Recognition: From Segmentation to Document Structure Analysis
* Top-Down Approach to the Analysis of Document Images, A
Includes: Nakano, Y. Nakano, Y.[Yasuaki] Nakano, Y.[Yutaka] Nakano, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Nakano, Y.[Yoshiki]
22 for Nakano, Y.

Nakano, Y.I.[Yukiko I.] Co Author Listing * Eye Gaze in Intelligent User Interfaces: Gaze-based Analyses, Models and Applications
* Style Transfer for Co-speech Gesture Animation: A Multi-speaker Conditional-mixture Approach

Nakao, K.[Keisuke] Co Author Listing * Multi-angle View, Illumination and Cosmetic Facial Image Database (MaVIC) and Quantitative Analysis of Facial Appearance
* Synthesis of multiple pose facial images using tensor-based subspace learning method

Nakao, M. Co Author Listing * Differentially Modulated Spectrally Efficient Frequency-Division Multiplexing
* Image-to-Graph Convolutional Network for 2D/3D Deformable Model Registration of Low-Contrast Organs
* SuperCut: Superpixel Based Foreground Extraction With Loose Bounding Boxes in One Cutting
Includes: Nakao, M. Nakao, M.[Megumi]

Nakao, N.[Nozomi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Facial Midline And Its Contributions to Facial Feature Extraction

Nakao, T.[Takanori] Co Author Listing * Deep Feature Compression using Rate-Distortion Optimization Guided Autoencoder
* Panoramic Camera Using a Mirror Rotation Mechanisim and a Fast Image Mosaicing
* Scanning a Document with a Small Camera Attached to a Mouse
Includes: Nakao, T.[Takanori] Nakao, T.

Nakao, Z. Co Author Listing * Blind Separation Based on an Evolutionary Neural Network
* ICA-Domain Shrinkage Based Poisson-Noise Reduction Algorithm and Its Application to Penumbral Imaging, An
* Image feature representation by the subspace of nonlinear PCA
* Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Image Restoration and Its Performance, A
* Reconstruction of Neutron Penumbral Image by a Constrained Genetic Algorithm
* Robust Logo Multiresolution Watermarking Based on Independent Component Analysis Extraction, A
Includes: Nakao, Z. Nakao, Z.[Zensho]

Nakaoka, S.[Shinichiro] Co Author Listing * Digital Archive of Intangible Cultural Properties
* Task model of lower body motion for a humanoid robot to imitate human dances

Nakariyakul, S.[Songyot] Co Author Listing * Adaptive branch and bound algorithm for selecting optimal features
* improvement on floating search algorithms for feature subset selection, An
* new feature selection algorithm for multispectral and polarimetric vehicle images, A
* Suboptimal branch and bound algorithms for feature subset selection: A comparative study

Nakarmi, U. Co Author Listing * Bi-Linear Modeling of Data Manifolds for Dynamic-MRI Recovery
* Kernel-Based Low-Rank (KLR) Model for Low-Dimensional Manifold Recovery in Highly Accelerated Dynamic MRI, A
* KerNL: Kernel-Based Nonlinear Approach to Parallel MRI Reconstruction

Nakasagga, S.[Shakirah] Co Author Listing * Temporal Vegetation Indices and Plant Height from Remotely Sensed Imagery Can Predict Grain Yield and Flowering Time Breeding Value in Maize via Machine Learning Regression

Nakasato, N. Co Author Listing * Estimation Algorithm of Neuromagnetic Sources in the Cortical Region Using Realistically-Shaped Head Model, An
* Estimation of Neuromagnetic Source Location in the Cortical Region Using MR images
* magnetic source estimation in the cortical region, A
* neuromagnetic source distribution estimation using MRI information, A

Nakashika, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * 3D-Object Recognition Based on LLC Using Depth Spatial Pyramid
* Deep Relational Model: A Joint Probabilistic Model with a Hierarchical Structure for Bidirectional Estimation of Image and Labels
Includes: Nakashika, T.[Tom] Nakashika, T.[Toru]

Nakashima, A.[Akiko] Co Author Listing * Constructing Illumination Image Basis from Object Motion
* Paddle Juggling of one Ball by Robot Manipulator with Visual Servo
* study on vulnerability in on-line writer verification system, A
* Synthesizing pose and lighting variation from object motion
Includes: Nakashima, A.[Akiko] Nakashima, A.

Nakashima, K.[Kiyoko] Co Author Listing * Automatic Photoreceptor Detection in In-Vivo Adaptive Optics Retinal Images: Statistical Validation
* Describing and Localizing Multiple Changes with Transformers
* Generative Range Imaging for Learning Scene Priors of 3D LiDAR Data
* Handwritten digit recognition using state-of-the-art techniques
* Handwritten Digit Recognition: Benchmarking of State-of-the-Art Techniques
* Handwritten Digit Recognition: Investigation of Normalization and Feature Extraction Techniques
* Method for Connecting Disappeared Junction Patterns on Frame Lines in Form Documents, A
* Replacing Labeled Real-image Datasets with Auto-generated Contours
* SegRCDB: Semantic Segmentation via Formula-Driven Supervised Learning
* Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity based on sum of squares thresholding
* Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding
* Vehicle Identification System by Automated Korean License Plate Reading
Includes: Nakashima, K.[Kiyoko] Nakashima, K.[Kodai] Nakashima, K.[Kazuto] Nakashima, K.[Kazuki] Nakashima, K. Nakashima, K.[Keisuke]
12 for Nakashima, K.

Nakashima, M.[Masato] Co Author Listing * Pattern matching method and apparatus
* Recognition method and apparatus

Nakashima, R. Co Author Listing * Considerations of Self-Motion in Motion Saliency
* Inferring Affective Experience from the Big Picture Metaphor: A Two-dimensional Visual Breadth Model
* SIR-Net: Scene-Independent End-to-End Trainable Visual Relocalizer
* Stereo Image Retargeting with Shift-Map
* Theoretical Analysis of Multi-view Camera Arrangement and Light-Field Super-Resolution
Includes: Nakashima, R. Nakashima, R.[Ryoichi] Nakashima, R.[Ryo]

Nakashima, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Visual Inspection of LSI Photomasks
* Mutual interaction model between the number of people in real space and the number of tweets in virtual space
* novel blink detection system for user monitoring, A
* Turbidity Underwater Image Restoration Using Spectral Properties and Light Compensation
Includes: Nakashima, S. Nakashima, S.[Shota]

Nakashima, T.[Tomoharu] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Breast Thermograms Based on Statistical Image Features and Hybrid Fuzzy Classification
* Estimation of Non-rigid Surface Deformation Using Developable Surface Model
* Fully-Automated Spike Detection and Dipole Analysis of Epileptic MEG Using Deep Learning
* Practicality and Robustness of Tree Species Identification Using UAV RGB Image and Deep Learning in Temperate Forest in Japan
* Thermography based breast cancer analysis using statistical features and fuzzy classification
Includes: Nakashima, T.[Tomoharu] Nakashima, T.[Takashi] Nakashima, T.[Toshiharu] Nakashima, T.[Tadashi]

Nakashima, Y.[Yuta] Co Author Listing * 3d Image Reconstruction from Multi-focus Microscopic Images
* AxIoU: An Axiomatically Justified Measure for Video Moment Retrieval
* BERT Representations for Video Question Answering
* ContextNet: representation and exploration for painting classification and retrieval in context
* Contrastive Losses Are Natural Criteria for Unsupervised Video Summarization
* Depthwise Spatio-Temporal STFT Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition
* Detecting intended human objects in human-captured videos
* Determination of the Gain for a Walking Speed Amplifying Belt Using Brain Activity
* Discriminating Intended Human Objects in Consumer Videos
* Explain Me the Painting: Multi-Topic Knowledgeable Art Description Generation
* Facial Expression Recognition with Skip-Connection to Leverage Low-Level Features
* Finding Important People in a Video Using Deep Neural Networks with Conditional Random Fields
* Flexible Bayesian Inference by Weight Transfer for Robust Deep Neural Networks
* Generation and Detection of Media Clones
* Hybrid Bayesian-Convolutional Neural Network for Adversarial Robustness, A
* Implementation of Fully-Pipelined CNN Inference Accelerator on FPGA and HBM2 Platform
* Inferring what the videographer wanted to capture
* Iterative applications of image completion with CNN-based failure detection
* IterNet: Retinal Image Segmentation Utilizing Structural Redundancy in Vessel Networks
* Knowledge-based Video Question Answering with Unsupervised Scene Descriptions
* Laughing Machine: Predicting Humor in Video, The
* Learners' Efficiency Prediction Using Facial Behavior Analysis
* Learning Bottleneck Concepts in Image Classification
* Learning Joint Representations of Videos and Sentences with Web Image Search
* Markov random field-based real-time detection of intentionally-captured persons
* Model-Agnostic Gender Debiased Image Captioning
* MTUNet: Few-shot Image Classification with Visual Explanations
* Optimal Correction Cost for Object Detection Evaluation
* Performance Optimization of Light-Field Applications on GPU
* PoseRN: A 2D Pose Refinement Network for Bias-Free Multi-View 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Preventing Fake Information Generation Against Media Clone Attacks
* Privacy Protection for Social Video via Background Estimation and CRF-Based Videographer's Intention Modeling
* Protection and Utilization of Privacy Information via Sensing
* Quantifying Societal Bias Amplification in Image Captioning
* Real-Time User Position Estimation in Indoor Environments Using Digital Watermarking for Audio Signals
* ReMagicMirror: Action Learning Using Human Reenactment with the Mirror Metaphor
* Representing a Partially Observed Non-Rigid 3D Human Using Eigen-Texture and Eigen-Deformation
* Rethinking the Evaluation of Video Summaries
* SCOUTER: Slot Attention-based Classifier for Explainable Image Recognition
* semantic typology of visually grounded paraphrases, The
* Summarization of User-Generated Sports Video by Using Deep Action Recognition Features
* Toward Verifiable and Reproducible Human Evaluation for Text-to-Image Generation
* Uncurated Image-Text Datasets: Shedding Light on Demographic Bias
* Video Summarization Using Deep Semantic Features
* Visual Question Answering with Textual Representations for Images
* Yoga-82: A New Dataset for Fine-grained Classification of Human Poses
Includes: Nakashima, Y.[Yuta] Nakashima, Y. Nakashima, Y.[Yasuhiko]
46 for Nakashima, Y.

Nakashizuka, M. Co Author Listing * Compressive color sensing using random complementary color filter array
* Deep Morphological Filter Networks For Gaussian Denoising
* Deep Unrolling of Diffusion Process with Morphological Laplacian and its Implementation with SIMD Instructions
* Edge-based Image Synthesis Model and Its Synthesis Function Design by the Wavelet Transform
* Image Contour Clustering by Vector Quantization on Multiscale Gradient Planes and Its Application to Image-Coding
* Image regularization with multiple morphological gradient priors
* Learning of structuring elements for morphological image model with a sparsity prior
* Sparse image representations with shift-invariant tree-structured dictionaries
Includes: Nakashizuka, M. Nakashizuka, M.[Makoto]
8 for Nakashizuka, M.

Nakasi, R. Co Author Listing * web-based intelligence platform for diagnosis of malaria in thick blood smear images: a case for a developing country, A

Nakasima, R.J.[Ryu Ji] Co Author Listing * Multi-object Motion Pattern Classification for Visual Surveillance and Sports Video Retrieval
Includes: Nakasima, R.J.[Ryu Ji] Nakasima, R.J.[Ryu-Ji]

Nakasone, R. Co Author Listing * Moving camera background-subtraction for obstacle detection on railway tracks

Nakasone, Y.[Yoshiki] Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Position Measurement for Maxillofacial Surgery by Stereo X-Ray Images

Nakasu, E.[Eisuke] Co Author Listing * Development of 135 Mbit/s HDTV codec
* method of estimating coding PSNR using quantized DCT coefficients, A
* Nonreference Method for Estimating PSNR of MPEG-2 Coded Video by Using DCT Coefficients and Picture Energy
* Progress Overview of Capturing Method for Integral 3-D Imaging Displays
* Super Hi-Vision Codec, The
Includes: Nakasu, E.[Eisuke] Nakasu, E.

Nakata, H. Co Author Listing * Constructing and Reconstructing Characters, Words, and Sentences by Synthesizing Writing Motions

Nakata, K. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Thin-Ice Thickness and Discrimination of Ice Type From AMSR-E Passive Microwave Data
* Revisiting a kNN-Based Image Classification System with High-Capacity Storage
* Successive Projection Method for Well-Conditioned Matrix Approximation Problems
Includes: Nakata, K. Nakata, K.[Kengo]

Nakata, M.[Makiko] Co Author Listing * Biomass Burning Plume from Simultaneous Observations of Polarization and Radiance at Different Viewing Directions with SGLI
* Characterization of Wildfire Smoke over Complex Terrain Using Satellite Observations, Ground-Based Observations, and Meteorological Models
* Estimating Aerosol Emissions by Assimilating Remote Sensing Observations into a Global Transport Model
Includes: Nakata, M.[Makiko] Nakata, M.

Nakata, N.[Naofumi] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and methods for detecting number of people waiting in an elevator hall using plural image processing means with overlapping fields of view
* Efficient Seismic Source Localization Using Simplified Gaussian Beam Time Reversal Imaging
* Image processing apparatus having apparatus for correcting the image processing
* Investigation of Time-Lapse Changes with DAS Borehole Data at the Brady Geothermal Field Using Deconvolution Interferometry
Includes: Nakata, N.[Naofumi] Nakata, N. Nakata, N.[Nori]

Nakata, O.[Otoichi] Co Author Listing * Fully-Automated Spike Detection and Dipole Analysis of Epileptic MEG Using Deep Learning

Nakata, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Anomaly Detection Using Deep Generative Models for Grouped Data

Nakata, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Image Adjustment Method and Evaluation for Glassless 3D Viewing Systems
* Log-Polar transform in 3D environment
Includes: Nakata, T.[Takayuki] Nakata, T.

Nakata, Y.[Yasutaka] Co Author Listing * Integration of Multi-Sensor Data to Estimate Plot-Level Stem Volume Using Machine Learning Algorithms-Case Study of Evergreen Conifer Planted Forests in Japan
* Lossless AI: Toward Guaranteeing Consistency between Inferences Before and After Quantization via Knowledge Distillation
* MTTrans: Cross-domain Object Detection with Mean Teacher Transformer
* Observation of Diurnal Ground Surface Changes Due to Freeze-Thaw Action by Real-Time Kinematic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Includes: Nakata, Y.[Yasutaka] Nakata, Y.[Yohei]

Nakatake, S.[Shigetoshi] Co Author Listing * Sensor-Based Data Visualization System for Training Blood Pressure Measurement by Auscultatory Method, A

Nakatani, A. Co Author Listing * What Makes Motion Meaningful? Affective Properties of Abstract Motion

Nakatani, C.[Chihiro] Co Author Listing * Group Activity Recognition Using Joint Learning of Individual Action Recognition and People Grouping
* Interaction-aware Joint Attention Estimation Using People Attributes
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge

Nakatani, H. Co Author Listing * Determination of Vanishing Point in Outdoor Scene
* Energy-Minimization-Based Approach to Image Modification for Assembling Subpictures
* Error Analysis for Surface Orientation from Vanishing Points, An
* Extraction of Vanishing Point and Its Application to Scene Analysis Based on Image Sequence
* Image Region Correspondence by Color Structural Similarity
* Image Region Correspondence by Structural Similarity
* Interactive Image Retrieval by Natural Language
* Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Muscle-Based Feature Models
Includes: Nakatani, H. Nakatani, H.[Hiromasa]
8 for Nakatani, H.

Nakatani, K. Co Author Listing * Illumination Invariant Detection of Multicolored Object Using Sampled Spectrum Image

Nakatani, S. Co Author Listing * Active Vision System for On-line Traffic Sign Recognition, An
* Gender Classification Using Video Sequences of Body Sway Recorded by Overhead Camera
* Generating Personalized Virtual Agent in Speech Dialogue System for People with Dementia
* Simply Partitioned DP Matching and Threshold Equalizing in DWT Domain On-line Signature Verification
Includes: Nakatani, S. Nakatani, S.[Shintaro] Nakatani, S.[Shota] Nakatani, S.[Shingo]

Nakatani, T.[Tomohiro] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Event Detection in Speech Overlapping Scenarios Based on High-Resolution Spectral Input and Deep Learning
* Blind Signal Dereverberation Based on Mixture of Weighted Prediction Error Models
* Distortionless Beamforming Optimized With L_1 -Norm Minimization
* Far-Field Automatic Speech Recognition
* Independent Vector Extraction for Fast Joint Blind Source Separation and Dereverberation
* Online Speech Dereverberation Using Mixture of Multichannel Linear Prediction Models
* Unified Convolutional Beamformer for Simultaneous Denoising and Dereverberation, A
Includes: Nakatani, T.[Tomohiro] Nakatani, T.
7 for Nakatani, T.

Nakatani, Y. Co Author Listing * Online Recognition of Handwritten Hiragana Characters Based Upon a Complex Autoregressive Model

Nakath, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Information Selection in Images: Efficient Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Affordance-Based Object Recognition Using Interactions Obtained from a Utility Maximization Principle
* Deep Sea Robotic Imaging Simulator
* distributed online learning tracking algorithm, A
* In-Situ Joint Light and Medium Estimation for Underwater Color Restoration
* MaCal - Macro Lens Calibration and the Focus Stack Camera Model
* Optimization of Multi-led Setups for Underwater Robotic Vision Systems
* Refractive geometry for underwater domes
* Towards Cross Domain Transfer Learning for Underwater Correspondence Search
Includes: Nakath, D.[David] Nakath, D.
9 for Nakath, D.

Nakatoh, Y.[Yoshihisa] Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Deformable Object Manipulation Based on DN-Transporter Networks
* Pose Estimation of Point Sets Using Residual MLP in Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure

Nakatsu, N. Co Author Listing * Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Suitable for Similar Text Strings, A

Nakatsu, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction and Tracking of Contours
* Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Multiple Cameras
* Multimodal Human Emotion/Expression Recognition
* Nonverbal Information Recognition and Its Application to Communications
* User Interface Technologies for a Virtual Communication Space
Includes: Nakatsu, R. Nakatsu, R.[Ryohei]

Nakatsuji, A.[Atsutada] Co Author Listing * Stabilizing the Focal Length Computation for 3-D Reconstruction from Two Uncalibrated Views

Nakatsuka, C.[Chihiro] Co Author Listing * Consistent and Diverse Human Motion Prediction Using Conditional Variational Autoencoder with Context-Aware Latent Space

Nakatsuka, N.[Nobuo] Co Author Listing * Pattern outline tracking method and apparatus

Nakatsuka, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Audio-Based Automatic Generation of a Piano Reduction Score by Considering the Musical Structure
* Content-Based Music-Image Retrieval Using Self- and Cross-Modal Feature Embedding Memory
* Performance Evaluation of a Mathematical Formula Recognition System with a large scale of printed formula images
Includes: Nakatsuka, T.[Takayuki] Nakatsuka, T.

Nakatsuka, Y.[Yukiko] Co Author Listing * Easy-to-use authoring system for Noh (Japanese traditional) dance animation and its evaluation

Nakatsuyama, M. Co Author Listing * Pattern Description and Generation Method of Structural Characters, A

Nakatuji, A.[Atsutada] Co Author Listing * Mesh Optimization Using an Inconsistency Detection Template
* Optimizing a Triangular Mesh for Shape Reconstruction from Images

Nakatumba, J. Co Author Listing * Improving In-field Cassava Whitefly Pest Surveillance with Machine Learning

Nakau, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * In-Flight Radiometric Calibration of Compact Infrared Camera (CIRC) Instruments Onboard ALOS-2 Satellite and International Space Station

Nakauchi, S.[Shigeki] Co Author Listing * Computation of Sensory-Affective Relationships Depending on Material Categories of Pictorial Stimuli
* Computational Theory of Color Transparency, A
* Computational theory of color transparency: Recovery of spectral properties for overlapping surfaces
* Dissociation of equilibrium points for color-discrimination and color-appearance mechanisms in incomplete chromatic adaptation
* In Situ Detection and Identification of Microorganisms at Single Colony Resolution Using Spectral Imaging Technique
* Multiresolution Approach in Computing NTF
* Spectral Imaging Technique for Visualizing the Invisible Information
7 for Nakauchi, S.

Nakawaga, M.[Masaki] Co Author Listing * Online trajectory recovery from offline handwritten Japanese kanji characters of multiple strokes

Nakaya, H.[Hideo] Co Author Listing * Motion determining apparatus, method thereof, and picture information converting apparatus

Nakaya, M.A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Whole Cells and Cell Nuclei From 3-D Optical Microscope Images Using Dynamic Programming

Nakaya, T. Co Author Listing * Virtual Kyoto: Visualization of Historical City with 4D-GIS, Virtual Reality and Web Technologies

Nakaya, Y. Co Author Listing * Motion compensation based on spatial transformations
* On/Off Decision of Global and Local Motion Compensation in Low-Bitrate Video Coding
* System and method for performing video coding/decoding using motion compensation
* Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
* Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a portion of an image and outputting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
Includes: Nakaya, Y. Nakaya, Y.[Yuichiro]

Nakayama, A. Co Author Listing * Detecting a gazing region by visual direction and stereo cameras

Nakayama, D.[Daichi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Origin-Destination Flows of Passenger Cars in 1925 in Old Tokyo City, Japan

Nakayama, G.K.[George Kiyohiro] Co Author Listing * DiffFacto: Controllable Part-Based 3D Point Cloud Generation with Cross Diffusion

Nakayama, H.[Hideki] Co Author Listing * A-CAP: Anticipation Captioning with Commonsense Knowledge
* AI Goggles: Real-time Description and Retrieval in the Real World with Online Learning
* Annotation order matters: Recurrent Image Annotator for arbitrary length image tagging
* Bipolar GAN: Double Check the Solution Space and Lighten False Positive Errors in Generative Adversarial Nets
* Character recognition method for recognizing character in an arbitrary rotation position
* Classifier of Similar Characters using Compound Mahalanobis Function based on Difference Subspace, A
* DCT Based Information-Preserving Pooling for Deep Neural Networks
* Dense Sampling Low-Level Statistics of Local Features
* Efficient Two-Step Middle-Level Part Feature Extraction for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Erasing Scene Text with Weak Supervision
* Evaluation of dimensionality reduction methods for image auto-annotation
* Faster Autoaugment: Learning Augmentation Strategies Using Backpropagation
* Global Gaussian approach for scene categorization using information geometry
* Graph-based Heuristic Search for Module Selection Procedure in Neural Module Network
* Historical Hand-Written String Recognition by Non-linear Discriminant Analysis using Kernel Feature Selection
* Improving Local Descriptors by Embedding Global and Local Spatial Information
* Indirect Adversarial Losses via an Intermediate Distribution for Training GANs
* LOL: Learning To Optimize Loss Switching Under Label Noise
* Meta Approach to Data Augmentation Optimization
* Method of segmenting characters in lines which may be skewed, for allowing improved optical character recognition
* Multimodal Gesture Recognition Using Multi-stream Recurrent Neural Network
* NOC-REK: Novel Object Captioning with Retrieved Vocabulary from External Knowledge
* Object Recognition with Continual Open Set Domain Adaptation for Home Robot
* Open-Set Domain Generalization via Metric Learning
* OSSGAN: Open-Set Semi-Supervised Image Generation
* Partition-and-Debias: Agnostic Biases Mitigation via A Mixture of Biases-Specific Experts
* Pixel to Binary Embedding Towards Robustness for CNNs
* PPCD-GAN: Progressive Pruning and Class-Aware Distillation for Large-Scale Conditional GANs Compression
* Reliable Application Layer Multicast Over Combined Wired and Wireless Networks
* Scene Classification Using Generalized Local Correlation
* Semantic Aware Attention Based Deep Object Co-segmentation
* Synthesizing Diverse Lung Nodules Wherever Massively: 3D Multi-Conditional GAN-Based CT Image Augmentation for Object Detection
* Two-Path Object Knowledge Injection for Detecting Novel Objects with Single-Stage Dense Detector
* Unsupervised Visual Relationship Inference
Includes: Nakayama, H.[Hideki] Nakayama, H. Nakayama, H.[Hiroshi] Nakayama, H.[Hidehisa]
34 for Nakayama, H.

Nakayama, I.[Io] Co Author Listing * Autonomous and robust structuring of real environment by searching complex regions

Nakayama, J. Co Author Listing * Cubical Singular Simplex Model for 3D Objects and Fast Computation of Homology Groups

Nakayama, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Initial Weights and Estimation of Hidden Units for Pattern Classification Using Neural Networks
* Contrast adaptation to luminance and brightness modulations
* Okutama-Action: An Aerial View Video Dataset for Concurrent Human Action Detection
* On Distributed Representation of Output Layer for Recognizing Japanese Kana Characters Using Neural Networks
* Perceptual Annotation: Measuring Human Vision to Improve Computer Vision
* Predicting Driver Attention in Critical Situations
Includes: Nakayama, K.[Kenji] Nakayama, K.[Kazuki] Nakayama, K. Nakayama, K.[Ken]

Nakayama, M.[Masano] Co Author Listing * Development of Acoustic Nonverbal Information Estimation System for Unconstrained Long-Term Monitoring of Daily Office Activity
* Influence of Peripheral Vibration Stimulus on Viewing and Response Actions
* Motion analyzing/advising system
Includes: Nakayama, M.[Masano] Nakayama, M.[Minoru] Nakayama, M.[Mizuo]

Nakayama, O.[Osafumi] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for detecting moving object
* Robust Small-Object Detection for Outdoor Wide-Area Surveillance
* Transformer-based Scene Graph Generation Network With Relational Attention Module

Nakayama, S.[Shigeto] Co Author Listing * Driving way judging device and method
* Genetic Image Network for Image Classification
Includes: Nakayama, S.[Shigeto] Nakayama, S.[Shiro]

Nakayama, S.F.[Shoji F.] Co Author Listing * National-Scale 1-km Resolution PM2.5 Estimation Model over Japan Using MAIAC AOD and a Two-Stage Random Forest Model, A

Nakayama, T.[Takahisa] Co Author Listing * 3D-Mode: A 3D Modelling and Measurement System Using a Few Photos
* European Language Determination from Image
* Identifying contents page of documents
* Measuring methane with a simple open-path gas sensor
* Method and apparatus for document classification from degraded images
* Model-Based Approach for Recognizing Folding Process of Origami, A
* Recognition of Essential Folding Operations: A Step for Interpreting Illustrated Books of Origami
* Still image compression method based on adaptive block segmentation vector quantization technique
* Super-Resolution of Multiple Moving 3D Objects with Pixel-Based Registration
* Variabilities in PM2.5 and Black Carbon Surface Concentrations Reproduced by Aerosol Optical Properties Estimated by In-Situ Data, Ground Based Remote Sensing and Modeling
Includes: Nakayama, T.[Takahisa] Nakayama, T. Nakayama, T.[Tomoki] Nakayama, T.[Takehiro] Nakayama, T.[Takeshi] Nakayama, T.[Toshihiro]
10 for Nakayama, T.

Nakayama, Y.[Yusuke] Co Author Listing * 3D Line Segment Based Model Generation by RGB-D Camera for Camera Pose Estimation
* Accurate Camera Pose Estimation for KinectFusion Based on Line Segment Matching by LEHF
* Camera pose estimation for mixed and diminished reality in FTV
* Reconstruction of rotatory moving image from projections
Includes: Nakayama, Y.[Yusuke] Nakayama, Y.

Nakazaki, A. Co Author Listing * fast image-scramble method using public-key encryption allowing backward compatibility with jpeg2000, A

Nakazaki, K.[Keiichiro] Co Author Listing * Hybrid-Resolution Spectral Imaging System Using Adaptive Regression-Based Reconstruction

Nakazaki, M.Y.[Marcel Y.] Co Author Listing * Visual analysis of image collections

Nakazaki, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * People counting across spatially disjoint cameras by flow estimation between foreground regions

Nakazato, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluating group-based relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval

Nakazawa, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Dance Motion Analysis and Synthesis using Motion Capture Data
* Detecting dance motion structure through music analysis
* Digital Archive of Intangible Cultural Properties
* Display-camera calibration from eye reflections
* Display-camera calibration using eye reflections and geometry constraints
* Eye reflection analysis and application to display-camera calibration
* Facial expression translations preserving speaking content
* Fashion Style Recognition Using Component-Dependent Convolutional Neural Networks
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images
* Fast simultaneous alignment of multiple range images using index images
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images, A
* First-Person Camera System to Evaluate Tender Dementia-Care Skill
* Generative Self-Ensemble Approach To Simulated+Unsupervised Learning, A
* Great Buddha Project: Digitally Archiving, Restoring, and Analyzing Cultural Heritage Objects, The
* Human Body-Parts Tracking for Fine-Grained Behavior Classification
* Human Pose Estimation from Volume Data and Topological Graph Database
* Human Tracking Using Distributed Vision Systems
* I See What You See: Point of Gaze Estimation from Corneal Images
* Image Emotion Recognition Using Visual and Semantic Features Reflecting Emotional and Similar Objects
* Iterative Refinement of Range Images with Anisotropic Error Distribution
* Large-scale 3D scene modeling by registration of laser range data with Google Maps images
* Motion Coherent Tracking Using Multi-label MRF Optimization
* Motion Coherent Tracking with Multi-label MRF optimization
* Noise stable image registration using RANdom RESAmple Consensus
* Parallel Alignment of a Large Number of Range Images
* Phase Randomization: A data augmentation for domain adaptation in human action recognition
* Point of Gaze Estimation through Corneal Surface Reflection in an Active Illumination Environment
* Point of Gaze Estimation Using Corneal Surface Reflection and Omnidirectional Camera Image
* Real-Time Space Carving Using Graphics Hardware
* Registration of eye reflection and scene images using an aspherical eye model
* Representing cultural heritage in digital forms for VR systems through computer vision techniques
* Spatio-temporal eye contact detection combining CNN and LSTM
* Structure Detection of Dance Sequence using Motion Capture and Musical Information
* Super-Resolution from Corneal Images
* Task model of lower body motion for a humanoid robot to imitate human dances
* Task Recognition and Person Identification in Cyclic Dance Sequences with Multi Factor Tensor Analysis
Includes: Nakazawa, A.[Atsushi] Nakazawa, A.
36 for Nakazawa, A.

Nakazawa, I.[Isao] Co Author Listing * Image stabilizing device operable responsively to a state of optical apparatus using the same

Nakazawa, J.[Jin] Co Author Listing * Bus Crowdedness Sensing System Using Deep-Learning Based Object Detection, A
* ER-Chat: A Text-to-Text Open-Domain Dialogue Framework for Emotion Regulation

Nakazawa, K.[Katsuhito] Co Author Listing * Multi-Step Test-Time Adaptation with Entropy Minimization and Pseudo-Labeling

Nakazawa, M.[Mitsuru] Co Author Listing * 3D image analysis for evaluating internal deformation/fracture characteristics of materials
* Action Spotting and Temporal Attention Analysis in Soccer Videos
* Action Spotting in Soccer Videos Using Multiple Scene Encoders
* Automated Detection and Matching of Spots in Autoradiogram Images of Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis for High-Speed Genome Scanning
* Content Filtering in Streaming Video Using Domain Adaptation
* Cooking Video Summarization Guided By Matching with Step-By-Step Recipe Photos
* Distinguishing Pedestrians Facing to the Front and the Side by Gait Observation
* Dynamic scene reconstruction using asynchronous multiple Kinects
* Efficient Action Spotting Using Saliency Feature Weighting
* Enhancing Product Images for Click-Through Rate Improvement
* Parsing Line Chart Images Using Linear Programming
* PCT-Net: Full Resolution Image Harmonization Using Pixel-Wise Color Transformations
* Photo Booth That Finds Your Sports Player Lookalike, A
* Point cloud transport
* Proposal of a method to analyze 3D deformation/fracture characteristics inside materials based on a stratified matching approach
Includes: Nakazawa, M.[Mitsuru] Nakazawa, M.
15 for Nakazawa, M.

Nakazawa, S.I.[Shin Ichi] Co Author Listing * System and method for storing and retrieving three dimensional shapes using two dimensional contrast images
Includes: Nakazawa, S.I.[Shin Ichi] Nakazawa, S.I.[Shin-Ichi]

Nakazawa, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Nondestructive Evaluation of Localized Rebar Corrosion in Concrete Using Vibro-Radar Based on Pulse Doppler Imaging
* Region extraction with standard brain atlas for analysis of MRI brain images
* robust object-specified active contour model for tracking smoothly deformable line-features and its application to outdoor moving image processing, A
* Simple Cue-Based Method for Camera Calibration and 3-D Shape Measurement with a Single Moving Camera, A
* Two Approaches for Image-Processing Based High Resolution Image Acquisition
Includes: Nakazawa, Y.[Yuri] Nakazawa, Y.

Nakazawa, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Co Author Listing * High-resolution image acquisition based on temporal integration with hierarchical estimation of image warping
* Sub-pixel registration for super high resolution image acquisition based on temporal integration
* Temporal Integration Method for Image-Processing-Based Super-High-Resolution Image Acquisition
* Video Enhancement by Temporal Integration Based on Global Segmentation Representation of Interframe Spatial Image Transformation
Includes: Nakazawa, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Nakazawa, Y.J.[Yu-Ji]

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