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Brai, R.[Radhia.] Co Author Listing * Low calculation cost of HEVC coding unit size based on spatial homogeneity detection

Braiek, E.B. Co Author Listing * SKCS: New kernel family with compact support

Braig, E. Co Author Listing * Joint Statistical Iterative Material Image Reconstruction for Spectral Computed Tomography Using a Semi-Empirical Forward Model
* Spectral Angiography Material Decomposition Using an Empirical Forward Model and a Dictionary-Based Regularization

Braile, L.W. Co Author Listing * multi-scale approach for seismic tomography, A

Brailean, J.C.[James C.] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Algorithm Using Multi-State Adalines, An
* Image and Video Compression Algorithms Based on Recovery Techniques Using Mean-Field Annealing
* Low bit rate video coding using robust motion vector regeneration in the decoder
* Noise robust spatial gradient estimation for use in displacement estimation
* Performance Comparison of MPEG-4 Scalable and Non-scalable Video Streaming
* Recursive MAP Displacement Field Estimation and Its Applications
* Recursive Nonstationary Map Displacement Vector Field Estimation Algorithm, A
* Selective Update Approach To Matching Pursuits Video Coding, A
* Simultaneous recursive displacement estimation and restoration of noisy-blurred image sequences
Includes: Brailean, J.C.[James C.] Brailean, J.C.
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Brailovsky, V.L.[Victor L.] Co Author Listing * Application of Piece-Wise Regression to Detecting Internal Structure of Signal
* Approach to Form Recognition Based on Nonlinear Projections, Search and Optimization, An
* Approach to Outlier Detection Based on Bayesian Probabilistic Model, An
* Fast and robust techniques for detecting straight line segments using local models
* On domain knowledge and feature selection using a support vector machine
* On use of predictive probabilistic estimates for selecting best decision rules in the course of a search
* On vector piece-wise regression and clustering
* probabilistic estimate of clustering, A
* Reinforced Random Algorithm for a Partial Contour Perceptual Similarity Problem, A
* Some procedures for function approximation based on the use of sample data and their application in heuristic methods for solving practical problems
Includes: Brailovsky, V.L.[Victor L.] Brailovsky, V.L.
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Brain, A.E. Co Author Listing * Measurement and Use of Registered Reflectance and Range Data in Scene Analysis, The
* Objective Methods for Registering Landmarks and Determining Cloud Motions from Satellite Data
* Use of a Pattern Recognition Technique for Determining Cloud Motions for Sequence of Satellite Photographs

Brainard, D.H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Retinex Theory of Color Vision
* Bayesian Color Constancy
* Bayesian Decision Theory, the Maximum Local Mass Estimate
* Color Constancy in the Nearly Natural Image: I: Asymmetric Matches
* Color Constancy in the Nearly Natural Image: II: Achromatic Loci
* Contrast, constancy, and measurements of perceived lightness under parametric manipulation of surface slant and surface reflectance
* Estimation of saturated pixel values in digital color imaging
* Image capture: Simulation of sensor responses from hyperspectral images
* Perceptual assessment of demosaicing algorithm performance
Includes: Brainard, D.H. Brainard, D.H.[David H.]
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Brainard, R.C. Co Author Listing * Direct-Feedback Coders: Design and Performance with Television Signals
* Intraframe Coding for Picture Transmission
* Low-Resolution TV: Subjective Effects of Frame Repetition and Picture Replenishment

Brainard, R.E.[Russell E.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Fishing Activities and Suitable Fishing Grounds Using Nighttime Satellite Images and Maximum Entropy Modelling

Braitenberg, C.[Carla] Co Author Listing * Estimating the 3D fold structure of the crust-mantle boundary
* Late Cenozoic to Present Kinematic of the North to Eastern Iran Orogen: Accommodating Opposite Sense of Fault Blocks Rotation
* Sensitivity to Mass Changes of Lakes, Subsurface Hydrology and Glaciers of the Quantum Technology Gravity Gradients and Time Observations of Satellite MOCAST+

Braithwaite, B. Co Author Listing * Computer-aided breast cancer histopathological diagnosis: Comparative analysis of three DTOCS-based features: SW-DTOCS, SW-WDTOCS and SW-3-4-DTOCS

Braithwaite, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of PERSIANN-CDR Constructed Using GPCP V2.2 and V2.3 and A Comparison with TRMM 3B42 V7 and CPC Unified Gauge-Based Analysis in Global Scale

Braithwaite, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Design of a Vision-Based Sensor for Autonomous Pig House Cleaning

Braithwaite, J.G. Co Author Listing * Spectrum Matching Technique for Enhancing Image Contrast, A

Braithwaite, R.N. Co Author Listing * Composite Phase and Phase-Based Gabor Element Aggregation
* Error Bound for Multi-Stage Synthesis of Narrow Bandwidth Gabor Filters
* Estimating Camera and Object Translation in the Presence of Camera Rotation
* Hierarchical Gabor Filters for Object Detection in Infrared Images
* Iterative Methods for Solving the Gabor Expansion: Considerations of Convergence
* System for Aircraft Recognition in Perspective Aerial Images, A
* Target Detection Using Phase-Based Gabor Element Aggregation
Includes: Braithwaite, R.N. Braithwaite, R.N.[R. Neil]
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