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Naya, K.[Kagome] Co Author Listing * Non-Invasive Monitoring of Respiratory Rate and Respiratory Status during Sleep Using a Passive Radio-Frequency Identification System

Naya, Y. Co Author Listing * Correction of paradoxical vision by simulated depth cue and inverted mirror image for laparoscopic surgery

Nayagara, S. Co Author Listing * Fusion of satellite images using Compressive Sampling Matching Pursuit (CoSaMP) method

Nayak, A.[Arvind] Co Author Listing * Automatic illumination correction for scene enhancement and object tracking
* Co-parent selection for fast region merging in pyramidal image segmentation
* Complete Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four-Point Problem
* Direct Ellipse Fitting and Measuring Based on Shape Boundaries
* Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021
* Evaluation of Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection for Drone Detection
* Example-Based Simulation of Time-Gated Laser Sequences from a Single Video Image
* Measuring Conicity from Shape Boundaries
* Measuring Linearity of Ordered Point Sets
* Measuring linearity of planar point sets
* Measuring the Related Properties of Linearity and Elongation of Point Sets
* Self-induced color correction for skin tracking under varying illumination
* SimBIL: appearance-based simulation of burst-illumination laser sequences
* Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four and Five-Line Problems
* When are Simple LS Estimators Enough? An Empirical Study of LS, TLS, and GTLS
Includes: Nayak, A.[Arvind] Nayak, A.[Amiya] Nayak, A.[Abhilash] Nayak, A.[Abhijeet] Nayak, A.
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Nayak, A.K.[Ajit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Odia character recognition using backpropagation network with binary features

Nayak, B. Co Author Listing * VisionISP: Repurposing the Image Signal Processor for Computer Vision Applications

Nayak, B.V.[Bhavin V.] Co Author Listing * SemifreddoNets: Partially Frozen Neural Networks for Efficient Computer Vision Systems

Nayak, C.K.[Chinmay Kumar] Co Author Listing * Projection Onto Convex Sets with Watermarking for Error Concealment

Nayak, D.[Debasish] Co Author Listing * deeply supervised maximum response texton based SegNet for simultaneous multi retinal lesion segmentation, A

Nayak, D.K. Co Author Listing * new HSI based filtering technique for impulse noise removal in images, A

Nayak, D.R.[Deepak Ranjan] Co Author Listing * Automated diagnosis of multi-class brain abnormalities using MRI images: A deep convolutional neural network based method
* CDANet: Channel Split Dual Attention Based CNN for Brain Tumor Classification In Mr Images
* H-WordNet: a holistic convolutional neural network approach for handwritten word recognition
* hybrid feature descriptor with Jaya optimised least squares SVM for facial expression recognition, A
* Patch-based local deep feature extraction for automated skin cancer classification

Nayak, G.[Guruprasad] Co Author Listing * Mapping Burned Areas in Tropical Forests Using a Novel Machine Learning Framework

Nayak, G.K.[Gaurav Kumar] Co Author Listing * DAD: Data-free Adversarial Defense at Test Time
* DE-CROP: Data-efficient Certified Robustness for Pretrained Classifiers
* Effectiveness of Arbitrary Transfer Sets for Data-free Knowledge Distillation
* Efficient Person Re-Identification in Videos Using Sequence Lazy Greedy Determinantal Point Process (SLGDPP)
* Holistic Approach to Measure Sample-level Adversarial Vulnerability and its Utility in Building Trustworthy Systems
* Mining Data Impressions From Deep Models as Substitute for the Unavailable Training Data
Includes: Nayak, G.K.[Gaurav Kumar] Nayak, G.K.

Nayak, H.P.[Hara Prasad] Co Author Listing * Application of Observation Minus Reanalysis Method towards LULC Change Impact over Southern India

Nayak, J.[Janmenjoy] Co Author Listing * Central hubs prediction for bio networks by directed hypergraph: GA with validation to COVID-19 PPI
* Daubechies wavelet-based local feature descriptor for multimodal medical image registration
* Generalized quadratic discriminant analysis
* Light gradient boosting machine-based phishing webpage detection model using phisher website features of mimic URLs
* Medical image rigid registration using a novel binary feature descriptor and modified affine transform
* Multi-target tracking through opportunistic camera control in a resource constrained multimodal sensor network
Includes: Nayak, J.[Janmenjoy] Nayak, J.[Jagadish] Nayak, J.[Jitadeepa] Nayak, J.[Jayanth]

Nayak, K.[Krishnananda] Co Author Listing * Global weighted LBP based entropy features for the assessment of pulmonary hypertension
* High-frame-rate real-time imaging of speech production
Includes: Nayak, K.[Krishnananda] Nayak, K.[Krishna]

Nayak, K.S. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Dynamic Spiral MRI by Algebraic Reconstruction From Undersampled t Space
* Dynamic 3-D Visualization of Vocal Tract Shaping During Speech
* Efficient DCE-MRI Parameter and Uncertainty Estimation Using a Neural Network

Nayak, L.[Losiana] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Mining for Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data
* Flood Susceptibility Mapping through the GIS-AHP Technique Using the Cloud
Includes: Nayak, L.[Losiana] Nayak, L.[Laxmikanta]

Nayak, M.[Mamata] Co Author Listing * Odia character recognition using backpropagation network with binary features

Nayak, N. Co Author Listing * Modeling multi-object interactions using string of feature graphs

Nayak, N.M.[Nandita M.] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Activity Modeling Using Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields
* Context-Aware Modeling and Recognition of Activities in Video
* Dynamic modeling of streaklines for motion pattern analysis in video
* Learning a sparse dictionary of video structure for activity modeling
* Vector field analysis for motion pattern identification in video
* Vector field analysis for multi-object behavior modeling

Nayak, R.[Rashmiranjan] Co Author Listing * comprehensive review on deep learning-based methods for video anomaly detection, A
* Efficient Feature Selection and Nearest Neighbour Search for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multi-layer manifold learning for deep non-negative matrix factorization-based multi-view clustering
* Parallel Hardware Implementation for Motion Estimation for H.264/AVC Standard, A
* Repeatability of Linear and Nonlinear Elastic Modulus Maps From Repeat Scans in the Breast
* Super-resolution image reconstruction using molecular docking
* Towards a comprehensive assessment of wound-composition using color-image processing
Includes: Nayak, R.[Rashmiranjan] Nayak, R.[Richi] Nayak, R.[Rohit] Nayak, R. Nayak, R.[Rajashree]
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Nayak, R.S.[Ramesh Sunder] Co Author Listing * Developed Newton-Raphson based deep features selection framework for skin lesion recognition

Nayak, S.[Sridhara] Co Author Listing * Application of Observation Minus Reanalysis Method towards LULC Change Impact over Southern India
* Automated extraction of signs from continuous sign language sentences using Iterated Conditional Modes
* Challenges in OCR of Devanagari documents
* Comparative analysis of ocean color measurements of IRS-P4 OCM and SeaWiFS in the Arabian Sea
* Distribution-Based Dimensionality Reduction Applied to Articulated Motion Recognition
* Music Genre Classification Using GA-Induced Minimal Feature-Set
* Probabilistic Approach to Semantic Face Retrieval System, A
* SD-RSIC: Summarization-Driven Deep Remote Sensing Image Captioning
* Segmentation-robust representations, matching, and modeling for sign language
* Unsupervised Modeling of Signs Embedded in Continuous Sentences
* WoodScape: A Multi-Task, Multi-Camera Fisheye Dataset for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Nayak, S.[Sridhara] Nayak, S.[Sunita] Nayak, S.[Sankalp] Nayak, S. Nayak, S.[Sonali]
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Nayak, S.K.[Santanu Kumar] Co Author Listing * Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using GA Based Optimal Feature Selection

Nayak, S.R.[Soumya Ranjan] Co Author Listing * Analysing roughness of surface through fractal dimension: A review
* Central hubs prediction for bio networks by directed hypergraph: GA with validation to COVID-19 PPI
* Near Real-time Determination Of Earthquake Source Parameters For Tsunami Early Warning From Geodetic Observations
Includes: Nayak, S.R.[Soumya Ranjan] Nayak, S.R.[Shailesh R.]

Nayak, T. Co Author Listing * Low Power, Fully Event-Based Gesture Recognition System, A

Nayak, T.K. Co Author Listing * Low Power, High Throughput, Fully Event-Based Stereo System, A

Nayak, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Emotional Expression in Virtual Agents Through Body Language
* Global weighted LBP based entropy features for the assessment of pulmonary hypertension
Includes: Nayak, V.[Vishal] Nayak, V.[Vidya]

Nayakama, K. Co Author Listing * Toward a General Theory of Stereopsis: Binocular Matching, Occluding Contours and Fusion

Nayan, M.Y. Co Author Listing * wavelet implementation of the pioneering block-based disparity compensated predictive coding algorithm for stereo image pair compression, A

Nayan, N.[Navneet] Co Author Listing * Detecting anomalous crowd behavior using correlation analysis of optical flow

Nayan, N.M.[Norshita Mat] Co Author Listing * Improving Usability with TRIZ: A Review
* Information System Development Model: Theories Analysis and Guidelines
* Initial User Requirement Analysis for Waterbodies Data Visualization
* Synergy Between TRIZ and Usability: A Review
* Systemic Visual Structures: Design Solution for Complexities of Big Data Interfaces

Nayan, N.S.M.[Nor Shita Mat] Co Author Listing * Visualization Principles for Facilitating Strategy Development Process in the Organization

Nayar, D.[Deepa] Co Author Listing * Building and Querying a P2P Virtual World

Nayar, S. Co Author Listing * Micro-Baseline Structured Light
* Seeing Far in the Dark with Patterned Flash
* Seeing in Extra Darkness Using a Deep-Red Flash
Includes: Nayar, S. Nayar, S.[Shree]

Nayar, S.K.[Shree K.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Nayar, S.K.[Shree K.]: nayar AT cs columbia edu
* 360 x 360 Mosaics
* 360 x 360 Mosaics: Regular and Stereoscopic
* 3D Display Using Passive Optical Scatterers
* Adaptive Dynamic Range Imaging: Optical Control of Pixel Exposures over Space and Time
* Adjustable imaging system with wide angle capability
* Advanced Visual Sensor Systems
* Advanced Visual Sensor Systems (1998)
* Algorithms for Pattern Rejection
* All the Images of an Outdoor Scene
* Appearance Matching with Partial Data
* Appearance of Human Skin, The
* Appearance of Human Skin: A Survey, The
* Are Textureless Scenes Recoverable?
* Assorted Pixels: Multi-sampled Imaging with Structural Models
* Attribute and simile classifiers for face verification
* Automatic-Generation of RBF Networks Using Wavelets
* Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function of Thoroughly Pitted Surfaces
* Binocular Stereo in the Presence of Specular Reflection
* Cambits: A Reconfigurable Camera System
* Cata-Fisheye Camera for Panoramic Imaging
* Catadioptric Image Formation
* Catadioptric Omnidirectional Cameras
* Catadioptric Stereo Using Planar Mirrors
* Catadioptric Video Sensors
* Caustics of Catadioptric Cameras
* Chromatic Framework for Vision in Bad Weather
* class of photometric invariants: separating material from shape and illumination, A
* Closest Point Search in High Dimensions
* Clustered Blockwise PCA for Representing Visual Data
* Coded aperture pairs for depth from defocus
* Coded Aperture Pairs for Depth from Defocus and Defocus Deblurring
* Coded rolling shutter photography: Flexible space-time sampling
* Colored Interreflections and Shape Recovery
* Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100)
* Combined wide angle and narrow angle imaging system and method for surveillance and monitoring
* Compressive Structured Light for Recovering Inhomogeneous Participating Media
* Computational Cameras: Convergence of Optics and Processing
* Computational Cameras: Redefining the Image
* Computational Imaging
* Computing Reflectance Ratios from an Image
* Contrast restoration of weather degraded images
* Corneal Imaging System: Environment from Eyes
* Correlation Model for 3D Texture
* Depth from Diffusion
* Describable Visual Attributes for Face Verification and Image Search
* Detection and removal of rain from videos
* Detection of 3D Objects in Cluttered Scenes Using Hierarchical Eigenspace
* Determining Shape and Reflectance of Hybrid Surfaces by Photometric Sampling
* Determining the camera response from images: What is knowable?
* Diffuse Reflectance from Rough Surfaces
* Diffuse structured light
* Dimensionality of Illumination Manifolds in Appearance Matching
* Early Visual Learning
* Efficient Space-Time Sampling with Pixel-Wise Coded Exposure for High-Speed Imaging
* Ego-Motion and Omnidirectional Cameras
* Enhancing Resolution Along Multiple Imaging Dimensions Using Assorted Pixels
* Experimental Comparison of Appearance and Geometric Model Based Recognition, An
* Extended Depth of Field Catadioptric Imaging Using Focal Sweep
* Extracting Shape and Reflectance of Hybrid Surfaces by Photometric Sampling
* Eyes for Relighting
* FaceTracer: A Search Engine for Large Collections of Images with Faces
* Fibonacci Exposure Bracketing for High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Finding Anomalies in an Arbitrary Image
* Flexible Depth of Field Photography
* Flexible Depth of Field Photography
* Flexible Mirror Imaging
* Folded Catadioptric Cameras
* General Imaging Model and a Method for Finding its Parameters, A
* General Learning Algorithm for Robot Vision
* Generalization of the Lambertian Model
* Generalization of the Lambertian Model and Implications for Machine Vision
* Generalized Assorted Pixel Camera: Postcapture Control of Resolution, Dynamic Range, and Spectrum
* Generalized Mosaicing
* Generalized Mosaicing: High Dynamic Range in a Wide Field of View
* Generalized Mosaicing: Polarization Panorama
* Generalized Mosaicing: Wide Field of View Multispectral Imaging
* Generation of Perspective and Panoramic Video from Omnidirectional Video
* Gigapixel Computational Imaging
* Global Measures of Coherence for Edge Detector Evaluation
* High Dynamic Range Imaging: Spatially Varying Pixel Exposures
* Histogram Model for 3D Textures
* Histogram Preserving Image Transformations
* Illumination Planning for Object Recognition in Structured Environments
* Illumination Planning for Object Recognition Using Parametric Eigenspaces
* Image Spotting of 3D Objects Using Parametric Eigenspace Representation
* Image Understanding Research at Columbia University
* Implementation and Evaluation of a Three-Dimensional Photometric Sampler
* Improved Diffuse Reflection Models for Computer Vision
* Instant Dehazing of Images Using Polarization
* Instant replay using high speed motion capture and projected overlay
* Jitter camera: high resolution video from a low resolution detector
* Learning and Recognition of 3-D Objects from Brightness Images
* Learning and Recognition of 3D Objects from Appearance
* Learning by a Generation Approach to Appearance-Based Object Recognition
* Learning Object Models from Appearance
* Lensless Imaging with a Controllable Aperture
* Making one object look like another: Controlling appearance using a projector-camera system
* Micro Phase Shifting
* Microscopic Shape from Focus Using Active Illumination
* Minimal Operator Set for Passive Depth from Defocus
* Modeling the Space of Camera Response Functions
* Motion Deblurring Using Hybrid Imaging
* Motion Estimation Using Ordinal Measures
* Motion-Based Motion Deblurring
* Multiple view image denoising
* Multiplexed illumination for scene recovery in the presence of global illumination
* Multiplexing for Optimal Lighting
* Multiresolution Histograms and Their Use for Recognition
* Multispectral Imaging Using Multiplexed Illumination
* Non-Metric Calibration of Wide Angle Lenses
* Non-Single Viewpoint Catadioptric Cameras: Geometry and Analysis
* Nonmetric Calibration of Wide-Angle Lenses and Polycameras
* Object Recognition Based on Reflectance and Geometry
* Omnidirectional imaging apparatus
* Omnidirectional Video Camera
* Omnidirectional Vision Systems: 1998 PI Report
* Omnidirectional VSAM Systems: PI Report
* On the Motion and Appearance of Specularities in Image Sequences
* Optimal RBF Networks for Visual Learning
* Optimal Weighting Functions for Feature Detection
* Ordinal Measures for Image Correspondence
* Ordinal Measures for Visual Correspondence
* Parametric Eigenspace Representation for Visual Learning and Recognition
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Pattern Rejection
* perspective on distortions, A
* Photorealistic Rendering of Rain Streaks
* Planar Catadioptric Stereo: Geometry and Calibration
* Polarization-Based Vision through Haze
* Practical Analytic Single Scattering Model for Real Time Rendering, A
* Priors for Large Photo Collections and What They Reveal about Cameras
* Programmable Aperture Camera Using LCoS
* Programmable imaging using a digital micromirror array
* Programmable Imaging: Towards a Flexible Camera
* Projection Defocus Analysis for Scene Capture and Image Display
* Projector-Camera System with Real-Time Photometric Adaptation for Dynamic Environments, A
* Radiometric Self Calibration
* Rational Filters for Passive Depth from Defocus
* Raxel Imaging Model and Ray-Based Calibration, The
* Real-Time 100 Object Recognition System
* Real-Time Focus Range Sensor
* Real-Time Implementation of Depth from Defocus
* Real-Time Omnidirectional and Panoramic Stereo
* Rectified Catadioptric Stereo Sensors
* Rectifying Transformations That Minimize Resampling Effects
* Reflectance and Texture of Real-World Surfaces
* Reflectance Based Object Recognition
* Reflectance Based Recognition
* Reflectance Ratio: A Photometric Invariant for Object Recognition
* Removal of Specularities Using Color and Polarization
* Removing Photography Artifacts using Gradient Projection and Flash-Exposure Sampling
* Removing Weather Effects from Monochrome Images
* Resolution Selection Using Generalized Entropies of Multiresolution Histograms
* Scene Collages and Flexible Camera Arrays
* Seeing Beyond Lambert's Law
* Separation of Reflection Components Using Color and Polarization
* Shape from Focus
* Shape from Focus System
* Shape from Focus System for Rough Surfaces
* Shape from Focus: An Effective Approach for Rough Surfaces
* Shape from Interreflections
* Shape recovery methods for visual inspection
* Shedding light on the weather
* Simple Algorithm for Nearest-Neighbor Search in High Dimensions, A
* Single Viewpoint Catadioptric Cameras
* Software Library for Appearance Matching (SLAM)
* Spatial Information in Multiresolution Histograms
* Spatio-angular resolution tradeoff in integral photography
* Spectral Focal Sweep: Extended depth of field from chromatic aberrations
* Specular Surface Inspection Using Structured Highlight and Gaussian Images
* SpeDo: 6 DOF Ego-Motion Sensor Using Speckle Defocus Imaging
* Stereo and Specular Reflection
* Stereo in the Presence of Specular Reflection
* Stereo with Mirrors
* Structured Highlight Inspection of Specular Surfaces
* Structured Light in Scattering Media
* Structured Light in Sunlight
* Subspace Methods for Robot Vision
* Surface Reflection: Physical and Geometrical Perspectives
* Telecentric Optics for Computational Vision
* Telecentric Optics for Focus Analysis
* Theory of Catadioptric Image Formation, A
* theory of multiplexed illumination, A
* Theory of Pattern Rejection, A
* Theory of Single-Viewpoint Catadioptric Image Formation, A
* Theory of Specular Surface Geometry, A
* Time-varying Surface Appearance: Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering
* Towards Self-Powered Cameras
* Transparent Grippers: Seeing While Grasping
* Trapping Light for Time of Flight
* Uncontrolled Modulation Imaging
* Using Eye Reflections for Face Recognition Under Varying Illumination
* Video from a single coded exposure photograph using a learned over-complete dictionary
* Video super-resolution using controlled subpixel detector shifts
* Vision and Rain
* Vision and the Atmosphere
* Vision in Bad Weather
* Visual Appearance of Matte Surfaces
* Visual Learning And Recognition Of 3-D Objects From Appearance
* Visual Learning Object Models from Appearance
* Visual Sensor Systems: Making Them Smaller, Faster, Smarter
* VQ-Based Demosaicing by Self-Similarity, A
* What are good apertures for defocus deblurring?
* What Can Be Known about the Radiometric Response from Images?
* What does motion reveal about transparency?
* What Is a Good Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for Finding Similar Patches in Images?
* What is the space of camera response functions?
* When Does a Camera See Rain?
* When Does Computational Imaging Improve Performance?
* world in an eye, The
Includes: Nayar, S.K.[Shree K.] Nayar, S.K.
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Nayar, S.N. Co Author Listing * Lighting Sensitive Display

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