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Seiler, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Noise in high dynamic range imaging
* Wavelet based denoising by correlation analysis for high dynamic range imaging

Seiler, D. Co Author Listing * Long-Term Incremental Web-Supervised Learning of Visual Concepts via Random Savannas

Seiler, E. Co Author Listing * Mirador: A Simple Fast Search Interface for Global Remote Sensing Data Sets

Seiler, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * 3-D mesh compensated wavelet lifting for 3-D-t medical CT data
* Accelerated hybrid image reconstruction for non-regular sampling color sensors
* Analysis of displacement compensation methods for wavelet lifting of medical 3-D thorax CT volume data
* Boosting Compressed Sensing Using Local Measurements and Sliding Window Reconstruction
* Camera Array for Multi-Spectral Imaging
* Camera Self-Calibration: Deep Learning from Driving Scenes
* Centroid adapted frequency selective extrapolation for reconstruction of lost image areas
* Compressive Online Robust Principal Component Analysis via n-L_1 Minimization
* Content-Adaptive Motion Compensated Frequency Selective Extrapolation for error concealment in video communication
* Deep Learning Based Cross-Spectral Disparity Estimation For Stereo Imaging
* Demonstration of rapid frequency selective reconstruction for image resolution enhancement
* Denoising-based image reconstruction from pixels located at non-integer positions
* Domain Adaptation for Unknown Image Distortions in Instance Segmentation
* Dynamic Non-Regular Sampling Sensor Using Frequency Selective Reconstruction
* Efficient lossless coding of highpass bands from block-based motion compensated wavelet lifting using JPEG 2000
* Enhanced Image Reconstruction From Quarter Sampling Measurements Using An Adapted Very Deep Super Resolution Network
* error-based recursive filling ordering for image error concealment, An
* flexible mixed-signal image processing pipeline using 3D chip stacks, A
* Forensic License Plate Recognition with Compression-Informed Transformers
* Frequency-Selective Mesh-to-Grid Resampling for Image Communication
* High dynamic range video by spatially non-regular optical filtering
* High dynamic range video reconstruction from a stereo camera setup
* Hybrid super-resolution combining example-based single-image and interpolation-based multi-image reconstruction approaches
* Increasing Imaging Resolution by Non-Regular Sampling and Joint Sparse Deconvolution and Extrapolation
* Intra To Inter: Towards Intra Prediction for Learning-Based Video Coders Using Optical Flow
* Introducing Latent Space Correlation to Conditional Autoencoders for Intra Prediction
* Iterative Optimization of Quarter Sampling Masks for Non-Regular Sampling Sensors
* Joint Content-Adaptive Dictionary Learning And Sparse Selective Extrapolation For Cross-Spectral Image Reconstruction
* Joint Regression Modeling and Sparse Spatial Refinement for High-Quality Reconstruction of Distorted Color Images
* Local statistics estimation for rapid frequency selective extrapolation
* Motion Compensated Three-Dimensional Frequency Selective Extrapolation for improved error concealment in video communication
* Novel Consistency Check for Fast Recursive Reconstruction of Non-Regularly Sampled Video Data
* Open source HEVC analyzer for rapid prototyping (HARP)
* P-Frame Coding with Generalized Difference: A Novel Conditional Coding Approach
* Reconstruction of images taken by a pair of non-regular sampling sensors using correlation based matching
* Reconstruction of videos taken by a non-regular sampling sensor
* Reducing randomness of non-regular sampling masks for image reconstruction
* Resampling Images to a Regular Grid From a Non-Regular Subset of Pixel Positions Using Frequency Selective Reconstruction
* Robust Super-Resolution for Mixed-Resolution Multiview Image Plus Depth Data
* Scaled fixed-point frequency selective extrapolation for fast image error concealment
* Sparse signal reconstruction with multiple side information using adaptive weights for multiview sources
* Spatio-temporal error concealment in video by denoised temporal extrapolation refinement
* Spatio-temporal prediction in video coding by spatially refined motion compensation
* Super-resolution for mixed-resolution multiview image plus depth data using a novel two-stage high-frequency extrapolation method for occluded areas
Includes: Seiler, J.[Jurgen] Seiler, J.[Jürgen] Seiler, J. Seiler, J.[Juergen]
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Seiler, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Robust interactive cutting based on an adaptive octree simulation mesh

Seiler, R. Co Author Listing * Off-Line Cursive Handwriting Recognition Compared with On-Line Recognition
* Recovery of Temporal Information of Cursively Handwritten Words for On-Line Recognition
* Remote Sensing-Based Assessment of the Variability of Winter and Summer Precipitation in the Pamirs and Their Effects on Hydrology and Hazards Using Harmonic Time Series Analysis
Includes: Seiler, R. Seiler, R.[Ralf]

Seiller, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Object oriented framework for real-time image processing on GPU

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