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Angearu, C.V.[Claudiu Valeriu] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal Analysis and Trends of the Drought Based on MODIS Data in Agricultural Areas, Romania
Includes: Angearu, C.V.[Claudiu Valeriu] Angearu, C.V.[Claudiu-Valeriu]

Angehrn, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * MasterCam FVV: Robust registration of multiview sports video to a static high-resolution master camera for free viewpoint video

Angel Ferrer, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * SVC-onGoing: Signature verification competition

Angel Pellon, M. Co Author Listing * Two-Level Classification-Based Approach to Inter Mode Decision in H.264/AVC, A
Includes: Angel Pellon, M. Angel-Pellon, M.

Angel, A. Co Author Listing * Methods of analyzing traffic imagery collected from aerial platforms

Angel, E. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration, Modelling, and Reduction of Dimensionality

Angel, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Image Based Visual Servoing: A New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian in Dynamic Environments
* Image Based Visual Servoing: Estimated Image Jacobian by Using Fundamental Matrix VS Analytic Jacobian
* New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian for the Control of an Uncalibrated Joint System, A
* Parallel Robot High Speed Object Tracking
* Recognition of 3D Object from One Image Based on Projective and Permutative Invariants
Includes: Angel, L.[Luis] Ángel, L.[Luis] Ángel, L. Angel, L.

Angel, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Mallat Wavelet Transform to Delineate Contour and Textural Features

Angel, P.L.D. Co Author Listing * Nonrigid medical image registration technique as a composition of local warpings

Angel, Y.[Yoseline] Co Author Listing * Automated Georectification and Mosaicking of UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery from Push-Broom Sensors
* Combining Nadir, Oblique, and Façade Imagery Enhances Reconstruction of Rock Formations Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Predicting Biomass and Yield At Harvest of Salt-stressed Tomato Plants Using UAV Imagery
* Random Forest Machine Learning Approach for the Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content in Wheat, A
* Reconstructing Cloud Contaminated Pixels Using Spatiotemporal Covariance Functions and Multitemporal Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Angel, Y.[Yoseline] Ángel, Y.[Yoseline] Angel, Y.

Angelakis, D. Co Author Listing * Analysing User Needs for a Unified 3D Metadata Recording and Exploitation of Cultural Heritage Monuments System

Angelats, E.[Eduard] Co Author Listing * Accurate Estimation of Chlorophyll-a Concentration in the Coastal Areas of the Ebro Delta (NW Mediterranean) Using Sentinel-2 and Its Application in the Selection of Areas for Mussel Aquaculture
* Automated Road Roughness Detection From Mobile Laser Scanning Data, An
* Enhanced Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Tracking Using Time Series of GNSS Positioning Errors
* First Results of Phytoplankton Spatial Dynamics in Two NW-Mediterranean Bays from Chlorophyll-a Estimates Using Sentinel 2: Potential Implications for Aquaculture
* One Step Mobile Mapping Laser and Camera Data Orientation and Calibration
* Performance Analysis of the Iopes Seamless Indoor-outdoor Positioning Approach
* Perigeo Project: Inertial and Imaging Sensors Processing, Integration and Validation on UAV Platforms for Space Navigation, The
* Simultaneous Orientation And Calibration Of Images And Laser Point Clouds With Straight Segments
* Towards Seamless Indoor-outdoor Positioning: the Iopes Project Approach
* Towards the Combination of C2RCC Processors for Improving Water Quality Retrieval in Inland and Coastal Areas
Includes: Angelats, E.[Eduard] Angelats, E.
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Angelatsa, E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Models For Trajectory Error Modelling In Urban Environments

Angeleas, A.[Anargyros] Co Author Listing * Synergistic Formal-Statistical Model for Recognizing Complex Human Activities, A

Angeles Yreta, A. Co Author Listing * Eigenconjugation: An Approach for Computing Image Similarity
Includes: Angeles Yreta, A. Angeles-Yreta, A.

Angeletaki, A. Co Author Listing * Implementation of 3D Tools and Immersive Experience Interaction for Supporting Learning in a Library-Archive Environment. Visions and Challenges

Angeletti, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * HORUS: Multispectral and Multiangle CubeSat Mission Targeting Sub-Kilometer Remote Sensing Applications

Angeletti, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Benthic Habitat Map of the Southern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea) from Object-Based Image Analysis of Multi-Source Acoustic Backscatter Data

Angeli, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Live Feature Clustering in Video Using Appearance and 3d Geometry
* Real-Time Camera Tracking: When is High Frame-Rate Best?

Angeli, S. Co Author Listing * Geomatic Techniques for the Optimization of Ski Resources
* Precision Agriculture Workflow, from Data Collection to Data Management Using FOSS Tools: An Application in Northern Italy Vineyard
Includes: Angeli, S. Angeli, S.[Stefano]

Angelidakis, G. Co Author Listing * insight into the entropy and redundancy of the English dictionary, An

Angelidis, A.[Alexis] Co Author Listing * Implicit modeling using subdivision curves

Angelidou, M. Co Author Listing * Cultural Heritage in Smart City Environments

Angelidou, T. Co Author Listing * Cultural Heritage in Smart City Environments

Angelikaki, C. Co Author Listing * Spatial Database Manager for a Multi-Source Image Understanding System

Angelikopoulos, P. Co Author Listing * Personalized Radiotherapy Design for Glioblastoma: Integrating Mathematical Tumor Models, Multimodal Scans, and Bayesian Inference

Angeline, M. Co Author Listing * Hybrid compression of biomedical ECG and EEG signals based on differential clustering and encoding techniques

Angelini, C. Co Author Listing * Beyond classical consensus clustering: The least squares approach to multiple solutions
* Discovering Typical Transcription-Factors Patterns in Gene Expression Levels of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by Instance-Based Classifiers
Includes: Angelini, C. Angelini, C.[Claudia]

Angelini, E. Co Author Listing * CT-PET Landmark-based Lung Registration Using a Dynamic Breathing Model
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Class Application to Structural Recognition in Images, A
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Measure for Fuzzy Sets: And Associated Fuzzy Attribute Openings, A
* Video reconstruction using compressed sensing measurements and 3d total variation regularization for bio-imaging applications
Includes: Angelini, E. Angelini, E.[Elsa]

Angelini, E.D.[Elsa D.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive particle filtering for coronary artery segmentation from 3D CT angiograms
* Adaptive Quantification and Longitudinal Analysis of Pulmonary Emphysema With a Hidden Markov Measure Field Model
* Automated Segmentation of the Left Ventricle Including Papillary Muscles in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images
* Compressed Sensing in microscopy with random projections in the Fourier domain
* Conciliating syntactic and semantic constraints for multi-phase and multi-channel region segmentation
* Denoising of Microscopy Images: A Review of the State-of-the-Art, and a New Sparsity-Based Method
* Explaining Radiological Emphysema Subtypes with Unsupervised Texture Prototypes: MESA COPD Study
* LV volume quantification via spatiotemporal analysis of real-time 3-D echocardiography
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Shear Wave Speed in Transient Elastography
* Novel Subtypes of Pulmonary Emphysema Based on Spatially-Informed Lung Texture Learning: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) COPD Study
* Numerical evaluation of sampling bounds for near-optimal reconstruction in compressed sensing
* On the implementation of the multi-phase region segmentation, solving the hidden phase problem
* Simulation of 3D Ultrasound with a Realistic Electro-mechanical Model of the Heart
* Smart Learning of Click and Refine for Nuclei Segmentation on Histology Images
* Surface Function Actives
* Unbiased Risk Estimator for Image Denoising in the Presence of Mixed Poisson-Gaussian Noise, An
Includes: Angelini, E.D.[Elsa D.] Angelini, E.D.
16 for Angelini, E.D.

Angelini, F. Co Author Listing * 2D Pose-Based Real-Time Human Action Recognition With Occlusion-Handling
* Action Transformer: A self-attention model for short-time pose-based human action recognition
* LOFReg: An outlier-based regulariser for deep metric learning
* Multi-Level Cooperative Fusion of GM-PHD Filters for Online Multiple Human Tracking
* Pose-driven human activity anomaly detection in a CCTV-like environment
* Towards the Computational Assessment of the Conservation Status of a Habitat
Includes: Angelini, F. Angelini, F.[Federico] Angelini, F.[Franco]

Angelini, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised learning by search of optimal target vector

Angelini, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Experimental implementation of a passive imaging sensor at 94 GHz

Angelini, M.G.[Maria Giuseppa] Co Author Listing * CityGML Multiscale Approach for the Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of the Old Town of Taranto (Italy), A
* Integrated Survey for Tensional Analysis of The Vault of The Church Of San Nicola in Montedoro
* Laser Scanner Survey Of An Archaeological Site: Scala Di Furno (Lecce, Italy)
* Point Cloud Management Through the Realization of the Intelligent Cloud Viewer Software
* Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of the Luminance of Laser Scanner Radiation for the Classification of Materials
* Scan to BIM for 3D Reconstruction of the Papal Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi in Italy
Includes: Angelini, M.G.[Maria Giuseppa] Angelini, M.G.

Angelino, C.V.[Cesario Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * H.264 Sensor Aided Video Encoder for UAV BLOS Missions
* Image restoration using a kNN-variant of the mean-shift
* Nonlocal SAR Image Denoising Algorithm Based on LLMMSE Wavelet Shrinkage, A
* Patch confidence k-nearest neighbors denoising
* sensor aided H.264 encoder tested on aerial imagery for SFM, A
* Visual Target Detection and Tracking in UAV EO/IR Videos by Moving Background Subtraction
Includes: Angelino, C.V.[Cesario Vincenzo] Angelino, C.V.

Angelino, E.[Elaine] Co Author Listing * Apparent Diffusion Coefficients from High Angular Resolution Diffusion Images: Estimation and Applications

Angelis, G. Co Author Listing * Markerless Motion Tracking of Awake Animals in Positron Emission Tomography

Angelis, G.I. Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation of Voxel-Wise Neurotransmitter Response Maps From Dynamic PET Data

Angelis, S.[Sotiris] Co Author Listing * KG-Based Integrated UAV Approach for Engineering Semantic Trajectories in the Cultural Heritage Documentation Domain, A

Angell, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Automated synchronization of driving data using vibration and steering events
* Detecting road surface wetness from audio: A deep learning approach
Includes: Angell, W.[William] Angell, W.

Angella, F. Co Author Listing * Active Contours Network to Straighten Distorted Text Lines
* deformable and expansible tree for structure recovery, A
* Optimal deployment of cameras for video surveillance systems

Angelliaume, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sentinel-1 Radiometric Stability and Quality for Land Surface Applications
* Analysis of X-Band SAR Sea-Clutter Distributions at Different Grazing Angles
* Dual-Polarized L-Band SAR Imagery for Temporal Monitoring of Marine Oil Slick Concentration
* Investigation of Azimuthal Variations From X-Band Medium-Grazing-Angle Sea Clutter
* Marine Oil Slicks Quantification From L-band Dual-Polarization SAR Imagery
* Modeling the Amplitude Distribution of Radar Sea Clutter
* Modeling the Polarization Ratio in the Upper Microwave Band for Sea Clutter Analysis
* Multifrequency Radar Imagery and Characterization of Hazardous and Noxious Substances at Sea
* SAR Imagery for Detecting Sea Surface Slicks: Performance Assessment of Polarization-Dependent Parameters
Includes: Angelliaume, S.[Sebastien] Angelliaume, S.[Sébastien] Angelliaume, S.
9 for Angelliaume, S.

Angelo, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Adjusting Lidar-Derived Digital Terrain Models in Coastal Marshes Based on Estimated Aboveground Biomass Density

Angelone, L. Co Author Listing * Recursive ECOC classification
* Sparse and stable gene selection with consensus SVM-RFE

Angelone, L.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Role of Lead Resistivity in Specific Absorption Rate for Deep Brain Stimulator Leads at 3T MRI

Angeloni, M. Co Author Listing * Age Estimation From Facial Parts Using Compact Multi-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks

Angeloni, R. Co Author Listing * Integrated Survey of Narrow Spaces and Underground Architecture: The Case Study of Campana Caves Bas-reliefs, The

Angelopoulos, A. Co Author Listing * On Cancer Recognition of Ultrasound Images

Angelopoulos, G. Co Author Listing * fast implementation of two-dimensional weighted median filters, A
* Multichannel Wiener filters in color image restoration
* Two-dimensional vector median filters on mesh connected computers

Angelopoulou, A.[Anastassia] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Angelopoulou, A.[Anastassia]: A Angelopoulou AT westminster ac uk
* Active-GNG: model acquisition and tracking in cluttered backgrounds
* Automatic Landmarking of 2D Medical Shapes Using the Growing Neural Gas Network
* Automatically Building 2D Statistical Shapes Using the Topology Preservation Model GNG
* Growing Neural Gas (GNG): A Soft Competitive Learning Method for 2D Hand Modelling
* Learning 2D Hand Shapes Using the Topology Preservation Model GNG
* Natural User Interfaces in Volume Visualisation Using Microsoft Kinect
* Nonparametric Modelling and Tracking with Active-GNG
* Performance evaluation of a statistical and a neural network model for nonrigid shape-based registration
* Real time motion estimation using a neural architecture implemented on GPUs
* Robust Modelling and Tracking of NonRigid Objects Using Active-GNG
* transfer learning-based system for grading breast invasive ductal carcinoma, A
Includes: Angelopoulou, A.[Anastassia] Angelopoulou, A.
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Angelopoulou, E.[Elli] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Angelopoulou, E.[Elli]: elli AT cs stevens edu
* 3-D Stereo Using Photometric Ratios
* 3-Dimensional Stereo by Photometric Ratios
* Active Visual Object Reconstruction using D-, E-, and T-Optimal Next Best Views
* Automated Image Forgery Detection through Classification of Jpeg Ghosts
* Autonomous Approach and Landing for a Low-Cost Quadrotor Using Monocular Cameras
* Belief Propagation for Improved Color Assessment in Structured Light
* Beyond the neutral interface reflection assumption in illuminant color estimation
* Color constancy and non-uniform illumination: Can existing algorithms work?
* common framework for ambient illumination in the dichromatic reflectance model, A
* Curvature Based Descriptor Invariant to Pose and Albedo Derived from Photometric Data, A
* Curvature Based Signatures for Object Description and Recognition
* Direct Shape from Isophotes
* Edge detection in multispectral images using the n-dimensional self-organizing map
* Gaussian Curvature from Photometric Scatter Plots
* graph-based approach for robust single-shot structured light, A
* Illuminant color estimation for real-world mixed-illuminant scenes
* importance of the normalizing channel in log-chromaticity space, The
* Mean-shift clustering for interactive multispectral image analysis
* Multi-Illuminant Estimation With Conditional Random Fields
* Multispectral Skin Color Modeling
* Objective Colour from Multispectral Imaging
* Offline Writer Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network Activation Features
* Photometric Computation of the Sign of Gaussian Curvature using a Curve-Orientation Invariant
* Photometric Surface Analysis in a Tri-Luminal Environment
* Physics-based illuminant color estimation as an image semantics clue
* Reflectance Normalization in Illumination-Based Image Manipulation Detection
* Representation Learning for Cloud Classification
* Retinal vessel segmentation by improved matched filtering: evaluation on a new high-resolution fundus image database
* ROCHADE: Robust Checkerboard Advanced Detection for Camera Calibration
* Sensor band selection for multispectral imaging via average normalized information
* Sign of Gaussian Curvature from Curve Orientation in Photometric Space
* Spectral Gradient: A Material Descriptor Invariant to Geometry and Incident Illumination
* Specular Highlight Detection Based on the Fresnel Reflection Coefficient
* Supervised multispectral image segmentation with power watersheds
* Writer identification and verification using GMM supervectors
* Writer Identification Using GMM Supervectors and Exemplar-SVMs
* Writer identification using VLAD encoded contour-Zernike moments
Includes: Angelopoulou, E.[Elli] Angelopoulou, E.
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Angelopoulou, M.E.[Maria E.] Co Author Listing * Backscatter Compensated Photometric Stereo with 3 Sources
* Evaluating the effect of diffuse light on photometric stereo reconstruction
* Feature selection with geometric constraints for vision-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle navigation
* sensor-based approach to linear blur identification for real-time video enhancement, A
* Uncalibrated flatfielding and illumination vector estimationfor photometric stereo face reconstruction
* Video enhancement on an adaptive image sensor
* Vision-Based Egomotion Estimation on FPGA for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation
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Angelopoulou, T.[Theodora] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Airborne HySpex and Spaceborne PRISMA Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Soil Organic Matter and Carbonates Estimation
* Remote Sensing Techniques for Soil Organic Carbon Estimation: A Review

Angelou, N.[Nikolas] Co Author Listing * Data Reliability Enhancement for Wind-Turbine-Mounted Lidars
* Motion-Correction Method for Turbulence Estimates from Floating Lidars, A

Angeloudis, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Road Configurations for Improved Autonomous Vehicle-Pedestrian Interactions Using Reinforcement Learning
* Assignment and Pricing of Shared Rides in Ride-Sourcing Using Combinatorial Double Auctions
* Dual-branch spatio-temporal graph neural networks for pedestrian trajectory prediction
* Dynamic wireless power transfer system for electric-powered connected and autonomous vehicle on urban road network
* Monocular Visual Traffic Surveillance: A Review
* Risk-aware controller for autonomous vehicles using model-based collision prediction and reinforcement learning
* ST CrossingPose: A Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Pedestrian Crossing Intention Prediction
* Vehicle Redistribution in Ride-Sourcing Markets Using Convex Minimum Cost Flows
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Angelov, P.[Plamen] Co Author Listing * Deep orientated distance-transform network for geometric-aware centerline detection
* Graph-context Attention Networks for Size-varied Deep Graph Matching
* Hand-Based Person Identification using Global and Part-Aware Deep Feature Representation Learning
* Interpretable-through-prototypes deepfake detection for diffusion models
* Multi-Branch with Attention Network for Hand-Based Person Recognition

Angelov, P.P.[Plamen P.] Co Author Listing * Semi-Supervised Deep Rule-Based Approach for Complex Satellite Sensor Image Analysis, A

Angelova, A.[Anelia] Co Author Listing * 4D-Net for Learned Multi-Modal Alignment
* Adaptive Intermediate Representations for Video Understanding
* Adversarial Generative Grammars for Human Activity Prediction
* Assemblenet++: Assembling Modality Representations via Attention Connections
* Attentionnas: Spatiotemporal Attention Cell Search for Video Classification
* Benchmarking large-scale Fine-Grained Categorization
* Computer Vision on Mars
* Contrastive Feature Masking Open-Vocabulary Vision Transformer
* Depth From Videos in the Wild: Unsupervised Monocular Depth Learning From Unknown Cameras
* Efficient Object Detection and Segmentation for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Evolving Losses for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning
* Evolving Space-Time Neural Architectures for Videos
* Fast Terrain Classification Using Variable-Length Representation for Autonomous Navigation
* Feature combination with Multi-Kernel Learning for fine-grained visual classification
* FindIt: Generalized Localization with Natural Language Queries
* Generalized feature learning and indexing for object localization and recognition
* Image segmentation for large-scale subcategory flower recognition
* KeyPose: Multi-View 3D Labeling and Keypoint Estimation for Transparent Objects
* Mask2CAD: 3d Shape Prediction by Learning to Segment and Retrieve
* Patch2CAD: Patchwise Embedding Learning for In-the-Wild Shape Retrieval from a Single Image
* Probabilistic Object Detection: Definition and Evaluation
* Pruning Training Sets for Learning of Object Categories
* Real-Time Pedestrian Detection with Deep Network Cascades
* Region-Aware Pretraining for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection with Vision Transformers
* Rethinking Video ViTs: Sparse Video Tubes for Joint Image and Video Learning
* ShapeMask: Learning to Segment Novel Objects by Refining Shape Priors
* SMURF: Self-Teaching Multi-Frame Unsupervised RAFT with Full-Image Warping
* Special Issue on Deep Learning for Robotic Vision
* Taskology: Utilizing Task Relations at Scale
* Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Ego-Motion from Monocular Video Using 3D Geometric Constraints
* Video Question Answering with Iterative Video-Text Co-tokenization
* What Matters in Unsupervised Optical Flow
Includes: Angelova, A.[Anelia] Angelova, A.
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Angelova, D.[Donka] Co Author Listing * Contour segmentation in 2D ultrasound medical images with particle filtering
* Monitoring of Urban Growth Patterns in Rapidly Growing Bahir Dar City of Northwest Ethiopia with 30 year Landsat Imagery Record
Includes: Angelova, D.[Donka] Angelova, D.[Daniela]

Angelova, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation for Arabic characters in handwriting documents
* CDF Transform-and-Shift: An effective way to deal with datasets of inhomogeneous cluster densities
Includes: Angelova, M. Angelova, M.[Maia]

Angelsen, B. Co Author Listing * Noise reduction and segmentation in time-varying ultrasound images

Angenendt, L.[Linus] Co Author Listing * Cell Selection-based Data Reduction Pipeline for Whole Slide Image Analysis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Angenent, S.[Sigurd] Co Author Listing * Finsler Active Contours
* Nondistorting flattening maps and the 3-D visualization of colon CT images
* On the Laplace-Beltrami operator and brain surface flattening
* Optimal Mass Transport for Registration and Warping
Includes: Angenent, S.[Sigurd] Angenent, S.

Anger, J.[Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Deblurring using the l0 Gradient Prior
* Estimating an Image's Blur Kernel Using Natural Image Statistics, and Deblurring it: An Analysis of the Goldstein-Fattal Method
* Generic Bundle Adjustment Methodology for Indirect RPC Model Refinement of Satellite Imagery, A
* Implementation of Local Fourier Burst Accumulation for Video Deblurring
* L1BSR: Exploiting Detector Overlap for Self-Supervised Single-Image Super-Resolution of Sentinel-2 L1B Imagery
* Modeling Realistic Degradations in Non-Blind Deconvolution
* Self-supervised multi-image super-resolution for push-frame satellite images
* Self-Supervised Super-Resolution for Multi-Exposure Push-Frame Satellites
* Self-supervised training for blind multi-frame video denoising
* ZERO: a Local JPEG Grid Origin Detector Based on the Number of DCT Zeros and its Applications in Image Forensics
Includes: Anger, J.[Jeremy] Anger, J.[Jérémy] Anger, J.
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Anger, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Space Targets Using Wideband Pseudo-Noise Signals with Low Peak-to-Average Power Ratio

Angerer, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * ProtTrans: Toward Understanding the Language of Life Through Self-Supervised Learning

Angerer, E. Co Author Listing * Reservoir Lithology Determination by Hidden Markov Random Fields Based on a Gaussian Mixture Model

Angerer, J.P.[Jay P.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Rangeland Fine Fuel Biomass in Western Texas Using High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and Machine Learning
* Exploring Effective Detection and Spatial Pattern of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia Genus) from Airborne Imagery before and after Prescribed Fires in the Edwards Plateau

Angermann, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Joint Image Transfer and Uncertainty Quantification Using Patch Invariant Networks

Angermann, D. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of DTRF2014, ITRF2014, and JTRF2014 by Precise Orbit Determination of SLR Satellites
* Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Observation Concept and Preliminary Results in the Baltic Sea
* Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Results in the Baltic Sea Test Network
Includes: Angermann, D. Angermann, D.[Detlef]

Angermann, M. Co Author Listing * Eyes in the Sky: Decentralized Control for the Deployment of Robotic Camera Networks
* FootSLAM: Pedestrian Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Without Exteroceptive Sensors: Hitchhiking on Human Perception and Cognition

Angermann, Q. Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* Towards Real-Time Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Videos: Adapting Still Frame-Based Methodologies for Video Sequences Analysis
Includes: Angermann, Q. Angermann, Q.[Quentin]

Angermueller, C. Co Author Listing * Agreement Between Saliency Maps and Human-Labeled Regions of Interest: Applications to Skin Disease Classification

Angers, J.F. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Hidden Markov Random Field Models and Its Bayesian Estimation
* Localization of Shapes Using Statistical Models and Stochastic Optimization
* stochastic method for Bayesian estimation of hidden Markov random field models with application to a color model, A
Includes: Angers, J.F. Angers, J.F.[Jean-Francois]

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