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Kumaar, S.[Saumya] Co Author Listing * Real-time Semantic Segmentation with Context Aggregation Network

Kumada, K.M.O. Co Author Listing * SILFA: Sign Language Facial Action Database for the Development of Assistive Technologies for the Deaf

Kumada, T. Co Author Listing * Golden Ratio: The Attributes of Facial Attractiveness Learned By CNN
* Inferring Affective Experience from the Big Picture Metaphor: A Two-dimensional Visual Breadth Model
* Photo Shot-Type Disambiguation by Multi-Classifier Semi-Supervised Learning
* Understanding Scenery Quality: A Visual Attention Measure and Its Computational Model
* Visual attention inspired distant view and close-up view classification
Includes: Kumada, T. Kumada, T.[Takatsune]

Kumagai, A.[Atsutoshi] Co Author Listing * Covariance-Aware Feature Alignment with Pre-Computed Source Statistics for Test-Time Adaptation to Multiple Image Corruptions

Kumagai, H.[Hikaru] Co Author Listing * Asbestos Detection Method with Frequency Analysis for Microscope Images
* UAV-Borne 3-D Mapping System by Multisensor Integration
Includes: Kumagai, H.[Hikaru] Kumagai, H.

Kumagai, J. Co Author Listing * 5 Earth-imaging start-ups coming to a sky near you
* Driven by Drones: Improving Mangrove Extent Maps Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing
* Semi-automatic Road Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Image
Includes: Kumagai, J. Kumagai, J.[Joy] Kumagai, J.[Jun]

Kumagai, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Relationship Between Vegetation Distribution and Land Price Using Multitemporal Data
* Egocentric Action Recognition by Capturing Hand-Object Contact and Object State
* Estimation Of Housing Vacancy Distributions: Basic Bayesian Approach Using Utility Data
* Robust model-based tracking considering changes in the measurable DoF of the target object
* Spatial Comparison Between Densely Built-up Districts From The Viewpoint Of Vulnerability To Road Blockades With Respect To Evacuation Behavior
Includes: Kumagai, K. Kumagai, K.[Kaori] Kumagai, K.[Kenzo]

Kumagai, S.[Shohei] Co Author Listing * HLAC between Cells of HOG Feature for Crowd Counting
* Mixture of counting CNNs

Kumagai, T.[Taro] Co Author Listing * Character-Position-Free On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition by Two Segmentation Methods
* Color Appearance in the Entire Visual Field: Color Zone Map Based on the Unique Hue Component
Includes: Kumagai, T.[Taro] Kumagai, T.[Takeshi]

Kumagai, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * Robust Label Prediction via Label Propagation and Geodesic k-Nearest Neighbor in Online Semi-Supervised Learning

Kumagai, Y.[Yoshiki] Co Author Listing * Object Extraction Using an Edge-Based Feature for Query-by-Sketch Image Retrieval
* Query-by-Sketch Image Retrieval Using Edge Relation Histogram

Kumagiri, K.[Kazuo] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of the AV CODEC on a Low-Power SPXK5SC DSP Core

Kumah, K.K.[Kingsley K.] Co Author Listing * MSG Technique: Improving Commercial Microwave Link Rainfall Intensity by Using Rain Area Detection from Meteosat Second Generation, The

Kumaki, K. Co Author Listing * Separating Real and Virtual Objects from Their Overlapping Images

Kumaki, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of DCT Processing with Massive-Parallel Memory-Embedded SIMD Matrix Processor
* Hierarchical-Masked Image Filtering for Privacy-Protection
* Real-Time Huffman Encoder with Pipelined CAM-Based Data Path and Code-Word-Table Optimizer
* Scalable FPGA/ASIC Implementation Architecture for Parallel Table-Lookup-Coding Using Multi-Ported Content Addressable Memory

Kumakura, T. Co Author Listing * Radar Attenuation and Reflectivity Measurements of Snow With Dual Ka-Band Radar

Kumalasari, D.[Dewi] Co Author Listing * Planning Walkable Cities: Generative Design Approach towards Digital Twin Implementation

Kumamaru, K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shapes Modeling Which Has Hierarchical Structure Based on B-spline Surfaces with Non-uniform Knots
* Segmentation of range data based on a stochastic clustering method with competitive process
* Shapes Modeling of 3-D Objects Based on A Hybrid Representation Using Extended B-Spline Model
* Surface Recovery by Using Regularization Theory and Its Application to Multiresolution Analysis
Includes: Kumamaru, K. Kumamaru, K.[Kousuke]

Kumamoto, A. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder Data for Lunar Subsurface Imaging

Kumamoto, T. Co Author Listing * Feature Analysis of Handprinted Chinese Characters
* On speeding candidate selection in handprinted chinese character recognition
Includes: Kumamoto, T. Kumamoto, T.[Tadahiko]

Kumamura, S. Co Author Listing * Shape Extraction of Transparent Object Using Genetic Algorithm

Kumano, M. Co Author Listing * Video editing support system based on video grammar and content analysis

Kumano, S.[Shiro] Co Author Listing * Analyzing empathetic interactions based on the probabilistic modeling of the co-occurrence patterns of facial expressions in group meetings
* Analyzing Interpersonal Empathy via Collective Impressions
* Analyzing Perceived Empathy Based on Reaction Time in Behavioral Mimicry
* Analyzing perceived empathy/antipathy based on reaction time in behavioral coordination
* Collective First-Person Vision for Automatic Gaze Analysis in Multiparty Conversations
* Combining Stochastic and Deterministic Search for Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
* Enhancing Memory-Based Particle Filter with Detection-Based Memory Acquisition for Robustness under Severe Occlusion
* Improving Robustness to out-of-Distribution Data by Frequency-Based Augmentation
* Nonuniform azimuth image shift observed in the radarsat images of ships in motion
* Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition Using Variable-Intensity Templates
* Sparse fooling images: Fooling machine perception through unrecognizable images
Includes: Kumano, S.[Shiro] Kumano, S.[Soichiro] Kumano, S.
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Kumar B G, V. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Regularized Deep Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation

Kumar Bhatia, K.[Komal] Co Author Listing * comprehensive survey and mathematical insights towards video summarization, A

Kumar Bhunia, A. Co Author Listing * Handwriting Trajectory Recovery using End-to-End Deep Encoder-Decoder Network
* Handwriting Trajectory Recovery using End-to-End Deep Encoder-Decoder Network
* Word Level Font-to-Font Image Translation using Convolutional Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks
* Word Level Font-to-Font Image Translation using Convolutional Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks

Kumar Ghosh, P. Co Author Listing * Cumulative Impulse Strength for Epoch Extraction

Kumar M., A.[Aswatha] Co Author Listing * Image Restoration: Past, Present and Future

Kumar Pasupuleti, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Bandwidth Manager for CNN Applications on Embedded Devices, An

Kumar Raja, S. Co Author Listing * Sparse unmixing via variable splitting and augmented Lagrangian for vegetation and urban area classification using Landsat data

Kumar Ramasamy, C. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Bandwidth Manager for CNN Applications on Embedded Devices, An

Kumar Sanodiya, R.[Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised sub-domain adaptation using optimal transport
Includes: Kumar Sanodiya, R.[Rakesh] Kumar-Sanodiya, R.[Rakesh]

Kumar Yadav, R.[Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Parzen Window Approximation on Riemannian Manifold
Includes: Kumar Yadav, R.[Rakesh] Kumar-Yadav, R.[Rakesh]

Kumar Yadav, S.[Sumit] Co Author Listing * DFD-SS: Document Forgery Detection using Spectral-Spatial Features for Hyperspectral Images

Kumar, A.[Amruth] Co Author Listing * email: Kumar, A.[Amruth]: amruth AT cs buffalo edu
* 3D Feature Descriptor Recovered from a Single 2D Palmprint Image, A
* 4-channelled hazy image input generation and deep learning-based single image dehazing, A
* Accuracies of Himawari-8 and MTSAT-2 Sea-Surface Temperatures in the Tropical Western Pacific Ocean, The
* Accurate Iris Recognition at a Distance Using Stabilized Iris Encoding and Zernike Moments Phase Features
* Accurate Iris Segmentation Framework Under Relaxed Imaging Constraints Using Total Variation Model, An
* AdaMT-Net: An Adaptive Weight Learning Based Multi-Task Learning Model For Scene Understanding
* Adaptive Security for Human Surveillance Using Multimodal Open Set Biometric Recognition
* Adaptive Security for Human Surveillance Using Multimodal Open Set Biometric Recognition
* Advancing Surface Feature Encoding and Matching for More Accurate 3D Biometric Recognition
* AESPNet: Attention Enhanced Stacked Parallel Network to improve automatic Diabetic Foot Ulcer identification
* Approximate Mean Delay Analysis for a Signalized Intersection With Indisciplined Traffic
* Attack Agnostic Statistical Method for Adversarial Detection
* attention-based deep learning model for multiple pedestrian attributes recognition, An
* attention-enhanced cross-task network to analyse lung nodule attributes in CT images, An
* Automated human identification using ear imaging
* Automated segmentation of iris images using visible wavelength face images
* Automatic Ear Detection for Online Biometric Applications
* Backtracking search algorithm for color image multilevel thresholding
* Bayesian Gait-Based Gender Identification (BGGI) Network on Individuals Wearing Loosely Fitted Clothing
* BEST: Building evidences from scattered templates for accurate contactless palmprint recognition
* Biometric Authentication Based on Infrared Thermal Hand Vein Patterns
* Biometric Authentication using Finger-Back Surface
* Biometric Recognition Using Feature Selection and Combination
* BlockDrop: Dynamic Inference Paths in Residual Networks
* Can We Use Second Minor Finger Knuckle Patterns to Identify Humans?
* Characteristic Function-Based Method for Bottom-Up Human Pose Estimation, A
* closed form design method for the two-channel quadrature mirror filter banks, A
* Co-Learning Feature Fusion Maps From PET-CT Images of Lung Cancer
* Combining 2D and 3D hand geometry features for biometric verification
* Combining Fingerprint, Palmprint and Hand-Shape for User Authentication
* Comments on An Adaptive Multimodal Biometric Management Algorithm
* Comments on Automated Determination of Snow Water Equivalent by Acoustic Reflectometry
* Comparative analysis of different wavelet filters for low contrast and brightness enhancement of multispectral remote sensing images
* Comparative study of Directional antenna gain for MANET Nodes and Cluster Head Gateway in Integrated Mobile Adhoc Network
* Comparative Study of Groundwater-Induced Subsidence for London and Delhi Using PSInSAR
* Comparison and combination of iris matchers for reliable personal authentication
* Comparison and combination of iris matchers for reliable personal identification
* Compressive image recovery using recurrent generative model
* Contactless and partial 3D fingerprint recognition using multi-view deep representation
* Contactless and Pose Invariant Biometric Identification Using Hand Surface
* Contactless Biometric Identification Using 3D Finger Knuckle Patterns
* Contactless fingerprint identification using level zero features
* Content-level Annotation of Large Collection of Printed Document Images
* Continuous QoE Evaluation Framework for Video Streaming Over HTTP, A
* Convexifying Sparse Interpolation With Infinitely Wide Neural Networks: An Atomic Norm Approach
* CoroNetGAN: Controlled Pruning of GANs via Hypernetworks
* Correcting Infrared Focal Plane Array Sensor Non Uniformities Based Upon Adaptive Filter
* Coupling Vision and Proprioception for Navigation of Legged Robots
* Cross-spectral iris recognition using CNN and supervised discrete hashing
* Deblurring of motion blurred images using histogram of oriented gradients and geometric moments
* Decision level biometric fusion using Ant Colony Optimization
* Decline in Phytoplankton Biomass along Indian Coastal Waters due to COVID-19 Lockdown
* Decoupled Approach to Illumination-Robust Optical Flow Estimation, A
* deep learning based unified framework to detect, segment and recognize irises using spatially corresponding features, A
* Deep-Learning-Based Multispectral Image Reconstruction from Single Natural Color RGB Image: Enhancing UAV-Based Phenotyping
* Defect detection in textured materials using optimized filters
* Detecting Presentation Attacks from 3D Face Masks Under Multispectral Imaging
* Detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 infection in lungs images using deep learning techniques
* Detection of Aphid-Infested Mustard Crop Using Ground Spectroscopy
* Determination of network vulnerability factor using rough set
* DEVIANT: Depth EquiVarIAnt NeTwork for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Disentangling 3D Pose in a Dendritic CNN for Unconstrained 2D Face Alignment
* Distance metric learning for pattern recognition
* DPAM: A New Deep Parallel Attention Model for Multiple License Plate Number Recognition
* Dual-Path Model With Adaptive Attention for Vehicle Re-Identification, A
* Efficient and Accurate 3D Finger Knuckle Matching Using Surface Key Points
* Efficient Search in Document Image Collections
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* Egocentric Audio-Visual Object Localization
* Electroencephalography-based classification of human emotion: A hybrid strategy in machine learning paradigm
* End-to-End Semi-Supervised Learning for Video Action Detection
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* End-to-End System for Unconstrained Face Verification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, An
* Enhancing Solar Energy Forecast Using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network and Multipoint Time Series Approach
* Estimating Sample Size Requirements for Reliable Personal Authentication Using User-Specific Samples
* Estimation of instantaneous frequencies using iterative empirical mode decomposition
* Evaluating and Bench-marking Object Detection Models for Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Datasets
* Evolutionary multi-objective optimization based overlapping subspace clustering
* Experiments on visual loop closing using vocabulary trees
* Exploring Fuzzy Local Spatial Information Algorithms for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Extractive Text Summarization Using Topological Features
* EyePAD++: A Distillation-based approach for joint Eye Authentication and Presentation Attack Detection using Periocular Images
* FCM Approach of Similarity and Dissimilarity Measures with a-Cut for Handling Mixed Pixels
* Finetune like you pretrain: Improved finetuning of zero-shot vision models
* Finger vein identification using Convolutional Neural Network and supervised discrete hashing
* Fully-Adaptive Feature Sharing in Multi-Task Networks with Applications in Person Attribute Classification
* GabriellaV2: Towards better generalization in surveillance videos for Action Detection
* Generalized Multiview Analysis: A discriminative latent space
* Generalized Pupil-centric Imaging and Analytical Calibration for a Non-frontal Camera
* Generalized Radial Alignment Constraint for Camera Calibration
* Generalized Rational Sampling Rate Conversion Polyphase FIR Filter
* Generative Multiplane Neural Radiance for 3D-Aware Image Generation
* geometric snake model for segmentation of medical imagery, A
* Geospatial Technology-Based Analysis of Air Quality in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic
* Gradient Flows and Geometric Active Contour Models
* Graph-Based Intercategory and Intermodality Network for Multilabel Classification and Melanoma Diagnosis of Skin Lesions in Dermoscopy and Clinical Images
* GridShift: A Faster Mode-seeking Algorithm for Image Segmentation and Object Tracking
* GrooMeD-NMS: Grouped Mathematically Differentiable NMS for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Ground Penetrating Radar in Coastal Hazard Mitigation Studies Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Hierarchical deep neural network for mental stress state detection using IoT based biomarkers
* High Resolution Temporal Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices for Specific Crop Identification
* HIME: Efficient Headshot Image Super-Resolution with Multiple Exemplars
* Human hand identification with 3D hand pose variations
* Human identification from at-a-distance images by simultaneously exploiting iris and periocular features
* Human Identification Using Finger Images
* Human identification using KnuckleCodes
* Hybrid deep neural networks for face emotion recognition
* Hypersim: A Photorealistic Synthetic Dataset for Holistic Indoor Scene Understanding
* Illumination-based Transformations Improve Skin Lesion Segmentation in Dermoscopic Images
* Image Denoising Based on Fractional Gradient Vector Flow and Overlapping Group Sparsity as Priors
* Image Restoration of Phase Contrast Nano Scale X-ray CT Images
* improved Gamma correction model for image dehazing in a multi-exposure fusion framework, An
* improved method for the design of quadrature mirror filter banks using the Levenberg-Marquardt optimization, An
* Improving cross sensor interoperability for fingerprint identification
* Improving Iris Identification using User Quality and Cohort Information
* Incorporating Cohort Information for Reliable Palmprint Authentication
* Incorporating color information for reliable palmprint authentication
* Incorporating user quality for performance improvement in hand identification
* Integrating Shape And Texture For Hand Verification
* Interdigital palm region for biometric identification
* Introduction to Signal Processing for Singing-Voice Analysis: High Notes in the Effort to Automate the Understanding of Vocals in Music, An
* Iris recognition using quaternionic sparse orientation code (QSOC)
* Iterative Error Diffusion Halftoning Using a Zero Phase Error Filter
* Joint Visual Semantic Reasoning: Multi-Stage Decoder for Text Recognition
* KEPLER: Keypoint and Pose Estimation of Unconstrained Faces by Learning Efficient H-CNN Regressors
* KEPLER: Simultaneous estimation of keypoints and 3D pose of unconstrained faces in a unified framework by learning efficient H-CNN regressors
* Landsat 8 Virtual Orange Band for Mapping Cyanobacterial Blooms
* Landslide Identification from IRS-P6 LISS-IV Temporal DATA: A Comparative Study Using Fuzzy Based Classifiers
* Lessons for Sustainable Urban Development: Interplay of Construction, Groundwater Withdrawal, and Land Subsidence at Battersea, London
* LUVLi Face Alignment: Estimating Landmarks' Location, Uncertainty, and Visibility Likelihood
* Machine Learning Approach for Improving Near-Real-Time Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates by Integrating Soil Moisture, A
* Master of All: Simultaneous Generalization of Urban-Scene Segmentation to All Adverse Weather Conditions
* Matching Contactless and Contact-Based Conventional Fingerprint Images for Biometrics Identification
* Measuring Vertical Urban Growth of Patna Urban Agglomeration Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry SAR (PSInSAR) Remote Sensing
* MEmoR: A Multimodal Emotion Recognition using affective biomarkers for smart prediction of emotional health for people analytics in smart industries
* MetaHTR: Towards Writer-Adaptive Handwritten Text Recognition
* MetaMed: Few-shot medical image classification using gradient-based meta-learning
* Mixed Spectrum Analysis on fMRI Time-Series
* Motion-based background subtraction and panoramic mosaicing for freight train analysis
* MT-UNET: A Novel U-Net Based Multi-Task Architecture For Visual Scene Understanding
* Multi-capture Dynamic Calibration of Multi-camera Systems
* multi-exposure fusion framework for contrast enhancement of hazy images employing dynamic stochastic resonance, A
* Multi-scale tensor vector field active contour
* Multi-Sensor Approach to Characterize Winter Water-Level Drawdown Patterns in Lakes, A
* Multimodal biometrics management using adaptive score-level combination
* Multiscale Approach for Recognizing Complex Annotations in Engineering Documents, A
* Network optimization using defender system in cloud computing security based intrusion detection system withgame theory deep neural network (IDSGT-DNN)
* Neural network based detection of local textile defects
* New Method for Fingerprint Antispoofing using Pulse Oxiometry, A
* new method for higher-order linear phase FIR digital filter using shifted Chebyshev polynomials, A
* New Non-central Model for Fisheye Calibration, A
* Non-frontal Camera Calibration Using Focal Stack Imagery
* Novel Approach to Improve Biometric Recognition Using Rank Level Fusion, A
* Novel Hybrid MAC Protocol for Basic Safety Message Broadcasting in Vehicular Networks, A
* Novel view synthesis using a translating camera
* Numerical Reflectance Compensation for Non-Lambertian Photometric Stereo
* Omni3D: A Large Benchmark and Model for 3D Object Detection in the Wild
* On estimating performance indices for biometric identification
* On implementing motion-based Region of Interest detection on multi-core CELL
* On Some Performance Indices for Biometric Identification System
* On the Equivalence of Moving Entrance Pupil and Radial Distortion for Camera Calibration
* On the Phase Response of the Error Diffusion Filter for Image Halftoning
* Online personal identification in night using multiple face representations
* Optical-Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach
* Optimisation of Fuzzy Based Soft Classifiers for Remote Sensing Data
* palm print authentication system using quantized phase feature representation, A
* Palmprint recognition using rank level fusion
* Periocular Recognition Using Unsupervised Convolutional RBM Feature Learning
* Personal authentication using hand images
* Personal Authentication Using Hand Vein Triangulation and Knuckle Shape
* Personal authentication using multiple palmprint representation
* Personal Identification from Iris Images Using Localized Radon Transform
* Personal Identification Using Multibiometrics Rank-Level Fusion
* Personal Recognition Using Hand Shape and Texture
* Personal Verification Using Palmprint and Hand Geometry Biometric
* Precision Tracking Based on Segmentation with Optimal Layering for Imaging Sensors
* Precision Tracking with Segmentation for Imaging Sensors
* PredStereo: An Accurate Real-time Stereo Vision System
* quad tree based method for blurred and non-blurred video text frames classification through quality metrics, A
* Qualitative Assessment of Video Stabilization and Mosaicking Systems
* Quantitative Analytical Framework for Photon Transfer Curve-Based Preflight Characterization of the Indian Remote Sensing Imaging Systems, A
* Real-time citywide reconstruction of traffic flow from moving cameras on lightweight edge devices
* Real-Time Object Detection On Low Power Embedded Platforms
* Real-Time Object Processing and Routing for Intelligent Drones: A Novel Approach
* real-time system for pattern recognition of human sleep stages by fuzzy system analysis, A
* Recovering and matching minutiae patterns from finger knuckle images
* Region-based adaptive single image dehazing, detail enhancement and pre-processing using auto-colour transfer method
* Reliable ear identification using 2-D quadrature filters
* Remote Sensing for International Peace and Security: Its Role and Implications
* Retrieve in Style: Unsupervised Facial Feature Transfer and Retrieval
* reversible and multipurpose ECG data hiding technique for telemedicine applications, A
* Revisiting Outlier Rejection Approach for Non-Lambertian Photometric Stereo
* Riemannian Geometry of Deep Generative Models, The
* Robust ear identification using sparse representation of local texture descriptors
* Robust palmprint verification using 2D and 3D features
* Robust Recognition of Documents by Fusing Results of Word Clusters
* Robust segmentation of freight containers in train monitoring videos
* Rooftop Photovoltaic Energy Production Estimations in India Using Remotely Sensed Data and Methods
* S2LD: Semi-Supervised Landmark Detection in Low Resolution Images and Impact on Face Verification
* S3Pool: Pooling with Stochastic Spatial Sampling
* SAGRNN: Self-Attentive Gated RNN For Binaural Speaker Separation With Interaural Cue Preservation
* SARS-Net: COVID-19 detection from chest x-rays by combining graph convolutional network and convolutional neural network
* Satellite-Based High-Resolution (1-km) Ambient PM2.5 Database for India over Two Decades (2000-2019): Applications for Air Quality Management, A
* Secure multimodal biometric system based on diffused graphs and optimal score fusion
* Self-supervised Monocular Underwater Depth Recovery, Image Restoration, and a Real-sea Video Dataset
* Semi-Automatic 2D Solution for Vehicle Speed Estimation from Monocular Videos, A
* SieveNet: A Unified Framework for Robust Image-Based Virtual Try-On
* Sketch2Saliency: Learning to Detect Salient Objects from Human Drawings
* Soft Computing Approach for Liquefaction Identification Using Landsat-7 Temporal Indices Data
* Sparse representation based multi-frame image super-resolution reconstruction using adaptive weighted features
* SpotTune: Transfer Learning Through Adaptive Fine-Tuning
* SSS-PR: A short survey of surveys in person re-identification
* Stacked fully convolutional networks with multi-channel learning: application to medical image segmentation
* Step-wise integration of deep class-specific learning for dermoscopic image segmentation
* Streaming Video QoE Modeling and Prediction: A Long Short-Term Memory Approach
* Structure from Motion with Known Camera Positions
* Structured and unstructured document summarization: Design of a commercial summarizer using Lexical chains
* Support Kernel Machines for Object Recognition
* SVM-based hybrid approach for corridor-level travel-time estimation
* Syn2Real: Forgery Classification via Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Synthesis of Multi-View 3D Fingerprints to Advance Contactless Fingerprint Identification
* TANA: The amalgam neural architecture for sarcasm detection in indian indigenous language combining LSTM and SVM with word-emoji embeddings
* Tchebichef and Adaptive Steerable-Based Total Variation Model for Image Denoising
* Temporal Indices Data For Specific Crop Discrimination Using Fuzzy Based Noise Classifier
* Tensor vector field based active contours
* Tetrahedron Based Fast 3D Fingerprint Identification Using Colored LEDs Illumination
* Texture inspection for defects using neural networks and support vector machines
* Think Twice Before Detecting GAN-generated Fake Images from their Spectral Domain Imprints
* Tongue line extraction
* Toward More Accurate Iris Recognition Using Cross-Spectral Matching
* Towards contactless palmprint authentication
* Towards Contactless, Low-Cost and Accurate 3D Fingerprint Identification
* Towards More Accurate Iris Recognition Using Deeply Learned Spatially Corresponding Features
* Towards Online Iris and Periocular Recognition Under Relaxed Imaging Constraints
* Transformers in Remote Sensing: A Survey
* Two-channel perfect reconstruction (PR) quadrature mirror filter (QMF) bank design using logarithmic window function and spline function
* UDBNET: Unsupervised Document Binarization Network via Adversarial Game
* UGLLI Face Alignment: Estimating Uncertainty with Gaussian Log-Likelihood Loss
* Unconstrained Age Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unconstrained Still/Video-Based Face Verification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unified Framework for Automated Iris Segmentation Using Distantly Acquired Face Images
* Unified Graph-Based Multicue Feature Fusion for Robust Visual Tracking
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation to Classify Medical Images Using Zero-Bias Convolutional Auto-Encoders and Context-Based Feature Augmentation
* Unsupervised single image dehazing: A contour approach
* Unsupervised Two-Path Neural Network for Cell Event Detection and Classification Using Spatiotemporal Patterns
* User Authentication Using Fusion Of Face And Palmprint
* Using omnidirectional structure from motion for registration of range images of minimal overlap
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* Vision System for Monitoring Intermodal Freight Trains, A
* Web page summarization for handheld devices: a natural language approach
* Zero Shot License Plate Re-Identification
Includes: Kumar, A.[Amruth] Kumar, A.[Ajay] Kumar, A.[Arvind] Kumar, A.[Ajoy] Kumar, A. Kumar, A.[Amioy] Kumar, A.[Awnish] Kumar, A.[Anurag] Kumar, A.[Aruna] Kumar, A.[Ashnil] Kumar, A.[Anil] Kumar, A.[Ashish] Kumar, A.[Amit] Kumar, A.[Aman] Kumar, A.[Ahlad] Kumar, A.[Abhishek] Kumar, A.[Arun] Kumar, A.[Anoop] Kumar, A.[Anugrah] Kumar, A.[Abhinav] Kumar, A.[Amish] Kumar, A.[Anand] Kumar, A.[Akash] Kumar, A.[Ankita] Kumar, A.[Ankit] Kumar, A.[Ananya] Kumar, A.[Avinash] Kumar, A.[Amandeep] Kumar, A.[Akshi] Kumar, A.[Atulit] Kumar, A.[Arjun] Kumar, A.[Avishek] Kumar, A.[Avin] Kumar, A.[Anshul] Kumar, A.[Ashutosh] Kumar, A.[Ashwani] Kumar, A.[Aayush] Kumar, A.[Alok] Kumar, A.[Aarohi] Kumar, A.[Akhilesh] Kumar, A.[Aashish]
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Kumar, A.A. Co Author Listing * Development of New Index-Based Methodology for Extraction of Built-Up Area From Landsat7 Imagery: Comparison of Performance With SVM, ANN, and Existing Indices
* STP-Net: Spatio-Temporal Polarization Network for action recognition using polarimetric videos
Includes: Kumar, A.A. Kumar, A.A.[A. Anil]

Kumar, A.C. Co Author Listing * Action Recognition in Still Images Using Word Embeddings from Natural Language Descriptions
* Deep Learning Paradigm for Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms, A
* DepthNet: A Recurrent Neural Network Architecture for Monocular Depth Prediction
* Matching Disparate Image Pairs Using Shape-Aware ConvNets
* Monocular Depth Prediction Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Kumar, A.C. Kumar, A.C.[Arun Cs]

Kumar, A.C.S.[Arun C. S.] Co Author Listing * Class-Specific Object Pose Estimation and Reconstruction Using 3D Part Geometry
* Exploiting Word Embeddings for Recognition of Previously Unseen Objects
* Joint geometric graph embedding for partial shape matching in images
* Learning Hierarchical Models for Class-Specific Reconstruction from Natural Data
Includes: Kumar, A.C.S.[Arun C. S.] Kumar, A.C.S.[Arun C.S.]

Kumar, A.H. Co Author Listing * Assessment of INSAT-3D Retrieved Temperature and Water Vapour With Collocated Radiosonde Measurements Over Indian Region
* Impact of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Eruption on Stratospheric Water Vapour, Temperature, and Ozone
Includes: Kumar, A.H. Kumar, A.H.[Alladi Hemanth]

Kumar, A.J.[Ashok J.] Co Author Listing * High-dimensional MRI data analysis using a large-scale manifold learning approach
* Large-Scale Manifold Learning Approach for Brain Tumor Progression Prediction, A
* On the Application of a Modified Self-Organizing Neural Network to Estimate Stereo Disparity
Includes: Kumar, A.J.[Ashok J.] Kumar, A.J.

Kumar, A.J.R.[Ankith Jain Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Depth Videos for the Classification of Micro-Expressions
* Micro-Expression Classification based on Landmark Relations with Graph Attention Convolutional Network
* Relational Edge-Node Graph Attention Network for Classification of Micro-Expressions
* Three Stream Graph Attention Network using Dynamic Patch Selection for the classification of micro-expressions

Kumar, A.K. Co Author Listing * Color-Based Signal Light Tracking in Real-Time Video
* Efficient Video Enhancement Method Using LA*B* Analysis, An
* Two viewpoints based real-time recognition for hand gestures
* Two viewpoints based real-time recognition for hand gestures
Includes: Kumar, A.K. Kumar, A.K.[Amit Krishan] Kumar, A.K.[Abhishek Kaushal]

Kumar, A.P.[Aswathy Prasanna] Co Author Listing * Harnessing feedback region proposals for multi-object tracking
* System-on-programmable-chip implementation for on-line face recognition
Includes: Kumar, A.P.[Aswathy Prasanna] Kumar, A.P.[A. Pavan]

Kumar, A.S.[A Suresh] Co Author Listing * Automatic facial expression recognition combining texture and shape features from prominent facial regions
* Band sharpening of IRS-multispectral imagery by cubic spline wavelets
* BEAPS: Integrating Volumetric Dynamics in Virtual Agent Prototyping
* Preface: Technical Commission V - Youth Forum
* Role of Earth Observation Data and Hydrological Modeling In Supporting UN SDGS In North West Himalaya
* Significance of Remote Sensing Based Precipitation and Terrain Information for Improved Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Simulation In Parts of Himalayan River Basins
Includes: Kumar, A.S.[A Suresh] Kumar, A.S. Kumar, A.S.[Abishek S.]

Kumar, A.S.K.[A.S. Kiran] Co Author Listing * Cross Calibration of the OceanSAT -2 Scatterometer With QuikSCAT Scatterometer Using Natural Terrestrial Targets

Kumar, A.T.N. Co Author Listing * Time Domain Fluorescence Tomography System for Small Animal Imaging, A

Kumar, B.[Basant] Co Author Listing * Accuracy assessment of a hand-held PPG based ECG acquisition device using 2-D CNN
* Hyperspectral image classification using three-dimensional geometric moments
* Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Tomography
* Iris Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Relational Measures
* Learning Low-Rank Latent Spaces with Simple Deterministic Autoencoder: Theoretical and Empirical Insights
* multi-faceted CNN architecture for automatic classification of mobile LiDAR data and an algorithm to reproduce point cloud samples for enhanced training, A
* New Design of Occlusion-Invariant Face Recognition Using Optimal Pattern Extraction and CNN with GRU-Based Architecture, A
* On the Contractivity of Plug-and-Play Operators
* Parallel Implementation Of Morphological Profile Based Spectral-spatial Classification Scheme For Hyperspectral Imagery
* Performance Evaluation of Various Histogram Equalization Techniques on Thermal Images
* Robust Contact Lens Detection Using Local Phase Quantization and Binary Gabor Pattern
* Spectral Contextual Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery With Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling
* Text Region Extraction From Scene Images Using AGF and MSER
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge - PBVS 2021
Includes: Kumar, B.[Basant] Kumar, B.[Brajesh] Kumar, B. Kumar, B.[Balender] Kumar, B.[Bhartendu] Kumar, B.[Bhavesh] Kumar, B.[Bijendra]
14 for Kumar, B.

Kumar, B.A. Co Author Listing * Bus Arrival Time Prediction: A Spatial Kalman Filter Approach
* Compression noise based video forgery detection
Includes: Kumar, B.A. Kumar, B.A.[B. Avinash]

Kumar, B.G.V.[B.G. Vijay] Co Author Listing * 2D model for face superresolution, A
* Bayesian Semantic Instance Segmentation in Open Set World
* Computationally efficient algorithm for face super-resolution using (2D)2-PCA based prior
* Exploiting Unlabeled Data with Vision and Language Models for Object Detection
* Learning codebook weights for action detection
* Max-margin Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Multi-modal Cycle-Consistent Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* OmniLabel: A Challenging Benchmark for Language-Based Object Detection
* Single-Stream Multi-level Alignment for Vision-Language Pretraining
* STRIVE: Scene Text Replacement In Videos
* Supervised dictionary learning for action localization
* Unsupervised CNN for Single View Depth Estimation: Geometry to the Rescue
Includes: Kumar, B.G.V.[B.G. Vijay] Kumar, B.G.V.[B. G. Vijay] Kumar, B.G.V.[B.G Vijay]
12 for Kumar, B.G.V.

Kumar, B.K.S.[B.K. Shreyamsha] Co Author Listing * FPGA based simple and fast JPEG encryptor
* Image denoising based on gaussian/bilateral filter and its method noise thresholding
* Image fusion based on pixel significance using cross bilateral filter
* Multifocus and multispectral image fusion based on pixel significance using discrete cosine harmonic wavelet transform
Includes: Kumar, B.K.S.[B.K. Shreyamsha] Kumar, B.K.S.[B. K. Shreyamsha]

Kumar, B.P.[B. Praveen] Co Author Listing * Efficient Quadtree Datastructure For Neighbor Finding Algorithm, An
* Region-based adaptive single image dehazing, detail enhancement and pre-processing using auto-colour transfer method
Includes: Kumar, B.P.[B. Praveen] Kumar, B.P.[Balla Pavan]

Kumar, B.S.[B. Santhosh] Co Author Listing * Autoregressive-Elephant Herding Optimization based Generative Adversarial Network for copy-move forgery detection with Interval type-2 fuzzy clustering

Kumar, B.V.[B. Vijay] Co Author Listing * Machine Recognition of Printed Kannada Text
* novel JAYA algorithm for optic disc localisation in eye fundus images, A
* Performance analysis of neural networks for classification of medical images with wavelets as a feature extractor
* Q: How to Specialize Large Vision-Language Models to Data-Scarce VQA Tasks? A: Self-Train on Unlabeled Images!
Includes: Kumar, B.V.[B. Vijay] Kumar, B.V.[B. Vinoth] kumar, B.V.[B. Vinoth] Kumar, B.V.[BG Vijay]

Kumar, B.V.K. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Kernel Class-dependence Feature Analysis (KCFA) with Kernel Discriminant Analysis (KDA) for Face Recognition
* Evaluation of Iris Pattern Representations, An
* Feature-Level Frankenstein: Eliminating Variations for Discriminative Recognition

Kumar, B.V.K.V.[B.V.K. Vijaya] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Deep Metric Learning for Identity-Aware Facial Expression Recognition
* Automatic target recognition of multiple targets from two classes with varying velocities using correlation filters
* Combining general multi-class and specific two-class classifiers for improved customized ECG heartbeat classification
* Confidence Regularized Self-Training
* Conservative Wasserstein Training for Pose Estimation
* Joint Disentangling and Adaptation for Cross-domain Person Re-identification
* One Network to Solve Them All: Solving Linear Inverse Problems Using Deep Projection Models
* Ordinal Regression with Neuron Stick-Breaking for Medical Diagnosis
* Permutation-Invariant Feature Restructuring for Correlation-Aware Image Set-Based Recognition
* Raindrop detection and removal using salient visual features
* Robust rear-view ground surface detection with hidden state conditional random field and confidence propagation
* Structured Hough Voting for Vision-Based Highway Border Detection
* Unified decision combination framework
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation via Class-Balanced Self-training
Includes: Kumar, B.V.K.V.[B.V.K. Vijaya] Kumar, B.V.K.V. Kumar, B.V.K.V.[B. V. K. Vijaya]
14 for Kumar, B.V.K.V.

Kumar, B.V.R.[Bobbili Veerendra Raj] Co Author Listing * Facial Affect Recognition Using Semi-supervised Learning with Adaptive Threshold
* Higher order PDE based model for segmenting noisy image
Includes: Kumar, B.V.R.[Bobbili Veerendra Raj] Kumar, B.V.R.[B.V. Rathish]

Kumar, C.[Chetan] Co Author Listing * Collaborative knowledge distillation for incomplete multi-view action prediction
* Eye-Controlled Interfaces for Multimedia Interaction
* Fine-Scale Mapping of Natural Ecological Communities Using Machine Learning Approaches
* Generative Adversarial Attack on Ensemble Clustering
* Visual Overlay on OpenStreetMap Data to Support Spatial Exploration of Urban Environments
Includes: Kumar, C.[Chetan] Kumar, C. Kumar, C.[Chandan]

Kumar, C.A.[C. Akshay] Co Author Listing * Affine-scale invariant feature transform and two-dimensional principal component analysis: a novel framework for affine and scale invariant face recognition

Kumar, C.R.V.[C.R. Vikram] Co Author Listing * Controlling the position of jointed arm robot using image processing for pick and place operations

Kumar, C.S.[C. Santhosh] Co Author Listing * Analysis of cosine distance features for speaker verification
* Automated detection of microaneurysms using Stockwell transform and statistical features
* Fusing dual-tree quaternion wavelet transform and local mesh based features for grading of diabetic retinopathy using extreme learning machine classifier
* Monte Carlo Scene Search for 3D Scene Understanding
Includes: Kumar, C.S.[C. Santhosh] Kumar, C.S.[C. Sathish] Kumar, C.S.[Chetan S.]

Kumar, D.[Dileep] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of CFL Ligament Based on Ultrasonographic Images
* Active contour and texture features hybrid model for breast cancer detection from ultrasonic images
* All-in-one multicategory least squares nonparallel hyperplanes support vector machine
* Analysis of unsupervised learning techniques for face recognition
* Approximate Cluster Heat Maps of Large High-Dimensional Data
* BICIR: Boundary-Constrained Inverse Consistent Image Registration Using WEB-Splines
* Collaborative knowledge distillation for incomplete multi-view action prediction
* Condition and Viewpoint Invariant Omni-Directional Place Recognition Using CNN
* Deep Multi-Scale Recurrent Network for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Despeckling
* Discovery Radiomics for Pathologically-Proven Computed Tomography Lung Cancer Prediction
* efficient system for anomaly detection using deep learning classifier, An
* Explaining the Unexplained: A CLass-Enhanced Attentive Response (CLEAR) Approach to Understanding Deep Neural Networks
* Fast and Scalable Big Data Trajectory Clustering for Understanding Urban Mobility
* Feature Map Augmentation to Improve Rotation Invariance in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Generative Adversarial Attack on Ensemble Clustering
* Heart Murmur Classification Using Complexity Signatures
* Improved GAN for image resolution enhancement using ViT for breast cancer detection
* Kidney image classification using transfer learning with convolutional neural network
* Knee Articular Cartilage Segmentation from MR Images: A Review
* LS-SSDD-v1.0: A Deep Learning Dataset Dedicated to Small Ship Detection from Large-Scale Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Lung Nodule Classification Using Deep Features in CT Images
* Methods for text segmentation from scene images
* modified intuitionistic fuzzy c-means algorithm incorporating hesitation degree, A
* Motion Correction Strategies for Interventional Angiography Images: A Comparative Approach
* Precise and Robust Ship Detection for High-Resolution SAR Imagery Based on HR-SDNet
* Rough-Bayesian approach to select class-pair specific descriptors for HEp-2 cell staining pattern recognition
* RUF: Effective Sea Ice Floe Segmentation Using End-to-End RES-UNET-CRF with Dual Loss
* Scalable Framework for Trajectory Prediction, A
* Security of Digital Images Based on 3D Arnold Cat Map and Elliptic Curve
* Sensitivity of land surface and Cumulus schemes for Thunderstorm prediction
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Person re-ID via k-Reciprocal Clustering and Large-Scale Heterogeneous Environment Synthesis
* Visual Structural Assessment and Anomaly Detection for High-Velocity Data Streams
* visual-numeric approach to clustering and anomaly detection for trajectory data, A
Includes: Kumar, D.[Dileep] Kumar, D.[Dinesh] Kumar, D.[Deepak] Kumar, D. Kumar, D.[Durga] Kumar, D.[Devinder] Kumar, D.[Dhananjay] Kumar, D.[Dharmender] Kumar, D.[Dhirendra] Kumar, D.[Debamita] Kumar, D.[Dhanesh] Kumar, D.[Dheeraj]
33 for Kumar, D.

Kumar, D.A. Co Author Listing * S3DRGF: Spatial 3-D Relational Geometric Features for 3-D Sign Language Representation and Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Sign Language Recognition With Angular Velocity Maps and Connived Feature ResNet
* Training CNNs for 3-D Sign Language Recognition With Color Texture Coded Joint Angular Displacement Maps

Kumar, D.K.[Dinesh K.] Co Author Listing * Automatic visual speech segmentation and recognition using directional motion history images and Zernike moments
* Estimation of Muscle Fatigue during Cyclic Contractions Using Source Separation Techniques
* Lip-Reading Technique Using Spatio-Temporal Templates and Support Vector Machines
* Regional adaptive affinitive patterns (RADAP) with logical operators for facial expression recognition
* Robust Methodology for Fractal Analysis of the Retinal Vasculature
* Shape Signature for Retinal Biometrics
* Spectral properties of surface electromyogram signal and change in muscle conduction velocity during isometric muscle contraction
* Visual Speech Recognition Method Using Translation, Scale and Rotation Invariant Features
* Visual Speech Recognition Using Dynamic Features And Support Vector Machines
* Visual Speech Recognition Using Motion Features and Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Kumar, D.K.[Dinesh K.] Kumar, D.K.[Dinesh Kant] Kumar, D.K.[Deveerasetty Kranthi] Kumar, D.K.
10 for Kumar, D.K.

Kumar, D.N. Co Author Listing * Copula-Based Modeling of TMI Brightness Temperature With Rainfall Type
* Evaluation of Precipitation Retrievals From Orbital Data Products of TRMM Over a Subtropical Basin in India
* Evaluation of TRMM PR Sampling Error Over a Subtropical Basin Using Bootstrap Technique
* Prediction of high spatio-temporal resolution land surface temperature under cloudy conditions using microwave vegetation index and ANN
* Spectral-spatial classification of hyperspectral data with mutual information based segmented stacked autoencoder approach
Includes: Kumar, D.N. Kumar, D.N.[D. Nagesh]

Kumar, D.P.[Durga Priya] Co Author Listing * Privacy-Preserving Fall Detection in Healthcare Using Shape and Motion Features from Low-Resolution RGB-D Videos

Kumar, D.S.[D. Santosh] Co Author Listing * Robust Homography-Based Control for Camera Positioning in Piecewise Planar Environments
* Visual Servoing in Presence of Non-Rigid Motion

Kumar, E.K. Co Author Listing * S3DRGF: Spatial 3-D Relational Geometric Features for 3-D Sign Language Representation and Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Sign Language Recognition With Angular Velocity Maps and Connived Feature ResNet
* Training CNNs for 3-D Sign Language Recognition With Color Texture Coded Joint Angular Displacement Maps

Kumar, E.S.[E. Saravana] Co Author Listing * improved watermarking algorithm for robustness and imperceptibility of data protection in the perception layer of internet of things, An

Kumar, G.[Gaurav] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Active Learning for Keyword Spotting in Handwritten Documents
* Bayesian background models for keyword spotting in handwritten documents
* Combination of Symmetric Hash Functions for Secure Fingerprint Matching
* Gaussian Filtering With Cyber-Attacked Data
* Keyword Spotting Framework Using Dynamic Background Model
* Knowledge Transfer and Crowdsourcing in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
* Multilingual word spotting in offline handwritten documents
* Script Independent Word Spotting in Offline Handwritten Documents Based on Hidden Markov Models
* Statistical script independent word spotting in offline handwritten documents
* Transcranial Doppler-based modeling of hemodynamics using delay differential equations
Includes: Kumar, G.[Gaurav] Kumar, G.[Guddu] Kumar, G.[Gautam] Kumar, G.[Gyanendra]
10 for Kumar, G.

Kumar, G.A.[Gopalakrishnan Ashok] Co Author Listing * Adaptive switching interpolation filter for restoring impulse corrupted digital images

Kumar, G.H.[G. Hemantha] Co Author Listing * 2D)2LDA: An efficient approach for face recognition
* Computerized Analysis of Classification of Lung Nodules and Comparison between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Ensemble of Classifier Model
* Contour Restoration of Text Components for Recognition in Video/Scene Images
* Delaunay triangulation based text detection from multi-view images of natural scene
* Language Independent Skew Estimation Technique Based on Gaussian Mixture Models: A Case Study on South Indian Scripts
* Mixture-of-Laplacian Faces and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Multi-Script-Oriented Text Detection and Recognition in Video/Scene/Born Digital Images
* New Hybrid Approach for Information Fusion in Multibiometric Systems, A
* Riesz Fractional Based Model for Enhancing License Plate Detection and Recognition
* Signal Resampling Technique Combining Level Crossing and Auditory Features
* Sliding window based approach for document image mosaicing
Includes: Kumar, G.H.[G. Hemantha] Kumar, G.H. Kumar, G.H.[Govindaraj Hemantha]
11 for Kumar, G.H.

Kumar, G.M. Co Author Listing * Discontinuity Adaptive Method for Super-Resolution of License Plates, A
* Superresolution of License Plates in Real Traffic Videos

Kumar, G.N. Co Author Listing * Parallel Construction of Conflict Graph for Phylogenetic Network Problem

Kumar, G.P.[G. Prashanth] Co Author Listing * Accurate Structure Recovery via Weighted Nuclear Norm: A Low Rank Approach to Shape-from-Focus

Kumar, G.S.[G. Saravana] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Tailor-Welded Blank Parameters for Acceptable Tensile Behaviour Using ANN
* Mapping Leaf Area Index at Various Rice Growth Stages in Southern India Using Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Kumar, G.S.[G. Saravana] Kumar, G.S.[Golla Srasvan]

Kumar, G.V.S.[Gangavarapu Venkata Satya] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Information Oriented Angle-Based Local Tri-Directional Weber Patterns
* Improved Content Based Image Retrieval Process Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Salp Swarm Algorithm

Kumar, H.[Himanshu] Co Author Listing * Blur parameter locus curve and its applications
* Depth Map Estimation Using Defocus and Motion Cues
* Detecting and Analyzing the Evolution of Subsidence Due to Coal Fires in Jharia Coalfield, India Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Dsrn: an Efficient Deep Network for Image Relighting
* Fast and Accurate Quantized Camera Scene Detection on Smartphones, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Gesture recognition using active body parts and active difference signatures
* Realtime dehazing using colour uniformity principle
* Simultaneous Estimation of Defocus and Motion Blurs From Single Image Using Equivalent Gaussian Representation
Includes: Kumar, H.[Himanshu] Kumar, H. Kumar, H.[Hrishikesh]
8 for Kumar, H.

Kumar, H.S.S.[H.S. Sharath] Co Author Listing * Hybrid approach for dual image encryption using nibble exchange and Hill-cipher

Kumar, I.[Indrajeet] Co Author Listing * Review of Breast Density Classification Methods, A

Kumar, I.V. Co Author Listing * Spatial Context Energy Curve-Based Multilevel 3-D Otsu Algorithm for Image Segmentation

Kumar, J.[Jitendra] Co Author Listing * Arctic Vegetation Mapping Using Unsupervised Training Datasets and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Beyond Human Opinion Scores: Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on Synthetic Scores
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Document Image Classification
* Dataset for Quality Assessment of Camera Captured Document Images, A
* Deep learning architectures for domain adaptation in HOV/HOT lane enforcement
* Deep Temporal Multimodal Fusion for Medical Procedure Monitoring Using Wearable Sensors
* Document Image Classification and Labeling Using Multiple Instance Learning
* Entropy Based Skew Correction of Document Images
* Fast Rule-Line Removal Using Integral Images and Support Vector Machines
* Flash/no-flash fusion for mobile document image binarization
* Learning document structure for retrieval and classification
* Learning Text-Line Segmentation Using Codebooks and Graph Partitioning
* Mapping Arctic Plant Functional Type Distributions in the Barrow Environmental Observatory Using WorldView-2 and LiDAR Datasets
* Mobile Video Capture of Multi-page Documents
* On-the-fly hand detection training with application in egocentric action recognition
* Page Rule-Line Removal Using Linear Subspaces in Monochromatic Handwritten Arabic Documents
* Real-Time No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Filter Learning
* Segmentation of Handwritten Textlines in Presence of Touching Components
* Sharpness estimation for document and scene images
* Structural similarity for document image classification and retrieval
* study on the discriminability of faces from spontaneous facial expressions, A
* Unsupervised Classification of Structurally Similar Document Images
* Unsupervised feature learning framework for no-reference image quality assessment
Includes: Kumar, J.[Jitendra] Kumar, J.[Jayant] Kumar, J.
23 for Kumar, J.

Kumar, J.P.[J. Praveen] Co Author Listing * Rosette plant segmentation with leaf count using orthogonal transform and deep convolutional neural network

Kumar, J.R.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic delineation of macular regions based on a locally defined contrast function

Kumar, K. .S.I.[K. Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Finding Faces in Photographs
* Locating Human Faces in a Cluttered Scene
* multiresolution approach to color image restoration and parameter estimation using homotopy continuation method, A
Includes: Kumar, K. .S.I.[K. Sun Il] Kumar, K. .S.I.[K. Sun-Il]

Kumar, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptation of Multimedia Presentations for Different Display Sizes in the Presence of Preferences and Temporal Constraints
* Audio-visual speech synchronization detection using a bimodal linear prediction model
* Blood microscopic image segmentation using rough sets
* Brain Fiber Clustering Using Non-negative Kernelized Matching Pursuit
* Comparative Analysis Of Data Structures For Storing Massive Tins In A Dbms
* Diagonally Oriented Novel Feature Extractor for Pedestrian Detection and Its Efficient Hardware Implementation, A
* Dynamic 3D Visualization of Floods: Case of the Netherlands
* Efficient Pairwise Neuroimage Analysis Using the Soft Jaccard Index and 3D Keypoint Sets
* EVS-DK: Event video skimming using deep keyframe
* Exponential Hyperbolic Cosine Robust Adaptive Filters for Audio Signal Processing
* F-DES: Fast and Deep Event Summarization
* Gait recognition based on vision systems: A systematic survey
* Harmonising the OGC Standards for the Built Environment: A CityGML Extension for LandInfra
* Harmonized Data Model for Noise Simulation in the EU, A
* improved multi-criteria-based feature selection approach for detection of coronary artery disease in machine learning paradigm, An
* LEXER: LEXicon Based Emotion AnalyzeR
* Nearest Kronecker Product Decomposition Based Generalized Maximum Correntropy and Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Robust Adaptive Filters
* Neural vs. statistical classifier in conjunction with genetic algorithm based feature selection
* Profile View Lip Reading
* Robust MSFM Learning Network for Classification and Weakly Supervised Localization
* Sensitivity of land surface and Cumulus schemes for Thunderstorm prediction
* Spatially constrained sparse regression for the data-driven discovery of Neuroimaging biomarkers
* Survey on the Adoption of GIS Data and Standards in Urban Application Domains, A
Includes: Kumar, K. Kumar, K.[Kshitiz] Kumar, K.[Kundan] Kumar, K.[Kuldeep] Kumar, K.[Kaushal] Kumar, K.[Krishan] Kumar, K.[Krishna] Kumar, K.[Kavisha] Kumar, K.[Khilesh] Kumar, K.[Komal]
23 for Kumar, K.

Kumar, K.A.[K. Antony] Co Author Listing * Multi-Layer Acoustic Neural Network-Based Intelligent Early Diagnosis System for Rheumatic Heart Disease, A

Kumar, K.A.S.[K.A. Shiva] Co Author Listing * Distributed sigma point information filters for target tracking in camera networks

Kumar, K.B.[K. Binil] Co Author Listing * Malignancy detection on mammograms by integrating modified convolutional neural network classifier and texture features

Kumar, K.C.A.[K.C. Amit] Co Author Listing * Discriminative and Efficient Label Propagation on Complementary Graphs for Multi-Object Tracking
* Discriminative Label Propagation for Multi-object Tracking with Sporadic Appearance Features
* Iterative Hypothesis Testing for Multi-object Tracking with Noisy/Missing Appearance Features
* Prioritizing the Propagation of Identity Beliefs for Multi-object Tracking

Kumar, K.K.[K. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Using pseudo amino acid composition to predict protein subnuclear localization: Approached with PSSM

Kumar, K.M.[K. Mahesh] Co Author Listing * fast DBSCAN clustering algorithm by accelerating neighbor searching using Groups method, A

Kumar, K.N.[Kummari Naveen] Co Author Listing * Impact of Adversarial Attacks on Federated Learning: A Survey, The

Kumar, K.P.[K. Praveen] Co Author Listing * 2D Wavelet Tree Ordering Based Localized Total Variation Model for Efficient Image Restoration
* hybrid method for object identification and event detection in video, A
* Spatio-temporal multi-view synthesis for free viewpoint television
Includes: Kumar, K.P.[K. Praveen] Kumar, K.P. Kumar, K.P.[Katta Phani]

Kumar, K.P.H.[K.P. Harish] Co Author Listing * Impact of Oceansat-2 Scatterometer Winds and TMI Observations on Phet Cyclone Simulation

Kumar, K.R.[Kanike Raghavendra] Co Author Listing * Cross-Border Transport of PM2.5 from the Southeast Asian Biomass Burning Emissions and Its Impact on Air Pollution in Yunnan Plateau, Southwest China, The
* Decadal Global Climatology of Ice Cloud Fraction with Their Microphysical and Optical Properties Inferred from the CALIPSO and Reanalysis Data, A
* Interdecadal Changes in Aerosol Optical Depth over Pakistan Based on the MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data during 1980-2018

Kumar, K.S. Co Author Listing * Dhaksha, The Unmanned Aircraft System in its New Avatar-Automated Aerial Inspection of India's Tallest Tower
* Integrated Stereo Vision - A Multiresolution Approach

Kumar, K.S.B. Co Author Listing * CHITRA: Cognitive Handprinted Input Trained Recursively Analyzing System for Recognition of Alphanumeric Characters

Kumar, K.S.C.[K. S. Chidanand] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Voxel Class Balanced ASPP for LIDAR Pointcloud Semantic Segmentation

Kumar, K.S.S.[K.S. Sesh] Co Author Listing * Learning Segmentation of Documents with Complex Scripts
* On Segmentation of Documents in Complex Scripts
* Semi-automatic Adaptive OCR for Digital Libraries, A
Includes: Kumar, K.S.S.[K.S. Sesh] Kumar, K.S.S.

Kumar, K.V.[Kumranchat Vinod] Co Author Listing * Emittance Spectroscopy and Broadband Thermal Remote Sensing Applied to Phosphorite and Its Utility in Geoexploration: A Study in the Parts of Rajasthan, India
* Novel approaches to principal component analysis of image data based on feature partitioning framework
* Object-oriented analysis of multi-temporal panchromatic images for creation of historical landslide inventories
* Potentials of Airborne Hyperspectral AVIRIS-NG Data in the Exploration of Base Metal Deposit: A Study in the Parts of Bhilwara, Rajasthan
* Segment Optimization and Data-Driven Thresholding for Knowledge-Based Landslide Detection by Object-Based Image Analysis
* SubXPCA and a generalized feature partitioning approach to principal component analysis
* Support Function Representation of Convex Bodies, Its Application in Geometric Computing, and Some Related Representations
Includes: Kumar, K.V.[Kumranchat Vinod] Kumar, K.V.[Kadappagari Vijaya] Kumar, K.V.[K. Vinod] Kumar, K.V.
7 for Kumar, K.V.

Kumar, L.[Lalit] Co Author Listing * Depths of Cast Shadow, The
* Developing a Relative Ranking of Social Vulnerability of Governorates of Yemen to Humanitarian Crisis
* Diffuse Skylight as a Surrogate for Shadow Detection in High-Resolution Imagery Acquired Under Clear Sky Conditions
* Environmental sustainability with remote sensing in Africa
* Estimating Biomass of Native Grass Grown under Complex Management Treatments Using WorldView-3 Spectral Derivatives
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Biomass and Yield by Combining the AquaCrop Model and Field Hyperspectral Data
* Frequency Ratio Landslide Susceptibility Estimation in a Tropical Mountain Region
* Google Earth Engine Applications
* Google Earth Engine Applications Since Inception: Usage, Trends, and Potential
* Human Gait Recognition Based on Dynamic and Static Features Using Generalized Regression Neural Network
* Independent two-step thresholding of binary images in inter-annual land cover change/no-change identification
* Mapping and Modelling Spatial Variation in Soil Salinity in the Al Hassa Oasis Based on Remote Sensing Indicators and Regression Techniques
* Method for Exploring the Link between Urban Area Expansion over Time and the Opportunity for Crime in Saudi Arabia, A
* Monitoring the coastline change of Hatiya Island in Bangladesh using remote sensing techniques
* Object Tracking Using Affine Structure for Point Correspondences
* Rank-Based Methods for Selection of Landscape Metrics for Land Cover Pattern Change Detection
* Remote Sensing Approach for Monitoring Coastal Wetland in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Change Trends and Their Driving Forces
* Remote Sensing of Above-Ground Biomass
* Source Aware Deep Learning Framework for Hand Kinematic Reconstruction Using EEG Signal
* Spatiotemporal Modeling of Urban Growth Predictions Based on Driving Force Factors in Five Saudi Arabian Cities
* Stochastic Cramer-Rao Bound Analysis for DOA Estimation in Spherical Harmonics Domain
* Sub-Compartment Variation in Tree Height, Stem Diameter and Stocking in a Pinus radiata D. Don Plantation Examined Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Urban Land Cover Change Modelling Using Time-Series Satellite Images: A Case Study of Urban Growth in Five Cities of Saudi Arabia
* Use of Multi-Seasonal Satellite Images to Predict SOC from Cultivated Lands in a Montane Ecosystem
Includes: Kumar, L.[Lalit] Kumar, L. Kumar, L.[Lokendra] Kumar, L.[Lalan]
24 for Kumar, L.

Kumar, L.K. Co Author Listing * MotionRec: A Unified Deep Framework for Moving Object Recognition

Kumar, L.S.[Lakshmi Sutha] Co Author Listing * Automatic cloud segmentation from INSAT-3D satellite image via IKM and IFCM clustering
* Comparison of convolutional neural networks architectures for mango leaf classification
* Optimal Energy Transfer Pipe Arrangement for Acoustic Drill String Telemetry
Includes: Kumar, L.S.[Lakshmi Sutha] Kumar, L.S.

Kumar, M.[Manish] Co Author Listing * Adaptive comprehensive particle swarm optimisation-based functional-link neural network filtre model for denoising ultrasound images
* Auto-Tuning Spectral Clustering for Speaker Diarization Using Normalized Maximum Eigengap
* automated system to detect crop diseases using deep learning, An
* Building Detection from Mobile Imagery Using Informative SIFT Descriptors
* Can We Learn Heuristics for Graphical Model Inference Using Reinforcement Learning?
* Classification of characters and grading writers in offline handwritten Gurmukhi script
* Common and Innovative Visuals: A Sparsity Modeling Framework for Video
* Compressive demosaicing for periodic color filter arrays
* Compressive Framework for Demosaicing of Natural Images
* Contact-free camera measurements of vital signs
* Contrast Enhancement Using Novel White Balancing Parameter Optimization for Perceptually Invisible Images
* CT image denoising using NLM and correlation-based wavelet packet thresholding
* Depth Recovery of Complex Surfaces from Texture-less Pair of Stereo Images
* Fault Diagnosis of an Air-Conditioning System Using LS-SVM
* Flexible readout image capture with a four-channel CFA
* FPR using machine learning with multi-feature method
* Gait recognition based on vision systems: A systematic survey
* Image Forensics Based on Lighting Estimation
* Intrapulse Polyphase Coding System for Second Trip Suppression in a Weather Radar
* k-nearest neighbor based offline handwritten Gurmukhi character recognition
* Key frame extraction from consumer videos using epitome
* Key frame extraction from consumer videos using sparse representation
* Low cost localization using Nyström extended locally linear embedding
* New digital camera sensor architecture for low light imaging
* Opacity, Transparency, and the Ethics of Affective Computing
* Optimizing the Retrieval of Wheat Crop Traits from UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Image with Radiative Transfer Modelling Using Gaussian Process Regression
* RANSAC lens boundary feature based kernel SVM for transparent contact lens detecTion
* Retrieval of head-neck medical images using Gabor filter based on power-law transformation method and rank BHMT
* S2RF: Semantically Stylized Radiance Fields
* SAM Fewshot Finetuning for Anatomical Segmentation in Medical Images
* Smart Public Transit System Using an Energy Storage System and Its Coordination With a Distribution Grid
* Stochastic Framework for Robust Fuzzy Filtering and Analysis of Signals: Part I, A
* Stochastic Framework for Robust Fuzzy Filtering and Analysis of Signals: Part II, A
* Stochastic Fuzzy Modeling for Ear Imaging Based Child Identification
* Total Variation-Based Algorithm for Pixel-Level Image Fusion, A
* Using pseudo amino acid composition to predict protein subnuclear localization: Approached with PSSM
* Using Sentinel-2 to Track Field-Level Tillage Practices at Regional Scales in Smallholder Systems
Includes: Kumar, M.[Manish] Kumar, M. Kumar, M.[Manoj] Kumar, M.[Maghav] Kumar, M.[Munish] Kumar, M.[Mrityunjay] Kumar, M.[Mayank] Kumar, M.[Mahendra] Kumar, M.[Manohar] Kumar, M.[Mahesh] Kumar, M.[Mohit] Kumar, M.[Moneish] Kumar, M.[Madhan]
37 for Kumar, M.

Kumar, M.A.[M. Arun] Co Author Listing * Application of smoothing technique on twin support vector machines
* comparison study on multiple binary-class SVM methods for unilabel text categorization, A
* Fast computation of cross-sections of 3D objects from their Medial Axis Transforms
* hybrid SVM based decision tree, A
* Integrating scattering feature maps with convolutional neural networks for Malayalam handwritten character recognition
* On approximating Euclidean metrics by digital distances in 2D and 3D
* Representation of 2D and 3D Binary Images Using Medial Circles and Spheres
* Use of medial axis transforms for computing normals at boundary points
Includes: Kumar, M.A.[M. Arun] Kumar, M.A.[M. Aswatha] Kumar, M.A.[M. Anand] Kumar, M.A.
8 for Kumar, M.A.

Kumar, M.C.[Mummadi Chaithanya] Co Author Listing * Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against Semantic Image Segmentation

Kumar, M.G.[M Ganesh] Co Author Listing * DetermiNet: A Large-Scale Diagnostic Dataset for Complex Visually-Grounded Referencing using Determiners

Kumar, M.L.N.[Murala Laxmi Naresh] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Modality Based Hybrid Deep 1D CNN-BiLSTM Algorithm for Moving Vehicle Classification

Kumar, M.M.[Morampudi Mahesh] Co Author Listing * BMIAE: blockchain-based multi-instance Iris authentication using additive ElGamal homomorphic encryption
* Off-line signature verification: upper and lower envelope shape analysis using chord moments
* Suitability of Complex Wavelets towards Face Recognition
Includes: Kumar, M.M.[Morampudi Mahesh] Kumar, M.M.[M. Manoj] Kumar, M.M.[M. Mahesh]

Kumar, M.N.S.S.K.P. Co Author Listing * bilingual OCR for Hindi-Telugu documents and its applications, A
* Configurable hybrid architectures for character recognition applications

Kumar, M.P. Co Author Listing * Building blocks for autonomous navigation using contour correspondences
* Coplanar Repeats by Energy Minimization
* Discrete contours in multiple views: approximation and recognition
* Dissimilarity Coefficient Based Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Efficient discriminative learning of parts-based models
* Efficient Linear Programming for Dense CRFs
* Efficient Optimization for Rank-Based Loss Functions
* Efficient Relaxations for Dense CRFs with Sparse Higher-Order Potentials
* Efficiently selecting regions for scene understanding
* Energy minimization for linear envelope MRFs
* Entropy-Based Latent Structured Output Prediction
* Invariant Large Margin Nearest Neighbour Classifier, An
* Learning Class-Specific Edges for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Learning Layered Motion Segmentation of Video
* Learning Layered Motion Segmentations of Video
* Learning specific-class segmentation from diverse data
* Learning to Rank Using High-Order Information
* Linear programming-based submodular extensions for marginal estimation
* New Convex Relaxations for MRF Inference With Unknown Graphs
* Obj Cut
* OBJCUT: Efficient Segmentation Using Top-Down and Bottom-Up Cues
* Object Category Specific MRF for Segmentation, An
* Optimizing Average Precision Using Weakly Supervised Data
* P3 and Beyond: Move Making Algorithms for Solving Higher Order Functions
* P3 and Beyond: Solving Energies with Higher Order Cliques
* Parameter Estimation and Energy Minimization for Region-Based Semantic Segmentation
* Partial Linearization Based Optimization for Multi-class SVM
* Solving Markov Random Fields using Second Order Cone Programming Relaxations
* Truncated Max-of-Convex Models
* Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation by Learning Annotation Consistent Instances
Includes: Kumar, M.P. Kumar, M.P.[M. Pawan]
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Kumar, M.R.[M. Raman] Co Author Listing * Suitability of Complex Wavelets towards Face Recognition
* Vision Transformer Approach for Traffic Congestion Prediction in Urban Areas, A
Includes: Kumar, M.R.[M. Raman] Kumar, M.R.[Madapuri Rudra]

Kumar, M.S.[M. Sathish] Co Author Listing * Involuntary diagnosis of intraductal breast images using gaussian mixture model

Kumar, M.S.N.[M.S. Naresh] Co Author Listing * Fragment-based real-time object tracking: A sparse representation approach

Kumar, M.T.K. Co Author Listing * S3DRGF: Spatial 3-D Relational Geometric Features for 3-D Sign Language Representation and Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Sign Language Recognition With Angular Velocity Maps and Connived Feature ResNet
* Training CNNs for 3-D Sign Language Recognition With Color Texture Coded Joint Angular Displacement Maps

Kumar, M.V.A.S.[M V A Suhas] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Restoration of Dark Stereo Images

Kumar, M.V.P.[M. Venkata Phani] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming System with a Buffer Aware Rate Selection Algorithm
* Pyramid coding based rate control for variable bit rate video streaming
* Search range reduction for uni-prediction and bi-prediction in HEVC

Kumar, N.[Neeraj] Co Author Listing * Amalgamating Vehicular Networks With Vehicular Clouds, AI, and Big Data for Next-Generation ITS Services
* Attribute and simile classifiers for face verification
* Author's Reply to MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* BCPPA: A Blockchain-Based Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* ChaseMe: A Heuristic Scheme for Electric Vehicles Mobility Management on Charging Stations in a Smart City Scenario
* ChaseMe: A Heuristic Scheme for Electric Vehicles Mobility Management on Charging Stations in a Smart City Scenario
* Computational Media Intelligence: Human-Centered Machine Analysis of Media
* Convolutional neural networks for wavelet domain super resolution
* Crypto-stego System for Securing Text and Image Data
* Dataset and a Technique for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation for Computational Pathology, A
* Deep Learning Approaches for Head and Operculum Segmentation in Zebrafish Microscopy Images
* Deep Reinforcement Learning and NOMA-Based Multi-Objective RIS-Assisted IS-UAV-TNs: Trajectory Optimization and Beamforming Design
* Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Light Scheduling Framework for SDN-Enabled Smart Transportation System
* Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Light Scheduling Framework for SDN-Enabled Smart Transportation System
* Describable Visual Attributes for Face Verification and Image Search
* Detecting multiple sub-types of breast cancer in a single patient
* Dynamic Virtual Resource Allocation Mechanism for Survivable Services in Emerging NFV-Enabled Vehicular Networks
* DyPARK: A Dynamic Pricing and Allocation Scheme for Smart On-Street Parking System
* EEG Based Emotion Recognition: A Tutorial and Review
* Efficient Power-Splitting and Resource Allocation for Cellular V2X Communications
* Efficient Vehicle-Assisted Aggregate Authentication Scheme for Infrastructure-Less Vehicular Networks, An
* Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning Approaches for Landmark Detection in Fish Bioimages
* EnFlow: An Energy-Efficient Fast Flow Forwarding Scheme for Software-Defined Networks
* Enhancing Fairness of Visual Attribute Predictors
* Enrollee-constrained sparse coding of test data for speaker verification
* FaceTracer: A Search Engine for Large Collections of Images with Faces
* Fast Learning-Based Single Image Super-Resolution
* Fuzzy Inference Enabled Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Light Control for Intelligent Transportation System
* Fuzzy Logic in Surveillance Big Video Data Analysis: Comprehensive Review, Challenges, and Research Directions
* Game theoretic approach for real-time data dissemination and offloading in vehicular ad hoc networks
* Geospatial Modelling for Delineation of Crop Management Zones Using Local Terrain Attributes and Soil Properties
* Green Computing in Software Defined Social Internet of Vehicles
* Green Computing in Software Defined Social Internet of Vehicles
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Deep Learning Models for Safe and Secure Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Hybrid Deep-Learning-Based Anomaly Detection Scheme for Suspicious Flow Detection in SDN: A Social Multimedia Perspective
* Hybrid of Principal Component Analysis and Partial Least Squares for Face Recognition across Pose, A
* Hyperspectral Tissue Image Segmentation Using Semi-Supervised NMF and Hierarchical Clustering
* Improved fuzzy entropy clustering algorithm for MRI brain image segmentation
* Intelligent 3D Objects Classification for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Based on Lidar and Deep Learning Approaches
* Intelligent Drones Trajectory Generation for Mapping Weed Infested Regions Over 6G Networks
* Intelligent Mobile Video Surveillance System as a Bayesian Coalition Game in Vehicular Sensor Networks: Learning Automata Approach
* Intelligent Terminal Based Privacy-Preserving Multi-Modal Implicit Authentication Protocol for Internet of Connected Vehicles, An
* Interpreting Adversarial Examples and Robustness for Deep Learning-Based Auto-Driving Systems
* Kernel generalized Gaussian and robust statistical learning for abnormality detection in medical images
* Land use mapping using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series in a heterogeneous landscape in Niger, Sahel
* Latency-Energy Tradeoff in Connected Autonomous Vehicles: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Scheme
* Leafsnap: A Computer Vision System for Automatic Plant Species Identification
* Learning to predict super resolution wavelet coefficients
* Local Moment Driven PVO Based Reversible Data Hiding
* Localizing Parts of Faces Using a Consensus of Exemplars
* MCLA Task Offloading Framework for 5G-NR-V2X-Based Heterogeneous VECNs
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* MS2GAH: Multi-label semantic supervised graph attention hashing for robust cross-modal retrieval
* Multi-attribute spaces: Calibration for attribute fusion and similarity search
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Multi-stage Approach to Curve Extraction, A
* Neural Style Palette: A Multimodal and Interactive Style Transfer From a Single Style Image
* Nonparametric Neural Network Model Based on Rough-Fuzzy Membership Function for Classification of Remotely Sensed Images
* Normalizing Flow based Feature Synthesis for Outlier-Aware Object Detection
* Novel UAV-Enabled Data Collection Scheme for Intelligent Transportation System Through UAV Speed Control, A
* On spatial neighborhood of patch-based super resolution
* On Using Symmetry Properties for Selecting Transform Components for Image Coding
* P2SF-IoV: A Privacy-Preservation-Based Secured Framework for Internet of Vehicles
* Path Planning for Energy Management of Smart Maritime Electric Vehicles: A Blockchain-Based Solution
* PETS: P2P Energy Trading Scheduling Scheme for Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid Systems
* Photo Recall: Using the Internet to Label Your Photos
* Pixel-Based Long-Term (2001-2020) Estimations of Forest Fire Emissions over the Himalaya
* Postal Automation System in Gurmukhi Script using Deep Learning
* Privacy-Preserving-Based Secure Framework Using Blockchain-Enabled Deep-Learning in Cooperative Intelligent Transport System, A
* Probabilistic Data Structures-Based Anomaly Detection Scheme for Software-Defined Internet of Vehicles, A
* Robust One Shot Audio to Video Generation
* Saliency bagging: a novel framework for robust salient object detection
* Semi-Supervised Robust Mixture Models in RKHS for Abnormality Detection in Medical Images
* Semi-Supervised Robust One-Class Classification in RKHS for Abnormality Detection in Medical Images
* Space-Air-Ground Integrated Multi-Domain Network Resource Orchestration Based on Virtual Network Architecture: A DRL Method
* Structural Similarity Based Anatomical and Functional Brain Imaging Fusion
* Super Resolution by Comprehensively Exploiting Dependencies of Wavelet Coefficients
* U-PC: Unsupervised Planogram Compliance
* Unsupervised Discovery of Character Dictionaries in Animation Movies
* Vision-Based Semantic Segmentation in Scene Understanding for Autonomous Driving: Recent Achievements, Challenges, and Outlooks
* weakly supervised CNN model for spatial localization of human activities in unconstraint environment, A
* Weakly supervised deep network for spatiotemporal localization and detection of human actions in wild conditions
* What Is a Good Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for Finding Similar Patches in Images?
Includes: Kumar, N.[Neeraj] Kumar, N.[Neetesh] Kumar, N.[Naveen] Kumar, N. Kumar, N.[Navdeep] Kumar, N.[Nishant] Kumar, N.[Nagendra] Kumar, N.[Nirmal] Kumar, N.[Nitin] Kumar, N.[Navneet] Kumar, N.[Naman] Kumar, N.[Niraj]
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Kumar, N.A.[N. Arun] Co Author Listing * Classification of EEG signals to detect alcoholism using machine learning techniques

Kumar, N.D.[Nagesh D.] Co Author Listing * Adapting Prediction Models to Bare Soil Fractional Cover for Extending Topsoil Clay Content Mapping Based on AVIRIS-NG Hyperspectral Data

Kumar, N.R.[Nakka Ravi] Co Author Listing * Mapping Leaf Area Index at Various Rice Growth Stages in Southern India Using Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Novel Image Compressive Sensing Method Based on Complex Measurements, A
Includes: Kumar, N.R.[Nakka Ravi] Kumar, N.R.

Kumar, N.S. Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Crowd Counting

Kumar, N.V.[N. Vinay] Co Author Listing * alternative framework for univariate filter based feature selection for text categorization, An

Kumar, P.[Pankaj] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Bayesian Technique for Tracking Multiple Objects, An
* Adaptive earth movers distance-based Bayesian multi-target tracking
* Adaptive Multiple Object Tracking Using Colour and Segmentation Cues
* Analysis of Brightness Transfer Function for Matching Targets across Networked Cameras
* Assessing the Yield of Wheat Using Satellite Remote Sensing-Based Machine Learning Algorithms and Simulation Modeling
* Assessment of Ecosystem Service Value in Response to LULC Changes Using Geospatial Techniques: A Case Study in the Merbil Wetland of the Brahmaputra Valley, Assam, India
* Assessment of Tangible Direct Flood Damage Using a Spatial Analysis Approach under the Effects of Climate Change: Case Study in an Urban Watershed in Hanoi, Vietnam
* automated algorithm for extracting road edges from terrestrial mobile LiDAR data, An
* Automated Detection of Root Crowns Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Bayes Classification
* Automated Extraction of Buildings From Aerial Lidar Point Clouds And Digital Imaging Datasets
* Automated Georectification, Mosaicking and 3D Point Cloud Generation Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery Observed by Line Scanner Imaging Sensors
* Automated Road Roughness Detection From Mobile Laser Scanning Data, An
* Automatic Web Page Coloring
* Boosted Cascaded Convnets for Multilabel Classification of Thoracic Diseases in Chest Radiographs
* Challenges in Estimating Tropical Forest Canopy Height from Planet Dove Imagery
* Characterizing Vegetation Canopy Structure Using Airborne Remote Sensing Data
* Co-operative Multi-target Tracking and Classification
* Combining CNN streams of RGB-D and skeletal data for human activity recognition
* Content-based network resource allocation for real time remote laboratory applications
* Cooperative Multitarget Tracking With Efficient Split and Merge Handling
* Coupled HMM-based multi-sensor data fusion for sign language recognition
* Decadal Urban Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Its Impact on Surface Runoff Potential for the Dhaka City and Surroundings Using Remote Sensing
* Deep learning and RGB-D based human action, human-human and human-object interaction recognition: A survey
* Deflation based Fast and Robust Preconditioner for Bundle Adjustment, A
* Detecting Face2Face Facial Reenactment in Videos
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* DLTIF: Deep Learning-Driven Cyber Threat Intelligence Modeling and Identification Framework in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
* End-to-end Triplet Loss based Emotion Embedding System for Speech Emotion Recognition
* energy efficient algorithm to avoid hot spot effects in Wireless Sensor Networks, An
* Energy Planning for Autonomous Driving of an Over-Actuated Road Vehicle
* Evaluating Special Event Transit Demand: A Robust Principal Component Analysis Approach
* Evaluation of Information Visualization Tools Using the NFR Approach
* Exploring the Frontier of Object Detection: A Deep Dive into YOLOv8 and the COCO Dataset
* fast novel algorithm for salt and pepper image noise cancellation using cardinal B-splines, A
* Fast signature spotting in continuous air writing
* Feature based video stabilization based on boosted HAAR Cascade and representative point matching algorithm
* Framework for Global Characterization of Soil Properties Using Repeat Hyperspectral Satellite Data, A
* Framework for Real-Time Behavior Interpretation From Traffic Video
* Fusion of Thermal Infrared and Visible Spectrum Video for Robust Surveillance
* Fusion of Thermal Infrared and Visible Spectrum Video for Robust Surveillance
* Geospatial Technology-Based Analysis of Air Quality in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic
* GPU-Accelerated Interactive Visualization of 3D Volumetric Data Using CUDA
* Granular Support Vector Machine Based Method for Prediction of Solubility of Proteins on Overexpression in Escherichia Coli
* Graph-Theoretic Approach for Studying the Convergence of Fractal Encoding Algorithm, A
* Hand Recognition Using Geometric Classifiers
* Human activity recognition from UAV videos using a novel DMLC-CNN model
* Hybrid Fusion Based Approach for Multimodal Emotion Recognition with Insufficient Labeled Data
* Identifying the Potential Dam Sites to Avert the Risk of Catastrophic Floods in the Jhelum Basin, Kashmir, NW Himalaya, India
* Image Compression with Laplacian Guided Scale Space Inpainting
* Image registration: A pre-step in patient's position verification in radiation therapy
* Impact of Assimilation of MADRAS Geophysical Parameters on Short Range WRF Model Forecasts
* Impact of Oceansat-2 Scatterometer Winds and TMI Observations on Phet Cyclone Simulation
* Indian Sign Language Generation System
* Initial Results From European Road Safety Inspection (EURSI) Mobile Mapping Project
* Integrated Bayesian multi-cue tracker for objects observed from moving cameras
* Integrated self-calibration of single axis motion for three-dimensional reconstruction of roots
* Intrinsic Image Based Moving Object Cast Shadow Removal in Image Sequences
* Investigation into the Use of Partial Face in the Mobile Environment, An
* LEXER: LEXicon Based Emotion AnalyzeR
* lexicon-free approach for 3D handwriting recognition using classifier combination, A
* Modeling local and global behavior for trajectory classification using graph based algorithm
* Monitoring a large surveillance space through distributed face matching
* Multi-Camera Target Tracking in Blind Regions of Cameras with Non-overlapping Fields of View
* Multilevel Modeling of the Traffic Dynamic
* Multiple target tracking with an efficient compact colour correlogram
* NIR-red algorithms-based model for chlorophyll-a retrieval in highly turbid Inland Densu River Basin in South-East Ghana, West Africa
* Nonnegative Low-Rank Tensor Completion via Dual Formulation with Applications to Image and Video Completion
* novel bacterial foraging technique for edge detection, A
* novel spatio-temporal Siamese network for 3D signature recognition, A
* On the Feasibility of Characterizing Soil Properties From AVIRIS Data
* P2SF-IoV: A Privacy-Preservation-Based Secured Framework for Internet of Vehicles
* Parallel Blob Extraction Using the Multi-core Cell Processor
* Penetra3D: A penetrable, interactive, 360-degree viewable display
* PlotQA: Reasoning over Scientific Plots
* Privacy-Preserving-Based Secure Framework Using Blockchain-Enabled Deep-Learning in Cooperative Intelligent Transport System, A
* Pseudo One Pass Thinning Algorithm
* Rapid Evaluation and Validation Method of Above Ground Forest Biomass Estimation Using Optical Remote Sensing in Tundi Reserved Forest Area, India
* Real Time Detection and Recognition of Human Profiles Using Inexpensive Desktop Cameras
* Real Time Target Tracking with Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
* Real-time moving object detection algorithm on high-resolution videos using GPUs
* Real-time recognition of sign language gestures and air-writing using leap motion
* Reconstructing Road Network Graphs from both Aerial Lidar and Images
* Remote Sensing for International Peace and Security: Its Role and Implications
* RNN based online handwritten word recognition in Devanagari and Bengali scripts using horizontal zoning
* Robust Segmentation of Moving Vehicles Under Complex Outdoor Conditions
* Root crown detection using statistics of Zernike moments
* Salt-and-pepper noise removal by adaptive median-based lifting filter using second-generation wavelets
* Satellite Based Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation Is Congruent with Plant Diversity in India
* Scale Analysis of Typhoon In-Fa (2021) Based on FY-4A Geostationary Interferometric Infrared Sounder (GIIRS) Observed and All-Sky-Simulated Brightness Temperature
* Scale-aware Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Image Dehazing
* Semi-Automated Approach for Mapping Urban Trees from Integrated Aerial Lidar Point Cloud and Digital Imagery Datasets
* SISL:Self-Supervised Image Signature Learning for Splicing Detection & Localization
* Smart Public Transit System Using an Energy Storage System and Its Coordination With a Distribution Grid
* Two-Grid Preconditioned Solver for Bundle Adjustment
* U-Segnet: Fully Convolutional Neural Network Based Automated Brain Tissue Segmentation Tool
* Understanding the Linkage between Urban Growth and Land Surface Temperature: A Case Study of Bangalore City, India
* Unsupervised spectral-spatial processing of drone imagery for identification of pine seedlings
Includes: Kumar, P.[Pankaj] Kumar, P. Kumar, P.[Piyush] Kumar, P.[Pulkit] Kumar, P.[Pramukta] Kumar, P.[Praveen] Kumar, P.[Pradeep] Kumar, P.[Pramod] Kumar, P.[Pawan] Kumar, P.[Prasanna] Kumar, P.[Prabhat] Kumar, P.[Puneet] Kumar, P.[Pramesh] Kumar, P.[Pushpa] Kumar, P.[Padam] Kumar, P.[Prasoon] Kumar, P.[Pavan] Kumar, P.[Priyankar] Kumar, P.[Prashant]
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Kumar, P.D.[P. Dinesh] Co Author Listing * Device analysis and computer modelling of a-Si:H solar cell

Kumar, P.G.[P. Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Computer aided brain tumor detection system using watershed segmentation techniques

Kumar, P.H. Co Author Listing * Embedded Vision System for Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation

Kumar, P.K.[Puli Kishore] Co Author Listing * Context-Based Image Contrast Enhancement Using Energy Equalization With Clipping Limit, A
* Embedded Vision System for Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation
* Magnetic resonance image denoising using nonlocal maximum likelihood paradigm in DCT-framework
Includes: Kumar, P.K.[Puli Kishore] Kumar, P.K. Kumar, P.K.[P. Krishna]

Kumar, P.L.[P. Lava] Co Author Listing * Banana Mapping in Heterogenous Smallholder Farming Systems Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery and Machine Learning Models with Implications for Banana Bunchy Top Disease Surveillance

Kumar, P.M.[Priyan Malarvizhi] Co Author Listing * Agreement-Induced Data Verification Model for Securing Vehicular Communication in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Internet of things assisted public security management platform for urban transportation using hybridised cryptographic-integrated steganography
* Vehicle-Consensus Information Exchange Scheme for Traffic Management in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, A

Kumar, P.N.[P. Nagendra] Co Author Listing * Novel Ensemble Stacking Classification of Genetic Variations Using Machine Learning Algorithms, A

Kumar, P.P.[Pavana Pradeep] Co Author Listing * C-FAR: A Compositional Framework for Anomaly Resolution in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Towards Improving the Accuracy of Telugu OCR Systems
Includes: Kumar, P.P.[Pavana Pradeep] Kumar, P.P.[P. Pavan]

Kumar, P.R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Watermarking: Active Defense of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
* Efficient approach for non-ideal iris segmentation using improved particle swarm optimisation-based multilevel thresholding and geodesic active contours
* Efficient method for segmentation of noisy and non-circular iris images using improved particle swarm optimisation-based MRFCM
* new approach to detect cardiovascular diseases using ECG scalograms and ML-based CNN algorithm, A
* Pixel based feature extraction for ear biometrics
Includes: Kumar, P.R. Kumar, P.R.[Pullakura Rajesh] Kumar, P.R.[P. Rajesh] Kumar, P.R.[P. Ramesh]

Kumar, P.U.P.[P. U. Praveen] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Low-Dose Tomography via Binary Sensing Matrices

Kumar, R.[Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kumar, R.[Rakesh]: rkumar AT sarnoff com
* 3D Building Detection and Modeling from Aerial LIDAR Data
* 3d Manipulation of Motion Imagery
* 3D Model Acquisition from Monocular Image Sequences
* Aerial video surveillance and exploitation
* Analysis of Different Robust Methods for Pose Refinement
* Analysis of Hydrological Sensitivity for Flood Risk Assessment
* Apparatus for enhancing images using flow estimation
* Application of Pose Determination Techniques to Model Extension and Refinement
* AR-Weapon: Live Augmented Reality Based First-Person Shooting System
* Behavior-Based Intelligent Control Architecture with Application to Coordination of Multiple Underwater Vehicles, A
* Benefits of the Ka-Band as Evidenced from the SARAL/AltiKa Altimetric Mission: Scientific Applications, The
* Beyond the Lambertian assumption: A generative model for Apparent BRDF fields of faces using anti-symmetric tensor splines
* Bit-Plane Based Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Using Multi-Level Blocking With Quad-Tree
* Branch and Data Herding: Reducing Control and Memory Divergence for Error-Tolerant GPU Applications
* Brownian descriptor: A rich meta-feature for appearance matching
* Building outlier detection ensembles by selective parameterization of heterogeneous methods
* Building segmentation for densely built urban regions using aerial LIDAR data
* Cardiac disease detection from echocardiogram using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
* CityFlow: A City-Scale Benchmark for Multi-Target Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking and Re-Identification
* Computer-Vision-Based Approach to Personal Identification Using Finger Crease Pattern
* Consensus-Based Odor Source Localization by Multiagent Systems
* Context-Aware Active Authentication Using Smartphone Accelerometer Measurements
* Cross Calibration of the OceanSAT -2 Scatterometer With QuikSCAT Scatterometer Using Natural Terrestrial Targets
* DARPA Image Understanding Motion Benchmark, The
* Dataset for Interactive Vision-Language Navigation with Unknown Command Feasibility, A
* DCT Domain Frame-Skipping Transcoder, A
* DCT Domain Transcoding of H.264/AVC Video into MPEG-2 Video
* Determination of Camera Location and Orientation
* Direct Construction of Asymptotically Optimal Type-II ZCP for Every Possible Even Length, A
* Discovering class specific composite features through discriminative sampling with Swendsen-Wang Cut
* Disjoint Pose and Shape for 3D Face Reconstruction
* DSIT: A Dynamic Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Securing Image in IoT Communication
* Dynamic Depth Recovery from Multiple Synchronized Video Streams
* Echocardiogram view classification using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
* Effectively Leveraging Attributes for Visual Similarity
* Efficient Method and Architecture for Real-Time Video Defogging
* Efficient Motion Vector Composition Scheme for Arbitrary Frame Down-Sampling Video Transcoder, An
* Efficient representations of video sequences and their applications
* Eigenbubbles: An Enhanced Apparent BRDF Representation
* empirical evaluation of rotation invariance of LDP feature for fingerprint matching using neural networks, An
* Encoding of multispectral and hyperspectral image data using wavelet transform and gain shape vector quantization
* Exploiting Feature Correlations by Brownian Statistics for People Detection and Recognition
* Fast Arbitrary Down-Sizing Algorithm for Video Transcoding, A
* Fast Arbitrary Factor H.264/AVC Video Re-Sizing Algorithm, A
* Fast Arbitrary Factor Video Resizing Algorithm, A
* Fast Inverse Motion Compensation Algorithm for DCT-Domain Video Transcoder, A
* Federated Learning Approach With Imperfect Labels in LoRa-Based Transportation Systems, A
* Food Image-based Nutritional Management System to Overcome Polycystic Ovary Syndrome using DeepLearning: A Systematic Review
* Frameless registration of MR and CT 3D volumetric data sets
* Fuzzified Contrast Enhancement for Nearly Invisible Images
* Gait recognition based on vision systems: A systematic survey
* Global Matching Framework for Stereo Computation, A
* GPU Accelerated Realtime Stereo for Augmented Reality
* GraphMapper: Efficient Visual Navigation by Scene Graph Generation
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on New Software/Hardware Paradigms for Error-Tolerant Multimedia Systems
* Heterogeneous Feature-based Image Alignment Method, A
* Hierarchical representation of videos with spatio-temporal fibers
* High-precision localization using visual landmarks fused with range data
* High-quality reversible data hiding scheme using sorting and enhanced pairwise PEE
* Hybrid DSSCS and convolutional neural network for peripheral blood cell recognition system
* IDeAuth: A novel behavioral biometric-based implicit deauthentication scheme for smartphones
* Impact of Assimilating SARAL/AltiKa SWH in SWAN Model During Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone Phailin
* Implementation of convolutional neural network categorizers in coronary ischemia detection
* Improved Encoding of Wavelet Coefficients Extracted from Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Data
* Independent Motion Detection in 3D Scenes
* individual fairness based outlier detection ensemble, An
* Interactive object segmentation using single touch
* Iris matching using multi-dimensional artificial neural network
* K-Means Algorithm to Identify k1-Most Demanding Products
* Landmark-Based Navigation and the Acquisition of Environmental Models
* Landmark-Based Navigation-Model Extension and Refinement
* Large-Scale Situation Awareness With Camera Networks and Multimodal Sensing
* Learning Exemplar-Based Categorization for the Detection of Multi-View Multi-Pose Objects
* Learning Type-Aware Embeddings for Fashion Compatibility
* Learning-Based Building Outline Detection from Multiple Aerial Images
* Linear model hashing and batch RANSAC for rapid and accurate object recognition
* Local Moment Driven PVO Based Reversible Data Hiding
* Magic Mirror: A virtual handbag shopping system
* Matching vehicles under large pose transformations using approximate 3D models and piecewise MRF model
* Maximizing all margins: Pushing face recognition with Kernel Plurality
* Meta Method for Image Matching, A
* Method and apparatus for detecting independent motion in three-dimensional scenes
* Method and apparatus for enhancing and indexing video and audio signals
* Method and apparatus for enhancing regions of aligned images using flow estimation
* Method and apparatus for mosaic image construction
* Method and apparatus for processing images to compute image flow information
* Method and apparatus for tracking moving objects in a sequence of two-dimensional images using a dynamic layered representation
* Method and system for image combination using a parallax-based technique
* Method and system for rendering and combining images to form a synthesized view of a scene containing image information from a second image
* Model Dependent Inference of 3D Information from a Sequence of 2D Images
* Model Extension and Refinement Using Landmarks
* Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation
* Monocular structure from motion for near to long ranges
* Morphable Reflectance Fields for enhancing face recognition
* Multi-fiber reconstruction from DW-MRI using a continuous mixture of von Mises-Fisher distributions
* Multi-Image Alignment
* Multi-view 3D analysis with applications for augmented reality and enhanced video visualization
* Multi-View 3D Estimation and Applications to Match Move
* Multi-view image registration with application to mosaicing and lens distortion correction
* Multimedia Applications of Computer Vision
* Multimodel Prediction of Monsoon Rain Using Dynamical Model Selection
* Multiple Object Tracking by Efficient Graph Partitioning
* Non-Lambertian Reflectance Modeling and Shape Recovery of Faces Using Tensor Splines
* Novel Approach for Detection of Alteration in Ball Pen Writings, A
* novel sparse model based forensic writer identification, A
* Object identification in dynamic environment using sensor fusion
* P2SF-IoV: A Privacy-Preservation-Based Secured Framework for Internet of Vehicles
* PAMTRI: Pose-Aware Multi-Task Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification Using Highly Randomized Synthetic Data
* Partial Object Matching with Shapeme Histograms
* PC-GNN: Pearson Correlation-Based Graph Neural Network for Recognition of Human Lower Limb Activity Using sEMG Signal
* Pose Estimation, Model Refinement, and Enhanced Visualization using Video
* Pose Refinement: Application to Model Extension and Sensitivity to Camera Parameters
* Pose tracking by efficiently exploiting global features
* Privacy-Preserving-Based Secure Framework Using Blockchain-Enabled Deep-Learning in Cooperative Intelligent Transport System, A
* RADIANT: Better rPPG estimation using signal embeddings and Transformer
* Radon-Like features and their application to connectomics
* Rapid Object Indexing Using Locality Sensitive Hashing and Joint 3D-Signature Space Estimation
* Real-Time Aerial Suspicious Analysis (ASANA) System for the Identification and Re-Identification of Suspicious Individuals using the Bayesian ScatterNet Hybrid (BSH) Network
* Real-Time Content-Based Adaptive Streaming of Sports Videos
* Real-time global localization with a pre-built visual landmark database
* Real-Time Video Georegistration
* Real-Time Wide Area Multi-Camera Stereo Tracking
* Rearrangement of Recognized Strokes in Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Words Recognition
* Registration of Highly-oblique and Zoomed in Aerial Video to Reference Imagery
* Registration of Video to Geo-Referenced Imagery
* Representation of Scenes from Collections of Images
* Robust Estimation of Camera Location and Orientation from Noisy Data Having Outliers
* Robust Methods for Estimating Pose and a Sensitivity Analysis
* Robust Video Georegistration
* Robust Video Mosaicing Through Topology Inference and Local to Global Alignment
* Semantically-aware Spatio-temporal Reasoning Agent for Vision-and-Language Navigation in Continuous Environments
* Sensitivity of the Pose Refinement Problem to Accurate Estimation of Camera Parameters
* Shape Recovery from Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Shapeme Histogram Projection and Matching for Partial Object Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollutants Using Earth Observation Sentinel 5P TROPOMI Data: Impact of Stubble Burning a Case Study
* Stereo Vision embedded system for Augmented Reality
* SVM classifier incorporating simultaneous noise reduction and feature selection: Illustrative case examples, An
* Symbolization assisted SVM classifier for noisy data
* Task Specific Factors for Video Characterization
* Techniques and systems for developing high-resolution imagery
* Ten-fold Improvement in Visual Odometry Using Landmark Matching
* Toward a sentient environment: Real-time wide area multiple human tracking with identities
* Towards estimation of human intent in assistive robotic teleoperation using kinaesthetic and visual feedback
* Trainable Convolution Filters and Their Application to Face Recognition
* Triplet Geometric Representation: A Novel Scale, Translation and Rotation-Invariant Feature Representation Based on Geometric Constraints for Recognition of 2D Object Features
* True Multi-Image Alignment and Its Application to Mosaicing and Lens Distortion Correction
* Validation of an optical flow method for tag displacement estimation
* Video as an image data source: efficient representations and applications
* Video Georegistration: Algorithm and Quantitative Evaluation
* Video Registration
* Video Registration: A Perspective
* Video stabilization using regularity of energy flow
* VideoBrush: Experiences with Consumer Video Mosaicing
* VideoTrek: A vision system for a tag-along robot
* Visual Odometry System Using Multiple Stereo Cameras and Inertial Measurement Unit
* Volterrafaces: Discriminant analysis using Volterra kernels
* Writer Identification for Handwritten Telugu Documents Using Directional Morphological Features
* Writer-independent off-line signature verification using surroundedness feature
* YOLOBench: Benchmarking Efficient Object Detectors on Embedded Systems
Includes: Kumar, R.[Rakesh] Kumar, R. Kumar, R.[Raj] Kumar, R.[Ritwik] Kumar, R.[Rajeev] Kumar, R.[Ratnesh] Kumar, R.[Rajesh] Kumar, R.[Ranjitha] Kumar, R.[Rajen] Kumar, R.[Raja] Kumar, R.[Raman] Kumar, R.[Rahul] Kumar, R.[Ravinder] Kumar, R.[Ramakant] Kumar, R.[Reman] Kumar, R.[Rajiv] Kumar, R.[Raushan] Kumar, R.[Ritesh] Kumar, R.[Randhir] Kumar, R.[Rupesh] Kumar, R.[Ranjeeth] Kumar, R.[Ravish]
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Kumar, R.A.[R. Anil] Co Author Listing * Promoting International Collaboration Through Training and Education In Space Technology Applications and Advances Among Bimstec Countries - A Government of India Initiative

Kumar, R.G.[R. Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Investigation and classification of ECG beat using Input Output Additional Weighted Feed Forward Neural Network

Kumar, R.K.[Ravi Kant] Co Author Listing * BCP-BCS: Best-Fit Cascaded Matching Paradigm with Cohort Selection Using Bezier Curve for Individual Recognition
* Color Transfer Using Motion Estimations and Its Application to Video Compression
* Constraint saliency based intelligent camera for enhancing viewers attention towards intended face
* Dhaksha, The Unmanned Aircraft System in its New Avatar-Automated Aerial Inspection of India's Tallest Tower
* Estimating Attention of Faces Due to its Growing Level of Emotions
* Player localization using multiple static cameras for sports visualization
* robust unsupervised pattern discovery and clustering of speech signals, A
* Selection of User-Dependent Cohorts Using Bezier Curve for Person Identification
* Simple calibration of non-overlapping cameras with a mirror
* visualization framework for team sports captured using multiple static cameras, A
Includes: Kumar, R.K.[Ravi Kant] Kumar, R.K.[Ritwik K.] Kumar, R.K.[R. Krishna] Kumar, R.K. Kumar, R.K.[Ram Krishan] Kumar, R.K.[R. Kishore]
10 for Kumar, R.K.

Kumar, R.M.S.[Retnaswami Mathusoothana S.] Co Author Listing * Efficient segmentation of lumbar intervertebral disc from MR images
* GEVE: A generative adversarial network for extremely dark image/video enhancement
* Robust multi-view videos face recognition based on particle filter with immune genetic algorithm
Includes: Kumar, R.M.S.[Retnaswami Mathusoothana S.] Kumar, R.M.S.[R. Mathusoothana S.]

Kumar, R.P.[Rahul Prasanna] Co Author Listing * Tracking Occupant Activities in Autonomous Vehicles Using Capacitive Sensing

Kumar, R.S.[R. Sarath] Co Author Listing * Brain tumor segmentation and survival time prediction using graph momentum fully convolutional network with modified Elman spike neural network
* Modelling Fine Scale Movement Corridors For The Tricarinate Hill Turtle
Includes: Kumar, R.S.[R. Sarath] Kumar, R.S.

Kumar, R.T.[Rakesh T.] Co Author Listing * Action exemplar based real-time action detection
* Dynamic Layer Representation with Applications to Tracking
* Eye detection using color cues and projection functions
* Learning Actions Using Robust String Kernels
* Multiple Cue Integrated Action Detection
* Object Tracking with Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Layer Representations
* PEET: Prototype Embedding and Embedding Transition for Matching Vehicles over Disparate Viewpoints
* Preface to Workshop on Image and Video Registration
* Robust Object Matching for Persistent Tracking with Heterogeneous Features
* Unsupervised Learning of Discriminative Edge Measures for Vehicle Matching between Non-Overlapping Cameras
* Vehicle Fingerprinting for Reacquisition and Tracking in Videos
* Vehicle Identification between Non-Overlapping Cameras without Direct Feature Matching
Includes: Kumar, R.T.[Rakesh T.] Kumar, R.T. Kumar, R.T.[Rakesh Teddy]
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Kumar, R.V.R. Co Author Listing * Block Algorithms for the Parametric Estimation of Signals and Systems
* Least-Squares Based Switched Adaptive Predictors for Lossless Video Coding
* minimum entropy based switched adaptive predictor for lossless compression of images, A
* Non-Linear Optimization Algorithm for the Estimation of Structure and Motion Parameters, A
* Switched Predictive Coding Method for Lossless Video Coding, A
Includes: Kumar, R.V.R. Kumar, R.V.R.[R. V. Raja]

Kumar, S. Co Author Listing * email: Kumar, S.: kumar AT figment csee usf edu
* email: Kumar, S.[Senthil]: segen AT lucent com
* 3D-NVS: A 3D Supervision Approach for Next View Selection
* Adversarial Approach to Discriminative Modality Distillation for Remote Sensing Image Classification, An
* AI-Based Model for Detection and Classification of Alzheimer Disease
* Analysis of unsupervised learning techniques for face recognition
* Application of a novel image moment computation in X-ray and MRI image watermarking
* Assessing the Performance of the Satellite-Based Precipitation Products (SPP) in the Data-Sparse Himalayan Terrain
* AT2GRU: A Human Emotion Recognition Model With Mitigated Device Heterogeneity
* Attending to Discriminative Certainty for Domain Adaptation
* Attention-Driven Body Pose Encoding for Human Activity Recognition
* Attribution of Flux Partitioning Variations between Land Surface Models over the Continental U.S.
* Auto QA: The Question Is Not Only What, but Also Where
* Baselines for Image Annotation
* Best-bases feature extraction algorithms for classification of hyperspectral data
* Can I teach a robot to replicate a line art
* Characterising and predicting the movement of clouds using fractional-order optical flow
* Classification of Weakly-Labeled Data with Partial Equivalence Relations
* Combining Skeletal Pose with Local Motion for Human Activity Recognition
* Compact reconfigurable triple notch ultra-wideband bandpass filter for cognitive radio system
* Compacting Large and Loose Communities
* Compression Artifact Reduction using Support Vector Regression
* Connectivity Improvement of Hybrid Millimeter Wave and Microwave Vehicular Networks
* Continuous Verification Using Multimodal Biometrics
* Cross-Layer Forward Error Correction Scheme Using Raptor and RCPC Codes for Prioritized Video Transmission Over Wireless Channels
* DCT-based phase correlation motion estimation
* DECDM: Document Enhancement using Cycle-Consistent Diffusion Models
* Deep Bayesian Network for Visual Question Generation
* Deep BLSTM-GRU Model for Monthly Rainfall Prediction: A Case Study of Simtokha, Bhutan
* Deep Remote Sensing Methods for Methane Detection in Overhead Hyperspectral Imagery
* Deep3DSCan: Deep residual network and morphological descriptor based framework for lung cancer classification and 3D segmentation
* Depth Recovery of Complex Surfaces from Texture-less Pair of Stereo Images
* Detecting anomalous crowd behavior using correlation analysis of optical flow
* Detecting Water Hyacinth Infestation in Kuttanad, India, Using Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* Digital preservation of ancient Cuneiform tablets using 3D-scanning
* Digital Tapestry
* DisBezant: Secure and Robust Federated Learning Against Byzantine Attack in IoT-Enabled MTS
* Discriminative Random Fields
* Discriminative random fields: a discriminative framework for contextual interaction in classification
* Disparity estimation using fractional dual tree complex wavelet transform
* Disparity estimation using fractional dual tree complex wavelet transform
* Distilling Spikes: Knowledge Distillation in Spiking Neural Networks
* Domain Aligned CLIP for Few-shot Classification
* Editorial on the Citizen Science and Geospatial Capacity Building
* Efficient Lapped Orthogonal Transform Image-Coding Technique, An
* Electroencephalography based imagined alphabets classification using spatial and time-domain features
* Empowering Knowledge Distillation via Open Set Recognition for Robust 3D Point Cloud Classification
* Encoder-Decoder Based Thermo-Visible Image Translation for Disguised and Undisguised Faces, An
* Energy-Efficient Strategy for Improving Coverage and Rate Using Hybrid Vehicular Networks
* Enhanced Stable View Synthesis
* Enhancement of Old Manuscript Images
* Error-resilient coding of 3-d graphic models via adaptive mesh segmentation
* Estimation of Soil Moisture Applying Modified Dubois Model to Sentinel-1; A Regional Study from Central India
* Experimental Evaluation of Theoretical Formulations for the Correction of Spectral Widths of MST Radar Spectra
* Exploiting Inference for Approximate Parameter Learning in Discriminative Fields: An Empirical Study
* Exploration of Parameter Redundancy in Deep Networks with Circulant Projections, An
* Explosion Simulation Using Compressible Fluids
* Extended opinion lexicon and ML-based sentiment analysis of tweets: a novel approach towards accurate classifier
* Extraction of informative regions of a face for facial expression recognition
* Face Recognition Using a Color PCA Framework
* Face tracking and recognition with visual constraints in real-world videos
* Fast and Accurate 3D Gesture Recognition Interface
* Fast Orthogonal Projection Based on Kronecker Product
* FD-based detector for medical image watermarking
* Fractional-Order Anisotropic Diffusion for Defogging of RGB Images
* Fruit Fly-Based Artificial Neural Network Classifier with Kernel-Based Fuzzy c-Means Clustering for Satellite Image Classification
* Fusion of Airborne Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR for Classification of Coastal Environments
* Generalized Sampling-Based Motion Planners
* Generative Flows with Invertible Attentions
* Gestural Interactions of Embodied Educational Technology Using One-Shot Machine Learning
* GestureVR: Vision-Based 3D Hand Interface for Spatial Interaction
* Graphical Speech Training system for hearing impaired
* Hierarchical Category Detector for Clothing Recognition from Visual Data
* Hierarchical Field Framework for Unified Context-Based Classification, A
* Hierarchical Frame-by-Frame Association Method Based on Graph Matching for Multi-object Tracking, A
* Hierarchical Histograms: A New Representation Scheme for Image-based Data Retrieval
* High-Resolution NIR Prediction from RGB Images: Application to Plant Phenotyping
* How Does Noise Help Robustness? Explanation and Exploration under the Neural SDE Framework
* Human Action Recognition using a Hybrid NTLD Classifier
* Human-computer interaction using gesture recognition and 3D hand tracking
* Hybrid deep neural network for automatic detection of COVID-19 using chest x-ray images
* Hybrid deep neural networks for face emotion recognition
* Identification and Separation of Turbulence Echo From the Multipeaked VHF Radar Spectra During Precipitation
* Image encryption based on fractional discrete cosine transform and DWT with interplane arrangements in dost domain
* Image-Text Pre-Training for Logo Recognition
* Impact of Spectrum Sensing Frequency and Packet-Loading Scheme on Multimedia Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Networks, The
* Impact of Surface Albedo Assimilation on Snow Estimation
* Improved Image Compression Based on Feed-forward Adaptive Downsampling Algorithm
* Improving Person Tracking Using an Inexpensive Thermal Infrared Sensor
* Interferometric SAR for characterization of ravines as a function of their density, depth, and surface cover
* Introducing Diversity In Feature Scatter Adversarial Training Via Synthesis
* Invariant texture classification for biomedical cell specimens via non-linear polar map filtering
* Investigating the Retention of Solar Wind Implanted Helium-3 on the Moon from the Analysis of Multi-Wavelength Remote Sensing Data
* Joint optimization of quantization and on-line channel estimation for low bit-rate video transmission
* Jumping Manifolds: Geometry Aware Dense Non-Rigid Structure From Motion
* Large-scale manifold learning
* Learning a perceptual manifold for image set classification
* Learning by Aligning Videos in Time
* Learning Compositional Sparse Bimodal Models
* Learning Hierarchical Bag of Words Using Naive Bayes Clustering
* Learning Multiple Non-linear Sub-spaces Using K-RBMs
* Learning Online Multi-Sensor Depth Fusion
* Learning Robust Multi-scale Representation for Neural Radiance Fields from Unposed Images
* Learning Spread-Out Local Feature Descriptors
* LiteCovidNet: A lightweight deep neural network model for detection of COVID-19 using X-ray images
* Location error resilient geographical routing for vehicular ad-hoc networks
* Location information verification using transferable belief model for geographic routing in vehicular ad hoc networks
* Look Ma, No Mouse!: Simplifying Human-Computer Interaction by Using Hand Gestures
* Low-Complexity Fractal-Based Image Compression Technique
* Luminance- and Contrast-Invariant Edge-Similarity Measure, A
* M2P2: Multimodal Persuasion Prediction Using Adaptive Fusion
* Machine Learning Techniques for Phenology Assessment of Sugarcane Using Conjunctive SAR and Optical Data
* MAEU-NET: A novel supervised architecture for brain tumor segmentation
* Magnetic resonance image denoising using nonlocal maximum likelihood paradigm in DCT-framework
* Man-made structure detection in natural images using a causal multiscale random field
* Mapping Invasive Tamarisk (Tamarix): A Comparison of Single-Scene and Time-Series Analyses of Remotely Sensed Data
* Mapping Velocity of The Potsdam Glacier, East Antarctica Using Landsat-8 Data
* Matching point features under small nonrigid motion
* Mesh Segmentation Schemes for Error Resilient Coding of 3-D Graphic Models
* MethaneMapper: Spectral Absorption Aware Hyperspectral Transformer for Methane Detection
* Mind the Clot: Automated LVO Detection on CTA using Deep Learning
* Model Based Estimation of Point Correspondences between Boundaries Undergoing Nonrigid Motion
* Model Based Part Segmentation of Range Data: Hyperquadrics and Dividing Planes
* Models for Learning Spatial Interactions in Natural Images for Context-Based Classification
* Monocular Dense 3D Reconstruction of a Complex Dynamic Scene from Two Perspective Frames
* Motion Estimation from Motion Smear: A System Identification Approach
* Moving target detection in thermal infrared imagery using spatiotemporal information
* Multi-Body Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion
* Multi-Criteria High Voltage Power Line Routing: An Open Source GIS-Based Approach
* Multi-Modal Sarcasm Detection and Humor Classification in Code-Mixed Conversations
* Multi-View Photometric Stereo Revisited
* Multimodal fusion for pattern recognition
* MUMC: Minimizing uncertainty of mixture of cues
* Muzzle point pattern based techniques for individual cattle identification
* Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Uncalibrated Deep Photometric Stereo
* Neural Radiance Fields Approach to Deep Multi-View Photometric Stereo
* new approach for nonlinear distortion correction in endoscopic images based on least squares estimation, A
* New Baseline for Image Annotation, A
* New pixel based approach for reverse play of MPEG video for streaming system
* Non-convex P-Norm Projection for Robust Sparsity
* Non-Rigid Structure from Motion: Prior-Free Factorization Method Revisited
* Novel adaptive color space transform and application to image compression
* Novel Approach for the Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Using X-Band Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, A
* Novel Vision-Based Tracking Algorithm for a Human-Following Mobile Robot, A
* Novel Visual Perception Framework, A
* Objective color image quality assessment based on Sobel magnitude
* observation-constrained generative approach for probabilistic classification of image regions, An
* Occluded Thermal Face Recognition Using Bag of CNN (BoCNN)
* Occluded thermal face recognition using BoCNN and radial derivative Gaussian feature descriptor
* occlusion reasoning scheme for monocular pedestrian tracking in dynamic scenes, An
* On Recovering Hyperquadrics from Range Data
* On Segmentation of Documents in Complex Scripts
* on-line visual human tracking algorithm using SURF-based dynamic object model, An
* Onboard Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Compressed Sensing and Deep Learning
* Optimised CNN in conjunction with efficient pooling strategy for the multi-classification of breast cancer
* Optimization Based Framework for Human Pose Estimation in Monocular Videos, An
* Optimizing the Retrieval of Wheat Crop Traits from UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Image with Radiative Transfer Modelling Using Gaussian Process Regression
* Organic Priors in Non-rigid Structure from Motion
* Parallel Algorithms for Circle Detection in Images
* Pedestrian Detection via Mixture of CNN Experts and Thresholded Aggregated Channel Features
* Performance Analysis of Motion-Compensated De-Interlacing Systems
* Point Correspondence in Unstructured Nonrigid Motion
* Polinsar Based Scattering Information Retrieval for Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* PolSAR-Decomposition-Based Extended Water Cloud Modeling for Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* Predicting the Forest Canopy Height from LiDAR and Multi-Sensor Data Using Machine Learning over India
* Quantum Annealing for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Real-Time Affine Global Motion Estimation Using Phase Correlation and its Application for Digital Image Stabilization
* Real-time recognition of cattle using animal biometrics
* Real-Time Uncertainty Specification of All Sky Imager Derived Irradiance Nowcasts
* Realtime forest animation in wind
* Recovery of Global Nonrigid Motion: A Model-Based Approach without Point Correspondences
* Research Challenges for Energy-Efficient Computing in Automated Vehicles
* robust area based disparity estimation technique for stereo vision applications, A
* Robust Coding of 3D Graphic Models using Mesh Segmentation and Data Partitioning
* Robust Domain Adaptation on the L1-Grassmannian Manifold
* Robust Technique for the Estimation of the Deformable Hyperquadrics from Images, A
* Rooftop Photovoltaic Energy Production Management in India Using Earth-Observation Data and Modeling Techniques
* Rotation Axis Focused Attention Network (rafa-net) for Estimating Head Pose
* rule-based approach for robust clump splitting, A
* Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review
* SAU: Smooth Activation Function Using Convolution with Approximate Identities
* Scalable Dense Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion: A Grassmannian Perspective
* Scientific Document Summarization using Citation Context and Multi-objective Optimization
* Segmentation of microscope cell images via adaptive eigenfilters
* Semi-Supervised Hashing for Large-Scale Search
* Semi-supervised hashing for scalable image retrieval
* Sensor Registration and Calibration using Moving Targets
* Shadow Gestures: 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using a Single Camera
* Single Image Depth Prediction Made Better: A Multivariate Gaussian Take
* Small Object Discovery and Recognition Using Actively Guided Robot
* Smooth Maximum Unit: Smooth Activation Function for Deep Networks using Smoothing Maximum Technique
* Snowpack Density Retrieval Using Fully Polarimetric TerraSAR-X Data in the Himalayas
* Spaceborne Multifrequency PolInSAR-Based Inversion Modelling for Forest Height Retrieval
* Spatio-temporal union of subspaces for multi-body non-rigid structure-from-motion
* Speaker independent VSR: A systematic review and futuristic applications
* Spread Spectrum Coded Radar for R2R Interference Mitigation in Autonomous Vehicles
* Stereo Localization Based on Network's Uncalibrated Camera Pairs
* Stereo Localization Using Dual PTZ Cameras
* Stereo rectification of uncalibrated and heterogeneous images
* Stereo Vision-Based Conic Reconstruction Using a Ray-Quadric Intersection
* StressNet: Detecting Stress in Thermal Videos
* Superpixel Soup: Monocular Dense 3D Reconstruction of a Complex Dynamic Scene
* Supervised Learning Based Stereo Matching Using Neural Tree
* Texture and colour region separation based image retrieval using probability annular histogram and weighted similarity matching scheme
* Total subset variation prior
* TRAP: Traffic-Based Adaptive Ramp Packing for Blind Cancellation in Autonomous Vehicles
* Uncalibrated Neural Inverse Rendering for Photometric Stereo of General Surfaces
* Uncertainty-Aware Deep Multi-View Photometric Stereo
* Unsupervised Action Segmentation by Joint Representation Learning and Online Clustering
* Unsupervised Deep Learning based Variational Autoencoder Model for COVID-19 Diagnosis and Classification
* Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Night-time Images Using Adversarial Domain Feature Adaptation
* Using Continuous Face Verification to Improve Desktop Security
* vectorization framework for constant and linear gradient filled regions, A
* VI-NET: A hybrid deep convolutional neural network using VGG and inception V3 model for copy-move forgery classification
* Virtual chaotic traffic simulation
* Vision based human interaction system for disabled
* Visual animal biometrics: survey
* Visual Interface for Conducting Virtual Orchestra
* YouTubeCat: Learning to categorize wild web videos
* Zero-Shot Sketch Based Image Retrieval Using Graph Transformer
Includes: Kumar, S. Kumar, S.[Senthil] Kumar, S.[Saurabh] Kumar, S.[Suraj] Kumar, S.[Shakti] Kumar, S.[Sanoj] Kumar, S.[Sonu] Kumar, S.[Sudhir] Kumar, S.[Shanu] Kumar, S.[Swagat] Kumar, S.[Sujay] Kumar, S.[Sumit] Kumar, S.[Sanjiv] Kumar, S.[Sanjeev] Kumar, S.[Suren] Kumar, S.[Sanjay] Kumar, S.[Suman] Kumar, S.[Sandeep] Kumar, S.[Sricharan] Kumar, S.[Sudhanshu] Kumar, S.[Subham] Kumar, S.[Sanjeet] Kumar, S.[Saurav] Kumar, S.[Sachin] Kumar, S.[Suryansh] Kumar, S.[Shashi] Kumar, S.[Shridhar] Kumar, S.[Subodh] Kumar, S.[Santosh] Kumar, S.[Satish] Kumar, S.[Shishir] Kumar, S.[Suresh] Kumar, S.[Satyadwyoom] Kumar, S.[Sriram] Kumar, S.[Sateesh] Kumar, S.[Shailesh] Kumar, S.[Sushil] Kumar, S.[Srijan] Kumar, S.[Sangeet] Kumar, S.[Sheethal] Kumar, S.[Shubham] Kumar, S.[Samarth] Kumar, S.[Shivani] Kumar, S.[Sharad] Kumar, S.[Suhas] Kumar, S.[Suni]
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Kumar, S.A.[S. Aravind] Co Author Listing * Edge preserving algorithm for impulse noise removal using FPGA
* Towards Accurate Disease Segmentation in Plant Images: A Comprehensive Dataset Creation and Network Evaluation
Includes: Kumar, S.A.[S. Aravind] Kumar, S.A.[Sivapuram Arun]

Kumar, S.H.[S. Hemanth] Co Author Listing * efficient depth estimation using temporal 3D-Warping, An

Kumar, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Automatic Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Geometric Features
* Bag of Visual Words Approach for Bleeding Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images
* Classification method for microarray probe selection using sequence, thermodynamics and secondary structure parameters
* Combining image and global pixel distribution model for skin colour segmentation
* Concealing Damaged Coded Images Using Improved FSE with Critical Support Area
* Efficient and Low-Delay MCTF Partitioning, An
* Efficient Correlated Gamma Wave-Based Lightweight Model for Schizophrenia Detection, An
* Error resiliency schemes in H.264/AVC standard
* Extended opinion lexicon and ML-based sentiment analysis of tweets: a novel approach towards accurate classifier
* H.264/AVC video packet aggregation and unequal error protection for noisy channels
* Hierarchical uncorrelated multiview discriminant locality preserving projection for multiview facial expression recognition
* Hybrid multi-GPU computing: accelerated kernels for segmentation and object detection with medical image processing applications
* Improving Data Recovery in MPEG-4
* Locating text in images using matched wavelets
* Predicting slice loss distortion in H.264/AVC video for low complexity data prioritization
* Prioritized packet fragmentation for H.264 video
* Prioritized packet fragmentation for H.264 video
* RVLC decoding scheme for improved data recovery in MPEG-4 video coding standard
* Special issue on emerging H.264/AVC video coding standard
* Text Extraction and Document Image Segmentation Using Matched Wavelets and MRF Model
* Unsupervised Class-Specific Deblurring
* Wavelet-Based Computer-Aided Detection of Bright Lesions in Retinal Fundus Images
* Wireless H.264 Video Quality Enhancement Through Optimal Prioritized Packet Fragmentation
* Wireless H.264 Video Quality Enhancement Through Optimal Prioritized Packet Fragmentation
Includes: Kumar, S.I.[Sun Il] Kumar, S.I.[Sun-Il] Kumar, S.I.
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Kumar, S.K.N.[S.K. Naveen] Co Author Listing * Hybrid approach for dual image encryption using nibble exchange and Hill-cipher

Kumar, S.P.[S. Pramod] Co Author Listing * Accurate Liver Border Identification Model in CT Scan Images
* Volumetric lung nodule segmentation in thoracic CT scan using freehand sketch

Kumar, S.R.[Sarraf Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Learning Analytics in Higher Educational Institutions: A Review
* Automatic Hierarchical Color Image Classification
* Cable driven robot as a blackboard writer for remote classrooms: modelling, control and trajectory planning
* Image Indexing Using Color Correlograms
* Microaneurysm classification system in color fundus images using auto-weight dilated convolutional network
* Spatial Color Indexing and Applications
Includes: Kumar, S.R.[Sarraf Rajesh] Kumar, S.R.[S. Ravi] Kumar, S.R.[S. Rakesh] Kumar, S.R. Kumar, S.R.[S. Ratheesh]

Kumar, S.S.[Sanath Sathyachandran] Co Author Listing * Alternative Vegetation States in Tropical Forests and Savannas: The Search for Consistent Signals in Diverse Remote Sensing Data
* Automatic liver and lesion segmentation: A primary step in diagnosis of liver diseases
* Defective texture classification using optimized neural network structure
* Early cervical cancer diagnosis using Sooty tern-optimized CNN-LSTM classifier
* Glioma tumor detection in brain MRI image using ANFIS-based normalized graph cut approach
* Mobile object detection through client-server based vote transfer
* Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Based on Sugeno's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
* Object detection, shape recovery, and 3D modelling by depth-encoded hough voting
* Optimal Trajectory Planning for Mitigated Motion Sickness: Simulator Study Assessment
* Performance analysis of wave atom transform in texture classification
* Potential Underestimation of Satellite Fire Radiative Power Retrievals over Gas Flares and Wildland Fires
* robust watermarking method based on Compressed Sensing and Arnold scrambling, A
* Separability Analysis of Sentinel-2A Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Data for Burned Area Discrimination
* Toward Automatic 3D Generic Object Modeling from One Single Image
* Trends in Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation in the Savannas of West Africa
Includes: Kumar, S.S.[Sanath Sathyachandran] Kumar, S.S. Kumar, S.S.[S. Srinivas] Kumar, S.S.[S. Suresh] Kumar, S.S.[Shyam Sunder] Kumar, S.S.[Samayamantula Srinivas] Kumar, S.S.[Sandeep Suresh] Kumar, S.S.[S. Sachin] Kumar, S.S.[Sanath S.]
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Kumar, S.U.[Siddharth Unnithan] Co Author Listing * Pathwalker: A New Individual-Based Movement Model for Conservation Science and Connectivity Modelling
* Text data extraction from microfilm images of punched cards
Includes: Kumar, S.U.[Siddharth Unnithan] Kumar, S.U.

Kumar, S.V. Co Author Listing * Calibration to Improve Forward Model Simulation of Microwave Emissivity at GPM Frequencies Over the U.S. Southern Great Plains
* Exploring Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 diversity for flood inundation mapping using deep learning
* Exploring the Utility of Machine Learning-Based Passive Microwave Brightness Temperature Data Assimilation over Terrestrial Snow in High Mountain Asia
* Generation of Random Fields for Image Segmentation Techniques: A Review
* Geometric pattern matching using dynamic feature combinations
* Real-Time MODIS Vegetation Product for Land Surface and Numerical Weather Prediction Models, A
* T2FCS filter: Type 2 fuzzy and cuckoo search-based filter design for image restoration
* U-Net Approach for InSAR Phase Unwrapping and Denoising, A
* Watershed Modeling with Remotely Sensed Big Data: MODIS Leaf Area Index Improves Hydrology and Water Quality Predictions
Includes: Kumar, S.V. Kumar, S.V.[Sujay V.] Kumar, S.V.[Sagenela Vijaya] Kumar, S.V.[Satish V.] Kumar, S.V.[Sachin Vijay]
9 for Kumar, S.V.

Kumar, S.V.B. Co Author Listing * fast piecewise deformable method for multi-modality image registration, A
* novel progressive thick slab paradigm for volumetric medical image compression and navigation, A

Kumar, T. .S.I.[T. Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Residual learning based CNN for breast cancer histopathological image classification
Includes: Kumar, T. .S.I.[T. Sun Il] Kumar, T. .S.I.[T. Sun-Il]

Kumar, T.[Tushar] Co Author Listing * Grounding-Tracking-Integration
* High Frequency (HF) Radar Detection of the Weak 2012 Indonesian Tsunamis
Includes: Kumar, T.[Tushar] Kumar, T.

Kumar, T.G.S.[T. G. Subash] Co Author Listing * Local contourlet tetra pattern for image retrieval
* modified statistical approach for image fusion using wavelet transform, A
* Texture classification using Curvelet Statistical and Co-occurrence Features
* Texture classification using ridgelet transform
Includes: Kumar, T.G.S.[T. G. Subash] Kumar, T.G.S.[T.G. Subash]

Kumar, T.K. .S.I.[T.K. Sun Il] Co Author Listing * computationally efficient moving object detection technique using tensor QR decomposition based TRPCA framework, A
Includes: Kumar, T.K. .S.I.[T.K. Sun Il] Kumar, T.K. .S.I.[T.K. Sun-Il]

Kumar, T.K.S. Co Author Listing * Overview: A Hierarchical Framework for Plan Generation and Execution in Multirobot Systems

Kumar, T.L.[T. Lokesh] Co Author Listing * Attentive Sequence-to-Sequence Modeling of Stroke Gestures Articulation Performance

Kumar, T.S. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Two-Dimensional Tunable-Q Wavelet Transform
* HHO-Based Vector Quantization Technique for Biomedical Image Compression in Cloud Computing
* Near Real-time Determination Of Earthquake Source Parameters For Tsunami Early Warning From Geodetic Observations
Includes: Kumar, T.S. Kumar, T.S.[T. Satish] Kumar, T.S.[T. Srinivasa]

Kumar, T.V.L.[T.V. Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Caatinga response to drought using Meteosat-SEVIRI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (2008-2016)
* Drought Assessment in the São Francisco River Basin Using Satellite-Based and Ground-Based Indices
Includes: Kumar, T.V.L.[T.V. Lakshmi] Kumar, T.V.L.[T. V. Lakshmi]

Kumar, U.[Uttam] Co Author Listing * Data Generation with Structure Enforcing Adversarial Learning
* Efficient coding of sparse trees using an enhanced-embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm
* Exploring Subpixel Learning Algorithms for Estimating Global Land Cover Fractions from Satellite Data Using High Performance Computing
* Multi-sensor multi-resolution image fusion for improved vegetation and urban area classification
* Raindrop Size Distributions of North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Observed at the Coastal and Inland Stations in South India
* Remote Sensing of Storage Fluctuations of Poorly Gauged Reservoirs and State Space Model (SSM)-Based Estimation
* Revealing Psycholinguistic Dimensions of Communities in Social Networks
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
* Sparse unmixing via variable splitting and augmented Lagrangian for vegetation and urban area classification using Landsat data
* Vehicle detection in monocular night-time grey-level videos
Includes: Kumar, U.[Uttam] Kumar, U.[Ujjwal] Kumar, U. Kumar, U.[Utpal]
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Kumar, U.S.[Ushus S.] Co Author Listing * QCBO-WSVM: Quantum chaos butterfly optimization-based weighted support vector machine for neuropathic pain detection from EEG signal

Kumar, V.[Vijay] Co Author Listing * 3D landmark-based face restoration for recognition using variational autoencoder and triplet loss
* Active contour and texture features hybrid model for breast cancer detection from ultrasonic images
* Aethra-net: Single image and video dehazing using autoencoder
* Algorithms for Constraint-Satisfaction Problems: A Survey
* Automated delineation of lung tumors from CT images using a single click ensemble segmentation approach
* Automated Plantation Mapping in Southeast Asia Using MODIS Data and Imperfect Visual Annotations
* Block-based image fusion using multi-scale analysis to enhance depth of field and dynamic range
* Brain-Network Paradigm: Using Functional Imaging Data to Study How the Brain Works, The
* CAFT: Class Aware Frequency Transform for Reducing Domain Gap
* Calibrating an air-ground control system from motion correspondences
* Characterization of Primary and Secondary Malignant Liver Lesions from B-Mode Ultrasound
* Colour image encryption technique using differential evolution in non-subsampled contourlet transform domain
* Combinatorial Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting
* comparative study of computer-aided classification systems for focal hepatic lesions from B-mode ultrasound, A
* Comparison between Support Vector Machine and Water Cloud Model for Estimating Crop Leaf Area Index, A
* Comprehensive survey of 3D image steganography techniques
* Computer-Vision-Based Approach to Personal Identification Using Finger Crease Pattern
* CoNMix for Source-free Single and Multi-target Domain Adaptation
* Control of Ensembles of Aerial Robots
* Convolution Neural Network based lossy compression of hyperspectral images
* Creation of a Huge Annotated Database for Tamil and Kannada OHR
* deep transfer learning framework for mapping high spatiotemporal resolution LAI, A
* Dehazing of remote sensing images using fourth-order partial differential equations based trilateral filter
* Diffusion MRI Tractography of Crossing Fibers by Cone-Beam ODF Regularization
* E-CNNet: Time-reassigned Multisynchrosqueezing transform-based deep learning framework for MI-BCI task classification
* EvDNeRF: Reconstructing Event Data with Dynamic Neural Radiance Fields
* Exploiting Word Embeddings for Recognition of Previously Unseen Objects
* Exploring the Frontier of Object Detection: A Deep Dive into YOLOv8 and the COCO Dataset
* Face Recognition in Videos by Label Propagation
* Frequency aware face hallucination generative adversarial network with semantic structural constraint
* Group preserving label embedding for multi-label classification
* Hybrid time-reassigned multisynchrosqueezing transform-Picard-based automated electroencephalography artifact correction methodology for brain-computer interface applications
* Identifying Ragas in Indian Music
* Image dehazing using Moore neighborhood-based gradient profile prior
* Image Inpainting Through Metric Labeling via Guided Patch Mixing
* Improved GAN for image resolution enhancement using ViT for breast cancer detection
* Improving Domain Adaptation Through Class Aware Frequency Transformation
* Improving Stock Market Forecasting Using Advanced Time Series Analysis Techniques
* Indian Movie Face Database: A benchmark for face recognition under wide variations
* Information count and distribution matrix: A contemporary approach for content-based brain image indexing
* Intelligent deep learning based ethnicity recognition and classification using facial images
* Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda
* ipA-MedGAN: Inpainting of Arbitrary Regions in Medical Imaging
* Kinematic Modeling of Head-Neck Movements
* Learning Fashion Compatibility from In-the-wild Images
* Long term spatio-temporal modeling for action detection
* Low-latency median filter core for hardware implementation of 5X5 median filtering
* M3ED: Multi-Robot, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Environment Event Dataset
* Mapping Burned Areas in Tropical Forests Using a Novel Machine Learning Framework
* Memory-efficient architecture of circle Hough transform and its FPGA implementation for iris localisation
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on RGB+ToF Depth Completion: Methods and Results
* Modified Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting via Primal-Dual Optimization
* Morphological Enhancement of Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms
* Morphologically dilated convolutional neural network for hyperspectral image classification
* MRF Model-Based Segmentation Approach to Classification for Multispectral Imagery, A
* Multi-label annotation of music
* Neural Network Ensemble Based CAD System for Focal Liver Lesions from B-Mode Ultrasound
* No-reference image quality assessment using Gabor-based smoothness and latent noise estimation
* novel machine learning-based analytical framework for automatic detection of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* OmniLayout: Room Layout Reconstruction from Indoor Spherical Panoramas
* Optimal Pricing for Offloaded Hard- and Soft-Deadline Tasks in Edge Computing
* Orientation Imaging Microscopy With Optimized Convergence Angle Using CBED Patterns in TEMs
* Parallel Algorithms for Machine Intelligence and Vision
* PCA-SVM based CAD System for Focal Liver Lesions using B-Mode Ultrasound Images
* Pose-Aware Person Recognition
* Prediction of Cirrhosis Based on Singular Value Decomposition of Gray Level Co-Occurence Matrix and a Neural Network Classifier
* Prediction of cirrhosis from liver ultrasound B-mode images based on Laws' masks analysis
* Prediction of liver cirrhosis based on multiresolution texture descriptors from B-mode ultrasound
* Proportional Trends of Continuous Rainfall in Indian Summer Monsoon
* Proximal maximum margin matrix factorization for collaborative filtering
* Radar Vegetation Index for Crop Monitoring Using Compact Polarimetric SAR Data, A
* Rapid Approach for Prediction of Liver Cirrhosis based on First Order Statistics, A
* Rapid Design and Prototyping of Customized Rehabilitation Aids
* Region Pooling with Adaptive Feature Fusion for End-to-End Person Recognition
* Regional mutual information-based identification and reduction of flicker artifacts during video encoding
* robust semi fragile lossless image data hiding approach, A
* Security Credential Management System for V2X Communications, A
* Semi-supervised annotation of faces in image collection
* Sentinel-1 SAR Backscatter Response to Agricultural Drought in The Netherlands
* SFVCC: Chaotic map-based security framework for vehicular cloud computing
* Skyline recommendation with uncertain preferences
* SpaceNet MVOI: A Multi-View Overhead Imagery Dataset
* Sparse Document Image Coding for Restoration
* Sparse Representation Based Face Recognition with Limited Labeled Samples
* Standard-Compliant Low-Pass Temporal Filter to Reduce the Perceived Flicker Artifact
* Support vector machine-based macro-block mode decision in MPEG-2 video compression
* SVM-based characterisation of liver cirrhosis by singular value decomposition of GLCM matrix
* SVM-Based Characterization of Liver Ultrasound Images Using Wavelet Packet Texture Descriptors
* Theoretically Sound Upper Bound on the Triplet Loss for Improving the Efficiency of Deep Distance Metric Learning, A
* Toward Large-Scale Mapping of Tree Crops with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning Algorithms: A Case Study of Olive Orchards in Morocco
* Towards Understanding the Influence of Vertical Water Distribution on Radar Backscatter from Vegetation Using a Multi-Layer Water Cloud Model
* Traffic Sign Detection and Classification
* UAV-based Hyperspectral Data Analysis for Urban Area Mapping
* Underwater image restoration: A state-of-the-art review
* Unsupervised Model-Based Object Recognition by Parameter Estimation of Hierarchical Mixtures
* Visual Phrases for Exemplar Face Detection
Includes: Kumar, V.[Vijay] Kumar, V. Kumar, V.[Virendra] Kumar, V.[Vipin] Kumar, V.[Vinay] Kumar, V.[Vikash] Kumar, V.[Vinod] Kumar, V.[Veepin] Kumar, V.[Vineet] Kumar, V.[Vinoid] Kumar, V.[Vimal] Kumar, V.[Vikas] Kumar, V.[Vijaya]
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Kumar, V.A.[V. Akash] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Classification of Malignant and Benign Cells in Dermatoscopic Images via Transfer Learning Approach

Kumar, V.B.G.[Vijay B.G.] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Voting Scheme for Object Detection using Hough Forests, A
* Max-Margin Semi-NMF

Kumar, V.K. Co Author Listing * 3D visualization and mapping of choroid thickness based on optical coherence tomography: A step-by-step geometric approach

Kumar, V.K.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Image Template Matching on Hypercube SIMD Machines
* Massive memory organizations for implementing neural networks
* Orthogonal Multiprocessor Sharing Memory with an Enhanced Mesh for Integrated Image Understanding
Includes: Kumar, V.K.P. Kumar, V.K.P.[V.K. Prasanna]

Kumar, V.P. Co Author Listing * email: Kumar, V.P.: vinay AT cdsp neu edu
* Image Interpretation Using Bayesian Networks
* Learning-Based Approach to Estimation of Morphable Model Parameters
* Learning-Based Approach to Real Time Tracking and Analysis of Faces
* Multifeature Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Gleason Grading of Histological Images
* Real Time Analysis and Tracking of Mouths for Expression Recognition
* Recognizing Expressions by Direct Estimation of the Parameters of a Pixel Morphable Model
* Towards Man-Machine Interfaces: Combining Top-down Constraints with Bottom-up Learning in Facial Analysis
Includes: Kumar, V.P. Kumar, V.P.[Vinay P.]
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Kumar, V.R.[Varun Ravi] Co Author Listing * Generalized Object Detection on Fisheye Cameras for Autonomous Driving: Dataset, Representations and Baseline
* Let's Get Dirty: GAN Based Data Augmentation for Camera Lens Soiling Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Online Learning System for Wireless Charging Alignment Using Surround-View Fisheye Cameras, An
* Optimization-Assisted CNN Model for Fault Classification and Site Location in Transmission Lines
* Surround-View Fisheye Camera Perception for Automated Driving: Overview, Survey and Challenges
* SVDistNet: Self-Supervised Near-Field Distance Estimation on Surround View Fisheye Cameras
* SynDistNet: Self-Supervised Monocular Fisheye Camera Distance Estimation Synergized with Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving
* X-Align: Cross-Modal Cross-View Alignment for Bird's-Eye-View Segmentation
* X3KD: Knowledge Distillation Across Modalities, Tasks and Stages for Multi-Camera 3D Object Detection
Includes: Kumar, V.R.[Varun Ravi] Kumar, V.R.[V. Rajesh]
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Kumar, V.S.[Vijay S.] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Semantic Querying in Large Biomedical Image Datasets
* Efficient inception V2 based deep convolutional neural network for real-time hand action recognition
Includes: Kumar, V.S.[Vijay S.] Kumar, V.S.[V. Sathiesh]

Kumar, V.V.[Vivek Vijaya] Co Author Listing * Implementation and evaluation of cooperative adaptive cruise control functionalities

Kumar, W.K.[Wahengbam Kanan] Co Author Listing * Enhancing scene perception using a multispectral fusion of visible-near-infrared image pair
* Fast and Automatically Adjustable GRBF Kernel Based Fuzzy C-Means for Cluster-wise Coloured Feature Extraction and Segmentation of MR Images
* Image classification using SLIC superpixel and FAAGKFCM image segmentation

Kumar, Y.[Yuwaraj] Co Author Listing * Additional Cues Derived from Three Dimensional Image Processing to Aid Customised Reconstruction for Medical Applications
* Enhanced Autofocus Algorithm Using Robust Focus Measure and Fuzzy Reasoning
* Epileptic seizures detection in EEG using DWT-based ApEn and artificial neural network
* Few-Shot Referring Relationships in Videos
* Infrared small target detection based on non-convex triple tensor factorisation
* Reweighted infrared patch image model for small target detection based on non-convex Lp-norm minimisation and TV regularisation
Includes: Kumar, Y.[Yuwaraj] Kumar, Y. Kumar, Y.[Yatindra] Kumar, Y.[Yogesh]

Kumar, Y.A.[Y. Anoop] Co Author Listing * Face recognition using multiple facial features

Kumar, Y.H.S.[Yeliyur Hanumathiah Sharath] Co Author Listing * SIFT and HOG features for the retrieval of ancient Kannada epigraphs

Kumar, Y.S.[Y. Senthil] Co Author Listing * Learning Feature Trajectories Using Gabor Filter Bank for Human Activity Segmentation and Recognition

Kumar, Y.S.S.S.S.[Y.S.S.S. Santosh] Co Author Listing * MOSAIC: Multi-Object Segmented Arbitrary Stylization Using CLIP

Kumara, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * large margin approach for writer independent online handwriting classification, A

Kumara, S.R.T.[Soundar R.T.] Co Author Listing * Extraction of 3D Object Features from CAD Boundary Representation Using the Super Relation Graph Method

Kumaraguru, P. Co Author Listing * Attentional Road Safety Networks
* Fake News in India: Scale, Diversity, Solution, and Opportunities
* Suspect Identification Framework using Contrastive Relevance Feedback, A
Includes: Kumaraguru, P. Kumaraguru, P.[Ponnurangam]

Kumaraguru, P.V. Co Author Listing * Hessian Distributed Ant Optimized Perron-Frobenius Eigen Centrality for Social Networks

Kumaran, K. Co Author Listing * shape of illusory figures, The
* Visual Organization for Figure/Ground Separation
* Visual Organization of Illusory Surfaces
Includes: Kumaran, K. Kumaran, K.[Krishnan]

Kumaran, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Window-Based Runlength Coding Algorithm Applied to Gray-Level Images, A

Kumaran, M.S.[M. Santhosh] Co Author Listing * IoT Empowered AI: Transforming Object Recognition and NLP Summarization with Generative AI

Kumaran, N.[Natarajan] Co Author Listing * Classification of human activity detection based on an intelligent regression model in video sequences

Kumaran, S.K.[Santhosh Kelathodi] Co Author Listing * Likelihood learning in modified Dirichlet Process Mixture Model for video analysis

Kumaran, S.S.[S. Senthil] Co Author Listing * Graph-theory-based spectral feature selection for computer aided diagnosis of Parkinson's disease using T1-weighted MRI

Kumaran, T. Co Author Listing * On Determining Slope and Derivative of Curve Components in a Binary Image

Kumarand, P.[Pramod] Co Author Listing * Towards a comprehensive assessment of wound-composition using color-image processing

Kumarapu, L.[Laxman] Co Author Listing * AnimePose: Multi-person 3D pose estimation and animation

Kumarasamy, S.K.[Saravana Kumar] Co Author Listing * Robust contour reconstruction of red blood cells and parasites in the automated identification of the stages of malarial infection

Kumarasamy, U.M.[Uma M.] Co Author Listing * Land-Use and Land-Cover Classification Using a Human Group-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with an LSTM Classifier on Hybrid Pre-Processing Remote-Sensing Images

Kumarasinghe, P.[Prabhash] Co Author Listing * Detecting Water in Visual Image Streams from UAV with Flight Constraints

Kumarasiri, U.W.L.M.[Unupen Widanelage Lahiru Madhushanka] Co Author Listing * Predicting Canopy Chlorophyll Content in Sugarcane Crops Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Spectral Vegetation Indices Derived from UAV Multispectral Imagery

Kumarasiri, W.C.M. Co Author Listing * Trainer System for Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting, A

Kumaraswamy, S.[Suresh] Co Author Listing * WavNet: Visual saliency detection using Discrete Wavelet Convolutional Neural Network

Kumaraswamy, S.K.[Suresh Kirthi] Co Author Listing * Detecting Human-Object Interaction with Mixed Supervision

Kumaraswamy, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Investigation and classification of ECG beat using Input Output Additional Weighted Feed Forward Neural Network

Kumaratharan, N. Co Author Listing * Enhanced brain image retrieval using carrier frequency offset compensated orthogonal frequency division multiplexing for telemedicine applications

Kumaravel, S.D. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Signal Control for Non-Lane-Based Heterogeneous Traffic Under V2I Communication, A

Kumaravelu, G. Co Author Listing * CompressNet: Generative Compression at Extremely Low Bitrates

Kumarawadu, S. Co Author Listing * High-Performance Object Tracking and Fixation With an Online Neural Estimator
* Neuroadaptive Output Tracking of Fully Autonomous Road Vehicles With an Observer

Kumaresan, P.R. Co Author Listing * Investigation on the Morphological and Mineralogical Characteristics of Posidonius Floor Fractured Lunar Impact Crater Using Lunar Remote Sensing Data, An

Kumaresan, R. Co Author Listing * Exact Least Squares Fitting Technique for Two-Dimensional Frequency Wavenumber Estimation, An
* Vector-Radix Algorithm for a 2-D Discrete Hartley Transform

Kumaresan, S.S. Co Author Listing * Hand-eye coordination of a robot manipulator based on fuzzy logic

Kumarganesh, S. Co Author Listing * Early detection of melanoma images using gray level co-occurrence matrix features and machine learning techniques for effective clinical diagnosis
* efficient approach for brain image (tissue) compression based on the position of the brain tumor, An

Kumari, D.[Deepshikha] Co Author Listing * Monte Carlo DropBlock for modeling uncertainty in object detection

Kumari, G.V.[G. Vijaya] Co Author Listing * Investigation into the Use of Partial Face in the Mobile Environment, An

Kumari, K. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Technology Based Soil Loss Estimation for Sustainable Urban Development of Butwal Submetropolitan City, Nepal

Kumari, K.H.V.[K. H. Vijaya] Co Author Listing * Residual UNet with Dual Attention: An ensemble residual UNet with dual attention for multi-modal and multi-class brain MRI segmentation

Kumari, M.[Maya] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Technology-Based Analysis of Air Quality in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic
* Modified Polarimetric Decompostion for Applicabilty in Complex Agricultural Environment, A
Includes: Kumari, M.[Maya] Kumari, M.

Kumari, M.K.N. Co Author Listing * Application of Geospatial Techniques for Groundwater Quality and Availability Assessment: A Case Study in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka

Kumari, M.S.[M. Sharmila] Co Author Listing * Surface measures for accuracy evaluation in 3d face reconstruction
* Video shot boundary detection: An efficient and an accurate approach based on Gabor moments
Includes: Kumari, M.S.[M. Sharmila] Kumari, M.S.

Kumari, N.[Nupur] Co Author Listing * Ablating Concepts in Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* Aboveground Forest Biomass Estimation by the Integration of TLS and ALOS PALSAR Data Using Machine Learning
* Attributional Robustness Training Using Input-gradient Spatial Alignment
* Automated visual stimuli evoked multi-channel EEG signal classification using EEGCapsNet
* Charting the Right Manifold: Manifold Mixup for Few-shot Learning
* Data InStance Prior (DISP) in Generative Adversarial Networks
* Ensembling Off-the-shelf Models for GAN Training
* Global Analysis of Atmospheric Transmissivity Using Cloud Cover, Aridity and Flux Network Datasets
* LT-GAN: Self-Supervised GAN with Latent Transformation Detection
* Multi-Concept Customization of Text-to-Image Diffusion
Includes: Kumari, N.[Nupur] Kumari, N.[Nikul] Kumari, N.[Nandini] Kumari, N.
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Kumari, P.[Preti] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Game Based Approach for Associating the Nodes to the Gateway in LoRa Network, A
* Combined Hapto-visual and Auditory Rendering of Cultural Heritage Objects
* Concept drift challenge in multimedia anomaly detection: A case study with facial datasets
Includes: Kumari, P.[Preti] Kumari, P.[Priyadarshini] Kumari, P.[Pratibha]

Kumari, R.D.A.[R.D. Anitha] Co Author Listing * Taylor rate-distortion trade-off and adaptive block search for HEVC encoding

Kumari, R.K.[R. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Lyndon Partial Words and Arrays with Applications

Kumari, R.S.S.[R. Shantha Selva] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy C means integrated with spatial information and contrast enhancement for segmentation of MR brain images
* Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform based expectation maximization method for segmentation of images
* SAR image despeckling using heavy-tailed Burr distribution

Kumari, S.[Seema] Co Author Listing * 3d Point Cloud Completion Using Stacked Auto-Encoder for Structure Preservation
* AFFIRM: Provably Forward Privacy for Searchable Encryption in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System
* Augmenting Colonoscopy Using Extended and Directional CycleGAN for Lossy Image Translation
* AUTODEPTH: Single Image Depth Map Estimation via Residual CNN Encoder-Decoder and Stacked Hourglass
* DisBezant: Secure and Robust Federated Learning Against Byzantine Attack in IoT-Enabled MTS
* Efficient DWT and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Based Multimodality Medical Image Fusion, An
* HDMA: Hybrid D2D Message Authentication Scheme for 5G-Enabled VANETs
* Human Action Recognition Using DFT
* Intra- and Inter-annual Trends of Sun-induced Fluorescence (SIF) For Contrasting Vegetation Types of India
* Privacy-Aware Multiagent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Task Offloading in VANET
* YOLOv8 Based Deep Learning Method for Potholes Detection
Includes: Kumari, S.[Seema] Kumari, S.[Saru] Kumari, S. Kumari, S.[Shruti]
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Kumari, V.[Vineeta] Co Author Listing * Early detection of cancerous tissues in human breast utilizing near field microwave holography

Kumatani, K.[Kenichi] Co Author Listing * Mouth Region Localization Method Based on Gaussian Mixture Model

Kumawat, A.[Anchal] Co Author Listing * Integrated Double Hybrid Fusion Approach for Image Smoothing, An

Kumawat, C.[Chothmal] Co Author Listing * robust JPEG compression detector for image forensics, A

Kumawat, H.C.[Harish C.] Co Author Listing * Application of DNN for radar micro-doppler signature-based human suspicious activity recognition

Kumawat, M.[Manisha] Co Author Listing * Time-Variant Satellite Vegetation Classification Enabled by Hybrid Metaheuristic-Based Adaptive Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping

Kumawat, S.[Sudhakar] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition From a Single Coded Image
* Depthwise Spatio-Temporal STFT Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition
* LP-3DCNN: Unveiling Local Phase in 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Privacy-Preserving Action Recognition via Motion Difference Quantization
* Yoga-82: A New Dataset for Fine-grained Classification of Human Poses
Includes: Kumawat, S.[Sudhakar] Kumawat, S.

Kumazaki, R. Co Author Listing * Application of 3d Tree Modeling Using Point Cloud Data By Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Drawing and Landscape Simulation for Japanese Garden by Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Kumazaki, T. Co Author Listing * approach for detecting blood vessel diseases from cone-beam CT image, An
* Feature Extraction of Convex Surfaces on Blood Vessels Using Cone-Beam CT Images
* Three-dimensional imaging of blood vessels using cone-beam CT

Kumazakia, R. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling Of Components Of A Garden By Using Point Cloud Data

Kumazawa, I.[Itsuo] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Reconstruction from Multiple Silhouettes: Generalization from Few Views by Neural Network Learning
* Affine transformations of 3D objects represented with neural networks
* Analytic Reconstruction of Transparent and Opaque Surfaces from Texture Images
* Background Images Generation Based on the Nelder-Mead Simplex Algorithm Using the Eigenbackground Model
* Combinatorial Transparent Surface Modeling from Polarization Images, A
* Combined Use of Rear Touch Gestures and Facial Feature Detection to Achieve Single-Handed Navigation of Mobile Devices
* Compact and parametric shape representation by a tree of sigmoid functions for automatic shape modeling
* Constrained Convex Optimization Approach to Hyperspectral Image Restoration with Hybrid Spatio-Spectral Regularization, A
* Face Reconstruction From Shading Using Smooth Projected Polygon NN
* Image Restoration with Multiple Hard Constraints on Data-Fidelity to Blurred/Noisy Image Pair
* Mixed Noise Removal for Hyperspectral Images Using Hybrid Spatio-Spectral Total Variati
* Modified Nearest Neighbor Method for Image Reconstruction in Fluorescence Microscopy, A
* neural network for recovering 3D shape from erroneous and few depth maps of shaded images, A
* Neural Network for Simultaneously Reconstructing Transparent and Opaque Surfaces, A
* Object Tracking with Shape Representation Network Using Color Information
* Occlusion-Robust Human Tracking with Integrated Multi-View Depth Imagery
* Region Extraction Method Based on Clustering Along an Object Contour
* scheme for reconstructing face from shading using smooth projected polygon representation NN, A
* Target tracking by matching a shape represented by a tree of sigmoid functions
Includes: Kumazawa, I.[Itsuo] Kumazawa, I.
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