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Huesca, M.[Margarita] Co Author Listing * Assessment of MODIS spectral indices for determining rice paddy agricultural practices and hydroperiod
* Discrimination of Canopy Structural Types in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California

Huescar, J.M.[Juan Manuel] Co Author Listing * Remote Cooperative Design System Using Interactive 3d Graphics, A

Huesman, R. Co Author Listing * Correction to Analytic determination of pinhole collimator sensitivity with penetration

Huesman, R.H. Co Author Listing * Consolidation of common parameters from multiple fits in dynamic PET data analysis
* Correction for ambiguous solutions in factor analysis using a penalized least squares objective
* Direct least-squares estimation of spatiotemporal distributions from dynamic SPECT projections using a spatial segmentation and temporal B-splines
* Fine-Scale Motion Detection Using Intrinsic List Mode PET Information
* methodology for specifying PET VOIs using multimodality techniques, A
* Propagation of Errors From the Sensitivity Image in List Mode Reconstruction
* Theoretical study of lesion detectability of MAP reconstruction using computer observers
* Theoretical Study of Penalized-Likelihood Image Reconstruction for Region of Interest Quantification
* Tomographic reconstruction using an adaptive tetrahedral mesh defined by a point cloud
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Hueso Gonzalez, J. Co Author Listing * Development of the TanDEM-X Calibration Concept: Analysis of Systematic Errors
* Final TerraSAR-X Calibration Results Based on Novel Efficient Methods

Hueso, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Facial Tracking and Animation Using a 3D Sensor

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