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Ott, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Photo Cropper And Enhancer

Ott, C. Co Author Listing * Manipulating the Experience of Reality for Rehabilitation Applications

Ott, F. Co Author Listing * ViPR: Visual-Odometry-aided Pose Regression for 6DoF Camera Localization

Ott, H.[Hannes] Co Author Listing * Europe's Green Arteries: A Continental Dataset of Riparian Zones
* Uniaxial Complex Relative Permittivity Tensor Measurement of Rocks From 40 Hz to 4.5 GHz
Includes: Ott, H.[Hannes] Ott, H.

Ott, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Application of H.263+ Video Coding Modes in Lossy Packet Network Environments
* Error Resilience Support in H.263+
Includes: Ott, J.[Jorg] Ott, J.[Jörg] Ott, J.

Ott, L.[Lesley] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Skills of a Seasonal Forecast of Chlorophyll in the Global Pelagic Oceans
* New Computational Approach to Identify Human Social Intention in Action, A
* Simple online and realtime tracking
Includes: Ott, L.[Lesley] Ott, L.

Ott, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * Adaptive reference frame selection for near-duplicate video shot detection

Ott, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Antarctic Coastline Detection using Snakes

Ott, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Imaging with tilted surfaces: an efficient matrix method for the generalized Scheimpflug condition and its application to rotationally symmetric triangulation
* Implicit color segmentation features for pedestrian and object detection
* Latent Hierarchical Part Based Models for Road Scene Understanding
* Multispectral Remote Sensing as a Tool to Support Organic Crop Certification: Assessment of the Discrimination Level between Organic and Conventional Maize
* Shared parts for deformable part-based models
Includes: Ott, P.[Peter] Ott, P.[Patrick] Ott, P. Ott, P.[Pierre]

Ott, R. Co Author Listing * Automated classification of cytological specimens based on features extracted from nuclei images

Ott, S.[Sanne] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Marked Pigs in a Pen Using Image Pattern Recognition
* Automatic Monitoring of Pig Activity Using Image Analysis
* Weight Estimation of Pigs Using Top-View Image Processing

Ott, T.[Tammy] Co Author Listing * ANSIBLE: A Virtual World Ecosystem for Improving Psycho-Social Well-being

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