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Kamachi, M. Co Author Listing * Coding Facial Expressions with Gabor Wavelets

Kamaci, N. Co Author Listing * Frame Bit Allocation for the H.264/AVC Video Coder Via Cauchy-Density-Based Rate and Distortion Models
* Improved DCT coefficient distribution modeling for H.264-like video coders based on block classification
* Low-Complexity Rate-Distortion Optimal Macroblock Mode Selection and Motion Estimation for MPEG-Like Video Coders
Includes: Kamaci, N. Kamaci, N.[Nejat]

Kamaci, U.[Ulas] Co Author Listing * Optimal Measurement Configuration In Computational Diffractive Imaging

Kamada, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * proposal for an artificial neural network that optimizes reference vectors: FMNET, A
* Recognizing Moving Objects From Orthographic Views
Includes: Kamada, H.[Hiroshi] Kamada, H.

Kamada, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Road Information on Medium Scale Topographical Maps
* Kidney Glomerulus Observation in Interactive VR Space
Includes: Kamada, K. Kamada, K.[Kumi]

Kamada, M.[Mahito] Co Author Listing * Development of a Monitoring Method Using UAVs That Can Detect the Occurrence of Bark Stripping by Deer
* Iris authentication apparatus
* parallel architecture for relaxation operations, A
* Suitable LiDAR Platform for Measuring the 3D Structure of Mangrove Forests
* Two-dimensional spline interpolation for image reconstruction
Includes: Kamada, M.[Mahito] Kamada, M.[Mikio] Kamada, M.[Masaru]

Kamada, T.[Takahiro] Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D Surface Mesh Cutting Operation, An
* Advanced graphics for visualization of shielding relations
* Algorithm for Cutting 3D Surface Meshes, An
* Low-Power Video Encoder/Decoder Chip Set for Digital VCRs
* simple method for computing general position in displaying three-dimensional objects, A
Includes: Kamada, T.[Takahiro] Kamada, T.[Tomihisa] Kamada, T.

Kamae, N.[Naohiko] Co Author Listing * Picture signal coding apparatus

Kamae, T. Co Author Listing * Advances in FAX

Kamaev, A.[Aleksandr] Co Author Listing * Classification of Video Observation Data for Volcanic Activity Monitoring Using Computer Vision and Modern Neural NetWorks (on Klyuchevskoy Volcano Example)

Kamagata, N. Co Author Listing * new method of vegetation mapping by object-based classification using high resolution satellite data, A

Kamahara, J.[Junzo] Co Author Listing * User-Calibration-Free Gaze Estimation Method Using a Binocular 3D Eye Model

Kamakoti, V. Co Author Listing * Efficient motion vector recovery algorithm for H.264 using directional interpolation
* System-on-programmable-chip implementation for on-line face recognition

Kamakura, M.[Mawo] Co Author Listing * Classification of Bayon Faces
* Great Buddha Project: Digitally Archiving, Restoring, and Analyzing Cultural Heritage Objects, The
* Kyushu Decorative Tumuli Project: From e-Heritage to Cyber-Archaeology

Kamal, A.H.M. Co Author Listing * Boosting up the data hiding rate through multi cycle embedment process

Kamal, A.T.[Ahmed Tashrif] Co Author Listing * Belief consensus for distributed action recognition
* Color Image Processing Using Reduced Biquaternions with Application to Face Recognition in a PCA Framework
* Consensus-based distributed estimation in camera networks
* Distributed Camera Networks
* Distributed Multi-Target Tracking and Data Association in Vision Networks
* Information Consensus for Distributed Multi-target Tracking
* Linear Regression Classification in the Quaternion and Reduced Biquaternion Domains
* Tracking and Activity Recognition Through Consensus in Distributed Camera Networks
* Vector field analysis for motion pattern identification in video
Includes: Kamal, A.T.[Ahmed Tashrif] Kamal, A.T.[Aliaa T.] Kamal, A.T.[Ahmed T.] Kamal, A.T.
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Kamal, I.M.[Imam Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Cooperative auto-classifier networks for boosting discriminant capacity
* Super-encoder with cooperative autoencoder networks

Kamal, K.[Khurram] Co Author Listing * Pothole 3D Reconstruction With a Novel Imaging System and Structure From Motion Techniques
* Review of Three-Dimensional Imaging Technologies for Pavement Distress Detection and Measurements, A
Includes: Kamal, K.[Khurram] Kamal, K.

Kamal, L. Co Author Listing * Polyfit Assisted Monoscopic Multi-image Measurement Systems

Kamal, M.[Mohsin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Network Security System for IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation, An
* Blockchain-Based Lightweight and Secured V2V Communication in the Internet of Vehicles
* Characterizing the Spatial Structure of Mangrove Features for Optimizing Image-Based Mangrove Mapping
* Hyperspectral Data for Mangrove Species Mapping: A Comparison of Pixel-Based and Object-Based Approach
* Identification of Mung Bean in a Smallholder Farming Setting of Coastal South Asia Using Manned Aircraft Photography and Sentinel-2 Images
* Multivariate Analysis of MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Aerosol Retrievals and the Statistical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme (SHIPS) Parameters for Atlantic Hurricanes
* Object-Based Approach for Multi-Scale Mangrove Composition Mapping Using Multi-Resolution Image Datasets
* Optimized Security Algorithms for Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicular Transportation Systems
* Spectral Reflectance-Based Mangrove Species Mapping from WorldView-2 Imagery of Karimunjawa and Kemujan Island, Central Java Province, Indonesia
Includes: Kamal, M.[Mohsin] Kamal, M.[Muhammad] Kamal, M. Kamal, M.[Mustafa]
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Kamal, M.A.S. Co Author Listing * Coordination of Connected Vehicles on Merging Roads Using Pseudo-Perturbation-Based Broadcast Control
* Development and Evaluation of an Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Scheme Under a Mixed-Automated Traffic Scenario
* Ecological Vehicle Control on Roads With Up-Down Slopes
* Efficient Driving on Multilane Roads Under a Connected Vehicle Environment
* Smart Driving of a Vehicle Using Model Predictive Control for Improving Traffic Flow
* Vehicle-Intersection Coordination Scheme for Smooth Flows of Traffic Without Using Traffic Lights, A

Kamal, M.H.[Mahdad Hosseini] Co Author Listing * Convex Solution to Disparity Estimation from Light Fields via the Primal-Dual Method, A
* Tensor low-rank and sparse light field photography

Kamal, M.M.[M. Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Color Space Models for Skin Detection in Sub-continental Human Images

Kamal, M.R.[Md Rowshon] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Field and SAR-Derived Descriptors in the Retrieval of Soil Moisture from Oil Palm Crops Using PALSAR-2
* Vegetation Effects on Soil Moisture Retrieval from Water Cloud Model Using PALSAR-2 for Oil Palm Trees

Kamal, N.A.M.[Nor Ashikin Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Self-Regulated Learning and Online Learning: A Systematic Review

Kamal, S.[Sumon] Co Author Listing * E Layer Dominated Ionosphere Occurrences as a Function of Geophysical and Space Weather Conditions
* Evaluation of E Layer Dominated Ionosphere Events Using COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 and CHAMP Ionospheric Radio Occultation Data
* High Latitude Model for the E Layer Dominated Ionosphere, A
* Novel view synthesis using a translating camera
* Passive Sonar Target Classification Using Deep Generative beta-VAE
* Real-time life logging via a depth silhouette-based human activity recognition system for smart home services
* Robust human activity recognition from depth video using spatiotemporal multi-fused features
Includes: Kamal, S.[Sumon] Kamal, S.[Shakti] Kamal, S.[Suraj] Kamal, S. Kamal, S.[Shaharyar]
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Kamal, T.S. Co Author Listing * Fusion for registration of medical images: A study
* new algorithm for skew detection and correction, A

Kamal, U. Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using SegU-Net and a Modified Tversky Loss Function With L1-Constraint
* DFR-TSD: A Deep Learning Based Framework for Robust Traffic Sign Detection Under Challenging Weather Conditions
Includes: Kamal, U. Kamal, U.[Uday]

Kamalabadi, F.[Farzad] Co Author Listing * Asymptotic convergence of the ensemble Kalman filter
* Asymptotically optimal blind estimation of multichannel images
* Deconvolution Methods for Mitigation of Transverse Blurring in Optical Coherence Tomography
* Efficient Model Selection in Switching Linear Dynamic Systems by Graph Clustering
* Estimation of Linear Space-Invariant Dynamics
* GPS-Based Radio Tomography With Edge-Preserving Regularization
* High-resolution computational spectral imaging with photon sieves
* High-throughput Hyperspectral Imaging with Tomographic Reconstruction for Weak Signal Sources
* Image formation model for photon sieves
* Linear Space-Invariant System Identification And Mismatch Bounds For Estimation Of Dynamical Images
* Low SNR Multiframe Registration for Cubesats
* Multidimensional image reconstruction in astronomy
* Optimal dynamic tomography for wide-sense stationary spatial random fields
* Optimal Measurement Configuration In Computational Diffractive Imaging
* Optimal Sensor Array Configuration in Remote Image Formation
* Parametric Estimation Approach to Instantaneous Spectral Imaging, A
* Phase Field Method for Tomographic Reconstruction from Limited Data, A
* Quantification of Mismatch Error in Randomly Switching Linear State-Space Models
* Regularized Inverse Approach to Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Imaging, A
* Robust regularized tomographic imaging with convex projections
* Tomographic Imaging of Dynamic Objects With the Ensemble Kalman Filter
* Transform-Domain Penalized-Likelihood Filtering of Projection Data
* Transform-domain penalized-likelihood filtering of tomographic data
* Wavelet-based 2-d multichannel signal estimation
Includes: Kamalabadi, F.[Farzad] Kamalabadi, F.
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Kamaladas, M.D.[M. Davidson] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint extraction of audio signal using wavelet transform

Kamalakannan, S.[Sridharan] Co Author Listing * Analysis Tool for Digitized Cervical and Lumbar Vertebrae Images

Kamalakaran, S.[Sitharthan] Co Author Listing * Classification method for microarray probe selection using sequence, thermodynamics and secondary structure parameters

Kamalakkannan, V.[Vidyavathi] Co Author Listing * Hessian Distributed Ant Optimized Perron-Frobenius Eigen Centrality for Social Networks

Kamalam R, E.J. Co Author Listing * Geometric invariant Target classification using 2D Mellin cepstrum with modified grid formation

Kamalapurkar, R. Co Author Listing * Identification-Based Closed-Loop NMES Limb Tracking With Amplitude-Modulated Control Input

Kamalasanan, V. Co Author Listing * Behaviour Control with Augmented Reality Systems for Shared Spaces
* Exploratory Study on the Use of Augmentation for Behavioural Control in Shared Spaces
Includes: Kamalasanan, V. Kamalasanan, V.[Vinu]

Kamali, B.[Bahareh] Co Author Listing * Mapping Crop Types and Cropping Systems in Nigeria with Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Review of Estimation Methods for Aboveground Biomass in Grasslands Using UAV, A

Kamali, K. Co Author Listing * Cross-Domain Face Synthesis using a Controllable GAN
* Real-time Motion Planning for Robotic Teleoperation Using Dynamic-goal Deep Reinforcement Learning

Kamali, M.[Matin] Co Author Listing * Baseline Dependent Percentile Features for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* Consensus Network Based Hypotheses Combination for Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Improvements in BBN's HMM-Based Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System
* Improvements in hidden Markov model based Arabic OCR
* Linear Clutter Removal from Urban Panoramas
* MethMorph: Simulating Facial Deformation Due to Methamphatamine Usage
* Robust Classification of Curvilinear and Surface-Like Structures in 3d Point Cloud Data
* Statistical Machine Translation as a Language Model for Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Kamali, M.[Matin] Kamali, M.[Mahsa]
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Kamali, S.[Shahab] Co Author Listing * Open Images Dataset V4, The

Kamalov, J.[Julius] Co Author Listing * Ultrasound despeckling by anisotropic diffusion and total variation methods for liver fibrosis diagnostics

Kamamoto, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Archive and Preservation of Media Content Using MPEG-A

Kaman, C.H.[Charles H.] Co Author Listing * Imaging lidar system

Kamandar, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Automatic color image contrast enhancement using Gaussian mixture modeling, piecewise linear transformation, and monotone piecewise cubic interpolant
* Procrustes-based shape prior for parametric active contours

Kamangar, F.[Farhad] Co Author Listing * Class Conditional Alignment for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Cluster-based multi-task Sparse Representation for efficient face recognition
* Deep Low-Rank Subspace Clustering
* Heterogeneous image feature integration via multi-modal spectral clustering
* Image Segmentation Using Sparse Subset Selection
* Multi-Level Representation Learning for Deep Subspace Clustering
* Multi-Modal Sparse Coding Classifier Using Dictionaries with Different Number of Atoms, A
* Multimodal sparse representation classification with Fisher discriminative sample reduction
* Planar Curve Representation and Matching
* Reliability-Based Local Features Aggregation for Image Segmentation
Includes: Kamangar, F.[Farhad] Kamangar, F.
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Kamangar, F.A. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithms for the 2D Discrete Cosine Transform

Kamangir, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach to Urban Street Functionality Prediction Based on Centrality Measures and Stacked Denoising Autoencoder, A
* Deep Learning Based Method to Delineate the Wet/Dry Shoreline and Compute Its Elevation Using High-Resolution UAS Imagery, A
* Deep Learning-Based Single Image Super-Resolution: An Investigation for Dense Scene Reconstruction with UAS Photogrammetry
* Review and Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures for Efficient Land Cover Mapping with UAS Hyper-Spatial Imagery: A Case Study Over a Wetland

Kamann, C. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking the Robustness of Semantic Segmentation Models
* Benchmarking the Robustness of Semantic Segmentation Models with Respect to Common Corruptions
* Increasing the Robustness of Semantic Segmentation Models with Painting-by-numbers
Includes: Kamann, C. Kamann, C.[Christoph]

Kamar, E. Co Author Listing * SQuINTing at VQA Models: Introspecting VQA Models With Sub-Questions
* Understanding Failures of Deep Networks via Robust Feature Extraction
Includes: Kamar, E. Kamar, E.[Ece]

Kamara Esteban, O.[Oihane] Co Author Listing * Can I Shift My Load? Optimizing the Selection of the Best Electrical Tariff for Tertiary Buildings
Includes: Kamara Esteban, O.[Oihane] Kamara-Esteban, O.[Oihane]

Kamara, A.[Afroditi] Co Author Listing * Is E-learning Really Flexible? Ideas for Building Effective Interactive Learning Environments for Cultural Heritage

Kamara, S. Co Author Listing * Towards Untrusted Social Video Verification to Combat Deepfakes via Face Geometry Consistency

Kamarainen, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Open Data 3D Maps in a Collaborative Virtual World
Includes: Kamarainen, A.[Ali] Kämäräinen, A.[Ali] (Maybe also Kaemaeraeinen, A.)

Kamarainen, J. Co Author Listing * CDTB: A Color and Depth Visual Object Tracking Dataset and Benchmark
* CNN-Based Cross-Dataset No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Cross-Granularity Attention Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Flash Lightens Gray Pixels
Includes: Kamarainen, J. Kämäräinen, J. (Maybe also Kaemaeraeinen, J.)

Kamarainen, J.K.[Joni Kristian] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kamarainen, J.K.[Joni Kristian]: Joni Kamarainen AT lut fi
* Active Short-Long Exposure Deblurring
* Affine-invariant face detection and localization using GMM-based feature detector and enhanced appearance model
* Anthropometric clothing measurements from 3D body scans
* Automating Visual Inspection of Print Quality
* Bayesian network model of overall print quality: Construction and structural optimisation
* Benchmarking Visual Localization for Autonomous Navigation
* Best of 18th Scandinavian Conference On Image Analysis 2013
* Combining Multiple Image Segmentations by Maximizing Expert Agreement
* comparison of local feature detectors and descriptors for visual object categorization by intra-class repeatability and matching, A
* Comprehensive Automated 3D Urban Environment Modelling Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Cloud
* Convolutional low-resolution fine-grained classification
* Cumulative attribute space regression for head pose estimation and color constancy
* DAL: A Deep Depth-Aware Long-term Tracker
* Deep structured-output regression learning for computational color constancy
* Density-Aware Part-Based Object Detection with Positive Examples
* Depth Masked Discriminative Correlation Filter
* DepthTrack: Unveiling the Power of RGBD Tracking
* Detecting irregularities in regular patterns
* Detection of irregularities in regular patterns
* DIARETDB1 diabetic retinopathy database and evaluation protocol, The
* Discovering Multi-relational Latent Attributes by Visual Similarity Networks
* Fast extraction of multi-resolution Gabor features
* Fast Fourier Intrinsic Network
* Feature representation and discrimination based on Gaussian mixture model probability densities: Practices and algorithms
* Feature-Based Affine-Invariant Localization of Faces
* Focus model for metric depth estimation in standard plenoptic cameras
* Framework for Applying Full Reference Digital Image Quality Measures to Printed Images
* Fundamental frequency gabor filters for object recognition
* Fusion of Multiple Expert Annotations and Overall Score Selection for Medical Image Diagnosis
* Gabor features in image analysis
* Gaussian mixture pdf in one-class classification: computing and utilizing confidence values
* Generative part-based Gabor object detector
* Hierarchical Sliding Slice Regression for Vehicle Viewing Angle Estimation
* How to Make an RGBD Tracker?
* Hypotheses-Driven Affine Invariant Localization of Faces in Verification Systems
* Image Based Quantitative Mosaic Evaluation with Artificial Video
* Image Feature Localization by Multiple Hypothesis Testing of Gabor Features
* Improving similarity measures of histograms using smoothing projections
* Indoor Objects and Outdoor Urban Scenes Recognition by 3D Visual Primitives
* Invariance Properties of Gabor Filter-Based Features: Overview and Applications
* Invariant Shape Recognition using Global Gabor Features
* Learning and Detection of Object Landmarks in Canonical Object Space
* Learning Generative Models of Object Parts from a Few Positive Examples
* Learning to Count with Back-propagated Information
* Learning with Ambiguous Label Distribution for Apparent Age Estimation
* Lifelog Scene Change Detection Using Cascades of Audio and Video Detectors
* Live RGB-D camera tracking for television production studios
* Local Feature Based Unsupervised Alignment of Object Class Images
* Long-term Visual Place Recognition
* Loop-closure detection by LiDAR scan re-identification
* Making Visual Object Categorization More Challenging: Randomized Caltech-101 Data Set
* Mottling Assessment of Solid Printed Areas and Its Correlation to Perceived Uniformity
* Narrow Baseline GLSL Multiview Stereo
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Object Class Detection Using Local Image Features and Point Pattern Matching Constellation Search
* Object Detection in Equirectangular Panorama
* Object Evidence Extraction Using Simple Gabor Features and Statistical Ranking
* Object Localisation Using Generative Probability Model for Spatial Constellation and Local Image Features
* Object Tracking by Reconstruction With View-Specific Discriminative Correlation Filters
* On Finding Gray Pixels
* Pedestrian Density Analysis in Public Scenes With Spatiotemporal Tensor Features
* Performance analysis of single-query 6-DoF camera pose estimation in self-driving setups
* Progressive Visual Object Detection with Positive Training Examples Only
* Projector Calibration by Inverse Camera Calibration
* Recurrent Color Constancy
* Region-based depth recovery for highly sparse depth maps
* Reverse Imaging Pipeline for Raw RGB Image Augmentation
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Silhouette Body Measurement Benchmarks
* Similarity Measures for Ordered Histograms
* Simple Gabor feature space for invariant object recognition
* Single Pixel Spectral Color Constancy
* Spectral attribute learning for visual regression
* Supervised Object Class Colour Normalisation
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Toward Automatic Motor Condition Diagnosis
* Towards Monocular Online 3D Reconstruction
* Unsupervised object discovery via self-organisation
* Unsupervised visual alignment with similarity graphs
* Unsupervised Visual Object Categorisation via Self-Organisation
* Unsupervised Visual Object Categorisation with BoF and Spatial Matching
* Urban 3D segmentation and modelling from street view images and LiDAR point clouds
* Visual Print Quality Evaluation Using Computational Features
* Visual saliency and categorisation of abstract images
Includes: Kamarainen, J.K.[Joni Kristian] Kamarainen, J.K.[Joni-Kristian] Kämäräinen, J.K.[Joni-Kristian] (Maybe also Kaemaeraeinen, J.K.)Kamarainen, J.K. Kämäräinen, J.K. (Maybe also Kaemaeraeinen, J.K.)
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Kamaraj, N. Co Author Listing * Geometric Attack Invariant Watermarking with Biometric Data: Applied on Offline Handwritten Signature
* StegoHunter: Steganalysis of LSB Embedded Images Based on Stego-Sensitive Threshold Close Color Pair Signature

Kamaraj, T.[Thangasamy] Co Author Listing * Partial Commutation on Array Languages
* Regional Hexagonal Tile Rewriting Grammars

Kamarasan, M. Co Author Listing * Statistical framework for content-based medical image retrieval based on wavelet orthogonal polynomial model with multiresolution structure

Kamarei, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Iris Coding Based on Gauss-Laguerre Wavelets, An

Kamariotou, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Digital Transformation Strategy Initiative in Cultural Heritage: The Case of Tate Museum

Kamariotou, V.[Vassiliki] Co Author Listing * Digital Transformation Strategy Initiative in Cultural Heritage: The Case of Tate Museum

Kamarol, S.K.A.[Siti Khairuni Amalina] Co Author Listing * Joint facial expression recognition and intensity estimation based on weighted votes of image sequences
* Spatio-temporal texture-based feature extraction for spontaneous facial expression recognition
* Spatiotemporal feature extraction for facial expression recognition

Kamarthi, S.V.[Sagar V.] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction from Wavelet Coefficients for Pattern Recognition Tasks
* Wavelet Networks for Sensor Signal Classification in Flank Wear Assessment
Includes: Kamarthi, S.V.[Sagar V.] Kamarthi, S.V.

Kamarudin, K.H. Co Author Listing * Measuring Urban Resilience Using Climate Disaster Resilience Index (CDRI)

Kamarudin, M.L.[Munirah L.] Co Author Listing * adaptive people counting system with dynamic features selection and occlusion handling, An

Kamarudin, N.[Noraziahtulhidayu] Co Author Listing * Natural image noise level estimation based on local statistics for blind noise reduction
* Natural image noise removal using nonlocal means and hidden Markov models in transform domain

Kamarudin, N.H. Co Author Listing * Denoising of natural images through robust wavelet thresholding and genetic programming

Kamarudin, S.S. Co Author Listing * UAV Onboard GPS in Positioning Determination

Kamarulzaman, A.M.M.[Aisyah Marliza Muhmad] Co Author Listing * Modeling Carbon Emissions of Post-Selective Logging in the Production Forests of Ulu Jelai, Pahang, Malaysia
* UAV Implementations in Urban Planning and Related Sectors of Rapidly Developing Nations: A Review and Future Perspectives for Malaysia

Kamaruzaman, F.[Fadhlan] Co Author Listing * Recognizing faces with normalized local Gabor features and Spiking Neuron Patterns

Kamasak, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Comparison of algebraic reconstruction techniques for tomosynthesis
* New Scoring Method for Directional Dominance in Images, A

Kamasak, M.E.[Mustafa E.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive direction-guided structure tensor total variation
* Direct Reconstruction of Kinetic Parameter Images From Dynamic PET Data
* Directional Total Variation
* Directional Total Variation Based Image Deconvolution with Unknown Boundaries
* efficient framework for visible-infrared cross modality person re-identification, An
* Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification
* On the Direction Guidance in Structure Tensor Total Variation Based Denoising
* Quality and Precision of Parametric Images Created From PET Sinogram Data by Direct Reconstruction: Proof of Concept
* Support Vector Selection and Adaptation for Remote Sensing Classification
Includes: Kamasak, M.E.[Mustafa E.] Kamasak, M.E.
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Kamat Sadekar, V.[Varsha] Co Author Listing * Complete Description of Multiple Line Segments Using the Hough Transform
* robust Hough transform technique for description of multiple line segments in an image, A
Includes: Kamat Sadekar, V.[Varsha] Kamat-Sadekar, V.[Varsha]

Kamat, P.J. Co Author Listing * Locating the optic disk in retinal images via plausible detection and constraint satisfaction

Kamat, S.[Sarthak] Co Author Listing * Revisiting Generalizability in Deepfake Detection: Improving Metrics and Stabilizing Transfer

Kamat, V.R.[Vineet R.] Co Author Listing * Human tracking from single RGB-D camera using online learning

Kamata, K.[Kosuke] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Data Augmentation for Mature White Blood Cell Image Classification in Deep Learning: Selection of an Optimal Technique for Hematological Morphology Recognition, The

Kamata, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate system for automatic pill recognition using imprint information
* Adaptive Histogram Analysis for Image Enhancement
* Classification of Structural MRI Images in ADHD Using 3D Fractal Dimension Complexity Map
* Color Thinning with Applications to Biomedical Images
* efficient correlation computation method for binary images based on matrix factorisation, An
* Infrared Image Colorization Using a S-Shape Network
* Nuclei Segmentation of Cervical Cell Images Based on Intermediate Segment Qualifier
* Peano scanning of arbitrary size images
* Reconstructing an Edge on a Polyhedron Using an Optimization Method
* Use of Boolean Model for Texture Analysis of Grey Images, The
Includes: Kamata, S. Kamata, S.[Seiichiro]
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Kamata, S.I.[Sei Ichiro] Co Author Listing * 3D object matching based on spherical Hilbert scanning
* Adaptive Image Compression Using GAN based Semantic-perceptual Residual Compensation
* Adaptive local contrast enhancement for the visualization of high dynamic range images
* Adaptive Tone Mapping Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Images, An
* address generator for a 3-dimensional pseudo-Hilbert scan in a cuboid region, An
* Address Generator for an N-dimensional Pseudo-Hilbert Scan in a Hyper-rectangular Parallelepiped Region, An
* Address Generator of a Pseudo-Hilbert Scan in a Rectangle Region, An
* address generator of an N-dimensional Hilbert scan, An
* Automatic road sign detection method based on Color Barycenters Hexagon model
* Camera Calibration Using 4 Point-Targets, A
* Color distribution matching using a weighted subspace descriptor
* Color Image Compression Using a Hilbert Scan
* Complex coefficient representation for IIR bilateral filter
* Compressive Bilateral Filtering
* Constant-time bilateral filter using spectral decomposition
* Data reductive image coding by bit-plane modifications
* Deep Residual Networks with Common Linear Multi-Step and Advanced Numerical Schemes
* Efficient Algorithm for Point Matching Using Hilbert Scanning Distance, An
* efficient computational algorithm for Hausdorff distance based on points-ruling-out and systematic random sampling, An
* Efficient keypoint detection and description using filter kernel decomposition in scale space
* Efficient Large-Scale Video Retrieval via Discriminative Signatures
* efficient video retrieval scheme based on facial signatures, An
* efficient window-based stereo matching algorithm using foreground disparity concentration, An
* Efficiently Finding Individuals from Video Dataset
* Eigen-Aging Reference Coding for Cross-Age Face Verification and Retrieval
* Extended Res-UNet with Hierarchical Inner-Modules for Liver Tumor Segmentation from CT Volumes
* Extending Compressive Bilateral Filtering For Arbitrary Range Kernel
* Face Recognition with Learned Local Curvelet Patterns and 2-Directional L1-Norm Based 2DPCA
* Face Representation and Recognition with Local Curvelet Patterns
* Fast Gaussian filter with second-order shift property of DCT-5
* Fast Hypercomplex Polar Fourier Analysis
* Fast Hypercomplex Polar Fourier Analysis for Image Processing
* Fast image filtering by DCT-based kernel decomposition and sequential sum update
* fast multi-view based specular removal approach for pill extraction, A
* Fast Polar and Spherical Fourier Descriptors for Feature Extraction
* foreground object based quantitative assessment of dense stereo approaches for use in automotive environments, A
* Front view gait recognition using Spherical Space Model with Human Point Clouds
* generalized 3-D Hilbert scan using look-up tables, A
* Generic Sparse Graph Based Convolutional Networks for Face Recognition
* Gradient Based Predictive Coding for Lossless Image Compression, A
* Gray Image Compression Using a Hilbert Scan, A
* Hierarchical Unified Spectral-Spatial Aggregated Transformer for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Hilbert Scan Based Bag-of-Features for Image Retrieval
* Hypercomplex polar Fourier analysis for color image
* Hypercomplex Polar Fourier Analysis for Image Representation
* Image description with 1D local patterns by multi-scans: An application to face recognition
* Image Description with Local Patterns: An Application to Face Recognition
* Image Enhancement by Analysis on Embedded Surfaces of Images and a New Framework for Enhancement Evaluation
* Image Tiling For Clustering To Improve Stability Of Constant-Time Color Bilateral Filtering
* Improved Color Barycenter Model and Its Separation for Road Sign Detection
* Integrating Multiple Global and Local Features by Product Sparse Coding for Image Retrieval
* Interactive analysis of multi-spectral images using a Hilbert curve
* jointly local structured sparse deep learning network for face recognition, A
* L1-Norm Based Linear Discriminant Analysis: An Application to Face Recognition
* Linear Discriminant Analysis with Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* Linear Manifold Color Descriptor for Medicine Package Recognition, A
* Lossless Compression for RGB Color Still Images
* Low-Complexity Deformation Invariant Descriptor, A
* Maximum correntropy criterion for discriminative dictionary learning
* multi-temporal classification of multi-spectral images using a neural network, A
* Multiple Mask Enhanced Transformer for Robust Visual Tracking
* Near-Duplicate Detection Using a New Framework of Constructing Accurate Affine Invariant Regions
* Near-Infrared Image Colorization with Weighted UNet++ and Auxiliary Color Enhancement GAN
* neural network classifier for LANDSAT image data, A
* New Algorithm for N-Dimensional Hilbert Scanning, A
* New Framework for Constructing Accurate Affine Invariant Regions, A
* Novel Algorithm for Polar and Spherical Fourier Analysis on Two and Three Dimensional Images
* On-Line Signature Matching Based on Hilbert Scanning Patterns
* Optimization of Sliding-DCT Based Gaussian Filtering for Hardware Accelerator
* Pill Recognition Using Imprint Information by Two-Step Sampling Distance Sets
* Pseudo-hilbert Scan Algorithm for Arbitrarily-Sized Rectangle Region, A
* Ranking Based Attention Approach for Visual Tracking, A
* Region-based image coding with multiple algorithms
* Region-based Scanning for Image Compression
* Rethinking Unified Spectral-Spatial-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification Under 3D Configuration of Vision Transformer
* Robust registration of serial cell microscopic images using 3D Hilbert scan search
* Semantic Segmentation Refinement Using Entropy and Boundary-guided Monte Carlo Sampling and Directed Regional Search
* Simple and Effective Clustering Algorithm for Multispectral Images Using Space-Filling Curves, A
* Skin Lesion Classification Using Weakly-supervised Fine-grained Method
* Sparse Graph Based Deep Learning Networks for Face Recognition
* SSM-HPC: Front View Gait Recognition Using Spherical Space Model with Human Point Clouds
* study on the speed of top-down and bottom-up DF-encoding/decoding algorithms for binary pictures, A
* Transformer and Node-Compressed DNN Based Dual-Path System for Manipulated Face Detection
* Two-stage cross-based stereo disparity refinement
* Unsupervised people organization and its application on individual retrieval from videos
* Voting Weighted Modified Hausdorff Distance Through Multiscale Space for Automatic Image-Map Registration
Includes: Kamata, S.I.[Sei Ichiro] Kamata, S.I.[Sei-Ichiro] Kamata, S.I. Kamata, S.i.
86 for Kamata, S.I.

Kamata, Y.[Yosuke] Co Author Listing * Implementation and Evaluation of a Fast Area Feature Labeling Method Using Auxiliary Lines

Kamataki, K.[Keisuke] Co Author Listing * Mean shift feature space warping for relevance feedback

Kamataki, Y.[Yuya] Co Author Listing * Lossless Coding of HDR Color Images in a Floating Point Format Using Block-Adaptive Inter-Color Prediction

Kamatay, S. Co Author Listing * 200 FPS Constant-Time Bilateral Filter Using SVD and Tiling Strategy

Kamatchi, K.[Kartheeban] Co Author Listing * fully automated hybrid methodology using Cuckoo-based fuzzy clustering technique for magnetic resonance brain image segmentation, A

Kamath, A.[Aishwarya] Co Author Listing * Adapting Grounded Visual Question Answering Models to Low Resource Languages
* CARE-Share: A Cooperative and Adaptive Strategy for Distributed Taxi Ride Sharing
* crowdsourced approach to student engagement recognition in e-learning environments, A
* Locate, Size, and Count: Accurately Resolving People in Dense Crowds via Detection
* MDETR: Modulated Detection for End-to-End Multi-Modal Understanding
* New Path: Scaling Vision-and-Language Navigation with Synthetic Instructions and Imitation Learning, A
* Towards General Purpose Vision Systems: An End-to-End Task-Agnostic Vision-Language Architecture
* Webly Supervised Concept Expansion for General Purpose Vision Models
Includes: Kamath, A.[Aishwarya] Kamath, A.[Anusha] Kamath, A. Kamath, A.[Amogh] Kamath, A.[Amita]
8 for Kamath, A.

Kamath, C. Co Author Listing * empirical comparison of combinations of evolutionary algorithms and neural networks for classification problems, An
* Estimating Missing Features to Improve Multimedia Retrieval
* Identification of Coherent Structures in Three-dimensional Simulations of a Fluid-Mix Problem
* Image Analysis for Validation of Simulations of a Fluid Mix Problem
* Probabilistic model-based detection of bent-double radio galaxies
* Robust Background Subtraction with Foreground Validation for Urban Traffic Video
* Robust Extraction of Statistics from Images of Material Fragmentation
* Tracking non-rigid structures in computer simulations
Includes: Kamath, C. Kamath, C.[Chandrika]
8 for Kamath, C.

Kamath, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * Global weighted LBP based entropy features for the assessment of pulmonary hypertension

Kamath, K.M.S.[K.M. Shreyas] Co Author Listing * Deep Perceptual Image Enhancement Network for Exposure Restoration

Kamath, M. Co Author Listing * Direct Parametric Object Detection in Tomographic-Images

Kamath, N.[Nagendra] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Context Reading Network for Movie Scene Detection
* Composition-Aware Image Aesthetics Assessment
* Joint Segmentation and Image Interpretation Using Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Kamath, N.[Nagendra] Kamath, N. Kamath, N.[Nidish]

Kamath, P.R.[Priya R.] Co Author Listing * Despeckling of SAR Images Using Shrinkage of Two-Dimensional Discrete Orthonormal S-Transform

Kamath, R.[Roshni] Co Author Listing * Predicting Soil Properties from Hyperspectral Satellite Images

Kamath, S.[Surekha] Co Author Listing * Asymmetry analysis of breast thermograms using automated segmentation and texture features
* Automatic liver tumor segmentation on multiphase computed tomography volume using SegNet deep neural network and K-means clustering
* Comprehensive Database for Benchmarking Imaging Systems, A
* Role of normalization of breast thermogram images and automatic classification of breast cancer
Includes: Kamath, S.[Surekha] Kamath, S.[Shreyas]

Kamath, S.S.[S. Sowmya] Co Author Listing * Multi-Space Approach to Zero-Shot Object Detection, A

Kamath, V.[Vighnesh] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Denoising: Methods and Results

Kamath, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic delineation of macular regions based on a locally defined contrast function

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