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Tesafaye, T. Co Author Listing * MORPH: A Longitudinal Image Database of Normal Adult Age-Progression

Tesan, T.[Tobia] Co Author Listing * CNN-RNN Framework for Image Annotation from Visual Cues and Social Network Metadata, A

Tesanovic, M.[Milos] Co Author Listing * Analysis of IEEE 802.11N-Like Transmission Techniques with and Without Prior CSI for Video Applications
* Enhanced MIMO wireless video communication using multiple-description coding
* Enhancing video quality for multiple-description MIMO transmission through unequal power allocation between eigen-modes

Tesar, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Building Skills for the Future: Teaching High School Students to Utilize Remote Sensing of Wildfires

Tesarova, L. Co Author Listing * FiloGen: A Model-Based Generator of Synthetic 3-D Time-Lapse Sequences of Single Motile Cells With Growing and Branching Filopodia
* Vascular network formation in silico using the extended cellular potts model
Includes: Tesarova, L. Tesarová, L.

Tesauro, M. Co Author Listing * Digital elevation model generation using ascending and descending ERS-1/ERS-2 tandem data
* From Image-Processing to Feature Processing
* Spotlight SAR data focusing based on a two-step processing approach

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