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Kuo, A.N. Co Author Listing * Fast Acquisition and Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images via Sparse Representation

Kuo, B.C. Co Author Listing * Double Nearest Proportion Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral-Image Classification
* Dynamic Subspace Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Feature Extractions for Small Sample Size Classification Problem
* Feature Mining for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Foreword to the Special Issue on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing
* Nonparametric Feature Extraction and Its Application to Nearest Neighbor Classification for Hyperspectral Image Data, A
* Nonparametric Weighted Feature Extraction for Classification
* robust classification procedure based on mixture classifiers and nonparametric weighted feature extraction, A
* Spatial-Contextual Support Vector Machine for Remotely Sensed Image Classification, A
Includes: Kuo, B.C. Kuo, B.C.[Bor-Chen]
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Kuo, B.H.[Bo Han] Co Author Listing * Generalized Condensed Nearest Neighbor Rule as A Data Reduction Method, The
Includes: Kuo, B.H.[Bo Han] Kuo, B.H.[Bo-Han]

Kuo, C. .C.J.[C. C. Jay] Co Author Listing * cPCA++: An efficient method for contrastive feature learning
* Design of supervision-scalable learning systems: Methodology and performance benchmarking
* Perceptually Weighted Rate Distortion Optimization for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
* Subspace learning machine (SLM): Methodology and performance evaluation
* Survey on Perceptually Optimized Video Coding, A
Includes: Kuo, C. .C.J.[C. C. Jay] Kuo, C.-.C.J.[C.-C. Jay]

Kuo, C. Co Author Listing * Compact Deep Learning Model for Robust Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Data-Efficient Graph Embedding Learning for PCB Component Detection
* GNSS-Based Statistical Analysis of Ionospheric Anomalies During Typhoon Landings in Taiwan/Japan
* MEBOW: Monocular Estimation of Body Orientation in the Wild
Includes: Kuo, C. Kuo, C.[Chungyen]

Kuo, C.B.G. Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Training of Snakes to Find Indistinct Boundaries

Kuo, C.C. Co Author Listing * Coding Artifact Removal with Multiscale Postprocessing
* Defect Detection in Inhomogeneously Textured Sputtered Surfaces Using 3D Fourier Image Reconstruction
* double-filter design of deblocking filter for H.264/AVC macroblock adaptive frame field coding, A
* Feature tracking using epipolar geometry for ego-motion estimation
* Hardware encoder and decoder for 3-D stereo video streaming applications
* Low-power context-based adaptive binary arithmetic encoder using an embedded cache
* Multi-Threshold Wavelet Coder (MTWC) For High Fidelity Image Compression, A
* new rate control scheme for H.263 video transmission, A
* New results on connectivity in wireless network
* Progressive Image Indexing and Retrieval Based on Embedded Wavelet Coding
* Region-of-unpredictable determination for accelerated full-frame feature generation in video sequences
* Relative Priority Based QoS Interaction Between Video Applications and Differentiated Service Networks
* Robust Two Stage Approach for Eye Detection, A
* Shape from Shading with a Linear Triangular Element Surface Model
* Speeding up chinese character recognition in an automatic document reading system
* Typeface Identification for Printed Chinese Characters
Includes: Kuo, C.C. Kuo, C.C.[Chih-Chia] Kuo, C.C.[Chi-Chang] Kuo, C.C.[Chia-Chen] Kuo, C.C.[Chun-Chen] Kuo, C.C.[Chin-Chun]
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Kuo, C.C.J.[C.C. Jay] Co Author Listing * email: Kuo, C.C.J.[C.C. Jay]: cckuo AT sipi usc edu
* 3D Shape Retrieval via Irrelevance Filtering and Similarity Ranking (IF/SR)
* Accelerating Proposal Generation Network for Fast Face Detection on Mobile Devices
* Adaptive motion estimation in video coding with a stochastic model
* Adaptive Motion Search Range Prediction for Video Encoding
* Adaptive Speaker Identification with Audio-Visual Cues for Movie Content Analysis
* Advanced Film Grain Noise Extraction and Synthesis for High-Definition Video Coding
* Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Conditional and Label Shift: Infer, Align and Iterate
* Age group classification via structured fusion of uncertainty-driven shape features and selected surface features
* Analysis of Multihypothesis Motion Compensated Prediction (MHMCP) for Robust Visual Communication
* Augmenting Vision Language Pretraining by Learning Codebook with Visual Semantics
* Automatic Human Mocap Data Classification
* BERTHop: An Effective Vision-and-Language Model for Chest X-ray Disease Diagnosis
* Beyond self-similarity for landscape modeling
* Block-based image steganalysis: Algorithm and performance evaluation
* Boosted Convolutional Neural Networks (BCNN) for Pedestrian Detection
* Box Refinement: Object Proposal Enhancement and Pruning
* Car detection using deformable part models with composite features
* Cartoon animation and morphing by using the wavelet curve descriptor
* Challenges in cloud based ingest and encoding for high quality streaming media
* Class-incremental Learning via Deep Model Consolidation
* Coarse-to-Fine Indoor Layout Estimation (CFILE) Method, A
* Collaborative Scheduling-Based Parallel Solution for HEVC Encoding on Multicore Platforms, A
* Complexity Modeling for Motion Compensation in H.264/AVC Decoder
* Complexity Modeling of Spatial and Temporal Compensations in H.264/AVC Decoding
* Complexity reduction of joint temporal-spatial bit allocation using R-D models for video streaming
* Compressed Image Quality Assessment Based on Saak Features
* Compressed image quality metric based on perceptually weighted distortion
* Compressed-Domain Video Retargeting
* Computation of Dense Optical Flow with a Parametric Smoothness Model
* Content-Based Movie Analysis and Indexing Based on Audio-Visual Cues
* Context-Assisted 3D (C3D) Object Detection from RGB-D Images
* Contextual-Based Image Inpainting: Infer, Match, and Translate
* CORE: A knowledge graph entity type prediction method via complex space regression and embedding
* Cumulus Cloud Synthesis with Similarity Solution and Particle/Voxel Modeling
* Current Developments and Future Trends in Audio Authentication
* Data-driven multimedia forensics and security
* Data-Driven Transform-Based Compressed Image Quality Assessment
* Deep convolutional neural network for latent fingerprint enhancement
* Deep Kinship Verification VIA Appearance-Shape Joint Prediction and Adaptation-Based Approach
* Deep Learning Based Just Noticeable Difference and Perceptual Quality Prediction Models for Compressed Video
* Deep Learning-Based Picture-Wise Just Noticeable Distortion Prediction Model for Image Compression
* Dependent R/D Modeling Techniques and Joint T-Q Layer Bit Allocation for H.264/SVC
* Depth-Aware Stereo Video Retargeting
* Design of a memory-scalable wavelet-based image codec
* Design of Collusion-Resistant Fingerprinting Systems: Review and New Results
* Design of wavelet-based image codec in memory-constrained environment
* Design Pseudo Ground Truth with Motion Cue for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* Design, analysis and application of a volumetric convolutional neural network
* Detecting duplicate video based on camera transitional behavior
* Digital Image Storage and Archiving Systems
* Direct Shape from Texture Using a Parametric Surface Model and an Adaptive Filtering Technique
* Direct Surface Reconstruction from Textured Images
* Direct Techniques for Optimal Sub-Pixel Motion Accuracy Estimation and Position Prediction
* dual graph approach to 3D triangular mesh compression, A
* Early Determination of Zero-Quantized 8X8 DCT Coefficients
* Efficient and Realistic Cumulus Cloud Simulation Based on Similarity Approach
* Efficient block-based intra prediction for image coding with 2D geometrical manipulations
* Efficient HD video coding with joint first-order-residual (FOR) and second-order-residual (SOR) coding technique
* Efficient Multiview Depth Coding Optimization Based on Allowable Depth Distortion in View Synthesis
* Efficient Sentence Embedding via Semantic Subspace Analysis
* Efficient Text Classification Using Tree-structured Multi-linear Principal Component Analysis
* Embedded Coding of 3D Graphic Models
* embedded DCT approach to progressive image compression, An
* Embedded Wavelet Coder with Multistage Vector Quantization
* Enhanced Just Noticeable Difference Model for Images With Pattern Complexity
* Enlarged Block Sizes and Motion Search Ranges for High Definition Video Coding
* Ensembles of Feedforward-Designed Convolutional Neural Networks
* Error resilience analysis of multi-hypothesis motion compensated prediction for video coding
* Error-resilient coding of 3-d graphic models via adaptive mesh segmentation
* Extension of Non-Local Means (NLM) algorithm with Gaussian filtering for highly noisy images
* Facehop: A Light-weight Low-resolution Face Gender Classification Method
* Fast 2D intra prediction (2DIP) mode decision for image and video coding
* Fast face detection on mobile devices by leveraging global and local facial characteristics
* Fast H.264 Intra-prediction mode selection using joint spatial and transform domain features
* Fast H.264 Motion Estimation with Block-Size Adaptive Referencing (BAR)
* Fast Mesh Simplification for Progressive Transmission
* Fast Mode Decision Based on Mode Adaptation
* Fast motion search with efficient inter-prediction mode decision for H.264
* Fast Motion Vector Estimation Using Multiresolution-Spatio-Temporal Correlations
* Fast Overlapped Block Motion Compensation with Checkerboard Block Partitioning
* Fast sub-pel motion vector prediction via block classification
* Fast Tree-Structured Nearest-Neighbor Encoding for Vector Quantization
* Feature-Based Intra-/InterCoding Mode Selection for H.264/AVC
* Feature-based intra-prediction mode decision for H.264
* Feature-Preserving 3D Thumbnail Creation with Voxel-Based Two-Phase Decomposition
* Focus of attention (FOA) identification from compressed video for automatic target recognition (ATR)
* Fractal wavelet coding using a rate-distortion constraint
* GAL: A global-attributes assisted labeling system for outdoor scenes
* GPCGC: A Green Point Cloud Geometry Coding Method
* gradient-based rate control algorithm with applications to MPEG video, A
* Green learning: Introduction, examples and outlook
* GSIP: Green Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Indoor Point Clouds
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Recent Advances in Point Cloud Processing and Compression
* H.264/AVC entropy decoder complexity analysis and its applications
* H.264/SVC Mode Decision Based on Optimal Stopping Theory
* Haar Wavelet Approach to Compressed Image Quality Measurement, A
* Hierarchical B-picture mode decision in H.264/SVC
* Hierarchical Supervoxel Graph for Interactive Video Object Representation and Segmentation
* High Quality Disparity Remapping with Two-Stage Warping
* Hybrid BMC/ OBMC Motion Compensation Scheme, A
* Hybrid global-local motion compensated frame interpolation for low bit rate video coding
* Image Coding With Data-Driven Transforms: Methodology, Performance and Potential
* Image Compression with a Hybrid Wavelet-Fractal Coder
* Image database TID2013: Peculiarities, results and perspectives
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Local Linear Information and Distortion-Specific Compensation
* Image Quality Assessment Using Multi-Method Fusion
* Image segmentation using contour, surface, and depth cues
* Image Splicing Localization using a Multi-task Fully Convolutional Network (MFCN)
* improved DC recovery method from AC coefficients of DCT-transformed images, An
* Improved FOR/SOR-based video coding and its performance analysis
* Improved H.263+ rate control via variable frame rate adjustment and hybrid I-frame coding
* Improved H.264/AVC Lossless Intra Coding With Two-Layered Residual Coding (TRC)
* improved method for 2-D self-similar image synthesis, An
* Improving Object Classification Performance via Confusing Categories Study
* Instance Embedding Transfer to Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* interactive approach to image retrieval using multiple seed images, An
* Interactive Object Segmentation System for MPEG Video, An
* Interactive Segmentation Techniques: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation
* Interpretable and Effective Learning for 3D Point Cloud Registration, Classification and Segmentation
* Interpretable convolutional neural networks via feedforward design
* Interpretable Generative Model for Handwritten Digits Synthesis, An
* Joint Graph Attention and Asymmetric Convolutional Neural Network for Deep Image Compression
* Joint spatial-spectral indexing for image retrieval
* Joint Temporal-Spatial Bit Allocation for Video Coding With Dependency
* JPEG-Based Perceptual Image Coding with Block-Based Image Quality Metric
* KGBoost: A classification-based knowledge base completion method with negative sampling
* Label Efficient Regularization and Propagation for Graph Node Classification
* Large-Scale Indoor/Outdoor Image Classification via Expert Decision Fusion (EDF)
* Latent fingerprint detection and segmentation with a directional total variation model
* Layered DCT Still Image Compression
* Learning a Combined Model of Visual Saliency for Fixation Prediction
* LGSQE: Lightweight Generated Sample Quality Evaluation
* Lightweight Generalizable Evaluation and Enhancement Framework for Generative Models and Generated Samples, A
* Low-resolution face recognition in resource-constrained environments
* LSR: A Light-Weight Super-Resolution Method
* MCL-JCV: A JND-based H.264/AVC video quality assessment dataset
* MCL-V: A streaming video quality assessment database
* Measuring and Predicting Tag Importance for Image Retrieval
* Mesh Segmentation Schemes for Error Resilient Coding of 3-D Graphic Models
* model-based approach to camera's auto exposure control, A
* Model-Based Frame-Layer Bit Allocation for Non-Conversational H.264 Video
* Movie Content Analysis, Indexing and Skimming Via Multimodal Information
* Moving cast shadow elimination for robust vehicle extraction based on 2D joint vehicle/shadow models
* MPEG video markup language and its applications to robust video transmission
* Multi-Grained Parallel Solution for HEVC Encoding on Heterogeneous Platforms, A
* Multiphase segmentation using an implicit dual shape prior: Application to detection of left ventricle in cardiac MRI
* Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Half-Toning, A
* Multiscale video compression using wavelet transform and motion compensation
* Multiview Coding Mode Decision With Hybrid Optimal Stopping Model
* Mutual Information Regularized Feature-Level Frankenstein for Discriminative Recognition
* New Approach to Image Retrieval with Hierarchical Color Clustering, A
* Noise-Aware Texture-Preserving Low-Light Enhancement
* Novel H.264/AVC entropy coding mode decision
* Object Boundary Guided Semantic Segmentation
* Object tracking with temporal prediction and spatial refinement (TPSR)
* Objective Video Quality Assessment Based on Perceptually Weighted Mean Squared Error
* On data-driven Saak transform
* On Relationship of Multilayer Perceptrons and Piecewise Polynomial Approximators
* On Theory and Regularization of Scale-Limited Extrapolation
* On-line Scene Change Detection of Multicast Video
* Online CNN-based multiple object tracking with enhanced model updates and identity association
* Online object tracking via motion-guided convolutional neural network (MGNet)
* Packet video transmission over wireless channels with adaptive channel rate allocation
* ParaBoost stereoscopic image quality assessment (PBSIQA) system, A
* PCRP: Unsupervised Point Cloud Object Retrieval and Pose Estimation
* PEDENet: Image anomaly localization via patch embedding and density estimation
* Perceptual Temporal Incoherence-Guided Stereo Video Retargeting
* Perceptual visual quality metrics: A survey
* Pixelhop++: A Small Successive-Subspace-Learning-Based (SSL-Based) Model For Image Classification
* PixelHop: A successive subspace learning (SSL) method for object recognition
* Point Cloud Attribute Compression via Successive Subspace Graph Transform
* Pointhop++: A Lightweight Learning Model on Point Sets for 3D Classification
* PointHop: An Explainable Machine Learning Method for Point Cloud Classification
* Postprocessing of Compressed 3D Graphic Data
* practical bit stream organization algorithm for robust H.264/SVC transmission, A
* Progressive Coding Of 3-D Graphic Models
* Progressive View-Dependent Technique for Interactive 3-D Mesh Transmission, A
* R-PointHop: A Green, Accurate, and Unsupervised Point Cloud Registration Method
* Random linear network coding with ladder-shaped global coding matrix for robust video transmission
* Rate Control for an Embedded Wavelet Video Coder
* Rate Control for H.264 Video With Enhanced Rate and Distortion Models
* Rate control for low-bit-rate video via variable-encoding frame rates
* Rate Control Optimization for Temporal-Layer Scalable Video Coding
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Compression and View-Dependent Transmission of 3-D Normal Meshes
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Rate Control for Depth Map-Based 3-D Video Coding
* Real-time Compression Artifact Reduction Via Robust Nonlinear Filtering
* Real-time encoding frame rate control for H.263+ video over the Internet
* Recent Advances on HEVC Inter-Frame Coding: From Optimization to Implementation and Beyond
* Recovering missing coefficients in DCT-transformed images
* Recovering sign bits of DCT coefficients in digital images as an optimization problem
* RedEye: Preventing Collisions Caused by Red-Light Running Scooters With Smartphones
* Refinement of 3D meshes by Selective Subdivision
* Regional Bit Allocation and Rate Distortion Optimization for Multiview Depth Video Coding With View Synthesis Distortion Model
* Robust Coding of 3D Graphic Models using Mesh Segmentation and Data Partitioning
* Robust Image Segmentation Using Contour-Guided Color Palettes
* Robust MMSE Video Decoding: Theory and Practical Implementations
* Robust Nonlinear Filtering Approach to Inverse Halftoning, A
* Robust scalable video multi-cast with multiple sources and inter-source network decoding in lossy networks
* Robust stereo matching with improved graph and surface models and occlusion handling
* Robust Streaming of Offline Coded H.264/AVC Video Via Alternative Macroblock Coding
* robust technique for latent fingerprint image segmentation and enhancement, A
* Robust uncalibrated stereo rectification with constrained geometric distortions (USR-CGD)
* Robust Vehicle and Traffic Information Extraction for Highway Surveillance
* Robust video multicast with joint network coding and video interleaving
* robust video scene extraction approach to movie content abstraction, A
* Satisfied-User-Ratio Modeling for Compressed Video
* Semantic Classification and Composite Indexing Approach to Robust Image Retrieval, A
* Semi-Supervised Learning Via Feedforward-Designed Convolutional Neural Networks
* SemST: Semantically Consistent Multi-Scale Image Translation via Structure-Texture Alignment
* Shape from Photometric Ratio and Stereo
* Shape from Shading with a Generalized Reflectance Map Model
* Shape from Shading with Perspective Projection
* Shape Reconstruction from Photometric Stereo
* Shape Reconstruction from Shading with Perspective Projection
* Shape-Preserving Stereo Object Remapping via Object-Consistent Grid Warping
* Show, Attend, and Translate: Unsupervised Image Translation With Self-Regularization and Attention
* SLADE: A Self-Training Framework For Distance Metric Learning
* Sparse/DCT (S/DCT) Two-Layered Representation of Prediction Residuals for Video Coding
* Spatial and Temporal Error Concealment Techniques for Video Transmission Over Noisy Channels
* Spatial error concealment with sequence-aligned texture modeling and adaptive directional recovery
* Special Issue On High Fidelity Media Processing: Part 2
* Special Issue on Still and Video Image Compression
* Stereo Depth Mapping via Axis-Aligned Warping
* Stereo Matching via Disparity Estimation and Surface Modeling
* Subjective and Objective Video Quality Assessment of 3D Synthesized Views With Texture/Depth Compression Distortion
* Super-resolution texture synthesis using stochastic PAR/NL model
* Surface Reconstruction from Photometric Stereo Images
* Synthesis-Based Texture Coding for Video Compression with Side Information
* Synthesis-Based Texture Video Coding with Side Information
* Synwmd: Syntax-aware word Mover's distance for sentence similarity evaluation
* TAEF: A cross-distance/environment face recognition method
* Task-Driven Video Compression for Humans and Machines: Framework Design and Optimization
* Task-specific dependency-based word embedding methods
* TBAL: Two-stage batch-mode active learning for image classification
* TCP-Friendly Internet Video Streaming Employing Variable Frame-Rate Encoding and Interpolation
* TCP-Friendly Internet Video With Smooth and Fast Rate Adaptation and Network-Aware Error Control
* Technologies and the development of the Automated Metadata Indexing and Analysis (AMIA) system
* Technologies for 3D mesh compression: A survey
* Texture Analysis and Classification with Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform
* Texture Analysis Via Hierarchical Spatial-Spectral Correlation (HSSC)
* Texture classification with tree-structured wavelet transform
* Texture Roughness Analysis and Synthesis Via Extended Self-Similar (ESS) Model
* Texture Segmentation via Haar Fractal Feature Estimation
* Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform for Textured Image Segmentation
* two-stage shape retrieval (TSR) method with global and local features, A
* Understanding and Removal of False Contour in HEVC Compressed Images
* Understanding convolutional neural networks with a mathematical model
* Unsupervised Clustering Guided Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised Feedforward Feature (UFF) Learning for Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation
* Unsupervised Multi-Modal Neural Machine Translation
* Unsupervised Parameter-Free Nuclei Segmentation Method for Histology Images, An
* Unsupervised Point Cloud Registration via Salient Points Analysis (SPA)
* Unsupervised video object segmentation with distractor-aware online adaptation
* Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation with Motion-Based Bilateral Networks
* Video object tracking and segmentation with box annotation
* VideoSet: A large-scale compressed video quality dataset based on JND measurement
* Visible-light and near-infrared face recognition at a distance
* Visualization, Discriminability and Applications of Interpretable Saak Features
* VMAF Oriented Perceptual Coding Based on Piecewise Metric Coupling
* Voxel-based shape decomposition for feature-preserving 3D thumbnail creation
* WaveGuide: A Joint Wavelet-Based Image Representation and Description System
* Wavelet Descriptor of Planar Curves: Theory and Applications
Includes: Kuo, C.C.J.[C.C. Jay] Kuo, C.C.J. Kuo, C.C.J.[C. C. Jay] Kuo, C.C.J.[Chung-Chieh Jay] Kuo, C.C.J.[C.C Jay]
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Kuo, C.F.[Chang Fu] Co Author Listing * Contour Transformer Network for One-Shot Segmentation of Anatomical Structures
* Lumbar Bone Mineral Density Estimation From Chest X-Ray Images: Anatomy-Aware Attentive Multi-ROI Modeling
* Structured Landmark Detection via Topology-adapting Deep Graph Learning
Includes: Kuo, C.F.[Chang Fu] Kuo, C.F.[Chang-Fu]

Kuo, C.F.J.[Chung Feng Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Gaussian probability bi-histogram equalization for enhancement of the pathological features in medical images
Includes: Kuo, C.F.J.[Chung Feng Jeffrey] Kuo, C.F.J.[Chung-Feng Jeffrey]

Kuo, C.H. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Based Rock Sole Recognition
* Bidirectional Alignment for Domain Adaptive Detection with Transformers
* CameraPose: Weakly-Supervised Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation by Leveraging In-the-wild 2D Annotations
* CLEAR'07 Evaluation of USC Human Tracking System for Surveillance Videos
* Color Halftone Document Segmentation and Descreening
* Cooperative Wireless Broadcast for Scalable Video Coding
* Data compression on multifont Chinese character patterns
* Divider-free architecture for fast sub-pixel motion prediction in H.264/AVC
* efficient spatial prediction-based image compression scheme, An
* Efficient two-ass rate control scheme based on adjusting distribution of discrete cosine transform coefficients
* Electromagnetic Scattering From Multilayer Rough Surfaces With Arbitrary Dielectric Profiles for Remote Sensing of Subsurface Soil Moisture
* Face recognition based on a two-view projective transformation using one sample per subject
* Fast motion search with efficient inter-prediction mode decision for H.264
* Hardware/Software Codesign of a Low-Cost Rate Control Scheme for H.264/AVC
* High-Resolution Multisensor Infrastructure Inspection with Unmanned Aircraft Systems
* How does person identity recognition help multi-person tracking?
* Human-in-the-Loop Video Semantic Segmentation Auto-Annotation
* Identifying Noncooperative Subjects at a Distance Using Face Images and Inferred Three-Dimensional Face Models
* Image quality assessment for advertising applications based on neural network
* ImGeoNet: Image-induced Geometry-aware Voxel Representation for Multi-view 3D Object Detection
* Inter-camera Association of Multi-target Tracks by On-Line Learned Appearance Affinity Models
* Joint Learning for Attribute-Consistent Person Re-Identification
* Multi-target tracking by on-line learned discriminative appearance models
* Multiscale Sigma Filter and Active Contour for Image Segmentation
* New results on connectivity in wireless network
* Non-Cooperative Persons Identification at a Distance with 3D Face Modeling
* Novel Multi-stage Classifier for Face Recognition, A
* Novel Surface Electromyographic Gesture Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform-Based Attention Network, A
* People tracking in an environment with multiple depth cameras: A skeleton-based pairwise trajectory matching scheme
* Person re-identification using semantic color names and RankBoost
* polar-edge context-aware (PECA) network for mirror segmentation, A
* prequantizer with the human visual effect for the DPCM, A
* Rate Control via Adjustment of Lagrange Multiplier for Video Coding
* ReCLIP: Refine Contrastive Language Image Pre-Training with Source Free Domain Adaptation
* Robust multi-view car detection using unsupervised sub-categorization
* Seeing the unseen: Wifi-based 2D human pose estimation via an evolving attentive spatial-Frequency network
* Sigma filtered perceptual image coding at low bit rates
* size-insensitive integrity-based fuzzy c-means method for data clustering, A
* Two-Stage Rate Control Mechanism for RDO-Based H.264/AVC Encoders, A
* Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation for Content-Based Application
* vector quantization scheme using prequantizers of human visual effects, A
Includes: Kuo, C.H. Kuo, C.H.[Cheng-Hao] Kuo, C.H.[Chung-Hui] Kuo, C.H.[Chia-Hsu] Kuo, C.H.[Chih-Hung] Kuo, C.H.[Chin-Hwa] Kuo, C.H.[Chen-Hui] Kuo, C.H.[Chien-Hung] Kuo, C.H.[Chung-Hsien] Kuo, C.H.[Chien-Hao] Kuo, C.H.[Chun-Hung] Kuo, C.H.[Chia-Han]
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Kuo, C.J. Co Author Listing * 3-D facial model estimation from single front-view facial image
* Adaptive postprocessor for block encoded images
* Asymmetric fourier descriptor of non-closed segments
* Elastic Body Spline Technique for Feature Point Generation and Face Modeling
* Facial model generation through mono image sequence
* Facial Model Refinement using Stereo Image Sequence
* Fast Response 2-D Rank Order Filter by Using Max-Min Sorting Network
* Finite-state fractal block coding of images
* Index-Based Fast Search Algorithm of Image Database on Internet
* Isometry-Based Shape-Adaptive Fractal Coding for Images
* Iteration-Free Fractal Image Coding Based on Efficient Domain Pool Design
* Multiresolution 3D facial model compression
* Noise Reduction of VQ Encoded Images Through Anti-Gray Coding
* Polynomial Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation
* Pre/post-filter for performance improvement of transform coding
* Representative Fashion Feature Extraction by Leveraging Weakly Annotated Online Resources
* Robustness of Saak Transform Against Adversarial Attacks
* Synthesizing Lateral Face from Frontal Facial Image Using Anthropometric Estimation
* Two-Dimensional Rank-Order Filter by Using Max-Min Sorting Network
Includes: Kuo, C.J. Kuo, C.J.[Cheng-Jin] Kuo, C.J.[Chung J.] Kuo, C.J.[C. Jay]
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Kuo, C.L.[Chiao Ling] Co Author Listing * Digital Interpretation and Presentation for Monuments Built by Arches - Take Kinmen Area Heritage as an Example
* Efficient Method for POI/ROI Discovery Using Flickr Geotagged Photos
* Framework for Semantic Interoperability in 3D Tangible Cultural Heritage in Taiwan, A
* Monitoring and Assessing Post-Disaster Tourism Recovery Using Geotagged Social Media Data
* Road Characteristics Detection Based on Joint Convolutional Neural Networks with Adaptive Squares
Includes: Kuo, C.L.[Chiao Ling] Kuo, C.L.[Chiao-Ling]

Kuo, C.M.[Chia Ming] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Probabilistic Neural Network for Image Interpolation
* Automatic extraction of moving objects for head-shoulder video sequence
* Block-based motion field segmentation for video coding
* Color-Based Image Salient Region Segmentation Using Novel Region Merging Strategy
* effective mesh-based motion compensation technique for video coding, An
* Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding Using Kalman Filter, An
* Efficient Weighted Least Squares Algorithm for the Design of FIR Filters
* fast MPEG-7 dominant color extraction with new similarity measure for image retrieval, A
* Generalized playfield segmentation of sport videos using color features
* High-Resolution Multisensor Infrastructure Inspection with Unmanned Aircraft Systems
* Kalman Filtering Based Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation for Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding
* Motion Estimation Algorithm for Image Sequence Coding
* Multiresolution Video Coding Based on Kalman Filtering Motion Estimation
* new adaptive vertex-based binary shape coding technique, A
* New Mesh-Based Motion Compensation Algorithm for Very Low Bit Rate Coding, A
* New Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding Using Adaptive Kalman Filter, A
* Novel Prediction-Based Directional Asymmetric Search Algorithm for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation, A
* Ontlus: 3D Content Collaborative Creation via Virtual Reality
* Rate-constrained motion estimation using Kalman filter
* Similarity retrieval of shape images based on database classification
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Color Quantization And Color Feature Distributions
* Video object tracking using adaptive Kalman filter
* VLSI implementation of anisotropic probabilistic neural network for real-time image scaling
Includes: Kuo, C.M.[Chia Ming] Kuo, C.M.[Chia-Ming] Kuo, C.M.[Chung Ming] Kuo, C.M.[Chung-Ming] Kuo, C.M.
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Kuo, C.N.[Chia Ning] Co Author Listing * Automatically Extracting Hairstyles from 2D Images
Includes: Kuo, C.N.[Chia Ning] Kuo, C.N.[Chia-Ning]

Kuo, C.P. Co Author Listing * Spatial Resolution Effects Of Digital Terrain Models On Landslide Susceptibility Analysis

Kuo, C.T.[Chen Tsung] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval using principal plane analysis and dynamic programming
* Adaptive support-window approximation to bilateral filtering
* Application of Brain-Computer Interface and Virtual Reality in Advancing Cultural Experience
* Fusion of color edge detection and color quantization for color image watermarking using principal axes analysis
* Invarint Image Retrieval using Block-Based Visual Pattern Matching
* novel 3D mesh compression using mesh segmentation with multiple principal plane analysis, A
* Visual object retrieval via block-based visual-pattern matching
* Visual-based Integrated Navigation System Applied to A Simulation Of Lunar Module Landing
Includes: Kuo, C.T.[Chen Tsung] Kuo, C.T.[Chen-Tsung] Kuo, C.T.[Chun-Ting] Kuo, C.T.
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Kuo, C.W.[Chia Wen] Co Author Listing * Beyond a Pre-Trained Object Detector: Cross-Modal Textual and Visual Context for Image Captioning
* Featmatch: Feature-based Augmentation for Semi-supervised Learning
* HAAV: Hierarchical Aggregation of Augmented Views for Image Captioning
* Structure-Encoding Auxiliary Tasks for Improved Visual Representation in Vision-and-Language Navigation
Includes: Kuo, C.W.[Chia Wen] Kuo, C.W.[Chia-Wen]

Kuo, C.Y.[Chung Yen] Co Author Listing * Annual Sea Level Amplitude Analysis over the North Pacific Ocean Coast by Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
* Assessment of the Impact of Reservoirs in the Upper Mekong River Using Satellite Radar Altimetry and Remote Sensing Imageries
* Characterization of Active Layer Thickening Rate over the Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Permafrost Region Using ALOS Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, 2007-2009
* High-Resolution Interannual Mass Anomalies of the Antarctic Ice Sheet by Combining GRACE Gravimetry and ENVISAT Altimetry
* Improved Retrieval of Coastal Sea Surface Heights by Retracking Modified Radar Altimetry Waveforms, The
* Monitoring High-frequency Ocean Signals Using Low-cost GNSS/IMU Buoys
* Monitoring Vertical Land Motions in Southwestern Taiwan with Retracked Topex/Poseidon and Jason-2 Satellite Altimetry
* Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Generalized Demixing, A
* Quantifying Freshwater Mass Balance in the Central Tibetan Plateau by Integrating Satellite Remote Sensing, Altimetry, and Gravimetry
* Reconstruction of time-varying tidal flat topography using optical remote sensing imageries
* semi-empirical scheme for bathymetric mapping in shallow water by ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2: A case study in the South China Sea, A
* Shaping Polyhedral Buildings by the Fusion of Vector Maps and Lidar Point Clouds
Includes: Kuo, C.Y.[Chung Yen] Kuo, C.Y.[Chung-Yen] Kuo, C.Y.[Chun-Yen] Kuo, C.Y.[Chih-Yi]
12 for Kuo, C.Y.

Kuo, E.[Eddy] Co Author Listing * Shape Reconstruction from Contours Using Isotopic Deformation

Kuo, F.F.[Fang Fei] Co Author Listing * Recognizing live fish species by hierarchical partial classification based on the exponential benefit
Includes: Kuo, F.F.[Fang Fei] Kuo, F.F.[Fang-Fei]

Kuo, G.[Geraldine] Co Author Listing * Format-independent scalable bit-stream adaptation using mpeg-21 dia

Kuo, G.H.[Gia Hao] Co Author Listing * Fast large-scale image enlargement method with a novel evaluation approach: benchmark function-based peak signal-to-noise ratio
Includes: Kuo, G.H.[Gia Hao] Kuo, G.H.[Gia-Hao]

Kuo, H. Co Author Listing * Deploying Image Deblurring across Mobile Devices: A Perspective of Quality and Latency
* Unified Dynamic Convolutional Network for Super-Resolution With Variational Degradations

Kuo, H.C.[Heng Cheng] Co Author Listing * 2nd Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2024: Challenge Results
* Hybrid Algorithm for Effective Lossless Compression of Video Display Frames, A
* Sea You Later: Metadata-Guided Long-Term Re-Identification for UAV-Based Multi-Object Tracking
Includes: Kuo, H.C.[Heng Cheng] Kuo, H.C.[Heng-Cheng] Kuo, H.C.

Kuo, H.K.[Hsien Kai] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Local Implicit Transformer for Arbitrary-Scale Super-Resolution
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Microisp: Processing 32mp Photos on Mobile Devices with Deep Learning
* Network Space Search for Pareto-Efficient Spaces
* Power Efficient Video Super-resolution on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI & AIM 2022 Challenge: Report
* PyNet-V2 Mobile: Efficient On-Device Photo Processing With Neural Networks
Includes: Kuo, H.K.[Hsien Kai] Kuo, H.K.[Hsien-Kai]

Kuo, H.W. Co Author Listing * On the Global Geometry of Sphere-Constrained Sparse Blind Deconvolution
* Toward Guaranteed Illumination Models for Non-convex Objects
Includes: Kuo, H.W. Kuo, H.W.[Han-Wen]

Kuo, H.Y.[Hao Yuan] Co Author Listing * Fast 3D Object Alignment from Depth Image with 3D Fourier Moment Matching on GPU
Includes: Kuo, H.Y.[Hao Yuan] Kuo, H.Y.[Hao-Yuan]

Kuo, J. Co Author Listing * Bit Allocation for Spatial Scalability Coding of H.264/SVC With Dependent Rate-Distortion Analysis
* Human-Centered Design for an In-Vehicle Truck Driver Fatigue and Distraction Warning System
Includes: Kuo, J. Kuo, J.[Jonny]

Kuo, J.H.[Jin Hau] Co Author Listing * importance measurement for video and its application to TV news items distillation, An
Includes: Kuo, J.H.[Jin Hau] Kuo, J.H.[Jin-Hau]

Kuo, J.L.[Jiann Ling] Co Author Listing * multiresolution texture gradient method for unsupervised segmentation, A

Kuo, J.M.[Jin Min] Co Author Listing * application of wavelets correlator for ship wake detection in SAR images, The
* Generalized Uniqueness Wavelet Descriptor, The
Includes: Kuo, J.M.[Jin Min] Kuo, J.M.[Jyh-Ming]

Kuo, J.W.[Jung Wen] Co Author Listing * mDixon-Based Synthetic CT Generation for PET Attenuation Correction on Abdomen and Pelvis Jointly Using Transfer Fuzzy Clustering and Active Learning-Based Classification
* Nested Graph Cut for Automatic Segmentation of High-Frequency Ultrasound Images of the Mouse Embryo
Includes: Kuo, J.W.[Jung Wen] Kuo, J.W.[Jung-Wen] Kuo, J.W.

Kuo, K.[Kuangting] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D Chlorophyll Content Distribution of Trees Using an Image Fusion Method Between 2D Camera and 3D Portable Scanning Lidar

Kuo, K.S. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient 3-D Full-Wave Model for Coherent EM Scattering From Complex-Geometry Hydrometeors Based on MoM/CBFM-Enhanced Algorithm, A

Kuo, K.T.[Kuei Ting] Co Author Listing * Decoder picture buffer reduction based effective reference frame selection algorithm for multiview video coding
* Leaf Segmentation Based on k-Means Algorithm to Obtain Leaf Angle Distribution Using Terrestrial LiDAR
Includes: Kuo, K.T.[Kuei Ting] Kuo, K.T.[Kuei-Ting] Kuo, K.T.[Kuang-Ting]

Kuo, L.C.[Lun Chia] Co Author Listing * Multidimensional SVC bitstream adaptation and extraction for rate-distortion optimized heterogeneous multicasting and playback
* Representing images using points on image surfaces
Includes: Kuo, L.C.[Lun Chia] Kuo, L.C.[Lun-Chia]

Kuo, M.C.[May Chen] Co Author Listing * Feature-Preserving 3D Thumbnail Creation with Voxel-Based Two-Phase Decomposition
* Recognition of handprinted chinese characters via stroke relaxation
* Technologies and the development of the Automated Metadata Indexing and Analysis (AMIA) system
Includes: Kuo, M.C.[May Chen] Kuo, M.C.[May-Chen] Kuo, M.C.[Ming-Chuan]

Kuo, M.D.[Michael D.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Contrast for Image Regression in Computer-Aided Disease Assessment

Kuo, M.Y.J.[Meng Yu Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Appearance and Shape from Water Reflection
* Non-Rigid Shape From Water
* Surface Normals and Shape From Water
* Teleidoscopic Imaging System for Microscale 3D Shape Reconstruction
Includes: Kuo, M.Y.J.[Meng Yu Jennifer] Kuo, M.Y.J.[Meng-Yu Jennifer]

Kuo, N.I.H.[Nicholas I Hsien] Co Author Listing * M2SGD: Learning to Learn Important Weights
* Plastic and Stable Gated Classifiers for Continual Learning
Includes: Kuo, N.I.H.[Nicholas I Hsien] Kuo, N.I.H.[Nicholas I-Hsien]

Kuo, N.J.[Nan Jung] Co Author Listing * Statistical Characteristics of Mesoscale Eddies in the North Pacific Derived from Satellite Altimetry
Includes: Kuo, N.J.[Nan Jung] Kuo, N.J.[Nan-Jung]

Kuo, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Camera auto-calibration from articulated motion
* Hybrid Facial Model Fitting using Active Appearance Models and Contour-Based Facial Feature Location
* Improved Chin Fitting Algorithm Based on An Adaptive Snake
* Improved Eye Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Deformable Templates, An
* Integration of bottom-up/top-down approaches for 2D pose estimation using probabilistic Gaussian modelling
* Integration of Local Image Cues for Probabilistic 2D Pose Recovery
* Recognition System for Home-Service-Related Sign Language Using Entropy-Based K -Means Algorithm and ABC-Based HMM
* Stereoview to Multiview Conversion Architecture for Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Displays
Includes: Kuo, P.[Paul] Kuo, P.
8 for Kuo, P.

Kuo, P.C.[Ping Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction with Automatic Foreground Segmentation from Multi-view Images Acquired from a Mobile Device
* Efficient residual coding algorithm based on hadamard transform in lossless H.264/AVC
* Fast three-dimensional video coding encoding algorithms based on edge information of depth map
* Self-similarity Student for Partial Label Histopathology Image Segmentation
* VR Sickness Assessment with Perception Prior and Hybrid Temporal Features
Includes: Kuo, P.C.[Ping Cheng] Kuo, P.C.[Ping-Cheng] Kuo, P.C. Kuo, P.C.[Pin-Chen] Kuo, P.C.[Po-Chen]

Kuo, P.H.[Pin Hung] Co Author Listing * Content-adaptive inverse tone mapping
* Learning Discriminative Shrinkage Deep Networks for Image Deconvolution
Includes: Kuo, P.H.[Pin Hung] Kuo, P.H.[Pin-Hung]

Kuo, S. Co Author Listing * Color Channel-Based Smoke Removal Algorithm Using Machine Learning for Static Images
* Minimum Error Rate Training for PHMM-Based Text Recognition
* PMHLD: Patch Map-Based Hybrid Learning DehazeNet for Single Image Haze Removal
* Removing Haze Particles From Single Image via Exponential Inference With Support Vector Data Description
* Two-Step String Matching Procedure, A
Includes: Kuo, S. Kuo, S.[Shufen]

Kuo, S.C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Neural-Network For Separating Similar Complex Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
* Identification of Human Face Profiles by Computer
* Optimal Use of Space-Borne Advanced Infrared and Microwave Soundings for Regional Numerical Weather Prediction
Includes: Kuo, S.C. Kuo, S.C.[Szu-Chen]

Kuo, S.J.[Shih Jong] Co Author Listing * Automated analytic stereo comparator
Includes: Kuo, S.J.[Shih Jong] Kuo, S.J.[Shih-Jong]

Kuo, S.M. Co Author Listing * Active noise control: a tutorial review

Kuo, S.S.[Shyh Shiaw] Co Author Listing * Connected and Degraded Text Recognition Using Hidden Markov Model
* Degraded Gray-Scale Text Recognition Using Pseudo-2D Hidden Markov-Models and N-Best Hypotheses
* Hidden markov model based optical character recognition in the presence of deterministic transformations
* Keyword Spotting In Poorly Printed Documents Using Pseudo-2D Hidden Markov-Models
* On the use of duration-corrected N-best hypotheses for text recognition in gray-scale document images
* Real time image enhancement for both text and color photo images
* Spatial Noise Shaping Based on Human Visual Sensitivity and Its Application to Image Coding
* Visual keyword recognition using hidden Markov models
Includes: Kuo, S.S.[Shyh Shiaw] Kuo, S.S.[Shyh-Shiaw] Kuo, S.S.
8 for Kuo, S.S.

Kuo, S.Y.[Sy Yen] Co Author Listing * ALL Snow Removed: Single Image Desnowing Algorithm Using Hierarchical Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Representation and Contradict Channel Loss
* Counting Crowds in Bad Weather
* DesmokeNet: A Two-Stage Smoke Removal Pipeline Based on Self-Attentive Feature Consensus and Multi-Level Contrastive Regularization
* DesnowGAN: An Efficient Single Image Snow Removal Framework Using Cross-Resolution Lateral Connection and GANs
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Jstasr: Joint Size and Transparency-aware Snow Removal Algorithm Based on Modified Partial Convolution and Veiling Effect Removal
* Learning Multiple Adverse Weather Removal via Two-stage Knowledge Learning and Multi-contrastive Regularization: Toward a Unified Model
* Missing Recovery: Single Image Reflection Removal Based on Auxiliary Prior Learning
* Moving Object Extraction Using Compressed Domain Features of H.264 INTRA Frames
* Multi-modal Bifurcated Network for Depth Guided Image Relighting
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on 360 Omnidirectional Image and Video Super-Resolution: Datasets, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Super-Resolution (4): Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* PMS-Net: Robust Haze Removal Based on Patch Map for Single Images
* RVSL: Robust Vehicle Similarity Learning in Real Hazy Scenes Based on Semi-supervised Learning
* S3Net: A Single Stream Structure for Depth Guided Image Relighting
* Semantic Guidance Learning for High-Resolution Non-homogeneous Dehazing
* Single Image Reflection Removal Based on Bi-Channels Prior
* Surgical Wounds Assessment System for Self-Care
* TSRFormer: Transformer Based Two-stage Refinement for Single Image Shadow Removal
Includes: Kuo, S.Y.[Sy Yen] Kuo, S.Y.[Sy-Yen] Kuo, S.Y.
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Kuo, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Camera Alignment Using Trajectory Intersections in Unsynchronized Videos
* Deep Aggregation Net for Land Cover Classification
* Design and implementation of a wide area, large-scale camera network
* Fast Overlapped Block Motion Compensation with Checkerboard Block Partitioning
* High-performance high dynamic range image generation by inverted local patterns
* lightweight multiview tracked person descriptor for camera sensor networks, A
* VISNET: A distributed vision testbed
Includes: Kuo, T.[Thomas] Kuo, T.
7 for Kuo, T.

Kuo, T.H.[Tsung Hua] Co Author Listing * Improved tropical rainfall potential forecasting for mountainous regions
* Semi-Supervised Text Classification With Universum Learning
* Vehicle Positioning and Speed Estimation Based on Cellular Network Signals for Urban Roads
Includes: Kuo, T.H.[Tsung Hua] Kuo, T.H.[Tsung-Hua] Kuo, T.H.[Tsung-Hsun] Kuo, T.H.[Ting-Huan]

Kuo, T.M.[Tse Ming] Co Author Listing * Extension of CCSDS Algorithm by ROI Capability, An
Includes: Kuo, T.M.[Tse Ming] Kuo, T.M.[Tse-Ming]

Kuo, T.S.[Tzu Sheng] Co Author Listing * Depth from Gaze
Includes: Kuo, T.S.[Tzu Sheng] Kuo, T.S.[Tzu-Sheng]

Kuo, T.W.[Tei Wei] Co Author Listing * Oasis: A Mobile Cyber-Physical System for Accessible Location Exploration
* Variational Nested Dropout
Includes: Kuo, T.W.[Tei Wei] Kuo, T.W.[Tei-Wei]

Kuo, T.Y.[Tien Ying] Co Author Listing * Efficient H.264 Encoding Based on Skip Mode Early Termination
* Efficient Reference Frame Selector for H.264
* Fast Variable Block Size Motion Estimation for H.264 Using Likelihood and Correlation of Motion Field
* Hybrid BMC/ OBMC Motion Compensation Scheme, A
* Improved visual information fidelity based on sensitivity characteristics of digital images
* novel form detection and removal scheme for document images, A
* Novel Scheme for Fingerprint Identification, A
* practical design of digital watermarking for video streaming services, A
* TCP-Friendly Internet Video Streaming Employing Variable Frame-Rate Encoding and Interpolation
* Temporal Error Concealment Based on Weighted Pixel Estimator
* Variable Frame Skipping Scheme Based on Estimated Quality of Non-coded Frames at Decoder for Real-Time Video Coding
Includes: Kuo, T.Y.[Tien Ying] Kuo, T.Y.[Tien-Ying] Kuo, T.Y. Kuo, T.Y.[Ting-Yi]
11 for Kuo, T.Y.

Kuo, W. Co Author Listing * DeepBox: Learning Objectness with Convolutional Networks
* From Lifestyle VLOGs to Everyday Interactions
* QoE-Based Link Adaptation Scheme for H.264/SVC Video Multicast Over IEEE 802.11, A
* ShapeMask: Learning to Segment Novel Objects by Refining Shape Priors

Kuo, W.C.[Wei Cheng] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Feature Masking Open-Vocabulary Vision Transformer
* FindIt: Generalized Localization with Natural Language Queries
* Mask2CAD: 3d Shape Prediction by Learning to Segment and Retrieve
* Patch2CAD: Patchwise Embedding Learning for In-the-Wild Shape Retrieval from a Single Image
* Region-Aware Pretraining for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection with Vision Transformers
* Rethinking Video ViTs: Sparse Video Tubes for Joint Image and Video Learning
* Reversible Shared Data Hiding Based on Modified Signed Digit EMD
* Video Question Answering with Iterative Video-Text Co-tokenization
Includes: Kuo, W.C.[Wei Cheng] Kuo, W.C.[Wei-Cheng] Kuo, W.C.[Wen-Chung]
8 for Kuo, W.C.

Kuo, W.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resource Allocation for Layer-Encoded IPTV Multicasting in IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Wireless Networks
* Classification of Benign and Malignant Breast Tumors by 2-D Analysis Based on Contour Description and Scatterer Characterization

Kuo, W.J.[Wen Jia] Co Author Listing * Edge-based motion compensated classified DCT with quadtree for image sequence coding
* Image Retrieval on Uncompressed and Compressed Domains
Includes: Kuo, W.J.[Wen Jia] Kuo, W.J.[Wen-Jia] Kuo, W.J.

Kuo, W.K.[Wen Kai] Co Author Listing * new fast estimating floor region based on image segmentation for smart rovers, A
Includes: Kuo, W.K.[Wen Kai] Kuo, W.K.[Wen-Kai]

Kuo, W.L. Co Author Listing * New Edge-Detection Method for Automatic Visual Inspection, A

Kuo, W.T. Co Author Listing * On Passband Criterion for Eigenfilter Design

Kuo, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Tracking Moving Objects in Image Sequences Using 1-D Trajectory Filter

Kuo, X. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Attention-based Visual Odometry
* Intelligence computing approach for seizure detection based on intracranial electroencephalogram (IEEG)
Includes: Kuo, X. Kuo, X.[Xavier]

Kuo, Y. Co Author Listing * Detecting Unipolar and Bipolar Depressive Disorders from Elicited Speech Responses Using Latent Affective Structure Model
* Drone-View Building Identification by Cross-View Visual Learning and Relative Spatial Estimation
* Fast automatic segmentation of cells and nucleuses in large-scale liquid-based monolayer smear images
* Referring Image Segmentation via Recurrent Refinement Networks
* VLSI Design of an Efficient Flicker-Free Video Defogging Method for Real-Time Applications

Kuo, Y.C.[Yueh Cheng] Co Author Listing * Convergent Conformal Energy Minimization for the Computation of Disk Parameterizations
* On-device Real-time Custom Hand Gesture Recognition
* Satellite Observations of Typhoon-Induced Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Upwelling Region off Northeastern Taiwan
Includes: Kuo, Y.C.[Yueh Cheng] Kuo, Y.C.[Yueh-Cheng] Kuo, Y.C.[Yi-Chun]

Kuo, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * Colorization Based Animation Broadcast System with Traitor Tracing Capability, A
Includes: Kuo, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Kuo, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]

Kuo, Y.H.[Ying Hwa] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric GNSS RO 1D-Var in Use at UCAR: Description and Validation
* Auto Accessory Segmentation and Interactive Try-on System
* Benefits of a Closely-Spaced Satellite Constellation of Atmospheric Polarimetric Radio Occultation Measurements
* Boosting image object retrieval and indexing by automatically discovered pseudo-objects
* City-view image location identification by multiple geo-social media and graph-based image cluster refinement
* Consistent Volumetric Warping Using Floating Boundaries for Stereoscopic Video Retargeting
* Dehashing: Server-Side Context-Aware Feature Reconstruction for Mobile Visual Search
* Design of a color reproduction neural network chip with on-chip learning capability
* Design of high speed weighted fuzzy mean filters with generic LR fuzzy cells
* Feature Learning with Rank-Based Candidate Selection for Product Search
* Feature-Based Digital Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection and Content Authentication, A
* Geodesic distance-based pose-invariant blind watermarking algorithm for three-dimensional triangular mesh model
* Halftone/contone conversion using neural networks
* High-Efficiency Compressed Sensing-Based Terminal-to-Cloud Video Transmission System, A
* New Multihypothesis-Based Compressed Video Sensing Reconstruction System, A
* Observing System Simulation Experiment Study on Imaging the Ionosphere by Assimilating Observations From Ground GNSS, LEO-Based Radio Occultation and Ocean Reflection, and Cross Link
* On the Selection of Optimal Feature Region Set for Robust Digital Image Watermarking
* Photo Filter Recommendation by Category-Aware Aesthetic Learning
* Scalable Face Image Retrieval Using Attribute-Enhanced Sparse Codewords
* Scalable Face Track Retrieval in Video Archives Using Bag-of-Faces Sparse Representation
* Scalable Mobile Video Retrieval with Sparse Projection Learning and Pseudo Label Mining
* Scalable Mobile Visual Classification by Kernel Preserving Projection Over High-Dimensional Features
* Scalable object detection by filter compression with regularized sparse coding
* Spatial and Spectral Hybrid Image Classification for Rice Lodging Assessment through UAV Imagery
* Unsupervised auxiliary visual words discovery for large-scale image object retrieval
* Unsupervised Semantic Feature Discovery for Image Object Retrieval and Tag Refinement
Includes: Kuo, Y.H.[Ying Hwa] Kuo, Y.H.[Ying-Hwa] Kuo, Y.H.[Yu-Hang] Kuo, Y.H.[Yi-Hung] Kuo, Y.H.[Yin-Hsi] Kuo, Y.H. Kuo, Y.H.[Yau-Hwang] Kuo, Y.H.[Yong-Hong] Kuo, Y.H.[Yi-Hsuan]
26 for Kuo, Y.H.

Kuo, Y.L.[Yen Ling] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 3D Interaction Models from Images using Shape Prior
Includes: Kuo, Y.L.[Yen Ling] Kuo, Y.L.[Yen-Ling]

Kuo, Y.M.[Yi Mei] Co Author Listing * Band Selection via Band Density Prominence Clustering for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Naked image detection based on adaptive and extensible skin color model
* Self-Mutual Information-Based Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Video analysis boosts healthcare efficiency and safety
Includes: Kuo, Y.M.[Yi Mei] Kuo, Y.M.[Yi-Mei] Kuo, Y.M.[Yung-Ming]

Kuo, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Improved Indoor Positioning Using BLE Differential Distance Correction And Pedestrian Dead Reckoning
* Leaf Segmentation, Its 3D Position Estimation and Leaf Classification from a Few Images with Very Close Viewpoints
* New 3D Imaging System Using a Portable Two-Camera Omni-Imaging Device for Construction and Browsing of Human-Reachable Environments, A
* Performance Study of Landslide Detection Using Multi-Temporal SAR Images
* Rigidity Strengthening of Landslide Materials Measured by Seismic Interferometry
Includes: Kuo, Y.T. Kuo, Y.T.[Yi-Ting] Kuo, Y.T.[Yu-Tung] Kuo, Y.T.[Yu-Ting]

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