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SSAB96 * *Symposium on Image Analysis
* Edge Detection and Ridge Detection with Automatic Scale Selection
* Feature Tracking with Automatic Selection of Spatial Scales
* Interpretation of Polyhedral Images
* Linear Reconstruction from Dual Multilinear Constraints
* Multilinear Constraints in Two-dimensional Vision and Isogonal Conjugacy
* Obstacle Detection and Multiple Scale Motion Estimation
* Real-Time Corner Tracking in Image Sequences
* Reconstruction from Image Streams: Continuous Multilinear Constraints
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SSAB97 * *Symposium on Image Analysis
* 3-D Tracking of Point: Symmetric Particles by Videomicroscopy
* 3D Brain Atlas Used for Planning of Stereotactic Neurosurgery, A
* Analog Sensor Processing Using Exposure Control: A New Concept for High Speed Image Processing
* Analysis of Brain Activation Patterns Using a 3-D Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Applications of Image Analysis in Quantitative Metallography
* Automatic Generation of Digital Surface Models Through Matching in Object Space
* Automation of Road Inventory Using Stereoscopic Image Analysis
* Autonomous Digital Aero Triangulation
* Autonomous Inspection System for Nuclear Power Plants
* Combining Ground- and Space-Based Observations for Optimum Photometry in Crowded Stellar Fields
* Compact, Portable Optical Correlator with Binary Ferroelectric SLMS and Optimum Filters for Disjoint Noise Applied to Varying Illumination Conditions, A
* Crack Detection in Tubes Using Filtered Linear Tomosynthesis
* Determining the Dominant Plane from Uncalibrated Stereo Vision by a Robust and Convergent Iterative Approach without Correspondence
* Estimation of Forest Characteristics Based on Textural Features in Aerial Photos and Spectral Signatures in Satellite Images Using Neural Networks
* Estimation of Tree Positions from Aerial Photos
* Euclidean Reconstruction from Almost Uncalibrated Cameras
* Exponential Radon Transforms of Vector Fields
* Finding Colour Pigment by Neural Network in Half Tone Colour Prints
* Geometric Evaluation of Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Image 3-D Reconstruction from Electron Micrographs
* Motion Estimation in Image Sequences Using the Deformation of Apparent Contours
* Motion-Based Segmentation of Image Sequences Using Orientation Tensors
* Multivariate Approach to Registration of Dissimilar Four-Dimensional Nuclear Medical Images, A
* Noise Suppression in MR Angiography Projection Images with the 3D Top-Hat Transform
* Object Recognition and Motion Estimation via Joint Segmentation and B-Spline Contour Matching
* On Coding Binary Fractal Images
* Quantitative Shape Analysis of Volume Images: Thinning Volume Objects to Surface Skeletons
* Reconstruction of 3-D Curves from 2-D Images Using Affine Shape Methods for Curves
* Robust Self-Localization Using Elastic Templates
* Segmentation Of Colour Images Containing Highly Similar Colour Regions
* Spectral Based Illumination Estimation and Color Correction
* Towards Inverse Radiation Therapy Planning and Multidimensional Cancer Treatment Optimization
* Understanding of Human Images
* Visual Reconstruction and Registration of Curves and Surfaces
* Wavelet Applications on Medical Images and Signals
* Weighted Distance Transform Hyperspheres in Four Dimensions
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