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Al Rahhal, M.M.[Mohamad Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * CapERA: Captioning Events in Aerial Videos
* Learning a Multi-Branch Neural Network from Multiple Sources for Knowledge Adaptation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Siamese-GAN: Learning Invariant Representations for Aerial Vehicle Image Categorization
* TextRS: Deep Bidirectional Triplet Network for Matching Text to Remote Sensing Images
* Vision Transformers for Remote Sensing Image Classification
Includes: Al Rahhal, M.M.[Mohamad Mahmoud] Al Rahhal, M.M.[Mohamad M.]

Al Rajab, M.[Moaath] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Using Zernike Velocity Moments and Hidden Markov Models for Hand Gesture Recognition, A
Includes: Al Rajab, M.[Moaath] Al-Rajab, M.[Moaath]

Al Rajhi, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Change Detection Using High Resolution Stereo Images and a GIS Database
* Building Monitoring with Differential DSMS

Al Ramadan, K.[Khalid] Co Author Listing * Gravity Survey on the Oil-Bearing Dammam Dome (Eastern Saudi Arabia) and Its Implications
Includes: Al Ramadan, K.[Khalid] Al-Ramadan, K.[Khalid]

Al Rawabdeh, A.[Abdulla] Co Author Listing * Mobile LiDAR for Monitoring Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Textured Precast Concrete Panels, A
* Planar Constraints for an Improved UAV-Image-Based Dense Point Cloud Generation
* Region-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Images Acquired by Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems
* Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
* Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Digital Imaging System to Derive a 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Scarp Recognition
Includes: Al Rawabdeh, A.[Abdulla] Al-Rawabdeh, A.[Abdulla] Al-Rawabdeh, A.

Al Rawas, S. Co Author Listing * Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion From Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Al Rawas, S. Al-Rawas, S.

Al Rawi, M. Co Author Listing * Can Generative Adversarial Networks Teach Themselves Text Segmentation?
* Compact and Efficient Multitask Learning in Vision, Language and Speech
* Illumination Invariant Recognition of Color Texture Using Correlation and Covariance Functions
Includes: Al Rawi, M. Al-Rawi, M. Al-Rawi, M.[Mohammed]

Al Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Co Author Listing * 3D (pseudo) Zernike moments: Fast computation via symmetry properties of spherical harmonics and recursive radial polynomials
* Fast computation of pseudo Zernike moments
* Fast Zernike moments
* Functional Brain Mapping by Methods of Evolutionary Natural Selection
* Intensity normalization of sidescan sonar imagery
* Numerical Stability Quality-Factor for Orthogonal Polynomials: Zernike Radial Polynomials Case Study
* Using Permutation Tests to Study How the Dimensionality, the Number of Classes, and the Number of Samples Affect Classification Analysis
Includes: Al Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Al-Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Al-Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed Sadiq] Al-Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed Sadeq] Al-Rawi, M.S.
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Al Razgan, O.S. Co Author Listing * Protecting Patient Privacy against Unauthorized Release of Medical Images Using Weighted Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Includes: Al Razgan, O.S. Al-Razgan, O.S.

Al Raziqi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Group Activity Detection by Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Includes: Al Raziqi, A.[Ali] Al-Raziqi, A.[Ali]

Al Refai, R.[Rouqaiah] Co Author Listing * Unified Model for Face Matching and Presentation Attack Detection using an Ensemble of Vision Transformer Features, A
Includes: Al Refai, R.[Rouqaiah] Al-Refai, R.[Rouqaiah]

Al Regib, G.[Ghassan] Co Author Listing * Action Segmentation With Joint Self-Supervised Temporal Domain Adaptation
* Action Segmentation with Mixed Temporal Domain Adaptation
* Air-Writing Recognition Part I: Modeling and Recognition of Characters, Words, and Connecting Motions
* Air-Writing Recognition Part II: Detection and Recognition of Writing Activity in Continuous Stream of Motion Data
* Attend and Interact: Higher-Order Object Interactions for Video Understanding
* Automatic fault tracking across seismic volumes via tracking vectors
* Block-overlap-based validity metric for hybrid de-interlacing
* comparative study of computational aesthetics, A
* Completed local derivative pattern for rotation invariant texture classification
* Contrastive Explanations In Neural Networks
* Cooperative Delivery Techniques to Support Video-on-Demand Service in IPTV Networks
* CSV: Image quality assessment based on color, structure, and visual system
* Curvelet transform with learning-based tiling
* curvelet-based distance measure for seismic images, A
* Distorted Representation Space Characterization Through Backpropagated Gradients
* Feature Processing and Modeling for 6D Motion Gesture Recognition
* Generating adaptive and robust filter sets using an unsupervised learning framework
* Gradients as a Measure of Uncertainty in Neural Networks
* Implicit Saliency In Deep Neural Networks
* Joint Framework for Motion Validity and Estimation Using Block Overlap
* Multi-Level Texture Encoding and Representation (Multer) Based on Deep Neural Networks
* Multiple Events Detection In Seismic Structures Using A Novel U-Net Variant
* Novelty Detection Through Model-Based Characterization of Neural Networks
* Object Recognition Under Multifarious Conditions: A Reliability Analysis and a Feature Similarity-Based Performance Estimation
* Patient Aware Active Learning for Fine-Grained OCT Classification
* PerSIM: Multi-resolution image quality assessment in the perceptually uniform color domain
* Reduced-reference perceptual quality assessment for video streaming
* Regretful Agent: Heuristic-Aided Navigation Through Progress Estimation, The
* ReSIFT: Reliability-weighted sift-based image quality assessment
* Robustness and Overfitting Behavior of Implicit Background Models
* S6: Semi-Supervised Self-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Saliency detection for seismic applications using multi-dimensional spectral projections and directional comparisons
* Self-Supervised Annotation of Seismic Images Using Latent Space Factorization
* Semantically Interpretable and Controllable Filter Sets
* Tensor-based subspace learning for tracking salt-dome boundaries
* Texture classification using block intensity and gradient difference (BIGD) descriptor
* Traffic Signs in the Wild: Highlights from the IEEE Video and Image Processing Cup 2017 Student Competition
* TS-LSTM and temporal-inception: Exploiting spatiotemporal dynamics for activity recognition
* UNIQUE: Unsupervised Image Quality Estimation
* Unsupervised Uncertainty Estimation Using Spatiotemporal Cues in Video Saliency Detection
* Weakly-supervised labeling of seismic volumes using reference exemplars
Includes: Al Regib, G.[Ghassan] Al Regib, G.
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Al Regib, G.I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Resolution Coding for 3D Scenes using Vector Quantization
* BaTex3: Bit Allocation for Progressive Transmission of Textured 3-D Models
* Bit allocation for joint source and channel coding of progressively compressed 3-D models
* Context-adaptive hybrid variable length coding in H.264/AVC
* Hierarchical motion estimation with content-based meshes
* Improved DCT coefficient distribution modeling for H.264-like video coders based on block classification
* Improved Selective Encryption Techniques for Secure Transmission of MPEG Video Bit-Streams
* joint source and channel coding approach for progressively compressed 3-d mesh transmission, A
* Joint Source and Channel Coding for 3-D Scene Databases Using Vector Quantization and Embedded Parity Objects
* MIQM: A Multicamera Image Quality Measure
* Multi-Streaming of Visual Scenes with Scalable Partial Reliability
* Multimedia Quality Assessment
* Multistreaming of 3-D Scenes With Optimized Transmission and Rendering Scalability
* On-demand transmission of 3D models over lossy networks
* Parity-Object Embedded Streaming for Synthetic Graphics
* Three-dimensional position and amplitude VLC coding in H.264/AVC
* Vector Quantization in Multiresolution Mesh Compression
* Vector Quantization in Multiresolution Mesh Compression
Includes: Al Regib, G.I. Al-Regib, G.I. Al Regib, G.I.[Ghassan I.] Al-Regib, G.I.[Ghassan I.]
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Al Ridhawi, I.[Ismaeel] Co Author Listing * Enabling Intelligent IoCV Services at the Edge for 5G Networks and Beyond

Al Rifat, S.A.[Shaikh Abdullah] Co Author Listing * Assessing Influential Factors on Inland Property Damage from Gulf of Mexico Tropical Cyclones in the United States
* Measuring Community Disaster Resilience in the Conterminous Coastal United States
* Quantifying Spatiotemporal Patterns and Major Explanatory Factors of Urban Expansion in Miami Metropolitan Area During 1992-2016

Al rimy, B.A.S.[Bander Ali Saleh] Co Author Listing * Ensemble-Based Hybrid Context-Aware Misbehavior Detection Model for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Includes: Al rimy, B.A.S.[Bander Ali Saleh] Al-rimy, B.A.S.[Bander Ali Saleh]

Al Rodhaan, M.[Mznah] Co Author Listing * Novel Sentiment Polarity Detection Framework for Chinese, A
Includes: Al Rodhaan, M.[Mznah] Al-Rodhaan, M.[Mznah]

Al Rousan, M. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Arabic Sign Language Alphabet Using Polynomial Classifiers
* Spatio-Temporal Feature-Extraction Techniques for Isolated Gesture Recognition in Arabic Sign Language
Includes: Al Rousan, M. Al-Rousan, M.

Al Rozz, M. Co Author Listing * Parallel Architectures Adapted to Image Processing and Their Limits

Al Rubaye, S.[Saba] Co Author Listing * Generalized Quadrature Spatial Modulation and its Application to Vehicular Networks With NOMA
* Joint Optimization of Depth and Ego-Motion for Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
Includes: Al Rubaye, S.[Saba] Al-Rubaye, S.[Saba]

Al Ruzouq, R. Co Author Listing * Calibrated Multi-temporal Edge Images for City Infrastructure Growth Assessment And Prediction
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Large-Scale Date Palm Tree Mapping from UAV-Based Images
* Geostatistical Seismic Analysis And Hazard Assessment; United Arab Emirates
* Image Segmentation Parameter Selection and Ant Colony Optimization for Date Palm Tree Detection and Mapping from Very-High-Spatial-Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Integrated Archaeological Modeling Based on Geomatics Techniques and Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Integration of Deep Learning and Transfer Learning for Earthquake-Risk Assessment in the Eurasian Region, An
* Mapping Heterogeneous Urban Landscapes from the Fusion of Digital Surface Model and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Images Using Adaptive Multiscale Image Segmentation and Classification
* Photogrammetric and Lidar Data Registration Using Linear Features
* Potential Factors That Trigger the Suspension of Calcium Carbonate Sediments and Whiting in a Semi-Enclosed Gulf
* Semi-Automatic Registration of Multi-Source Satellite Imagery with Varying Geometric Resolutions
* Sensors, Features, and Machine Learning for Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring: A Review
* Spatial and Temporal Inversion of Land Surface Temperature along Coastal Cities in Arid Regions
* Spatiotemporal Mapping and Monitoring of Whiting in the Semi-Enclosed Gulf Using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Time Series Images and a Generic Ensemble Tree-Based Model
Includes: Al Ruzouq, R. Al-Ruzouq, R. Al-Ruzouq, R.[Rami]
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