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Korn, A.F.[Axel F.] Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis in Natural Scenes Picked up by a Moving Optical Sensor
* Robust grouping of intensity changes in outdoor scenes by a histogram and graph based method
* Toward a Symbolic Representation of Intensity Changes in Images

Korn, B. Co Author Listing * 3D B-Spline Curve Matching for Model Based Object Recognition
* Fuzzy ICP Algorithm for 3D Free Form Object Recognition, A
* Handling uncertainty in 3-D object recognition using Bayesian networks
* Plausibilistic preprocessing of sparse range images
* Task Driven 3D Object Recognition System Using Bayesian Networks, A
* Weather Independent Flight Guidance: Analysis of Mmw Radar Images for Approach and Landing
Includes: Korn, B. Korn, B.[Bernd]

Korn, E. Co Author Listing * Simulations of Infrared Radiances over a Deep Convective Cloud System Observed during TC4: Potential for Enhancing Nocturnal Ice Cloud Retrievals

Korn, M.R.[Matthew R.] Co Author Listing * 3-D Multiview Object Representations for Model-Based Object Recognition

Korn, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Automated delineation of lung tumors from CT images using a single click ensemble segmentation approach
Includes: Korn, R.[Rene] Korn, R.[René]

Korn, T.[Torsten] Co Author Listing * Interactive free viewpoint video from multiple stereo

Kornai, A. Co Author Listing * Statistical Zone Finding

Kornak, J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian k-Space-Time Reconstruction of MR Spectroscopic Imaging for Enhanced Resolution

Kornaropoulos, E.N. Co Author Listing * Deformable group-wise registration using a physiological model: Application to diffusion-weighted MRI
* Optimal Estimation of Diffusion in DW-MRI by High-Order MRF-Based Joint Deformable Registration and Diffusion Modeling

Kornatowski, E. Co Author Listing * Method of vibroacoustic signal spectrum optimization in diagnostics of devices

Kornberger, B.[Birgit] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Based Two-Stage Sampling for Accuracy Assessment and Area Estimation of Land Cover Changes

Kornblith, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Big Self-Supervised Models Advance Medical Image Classification
* Boosting Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning with False Negative Cancellation
* Denoising Pretraining for Semantic Segmentation
* Do Better ImageNet Models Transfer Better?
* FlexiViT: One Model for All Patch Sizes
* Guiding image captioning models toward more specific captions
* Hyperbolic Contrastive Learning for Visual Representations beyond Objects
* MIST: Multiple Instance Spatial Transformer
* Robust fine-tuning of zero-shot models
* Study on Self-supervised Object Detection Pretraining, A
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Korneenko, N.[Nickolay] Co Author Listing * Minimum-space time-optimal convex hull algorithms (preliminary report)

Korneliussen, J.T. Co Author Listing * Camera Processing With Chromatic Aberration

Korneliusson, M. Co Author Listing * Generative Modelling of Semantic Segmentation Data in the Fashion Domain

Kornelsen, K.C. Co Author Listing * Design of an Optimal Soil Moisture Monitoring Network Using SMOS Retrieved Soil Moisture

Korner, E.[Edgar] Co Author Listing * Attention Modulation Using Short- and Long-Term Knowledge
* Building a Motion Resolution Pyramid by Combining Velocity Distributions
* Estimating Object Proper Motion Using Optical Flow, Kinematics, and Depth Information
* Evolutionary Optimization of a Hierarchical Object Recognition Model
* Motion Segmentation Using Inference in Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Online Learning for Bootstrapping of Object Recognition and Localization in a Biologically Motivated Architecture
* Probabilistic Color Optical Flow
* Rapid Online Learning of Objects in a Biologically Motivated Recognition Architecture
Includes: Korner, E.[Edgar] Körner, E.[Edgar] (Maybe also Koerner, E.)Korner, E.
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Korner, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Multi-marker Tracking in X-ray Cardiac Sequences Using a Two-Stage Graph Modeling Approach
* Aerial LaneNet: Lane-Marking Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Imagery Using Wavelet-Enhanced Cost-Sensitive Symmetric Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
* Analyzing the Subspaces Obtained by Dimensionality Reduction for Human Action Recognition from 3d Data
* Automatic Alignment of Indoor and Outdoor Building Models Using 3D Line Segments
* Automatic and Semantically-Aware 3D UAV Flight Planning for Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
* Automatic Large-Scale 3D Building Shape Refinement Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* BreizhCrops: A Time Series Dataset for Crop Type Mapping
* Building instance classification using street view images
* Comparison of monocular depth estimation methods using geometrically relevant metrics on the IBims-1 dataset
* Derivation of Geometrically and Semantically Annotated UAV Datasets at Large Scales from 3D City Models
* DSM-to-LoD2: Spaceborne Stereo Digital Surface Model Refinement
* Evaluation of CNN-Based Single-Image Depth Estimation Methods
* Futuregan: Anticipating The Future Frames of Video Sequences Using Spatio-temporal 3d Convolutions in Progressively Growing GANs
* generalized multi-task learning approach to stereo DSM filtering in urban areas, A
* Hybrid Modeling: Fusion of A Deep Learning Approach and A Physics-based Model for Global Hydrological Modeling
* JAR-Aibo: A Multi-view Dataset for Evaluation of Model-Free Action Recognition Systems
* Long-short Skip Connections In Deep Neural Networks for DSM Refinement
* Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Land Cover Classification
* Multi-Task cGAN for Simultaneous Spaceborne DSM Refinement and Roof-Type Classification
* Multi-Temporal Land Cover Classification with Sequential Recurrent Encoders
* Regularized Geometric Hulls for Bio-medical Image Segmentation
* Robust Object-Based Multipass InSAR Deformation Reconstruction
* Self-attention for raw optical Satellite Time Series Classification
* Single-image Super Resolution For Multispectral Remote Sensing Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Temporal Self-Similarity for Appearance-Based Action Recognition in Multi-View Setups
* Temporal Vegetation Modelling Using Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Crop Identification from Medium-Resolution Multi-spectral Satellite Images
* Towards Multi-class Object Detection in Unconstrained Remote Sensing Imagery
* TUM-DLR Multimodal Earth Observation Evaluation Benchmark, The
Includes: Korner, M.[Marco] Körner, M.[Marco] (Maybe also Koerner, M.)Körner, M. (Maybe also Koerner, M.)
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Kornerup, P. Co Author Listing * Computing moments by prefix sums

Kornes, M.S.[Maria Stylianou] Co Author Listing * Emotional Features of Interactions with Empathic Agents

Kornev, A.[Anatoly] Co Author Listing * Outer Surface Reconstruction for 3D Fractured Objects

Kornfield, E.M.[E. Micah] Co Author Listing * Further explorations in text alignment with handwritten documents
* Text alignment with handwritten documents

Kornhauser, A. Co Author Listing * DeepDriving: Learning Affordance for Direct Perception in Autonomous Driving

Kornhuber, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * 3-D gesture-based scene navigation in medical imaging applications using Time-of-Flight cameras

Kornienko, V.N. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional EIT imaging of breast tissues: System Design and Clinical Testing

Kornilov, M.V.[Matwey V.] Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Disk Image Parameters

Kornilova, A.[Anastasiia] Co Author Listing * SmartPortraits: Depth Powered Handheld Smartphone Dataset of Human Portraits for State Estimation, Reconstruction and Synthesis

Kornis, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * VQGAN-CLIP: Open Domain Image Generation and Editing with Natural Language Guidance

Korniski, R.[Ronald] Co Author Listing * Toward a 3D endoscope for minimally invasive surgery

Kornprobst, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * email: Kornprobst, P.[Pierre]: Pierre Kornprobst AT sophia inria fr
* 2D+t Tensor Voting Based Approach for Tracking, A
* Action Recognition Using a Bio-Inspired Feedforward Spiking Network
* Action recognition via bio-inspired features: The richness of center-surround interaction
* Action Recognition with a Bio-inspired Feedforward Motion Processing Model: The Richness of Center-Surround Interactions
* Bilateral Filtering: Theory and Applications
* Bio-inspired computer vision: Towards a synergistic approach of artificial and biological vision
* Bio-Inspired Image Coder with Temporal Scalability, A
* bio-inspired synergistic virtual retina model for tone mapping, A
* Could early visual processes be sufficient to label motions?
* Course to Fine Multiscale Approach for Linear Least Squares Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Explicit Reconstruction for Image Inpainting
* Filtering interferometric phase images by anisotropic diffusion
* Harris corners in the real world: A principled selection criterion for interest points based on ecological statistics
* Image Coupling, Restoration and Enhancement via PDE's
* Image Sequence Analysis via Partial Differential Equations
* Image Sequence Restoration: A PDE-Based Coupled Method for Image Restoration and Motion Segmentation
* Improving FREAK Descriptor for Image Classification
* Inverse EEG and MEG Problems: The Adjoint State Approach I: The Continuous Case, The
* Mathematical Problems in Image Processing Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations
* Mathematical Study of the Relaxed Optical Flow Problem in the Space V, A
* Navisio: Towards an integrated reading aid system for low vision patients
* Nonlinear Operators in Image Restoration
* On the role of context in probabilistic models of visual saliency
* Optical Flow Estimation While Preserving its Discontinuities: A Variational Approach
* Streaming an image through the eye: The retina seen as a dithered scalable image coder
* Tracking Segmented Objects using Tensor Voting
* use of super-resolution techniques to reduce slice thickness in functional MRI, The
* Variational Approach for Multi-valued Velocity Field Estimation in Transparent Sequences, A
* variational approach to one dimensional phase unwrapping, A
* Variational Multi-Valued Velocity Field Estimation for Transparent Sequences
* What can we expect from a V1-MT feedforward architecture for optical flow estimation?
Includes: Kornprobst, P.[Pierre] Kornprobst, P.
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Kornreich, D. Co Author Listing * New Simple 3-Layer Neural Network for Image Compression
* Normalization schemes in a neural network image compression algorithm
Includes: Kornreich, D. Kornreich, D.[Doron]

Kornus, W. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Rcd30 Oblique Performance In A Production Environment
* DEM generation from SPOT-5 3-fold along track stereoscopic imagery using autocalibration
* Geometric in-flight calibration of the stereoscopic line-CCD scanner MOMS-2P
* Photogrammetric Processing Using ZY-3 Satellite Imagery
* Searching Lost People with UAVs: The System and Results of the Close-Search Project
* Studies on DMC geometry
Includes: Kornus, W. Kornus, W.[Wolfgang]

Kornuta, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Application of the FraDIA Vision Framework for Robotic Purposes
* Object-Based Reasoning in VQA
* Performance Evaluation of Binary Descriptors of Local Features
Includes: Kornuta, T.[Tomasz] Kornuta, T.

Kornyakov, K.[Kirill] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Computer Vision with OpenCV

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