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Puppo, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Mosaicing for Environment Reconstruction
* complete system for on-line 3D modelling from acoustic images, A
* Compressing Triangulated Irregular Networks
* Constrained Delaunay Triangulation for Multiresolution Surface Description
* Decomposing non-manifold objects in arbitrary dimensions
* Evaluating Movement Quality Through Intrapersonal Synchronization
* Managing the Level of Detail in 3D Shape Reconstruction and Representation
* Multi-VMap: A Multi-Scale Model for Vector Maps
* Multiresolution Models for Topographic Surface Description
* Non-manifold Multi-tessellation: From Meshes to Iconic Representations of Objects
* On the Topological Representation of Line Drawings
* On-Line Algorithm for Constrained Delaunay Triangulation, An
* On-line Space Sculpturing for 3d Shape Manipulation
* Representation and Visualization of Terrain Surfaces at Variable Resolution
* Scale-Space Techniques for Fiducial Points Extraction from 3D Faces
* Segmentation/reconstruction of range images based on piecewise-linear approximation
* VARIANT: A System for Terrain Modeling at Variable Resolution
* Virtually Continuous Representation of the Deep Structure of Scale-Space, A
* Visualizing parametric surfaces at variable resolution
Includes: Puppo, E. Puppo, E.[Enrico]
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