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Symonova, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Complex Fiedler Vectors for Shape Retrieval

Symons, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * Insect Monitoring Radar: Maximizing Performance and Utility

Symosek, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Terrain Using Multispectral Images
* Automatic detection of vehicle occupants: The Imaging Problem and its solution
* Imaging Issue in an Automatic Face/Disguise Detection System, The
* IU at the Honeywell Technology Center
* Near-Infrared Fusion Scheme for Automatic Detection of Vehicle Passengers, A
Includes: Symosek, P.[Peter] Symosek, P.

Symosek, P.F. Co Author Listing * Implementation, Interpretation, and Analysis of a Suboptimal Boundary Finding Algorithm
* Motion and Binocular Stereo Integrated System for Passive Ranging
* Qualitative Motion Detection and Tracking of Targets from a Mobile Platform
* Qualitative Target Motion Detection and Tracking
* Stochastic Boundary Estimation and Object Recognition
* Synergism of Binocular and Motion Stereo for Passive Ranging

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