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Saad Shakeel, M. Co Author Listing * Deep low-rank feature learning and encoding for cross-age face recognition

Saad, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Satellite- and Model-Based Crop Phenology in West Africa, A
* IEEE 1394 (firewire) based embedded video system for surveillance applications, An
* Iterative segmentation and motion correction for dynamic PET images based on radioactive tracer kinetics
* Multiresolution approach to automatic detection of spherical particles from electron cryomicroscopy images
Includes: Saad, A.[Alexandre] Saad, A. Saad, A.[Ahmed]

Saad, A.A.[Ashraf A.] Co Author Listing * Shape Decomposition Approach for Ultrasound Color Doppler Image Segmentation

Saad, A.B. Co Author Listing * Where Is The Fake? Patch-Wise Supervised GANS For Texture Inpainting

Saad, E. Co Author Listing * Defocus Blur-Invariant Scale-Space Feature Extractions
* Improving surf interest point detection for defocus blur robustness
* Structure-based image inpainting
Includes: Saad, E. Saad, E.[Elhusain]

Saad, H. Co Author Listing * Exact Recovery in Community Detection With Continuous-Valued Side Information

Saad, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Assessment of video naturalness using time-frequency statistics
* Automated delineation of non-small cell lung cancer: A step toward quantitative reasoning in medical decision science
* Cartesian Trajectory Tracking of a 7-DOF Exoskeleton Robot Based on Human Inverse Kinematics
* Subtle consumer-photo quality evaluation
Includes: Saad, M.[Michele] Saad, M.[Maliazurina] Saad, M.

Saad, M.A.[Michele A.] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Quality Assessment: A Natural Scene Statistics Approach in the DCT Domain
* Blind Prediction of Natural Video Quality
* Blind S3D image quality prediction using classical and non-classical receptive field models
* Completely Blind Video Integrity Oracle, A
* DCT Statistics Model-Based Blind Image Quality Assessment
* DCT Statistics-Based Blind Image Quality Index, A
* Natural DCT statistics approach to no-reference image quality assessment
* Objective Consumer Device Photo Quality Evaluation
* Towards Category-Based Aesthetic Models of Photographs
Includes: Saad, M.A.[Michele A.] Saad, M.A.
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Saad, M.F.[Mohamed Fadhel] Co Author Listing * Improved Modified Suppressed Fuzzy C-Means

Saad, M.H.[Mohamed H.] Co Author Listing * Distracted Driver Dataset

Saad, M.H.M.[Mohamad Hanif Md] Co Author Listing * Real Time Object Oriented 6-Point Skeleton Extraction Component from Human Silhouette for Video Surveillance and Analysis Application
* Review of person re-identification techniques
Includes: Saad, M.H.M.[Mohamad Hanif Md] Saad, M.H.M.[M.H. Md]

Saad, M.N. Co Author Listing * review on classifying abnormal behavior in crowd scene, A

Saad, N. Co Author Listing * Compressed VFH descriptor for 3D object classification
* Noise Robustness Analysis of Point Cloud Descriptors
Includes: Saad, N. Saad, N.[Naufal]

Saad, N.J.A.M.[Nurjannatul Jannah Aqilah Md] Co Author Listing * Knowledge Driven Interface to Determine Degree of Exposure of Young Adult to Pedophile Online

Saad, N.M. Co Author Listing * Multispectral venous images analysis for optimum illumination selection

Saad, O.M.[Omar M.] Co Author Listing * Earthquake Detection and P-Wave Arrival Time Picking Using Capsule Neural Network

Saad, S.[Shimaa] Co Author Listing * Difference-Based Local Gradient Patterns for Image Representation
* Dominant LBP Considering Pattern Type for Facial Image Representation

Saad, W. Co Author Listing * Indoor Millimeter-Wave Systems: Design and Performance Evaluation

Saad, Y.[Yousef] Co Author Listing * Enhanced graph-based dimensionality reduction with repulsion Laplaceans
* Multigrid Algorithms on the Hypercube Multiprocessor
* Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Projections: A Projection-Based Dimensionality Reduction Technique
Includes: Saad, Y.[Yousef] Saad, Y.

Saada, S.A.[Saada A.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Geophysical Methodologies Applied to Image Archaeological Ruins at Various Depths in Highly Terraneous Sites

Saadah, M.[Maha] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of stromal tissue in histology images using a voting Bayesian model

Saadan, S.A.[Siti Aisyah] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Annotation Using Color K-Means Clustering

Saadane, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization based on saliency map at frame level of H.264/AVC rate control scheme
* Attentional mechanisms driven adaptive quantization and selective bit allocation scheme for H.264/AVC
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on the Use of Saliency Maps and a Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
* Blind Quality Metric using a Perceptual Importance Map for JPEG-20000 Compressed Images
* Design and Evaluation of an Entirely Psychovisual-Based Coding Scheme
* Image coding in the context of a psychovisual image representation with vector quantization
* Masking and quantization laws in a visual subband coding scheme
* New H.264 intra-rate estimation and inter-rate control driven by improved MAD-based Contrast Sensitivity
* No-Reference Learning-Based and Human Visual-Based Image Quality Assessment Metric
* Perceptual quality metrics: evaluation of individual components
Includes: Saadane, A. Saadane, A.[Abdelhakim]
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Saadane, H.[Hakim] Co Author Listing * Watermarking using multiple visual channels for perceptual color spaces

Saadane, R. Co Author Listing * Spatial Correlation Characterization for UWB Indoor Channel Based on Measurements
* Ultra Wide-Band Channel Characterization Using Generalized Gamma Distributions
Includes: Saadane, R. Saadane, R.[Rachid]

Saadani, A. Co Author Listing * variable-order Markov-chain-based model for Rayleigh fading and RAKE receiver, A

Saadaoui, F.[Foued] Co Author Listing * wavelet-assisted subband denoising for tomographic image reconstruction, A
Includes: Saadaoui, F.[Foued] Sa‚daoui, F.[Foued]

Saadat Seresht, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Traditional and Machine Learning Base Methods for Ground Point Cloud Labeling

Saadat, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Land use and land cover classification over a large area in Iran based on single date analysis of satellite imagery

Saadat, M. Co Author Listing * Rice Crop Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series Images (case Study: Mazandaran, Iran)

Saadat, S. Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Multi-Modal Image Registration for 3D Knee Kinematics

Saadati, M.[Mirmohammad] Co Author Listing * Radarsat-2 Synthetic-aperture Radar Land Cover Segmentation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Saadatmand Tarzjan, M. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Wavelet Correlogram Methods for Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Gabor Wavelet Correlogram Algorithm for Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Novel Evolutionary Approach for Optimizing Content-Based Image Indexing Algorithms, A
* Self-affine snake for medical image segmentation
* Wavelet correlogram: A new approach for image indexing and retrieval
Includes: Saadatmand Tarzjan, M. Saadatmand-Tarzjan, M.

Saadatnejad, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Learning Decoupled Representations for Human Pose Forecasting

Saadatseresht, M. Co Author Listing * ANN-based visibility prediction for camera placement in vision metrology
* Application of UAV Photogrammetry in Displacement Measurement of the Soil Nail Walls Using Local Features and CPDA Method
* Applying CCD Cameras in Stereo Panorama Systems for 3D Environment Reconstruction
* Automatic 3D Mapping Using Multiple Uncalibrated Close Range Images
* Automatic Camera Placement in Vision Metrology Based On A Fuzzy Inference System
* Building Floor Plan Reconstruction From Slam-based Point Cloud Using Ransac Algorithm
* Comparison of Point and Segment Based Point Cloud Classification Method In Urban Scenes
* Deformation Determination of Aircraft Parts by Photogrammetry
* Development of a novel simplification mask for multi-shot optical scanners
* Direct Sensor-Oriented Calibration of the Projector in Coded Structured Light System
* Effect of Digital Fringe Projection Parameters on 3D Reconstruction Accuracy
* Implementation And Evaluation Of A Mobile Mapping System Based On Integrated Range And Intensity Images For Traffic Signs Localization
* Novel Tie Point Based Strategy for Point Cloud and Imagery Data Fine Registration, A
* Ocean Color Retrieval Using Landsat-8 Imagery In Coastal Case 2 Waters (case Study Persian And Oman Gulf)
* Photometric Stereo Assisted Drawing of Architectural Reliefs
* Road Crack Detection Using Gaussian/prewitt Filter
* Simultaneous Registration and Integration of Two Sequential Velodyne Point Clouds Using Voxel-based Least Square Adjustment
* Spoofing Detection of Civilian UAVs Using Visual Odometry
* Three Pre-Processing Steps to Increase the Quality of Kinect Range Data
Includes: Saadatseresht, M. Saadatseresht, M.[Mohammad]
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Saadatzadeh, E. Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Using Smartphones Sensors: An Efficient Indoor Positioning System in Complex Buildings of Smart Cities

Saadawi, T.N.[Tarek N.] Co Author Listing * Clutter Rejection Technique for FLIR Imagery Using Region-Based Principal Component Analysis, A

Saadeh, H.[Heba] Co Author Listing * Flower classification using deep convolutional neural networks

Saadeh, M.[Maha] Co Author Listing * Flower classification using deep convolutional neural networks

Saadeldin, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised dry herbage mass estimation using automatic data and synthetic images

Saadi, A. Co Author Listing * Single feed compact millimeter wave antenna for future 5G applications

Saadi, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Data mining with a simulated annealing based fuzzy classification system

Saadi, K. Co Author Listing * Optimally Regularised Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis

Saadi, K.A. Co Author Listing * Color image coding based on embedded wavelet zerotree and scalar quantization
* Video Image Compression using Zerotree Wavelets Coding
Includes: Saadi, K.A. Saadi, K.A.[K. Ait]

Saadi, N.M. Co Author Listing * Integration of DEM, ETM+, Geologic, and Magnetic Data for Geological Investigations in the Jifara Plain, Libya

Saadi, R. Co Author Listing * Classifier Fusion of Polsar, Hyperspectral and Pan Remote Sensing Data For Improving Land Use Classification
* Investigating of Forest Change in Golestan Province Using Landsat Image

Saadi, S.[Sameh] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Irrigation Consumption Using High Resolution NDVI Image Time Series: Calibration and Validation in the Kairouan Plain (Tunisia)
* potential use of high resolution X-band SAR moisture products for the calibration of a water balance model over bare agricultural soils (Tunisia), The
Includes: Saadi, S.[Sameh] Saadi, S.

Saadna, Y.[Yassmina] Co Author Listing * overview of traffic sign detection and classification methods, An

Saadoune, M. Co Author Listing * Degree of spacial dependence quantification algorithm in AODV protocol

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