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Fuh, C.S.[Chiou Shann] Co Author Listing * 3D Morphable Face Model for Face Animation
* Attributed hypergraph matching on a Riemannian manifold
* Automatic change detection of driving environments in a vision-based driver assistance system
* automatic road sign recognition system based on a computational model of human recognition processing, An
* Camera Calibration with a Motorized Zoom Lens
* Cast Search via Two-Stream Label Propagation
* Clustering Complex Data with Group-Dependent Feature Selection
* Color interpolation for single CCD color camera
* Detection and tracking of road signs
* Ego Motion Estimation Using Optical Flow Fields Observed from Multiple Cameras
* Fast Algorithm for Nearest Neighbor Search Based on a Lower Bound Tree
* Fast and versatile algorithm for nearest neighbor search based on a lower bound tree
* Fast block matching algorithm based on the winner-update strategy
* Fast Object Detection with Occlusions
* Fast Search Algorithms for IC Printed Mark Quality Inspection
* Fast semi-local alignment for DNA sequence database search
* Foreground Object Detection Using Two Successive Images
* Fourier Slice Theorem For Range Data Reconstruction, The
* Free-Hand Pointer by Use of an Active Stereo Vision System
* Hierarchical Color Image Region Segmentation for Content-Based Image Retrieval System
* Image Segmentation To Inspect 3-D Object Sizes
* Learning Effective Image Metrics from Few Pairwise Examples
* Learning Unsupervised Metaformer for Anomaly Detection
* Local Ensemble Kernel Learning for Object Category Recognition
* Motion Displacement Extimation Using an Affine Model for Image Matching
* Multipass Hierarchical Stereo Matching for Generation of Digital Terrain Models from Aerial Images
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Dimensionality Reduction
* New Sampling Method of Auto Focus for Voice Coil Motor in Camera Modules, A
* One-class anomaly detection via novelty normalization
* Probabilistic tracking with adaptive feature selection
* Projection for Pattern Recognition
* Range Data Reconstruction Using Fourier Slice Theorem
* Region-Based Optical Flow Estimation
* road sign recognition system based on dynamic visual model, A
* Segmenting Highly Articulated Video Objects with Weak-Prior Random Forests
* Self-supervised Sparse Representation for Video Anomaly Detection
* Simple and efficient method of calibrating a motorized zoom lens
* Three-dimensional ego-motion estimation from motion fields observed with multiple cameras
* Tone Reproduction: A Perspective from Luminance-Driven Perceptual Grouping
* Video stabilization for a hand-held camera based on 3D motion model
* Visual Motion Correspondence by Region-Based Approaches
* Winner-update Algorithm for Nearest Neighbor Search
Includes: Fuh, C.S.[Chiou Shann] Fuh, C.S.[Chiou-Shann] Fuh, C.S.
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