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Gerum, P.C.L.[Pedro Cesar Lopes] Co Author Listing * How Random Incidents Affect Travel-Time Distributions

Gerund, S. Co Author Listing * Image retrieval based on LRGA algorithm and relevance feedback for insect identification

Geruo, A. Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture Variability in India: Relationship of Land Surface-Atmosphere Fields Using Maximum Covariance Analysis

Gerus Gosciewska, M.[Malgorzata] Co Author Listing * Adjusting the Regular Network of Squares Resolution to the Digital Terrain Model Surface Shape
* Grey System Theory in Research into Preferences Regarding the Location of Place of Residence within a City
* GRID-Based Spatial Interpolation Method as a Tool Supporting Real Estate Market Analyses, A
Includes: Gerus Gosciewska, M.[Malgorzata] Gerus-Gosciewska, M.[Malgorzata]

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