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Petr, J. Co Author Listing * Influence and Compensation of Truncation Artifacts in MR-Based Attenuation Correction in PET/MR

Petr, M. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Approach for Mapping Complex Forest Structure Phases Using LIDAR Data

Petra, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Dictionary-Based Spatio-temporal Flow Estimation for Echo PIV
* Assignment Manifold: A Smooth Model for Image Labeling, The
* B-SMART: Bregman-Based First-Order Algorithms for Non-negative Compressed Sensing Problems
* Compressed Motion Sensing
* Direct MRI Segmentation from k-Space Data by Iterative Potts Minimization
* Discrete Tomography by Continuous Multilabeling Subject to Projection Constraints
* Entropic Perturbation Approach to TV-Minimization for Limited-Data Tomography, An
* First-order Geometric Multilevel Optimization for Discrete Tomography
* Geometric Approach to Image Labeling, A
* Gradient Flows on a Riemannian Submanifold for Discrete Tomography
* Graphical Model Parameter Learning by Inverse Linear Programming
* Image Labeling by Assignment
* Image Reconstruction by Multilabel Propagation
* Learning Adaptive Regularization for Image Labeling Using Geometric Assignment
* Learning Linear Assignment Flows for Image Labeling via Exponential Integration
* Local Spatio-Temporal Approach to Plane Wave Ultrasound Particle Image Velocimetry, A
* Modeling Large-scale Joint Distributions and Inference by Randomized Assignment
* Novel Convex Relaxation for Non-binary Discrete Tomography, A
* On Sparsity Maximization in Tomographic Particle Image Reconstruction
* On the Remarkable Efficiency of Smart
* Parametric Dictionary-Based Velocimetry for Echo PIV
* Performance Bounds for Cosparse Multichannel Signal Recovery via Collaborative-TV
* Self-Assignment Flows for Unsupervised Data Labeling on Graphs
* TomoGC: Binary Tomography by Constrained GraphCuts
* Unsupervised Assignment Flow: Label Learning on Feature Manifolds by Spatially Regularized Geometric Assignment
* Unsupervised Label Learning on Manifolds by Spatially Regularized Geometric Assignment
* Unsupervised Labeling by Geometric and Spatially Regularized Self-assignment
* Variational Adaptive Correlation Method for Flow Estimation
* Variational Image Denoising with Adaptive Constraint Sets
Includes: Petra, S.[Stefania] Petra, S.
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Petracca, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sampling and Non Linear Reconstruction for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Classification Algorithm for Electroencephalography Signals by Self-Induced Emotional Stimuli, A
* Innovative On-line Handwriting Identification Algorithm Based on Stroke Features
* Time-of-Flight Camera Based Virtual Reality Interaction for Balance Rehabilitation Purposes
Includes: Petracca, A.[Andrea] Petracca, A.

Petracca, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Ground-Reference Data and Validation of the H-SAF Precipitation Products in Brazil
* Gaussian Mixture Background Modelling Optimisation for Micro-controllers
* HOG-Dot: A Parallel Kernel-Based Gradient Extraction for Embedded Image Processing
* Is ICT mature for an EU-wide intelligent transport system?
* low-cost vehicle counter for next-generation ITS, A
* optimisation of Gaussian mixture models for integer processing units, An
* RAINBOW: An Operational Oriented Combined IR-Algorithm
Includes: Petracca, M.[Marco] Petracca, M.[Matteo] Petracca, M.
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Petracchini, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Forecasting PM10 Levels Using Machine Learning Models in the Arctic: A Comparative Study
* Sentinel-2 Remote Sensed Image Classification with Patchwise Trained ConvNets for Grassland Habitat Discrimination

Petracci, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * Testing an innovative predictive management system for bus fleets: outcomes from the Ravenna case study

Petracek, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Safe Documentation of Historical Monuments by an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Includes: Petracek, P.[Pavel] Petrácek, P.[Pavel]

Petrachkov, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Automation of the Detection of Pathological Changes in the Morphometric Characteristics of the Human Eye Fundus Based on the Data of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Petraglia, A. Co Author Listing * Codebook Calibration Method for Vector Quantizers Implemented at the Focal Plane of CMOS Imagers
* Comparison between Digital Tone-Mapping Operators and a Focal-Plane Pixel-Parallel Circuit
* Comparison of CNN and MLP classifiers for algae detection in underwater pipelines
* New Error Sensitivity Model for the Analog Hardware Implementation of Inner Products
Includes: Petraglia, A. Petraglia, A.[Antonio]

Petraglia, M.R. Co Author Listing * Comparison of CNN and MLP classifiers for algae detection in underwater pipelines
* Exact Expectation Evaluation and Design of Variable Step-Size Adaptive Algorithms
* New Initialization Method for Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation Algorithms, A
* Performance analysis of adaptive filter structure employing wavelet and sparse subfilters
Includes: Petraglia, M.R. Petraglia, M.R.[Mariane R.]

Petrakis, E.G.M.[Euripides G. M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Methods for Motion Characterization and Segmentation of MPEG Compressed Frame Sequences
* Design and evaluation of spatial similarity approaches for image retrieval
* DOGI: An Annotation System for Images of Dog Breeds
* Efficient Retrieval of Deformed and Occluded Shapes
* Efficient Shape Matching and Retrieval at Multiple Scales
* IntelliSearch: Intelligent Search for Images and Text on the Web
* Matching and Retrieval of Distorted and Occluded Shapes Using Dynamic Programming
* Methodology for the Representation, Indexing and Retrieval of Images by Content
* Searching for logo and trademark images on the web
* Shape Retrieval Based on Dynamic Programming
* SIA: Semantic Image Annotation Using Ontologies and Image Content Analysis
* survey on industrial vision systems, applications and tools, A
Includes: Petrakis, E.G.M.[Euripides G. M.] Petrakis, E.G.M.[Euripides G.M.] Petrakis, E.G.M.
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Petrakis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Automated Geolocation in Urban Environments Using a Simple Camera-Equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: A Rapid Mapping Surveying Alternative?
* Validation of Sentinel-3 OLCI Integrated Water Vapor Products Using Regional GNSS Measurements in Crete, Greece

Petrakis, R.E.[Roy E.] Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Surface Water Extent Model in Cambodia using Cloud-Based Remote Sensing

Petrakos, M. Co Author Listing * effect of classifier agreement on the accuracy of the combined classifier in decision level fusion, The

Petralia, A. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Petralia, V. Co Author Listing * Application of Photogrammetry to Brain Anatomy

Petran, V. Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic Correspondence without Continuity Assumptions

Petrangeli, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * HighlightMe: Detecting Highlights from Human-Centric Videos
* Recipe2Video: Synthesizing Personalized Videos from Recipe Texts
* Rotationally-temporally Consistent Novel View Synthesis of Human Performance Video
* Tailor Me: An Editing Network for Fashion Attribute Shape Manipulation
* VADER: Video Alignment Differencing and Retrieval

Petrantonakis, P.C. Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition from Brain Signals Using Hybrid Adaptive Filtering and Higher Order Crossings Analysis
* Enhanced Sign Language Recognition Using Weighted Intrinsic-Mode Entropy and Signer's Level of Deafness
* Higher Order Crossings Analysis of Signals Over Graphs
Includes: Petrantonakis, P.C. Petrantonakis, P.C.[Panagiotis C.]

Petras, A.[Argyrios] Co Author Listing * Tissue Drives Lesion: Computational Evidence of Interspecies Variability in Cardiac Radiofrequency Ablation

Petras, I.[Istvan] Co Author Listing * Behavioral cues help predict impact of advertising on future sales
* Digital Video Event Detector Framework for Surveillance Applications
* Flexible test-bed for unusual behavior detection
Includes: Petras, I.[Istvan] Petrás, I.[István] Petras, I.[István]

Petras, V.[Vivien] Co Author Listing * Automatic Enrichments with Controlled Vocabularies in Europeana: Challenges and Consequences
* Integrating Free and Open Source Solutions into Geospatial Science Education
* Open Source Approach To Urban Growth Simulation
* Processing UAV and Lidar Point Clouds In Grass GIS
* Redesigning Graphical User Interface of Open-Source Geospatial Software in a Community-Driven Way: A Case Study of GRASS GIS
* Tangible Landscape: Cognitively Grasping The Flow Of Water
Includes: Petras, V.[Vivien] Petras, V.[Vaclav] Petras, V.

Petrasova, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * High Resolution Viewscape Modeling Evaluated Through Immersive Virtual Environments
* Integrating Free and Open Source Solutions into Geospatial Science Education
* Open Source Approach To Urban Growth Simulation
* Processing UAV and Lidar Point Clouds In Grass GIS
* Rapid-DEM: Rapid Topographic Updates through Satellite Change Detection and UAS Data Fusion
* Redesigning Graphical User Interface of Open-Source Geospatial Software in a Community-Driven Way: A Case Study of GRASS GIS
* Tangible Landscape: Cognitively Grasping The Flow Of Water
* Visualization of Pedestrian Density Dynamics Using Data Extracted from Public Webcams
Includes: Petrasova, A.[Anna] Petrasova, A.
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Petrauskiene, V. Co Author Listing * Near-Optimal Time Function for Secure Dynamic Visual Cryptography

Petrazzuoli, G. Co Author Listing * Depth-Based Multiview Distributed Video Coding
* Key view selection in distributed multiview coding
* Reference View Selection in DIBR-Based Multiview Coding
* Using distributed source coding and depth image based rendering to improve interactive multiview video access
* Wyner-Ziv Coding for Depth Maps in Multiview Video-Plus-Depth
Includes: Petrazzuoli, G. Petrazzuoli, G.[Giovanni]

Petre, R.D. Co Author Listing * 3D Model-Based Sematic Labeling of 2D Objects

Petreanu, A. Co Author Listing * Scene Understanding Networks for Autonomous Driving Based on Around View Monitoring System

Petrella, O.[Orsola] Co Author Listing * Metrological Characterization for Vital Sign Detection by a Bioradar

Petrelli, A.[Alioscia] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Compact Features for RGB-D Visual Search
* Learning to Weight Color and Depth for RGB-D Visual Search
* On the Affinity between 3D Detectors and Descriptors
* On the repeatability of the local reference frame for partial shape matching
* Repeatable and Efficient Canonical Reference for Surface Matching, A
* Traffic sign detection via interest region extraction

Petrelli, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * meSch: Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage

Petremand, M. Co Author Listing * Champs de Markov Flous pour Imagerie Multispectrale-Fuzzy Markov Random Fields for Multispectral Images

Petrenko, A.A.[Anne A.] Co Author Listing * Coastal Current Intrusions from Satellite Altimetry

Petrenko, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * AVHRR GAC Sea Surface Temperature Reanalysis Version 2
* AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Improved VIIRS and MODIS SST Imagery
* JPSS VIIRS SST Reanalysis Version 3
* Metop First Generation AVHRR FRAC SST Reanalysis Version 1
* NOAA MODIS SST Reanalysis Version 1
* Optimization of Sensitivity of GOES-16 ABI Sea Surface Temperature by Matching Satellite Observations with L4 Analysis
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Petrescu, C.[Catalin] Co Author Listing * Review of Virtual Therapists in Anxiety and Phobias Alleviating Applications, A

Petrescu, D. Co Author Listing * L-M-S Filters for Image Restoration Applications
* Prediction Based on Boolean Filters for Multiresolution Lossless Image Compression
* Training based optimal stack filter design under structural constraints
* Training Framework for Stack and Boolean Filtering: Fast Optimal-Design Procedures and Robustness Case-Study, A

Petrescu, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Geo-Information in Urban Climate Studies

Petrescu, J. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision, Residual Image Processing and Mars Rover Localization

Petrescu, L.[Lucian] Co Author Listing * Real Time Indoor 3D Pipeline for an Advanced Sensory Substitution Device
* Review of Virtual Therapists in Anxiety and Phobias Alleviating Applications, A
Includes: Petrescu, L.[Lucian] Petrescu, L.[Livia]

Petrescu, M.[Mihai] Co Author Listing * Very Low Bitrate Video: A Statistical Analysis in the DCT Domain

Petretta, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Improvements of a Real-Time Background Subtraction Method

Petri Koenig, J.[Jakoba] Co Author Listing * A2Q: Accumulator-Aware Quantization with Guaranteed Overflow Avoidance
Includes: Petri Koenig, J.[Jakoba] Petri-Koenig, J.[Jakoba]

Petri, C.[Christof] Co Author Listing * Bias Correction of the Ratio of Total Column CH4 to CO2 Retrieved from GOSAT Spectra
* Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network
* Evaluation of Bias Correction Methods for GOSAT SWIR XH2O Using TCCON data
* Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment

Petri, C.A.[Caio Arlanche] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Seven MODIS Vegetation Indices to BRDF Effects during the Amazonian Dry Season

Petri, D. Co Author Listing * Passive ISAR With DVB-T Signals

Petri, E.[Ekkehard] Co Author Listing * Modelling Accessibility to Urban Green Areas Using Open Earth Observations Data: A Novel Approach to Support the Urban SDG in Four European Cities
* multi-processor NoC-based architecture for real-time image/video enhancement, A
Includes: Petri, E.[Ekkehard] Petri, E.[Esa]

Petri, S. Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Trunk Classification on Young Conifers

Petriaggi, B.D.[B. Davidde] Co Author Listing * Project iMARECULTURE: Advanced VR, iMmersive Serious Games and Augmented REality as Tools to Raise Awareness and Access to European Underwater CULTURal heritagE
* Recovery of Fragile Objects from Underwater Archaeological Excavations: New Materials and Techniques by SASMAP Project
Includes: Petriaggi, B.D.[B. Davidde] Petriaggi, B.D.[Barbara Davidde]

Petriaggi, R. Co Author Listing * Documentation and Monitoring of Underwater Archaeological Sites Using 3d Imaging Techniques: the Case Study of the Nymphaeum of Punta Epitaffio (Baiae, Naples)
* Virtual Tour in the Sunken villa Con Ingresso A Protiro Within The Underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae

Petricca, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * Sequential Processing of Inter-Satellite Doppler Tracking for a Dual-Spacecraft Configuration

Petricca, P.[Patrizio] Co Author Listing * Ground Deformation and Source Geometry of the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia Earthquake (Central Italy) Investigated Through Seismological Data, DInSAR Measurements, and Numerical Modelling

Petriccione, P.[Pierpaolo] Co Author Listing * New Approach Toward a Modular Multimodal Interface for PDAs and Smartphones, A

Petricek, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Area-weighted surface normals for 3D object recognition
* Learning for Active 3D Mapping
Includes: Petricek, T.[Tomas] Petrícek, T.[Tomáš]

Petrich, D. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of advisory warnings based on cooperative perception

Petrick, N. Co Author Listing * adaptive density-weighted contrast enhancement filter for mammographic breast mass detection, An
* Automated Quantitative Assessment of HER-2/neu Immunohistochemical Expression in Breast Cancer
* Classification of malignant and benign masses based on hybrid ART2LDA approach
* Classification of mass and normal breast tissue: a convolution neural network classifier with spatial domain and texture images
* Computer-aided characterization of mammographic masses: Accuracy of mass segmentation and its effects on characterization
* Graph matching based on mean field theory
* Improving polyp detection algorithms for CT colonography: Pareto front approach
* Information-Theoretic Approach for Analyzing Bias and Variance in Lung Nodule Size Estimation With CT: A Phantom Study
* Optimizing area under the ROC curve using semi-supervised learning
* Seamless Lesion Insertion for Data Augmentation in CAD Training
* Seeing Is Believing: Video Classification for Computed Tomographic Colonography Using Multiple-Instance Learning
Includes: Petrick, N. Petrick, N.[Nicholas]
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Petrides, G.[Gordon] Co Author Listing * Motion vector computation for video sequences

Petridis, C. Co Author Listing * Measurement System for a Magnetostrictive Torque Sensor

Petridis, K. Co Author Listing * Knowledge representation and semantic annotation of multimedia content

Petridis, S.[Stavros] Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Discrimination Between Speech and Laughter: Why and When Visual Information Might Help
* Blind Audio-Visual Localization and Separation via Low-Rank and Sparsity
* Diffused Heads: Diffusion Models Beat GANs on Talking-Face Generation
* Discrimination Between Native and Non-Native Speech Using Visual Features Only
* Does Visual Self-Supervision Improve Learning of Speech Representations for Emotion Recognition?
* Efficient Feature Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction Scheme for Isolated Greek Handwritten Character Recognition, An
* End-to-End Video-to-Speech Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* End-to-end visual speech recognition for small-scale datasets
* Fusion of audio and visual cues for laughter detection
* KAN-AV dataset for audio-visual face and speech analysis in the wild
* Learning to Detect Aircraft at Low Resolutions
* Leveraging Real Talking Faces via Self-Supervision for Robust Forgery Detection
* Lip-reading with Densely Connected Temporal Convolutional Networks
* Lips Don't Lie: A Generalisable and Robust Approach to Face Forgery Detection
* MAHNOB Laughter database, The
* MAHNOB Mimicry Database: A database of naturalistic human interactions, The
* Multi-modal Neural Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for agreement level estimation
* On the relation between discriminant analysis and mutual information for supervised linear feature extraction
* Online Attention for Interpretable Conflict Estimation in Political Debates
* Prediction-Based Audiovisual Fusion for Classification of Non-Linguistic Vocalisations
* Prediction-based classification for audiovisual discrimination between laughter and speech
* real-time and unsupervised face re-identification system for human-robot interaction, A
* Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation with GANs
* Segmentation-Free Recognition Technique to Assist Old Greek Handwritten Manuscript OCR, A
* Self-Supervised Video-Centralised Transformer for Video Face Clustering
* SS-VAERR: Self-Supervised Apparent Emotional Reaction Recognition from Video
* Supervised Principal Component Analysis Using a Smooth Classifier Paradigm
* SynthVSR: Scaling Up Visual Speech Recognition With Synthetic Supervision
Includes: Petridis, S.[Stavros] Petridis, S. Petridis, S.[Sergios]
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Petridis, V. Co Author Listing * SVM-Based Fuzzy Decision Trees for Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images

Petrie, C.A.[Cameron A.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Detect Endangered Cultural Heritage by Agricultural Expansion in Drylands at a Global Scale, An
* Large-Scale, Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing of Palaeo-River Networks: A Case Study from Northwest India and its Implications for the Indus Civilisation
* Re-Discovering Ancient Landscapes: Archaeological Survey of Mound Features from Historical Maps in Northwest India and Implications for Investigating the Large-Scale Distribution of Cultural Heritage Sites in South Asia

Petrie, D.[Desiree] Co Author Listing * SpaceNet 8: The Detection of Flooded Roads and Buildings

Petrie, F. Co Author Listing * Real Time Ray Tracing of Analytic and Implicit Surfaces
* Stitching Partial 3D Models with an Application to Modelling Stone Flakes

Petrie, G. Co Author Listing * Automated DEM Extraction and Orthoimage Generation from SPOT Level 1B Imagery
* Toward the Detection of Permafrost Using Land-Surface Temperature Mapping
Includes: Petrie, G. Petrie, G.[Gregg]

Petrie, T. Co Author Listing * Maximizzation Technique Occurring in teh Statistical Analysis of Probabilistic Function of Markov Chains, A

Petrig, B.[Benno] Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation of Ocular Fundus Images

Petrik, O.[Otto] Co Author Listing * Elaborating Hungarian Segment of the Global Map of Salt-Affected Soils (GSSmap): National Contribution to an International Initiative
* Finding Optimal Parameter Configuration for a Dynamic Triangle Mesh Compressor
Includes: Petrik, O.[Otto] Petrik, O.[Ottó] Petrík, O.[Oldrich]

Petrilli Barcelo, A. Co Author Listing * EKF-SLAM and Machine Learning Techniques for Visual Robot Navigation
* Fast Edge Detection in RGB-D Images
Includes: Petrilli Barcelo, A. Petrilli-Barcelo, A. Petrilli-Barceló, A.[Alberto]

Petrilli Barcelo, A.E.[Alberto Elias] Co Author Listing * Simple Methodology for 2d Reconstruction Using a CNN Model, A
Includes: Petrilli Barcelo, A.E.[Alberto Elias] Petrilli-Barceló, A.E.[Alberto Elías]

Petrillo, A. Co Author Listing * Breast segmentation using Fuzzy C-Means and anatomical priors in DCE-MRI
* Cooperative Shock Waves Mitigation in Mixed Traffic Flow Environment
* Eco-Driving Control Architecture for Platoons of Uncertain Heterogeneous Nonlinear Connected Autonomous Electric Vehicles
* GoA4 Control Architecture for the Autonomous Driving of High-Speed Trains Over ETCS: Design and Experimental Validation, A
* Investigation of Deep Learning for Lesions Malignancy Classification in Breast DCE-MRI, An
* LBP-TOP for Volume Lesion Classification in Breast DCE-MRI
* Multiple Classifier System for Classification of Breast Lesions Using Dynamic and Morphological Features in DCE-MRI, A
* Secure Adaptive Control for Cooperative Driving of Autonomous Connected Vehicles in the Presence of Heterogeneous Communication Delays and Cyberattacks, A
* Selection of Suspicious ROIs in Breast DCE-MRI
Includes: Petrillo, A. Petrillo, A.[Alberto] Petrillo, A.[Antonella]
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Petrillo, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Novel Digital-Camera Characterization Method for Pigment Identification in Cultural Heritage, A

Petrillo, U.F.[Umberto Ferraro] Co Author Listing * Improving the experimental analysis of tampered image detection algorithms for biometric systems
* Large Scale Graph Based Network Forensics Analysis

Petrin, C.E.[Christopher E.] Co Author Listing * Infrasound and Low-Audible Acoustic Detections from a Long-Term Microphone Array Deployment in Oklahoma

Petring, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Rendering Algorithms Using Position-Dependent Scene Properties
* Real-Time 3D Rendering of Heterogeneous Scenes

Petrini, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Analysis of a parallel MCMC algorithm for graph coloring with nearly uniform balancing
* Enhanced multicore-manycore interaction in high-performance video encoding

Petrini, F.M. Co Author Listing * Framework for the Development of Neuroprostheses: From Basic Understanding by Sciatic and Median Nerves Models to Bionic Legs and Hands

Petrini, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal analysis of RGB-D-T facial images for multimodal pain level recognition

Petrino, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous SoC-based acceleration of MPEG-7 compliance image retrieval process

Petrinoli, K.[Kalliopi] Co Author Listing * Detection of Upper and Lower Planetary-Boundary Layer Curves and Estimation of Their Heights from Ceilometer Observations under All-Weather Conditions: Case of Athens, Greece

Petris, T.[Teodora] Co Author Listing * Motion-Compensated Overcomplete Temporal Decomposition for Multiple Description Scalable Video Coding, A

Petrisic, J.[Joze] Co Author Listing * Digital Curve Length Calculation by Using B-spline
* Numerical calculation of digital curve length by using anchored discrete convolution
Includes: Petrisic, J.[Joze] Petrišic, J.[Jože]

Petrisor, A.I.[Alexandru Ionut] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Open Green Areas in Polish and Romanian Cities during 2006-2018: Insights for Spatial Planners
* Predicting Future Urban Flood Risk Using Land Change and Hydraulic Modeling in a River Watershed in the Central Province of Vietnam
* Trends in the National and Regional Transitional Dynamics of Land Cover and Use Changes in Romania
Includes: Petrisor, A.I.[Alexandru Ionut] Petrisor, A.I.[Alexandru-Ionut]

Petrisor, T. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-Based Multiple Description Coding of Images with Iterative Convex Optimization Techniques

Petritoli, A. Co Author Listing * Vertical Distribution of Lower Tropospheric NO2 Derived From Diffuse Solar Radiation Measurements: A Geometrical Retrieval Approach

Petriu, E.[Emil] Co Author Listing * Computational Model of Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Attention in Video Data, A
* Gradient Boundary Histograms for Action Recognition
* Local part model for action recognition
* Sampling Strategies for Real-Time Action Recognition

Petriu, E.M. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction Using an Uncalibrated Stereo Pair of Encoded Images
* Advances in Machine Vision: Strategies and Applications
* Deformable Object Segmentation and Contour Tracking in Image Sequences Using Unsupervised Networks
* FA3D: Fast and Accurate 3d Object Detection
* Framework for 3D Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition using Elements of Genetic Programming, A
* high precision 3D object reconstruction method using a color coded grid and NURBS, A
* Interacting with Digital Signage Using Hand Gestures
* Learning and Prediction of Soft Object Deformation Using Visual Analysis of Robot Interactions
* Modeling of Elastic Behavior of 3D Deformable Objects from Range and Tactile Imaging
Includes: Petriu, E.M. Petriu, E.M.[Emil M.]
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Petrlik, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Image Captioning with Reinforcement Learning

Petro, A.B.[Ana Belen] Co Author Listing * Automatic 1D Histogram Segmentation and Application to the Computation of Color Palettes
* Backlit images enhancement using global tone mappings and image fusion
* Center/Surround Retinex: Analysis and Implementation
* Color Image Segmentation Using Acceptable Histogram Segmentation
* Fourier implementation of Poisson image editing
* Inquiry on Contrast Enhancement Methods for Satellite Images, An
* Multiscale Retinex
* Nonparametric Approach for Histogram Segmentation, A
* PDE Formalization of Retinex Theory, A
* Retinex Poisson Equation: a Model for Color Perception
* Screened Poisson Equation for Image Contrast Enhancement
* Selective Contrast Adjustment by Poisson Equation
* Simplest Color Balance
* What is the right center/surround for Retinex?
Includes: Petro, A.B.[Ana Belen] Petro, A.B.[Ana Belén] Petro, A.B.[Ana-Belén] Petro, A.B.[Ana-Belen] Petro, A.B.
14 for Petro, A.B.

Petro, E.[Eliel] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Nitrogen in Rice Crops from UAV-Captured Images

Petro, L.S.[Lucy S.] Co Author Listing * Inverse mapping the neuronal correlates of facial expression processing

Petro, M.C. Co Author Listing * Interactive map conversion: combining machine vision and human input

Petrocchi, A. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks for Oil Spill Detection Using ERS-SAR Data

Petrogianni, A.[Antonia] Co Author Listing * Film Shot Type Classification Based on Camera Movement Styles

Petrone, M. Co Author Listing * Applications of 3D medical imaging in orthopaedic surgery: Introducing the hip-op system

Petronetto, F.[Fabiano] Co Author Listing * Graph regularization multidimensional projection

Petrongolo, M. Co Author Listing * Noise Suppression for Dual-Energy CT Through Entropy Minimization
* Single-Scan Dual-Energy CT Using Primary Modulation

Petroni, A. Co Author Listing * Second-Order Statistics Driven LMS Blind Fractionally Spaced Channel Equalization

Petroni, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Learning To Recognize Procedural Activities with Distant Supervision

Petronijevic, M.[Marija] Co Author Listing * Extension of IFC For Supporting 3D Cadastre LADM Geometry, The

Petropoulakis, L.[Lykourgos] Co Author Listing * Novel Decentralised System Architecture for Multi-camera Target Tracking, A

Petropoulos, G.P.[George P.] Co Author Listing * Appraisal of SMAP Operational Soil Moisture Product from a Global Perspective
* Appraisal of the Potential of Landsat 8 in Estimating Chlorophyll-a, Ammonium Concentrations and Other Water Quality Indicators, An
* Assessment of a Dynamic Physically Based Slope Stability Model to Evaluate Timing and Distribution of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides
* Cloud-Type Classification for Southeast China Based on Geostationary Orbit EO Datasets and the LighGBM Model
* Co-Orbital Sentinel 1 and 2 for LULC Mapping with Emphasis on Wetlands in a Mediterranean Setting Based on Machine Learning
* Cross-Validation of Radio-Frequency-Interference Signature in Satellite Microwave Radiometer Observations over the Ocean
* Detection and Analysis of C-Band Radio Frequency Interference in AMSR2 Data over Land
* Estimating Chlorophyll-a of Inland Water Bodies in Greece Based on Landsat Data
* Evaporative Fluxes and Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals in a Mediterranean Setting from Sentinel-3 and the Simplified Triangle
* Examination of the SMAP Operational Soil Moisture Products Accuracy at the Tibetan Plateau, An
* Examining the Capability of Supervised Machine Learning Classifiers in Extracting Flooded Areas from Landsat TM Imagery: A Case Study from a Mediterranean Flood
* Geoinformation Technologies in Support of Environmental Hazards Monitoring under Climate Change: An Extensive Review
* Identification of Painted Rock-Shelter Sites Using GIS Integrated with a Decision Support System and Fuzzy Logic
* Integrated Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis Model to Assess and Predict the Degradation of Protected Forest Areas, An
* Investigation of the Sensitivity of Microwave Land Surface Emissivity to Soil Texture in MLEM
* Microwave Land Emissivity Calculations over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Using FY-3B/MWRI Measurements
* Modelling of Greek Lakes Water Quality Using Earth Observation in the Framework of the Water Framework Directive (WFD)
* Near-Surface NO2 Concentration Estimation by Random Forest Modeling and Sentinel-5P and Ancillary Data
* Operational Soil Moisture from ASCAT in Support of Water Resources Management
* Performance Assessment of Global-EO-Based Precipitation Products against Gridded Rainfall from the Indian Meteorological Department
* Precipitation Estimation Using FY-4B/AGRI Satellite Data Based on Random Forest
* Quantifying the Physical Composition of Urban Morphology throughout Wales Based on the Time Series (1989-2011) Analysis of Landsat TM/ETM+ Images and Supporting GIS Data
* Random Forests with Bagging and Genetic Algorithms Coupled with Least Trimmed Squares Regression for Soil Moisture Deficit Using SMOS Satellite Soil Moisture
* Seasonal Trends in Clouds and Radiation over the Arctic Seas from Satellite Observations during 1982 to 2019
* Spatiotemporal Vegetation Variability and Linkage with Snow-Hydroclimatic Factors in Western Himalaya Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine (GEE)
* Temperature and Humidity Profile Retrieval from FY4-GIIRS Hyperspectral Data Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Temperature and Humidity Profiles Retrieval in a Plain Area from Fengyun-3D/HIRAS Sensor Using a 1D-VAR Assimilation Scheme
* Temperature and Relative Humidity Profile Retrieval from Fengyun-3D/HIRAS in the Arctic Region
* Temperature and Relative Humidity Profile Retrieval from Fengyun-3D/VASS in the Arctic Region Using Neural Networks
* Use of Hyperion for Mangrove Forest Carbon Stock Assessment in Bhitarkanika Forest Reserve: A Contribution Towards Blue Carbon Initiative
* Using GEOBIA and Vegetation Indices to Assess Small Urban Green Areas in Two Climatic Regions
31 for Petropoulos, G.P.

Petropulu, A.[Athina] Co Author Listing * Special Issue Preface: Ultrasonic Image Processing and Analysis

Petropulu, A.P.[Athina P.] Co Author Listing * Breast tissue characterization based on modeling of ultrasonic echoes using the power-law shot noise model
* Distributed Linear Block Coding for Cooperative Wireless Communications
* Joint Singular Value Decomposition: A New Tool for Separable Representation of Images
* MIMO Radar for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving: Advantages and Challenges
* On modeling the tissue response from ultrasonic B-scan images
* ROC analysis of ultrasound tissue characterization classifiers for breast cancer diagnosis
Includes: Petropulu, A.P.[Athina P.] Petropulu, A.P.

Petros, M.[Mulugeta] Co Author Listing * Airborne active remote sensor for atmospheric carbon dioxide
* High-Precision and High-Accuracy Column Dry-Air Mixing Ratio Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Using Pulsed 2-mu_m IPDA Lidar
Includes: Petros, M.[Mulugeta] Petros, M.

Petroselli, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Effects of Land Use-Land Cover Thematic Resolution on Environmental Evaluations
* Impact of Satellite-Derived Land Cover Resolution Using Machine Learning and Hydrological Simulations

Petrosian, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Construction and Application of Hybrid Wavelet and Other Parametric Orthogonal Transforms

Petrosino, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * 3D Neural Model-Based Stopped Object Detection
* 3dSOBS+ algorithm for moving object detection, The
* Attributed Relational SIFT-Based Regions Graph for Art Painting Retrieval
* Circle detection based on orientation matching
* Clustering Local Motion Estimates for Robust and Efficient Object Tracking
* DeepNautilus: A Deep Learning Based System for Nautical Engines' Live Vibration Processing
* Distributed recursive learning for shape recognition through multiscale trees
* Editorial: Scene background modeling and initialization
* EmoP3D: A Brain Like Pyramidal Deep Neural Network for Emotion Recognition
* Extensive Benchmark and Survey of Modeling Methods for Scene Background Initialization
* Extracting a background image by a multi-modal scene background model
* fusion-based approach to digital movie restoration, A
* Granular trajectory based anomaly detection for surveillance
* GRUNTS: Graph Representation for UNsupervised Temporal Segmentation
* Guest Editorial on Decision Making in Human and Machine Vision
* Human activity modeling by spatio temporal textural appearance
* Iris recognition through machine learning techniques: A survey
* Matrioska Tracking Algorithm on LTDT2014 Dataset, The
* MATRIOSKA: A Multi-level Approach to Fast Tracking by Learning
* Microarray Image Addressing Based on the Radon Transform
* Moving Object Detection for Real-Time Applications
* Multi-scale Kernel Operators for Reflection and Rotation Symmetry: Further Achievements
* Novel Graph Embedding Framework for Object Recognition, A
* Novel Graph-Based Fisher Kernel Method for Semi-supervised Learning, A
* Orientation Matching Approach to Circular Object Detection, The
* P-AFLC: a parallel scalable fuzzy clustering algorithm
* parallel fuzzy scale-space approach to the unsupervised texture separation, A
* People counting by learning their appearance in a multi-view camera environment
* Protein motifs retrieval by SS terns occurrences
* real-time streaming server in the RTLinux environment using VideoLanClient, A
* Removing Line Scratches in Digital Image Sequences by Fusion Techniques
* Restoration of blue scratches in digital image sequences
* Rough-Fuzzy HSV Color Histogram for Image Segmentation, A
* Salient feature based graph matching for person re-identification
* scale-space approach to preattentive texture discrimination, A
* Scene background initialization: A taxonomy
* Search of protein structural blocks through secondary structure triplets
* Self Organizing and Fuzzy Modelling for Parked Vehicles Detection
* Self-Organizing Approach to Background Subtraction for Visual Surveillance Applications, A
* Self-organizing Approach to Detection of Moving Patterns for Real-Time Applications, A
* Shape recognition by distributed recursive learning of multiscale trees
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* SOBS algorithm: What are the limits?, The
* Spatio-temporal Feature Learning Approach for Dynamic Scene Recognition, A
* Spatiotemporal Features Learning with 3DPyraNet
* Special Section: ICIAP 2013 Awards
* Strict Pyramidal Deep Neural Network for Action Recognition, A
* Structural analysis of protein Secondary Structure by GHT
* Supervised Approach to 3D Structural Classification of Proteins, A
* TGLSTM: A time based graph deep learning approach to gait recognition
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Benchmarking Scene Background Initialization
* Two-Subcycle Thinning Algorithm and Its Parallel Implementation on SIMD Machines, A
* UAV Autonomous Warehouse Inventorying by Deep Learning, An
* Unsupervised cyber bullying detection in social networks
* Unsupervised Texture Discrimination Based on Rough Fuzzy Sets and Parallel Hierarchical Clustering
* Visual Attention Mechanisms
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Petrosino, A.[Alfredo] Petrosino, A.
61 for Petrosino, A.

Petrosyan, G. Co Author Listing * Application of Photogrammetric Techniques in Palaeoodontological Studies Trough Automated Digital Shape Analysis of Human Teeth
* Modelling of Biometric Identification System with Given Parameters Using Colored Petri Nets

Petrosyan, G.R. Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction and Image Processing of Anthropological Archaeological Findings
* Modeling of Biometric Identification System Using the Colored Petri Nets

Petrou, J. Co Author Listing * Measurement System for a Magnetostrictive Torque Sensor

Petrou, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * email: Petrou, M.[Maria]: perrault AT ai sri com
* 2.5D Elastic graph matching
* 2.5D Elastic Graph Matching algorithms
* 3D non-linear invisible boundary detection filters
* 3D Scene interpretation by combining probability theory and logic: The tower of knowledge
* 3D Surface roughness quantification
* 4-source photometric stereo technique for three-dimensional surfaces in the presence of highlights and shadows, The
* Accurate line parameter estimation using a Hough transform algorithm and focus of attention
* Accurate Line Parameters from an Optimising Hough Transform for Vanishing Point Detection
* Activity related authentication using prehension biometrics
* Affine invariant features from the trace transform
* Affine Parameter Estimation from the Trace Transform
* Analysis of Irregularly Shaped Texture Regions
* Analysis of Irregularly Shaped Texture Regions: a Comparative Study
* attention model for extracting components that merit identification, An
* Automatic change detection in an indoor environment
* Automatic Grading of Textured Ceramic Tiles
* Automatic Registration of Aerial Photographs and Digitised Maps
* Automatic registration of ceramic tiles for the purpose of fault detection
* Automatic Watershed Segmentation of Randomly Textured Color Images
* Bayesian and Neural Networks for Geographic Information-Processing
* Bidirectional relighting for 3D-aided 2D face recognition
* Bio-inspired, Invariant Image Reconstruction from Irregularly Placed Samples
* Cast shadows estimation and synthesis using the Walsh transform
* Classification Gradient, The
* Classification of Binary Textures Using the 1-D Boolean Model
* Classification of Sets of Mixed Pixels with the Hypothesis-Testing Hough Transform
* Classification of textures seen from different distances and under varying illumination direction
* Classifying Data Considering Pairs of Patients in a Relational Space
* Classifying Surface Texture while Simultaneously Estimating Illumination Direction
* Classifying textures when seen from different distances
* Colour Photometric Stereo: Simultaneous Reconstruction of Local Gradient and Colour of Rough Textured Surfaces
* Combination of Shape and Texture Classifiers for a Face Verification System, A
* Combining Evidence in Dictionary Based Probabilistic Relaxation
* Compensation of the Systematic Errors of the CCD Camera
* Component Identification in the 3D Model of a Building
* Context First
* Contextual Postprocessing for Line Detection
* CRF Based Region Classification Using Spatial Prototypes
* Data mining for large scale 3D seismic data analysis
* Defect Detection in Random Color Textures
* Derivative-based imaging
* Design Issues for a Colour Photometric Stereo System
* Detection of Defects in Colour Texture Surfaces
* Detection of Specified Class of Cover in Landsat Imagery Using Features from Colour Histogram
* Edge Postprocessing Using Probabilistic Relaxation
* Effect of Illuminant Rotation on Texture Filters: Lissajous's Ellipses, The
* energy minimisation approach to the registration, matching and recognition of images, An
* Error Guided Design of a 3D Vision System
* Error propagation analysis for edge postprocessing
* Error Propagation for 2D-to-3D Matching with Application to Underwater Navigation
* Error Sensitivity Assessment of Vision Algorithms
* Error Sensitivity Assessment of Vision Algorithms Based on Direct Error Propagation
* Error statistics for slope and aspect when derived from interpolated data
* Estimation Of Vegetation Height Through Satellite Image Texture Analysis
* Evaluating the effect of diffuse light on photometric stereo reconstruction
* Exploiting Temporal Context in Vision-Based Navigation
* extended fuzzy SOM for anomalous behaviour detection, An
* Face authentication using the trace transform
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Fast Registration for 2D Images: The Clock Algorithm
* Feature selection for the tree-wavelet transform
* Features Invariant to Affine Distortions from the Trace Transform
* fractal-based relaxation algorithm for shape from terrain image, A
* From cell image segmentation to differential diagnosis of thyroid cancer
* Generalisation of Photometric Stereo technique to Q-illuminants
* Generalisation of Renormalisation Group Methods for Multi Resolution Image Analysis, A
* Generic approach to 3D elastic model fitting to volume data
* Greyscale Morphology with a Non-Linear Structuring Element
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Modern Control for Computer Games
* Histogram Based Segmentation in a Perceptually Uniform Color Space
* Histogram ratio features for color texture classification
* Horizon picking in 3D seismic data volumes
* Horizon picking in 3D Seismic Images
* Hough Transform Algorithm with a 2D Hypothesis-Testing Kernel, A
* Identification of Textured Region Boundaries, The
* Illuminant Rotation Invariant Classification of 3D Surface Textures using Lissajous`s Ellipses
* Illumination invariant unmixing of sets of mixed pixels
* Image Processing: Dealing with Texture
* Image Processing: The Fundamentals
* Image Registration Using the Walsh Transform
* Imaging Architecture Based on Derivative Estimation Sensors, An
* Improved JPEG Coding for Remote Sensing
* Improving JPEG Performance in Conjunction with Cloud Editing for Remote Sensing Applications
* Introduction to Special Section on Space Technology
* Invaders' Algorithm: Range of Values Modulation for Accelerated Correlation, The
* Invariant image reconstruction from irregular samples and hexagonal grid splines
* Iterative Morphology for Fault Detection in Stochastic Textures
* Labelling 2-D Geometric Primitives Using Probabilistic Relaxation: Reducing the Computational Requirements
* Learning in Computer Vision: Some Thoughts
* Learning in Pattern Recognition: Some Thoughts
* Learning Logic Rules for Scene Interpretation Based on Markov Logic Networks
* Learning-based algorithm selection for image segmentation
* Linear Transformation Parameter Estimation for Fault Detection
* Locating Boundaries of Textured Regions
* Location of Objects in a Cluttered Scene Using Probabilistic Relaxation
* Matching and Recognition of Road Networks from Aerial Images
* Matching of Road Segments Using Probabilistic Relaxation: A Hierarchical Approach
* Matching of Road Segments Using Probabilistic Relaxation: Reducing the Computational Requirements
* Minimization of MRF Energy With Relaxation Labeling
* Mixed Pixel Classification in Remote Sensing
* Mixed Pixel Classification with Robust Statistics
* Mixed Pixel Classification with the Randomized Hough Transform
* Mixture-Models with Higher-Order Moments
* Model-based extraction of image area descriptors using a multi-scale attention operator
* Modelling Compatibility Coefficient Distributions for Probabilistic Feature-Labelling Schemes
* Modelling the histograms of various classes in SAR images
* Morphological Approach to the Generalised 2-Stage Stock-Cutting Problem, A
* Multidimensional Cooccurrence Matrices for Object Recognition and Matching
* Multilevel Probabilistic Relaxation
* Multiresolution Motion Segmentation
* New Algorithm for Probabilistic Relaxation Based on the Baum Eagon Theorem, A
* Non-Gibbsian Markov random field models for contextual labelling of structured scenes
* Non-Iterative Contextual Correspondence Matching
* Noniterative Probabilistic Method for Contextual Correspondence Matching, A
* Nonlinear Motion Estimation Using The Supercoupling Approach
* Nonlinear Non-Negative Component Analysis Algorithms
* Nonlinear Nonnegative Component Analysis
* Object descriptors invariant to affine distortions
* Object signatures invariant to affine distortions derived from the Trace transform
* On Multiresolution Image Restoration
* On the Analysis of Linear Textures
* On the choice of the parameters for anisotropic diffusion in image processing
* On the Correspondence Problem for Wide Angular Separation of Noncoplanar Points
* On the Foundations of Probabilistic Relaxation with Product Support
* On the generalised stock-cutting problem
* On the Relationship between Neural Networks and Fuzzy Reasoning
* On the Reliability of Computing Wigner Texture Features
* On the stability of thresholding SAR images
* On the Use the ID Boolean Model for the Description of Binary Textures
* Optimal Convolution Filters and an Algorithm for the Detection of Wide Linear Features
* Optimal Edge Detectors for Ramp Edges
* Optimal illumination directions for faces and rough surfaces for single and multiple light imaging using class-specific prior knowledge
* Optimisation Approach to Improving the Accuracy of the Hough Transform: Plane Orientations from Skew Symmetry, An
* Optimizing Line Finder Using a Hough Transform Algorithm, An
* Perceptual Correction for Color Grading Using Sensor Transformations and Metameric Data
* Perceptual correction for colour grading of random textures
* Perceptual Smoothing and Segmentation of Colour Textures
* Performance Evaluation of Texture Segmentation Algorithms Based on Wavelets
* Person identification from spatio-temporal volumes
* Photoface database, The
* Photometric stereo with an arbitrary number of illuminants
* Predicting Surface Texture when Seen from Different Distances
* Preface: Pattern Recognition for Remote Sensing
* Probabilistic Feature-Labeling Schemes: Modeling Compatibility Coefficient Distributions
* Probabilistic Relaxation as an Optimiser
* Probabilistic Relaxation for Matching Problems in Computer Vision
* Projective Geometry Based Image Reconstruction: Limitations and Applicability Constraints
* Properties of the generalised fuzzy aggregation operators
* Reconstruction of 3-D Horizons From 3-D Seismic Datasets
* Recovering More Classes than Available Bands for Mixed Pixels in Remote Sensing
* Recovering more classes than available bands for sets of mixed pixels in satellite images
* Recursive photometric stereo when multiple shadows and highlights are present
* Recursive Tower of Knowledge for Learning to Interpret Scenes
* Region-based image coding with multiple algorithms
* Relaxation labeling of Markov random fields
* Reverse Engineering the Human Vision System: A Possible Explanation for the Role of Microsaccades
* road to intelligence, The
* Robust Bayesian Estimation and Normalized Convolution for Super-resolution Image Reconstruction
* Robust Endmember Extraction in the Presence of Anomalies
* Robust Method of Edge Detection
* Robust Skeletonisation and Object Recognition from Grey Images
* Robust Unmixing of Large Sets of Mixed Pixels
* rule-based classification methodology to handle uncertainty in habitat mapping employing evidential reasoning and fuzzy logic, A
* Sampling Bounds for 2-D Vector Field Tomography
* Segmentation of Color Textures
* Separable 2-D Filters for the Detection of Ramp Edges
* Shadow Function for Rough Surfaces, The
* Shadows and Highlights Detection in 4-source Colour Photometric Stereo
* Simultaneous surface texture classification and illumination tilt angle prediction
* Sparse representations for facial expressions recognition via L1 optimization
* Spectral and Rank Order Approaches to Texture Analysis
* Spectral Unmixing of Mixed Pixels for Texture Boundary Refinement
* Structural Matching in Computer Vision Using Probabilistic Relaxation
* Subpixel temporal spectral imaging
* Super-resolution in practice: the complete pipeline from image capture to super-resolved subimage creation using a novel frame selection method
* Supervised Segmentation of Volume Textures Using 3D Probabilistic Relaxation
* Surface Texture Using Photometric Stereo Data: Classification and Direction of Illumination Detection
* Systematic Error Analysis for the Enhancement of Biometric Systems Using Soft Biometrics
* Texture Anisotropy in 3-D Images
* Texture classification with thousands of features
* Texture Crack Detection
* Texture Defect Detection: A Review
* Texture Interpolation Using Ordinary Kriging
* Texture recognition from sparsely and irregularly sampled data
* Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Invisible Boundary Detection
* Time-Efficient Method for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
* Tower of Knowledge for scene interpretation: A survey
* Trace Transform and Its Applications, The
* Trace Transform as a Tool to Invariant Feature Construction, The
* Two-Point Correlation Function: A Measure of Interclass Separability, The
* Uncalibrated flatfielding and illumination vector estimationfor photometric stereo face reconstruction
* Unsupervised texture-based image segmentation through pattern discovery
* Use of Boolean Model for Texture Analysis of Grey Images, The
* Using Focus of Attention with the Hough Transform for Accurate Line Parameter-Estimation
* Using orientation tokens for object recognition
* Vanishing Point Detection
Includes: Petrou, M.[Maria] Petrou, M.
197 for Petrou, M.

Petrou, Z.I. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Vegetation Height Through Satellite Image Texture Analysis
* High-Resolution Sea Ice Motion Estimation With Optical Flow Using Satellite Spectroradiometer Data
* Prediction of Sea Ice Motion With Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory Networks
* rule-based classification methodology to handle uncertainty in habitat mapping employing evidential reasoning and fuzzy logic, A
* Super-Resolved Fine-Scale Sea Ice Motion Tracking
* Towards breaking the spatial resolution barriers: An optical flow and super-resolution approach for sea ice motion estimation
Includes: Petrou, Z.I. Petrou, Z.I.[Zisis I.]

Petroulaki, K.[Kyriaki] Co Author Listing * Landsat-based Woody Vegetation Cover Monitoring In Southern African Savannahs
* Optimisation of Savannah Land Cover Characterisation with Optical and SAR Data

Petrov, A. Co Author Listing * Approach to 3D Analysis of Gravity Ptosis
* Blocking effect reduction in low bitrate video on a mobile platform

Petrov, A.P. Co Author Listing * Illuminant Direction and Shape of a Bump
* Visual Space Geometry Derived from Occlusion Axioms

Petrov, I.[Ilia] Co Author Listing * Deep probabilistic human pose estimation
* F-BRS: Rethinking Backpropagating Refinement for Interactive Segmentation
Includes: Petrov, I.[Ilia] Petrov, I.

Petrov, I.A.[Ilya A.] Co Author Listing * BEHAVE: Dataset and Method for Tracking Human Object Interactions
* Object pop-up: Can we infer 3D objects and their poses from human interactions alone?
* Reviving Iterative Training with Mask Guidance for Interactive Segmentation

Petrov, J.[Jordan] Co Author Listing * Drivers' Attention to Preview and Its Momentary Persistence

Petrov, M.[Maksim] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of deblurring techniques for Fresnel lens computational imaging
* Deep Learning-Based Imaging using Single-Lens and Multi-Aperture Diffractive Optical Systems
* Evaluating imaging quality of the offner hyperspectrometer
* First Earth-Imaging CubeSat with Harmonic Diffractive Lens
* Fresnel lens imaging with post-capture image processing
* Portable 3-D scanning system and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
* Structured-light, triangulation-based three-dimensional digitizer
* System and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
* System and method of three-dimensional image capture and modeling
Includes: Petrov, M.[Maksim] Petrov, M. Petrov, M.[Maxim] Petrov, M.[Michael]
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Petrov, N.V. Co Author Listing * Digital phase-shifting holography based on sparse approximation of phase and amplitude

Petrov, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Forward Simulation of Multi-Frequency Microwave Brightness Temperature over Desert Soils in Kuwait and Comparison with Satellite Observations
* Modeling and Nonlinear Adaptive Control for Autonomous Vehicle Overtaking
* Validation of NASA SMAP Satellite Soil Moisture Products over the Desert of Kuwait
Includes: Petrov, P.[Peter] Petrov, P.

Petrov, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio for Assessing Fire Severity Using Sentinel-2 Imagery in Northeast Siberian Larch Forests

Petrov, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Tracking = Classification + Interpolation

Petrov, T.[Tibor] Co Author Listing * Effects of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Reliability on Performance of Signalized Intersection Traffic Control, The

Petrov, V.[Vyacheslav] Co Author Listing * Full speckle suppression in laser projectors using two Barker code-type diffractive optical elements
* Optical schemes for speckle suppression by Barker code diffractive optical elements
* Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere by the Ultraviolet Detector TUS Onboard the Lomonosov Satellite
Includes: Petrov, V.[Vyacheslav] Petrov, V. Petrov, V.[Vasily]

Petrov, Y.A.[Yury A.] Co Author Listing * Effects of negative afterimages in visual illusions
* Local correlations, information redundancy, and sufficient pixel depth in natural images

Petrova Antonova, D. Co Author Listing * 3d City Model As a First Step Towards Digital Twin of Sofia City
* Automatic Building Roof Plane Extraction in Urban Environments for 3D City Modelling Using Remote Sensing Data
* Modeling Buildings in CityGML LOD1: Building Parts, Terrain Intersection Curve, and Address Features
* Transferability Assessment of Open-source Deep Learning Model For Building Detection on Satellite Data
Includes: Petrova Antonova, D. Petrova-Antonova, D. Petrova-Antonova, D.[Dessislava]

Petrova, G.[Galidiya] Co Author Listing * Approach for Improving the Older people's Perception of Video-Based Applications in AAL Systems: Initial Study, An
* Processing Terrain Point Cloud Data
Includes: Petrova, G.[Galidiya] Petrova, G.[Guergana]

Petrova, I.Y.[Irina Y.] Co Author Listing * Relation between Convective Rainfall Properties and Antecedent Soil Moisture Heterogeneity Conditions in North Africa

Petrova, P.G.[Petya G.] Co Author Listing * Global Remote-Sensing Assessment of the Intersite Variability in the Greening of Coastal Dunes, A

Petrova, T. Co Author Listing * Basic Holographic Characteristics of Panchromatic Light Sensitive Material for Reflective Auto Stereoscopic 3D Display

Petrovai, A.[Andra] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Pseudo Labels in a Self-Supervised Learning Framework for Improved Monocular Depth Estimation
* MonoDVPS: A Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation Approach to Depth-aware Video Panoptic Segmentation
* Semantic Cameras for 360-Degree Environment Perception in Automated Urban Driving
* Time-Space Transformers for Video Panoptic Segmentation

Petrovic, A. Co Author Listing * Fast T2 Mapping With Improved Accuracy Using Undersampled Spin-Echo MRI and Model-Based Reconstructions With a Generating Function
* Multiresolution Segmentation of Natural Images: From Linear to Nonlinear Scale-Space Representations

Petrovic, D.[Dusan] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Classification of Alluvial Fans with DEMs and Machine Learning Methods: A Case Study of Slovenian Torrential Fans
* Optimization of UAV Flight Missions in Steep Terrain
Includes: Petrovic, D.[Dusan] Petrovic, D.[Dušan]

Petrovic, F.[Frantisek] Co Author Listing * Comparison of CORINE Land Cover Data with National Statistics and the Possibility to Record This Data on a Local Scale: Case Studies from Slovakia
* Mountain Landscape Dynamics after Large Wind and Bark Beetle Disasters and Subsequent Logging: Case Studies from the Carpathians
Includes: Petrovic, F.[Frantisek] Petrovic, F.[František]

Petrovic, G.[Goran] Co Author Listing * Introspective Failure Prediction for Autonomous Driving Using Late Fusion of State and Camera Information
* Pixel-Wise Failure Prediction for Semantic Video Segmentation
* Preprocessor Rate Control for Adaptive Multi-View Live Video Streaming Using a Single Encoder
* Region-based all-in-focus light field rendering
* Reverse Error Modeling for Improved Semantic Segmentation

Petrovic, I. Co Author Listing * Estimation and Observability Analysis of Human Motion on Lie Groups
* Mixture Reduction on Matrix Lie Groups
* Multi-Target Tracking on Riemannian Manifolds via Probabilistic Data Association
* Path Planning for Active SLAM Based on the D* Algorithm With Negative Edge Weights
* Vine Canopy Reconstruction and Assessment with Terrestrial Lidar and Aerial Imaging
* Von Mises Mixture PHD Filter
Includes: Petrovic, I. Petrovic, I.[Ivan] Petrovic, I.[Igor]

Petrovic, N.[Nemanja] Co Author Listing * Classifiers for Motion
* Diverse Active Ranking for Multimedia Search
* Enforcing Integrability for Surface Reconstruction Algorithms Using Belief Propagation in Graphical Models
* Learning-Based Nonparametric Image Super-Resolution
* Models for Patch-Based Image Restoration
* Non-Parametric Image Super-Resolution Using Multiple Images
* Object Tracking Using Naive Bayesian Classifiers
* Recursive estimation of generative models of video
* Restoration and Recognition in a Loop
* Scene generative models for adaptive video fast forward
* Transformed Hidden Markov Models: Estimating Mixture Models of Images and Inferring Spatial Transformations in Video Sequences
11 for Petrovic, N.

Petrovic, N.I.[Nemanja I.] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Tree-Structured Filter for Impulse Noise Removal
* Impulse Noise Filter with Adaptive Mad-Based Threshold
* Robust sparse image denoising
* Universal Impulse Noise Filter Based on Genetic Programming

Petrovic, P.B.[Predrag B.] Co Author Listing * New method and circuit for processing of band-limited periodic signals

Petrovic, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Model for Determining Geographical Distribution of Heat Saving Potentials in Danish Building Stock
* Spectral Graphormer: Spectral Graph-based Transformer for Egocentric Two-Hand Reconstruction using Multi-View Color Images
* Towards a Generic Feature-Selection Measure for Intrusion Detection
Includes: Petrovic, S.[Stefan] Petrovic, S.[Sasa] Petrovic, S.[Slobodan]

Petrovic, V. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Digital Documentation and Preliminary Structural Assessment of Satunsat: a Unique Maya Architectural Labyrinth At Oxkintok, Yucatan, Mexico
* Dealing with Archaeology's Data Avalanche
* Few-shot Learning with Noisy Labels
* Focused pooling for objective quality estimation
* Interactive Classification of Construction Materials: Feedback Driven Framework for Annotation And Analysis of 3D Point Clouds
* PACO: Parts and Attributes of Common Objects
Includes: Petrovic, V. Petrovic, V.[Vladan] Petrovic, V.[Vladimir]

Petrovic, V.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Features for Rigid Structure Vehicle Type Recognition
* Automated Analysis of Deformable Structure in Groups of Images
* Computing Accurate Correspondences across Groups of Images
* Edge-based objective evaluation of image quality
* Evaluation of Image Fusion Performance with Visible Differences
* Gradient-based multiresolution image fusion
* Groupwise Construction of Appearance Models using Piece-Wise Affine Deformations
* Objective Image Fusion Performance Characterisation
* Objective image fusion performance measure
* Statistical Models of Shape and Texture for Face Recognition
* Vehicle type recognition with match refinement
Includes: Petrovic, V.S. Petrovic, V.S.[Vladimir S.]
11 for Petrovic, V.S.

Petrovich, D. Co Author Listing * Identifying vehicles using vibrometry signatures

Petrovich, M.[Mathis] Co Author Listing * Action-Conditioned 3D Human Motion Synthesis with Transformer VAE
* SINC: Spatial Composition of 3D Human Motions for Simultaneous Action Generation
* TEMOS: Generating Diverse Human Motions from Textual Descriptions
* TMR: Text-to-Motion Retrieval Using Contrastive 3D Human Motion Synthesis

Petrovicheva, A. Co Author Listing * 512KiB RAM Is Enough! Live Camera Face Recognition DNN on MCU

Petrovska Delacretaz, D.[Dijana] Co Author Listing * 2D Face Recognition in the IV2 Evaluation Campaign
* 3D Active Shape Model for Automatic Facial Landmark Location Trained with Automatically Generated Landmark Points
* Automatic landmark location with a Combined Active Shape Model
* BIOMET: A Multimodal Person Authentication Database Including Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Hand and Signature Modalities
* Cancelable iris biometrics and using Error Correcting Codes to reduce variability in biometric data
* Comparing Data-driven and Phonetic N-gram Systems for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
* Guide to Biometric Reference Systems and Performance Evaluation
* Improving Speaker Verification Using ALISP-Based Specific GMMs
* IV2 Multimodal Biometric Database (Including Iris, 2D, 3D, Stereoscopic, and Talking Face Data), and the IV2-2007 Evaluation Campaign, The
* Locality preserving binary face representations using auto-encoders
* Multi-biometrics based cryptographic key regeneration scheme
* Obtaining cryptographic keys using feature level fusion of iris and face biometrics for secure user authentication
* Privacy-preserving speaker verification system based on binary I-vectors
* Searching through a Speech Memory for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
* Using Signal/Residual Information of Eigenfaces for PCA Face Space Dimensionality Characteristics
Includes: Petrovska Delacretaz, D.[Dijana] Petrovska-Delacrčtaz, D.[Dijana] Petrovska-Delacrétaz, D.[Dijana] Petrovska-Delacretaz, D.[Dijana] Petrovska-Delacretaz, D.
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Petrovska, D.[Dijana] Co Author Listing * Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics

Petrovska, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * Vision through Obstacles: 3D Geometric Reconstruction and Evaluation of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs)

Petrovska, O.[Olivera] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Classification Module for Data Fusion Anti-Drone System, An

Petrovski, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * AI-Based Intrusion Detection Systems for In-Vehicle Networks: A Survey

Petrovsky, A. Co Author Listing * Challenges With Obstacle Data for Manned And Unmanned Aviation

Petrozolin, K. Co Author Listing * VLSI Implementation of Systolic and 3-D Cellular Architectures for Image Processing

Petrucci, B. Co Author Listing * Sentinel-2 Level 1 Products and Image Processing Performances

Petrucci, E. Co Author Listing * Musepick: An Integrated Technological Framework to Present the Complex Of Santissima Annunziata in Ascoli Piceno (Italy)
* Point cloud-based survey for cultural heritage: An experience of integrated use of range-based and image-based technology for the San Francesco convent in Monterubbiano

Petrucci, G. Co Author Listing * Archaeological Analysis of Masonry for the Restoration Project In HBIM, The
* Neural Word Embeddings Approach for Multi-Domain Sentiment Analysis, A

Petrucci, M. Co Author Listing * Texture classification for rail surface condition evaluation

Petrus, K.[Karine] Co Author Listing * Characterization of SWOT Water Level Errors on Seine Reservoirs and La Bassée Gravel Pits: Impacts on Water Surface Energy Budget Modeling
Includes: Petrus, K.[Karine] Pétrus, K.[Karine]

Petrusca, L. Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Temperature Controller With Nonlinear Negative Reaction for Multi-Point Rapid MR-Guided HIFU Ablation, A
* Reference-Free PRFS MR-Thermometry Using Near-Harmonic 2-D Reconstruction of the Background Phase

Petrushan, M. Co Author Listing * Architectural Tricks for Deep Learning in Remote Photoplethysmography
* On indirect assessment of heart rate in video
* Remote Photoplethysmography: Rarely Considered Factors

Petrushevsky, N.[Naomi] Co Author Listing * Fast Urban Land Cover Mapping Exploiting Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* High-resolution Urban Mapping By Fusion of SAR and Optical Data
* Novel Procedure for Generation of SAR-derived ZTD Maps for Weather Prediction: Application to South Africa Use Case, A
* Operational Processing Framework for Spaceborne SAR Formations, An
* SAR-based Coastline Detection and Monitoring
Includes: Petrushevsky, N.[Naomi] Petrushevsky, N.

Petrushin, V.A. Co Author Listing * Multiple-Sensor Indoor Surveillance System
* Video clip recognition using joint audio-visual processing model

Petruska, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Development and Testing of Octree-Based Intra-Voxel Statistical Inference to Enable Real-Time Geotechnical Monitoring of Large-Scale Underground Spaces with Mobile Laser Scanning Data

Petruzalek, M.[Matej] Co Author Listing * New Insights into the Internal Structures and Geotechnical Rock Properties of the Giant San Andres Landslide, El Hierro Island, Spain
Includes: Petruzalek, M.[Matej] Petružálek, M.[Matej]

Petruzza, S.N.[Steve N.] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Estimation of Temporal-Sampling Errors in Unsteady Flows

Petruzzellis, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Use of Sentinel-2 Satellite Data for Windthrows Monitoring and Delimiting: The Case of Vaia Storm in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (North-Eastern Italy)

Petruzzello, U.[Umberto] Co Author Listing * Joint Intensity Classification and Specimen Segmentation on HEp-2 Images: a Deep Learning Approach

Petry, C. Co Author Listing * 3D interaction design: Increasing the stimulus-response correspondence by using stereoscopic vision

Petry, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Tire Surface Segmentation in Infrared Imaging with Convolutional Neural Networks

Petry, F.E.[Frederick E.] Co Author Listing * framework for linguistic relevance feedback in content-based image retrieval using fuzzy logic, A
* Geospatial Modeling Using Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Rule-based Approach for the Conflation of Attributed Vector Data, A
* Scene Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms with Semantic Nets
Includes: Petry, F.E.[Frederick E.] Petry, F.E.

Petry, L. Co Author Listing * Air Quality Monitoring and Data Management In Germany: Status Quo And Suggestions for Improvement

Petry, M.R.[Marcelo Roberto] Co Author Listing * Deformable convolutions in multi-view stereo

Petryk, S.[Suzanne] Co Author Listing * On Guiding Visual Attention with Language Specification
* Reliable Visual Question Answering: Abstain Rather Than Answer Incorrectly
* Simple Token-Level Confidence Improves Caption Correctness

Petryna, B. Co Author Listing * 14-GOPs Programmable Motion Estimator for H.26X Video Coding, A

Petryna, B.J.[Brian John] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for a programmable video motion estimator

Petryniak, R.[Rafal] Co Author Listing * Detection of Voids of Dental Root Canal Obturation Using Micro-CT

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