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EarthObserv15 * *Looking from Above: When Earth Observation Meets Vision
* Active learning approach to detecting standing dead trees from ALS point clouds combined with aerial infrared imagery
* Detection of incomplete enclosures of rectangular shape in remotely sensed images
* Do deep features generalize from everyday objects to remote sensing and aerial scenes domains?
* Effective semantic pixel labelling with convolutional networks and Conditional Random Fields
* Matching Persistent Scatterers to optical oblique images
* Oil spill candidate detection from SAR imagery using a thresholding-guided stochastic fully-connected conditional random field model
* On the location dependence of convolutional neural network features
* Semantic segmentation of urban scenes by learning local class interactions
* semi-supervised approach for ice-water classification using dual-polarization SAR satellite imagery, A
* Simultaneous registration and change detection in multitemporal, very high resolution remote sensing data
* Universality of wavelet-based non-homogeneous hidden Markov chain model features for hyperspectral signatures
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EarthVision17 * *EarthVision: Large Scale Computer Vision for Remote Sensing Imagery
* Automatic 3D Reconstruction from Multi-date Satellite Images
* Dense Semantic Labeling of Very-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR with Fully-Convolutional Neural Networks and Higher-Order CRFs
* Earth Observation Using SAR and Social Media Images
* Filmy Cloud Removal on Satellite Imagery with Multispectral Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets
* Joint Learning from Earth Observation and OpenStreetMap Data to Get Faster Better Semantic Maps
* Monitoring Ethiopian Wheat Fungus with Satellite Imagery and Deep Feature Learning
* Nonrigid Registration of Hyperspectral and Color Images with Vastly Different Spatial and Spectral Resolutions for Spectral Unmixing and Pansharpening
* On the Role of Representations for Reasoning in Large-Scale Urban Scenes
* Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery
* Super-Resolution of Multispectral Multiresolution Images from a Single Sensor
* Temporal Vegetation Modelling Using Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Crop Identification from Medium-Resolution Multi-spectral Satellite Images
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