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Ravada, S. Co Author Listing * In-database Raster Analytics: Map Algebra and Parallel Processing In Oracle Spatial Georaster

Ravaglia, A. Co Author Listing * Automated tools within workflows for 3D structural construction from surface and subsurface data

Ravaja, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Emotional Responses to Victory and Defeat as a Function of Opponent
* Virtual Character Facial Expressions Influence Human Brain and Facial EMG Activity in a Decision-Making Game
Includes: Ravaja, N.[Niklas] Ravaja, N.

Raval, A. Co Author Listing * Time-Resolved Interventional Cardiac C-arm Cone-Beam CT: An Application of the PICCS Algorithm

Raval, M.S.[Mehul S.] Co Author Listing * Automatic target image detection for morphing
* Reversible watermarking technique to enhance security of a biometric authentication system
* ViS-HuD: Using Visual Saliency to Improve Human Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Visual appearance based person retrieval in unconstrained environment videos
Includes: Raval, M.S.[Mehul S.] Raval, M.S.

Raval, N.[Nisarg] Co Author Listing * Efficient Evaluation of SVM Classifiers Using Error Space Encoding
* Image Retrieval Using Eigen Queries
* Protecting Visual Secrets Using Adversarial Nets
Includes: Raval, N.[Nisarg] Raval, N.

Raval, S.[Simit] Co Author Listing * Particle Swarm Optimization Based Approach to Pre-tune Programmable Hyperspectral Sensors, A
* Three-Dimensional Unique-Identifier-Based Automated Georeferencing and Coregistration of Point Clouds in Underground Mines

Ravan, S.[Shirish] Co Author Listing * Integrating Global Open Geo-Information for Major Disaster Assessment: A Case Study of the Myanmar Flood

Ravana, S.D.[Sri Devi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Online Social Network Connections for Identification of Influential Users: Survey and Open Research Issues

Ravanbakhsh, M. Co Author Listing * Abnormal event detection in videos using generative adversarial nets
* Automatic Building Detection Using LIDAR Data and Multispectral Imagery
* Automatic Detection of Residential Buildings Using LIDAR Data and Multispectral Imagery
* Building Detection from Multispectral Imagery and LIDAR Data Employing A Threshold-Free Evaluation System
* DEM Registration Based on Mutual Information
* Extraction of Road Junction Islands from High Resolution Aerial Imagery Using Level Sets
* Extraction of traffic islands via active contours without edges
* Fast Corner Detector Based on the Chord-to-Point Distance Accumulation Technique, A
* Generation of the Australian Geographic Reference Image Through Long-Strip Alos Prism Orientation
* Georeferencing from GEOEYE-1 Imagery: Early Indications of Metric Performance
* Hierarchy of GANs for Learning Embodied Self-Awareness Model
* Learning Self-Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles: Exploring Multisensory Incremental Models
* Plug-and-Play CNN for Crowd Motion Analysis: An Application in Abnormal Event Detection
* Precise Georeferencing in the Absence of Ground Control: A Strip Adjustment Approach
* Road Junction Extraction from High Resolution Aerial Images
* Road Roundabout Extraction from Very High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Training Adversarial Discriminators for Cross-Channel Abnormal Event Detection in Crowds
* Weakly Supervised One Shot Segmentation
Includes: Ravanbakhsh, M. Ravanbakhsh, M.[Mehdi] Ravanbakhsh, M.[Mahdyar]
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Ravanel, L.[Ludovic] Co Author Listing * Camera orientation, calibration and inverse perspective with uncertainties: A Bayesian method applied to area estimation from diverse photographs

Ravanelli, D. Co Author Listing * Novel Skeleton Based Quantification and 3-D Volumetric Visualization of Left Atrium Fibrosis Using Late Gadolinium Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A

Ravanelli, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * Advantages of Geostationary Satellites for Ionospheric Anomaly Studies: Ionospheric Plasma Depletion Following a Rocket Launch
* Complete Fos Approach for Indoor Crowdsourced Mapping: Case Study On Sapienza University of Rome Faculties, A
* Real-Time Geophysical Applications with Android GNSS Raw Measurements
* Tartaglia-Pascal's triangle: a historical perspective with applications
Includes: Ravanelli, M.[Michela] Ravanelli, M.

Ravanelli, R. Co Author Listing * 3d High-quality Modeling of Small and Complex Archaeological Inscribed Objects: Relevant Issues and Proposed Methodology
* 3d Modelling of Archaeological Small Finds By A Low-cost Range Camera: Methodology And First Results
* 3d Modelling of The Mamari Tablet From The Rongorongo Corpus: Acquisition, Processing Issues, And Outcomes
* DSM Generation from Single and Cross-Sensor Multi-View Satellite Images Using the New Agisoft Metashape: The Case Studies of Trento and Matera (Italy)
* Foss4g Date for DSM Generation: Sensitivity Analysis of The Semi-global Block Matching Parameters
* Free Global DSM Assessment On Large Scale Areas Exploiting The Potentialities of the Innovative Google Earth Engine Platform
* Kinect V2 and RGB Stereo Cameras Integration for Depth Map Enhancement
* Monitoring the Impact of Land Cover Change on Surface Urban Heat Island through Google Earth Engine: Proposal of a Global Methodology, First Applications and Problems
* Original Algorithm for BIM Generation From Indoor Survey Point Clouds, An
* Tack Project: Tunnel and Bridge Automatic Crack Monitoring Using Deep Learning and Photogrammetry
Includes: Ravanelli, R. Ravanelli, R.[Roberta]
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Ravani, B. Co Author Listing * Rational Ruled Surfaces and Their Offsets

Ravani, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * novel approach for Persian/Arabic intelligent word recognition, A

Ravankar, A.A.[Ankit A.] Co Author Listing * Google Earth Engine for the Detection of Soiling on Photovoltaic Solar Panels in Arid Environments

Ravantti, J. Co Author Listing * Local approximate 3D matching of proteins in viral cryo-EM density maps

Ravaoarinorotsihoarana, L.[Lalao] Co Author Listing * Madagascar's Mangroves: Quantifying Nation-Wide and Ecosystem Specific Dynamics, and Detailed Contemporary Mapping of Distinct Ecosystems

Ravari, A.N. Co Author Listing * Loop Closure Detection by Algorithmic Information Theory: Implemented on Range and Camera Image Data

Ravasi, M. Co Author Listing * High-Abstraction Level Complexity Analysis and Memory Architecture Simulations of Multimedia Algorithms
* scalable and programmable architecture for 2-d DWT decoding, A
* Time-Domain Multidimensional Deconvolution: A Physically Reliable and Stable Preconditioned Implementation
Includes: Ravasi, M. Ravasi, M.[Matteo]

Ravasi, T. Co Author Listing * Observing change in crowded data sets in 3D space: Visualizing gene expression in human tissues

Ravat, R.S.[Rajvardhan Singh] Co Author Listing * retrieval-based approach for diverse and image-specific adversary selection, A

Ravazoula, P.[Panagiota] Co Author Listing * Assessing Estrogen Receptors' Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods
* Automatic Classification System of Urine Bladder Tumors Employing Morphological and Textural Nuclear Features, An
Includes: Ravazoula, P.[Panagiota] Ravazoula, P.

Ravazzani, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * fast and reliable system for 3D surface acquisition and reconstruction, A

Ravazzi, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Analysis of SparseHash: An efficient embedding of set-similarity via sparse projections
* Curl-Constrained Gradient Estimation for Image Recovery From Highly Incomplete Spectral Data
Includes: Ravazzi, C.[Chiara] Ravazzi, C.

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