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Grun, A. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of the Weary Herakles statue with a coded structured light system
* Automatic DTM Generation from Three-Line-Scanner (TLS) Images
* Automatic Sensor Placement For Accurate Dimensional Inspection
* High accuracy space structures monitoring by a close-range photogrammetric network
* Self-calibrating network analysis for panoramic cameras by heuristic simulation
Includes: Grun, A. Grün, A. (Maybe also Gruen, A.)Grün, A.[Armin] (Maybe also Gruen, A.)

Grun, F. Co Author Listing * Diabetes60: Inferring Bread Units From Food Images Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Grun, F. Grün, F. (Maybe also Gruen, F.)

Grun, S.[Sonja] Co Author Listing * Bounds of the Ability to Destroy Precise Coincidences by Spike Dithering
Includes: Grun, S.[Sonja] Grün, S.[Sonja] (Maybe also Gruen, S.)

Gruna, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Real-time multitarget tracking for sensor-based sorting

Grunauer, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Learning the Floor Type for Automated Detection of Dirt Spots for Robotic Floor Cleaning Using Gaussian Mixture Models
Includes: Grunauer, A.[Andreas] Grünauer, A.[Andreas] (Maybe also Gruenauer, A.)

Grunbaum, F.A.[F. Alberto] Co Author Listing * Diffuse tomography: Using time-of-flight information in a two-dimensional model
* Nonlinear Inverse Problem Inspired by Three-Dimensional Diffuse Tomography: Explicit Formulas, A
Includes: Grunbaum, F.A.[F. Alberto] Grünbaum, F.A.[F. Alberto] (Maybe also Gruenbaum, F.A.)

Grund, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * ElliPose: Stereoscopic 3D Human Pose Estimation by Fitting Ellipsoids
* What Object Should I Use? - Task Driven Object Detection

Grunde McLaughlin, M.[Madeleine] Co Author Listing * AGQA: A Benchmark for Compositional Spatio-Temporal Reasoning
* Measuring Compositional Consistency for Video Question Answering
Includes: Grunde McLaughlin, M.[Madeleine] Grunde-McLaughlin, M.[Madeleine]

Grundel, D.A. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Spatiotemporal Clustering for Target Tracking From Multisensor Data

Grundgeiger, T. Co Author Listing * Statistical Modeling of Visual Attention of Junior and Senior Anesthesiologists During the Induction of General Anesthesia in Real and Simulated Cases

Grundhofer, A.[Anselm] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Coded Aperture Photography
* Camera-specific image quality enhancement using a convolutional neural network
* Chromatic calibration of an HDR display using 3D octree forests
* Color invariant chroma keying and color spill neutralization for dynamic scenes and cameras
* Display Pixel Caching
* Fast and robust CAMShift tracking
* Paxel: A Generic Framework to Superimpose High-Frequency Print Patterns Using Projected Light
* Practical Method for Fully Automatic Intrinsic Camera Calibration Using Directionally Encoded Light, A
* Practical Non-linear Photometric Projector Compensation
* Projection-Based Augmented Reality in Disney Theme Parks
* Robust, Error-Tolerant Photometric Projector Compensation
Includes: Grundhofer, A.[Anselm] Grundhöfer, A.[Anselm] (Maybe also Grundhoefer, A.)Grundhöfer, A. (Maybe also Grundhoefer, A.)Grundhofer, A.
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Grundland, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Decolorize: Fast, contrast enhancing, color to grayscale conversion

Grundmann, J. Co Author Listing * Using Thermal and RGB UAV Imagery to Measure Surface Flow Velocities Of Rivers

Grundmann, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Feature Evaluation with High-Resolution Images

Grundmann, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Context and Distance Transform for action recognition
* Auto-directed video stabilization with robust L1 optimal camera paths
* Calibration-free rolling shutter removal
* Discontinuous seam-carving for video retargeting
* Efficient hierarchical graph-based video segmentation
* Finding Temporally Consistent Occlusion Boundaries in Videos Using Geometric Context
* Geometric Context from Videos
* Motion fields to predict play evolution in dynamic sport scenes
* Objectron: A Large Scale Dataset of Object-Centric Videos in the Wild with Pose Annotations
* Player localization using multiple static cameras for sports visualization
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Object Segmentations from Web-Scale Video
Includes: Grundmann, M.[Matthias] Grundmann, M.
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Grundstrom, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Transferring and Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Representations
Includes: Grundstrom, J.[Jakob] Grundström, J.[Jakob] (Maybe also Grundstroem, J.)

Grundy, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Irrigation Control through Acoustic Proximal Sensing of the Onset of Surface Water

Grundy, W.M.[William M.] Co Author Listing * Triton: Topography and Geology of a Probable Ocean World with Comparison to Pluto and Charon

Grune, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Selection and Execution of Simple Actions via Visual Attention and Direct Parameter Specification
Includes: Grune, S.[Steffen] Grüne, S.[Steffen] (Maybe also Gruene, S.)

Gruneberg, K.[Karsten] Co Author Listing * realtime hardware system for stereoscopic videoconferencing with viewpoint adaptation, A
Includes: Gruneberg, K.[Karsten] Grüneberg, K.[Karsten] (Maybe also Grueneberg, K.)

Grunerbl, A. Co Author Listing * Trabecular Bone Analysis in CT and X-Ray Images of the Proximal Femur for the Assessment of Local Bone Quality

Grunes, A. Co Author Listing * Texture segmentation for defining driveable regions

Grunes, M.R. Co Author Listing * Integration of Optical and Radar Classifications for Mapping Pasture Type in Western Australia
* New Technique for Noise Filtering of SAR Interferometric Phase Images
* Polarimetric SAR Speckle Filtering and Its Implication for Classification
* Scattering-Model-Based Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Speckle filtering and coherence estimation of polarimetric SAR interferometry data for forest applications
* Unsupervised Classification Using Polarimetric Decomposition and the Complex Wishart Classifier
* Unsupervised segmentation of dual-polarization SAR images based on amplitude and texture characteristics
* Unsupervised Terrain Classification Preserving Polarimetric Scattering Characteristics
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Grunewald, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Structured sparse K-means clustering via Laplacian smoothing
Includes: Grunewald, S.[Stefan] Grünewald, S.[Stefan] (Maybe also Gruenewald, S.)

Grunfeld, A.[Ariel] Co Author Listing * Novel Remote Sensing Index of Electron Transport Rate Predicts Primary Production and Crop Health in L. sativa and Z. mays

Grunhaupt, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Level-Set Based Infrared Image Segmentation for Automatic Veterinary Health Monitoring
Includes: Grunhaupt, U.[Ulrich] Grünhaupt, U.[Ulrich] (Maybe also Gruenhaupt, U.)

Grunheid, R. Co Author Listing * Broad-band OFDM radio transmission for multimedia applications

Gruning, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * two-stage method for text line detection in historical documents, A
Includes: Gruning, T.[Tobias] Grüning, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Gruening, T.)

Gruninger, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Medial Spectral Coordinates for 3D Shape Analysis

Grunitzki, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Hand Gesture Recognition for User Interaction in Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

Grunkin, M. Co Author Listing * Image processing and analysis in drug discovery and clinical trials
* Quantitative Measurement of Changes in Retinal Vessel Diameter in Ocular Fundus Images

Grunler, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Stixel on the Bus: An Efficient Lossless Compression Scheme for Depth Information in Traffic Scenarios
Includes: Grunler, C.[Christian] Grünler, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Gruenler, C.)

Grunnet Jepsen, A. Co Author Listing * Intel(R) RealSense(TM) Stereoscopic Depth Cameras
Includes: Grunnet Jepsen, A. Grunnet-Jepsen, A.

Grunt, T. Co Author Listing * Evolution of Modelling Practices On Canada's Parliament Hill: An Analysis of Three Significant Heritage Building Information Models (HBIM), The

Grunwald, A.P.[Andrew P.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Riparian Tree Cover and Shading in the Chauga River Watershed Using LiDAR and Deep Learning Land Cover Classification

Grunwald, G.[Grzegorz] Co Author Listing * Theoretical Concept for a Mobile Underwater Radio-Navigation System Using Pseudolite Buoys

Grunwald, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Surface Elevation Changes of a Monsoon Temperate Glacier with Repeated UAV Surveys, Mainri Mountains, China
Includes: Grunwald, R.[Richard] Grünwald, R.[Richard] (Maybe also Gruenwald, R.)

Grunwald, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Brazilian Soil Spectral Service (BraSpecS): A User-Friendly System for Global Soil Spectra Communication, The
* Incorporation of satellite remote sensing pan-sharpened imagery into digital soil prediction and mapping models to characterize soil property variability in small agricultural fields
* Prediction of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties by Visible and Near-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy in the Central Amazon
* Soil Phosphorus and Nitrogen Predictions Across Spatial Escalating Scales in an Aquatic Ecosystem Using Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Grunwald, S.[Sabine] Grunwald, S.

Grunwald, T. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the LSA-SAF gross primary production product derived from SEVIRI/MSG data (MGPP)
Includes: Grunwald, T. Grünwald, T. (Maybe also Gruenwald, T.)

Grunwaldt, L. Co Author Listing * Attitude and Spin Period of Space Debris Envisat Measured by Satellite Laser Ranging

Grunwedel, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Canonical Correlation Analysis based motion model for probabilistic visual tracking, A

Grunzweig, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * In-Season Interactions between Vine Vigor, Water Status and Wine Quality in Terrain-Based Management-Zones in a Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyard
Includes: Grunzweig, J.M.[Jose M.] Grünzweig, J.M.[José M.] (Maybe also Gruenzweig, J.M.)

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