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Rahm, J. Co Author Listing * Radar Detection of Moving Targets Behind Corners

Rahm, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Calibrations and Wind Observations of an Airborne Direct-Detection Wind LiDAR Supporting ESA's Aeolus Mission

Rahman, A. Co Author Listing * 4K Ultra High Definition Video Coding Using Homogeneous Motion Discovery Oriented Prediction
* Ambiguous Medical Image Segmentation Using Diffusion Models
* Analysing Process and Probability of Built-Up Expansion Using Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic in English Bazar, West Bengal
* Detection of Multiple Dynamic Textures Using Feature Space Mapping
* First Automatic Method for Mapping the Pothole in Seagrass, The
* Framework to Combine Multi-Object Video Segmentation and Tracking, A
* Joint Assimilation of Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index and Surface Soil Moisture into a Land Surface Model, The
* Land-Use Land-Cover Classification by Machine Learning Classifiers for Satellite Observations: A Review
* Multiple temporal texture detection using feature space mapping
* Neural Network Feature Explanation Using Neuron Activation Rate Based Bipartite Graph
* Parallel implementation of a spatio-temporal visual saliency model
* Real-time temporal texture characterisation using block based motion co-occurrence statistics
* Supporting Global Environmental Change Research: A Review of Trends and Knowledge Gaps in Urban Remote Sensing
* Temporal Texture Characterization Technique Using Block-Based Approximated Motion Measure, A
* Understanding the Impact of Urbanization on Surface Urban Heat Islands: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Oasis Effect in Subtropical Desert Cities
Includes: Rahman, A. Rahman, A.[Aimon] Rahman, A.[Atiqur] Rahman, A.[Ashfaqur] Rahman, A.[Abdullah] Rahman, A.[Azbina]
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Rahman, A.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Nearest Neighbour Search Using A Clustered Hierarchical Tree Structure
* CAD Construction Method of 3D Building Models for GIS Analysis
* Classified and clustered data constellation: An efficient approach of 3D urban data management
* Forest Biomass Estimation Using Texture Measurements of High-Resolution Dual-Polarization C-Band SAR Data
* Geoinformation postgraduate education at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: towards a centre of high quality postgraduate education and research
* Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Geospatial Information Infrastructure: An Initial Study
* Lidar Filtering Algorithm for Urban Flood Application
* Overview of 3D Topology for LADM-Based Objects, An
* Potential of texture measurements of two-date dual polarization PALSAR data for the improvement of forest biomass estimation
* Reconstruction of 3D Objects of Assets and Facilities by Using Benchmark Points
* Review of Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment (MHRA) Using 4D Dynamic Models, A
* Revisiting Learnable Affines for Batch Norm in Few-Shot Transfer Learning
Includes: Rahman, A.A. Rahman, A.A.[Alias Abdul] Rahman, A.A.[Aamer Abdul]
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Rahman, A.A.H.A.[Ab Al Hadi Ab] Co Author Listing * Enhanced inter-mode decision algorithm for HEVC/H.265 video coding
* Pipeline synthesis and optimization of FPGA-based video processing applications with CAL
Includes: Rahman, A.A.H.A.[Ab Al Hadi Ab] Rahman, A.A.H.A.[Ab Al-Hadi Ab]

Rahman, A.B.M.A.[A.B.M. Ashikur] Co Author Listing * Contrast Enhancement by Top-Hat and Bottom-Hat Transform with Optimal Structuring Element: Application to Retinal Vessel Segmentation

Rahman, A.F.[Abdullah F.] Co Author Listing * Optimum pixel size for hyperspectral studies of ecosystem function in southern California chaparral and grassland

Rahman, A.F.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic summarization of Web content to smaller display devices
* Comparison of Some Multiple Expert Strategies: An Investigation of Resource Prerequisites and Achievable Performance
* Decision Combination of Multiple Classifiers for Pattern Classification: Hybridisation of Majority Voting and Divide and Conquer Techniques
* Design Considerations in the Real-Time Implementation of Multiple Expert Image Classifiers within a Modular and Flexible Multiple-platform Design Environment
* Enhancing consensus in multiple expert decision fusion
* Enhancing multiple expert decision combination strategies through exploitation of a priori information sources
* Evaluation of Multiexpert Configurations for the Recognition of Handwritten Numerals, An
* Generalized-Approach to the Recognition of Structurally Similar Handwritten Characters Using Multiple Expert Classifiers
* Introducing new multiple expert decision combination topologies: a case study using recognition of handwritten characters
* Machine-Printed Character Recognition Revisited: Re-Application of Recent Advances in Handwritten Character Recognition Research
* Measuring classification complexity of image databases: A novel approach
* Multiple Classifier Combination for Character Recognition: Revisiting the Majority Voting System and Its Variations
* Multiple classifier decision combination strategies for character recognition: A review
* Multiple Expert Classification: A New Methodology for Parallel Decision Fusion
* New Hybrid Approach in Combining Multiple Experts to Recognize Handwritten Numerals, A
* new multi-expert decision combination algorithm and its application to the detection of circumscribed masses in digital mammograms, A
* Novel approaches to optimized self-configuration in high performance multiple-expert classifiers
* Novel Confidence-based Framework for Multiple Expert Decision Fusion, A
* Novel multiple-stage approach to the recognition of handwritten words extracted from British cheques
* novel pair-wise recognition scheme for handwritten characters in the framework of a multi-expert configuration, A
* Recognition of Handwritten Bengali Characters: A Novel Multistage approach
* Selective Partition Algorithm for Finding Regions of Maximum Pairwise Dissimilarity among Statistical Class Models
* Special issue on detection and understanding of tables and forms for document processing applications
* Special issue on multiple classifiers for document analysis applications
Includes: Rahman, A.F.R. Rahman, A.F.R.[Ahmad F.R.] Rahman, A.F.R.[A. Fuad R.]
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Rahman, A.K.M.M.[A.K.M. Mahbubur] Co Author Listing * Attention Toward Neighbors: A Context Aware Framework for High Resolution Image Segmentation
* IMAPS: A smart phone based real-time framework for prediction of affect in natural dyadic conversation
* Novel Disaster Image Data-set and Characteristics Analysis using Attention Model, A
* Unified Framework for Dividing and Predicting a Large Set of Action Units, A
* Variational Stacked Local Attention Networks for Diverse Video Captioning

Rahman, B.O.[Bryar O.] Co Author Listing * Deep Gestalt Reasoning Model: Interpreting Electrophysiological Signals Related to Cognition

Rahman, C.A. Co Author Listing * real time vehicle's license plate recognition system, A

Rahman, C.R.[Chowdhury Rafeed] Co Author Listing * Automatic signboard detection and localization in densely populated developing cities

Rahman, D.[Dhrubo] Co Author Listing * Electric Drive Technology Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Electric Vehicles
* Smartphone-Based Drowsiness Detection and Warning System for Automotive Drivers, A
Includes: Rahman, D.[Dhrubo] Rahman, D.

Rahman, F. Co Author Listing * commercial Web based digital library for sharing and distributing documents, A
* Deep Learning-based Unified Solution for Character Recognition, A
* Enhancement of Bengali OCR by Specialized Models and Advanced Techniques for Diverse Document Types
* LILA-BOTI: Leveraging Isolated Letter Accumulations By Ordering Teacher Insights for Bangla Handwriting Recognition
* Low-Cost Real-Time PPP GNSS Aided INS for CAV Applications
* Pixel-based heterogeneous traffic measurement considering shadow and illumination variation
* Rethinking Task-Incremental Learning Baselines
* Structured and unstructured document summarization: Design of a commercial summarizer using Lexical chains
* Web page summarization for handheld devices: a natural language approach
Includes: Rahman, F. Rahman, F.[Fuad] Rahman, F.[Farzana] Rahman, F.[Fahmida]
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Rahman, F.U. Co Author Listing * Aerial-CAM: Salient Structures and Textures in Network Class Activation Maps of Aerial Imagery
* Resilience and Self-Healing of Deep Convolutional Object Detectors

Rahman, G.M.E.[Gazi M. E.] Co Author Listing * LDAP: Lightweight Dynamic Auto-Reconfigurable Protocol in an IoT-Enabled WSN for Wide-Area Remote Monitoring

Rahman, H.[Hameedur] Co Author Listing * Developmental Analysis of a Markerless Hybrid Tracking Technique for Mobile Augmented Reality Systems
* Evaluating Multiexposure Fusion Using Image Information
* HEVC's intra mode process expedited using Histogram of Oriented Gradients
* Multimedia content security with random key generation approach in cloud computing
* Single cell mass measurement from deformation of nanofork
* Tripartite sub-image histogram equalization for slightly low contrast gray-tone image enhancement
Includes: Rahman, H.[Hameedur] Rahman, H. Rahman, H.[Habibur] Rahman, H.[Hafijur]

Rahman, H.A.[Hilda A.] Co Author Listing * Embedding Watermarking in Malaysia Halal Logo Using Spread Spectrum Watermarking

Rahman, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Contextual-based top-down saliency feature weighting for target detection

Rahman, I.M.H. Co Author Listing * dynamic feature map integration approach for predicting human fixation, A
* Feature Map Quality Score Estimation Through Regression
* Information Divergence Based Saliency Detection with a Global Center-Surround Mechanism
Includes: Rahman, I.M.H. Rahman, I.M.H.[Ibrahim M.H.]

Rahman, K.A.[Khandaker A.] Co Author Listing * Making impostor pass rates meaningless: A case of snoop-forge-replay attack on continuous cyber-behavioral verification with keystrokes
* Video Image Clustering Based On Human Face And Shirt Color
Includes: Rahman, K.A.[Khandaker A.] Rahman, K.A.[Khandaker Abir]

Rahman, K.U.[Khalil Ur] Co Author Listing * Drought Monitoring Using Landsat Derived Indices and Google Earth Engine Platform: A Case Study from Al-Lith Watershed, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rahman, L.A.[Lubnaa Abdur] Co Author Listing * Complete AI-based System for Dietary Assessment and Personalized Insulin Adjustment in Type 1 Diabetes Self-management, A

Rahman, M.[Mahfuzur] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Influence of Land Cover and Climate Change Impacts on Runoff Patterns Using CA-ANN Model and CMIP6 Data
* Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Variations in PM2.5 and Associated Long-Range Air Mass Transport and Mortality in South Asia
* auto-focus sharpness function for stereo image pairs, An
* Change Point Models for Real-Time Cyber Attack Detection in Connected Vehicle Environment
* DCA: Delayed Charging Attack on the Electric Shared Mobility System
* Distributed Message Delivery Infrastructure for Connected Vehicle Technology Applications, A
* Geohazards Susceptibility Assessment along the Upper Indus Basin Using Four Machine Learning and Statistical Models
* Habitat Connectivity for the Conservation of Small Ungulates in A Human-Dominated Landscape
* hybrid face detection approach for real-time depolyment on mobile devices, A
* Image Representation and Retrieval Using Support Vector Machine and Fuzzy C-means Clustering Based Semantical Spaces
* Improving the Efficacy of Car-Following Models With a New Stochastic Parameter Estimation and Calibration Method
* Integration of Structural Health Monitoring and Intelligent Transportation Systems for Bridge Condition Assessment: Current Status and Future Direction
* Mapping and Predicting Land Cover Changes of Small and Medium Size Cities in Alabama Using Machine Learning Techniques
* Pothole 3D Reconstruction With a Novel Imaging System and Structure From Motion Techniques
* Real-time Face-based Auto-Focus for Digital Still and Cell-Phone Cameras
* Reducing the effects of misregistration and sun-surface-sensor geometry on the detection of forest harvest cut-blocks
* Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity: Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing Characteristics
* Review of Microscopic Lane-Changing Models and Future Research Opportunities
* Review of Sensing and Communication, Human Factors, and Controller Aspects for Information-Aware Connected and Automated Vehicles, A
* Review of Three-Dimensional Imaging Technologies for Pavement Distress Detection and Measurements, A
* Risk Assessment and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors of Debris Flows in Typical Arid Mountain Environment: A Case Study of Central Tien Shan Mountains, China
* Sensor Fusion-Based GNSS Spoofing Attack Detection Framework for Autonomous Vehicles, A
* Time-Space-Activity Conflict Detection Using 4D Visualization in Multi-storied Construction Project
* Uncertainty Reduction in Flood Susceptibility Mapping Using Random Forest and eXtreme Gradient Boosting Algorithms in Two Tropical Desert Cities, Shibam and Marib, Yemen
Includes: Rahman, M.[Mahfuzur] Rahman, M.[Mizanur] Rahman, M. Rahman, M.[Masidur] Rahman, M.[Mohammad] Rahman, M.[Mahmudur] Rahman, M.[Mahjabin] Rahman, M.[Mujib] Rahman, M.[Mustafizur] Rahman, M.[Minhaz] Rahman, M.[Muzibur]
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Rahman, M.A.[Md Awsafur] Co Author Listing * Artifact: A Large-Scale Dataset With Artificial And Factual Images For Generalizable And Robust Synthetic Image Detection
* Deep People Detection: A Comparative Study of SSD and LSTM-decoder
* Deterioration Mapping of RC Bridge Elements Based on Automated Analysis of GPR Images
* Development of GIS Database and Facility Management System: Asset and Space in UKM
* EgoCap and EgoFormer: First-person image captioning with context fusion
* feasibility analysis of image approximation with image quality assessments, A
* Gabor phase response based scheme for accurate pectoral muscle boundary detection
* Histogram equalization and optimal profile compression based approach for colour image enhancement
* Image contrast enhancement based on intensity expansion-compression
* Image De-hazing Based on Polynomial Estimation and Steepest Descent Concept
* LACCVoV: Linear Adaptive Congestion Control With Optimization of Data Dissemination Model in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
* Learning Neural Networks with Ranking-Based Losses for Action Retrieval
* Optimizing Intersection-Over-Union in Deep Neural Networks for Image Segmentation
* Renewable Energy Re-Distribution via Multiscale IoT for 6G-Oriented Green Highway Management
* Secure and Intelligent Framework for Vehicle Health Monitoring Exploiting Big-Data Analytics, A
* Semi-Supervised Semantic Depth Estimation using Symbiotic Transformer and NearFarMix Augmentation
* Single-Stage End-to-End Temporal Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos
* Spatio-Temporal Activity Detection via Joint Optimization of Spatial and Temporal Localization
* Spatiotemporal Investigations of Multi-Sensor Air Pollution Data over Bangladesh during COVID-19 Lockdown
* Viola-Jones Algorithm for Automatic Detection of Hyperbolic Regions in GPR Profiles of Bridge Decks
Includes: Rahman, M.A.[Md Awsafur] Rahman, M.A. Rahman, M.A.[Mohammed Abdul] Rahman, M.A.[M. Arif] Rahman, M.A.[Md. Abdur] Rahman, M.A.[Mohammad Akhlaqur] Rahman, M.A.[M. Arifur] Rahman, M.A.[Md Arifur] Rahman, M.A.[M. Atiqur] Rahman, M.A.[Md Arafatur] Rahman, M.A.[Md. Arafatur] Rahman, M.A.[Md Atiqur] Rahman, M.A.[Muhammad Ashfaqur]
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Rahman, M.F.[Md Fashiar] Co Author Listing * Improving lung region segmentation accuracy in chest X-ray images using a two-model deep learning ensemble approach

Rahman, M.G.[Md Geaur] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decision Forest: An incremental machine learning framework

Rahman, M.H. Co Author Listing * Cartesian Trajectory Tracking of a 7-DOF Exoskeleton Robot Based on Human Inverse Kinematics
* Comprehensive Survey of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Detection and Classification Using Machine Learning Approach: Challenges, Solutions, and Future Directions, A
* Optical Camera Communication in Vehicular Applications: A Review
* Pansharpening scheme using spatial detail injection-based convolutional neural networks
* Scale and Rotation Invariant Gabor Features for Texture Retrieval
* Using spatio-temporal deep learning for forecasting demand and supply-demand gap in ride-hailing system with anonymised spatial adjacency information
Includes: Rahman, M.H. Rahman, M.H.[Md Habibur] Rahman, M.H.[Md. Habibur] Rahman, M.H.[Md. Hishamur]

Rahman, M.H.A.[Mohd Hafiz Abd] Co Author Listing * Effect of Time Manipulation on Immersion in Digital Games, The

Rahman, M.J.[Md. Junaedur] Co Author Listing * Predicting driver behaviour at intersections based on driver gaze and traffic light recognition

Rahman, M.K.[Munshi Khaledur] Co Author Listing * Rohingya Refugee Crisis and Forest Cover Change in Teknaf, Bangladesh

Rahman, M.K.M. Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using growing hierarchical self-organizing quadtree map
* flexible multi-layer self-organizing map for generic processing of tree-structured data, A
* new dual wing harmonium model for document retrieval, A
* segmentation based approach for shape recovery from multi-color images, A

Rahman, M.M.[M. Masudur] Co Author Listing * Appearance-based representation and recognition of human motions
* Assessing the Status of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) of Bangladesh
* Assessing the Value of UAV Photogrammetry for Characterizing Terrain in Complex Peatlands
* Assessment of Polynomial Regression Techniques for the Relative Radiometric Normalization (RRN) of High-Resolution Multi-Temporal Airborne Thermal Infrared (TIR) Imagery, An
* Automated Bite-block Detection to Distinguish Colonoscopy from Upper Endoscopy Using Deep Learning
* Biomedical Image Retrieval in a Fuzzy Feature Space with Affine Region Detection and Vector Quantization of a Scale-Invariant Descriptor
* comparison of four relative radiometric normalization (RRN) techniques for mosaicing H-res multi-temporal thermal infrared (TIR) flight-lines of a complex urban scene, A
* Comparison of LiDAR and Digital Aerial Photogrammetry for Characterizing Canopy Openings in the Boreal Forest of Northern Alberta
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Spatial Distribution and Temporal Trend of NO2, SO2 and AOD Using Satellite Observations over South and East Asia from 2011 to 2021
* Correlation-aware adversarial domain adaptation and generalization
* Energy-Aware and Bandwidth-Efficient Hybrid Video Streaming Over Mobile Networks
* Enhancing lung abnormalities diagnosis using hybrid DCNN-ViT-GRU model with explainable AI: A deep learning approach
* Exploring Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Red Sea Air Quality through Multivariate Analysis, Trajectories, and Satellite Observations
* Exploring the Potential of High Resolution WorldView-3 Imagery for Estimating Yield of Mango
* Fine-Grained Categorization From RGB-D Images
* Forest Line Mapper: A Semi-Automated Tool for Mapping Linear Disturbances in Forests, The
* fully unsupervised color textured image segmentation algorithm using weighted mean histograms features, A
* G-CASCADE: Efficient Cascaded Graph Convolutional Decoding for 2D Medical Image Segmentation
* Human motion recognition using an eigenspace
* Human Posture Recognition: Eigenspace Tuning By A Mean Eigenspace
* Image retrieval with automatic query expansion based on local analysis in a semantical concept feature space
* Integrated Use of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Technology for Monitoring The Environmental Problem of Shyamnagar
* Integrating Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Time Series Data for Yield Prediction of Sugarcane Crops at the Block Level
* Integrating Remote Sensing and Weather Variables for Mango Yield Prediction Using a Machine Learning Approach
* Integrating visual words as bunch of n-grams for effective biomedical image classification
* intelligent system for gastrointestinal polyp detection in endoscopic video using fusion of bidimensional empirical mode decomposition and convolutional neural network features, An
* Interactive cross and multimodal biomedical image retrieval based on automatic region-of-interest (ROI) identification and classification
* Investigating the Relationship between Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters Using Satellite Data over Bangladesh
* Local concept-based medical image retrieval with correlation-enhanced similarity matching based on global analysis
* Machine learning-based tri-stage classification of Alzheimer's progressive neurodegenerative disease using PCA and mRMR administered textural, orientational, and spatial features
* MCCT: a multi-channel complementary census transform for image classification
* Medical Image Segmentation via Cascaded Attention Decoding
* Merging and Generalizing Eigenspace for Partially Occluded and Destroyed Object Recognition
* MIST: Medical Image Segmentation Transformer with Convolutional Attention Mixing (CAM) Decoder
* Multi-Classification of Retinal Diseases Using a Pyramidal Ensemble Deep Framework
* Multi-Component Image Translation for Deep Domain Generalization
* Multi-Resolution Approach to Point Cloud Registration without Control Points, A
* Multimedia content security with random key generation approach in cloud computing
* Multimodal biomedical image retrieval using hierarchical classification and modality fusion
* New Method to Map Groundwater Table in Peatlands Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
* Novel Composite Index to Measure Environmental Benefits in Urban Land Use Optimization Problems, A
* Novel recommendation systems in social networks
* Observed Changes in Crop Yield Associated with Droughts Propagation via Natural and Human-Disturbed Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan
* Optical and SAR Imagery for Mapping Vegetation Gradients in Brazilian Savannas: Synergy Between Pixel-Based and Object-Based Approaches
* Overcoming Dress Effect In Eigenspace
* Pedestrians' Receptivity Toward Fully Automated Vehicles: Research Review and Roadmap for Future Research
* Potential of Time-Series Sentinel 2 Data for Monitoring Avocado Crop Phenology
* Probabilistic Similarity Measures in Image Databases with SVM Based Categorization and Relevance Feedback
* Quantum particle swarm optimization for multiobjective combined economic emission dispatch problem using cubic criterion function
* Recent Advances in 3D Object Detection in the Era of Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
* Recognizing human behavior using universal eigenspace
* Recommendation of move method refactorings using coupling, cohesion and contextual similarity
* Remote Sensing-Based Mapping of Senescent Leaf C:N Ratio in the Sundarbans Reserved Forest Using Machine Learning Techniques
* Robust appearance-based human action recognition
* Secure and Intelligent Framework for Vehicle Health Monitoring Exploiting Big-Data Analytics, A
* Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation with Auto-Encoder via Simultaneous Learning
* Sustainable Urban Land-Use Optimization Using GIS-Based Multicriteria Decision-Making (GIS-MCDM) Approach
* Texture Is Important in Improving the Accuracy of Mapping Photovoltaic Power Plants: A Case Study of Ningxia Autonomous Region, China
* Transforming Image-Objects into Multiscale Fields: A GEOBIA Approach to Mitigate Urban Microclimatic Variability within H-Res Thermal Infrared Airborne Flight-Lines
* Tuned Eigenspace Technique for Articulated Motion Recognition, A
* unified image retrieval framework on local visual and semantic concept-based feature spaces, A
* Using Worldview Satellite Imagery to Map Yield in Avocado (Persea americana): A Case Study in Bundaberg, Australia
Includes: Rahman, M.M.[M. Masudur] Rahman, M.M.[Md. Mostafizur] Rahman, M.M.[Mir Mustafizur] Rahman, M.M.[Md Marufi] Rahman, M.M.[M. Mahmudur] Rahman, M.M.[Md Masudur] Rahman, M.M.[Mohammad Mahfujur] Rahman, M.M. Rahman, M.M.[Md Mahbubur] Rahman, M.M.[Muhammad Muhitur] Rahman, M.M.[Muhammad Moshiur] Rahman, M.M.[Mohammad Muntasir] Rahman, M.M.[Md. Mahbubur] Rahman, M.M.[Md Mostafijur] Rahman, M.M.[Mohammad M.] Rahman, M.M.[Mohammad Motiur] Rahman, M.M.[Md. Mostafijur] Rahman, M.M.[Md Motiur] Rahman, M.M.[Md Mahmudur] Rahman, M.M.[Md Mizanur] Rahman, M.M.[Md. Mustafizur]
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Rahman, M.O.[Mohammad Osiur] Co Author Listing * Recyclable Waste Paper Sorting Using Template Matching

Rahman, M.R.[Md. Rakibur] Co Author Listing * Multichannel Localization Method for Camouflaged Object Detection, A
* Recommendation of move method refactorings using coupling, cohesion and contextual similarity
Includes: Rahman, M.R.[Md. Rakibur] Rahman, M.R.[M. Rayhanur]

Rahman, M.R.U.[Muhammad Rameez Ur] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Branch Architecture Search for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Best Practices for 2-Body Pose Forecasting

Rahman, M.S.[Mohammed Shaiqur] Co Author Listing * 6th AI City Challenge, The
* 7th AI City Challenge, The
* Crop Growth Condition Assessment at County Scale Based on Heat-Aligned Growth Stages
* Developing a Dynamic Web-GIS Based Landslide Early Warning System for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh
* Evaluating the Effects of Digital Elevation Models in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Rangamati District, Bangladesh
* Fishpond Mapping by Spectral and Spatial-Based Filtering on Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in Singra Upazila of Bangladesh
* Forward Diffusion Guided Reconstruction as a Multi-Modal Multi-Task Learning Scheme
* Improvement and Validation of NASA/MODIS NRT Global Flood Mapping
* Improving Spatial Agreement in Machine Learning-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
* Order preserving pattern matching revisited
* Order preserving pattern matching revisited
* Rapid Flood Progress Monitoring in Cropland with NASA SMAP
* Simulating Land Cover Changes and Their Impacts on Land Surface Temperature in Dhaka, Bangladesh
* template matching approach of one-shot-learning gesture recognition, A
Includes: Rahman, M.S.[Mohammed Shaiqur] Rahman, M.S.[Md. Shahinoor] Rahman, M.S.[M. Sohel] Rahman, M.S.[Md Salman] Rahman, M.S.[Mohammad Saifur] Rahman, M.S.[M. Shahinoor] Rahman, M.S.[Mohammad Shahinoor] Rahman, M.S.[M. Shafiur]
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Rahman, M.S.A.[Mohd Salihan Ab] Co Author Listing * Natural User Interface for Children: From Requirement to Design

Rahman, M.T.[Muhammad Tauhidur] Co Author Listing * Detection of Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Urban Sprawl in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia: An Analysis of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data
* Examining Hotspots of Traffic Collisions and their Spatial Relationships with Land Use: A GIS-Based Geographically Weighted Regression Approach for Dammam, Saudi Arabia
* Fast computation methods for estimation of image spatial entropy
* Land Use And Land Cover Changes And Urban Sprawl In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: An Analysis Using Multi-temporal Landsat Data And Shannon's Entropy Index
* Modeling and evaluation of a ridesharing matching system from multi-stakeholders' perspective
Includes: Rahman, M.T.[Muhammad Tauhidur] Rahman, M.T.[Mohammad T.] Rahman, M.T. Rahman, M.T.[Md Tawhidur]

Rahman, N.[Nazreena] Co Author Listing * Method for Semantic Relatedness Based Query Focused Text Summarization, A

Rahman, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia
* Deep Learning Based Workflow for Accelerated Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography
* Noise Preserving Sharpening Filter for CT Image Enhancement, A
Includes: Rahman, O.[Omar] Rahman, O.[Obaidullah]

Rahman, Q.M.[Quazi Marufur] Co Author Listing * Per-frame mAP Prediction for Continuous Performance Monitoring of Object Detection During Deployment

Rahman, R. Co Author Listing * Application of fuzzy inference and active contour model for detection of fovea and its center in a fundus image
* On the Real-Time Semantic Segmentation of Aphid Clusters in the Wild
* Range Beacon Placement Problem for Robot Navigation, The
* Recognition of Handwritten Bengali Characters: A Novel Multistage approach
Includes: Rahman, R. Rahman, R.[Raiyan] Rahman, R.[Rayhan]

Rahman, R.M.[Rashedur M.] Co Author Listing * Improving Spatial Agreement in Machine Learning-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping

Rahman, S.[Shafin] Co Author Listing * 3DCapsule: Extending the Capsule Architecture to Classify 3D Point Clouds
* Any-shot Object Detection
* Bangla Sign alphabet recognition with zero-shot and transfer learning
* Change Vector Analysis, Tasseled Cap, and NDVI-NDMI for Measuring Land Use/Cover Changes Caused by a Sudden Short-Term Severe Drought: 2011 Texas Event
* Classifying Eye-Tracking Data Using Saliency Maps
* Classifying Eye-Tracking Data Using Saliency Maps
* Color Photometric Stereo Using a Rainbow Light for Non-Lambertian Multicolored Surfaces
* Continual Test-time Domain Adaptation via Dynamic Sample Selection
* Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Zero-Shot Image Tagging
* Deep0Tag: Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Zero-Shot Image Tagging
* Examining visual saliency prediction in naturalistic scenes
* Exemplar Guided Deep Neural Network for Spatial Transcriptomics Analysis of Gene Expression Prediction
* Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning for 3D Point Cloud Objects
* GA-GWNN: Generalized Adaptive Graph Wavelet Neural Network
* GA-GWNN: Generalized Adaptive Graph Wavelet Neural Network
* Learning Partial Correlation based Deep Visual Representation for Image Classification
* MCCT: a multi-channel complementary census transform for image classification
* method for estimating light direction, shape, and reflection parameters from a single image, A
* Multilevel Longitudinal Analysis of Shooting Performance as a Function of Stress and Cardiovascular Responses
* On the Effects of Low Video Quality in Human Action Recognition
* On the Recovery of Shape and Reflectance from a Single Multispectral Image
* optimisation approach to the recovery of reflection parameters from a single hyperspectral image, An
* Realsmilenet: A Deep End-to-end Network for Spontaneous and Posed Smile Recognition
* Redro: Efficiently Learning Large-sized SPD Visual Representation
* Rethinking Task-Incremental Learning Baselines
* S2FGAN: Semantically Aware Interactive Sketch-to-Face Translation
* Segmenting Objects in Weakly Labeled Videos
* Semantic-aware Knowledge Distillation for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Spatial transcriptomics analysis of gene expression prediction using exemplar guided graph neural network
* Synthesized Feature based Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning on a Mixture of Subspaces
* Synthesizing the Unseen for Zero-shot Object Detection
* Transductive Learning for Zero-Shot Object Detection
* Transductive Zero-Shot Learning for 3D Point Cloud Classification
* Unified Approach for Conventional Zero-Shot, Generalized Zero-Shot, and Few-Shot Learning, A
* Weakly supervised object localization and segmentation in videos
* Zero-shot Learning of 3D Point Cloud Objects
* Zero-Shot Learning on 3D Point Cloud Objects and Beyond
* Zero-Shot Object Detection: Joint Recognition and Localization of Novel Concepts
* Zero-Shot Object Detection: Learning to Simultaneously Recognize and Localize Novel Concepts
Includes: Rahman, S.[Shafin] Rahman, S.[Sejuti] Rahman, S.[Shoumik] Rahman, S.[Saimunur] Rahman, S.[Shanto] Rahman, S.[Saad] Rahman, S.
39 for Rahman, S.

Rahman, S.A.[Shah Atiqur] Co Author Listing * Human Action Recognition by Extracting Features from Negative Space
* Human action recognition employing negative space features
* Recognising human actions by analysing negative spaces

Rahman, S.M.[S. Mahbubur] Co Author Listing * Bayesian face recognition using 2D Gaussian-Hermite moments
* Exploring Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Red Sea Air Quality through Multivariate Analysis, Trajectories, and Satellite Observations
Includes: Rahman, S.M.[S. Mahbubur] Rahman, S.M.[Syed Masiur]

Rahman, S.M.K. Co Author Listing * New Method for Fingerprint Antispoofing using Pulse Oxiometry, A

Rahman, S.M.M.[S. M. Mahbubur] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Wavelet-Based Image Denoising Using the Gauss-Hermite Expansion
* Contrast-based fusion of noisy images using discrete wavelet transform
* Detection and Classification of Vehicles From Video Using Multiple Time-Spatial Images
* Differential components of discriminative 2D Gaussian-Hermite moments for recognition of facial expressions
* Entropy-based image registration method using the curvelet transform
* Estimation of affective dimensions using CNN-based features of audiovisual data
* Gaussian-Hermite moment-based depth estimation from single still image for stereo vision
* Image fusion technique using multivariate statistical model for wavelet coefficients
* Integrated Use of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Technology for Monitoring The Environmental Problem of Shyamnagar
* Locally Adaptive Wavelet-Based Image Denoising using the Gram-Charlier Prior Function
* Mixed Gaussian-impulse noise reduction from images using convolutional neural network
* New Statistical Detector for DWT-Based Additive Image Watermarking Using the Gauss-Hermite Expansion, A
* On the selection of 2D Krawtchouk moments for face recognition
* Recognizing Distractions for Assistive Driving by Tracking Body Parts
* Unified learning approach for egocentric hand gesture recognition and fingertip detection
* Video Denoising Based on Inter-frame Statistical Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
Includes: Rahman, S.M.M.[S. M. Mahbubur] Rahman, S.M.M. Rahman, S.M.M.[S.M. Mahbubur]
16 for Rahman, S.M.M.

Rahman, S.S.[Syed Shameerur] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Inference Enabled Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Light Control for Intelligent Transportation System

Rahman, T.[Tanjib] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Biomarkers in Chronic Myocardial Infarction
* Dual Formulation of the TV-Stokes Algorithm for Image Denoising, A
* Efficient Camera Calibration Technique Offering Robustness and Accuracy Over a Wide Range of Lens Distortion, An
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution in Arbitrary Input-Output Band Settings
* Improved Attention for Visual Question Answering, An
* Make-A-Story: Visual Memory Conditioned Consistent Story Generation
* Performance Evaluation of a Newly Proposed Novel L-SPECT System for SPECT Imaging
* REDRESS: Generating Compressed Models for Edge Inference Using Tsetlin Machines
* Solar Irradiance Anticipative Transformer
* TV-Stokes Denoising Algorithm, A
* Watch, Listen and Tell: Multi-Modal Weakly Supervised Dense Event Captioning
Includes: Rahman, T.[Tanjib] Rahman, T.[Talal] Rahman, T. Rahman, T.[Tauhidur] Rahman, T.[Tanzila] Rahman, T.[Tousif] Rahman, T.[Tasmiat]
11 for Rahman, T.

Rahman, W.[Wasifur] Co Author Listing * DBATES: Dataset for Discerning Benefits of Audio, Textual, and Facial Expression Features in Competitive Debate Speeches

Rahman, W.D.[Wan Darani] Co Author Listing * Relative Sea Level Trends for the Coastal Areas of Peninsular and East Malaysia Based on Remote and In Situ Observations

Rahman, Z. Co Author Listing * information theory of visual communication, An
* On the information-theoretic assessment of visual communication

Rahman, Z.A.A.[Zainal Ariff Abdul] Co Author Listing * Additional Cues Derived from Three Dimensional Image Processing to Aid Customised Reconstruction for Medical Applications

Rahman, Z.U. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Retinex for Bridging the Gap Between Color Images and the Human Observation of Scenes, A
* Properties and Performance of a Center/Surround Retinex

Rahmandhana, A.D.[Arie Dwika] Co Author Listing * Spectral Reflectance-Based Mangrove Species Mapping from WorldView-2 Imagery of Karimunjawa and Kemujan Island, Central Java Province, Indonesia

Rahmani Andebili, M. Co Author Listing * Planning and Operation of Parking Lots Considering System, Traffic, and Drivers Behavioral Model
Includes: Rahmani Andebili, M. Rahmani-Andebili, M.

Rahmani Torkaman, R. Co Author Listing * pseudo top-hat mathematical morphological approach to edge detection in dark regions, A
Includes: Rahmani Torkaman, R. Rahmani-Torkaman, R.

Rahmani, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Soil Mapping Using Geomorphometric Analysis and Case-based Fuzzy Logic Approach
* Digital Soil Mapping With Regression Tree Classification Approaches By Rs and Geomorphometry Covariate in The Qazvin Plain, Iran

Rahmani, A.M.[Amir Masoud] Co Author Listing * Effective Imputation Method Using Data Enrichment for Missing Data of Loop Detectors in Intelligent Traffic Control Systems, An
* Evolutionary Game Approach to Safety-Aware Speed Recommendation in Fog/Cloud-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems, An
* systematic literature review of vehicle speed assistance in intelligent transportation system, A
* Towards Deep Personal Lifestyle Models Using Multimodal N-of-1 Data
Includes: Rahmani, A.M.[Amir Masoud] Rahmani, A.M.[Amir M.]

Rahmani, D.[Donya] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Gaussian mixture models via tensor moments with application to online learning

Rahmani, F.[Farzaneh] Co Author Listing * Improving the robustness of motion vector temporal descriptor
* Reconfigurable Radiation Pattern Antenna with eight Switchable Beams in Azimuth Plane for WLAN Wireless System
Includes: Rahmani, F.[Farzaneh] Rahmani, F.

Rahmani, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * 3D Action Recognition from Novel Viewpoints
* Action Classification with Locality-Constrained Linear Coding
* Deep orientated distance-transform network for geometric-aware centerline detection
* DiffPose: Toward More Reliable 3D Pose Estimation
* Discriminative human action classification using locality-constrained linear coding
* Distribution-Aligned Diffusion for Human Mesh Recovery
* Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Specialization Learning for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
* Else-Net: Elastic Semantic Network for Continual Action Recognition from Skeleton Data
* ERA: Expert Retrieval and Assembly for Early Action Prediction
* Global Regularizer and Temporal-Aware Cross-Entropy for Skeleton-Based Early Action Recognition
* GradAuto: Energy-Oriented Attack on Dynamic Neural Networks
* GradMDM: Adversarial Attack on Dynamic Networks
* Graph-context Attention Networks for Size-varied Deep Graph Matching
* Hand-Based Person Identification using Global and Part-Aware Deep Feature Representation Learning
* Histogram of Oriented Principal Components for Cross-View Action Recognition
* HOPC: Histogram of Oriented Principal Components of 3D Pointclouds for Action Recognition
* Human Action Recognition from Various Data Modalities: A Review
* IGFormer: Interaction Graph Transformer for Skeleton-Based Human Interaction Recognition
* Learning a Deep Model for Human Action Recognition from Novel Viewpoints
* Learning a non-linear knowledge transfer model for cross-view action recognition
* Learning Action Recognition Model from Depth and Skeleton Videos
* Learning Human Pose Models from Synthesized Data for Robust RGB-D Action Recognition
* Learning Latent Global Network for Skeleton-Based Action Prediction
* Meta Agent Teaming Active Learning for Pose Estimation
* Multi-Branch with Attention Network for Hand-Based Person Recognition
* Multi-Modal Video Reasoning and Analyzing Competition, The
* parallel Huffman coder on the CUDA architecture, A
* Probabilistic Attention Model with Occlusion-aware Texture Regression for 3D Hand Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image, A
* Progressive Channel-Shrinking Network
* Real time action recognition using histograms of depth gradients and random decision forests
* Self-Supervised Learning With Adaptive Distillation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Shallow Landslide Prediction Using a Novel Hybrid Functional Machine Learning Algorithm
* Single image dehazing using deep neural networks
* Token Boosting for Robust Self-Supervised Visual Transformer Pre-training
* Unified Pose Sequence Modeling
Includes: Rahmani, H.[Hossein] Rahmani, H. Rahmani, H.[Hosein]
35 for Rahmani, H.

Rahmani, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Robust and Scalable Column/Row Sampling from Corrupted Big Data
* Spatial Random Sampling: A Structure-Preserving Data Sketching Tool
* Subspace Clustering via Optimal Direction Search
* Unsupervised feature learning based on sparse coding and spectral clustering for segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images
Includes: Rahmani, M.[Mostafa] Rahmani, M.

Rahmani, M.D. Co Author Listing * new approach to build a geographical taxonomy of adjacency automatically using the latent semantic indexing method, A
* set of indicators for BPM life cycle improvement, A

Rahmani, M.H. Co Author Listing * Lip-reading via a DNN-HMM hybrid system using combination of the image-based and model-based features

Rahmani, M.R. Co Author Listing * Using Index and Cumulative Overlay Analyses to Determine Geothermal Potential Targets in Damavand Region

Rahmani, O.[Omeid] Co Author Listing * Application of Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, ASTER and WorldView-3 Spectral Imagery for Exploration of Carbonate-Hosted Pb-Zn Deposits in the Central Iranian Terrane (CIT)
* Identification of Phyllosilicates in the Antarctic Environment Using ASTER Satellite Data: Case Study from the Mesa Range, Campbell and Priestley Glaciers, Northern Victoria Land
* Landsat-8, Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer, and WorldView-3 Multispectral Satellite Imagery for Prospecting Copper-Gold Mineralization in the Northeastern Inglefield Mobile Belt (IMB), Northwest Greenland
* Mapping Listvenite Occurrences in the Damage Zones of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica Using ASTER Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Rahmani, P.[Pejman] Co Author Listing * Sequential Blind PSF Estimation and Restoration of Aerial Multispectral Images
* Two reversible data hiding schemes for VQ-compressed images based on index coding
Includes: Rahmani, P.[Pejman] Rahmani, P.[Peyman]

Rahmani, R.[Rouhollah] Co Author Listing * image processing approach for rigid gas-permeable lens base-curve identification, An
* Localized Content-Based Image Retrieval

Rahmani, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Graph Neural Networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey

Rahmani, S.R. Co Author Listing * Deep Phenotyping Considering Tile Drainage from UAS-Based Multispectral Imagery By Convolutional Neural Networks

Rahmania, R. Co Author Listing * 13 Years of changes in the extent and physiognomy of mangroves after shrimp farming abandonment, Bali
* Temporal stability of mangrove multispectral signatures at fine scales: Stability of mangrove multispectral signatures

Rahmanian, M.[Mina] Co Author Listing * DIPNet: Driver intention prediction for a safe takeover transition in autonomous vehicles

Rahmanian, S.[Soroor] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Plant Diversity Using Multi-Seasonal Remotely Sensed and Geodiversity Data in a Mountainous Area

RahmaniKhezri, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Single-Image Reflection Removal

Rahmanimanesh, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Enhancing level set brain tumor segmentation using fuzzy shape prior information and deep learning

Rahmanizadeh, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Integrated Method for Simulation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Raw Data in Moving Target Detection, An

Rahmann, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Network Architecture for Point Cloud Classification via Automatic Depth Images Generation, A

Rahmann, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Polarization Images: a Geometric Interpretation for Shape Analysis
* Reconstruction of Specular Surfaces using Polarization Imaging
* Relative Pose Estimation from Two Circles
Includes: Rahmann, S.[Stefan] Rahmann, S.

Rahmat Samii, Y. Co Author Listing * Radar Technologies for Earth Remote Sensing From CubeSat Platforms
Includes: Rahmat Samii, Y. Rahmat-Samii, Y.

Rahmat, K.[Kartini] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of Alzheimer's disease using bi-directional empirical model decomposition

Rahmat, M.F.[Mohd Fua'ad] Co Author Listing * Application of Digital Imaging Technique in Electrical Charge Tomography System for Image Reconstruction Validation
* Review of Tomographic Imaging using Finite Element Method
* simple approach for designing a PID controller for an experimental air blower system, A
Includes: Rahmat, M.F.[Mohd Fua'ad] Rahmat, M.F.

Rahmat, N.H. Co Author Listing * Effect of Coastline Changes to Local Community's Social-Economic, The

Rahmat, R.[Roushanak] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape from Focus Using LULU Operators
* 3D shape from focus using LULU operators and discrete pulse transform in the presence of noise
* Comparison of level set models in image segmentation

Rahmat, R.W.O.K.[Rahmita Wirza O. K.] Co Author Listing * review of wave-net identical learning and filling-in in a decomposition space of (JPG-JPEG) sampled images, A

Rahmate, M. Co Author Listing * electronic digital image stabilizer based on stationary wavelet transform (SWT), An

Rahmati, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * CGBA: Curvature-aware Geometric Black-box Attack
* GeoDA: A Geometric Framework for Black-Box Adversarial Attacks
* Robust Physical-World Attacks on Deep Learning Visual Classification
* Sensor-Assisted Video Encoding for Mobile Devices in Real-World Environments
Includes: Rahmati, A.[Ali] Rahmati, A.

Rahmati, A.R. Co Author Listing * Using Index and Cumulative Overlay Analyses to Determine Geothermal Potential Targets in Damavand Region

Rahmati, B.[Behnam] Co Author Listing * Novel Weakly Supervised Segmentation Approach for Rapid Left Ventricle Annotation, A
* Segmentation of the Left Ventricle for the Cardiac Phases between End-Diastole and End-Systole

Rahmati, H.[Hodjat] Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation with Weak Labeling Priors
* Weakly supervised motion segmentation with particle matching

Rahmati, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Automatic soccer players tracking in goal scenes by camera motion elimination
* Combining hierarchical clusterings using min-transitive closure
* Entropy based dictionary learning for image classification
* Exploiting Experts: Knowledge for Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks
* Improved Multi-Stage Method for Medical Image Registration Based on Mutual Information, An
* Intensity-Invariant and Distortion-Invariant Pattern-Recognition with Complex Linear Morphology
* Multiscale Decomposition in Low-Rank Approximation
* Neural Network Based Cascaded Classifier for Face Detection in Color Images with Complex Background, A
* New Method for Writer Identification and Verification Based on Farsi/Arabic Handwritten Texts, A
* New Method for Writer Identification of Handwritten Farsi Documents, A
* Printed Persian OCR system using deep learning
* Recognition of Persian handwritten digits using image profiles of multiple orientations
* Robust subspace clustering for image data using clean dictionary estimation and group lasso based matrix completion
* Shape Recognition and Retrieval: A Structural Approach Using Velocity Function
* Shape Representation and Classification Using Boundary Radius Function
* Spectrally Efficient Alamouti Code Structure in Asynchronous Cooperative Systems
* Summarization of Surveillance Video Sequences Using Face Quality Assessment
* Towards Explaining Adversarial Examples Phenomenon in Artificial Neural Networks
* Underwater Adaptive Video Transmissions Using MIMO-Based Software-Defined Acoustic Modems
* variational based model for estimating true tracklets in wide area surveillance, A
* Weighted Multiple Bit-Plane Matching, a Simple and Efficient Matching Criterion for Electronic Digital Image Stabilizer Application
Includes: Rahmati, M.[Mohammad] Rahmati, M. Rahmati, M.[Marziye] Rahmati, M.[Mehdi]
21 for Rahmati, M.

Rahmati, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * Automated Python Language-Based Tool for Creating Absence Samples in Groundwater Potential Mapping, An
* Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Case Study from Iran
* Multi-Temporal Analysis of Forest Fire Probability Using Socio-Economic and Environmental Variables
* Scrutinizing Relationships between Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Upstream Areas Using Thermal Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Northern Persian Gulf
* Spatial Modeling of Snow Avalanche Using Machine Learning Models and Geo-Environmental Factors: Comparison of Effectiveness in Two Mountain Regions

Rahmati, P.[Peyman] Co Author Listing * New Preprocessing Filter for Digital Mammograms, A

Rahmati, R.G.[Reza G.] Co Author Listing * Incremental augmented complex adaptive IIR algorithm for training widely linear ARMA model

Rahmati, Y.[Yalda] Co Author Listing * Helping Automated Vehicles With Left-Turn Maneuvers: A Game Theory-Based Decision Framework for Conflicting Maneuvers at Intersections

Rahmatizadeh, R. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Prediction of Taxi Demand Using Recurrent Neural Networks

Rahmatsamii, Y. Co Author Listing * Microwave Antenna Imaging, Diagnostics, and Phaseless Reconstructions

Rahmatullah, B.[Bahbibi] Co Author Listing * Automated Selection of Standardized Planes from Ultrasound Volume
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
* Image quality assessment based on properties of HVS and principle of image structure
* Nakagami-Based AdaBoost Learning Framework for Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in 2D Fetal Neurosonograms
Includes: Rahmatullah, B.[Bahbibi] Rahmatullah, B.

Rahmawan, F.[Fajar] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Sago Palm Trees Based on Transfer Learning

Rahmayudi, A.[Aji] Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Semi Automatic Dtm From Image Matching With Dtm From Lidar

Rahmdel, P.S. Co Author Listing * Comment on 'Collinear Segment Detection Using HT Neighborhoods'
* UND: Unite-and-Divide Method in Fourier and Radon Domains for Line Segment Detection

Rahmel, J. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Registration for Local Deformations

Rahmer, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a 3-D System Function Measured for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Interactive Magnetic Catheter Steering With 3-D Real-Time Feedback Using Multi-Color Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Magnetic Particle Imaging With Tailored Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Tracers
* Magnetic Particle Imaging: A Resovist Based Marking Technology for Guide Wires and Catheters for Vascular Interventions
* Model-Based Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging

Rahmes, M.D.[Mark Donald] Co Author Listing * Automated method for making a topographical model and related system

Rahmes, T.F.[Timothy F.] Co Author Listing * Application of a Convolutional Neural Network for the Detection of Contrails in Satellite Imagery, The

Rahmim, A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Event-Driven Motion Compensation in High-Resolution PET Incorporating Scattered and Random Events
* Differentiation of COVID-19 pneumonia from other lung diseases using CT radiomic features and machine learning: A large multicentric cohort study
* Prediction of drug amount in Parkinson's disease using hybrid machine learning systems and radiomics features
* X-ray CT Metal Artifact Reduction Using Wavelet Domain L_0 Sparse Regularization
Includes: Rahmim, A. Rahmim, A.[Arman]

Rahmon, G.[Gani] Co Author Listing * DeepFTSG: Multi-stream Asymmetric USE-Net Trellis Encoders with Shared Decoder Feature Fusion Architecture for Video Motion Segmentation
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Motion U-Net: Multi-cue Encoder-Decoder Network for Motion Segmentation

Rahmoun, S.[Somia] Co Author Listing * Curve computation by geodesics and graph modelling for polymer analysis
* Curve Extraction by Geodesics Fusion: Application to Polymer Reptation Analysis

Rahmoune, A. Co Author Listing * Detection and matching of curvilinear structures
* Flexible motion-adaptive video coding with redundant expansions
* M-Term Pursuit for Image Representation and Progressive Compression, The
* Sparse Approximation Using M-Term Pursuit and Application in Image and Video Coding

Rahmouni, A. Co Author Listing * Deformable group-wise registration using a physiological model: Application to diffusion-weighted MRI
* Motion Analysis of Endovascular Stent-Grafts by MDL Based Registration
* Optimal Estimation of Diffusion in DW-MRI by High-Order MRF-Based Joint Deformable Registration and Diffusion Modeling
* Postarthroplasty Examination Using X-Ray Images
* Trials on Tissue Contractility Estimation from Cardiac Cine MRI Using a Biomechanical Heart Model
Includes: Rahmouni, A. Rahmouni, A.[Alain]

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