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Pavlakos, G. Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Volumetric Prediction for Single-Image 3D Human Pose
* Coherent Reconstruction of Multiple Humans From a Single Image
* Convolutional Mesh Regression for Single-Image Human Shape Reconstruction
* Expressive Body Capture: 3D Hands, Face, and Body From a Single Image
* Harvesting Multiple Views for Marker-Less 3D Human Pose Annotations
* Human Mesh Recovery from Multiple Shots
* Kinect-based multimodal gesture recognition using a two-pass fusion scheme
* Learning to Estimate 3D Human Pose and Shape from a Single Color Image
* Learning to Reconstruct 3D Human Pose and Shape via Model-Fitting in the Loop
* MonoCap: Monocular Human Motion Capture using a CNN Coupled with a Geometric Prior
* Monocular Expressive Body Regression Through Body-Driven Attention
* One Where They Reconstructed 3D Humans and Environments in TV Shows, The
* Ordinal Depth Supervision for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Probabilistic Modeling for Human Mesh Recovery
* Reliability of Forensic Body-Shape Identification, The
* TexturePose: Supervising Human Mesh Estimation With Texture Consistency
* Tracking People by Predicting 3D Appearance, Location and Pose
Includes: Pavlakos, G. Pavlakos, G.[Georgios]
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Pavlatos, E. Co Author Listing * Imaging Corneal Biomechanical Responses to Ocular Pulse Using High-Frequency Ultrasound

Pavleas, J. Co Author Listing * Kinecting to Mathematics through Embodied Interactions

Pavleski, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021
* Image-Based Classification Module for Data Fusion Anti-Drone System, An

Pavli, O.I.[Ourania I.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Reflectance Indices as a High Throughput Selection Tool in a Sesame Breeding Scheme

Pavlic, G.[Goran] Co Author Listing * Improving winter leaf area index estimation in coniferous forests and its significance in estimating the land surface albedo

Pavlic, M. Co Author Listing * Definition of descriptors for semantic image interpretation

Pavlicek, F.[Frantisek] Co Author Listing * Performance Testing on Vector vs. Raster Map Tiles: Comparative Study on Load Metrics

Pavlides, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Examination of the SMAP Operational Soil Moisture Products Accuracy at the Tibetan Plateau, An
* Operational Soil Moisture from ASCAT in Support of Water Resources Management
* Use of Hyperion for Mangrove Forest Carbon Stock Assessment in Bhitarkanika Forest Reserve: A Contribution Towards Blue Carbon Initiative

Pavlidi, D.[Despoina] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Pulsed-Source Localization with 3 Hydrophones: Uncertainty Estimates

Pavlidis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Demand Flexibility Estimation Based on Habitual Behaviour and Motif Detection
* Enhancing Close-up Image Based 3D Digitisation with Focus Stacking
* Investigating the Effect of Focus Stacking on SFM-MVS Algorithms
Includes: Pavlidis, G.[George] Pavlidis, G.

Pavlidis, G.P. Co Author Listing * Archiving 3D cultural objects with surface point-wise database information
* Compressing the background layer in compound images, using JPEG and data filling
* JPEG-matched data filling of sparse images
* JPEG2000 and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Over the Internet
* JPEG2000 over noisy communication channels the cost analysis aspect
* JPEG2000 over noisy communication channels thorough evaluation and cost analysis
Includes: Pavlidis, G.P. Pavlidis, G.P.[George P.]

Pavlidis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * email: Pavlidis, I.[Ioannis]: pablidis AT htc honeywell com
* Automatic detection of vehicle occupants: The Imaging Problem and its solution
* Biofeedback Arrests Sympathetic and Behavioral Effects in Distracted Driving
* Comparative Analysis of Thermal and Visual Modalities for Automated Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Cooperative camera network
* DETER: Detection of events for threat evaluation and recognition
* Estimation of blood flow speed and vessel location from thermal video
* Forecasting Markers of Habitual Driving Behaviors Associated With Crash Risk
* Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images for Face Recognition
* Ground Truth Tool for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imagery, A
* Guest Editorial: Special issue on computer vision beyond the visible spectrum
* Imaging Issue in an Automatic Face/Disguise Detection System, The
* Imaging the Cardiovascular Pulse
* Interacting with human physiology
* Near-Infrared Fusion Scheme for Automatic Detection of Vehicle Passengers, A
* On-line handwriting recognition using physics-based shape metamorphosis
* On-Line Handwritten Note Recognition Method Using Shape Metamorphosis, An
* Perinasal Imaging of Physiological Stress and Its Affective Potential
* Perinasal indicators of deceptive behavior
* Perinasal indicators of malevolence
* Physics Based Methodologies for Recognizing Handwritten Signatures, Words, and Line Drawings
* Physiological face recognition is coming of age
* Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Patterns Through Shape Metamorphosis
* Segmentation of the Supraorbital Vessels in Thermal Imagery, The
* Signature identification through the use of deformable structures
* Thermal Image Analysis for Anxiety Detection
* Thermal Imaging for Anxiety Detection
* Urban surveillance systems: from the laboratory to the commercial world
* vehicle occupant counting system based on near-infrared phenomenology and fuzzy neural classification, A
Includes: Pavlidis, I.[Ioannis] Pavlidis, I.
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Pavlidis, I.T.[Ioannis T.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Initiation of the Periorbital Signal Extraction in Thermal Imagery
* Automatic Thermal Monitoring System (ATHEMOS) for Deception Detection
* Cardiac MRI Intervention and Diagnosis via Deformable Collaborative Tracking
* Coalitional tracking
* Coalitional Tracking in Facial Infrared Imaging and Beyond
* Face Detection in the Near-IR Spectrum
* Face Detection Method Based on Multi-Band Feature Extraction in the Near-IR Spectrum, A
* Face recognition by fusing thermal infrared and visible imagery
* Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
* Imaging Facial Physiology for the Detection of Deceit
* Near-infrared disguise detection
* Near-infrared method and system for use in face detection
* Physiology-based face recognition
* Physiology-Based Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
* Pose-Invariant Physiological Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
* Probabilistic Template Update Method for Tracking Facial Tissue in Thermal Infrared, A
Includes: Pavlidis, I.T.[Ioannis T.] Pavlidis, I.T.
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Pavlidis, L. Co Author Listing * video-based surveillance solution for protecting the air-intakes of buildings from chem-bio attacks, A

Pavlidis, N.G. Co Author Listing * lambda-Perceptron: An adaptive classifier for data streams
* Nonlinear dimensionality reduction for clustering
Includes: Pavlidis, N.G. Pavlidis, N.G.[Nicos G.]

Pavlidis, T.[Theo] Co Author Listing * email: Pavlidis, T.[Theo]: t pavlidis AT computer org
* 36 years on the pattern recognition front
* Algorithm for the Segmentation of Bilevel Images, An
* Algorithms for Graphics and Image Processing
* Algorithms for Shape Analysis of Contours and Waveforms
* Algorithms for the Shape Analysis of Contours and Waveforms
* Analysis of set patterns
* Applications of Splines to Shape Description
* Asynchronous Thinning Algorithm, An
* Bar Code Wave-Form Recognition Using Peak Locations
* challenge of general machine vision, The
* Challenges in document recognition bottom up and top down processes
* Character-Recognition Without Segmentation
* Comments on A New Shape Factor
* Comments on Low Level Image Segmentation: An Expert System
* Components of an Omnifont Page Reader
* Computer Recognition of Handwritten Numerals by Polygonal Approximations
* Critical Survey of Image Analysis Methods, A
* Curve Fitting as a Pattern Recognition Problem
* Curve Fitting with Conic Splines
* Deblurring Of Bilevel Waveforms
* Detecting textured objects using convex hull
* Detection of Curved and Straight Segments from Gray-Scale Topography
* Direct Gray-Scale Extraction of Features for Character Recognition
* Discontinuity Detection for Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Discrete geometry and Azriel Rosenfeld
* Discrimination of Characters by a Multistage Recognition Process
* Document Recognition
* Edge Detection Through Residual Analysis
* Editing of Picture Segmentations Using Local Analysis of Graphs, The
* Effects of Distortions on the Recognition Rate of a Structural OCR System
* Feature Analysis Using Line Sweep Thinning Algorithm
* Filling Algorithms for Raster Graphics
* Finding Vertices in a Picture
* Flexible Parallel Thinning Algorithm, A
* Font Recognition and Contextual Processing for More Accurate Text Recognition
* Fundamentals of Bar Code Information Theory
* geometric approach to machine-printed character recognition, A
* Global Shape Analysis by k-Syntactic Similarity
* Global Shape Decomposition Using the k-Syntactic Similarity Approach
* Graph Labelling Algorithms for Picture Analysis
* Graph-Theoretic Approach to Picture Processing, A
* Hierarchical Approach to Efficient Curvilinear Object Searching, A
* Hierarchical Data Structure for Picture Processing, A
* Hierarchical Syntactic Shape Analyzer, A
* Hierarchical Triangulation Using Cartographic Coherence
* Hierarchies in Structural Pattern Recogniton
* Image Seaming for Segmentation on Parallel Architecture
* Image Segmentation as an Estimation Problem
* Integrating Region Growing and Edge Detection
* Interactive Road Finding For Aerial Images
* Line Sweep Thinning Algorithm For Feature Analysis
* Minimum Storage Boundary Tracing Algorithm and Its Application to Automatic Inspection, A
* Neew Method for Word Recognition Without Segmentation, A
* New Paper/computer Interface: Two-dimensional Symbologies, A
* Noise Filtering in Binary Pictures by Combinatorial Techniques
* number of all possible meaningful or discernible pictures, The
* On the Recognition of Printed Characters of any Font and Size
* On the Topological Properties of Quantized Spaces II. Connectivity and Order of Connectivity
* On the Topological Properties of Quantized Spaces I. The Notion of Dimension
* One-Dimensional Regularization with Discontinuities
* Optimal Correspondence for String Subsequences
* Optimal Piecewise Polynomial L2 Approximation of Functions of One and Two Variables
* Page Segmentation and Classification
* Page Segmentation by White Streams
* Page segmentation without rectangle assumption
* Peak classifier for bar code waveforms
* Picture Processing by Graph Analysis
* Picture Segmentation by a Directed Split and Merge Procedure
* Picture Segmentation by a Tree Traversal Algorithm
* Recognition of Printed Text under Realistic Conditions
* Representation of Figures by Labeled Graphs
* Residual Analysis for Feature Detection
* Restoration of Binary Images Using Stochastic Relaxation with Annealing
* Restoration of blurred bilevel signals by multiscaling with finite support filters
* Review of Algorithms for Shape Analysis, A
* RoadFinder Front End: an Automated Road Extraction System
* Segmentation by Texture Using a Co-Occurrence Matrix and a Split-and-Merge Algorithm
* Segmentation by Texture Using Correlation
* Segmentation of Pictures and Maps Through Functional Approximation
* Segmentation of Plane Curves
* Segmentation Technique Through Waveform Analysis, A
* Segmenting a page of a document into areas which are text and areas which are halftone
* Shape Analysis Model with Applications to a Character Recognition System, A
* Some results on feature detection using residual analysis
* Special Issue on Optical Character Recognition
* Structural Indexing for Character-Recognition
* Structural Pattern Analysis
* Structural Pattern Recognition
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition of Shape
* Techniques for optimal compaction of pictures and maps
* Texture Identification by a Directed Split-and Merge Procedure
* Thinning Algorithm for Discrete Binary Images, A
* Use of a Syntactic Shape Analyzer for Contour Matching, The
* Use of Shadows for Extracting Buildings in Aerial Images
* Use of Shadows for Extracting Buildings in Aerial Images
* Vectorizer and Feature Extractor for Document Recognition, A
* Waveform Segmentation Through Functional Approximation
* Why Progress in Machine Vision Is so Slow
Includes: Pavlidis, T.[Theo] Pavlidis, T. Pavlidis, T.[Theodosios]
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Pavlidou, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Phytoplankton Biomass and the Hydrodynamic Regime in NEOM, Red Sea

Pavlidou, E.[Efthymia] Co Author Listing * Time Series Analysis of Land Surface Temperatures in 20 Earthquake Cases Worldwide

Pavlik, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Thresholding of a Digital Image by Free Terms
* Usability of IoT and Open Data Repositories for Analyzing Water Pollution. A Case Study in the Czech Republic
Includes: Pavlik, J.[Jan] Pavlík, J.[Jan]

Pavlikova, I.[Irena] Co Author Listing * Air Pollution Dispersion Modelling Using Spatial Analyses
Includes: Pavlikova, I.[Irena] Pavlíková, I.[Irena]

Pavlin, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Analysis of an Algorithm for Detection of Translational Motion
* Integration Effort in Knowledge-Based Vision Techniques for the Autonomous Land Vehicle Program
* Motion from a Sequence of Images
* Translational Motion Algorithm Using Hierarchial Search with Smoothing, A
* Translational Motion Algorithm with Global Feature Constraints
Includes: Pavlin, I.[Igor] Pavlin, I.

Pavlin, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Ballroom Dance Recognition from Audio Recordings
Includes: Pavlin, T.[Tomas] Pavlín, T.[Tomáš]

Pavlis, G.[Gary] Co Author Listing * Linear Inversion Approach to Measuring the Composition and Directionality of the Seismic Noise Field, A

Pavlis, O.[Ondrej] Co Author Listing * Automatic Geodata Processing Methods for Real-World City Visualizations in Cities: Skylines

Pavlis, T.[Terry] Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric 3D Model via Smartphone GNSS Sensor: Workflow, Error Estimate, and Best Practices

Pavlitskaya, S.[Svetlana] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Vulnerability of Temporal Feature Networks for Object Detection
* Is Neuron Coverage Needed to Make Person Detection More Robust?
* Using Mixture of Expert Models to Gain Insights into Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Pavlitskaya, S.[Svetlana] Pavlitskaya, S.

Pavllo, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video With Temporal Convolutions and Semi-Supervised Training
* Controlling Style and Semantics in Weakly-supervised Image Generation
* Hierarchical Image Classification using Entailment Cone Embeddings
* Learning Generative Models of Textured 3D Meshes from Real-World Images
* Modeling Human Motion with Quaternion-Based Neural Networks

Pavlogeorgatos, G.[Gerasimos] Co Author Listing * Coastline Zones Identification and 3D Coastal Mapping Using UAV Spatial Data

Pavlopoulou, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * email: Pavlopoulou, C.[Christina]: pavlo AT ecn purdue edu
* Boundaries as Contours of Optimal Appearance and Area of Support
* Classification and feature selection with human performance data
* Content-based image retrieval from large medical databases
* Globally Optimal Interactive Boundary Extraction Using Markov Chain Modeling
* Indoor-outdoor classification with human accuracies: Image or edge gist?
* Interactive Framework for Boundary Delineation for Medical CBIR, An
* Testing for Human Perceptual Categories in a Physician-in-the-Loop CBIR System for Medical Imagery
* Unifying View of Contour Length Bias Correction, A
* Using Human Perceptual Categories for Content-Based Retrieval from a Medical Image Database
Includes: Pavlopoulou, C.[Christina] Pavlopoulou, C.
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Pavlopouplou, C. Co Author Listing * CBIR for Medical Images: An Evaluation Trial

Pavlou, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Automated encoding of footwear patterns for fast indexing

Pavlov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Discrete Analog of the Jacobi Set for Vector Fields

Pavlov, D. Co Author Listing * Scaling-up Support Vector Machines Using Boosting Algorithm

Pavlov, K.M.[Konstantin M.] Co Author Listing * Computed tomography with linear shift-invariant optical systems
* Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Tomography
Includes: Pavlov, K.M.[Konstantin M.] Pavlov, K.M.

Pavlov, V.[Vladislav] Co Author Listing * Automation of the Detection of Pathological Changes in the Morphometric Characteristics of the Human Eye Fundus Based on the Data of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Pavlov, V.A.[Vladislav A.] Co Author Listing * Arabic handwritten texts clusterization based on Feature Relation Graph (FRG)

Pavlova, L.[Lilia] Co Author Listing * Tell the Story of Ancient Thracians Through Serious Game

Pavlova, V.A.[Viktoriya A.] Co Author Listing * Prototype of a Fast Vertical Ionosonde Based on Modern Software-Defined Radio Devices, The

Pavlovcic Preseren, P.[Polona] Co Author Listing * Altitude on Cartographic Materials and Its Correction According to New Measurement Techniques
* Efficiency of Geodetic and Low-Cost GNSS Devices in Urban Kinematic Terrestrial Positioning in Terms of the Trajectory Generated by MMS, The
* Exploiting the Sensitivity of Dual-Frequency Smartphones and GNSS Geodetic Receivers for Jammer Localization
Includes: Pavlovcic Preseren, P.[Polona] Pavlovcic-Prešeren, P.[Polona]

Pavlovic, G.[Gordana] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for a programmable video motion estimator
* Maximum likelihood parametric blur identification based on a continuous spatial domain model
* On modeling the focus blur in image restoration
Includes: Pavlovic, G.[Gordana] Pavlovic, G.

Pavlovic, J.[Juraj] Co Author Listing * Video Analysis Based on Mutual Information

Pavlovic, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Impact of Large Transport Infrastructure on Land Use and Environment Using Deep Learning and Satellite Imagery

Pavlovic, R.[Radenko] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Corona-Virus-19 on Nitrogen Dioxide Levels over Southern Ontario, Canada

Pavlovic, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Motion Tracking Using Dynamic Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
* Ancient Coin Recognition Based on Spatial Coding
* Attribute rating for classification of visual objects
* Audio-visual speaker detection using dynamic Bayesian networks
* Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation with Heteroscedastic Conditional Ordinal Random Fields
* Baselines for Image Annotation
* Bayes-Factor-VAE: Hierarchical Bayesian Deep Auto-Encoder Models for Factor Disentanglement
* Bayesian networks as ensemble of classifiers
* Belief Propagation algorithm for bias field estimation and image segmentation, A
* Boosted learning in dynamic Bayesian networks for multimodal speaker detection
* Boosting and structure learning in dynamic Bayesian networks for audio-visual speaker detection
* Categorization of Underwater Habitats Using Dynamic Video Textures
* Central Subspace Dimensionality Reduction Using Covariance Operators
* Conditional State Space Models for Discriminative Motion Estimation
* Context-Sensitive Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for Facial Action Intensity Estimation
* Context-Sensitive Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Intensity Estimation of Facial Action Units
* CookGAN: Meal Image Synthesis from Ingredients
* Copula Ordinal Regression for Joint Estimation of Facial Action Unit Intensity
* Copula Ordinal Regression Framework for Joint Estimation of Facial Action Unit Intensity
* D2F2WOD: Learning Object Proposals for Weakly-Supervised Object Detection via Progressive Domain Adaptation
* DAReN: A Collaborative Approach Towards Visual Reasoning And Disentangling
* Deep Structured Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Depth Recovery with Face Priors
* Dimensionality reduction using covariance operator inverse regression
* Discovering characteristic landmarks on ancient coins using convolutional networks
* Discovering clusters in motion time-series data
* Discriminative Learning for Dynamic State Prediction
* Discriminative Learning of Dynamical Systems for Motion Tracking
* Discriminative Learning of Mixture of Bayesian Network Classifiers for Sequence Classification
* Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach to Figure Tracking using Learned Dynamic Models, A
* Dynamic Probabilistic CCA for Analysis of Affective Behavior and Fusion of Continuous Annotations
* Dynamic Probabilistic CCA for Analysis of Affective Behaviour
* efficient IP approach to constrained multiple face tracking and recognition, An
* Embedded Profile Hidden Markov Models for Shape Analysis
* Estimation of Human Figure Motion Using Robust Tracking of Articulated Layers
* Face tracking and recognition with visual constraints in real-world videos
* Fast protein homology and fold detection with sparse spatial sample kernels
* Filling in the blanks: reconstructing microscopic crowd motion from multiple disparate noisy sensors
* Framework for Joint Estimation and Guided Annotation of Facial Action Unit Intensity, A
* Generative Model for Depth-Based Robust 3D Facial Pose Tracking, A
* graphical model framework for coupling MRFs and deformable models, A
* Guest editors' introduction to the special section on graphical models in computer vision
* HM: Hybrid Masking for Few-Shot Segmentation
* hybrid face recognition method using markov random fields, A
* Hybrid Framework for Image Segmentation Using Probabilistic Integration of Heterogeneous Constraints, A
* Hybrid On-Line 3D Face and Facial Actions Tracking in RGBD Video Sequences
* Impact of Dynamic Model Learning on Classification of Human Motion
* Impact of Dynamics on Subspace Embedding and Tracking of Sequences
* Improving Ancient Roman Coin Recognition with Alignment and Spatial Encoding
* Integration of Audio/Visual Information for Use in Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction
* Isotonic CCA for sequence alignment and activity recognition
* Kernel Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for Temporal Segmentation of Facial Action Units
* Laying the Foundations of Deep Long-term Crowd Flow Prediction
* Learning Continuous Facial Actions From Speech for Real-Time Animation
* Model-based motion clustering using boosted mixture modeling
* Multi-cue Structure Preserving MRF for Unconstrained Video Segmentation
* Multi-Output Laplacian Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Facial Expression Recognition and Intensity Estimation
* Multimodal Speaker Detection using Error Feedback Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Multimodal tracking and classification of audio-visual features
* MUSE-VAE: Multi-Scale VAE for Environment-Aware Long Term Trajectory Prediction
* New Adaptive Segmental Matching Measure for Human Activity Recognition, A
* New Baseline for Image Annotation, A
* new spatio-temporal MRF framework for video-based object segmentation, A
* Outlier Rejection in Deformable Model Tracking
* Outlier rejection in high-dimensional deformable models
* Personalized Modeling of Facial Action Unit Intensity
* Picture-to-Amount (PITA): Predicting Relative Ingredient Amounts from Food Images
* Pose Invariant Activity Classification for Multi-Floor Indoor Localization
* Preface to Workshop on Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
* Private-Shared Disentangled Multimodal VAE for Learning of Latent Representations
* Probabilistic Temporal Subspace Clustering
* Profile Hidden Markov Model Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Shape, A
* PUnDA: Probabilistic Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Knowledge Transfer Across Visual Categories
* Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
* Reinforcement Learning for Robust and Efficient Real-World Tracking
* Robust Real-Time 3D Face Tracking from RGBD Videos under Extreme Pose, Depth, and Expression Variation
* Robust real-time performance-driven 3D face tracking
* shape preserving approach for salient object detection using convolutional neural networks, A
* Shape-Based Approach for Salient Object Detection Using Deep Learning, A
* Sparse Granger causality graphs for human action classification
* Spatial Representation for Efficient Sequence Classification
* Spatio-temporal Context Modeling for BoW-Based Video Classification
* Special issue on vision for human-computer interaction
* Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation with Implicit Emotional Awareness: A Deep Learning Approach
* Structured Learning for Multiple Object Tracking
* Structured Output Ordinal Regression for Dynamic Facial Emotion Intensity Prediction
* Task-Discriminative Domain Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Time-Series Classification Using Mixed-State Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Transform Image Coding Based on Joint Adaptation of Filter Banks and Tree Structures
* Unsupervised Multi-Target Domain Adaptation: An Information Theoretic Approach
* Unsupervised Visual Domain Adaptation: A Deep Max-Margin Gaussian Process Approach
* Using 3D face priors for depth recovery
* Variable-state Latent Conditional Random Field models for facial expression analysis
* Variable-state latent conditional random fields for facial expression recognition and action unit detection
* Visibility Constrained Generative Model for Depth-Based 3D Facial Pose Tracking
Includes: Pavlovic, V.[Vladimir] Pavlovic, V.
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Pavlovic, V.D. Co Author Listing * New Class of Low Complexity Low-Pass Multiplierless Linear-Phase Special CIC FIR Filters, A

Pavlovic, V.I.[Vladimir I.] Co Author Listing * email: Pavlovic, V.I.[Vladimir I.]: vladimir AT ifp uiuc edu
* Gestural interface to a visual computing environment for molecular biologists
* Speech/Gesture Interface to a Visual Computing Environment for Molecular Biologists
* Toward Multimodal Human-computer Interface
* Visual Interpretation of Hand Gestures for Human-Computer Interaction: A Review
Includes: Pavlovic, V.I.[Vladimir I.] Pavlovic, V.I.

Pavlovicova, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic face detection based on chrominance components analysis
* Clustering algorithms for face recognition based on client-server architecture
* Data dimension reduction in training strategy for face recognition system
* Face parts importance in face and expression recognition
* Generalised Interpolation of Segmented Images Using Shape-Independent Orthogonal Transforms
* Mobile ear recognition application
* New Scheme for Region Approximation and Coding With Shape Independent Transform
* Optic disc localization in fundus images
* Retinal blood vessels extraction using morphological operations
* survey of iris datasets, A
Includes: Pavlovicova, J. Pavlovicová, J. Pavlovicová, J.[Jarmila] Pavlovicova, J.[Jarmila]
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Pavlovska, H.[Hristina] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Annotation of User Generated Videos on a Mobile Platform

Pavlovskaia, M.[Maira] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Energy Landscape of Non-convex Optimization Problems

Pavlovskis, M. Co Author Listing * Application of Multi-criteria Decision Making for the Selection Of Sensing Tools for Historical Gravestones

Pavlyuk, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Robust and Responsive Learning of Spatiotemporal Urban Traffic Flow Relationships

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