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Che'Rose, S. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision Approach for Cooperative Robotic Movement Therapy, A

Che Ani, A.I. Co Author Listing * Development of GIS Database and Facility Management System: Asset and Space in UKM

Che Awang, M.S. Co Author Listing * Relevance of Using the Moon's Age as an Alternative in Imkanur Rukyah Criteria, The

Che Hasan, R. Co Author Listing * Seagrass Habitat Suitability Map At Merambong Shoal, Johor: A Preliminary Study Using Multibeam Echosounder and Maxent Modelling

Che Hashim, C.H. Co Author Listing * Development of GIS Database and Facility Management System: Asset and Space in UKM

Che Ku Abdullah, C.K.A.F. Co Author Listing * Integration of Point Clouds Dataset From Different Sensors

Che, A. Co Author Listing * Bi-Objective Scheduling of Fire Engines for Fighting Forest Fires: New Optimization Approaches
* Bi-Objective Vehicle Routing for Hazardous Materials Transportation With No Vehicles Travelling in Echelon
* Dual-Objective Optimization for Lane Reservation With Residual Capacity and Budget Constraints
* epsilon-Constraint and Fuzzy Logic-Based Optimization of Hazardous Material Transportation via Lane Reservation
* Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Rapid and Station Arrival-Time Guaranteed Bus Transportation via Lane Reservation
* Improved Exact epsilon-Constraint and Cut-and-Solve Combined Method for Biobjective Robust Lane Reservation, An
Includes: Che, A. Che, A.[Ada]

Che, C.[Cherry] Co Author Listing * Multi-task deep visual-semantic embedding for video thumbnail selection
* Ultrasound Tracking Using ProbeSight: Camera Pose Estimation Relative to External Anatomy by Inverse Rendering of a Prior High-Resolution 3D Surface Map
Includes: Che, C.[Cherry] Che, C.

Che, C.Q.[Cheng Qian] Co Author Listing * Improved deep learning-based macromolecules structure classification from electron cryo-tomograms
Includes: Che, C.Q.[Cheng Qian] Che, C.Q.[Cheng-Qian]

Che, D.[Defu] Co Author Listing * HY-2A Altimeter Data Initial Assessment and Corresponding Two-Pass Waveform Retracker
* Real-time cartoon style video generation
Includes: Che, D.[Defu] Che, D.[Dandan]

Che, E.[Erzhuo] Co Author Listing * Automated and efficient powerline extraction from laser scanning data using a voxel-based subsampling with hierarchical approach
* Efficient and robust lane marking extraction from mobile lidar point clouds
* Efficient Framework for Mobile Lidar Trajectory Reconstruction and Mo-norvana Segmentation, An
* Evaluation of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems' Lidar Data Quality
* Fast ground filtering for TLS data via Scanline Density Analysis
* Multi-scan segmentation of terrestrial laser scanning data based on normal variation analysis

Che, F. Co Author Listing * 3SGAN: 3D Shape Embedded Generative Adversarial Networks

Che, G. Co Author Listing * RotateView: A Video Composition System for Interactive Product Display

Che, G.F.[Guang Fu] Co Author Listing * Quarter-Point Product Quantization for approximate nearest neighbor search
Includes: Che, G.F.[Guang Fu] Che, G.F.[Guang-Fu]

Che, H.[Huizheng] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Comparison of Long-Term MODIS C5.1 and C6 Products against AERONET Observations over China
* Lidar Remote Sensing of Seawater Optical Properties: Experiment and Monte Carlo Simulation
Includes: Che, H.[Huizheng] Che, H.

Che, H.C.[Hao Chi] Co Author Listing * Validation of the Analytical Model of Oceanic Lidar Returns: Comparisons with Monte Carlo Simulations and Experimental Results
Includes: Che, H.C.[Hao Chi] Che, H.C.[Hao-Chi]

Che, H.Z.[Hui Zheng] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Radiation Properties in Kunming (the Low-Latitude Plateau of China) and Their Relationship to the Monsoon Circulation Index
* Can MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data Reproduce the Three-Dimensional Evolution Characteristics of a Typical Dust Process in East Asia? A Case Study of the Dust Event in May 2017
* Characteristic and Driving Factors of Aerosol Optical Depth over Mainland China during 1980-2017
* Evaluation of Aerosol Optical Depth and Aerosol Models from VIIRS Retrieval Algorithms over North China Plain
* Extracting Taklimakan Dust Parameters from AIRS with Artificial Neural Network Method
Includes: Che, H.Z.[Hui Zheng] Che, H.Z.[Hui-Zheng]

Che, J. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Solution for Deep-Learning Based Cargo Inspection to Discriminate Goods in Containers, A
* End-to-End Airport Detection in Remote Sensing Images Combining Cascade Region Proposal Networks and Multi-Threshold Detection Networks
Includes: Che, J. Che, J.[Jun]

Che, K.W.[Kin Weng] Co Author Listing * Galvanic Intrabody Communication for Affective Acquiring and Computing

Che, L. Co Author Listing * Crowd Counting With Limited Labeling Through Submodular Frame Selection

Che, M.L.[Ming Liang] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Based Method to Generate a Synergetic Land-Cover Map from Existing Land-Cover Products, A
* Development of a CityGML Application Domain Extension for Simulating the Building Construction Process
* Evaluating Parameter Adjustment in the MODIS Gross Primary Production Algorithm Based on Eddy Covariance Tower Measurements
* Modeling of Macroscopic Building Evacuation Using IFC Data
* New Equation for Deriving Vegetation Phenophase from Time Series of Leaf Area Index (LAI) Data, A
Includes: Che, M.L.[Ming Liang] Che, M.L.[Ming-Liang]

Che, M.Q.[Man Qiang] Co Author Listing * Channel Pruning for Visual Tracking
Includes: Che, M.Q.[Man Qiang] Che, M.Q.[Man-Qiang]

Che, M.Q.A.[Man Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Che, M.Q.A.[Man Qi Ang] Che, M.Q.A.[Man-Qi-Ang]

Che, N.Z.[Nian Zeng] Co Author Listing * Terra MODIS on-orbit spatial characterization and performance
* Terra MODIS On-Orbit Spectral Characterization and Performance
Includes: Che, N.Z.[Nian Zeng] Che, N.Z.[Nian-Zeng]

Che, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Crowdsourced GPS Data for Road Extraction From Aerial Imagery
Includes: Che, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Che, P.Y.[Peng-Yu]

Che, R.S.[Ren Sheng] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the center of rotation and 3D motion parameters from stereo sequence images and virtual validation using three-COMERO
* illumination-independent edge detection and fuzzy enhancement algorithm based on wavelet transform for non-uniform weak illumination images, An
Includes: Che, R.S.[Ren Sheng] Che, R.S.[Ren-Sheng]

Che, T.[Tong] Co Author Listing * Conservative Wasserstein Training for Pose Estimation
* Detecting Spatiotemporal Changes in Vegetation with the BFAST Model in the Qilian Mountain Region during 2000-2017
* Downscaling Snow Cover Fraction Data in Mountainous Regions Based on Simulated Inhomogeneous Snow Ablation
* Estimation of Snow Depth over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Based on AMSR-E and MODIS Data
* Global Sensitivity Analysis of the L-MEB Model for Retrieving Soil Moisture
* Inter-Calibrating SMMR, SSM/I and SSMI/S Data to Improve the Consistency of Snow-Depth Products in China
* Permafrost Presence/Absence Mapping of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Prototype Network for Remote Sensing Validation in China, A
* Quantifying Snow Albedo Radiative Forcing and Its Feedback during 2003-2016
* Validation of the SNTHERM Model Applied for Snow Depth, Grain Size, and Brightness Temperature Simulation at Meteorological Stations in China
Includes: Che, T.[Tong] Che, T.[Tao] Che, T.
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Che, W. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Accurate Face Shape Reconstruction by Fusion of Multiple Landmark Databases
* Map Matching for Urban High-Sampling-Frequency GPS Trajectories
Includes: Che, W. Che, W.[Weitao]

Che, W.B.[Wen Bin] Co Author Listing * Effective Way to Boost Black-box Adversarial Attack, An
* Spatial-temporal recovery for hierarchical frame based video compressed sensing
Includes: Che, W.B.[Wen Bin] Che, W.B.[Wen-Bin]

Che, W.G.[Wei Gang] Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye Winks Interpretation System for Human-Machine Interface
Includes: Che, W.G.[Wei Gang] Che, W.G.[Wei-Gang]

Che, W.J.[Wu Jun] Co Author Listing * Encoder-decoder recurrent network model for interactive character animation generation
Includes: Che, W.J.[Wu Jun] Che, W.J.[Wu-Jun]

Che, W.T.[Wei Tao] Co Author Listing * Framework for Virtual Cognitive Experiment in Virtual Geographic Environments
* Research on a Correction Method to Existing Grid-based DEM
Includes: Che, W.T.[Wei Tao] Che, W.T.[Wei-Tao]

Che, X.[Xiaoyin] Co Author Listing * Concept-Based Multimodal Learning for Topic Generation

Che, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * novel simulation framework based on information asymmetry to evaluate evacuation plan, A
Includes: Che, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Che, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Che, X.H.[Xiang Hong] Co Author Listing * Assessment of MODIS BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters (MCD43A1 Collection 6) for Directional Reflectance Retrieval
* Landsat-Based Estimation of Seasonal Water Cover and Change in Arid and Semi-Arid Central Asia (2000-2015)
* Mapping Extent Dynamics of Small Lakes Using Downscaling MODIS Surface Reflectance
* MPAL Cross-Dipole Array Acoustic Logging Data Processing
* New Method for Extracting Phase Slowness of Dispersive Waves, A
* Survey of Current YouTube Video Characteristics, A
Includes: Che, X.H.[Xiang Hong] Che, X.H.[Xiang-Hong] Che, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Che, X.H.[Xian-Hui]

Che, X.J.[Xiang Jiu] Co Author Listing * Dynamically Removing False Features in Pyramidal Lucas-Kanade Registration
Includes: Che, X.J.[Xiang Jiu] Che, X.J.[Xiang-Jiu]

Che, X.Y.[Xiao Yin] Co Author Listing * Table Detection from Slide Images
Includes: Che, X.Y.[Xiao Yin] Che, X.Y.[Xiao-Yin]

Che, Y. Co Author Listing * Deriving a Global and Hourly Data Set of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Land Using Data From Four Geostationary Satellites: GOES-16, MSG-1, MSG-4, and Himawari-8
* Dynamic Projected Segmentation Networks For Hand Pose Estimation
* Ensemble of ESA/AATSR Aerosol Optical Depth Products Based on the Likelihood Estimate Method With Uncertainties
* Joint Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Reflectance Over Land Using Geostationary Satellite Data
* SAHARA: A Simplified AtmospHeric Correction AlgoRithm for Chinese gAofen Data: 1. Aerosol Algorithm
Includes: Che, Y. Che, Y.[Yahui]

Che, Y.H.[Ya Hui] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Depth over the Arctic Snow-Covered Regions Derived from Dual-Viewing Satellite Observations
* Dust Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval and Dust Storm Detection for Xinjiang Region Using Indian National Satellite Observations
* Dust Detection and Intensity Estimation Using Himawari-8/AHI Observation
* Evaluation of the AVHRR DeepBlue aerosol optical depth dataset over mainland China
* Hourly PM2.5 Estimation over Central and Eastern China Based on Himawari-8 Data
* Validation of Aerosol Products from AATSR and MERIS/AATSR Synergy Algorithms: Part 1: Global Evaluation
Includes: Che, Y.H.[Ya Hui] Che, Y.H.[Ya-Hui]

Che, Y.P.[Ying Pu] Co Author Listing * Detection of Maize Tassels from UAV RGB Imagery with Faster R-CNN
Includes: Che, Y.P.[Ying Pu] Che, Y.P.[Ying-Pu]

Che, Y.Z.[Yu Zhang] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Warm Clouds and Precipitation in South China during the Pre-Flood Season Using Datasets from a Cloud Radar, a Ceilometer, and a Disdrometer
* Study of Vertical Structures and Microphysical Characteristics of Different Convective Cloud-Precipitation Types Using Ka-Band Millimeter Wave Radar Measurements, A
Includes: Che, Y.Z.[Yu Zhang] Che, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhang]

Che, Z. Co Author Listing * DBUS: Human Driving Behavior Understanding System
* Digital Affine Shear Filter Banks With 2-Layer Structure and Their Applications in Image Processing
* How is Gaze Influenced by Image Transformations? Dataset and Model
* Learning to Predict where the Children with ASD Look

Che, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Co Author Listing * Reduced-reference quality metric for screen content image
Includes: Che, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Che, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui]

Che, Z.O.[Zha Ohui] Co Author Listing * Blind Quality Measure for Industrial 2D Matrix Symbols Using Shallow Convolutional Neural Network, A
Includes: Che, Z.O.[Zha Ohui] Che, Z.O.[Zha-Ohui]

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