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Yahi, A.[Amira] Co Author Listing * Multimodal biometric recognition systems using deep learning based on the finger vein and finger knuckle print fusion

Yahia, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling fronts in SST images using the microcanonical multiscale formalism
* Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling in SST images using the Expectation-Maximization
* Entropy estimation and multiscale processing in meteorological satellite images
* Fast and Accurate Texture Recognition with Multilayer Convolution and Multifractal Analysis
* General Surface Matching Model: Application to Ground Evolution Tracking, A
* Geodesic Distance Evolution of Surfaces: A New Method for Matching Surfaces
* Handling noise in image deconvolution with local/non-local priors
* Increasing the Resolution of Ocean pCO2Maps in the South Eastern Atlantic Ocean Merging Multifractal Satellite-Derived Ocean Variables
* Low-Rankness Transfer for Realistic Denoising
* Matching Structures by Computing Minimal Paths on a Manifold
* Modeling and Temporal Evolution of a Family of Curves
* Motion analysis in oceanographic satellite images using multiscale methods and the energy cascade
* Non-Local Low-Rank Approach to Enforce Integrability, A
* Ocean Turbulent Dynamics at Superresolution From Optimal Multiresolution Analysis and Multiplicative Cascade
* Optimized Algorithm for the Evaluation of Local Singularity Exponents in Digital Signals, An
* Physical and Biological Satellite Observations of the Northwest African Upwelling: Spatial Extent and Dynamics
* Presegmentation of High-Resolution Satellite Images with a Multifractal Reconstruction Scheme Based on an Entropy Criterium
* Robust Surface Reconstruction via Triple Sparsity
* Surface Matching with Large Deformations and Arbitrary Topology: A Geodesic Distance Evolution Scheme on a 3-Manifold
* Temporal Tracking of Oceanographic Images by Implicit Functions
Includes: Yahia, H.[Hussein] Yahia, H.
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Yahia, H.B.[Haitam Ben] Co Author Listing * Delta Distillation for Efficient Video Processing

Yahia, H.M.[Hussein M.] Co Author Listing * Edges, transitions and criticality
* Efficient Motion Modelling and Visualization of Deformable Structures
* Multifractal-Based Wavefront Phase Estimation Technique for Ground-Based Astronomical Observations, A
* SAR image denoising based on multifractal feature analysis and TV regularisation
* Segmentation of deformable templates with level sets characterized by particle systems
Includes: Yahia, H.M.[Hussein M.] Yahia, H.M.

Yahia, M. Co Author Listing * Characterization and Correction of Multilook Effects on Eigendecomposition Parameters in PolSAR Images
* Novel Improved Binary Harris Hawks Optimization For High dimensionality Feature Selection, A
Includes: Yahia, M. Yahia, M.[Mohamed]

Yahia, Y.A.A.[Yacine Ait Ali] Co Author Listing * Parametric Filtering Algorithms for Edge Detection

Yahiaoui, A.F.Z. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of ischemic stroke area from CT brain images

Yahiaoui, I.[Itheri] Co Author Listing * Advanced shape context for plant species identification using leaf image retrieval
* Advanced tree species identification using multiple leaf parts image queries
* Combining Leaf Salient Points and Leaf Contour Descriptions for Plant Species Recognition
* Comparison of Multiepisode Video Summarisation Algorithms
* Content-based image retrieval in botanical collections for gene expression studies
* Extraction of Leaf Parts by Image Analysis
* Petiole shape detection for advanced leaf identification
* Plant identification from bark: A texture description based on Statistical Macro Binary Pattern
* Plant species recognition using spatial correlation between the leaf margin and the leaf salient points
* Statistical Radial Binary Patterns (SRBP) for Bark Texture Identification
Includes: Yahiaoui, I.[Itheri] Yahiaoui, I.
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Yahiaoui, M.[Meriem] Co Author Listing * Markov Chains for unsupervised segmentation of degraded NIR iris images for person recognition

Yahiaoui, S.[Said] Co Author Listing * Coloring based approach for matching unrooted and/or unordered trees
* Efficient approximate approach for graph edit distance problem
* Survey on Distributed Graph Pattern Matching in Massive Graphs, A
Includes: Yahiaoui, S.[Said] Yahiaoui, S.[Sad]

Yahiaoui, T.[Tarek] Co Author Listing * People Counting System Based on Dense and Close Stereovision, A
* Spatio-Temporal Optical Flow Analysis for People Counting
Includes: Yahiaoui, T.[Tarek] Yahiaoui, T.

Yahiro, M.[Masakazu] Co Author Listing * Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing

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