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Lang, A.[Armin] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of an Intelligent Collision Warning System for Forklift Truck Drivers in Industry

Lang, A.H. Co Author Listing * nuScenes: A Multimodal Dataset for Autonomous Driving
* PointPainting: Sequential Fusion for 3D Object Detection
* PointPillars: Fast Encoders for Object Detection From Point Clouds
Includes: Lang, A.H. Lang, A.H.[Alex H.]

Lang, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * ARRPNGAN: Text-to-image GAN with attention regularization and region proposal networks
* Centered Weight Normalization in Accelerating Training of Deep Neural Networks
* Collaborative Hashing
* Compact hashing for mixed image-keyword query over multi-label images
* Decorrelated Batch Normalization
* Efficient Geometric Re-ranking for Mobile Visual Search
* Efficient segmentation for Region-based Image Retrieval using Edge Integrated Minimum Spanning Tree
* Feature grouping and local soft match for mobile visual search
* GIGAN: Self-supervised GAN for generating the invisible using cycle transformation and conditional normalization
* Goal-LBP: Goal-Based Local Behavior Guided Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving
* Hash Bit Selection: A Unified Solution for Selection Problems in Hashing
* Modelling multiple quantiles together with the mean based on SA-ConvLSTM for taxi pick-up prediction
* Multi-View Complementary Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Multiple feature kernel hashing for large-scale visual search
* Query-Adaptive Hash Code Ranking for Large-Scale Multi-View Visual Search
* Query-Adaptive Reciprocal Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
Includes: Lang, B.[Bo] Lang, B. Lang, B.[Binke]
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Lang, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Automatic Initialization for Facial Analysis in Interactive Robotics
* Beyond Word Embeddings: Heterogeneous Prior Knowledge Driven Multi-Label Image Classification
* Clicking Matters: Towards Interactive Human Parsing
* Cross-Layer Feature Pyramid Network for Salient Object Detection
* Deep Age Estimation Model Stabilization from Images to Videos
* Deformable Surface Tracking by Graph Matching
* Dense Attentive Feature Enhancement for Salient Object Detection
* Facial expressions as feedback cue in human-robot interaction: A comparison between human and automatic recognition performances
* Fine-grained facial expression recognition via relational reasoning and hierarchical relation optimization
* Holistic Prototype Activation for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Human Facial Age Estimation by Cost-Sensitive Label Ranking and Trace Norm Regularization
* Hybrid Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm and Differential Evolution for Multilevel Satellite Image Segmentation
* Integrating topology beyond descriptions for zero-shot learning
* Joint Graph Learning and Matching for Semantic Feature Correspondence
* Learning What Not to Segment: A New Perspective on Few-Shot Segmentation
* Masi Entropy for Satellite Color Image Segmentation Using Tournament-Based Lévy Multiverse Optimization Algorithm
* Retain and Recover: Delving Into Information Loss for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Retentive Compensation and Personality Filtering for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Object Detection
* Saliency Detection by Multitask Sparsity Pursuit
* Understanding Negative Proposals in Generic Few-Shot Object Detection
* Vehicle Re-Identification by Multi-Grain Learni
Includes: Lang, C.[Christian] Lang, C.[Congyan] Lang, C. Lang, C.[Chunbo]
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Lang, C.A.[Christian A.] Co Author Listing * Faster Similarity Search For Multimedia Data Via Query Transformations

Lang, C.B.[Chun Bo] Co Author Listing * Base and Meta: A New Perspective on Few-Shot Segmentation
* Dynamic Harris Hawks Optimization with Mutation Mechanism for Satellite Image Segmentation
* Few-Shot Segmentation via Divide-and-Conquer Proxies
* Mutual-Assistance Learning for Object Detection
Includes: Lang, C.B.[Chun Bo] Lang, C.B.[Chun-Bo]

Lang, C.Y.[Cong Yan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive all-season image tag ranking by saliency-driven image pre-classification
* Adaptive Non-linear Intensity Mapping Based Salient Region Extraction
* Beyond tag relevance: Integrating visual attention model and multi-instance learning for tag saliency ranking
* Branching Path Following for Graph Matching
* Class-Balanced Text to Image Synthesis With Attentive Generative Adversarial Network
* CMAN: Leaning Global Structure Correlation for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Depth Matters: Influence of Depth Cues on Visual Saliency
* Global-Local Label Correlation for Partial Multi-Label Learning
* Graph Matching with Adaptive and Branching Path Following
* HSS-GCN: A Hierarchical Spatial Structural Graph Convolutional Network for Vehicle Re-identification
* Improving Bottom-up Saliency Detection by Looking into Neighbors
* Modeling Bottom-Up Visual Attention for Color Images
* Moving Object Completion on the Compressed Domain
* Multiple path exploration for graph matching
* Novel Emotional Saliency Map to Model Emotional Attention Mechanism, A
* novel hypergraph matching algorithm based on tensor refining, A
* novel image tag saliency ranking algorithm based on sparse representation, A
* Realtime Human Segmentation in Video
* Robust Object Tracking Based on Temporal and Spatial Deep Networks
* Saliency ranker: A new salient object detection method
* Supervised Sparse Patch Coding towards Misalignment-Robust Face Recognition
* Symmetry-aware graph matching
* Text to photo-realistic image synthesis via chained deep recurrent generative adversarial network
* Touch Saliency: Characteristics and Prediction
* Video-Based Illumination Estimation
* Visual Inpainting Method Based on the Compressed Domain, A
Includes: Lang, C.Y.[Cong Yan] Lang, C.Y.[Cong-Yan]
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Lang, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Neighborhood Relations between Fields with Applications to Cellular Networks
* Semantic mapping for mobile outdoor robots
Includes: Lang, D.[Dieter] Lang, D.[Dagmar]

Lang, E.[Elmar] Co Author Listing * Z-Images

Lang, E.W.[Elmar W.] Co Author Listing * AutoAssign: An Automatic Assignment Tool for Independent Components
* Bayesian approach to the Lee-Seung update rules for NMF, A
* Combined EMD-ICA Analysis of Simultaneously Register EEG-fMRI Data, A
* Feature Extraction Using Low-Rank Approximations of the Kernel Matrix
Includes: Lang, E.W.[Elmar W.] Lang, E.W.

Lang, F.[Fengkai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Window Polarimetric SAR Image Speckle Filtering Based on a Homogeneity Measurement
* Estimation and Mapping of Carbon Stocks in Riparian Forests by using a Machine Learning Approach with Multiple Geodata
* Extracting Buildings from Aerial Images Using Hierarchical Aggregation in 2D and 3D
* Hierarchical Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image Based on Statistical Region Merging
* Hybrid Concept for 3D Building Acquisition, A
* Mean-Shift-Based Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Multiscale Segmentation Of Polarimetric Sar Image Based On Srm Superpixels
* Robust Multi-image HDR Reconstruction for the Modulo Camera
* Superpixel Segmentation of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images Based on Generalized Mean Shift
Includes: Lang, F.[Fengkai] Lang, F.[Friederike] Lang, F.[Felicitas] Lang, F. Lang, F.[Florian]
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Lang, F.K. Co Author Listing * High Resolution POLSAR Image Classification Based on Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine
* Novel Water Index Fusing SAR and Optical Imagery (SOWI), A
Includes: Lang, F.K. Lang, F.K.[Feng-Kai]

Lang, F.N. Co Author Listing * Edge detection of colour image based on quaternion fractional differential
* Multiscale facial structure representation for face recognition under varying illumination
Includes: Lang, F.N. Lang, F.N.[Fang-Nian]

Lang, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Method of Segmenting Apples Based on Gray-Centered RGB Color Space, A
Includes: Lang, G.D.[Guo Dong] Lang, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Lang, G.K. Co Author Listing * Robust Classification of Arbitrary Object Classes Based on Hierarchical Spatial Feature-Matching

Lang, H. Co Author Listing * Covert Photo Classification by Fusing Image Features and Visual Attributes
* Mapping from ASTER stereo image data: DEM validation and accuracy assessment
* Ship Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images by Clustering Spatially Enhanced Pixel Descriptor
* Two-Step Method of Pavement Pothole and Raveling Detection and Segmentation Based on Deep Learning, The
Includes: Lang, H. Lang, H.[Harold] Lang, H.[Hong]

Lang, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Blur-Resilient Tracking Using Group Sparsity
* Classifying covert photographs
* Covert photo classification by deep convolutional neural networks
* Covert Video Classification by Codebook Growing Pattern
* Enhanced point descriptors for dense stereo matching
* Four-Component Model-Based Decomposition for Ship Targets Using PolSAR Data
* Scene Classification by Feature Co-occurrence Matrix
* Ship Classification in SAR Imagery by Shallow CNN Pre-Trained on Task-Specific Dataset with Feature Refinement
* Ship Classification in SAR Images With Geometric Transfer Metric Learning
Includes: Lang, H.T.[Hai Tao] Lang, H.T.[Hai-Tao]
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Lang, H.W. Co Author Listing * Systolic Sorting on a Mesh-Connected Network

Lang, H.Y.[Hu Yan] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Object Detection Framework for Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Lang, H.Y.[Hu Yan] Lang, H.Y.[Hu-Yan]

Lang, I.[Itai] Co Author Listing * 3D Highlighter: Localizing Regions on 3D Shapes via Text Descriptions
* DPC: Unsupervised Deep Point Correspondence via Cross and Self Construction
* Geometric Adversarial Attacks and Defenses on 3D Point Clouds
* Learning to Sample
* SAGA: Spectral Adversarial Geometric Attack on 3D Meshes
* SampleNet: Differentiable Point Cloud Sampling
* SCOOP: Self-Supervised Correspondence and Optimization-Based Scene Flow
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Lang, J. Co Author Listing * email: Lang, J.: j_lang AT cs yorku ca
* Bayesian estimation of distance and surface normal with a time-of-flight laser rangefinder
* Detail Preserving Residual Feature Pyramid Modules for Optical Flow
* Effective Convolutional Neural Network Layers in Flow Estimation for Omni-Directional Images
* Efficient Multi-scale Stereo of High-Resolution Planar and Spherical Images
* Estimation of elastic constants from 3D range-flow
* Estimation of human body shape and posture under clothing
* Evaluation of Colour Image Segmentation Hierarchies
* Fast Context Adaptation for Video Object Segmentation
* Framework for Natural Landmark-based Robot Localization
* General Framework for Fast 3D Object Detection and Localization Using an Uncalibrated Camera, A
* Generalized Weighted Fractional Fourier Transform and its Application to Image Encryption, The
* Histological Image Classification using Deep Features and Transfer Learning
* Improving Segmentation Boundaries with Nonparametric Image Parsing
* Interactive Scanning of Haptic Textures and Surface Compliance
* Local Image Feature Matching Improvements for Omnidirectional Camera Systems
* Modeling the world: the virtualization pipeline
* Scalable Kernel Correlation Filter with Sparse Feature Integration
* Simple Real-Time Multi-face Tracking Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Stereo-Based System with Inertial Navigation for Outdoor 3D Scanning, A
* Temporal Context Enhanced Referring Video Object Segmentation
* TemporalNet: Real-time 2D-3D Video Object Detection
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Tracking Complete Deformable Objects with Finite Elements
* Video Object Segmentation for Content-Aware Video Compression
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Wavelet Model-based Stereo for Fast, Robust Face Reconstruction
* Window-Based Range Flow with an Isometry Constraint
Includes: Lang, J. Lang, J.[Jochen] Lang, J.[Jun]
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Lang, J.H.[Jia He] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Ice Surface Albedo and Its Influence on the High-Altitude Lakes of the Tibetan Plateau, An
Includes: Lang, J.H.[Jia He] Lang, J.H.[Jia-He]

Lang, J.J.[Jun Jie] Co Author Listing * Dual Expression Fusion: A Universal Microexpression Recognition Framework
* Multi-stage and multi-branch network with similar expressions label distribution learning for facial expression recognition
Includes: Lang, J.J.[Jun Jie] Lang, J.J.[Jun-Jie]

Lang, K.Q.[Kai Qi] Co Author Listing * Convolution with Transformer Attention Module Integrating Local and Global Features for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Based on YOLOv8n, A
* Improved One-Stage Detectors with Neck Attention Block for Object Detection in Remote Sensing
Includes: Lang, K.Q.[Kai Qi] Lang, K.Q.[Kai-Qi]

Lang, L. Co Author Listing * Initial Results of Microwave Radiometric Imaging With Mirrored Aperture Synthesis
* Light dual hypergraph convolution for collaborative filtering
* MMFF: Multi-manifold feature fusion based neural networks for target recognition in complex-valued SAR imagery
* Navigating Robots in Dynamic Environment with Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Ship Detection by an Airborne Passive Interferometric Microwave Sensor (PIMS)
Includes: Lang, L. Lang, L.[Langchen] Lang, L.[Liang] Lang, L.[Lin]

Lang, L.F.[Lukas F.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming Solution to Bounded Dejittering Problems, A
* Numerical Framework for Efficient Motion Estimation on Evolving Sphere-Like Surfaces Based on Brightness and Mass Conservation Laws, A
* Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with an Application to the Analysis of 4D Microscopy Data
* Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with Space and Time Regularisation

Lang, L.J.[Li Juan] Co Author Listing * Deep Multiple Instance Learning with Spatial Attention for ROP Case Classification, Instance Selection and Abnormality Localization
Includes: Lang, L.J.[Li Juan] Lang, L.J.[Li-Juan]

Lang, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Automatic View Synthesis by Image-Domain-Warping
* Complementarity between Textural and Radiometric Indices From Airborne and Spaceborne Multi VHSR Data: Disentangling the Complexity of Heterogeneous Landscape Matrix
* Context conditioning and run-length coding for hybrid, embedded progressive image coding
* Creating a Regional MODIS Satellite-Driven Net Primary Production Dataset for European Forests
* Depth estimation and depth enhancement by diffusion of depth features
* Depth image based compositing for stereo 3D
* Estimation of Gap Fraction and Foliage Clumping in Forest Canopies
* Estimation of Rangeland Production in the Arid Oriental Region (Morocco) Combining Remote Sensing Vegetation and Rainfall Indices: Challenges and Lessons Learned
* European Wide Forest Classification Based on Sentinel-1 Data
* Evaluation of the Effects of UAS Flight Parameters on Digital Aerial Photogrammetry Processing and Dense-Cloud Production Quality in a Scots Pine Forest, An
* Extending SVC by Content-adaptive Spatial Scalability
* Fast Unsupervised Multi-Scale Characterization of Urban Landscapes Based on Earth Observation Data
* Fast variable run-length coding for embedded progressive wavelet-based image compression
* Hiscore Camera: A Real Time Three Dimensional and Color Camera, The
* Horizontal Visibility in Forests
* Image quality vs rate optimized coding of warps for view synthesis in 3D video applications
* Integrating Radarsat-2, Lidar, and Worldview-3 Imagery to Maximize Detection of Forested Inundation Extent in the Delmarva Peninsula, USA
* Meta-Analysis of Wetland Classification Using Remote Sensing: A Systematic Review of a 40-Year Trend in North America
* Monitoring and Characterizing Heterogeneous Mediterranean Landscapes with Continuous Textural Indices Based on VHSR Imagery
* Non-linear warping and warp coding for content-adaptive prediction in advanced video coding applications
* Potential of Optical UAS Data for Predicting Surface Soil Moisture in a Peatland across Time and Sites, The
* Real-time range imaging for dynamic scenes using colour-edge based structured light
* Reflectance Properties of Hemiboreal Mixed Forest Canopies with Focus on Red Edge and Near Infrared Spectral Regions
* Simultaneous noise reduction and SAR image data compression using best wavelet packet basis
* Spotting dynamic hand gestures in video image sequences using hidden Markov models
* Statistical Forest Reflectance Model, A
* Three-Dimensional Video Postproduction and Processing
* Universal HMM-Based Approach to Image Sequence Classification, A
* Wavelet based speckle reduction with application to SAR based ATD/R
* Wavelet-based post-processing of low bit rate transform coded images
Includes: Lang, M.[Manuel] Lang, M.[Marc] Lang, M.[Markus] Lang, M.[Mait] Lang, M.[Marie] Lang, M. Lang, M.[Megan]
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Lang, M.K.[Manfred K.] Co Author Listing * Demosaicing of images obtained from single-chip imaging sensors in YUV color space
* Evaluating Multimodal Interaction Patterns in Various Application Scenarios
* Gesture Components for Natural Interaction with In-Car Devices
* Robust Video-Based Recognition of Dynamic Head Gestures in Various Domains: Comparing a Rule-Based and a Stochastic Approach

Lang, M.W.[Megan W.] Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction of Surface Water Extent from Sentinel-1 Data
* Automated Quantification of Surface Water Inundation in Wetlands Using Optical Satellite Imagery
* Characterizing Wetland Inundation and Vegetation Dynamics in the Arctic Coastal Plain Using Recent Satellite Data and Field Photos
* Improved Detection of Inundation below the Forest Canopy using Normalized LiDAR Intensity Data
* Isolating Anthropogenic Wetland Loss by Concurrently Tracking Inundation and Land Cover Disturbance across the Mid-Atlantic Region, U.S.
* Mapping Forested Wetland Inundation in the Delmarva Peninsula, USA Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Use of High-Resolution Land Cover Maps to Support the Maintenance of the NWI Geospatial Dataset: A Case Study in a Coastal New Orleans Region
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Lang, N.[Nico] Co Author Listing * Country-wide retrieval of forest structure from optical and SAR satellite imagery with deep ensembles
* From Google Maps to a fine-grained catalog of street trees
* Geocoding of trees from street addresses and street-level images
* Lung Motion Correction on Respiratory Gated 3-D PET/CT Images
* Transforming Static CT in Gated PET/CT Studies to Multiple Respiratory Phases
Includes: Lang, N.[Nico] Lang, N.

Lang, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Development of Operational Applications for TerraSAR-X
* Does Vector Gaussian Approximation After LMMSE Filtering Improve the LLR Quality?
* Explaining in Style: Training a GAN to explain a classifier in StyleSpace
* Imagic: Text-Based Real Image Editing with Diffusion Models
* Miniaturized Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: A Low-Cost Educational Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving
* SpeedNet: Learning the Speediness in Videos
Includes: Lang, O.[Oliver] Lang, O.[Oran]

Lang, P. Co Author Listing * Detection of Cypress Canopies in the Florida Panhandle Using Subpixel Analysis and GIS
* Novel Radar Signals Sorting Method via Residual Graph Convolutional Network, A
* Subspace Decomposition Based Adaptive Density Peak Clustering for Radar Signals Sorting
Includes: Lang, P. Lang, P.[Ping]

Lang, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition Based on Handwriting Using Generative Adversarial Networks and Deep Learning
* Identification of Polycentric Cities in China Based on NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data
* Towards long-term, high-accuracy, and continuous satellite total and fine-mode aerosol records: Enhanced Land General Aerosol (e-LaGA) retrieval algorithm for VIIRS
Includes: Lang, Q.[Qing] Lang, Q.[Qin]

Lang, Q.H.[Qing Hai] Co Author Listing * Class-aware Memory Guided Unbiased Weighting for Universal Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Exploring Implicit Domain-Invariant Features for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Layer-Wise Customized Weak Segmentation Block and AIoU Loss for Accurate Object Detection
Includes: Lang, Q.H.[Qing Hai] Lang, Q.H.[Qing-Hai]

Lang, Q.L.[Qiu Ling] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Urban Waterlogging Disaster Based on MCDA-GIS Integration: The Case Study of Changchun, China
* Geographic-Information-System-Based Risk Assessment of Flooding in Changchun Urban Rail Transit System
* Geological Hazard Assessment of Secondary Collapses Due to Volcanic Earthquakes on Changbai Mountain in China
* Hazard Assessment of Earthquake Disaster Chains Based on a Bayesian Network Model and ArcGIS
* Risk Assessment of Landslide Collapse Disasters along National Highways Based on Information Quantity and Random Forest Coupling Methods: A Case Study of the G331 National Highway
Includes: Lang, Q.L.[Qiu Ling] Lang, Q.L.[Qiu-Ling]

Lang, R.[Roland] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methods for Splitting of Touching and Overlapping Macrophages in Fluorescent Micrographs
* Multi-Sensor Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Properties for Near-Real-Time Applications Using the Metop Series of Satellites: Concept, Detailed Description, and First Validation
* NRTR: Neuron Reconstruction With Transformer From 3D Optical Microscopy Images
Includes: Lang, R.[Roland] Lang, R.[Ruediger] Lang, R.[Rui]

Lang, R.H. Co Author Listing * Foreword to the Special Issue on the 11th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing Applications (MicroRad 2010)
* L-Band Model Function of the Dielectric Constant of Seawater
* L-Band Radar Experiment and Modeling of a Corn Canopy Over a Full Growing Season
* SCoBi-Veg: A Generalized Bistatic Scattering Model of Reflectometry From Vegetation for Signals of Opportunity Applications
* Seawater Debye Model Function at L-Band and Its Impact on Salinity Retrieval From Aquarius Satellite Data
Includes: Lang, R.H. Lang, R.H.[Roger H.]

Lang, R.L.[Rong Ling] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Learning Method for SAR Images Based on Weighted Distance and Feature Fusion, A
Includes: Lang, R.L.[Rong Ling] Lang, R.L.[Rong-Ling]

Lang, R.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration of 3D TEE Datasets of the Descending Aorta for Improved Examination and Quantification of Atheromas Burden

Lang, S. Co Author Listing * Adapting, Splitting and Merging Cadastral Boundaries According to Homogenous LULC Types Derived from SPOT 5 Data
* Analytical 3D views and virtual globes: Scientific results in a familiar spatial context
* Attention Multi-Scale Network for Automatic Layer Extraction of Ice Radar Topological Sequences
* Automated Analysis of Satellite Imagery to provide Information Products for Humanitarian Relief Operations in Refugee Camps - from Scientific Development towards Operational Services
* Body of Knowledge for the Earth Observation and Geoinformation Sector - A Basis for Innovative Skills Development
* Bridging Remote Sensing and GIS: Which are the main supportive pillars?
* Comparison of Independent Component Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, and Minimum Noise Fraction Transformation for Tree Species Classification Using APEX Hyperspectral Imagery
* Content and Style Disentanglement for Artistic Style Transfer
* Content Transformation Block for Image Style Transfer, A
* Copernicus Knowledge and Innovation Hubs
* Crop Type Mapping from Optical and Radar Time Series Using Attention-Based Deep Learning
* Downscaling of SMAP Soil Moisture Data by Using a Deep Belief Network
* Earth observation based multi-scale assessment of logging activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Evaluating Geospatial Data Adequacy for Integrated Risk Assessments: A Malaria Risk Use Case
* Evaluating the Representativeness of Socio-Demographic Variables over Time for Geo-Social Media Data
* Focused Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Ice-Sounding Data Collected Over the East Antarctic Ice Sheet via the Modified Range Migration Algorithm Using Curvelets
* GEOBIA Achievements and Spatial Opportunities in the Era of Big Earth Observation Data
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: Towards a New Paradigm
* Hierarchical Object Representation: Comparative Multi-Scale Mapping of Anthropogenic and Natural Features
* High-Resolution Ice-Sounding Radar Measurements of Ice Thickness Over East Antarctic Ice Sheet as a Part of Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition
* Mapping Dwellings in IDP/Refugee Settlements Using Deep Learning
* Mapping of Dwellings in IDP/Refugee Settlements from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a Mask Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network
* Modified Planar Subarray Processing Algorithm Based on ISFT for Real-Time Imaging of Ice-Sounding Data
* New Triangulation-Based Method for Disparity Estimation in Image Sequences, A
* Object fate analysis: A virtual overlay method for the categorisation of object transition and object-based accuracy assessment
* Object-based Image Analysis Beyond Remote Sensing: The Human Perspective
* Object-based image analysis for the assessment of mineral extraction in conflict regions: a case study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Object-Based Image Analysis: Spatial Concepts for Knowledge-Driven Remote Sensing Applications
* Ocean Surface Current Inversion Method for a Doppler Scatterometer
* On-site Data-processing Algorithm and Optimization for Airborne Ice Sounding Radar Configured on the Snow Eagle 601
* Reflecting on How Artworks Are Processed and Analyzed by Computer Vision
* Semi-Automated Object-Based Approach for Landslide Detection Validated by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Measures and Landslide Inventories, A
* Spatial Accuracy Assessment of Object Boundaries for Object-Based Image Analysis
* Stratified Template Matching to Support Refugee Camp Analysis in OBIA Workflows
* Style-Aware Content Loss for Real-Time HD Style Transfer, A
* Super-resolution algorithm based on Richardson-Lucy deconvolution for three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy
* Supervised and forest type-specific multi-scale segmentation for a one-level-representation of single trees
* Transferability of Obia Rulesets for IDP Camp Analysis in Darfur
* Two structure-related strategies for automatically delineating and classifying habitats in an alpine environment
Includes: Lang, S. Lang, S.[Stefan] Lang, S.[Shinan] Lang, S.[Sabine] Lang, S.[Sen] Lang, S.[Song]
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Lang, S.C.[Simon C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Mapping and Characterisation of Linear Depositional Bedforms: Theory and Application Using Bathymetry from the North West Shelf of Australia

Lang, S.N.[Shi Nan] Co Author Listing * Scientific Operations of Snow Eagle 601 in Antarctica in the Past Five Austral Seasons, The
Includes: Lang, S.N.[Shi Nan] Lang, S.N.[Shi-Nan]

Lang, S.Y.[Shu Yan] Co Author Listing * Dual-Mode Sea Ice Extent Retrieval for the Rotating Fan Beam Scatterometer
* First Results From the Rotating Fan Beam Scatterometer Onboard CFOSAT
* On the Quality Control of HY-2 Scatterometer High Winds
* Perspective on the Performance of the CFOSAT Rotating Fan-Beam Scatterometer, A
* Polar Sea Ice Detection Using a Rotating Fan Beam Scatterometer
* Sea Ice Extent Retrieval Using CSCAT 12.5 km Sampling Data
* Validation of the Ocean Wave Spectrum from the Remote Sensing Data of the Chinese-French Oceanography Satellite
Includes: Lang, S.Y.[Shu Yan] Lang, S.Y.[Shu-Yan]
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Lang, S.Y.T. Co Author Listing * iShopFloor: An Internet-Enabled Agent-Based Intelligent Shop Floor

Lang, T. Co Author Listing * Cordic Based Parallel/Pipelined Architecture for the Hough Transform
* Mapping Landslide Hazard Risk Using Random Forest Algorithm in Guixi, Jiangxi, China
* Mining and Restoration Monitoring of Rare Earth Element (REE) Exploitation by New Remote Sensing Indicators in Southern Jiangxi, China
* Optimization-Based Dynamic Sensor Management for Distributed Multitarget Tracking
* Uncertainty Quantified Fundamental Climate Data Record for Microwave Humidity Sounders, An
Includes: Lang, T. Lang, T.[Tao] Lang, T.[Theresa]

Lang, T.J.[Timothy J.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Winds near Tropical Oceanic Precipitation Systems with and without Lightning
* Evaluating the Detection of Mesoscale Outflow Boundaries Using Scatterometer Winds at Different Spatial Resolutions
* Migratory Insect Multifrequency Radar Cross Sections for Morphological Parameter Estimation
* Study on Assimilation of CYGNSS Wind Speed Data for Tropical Convection during 2018 January MJO, A
Includes: Lang, T.J.[Timothy J.] Lang, T.J.[Tian-Jiao]

Lang, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Winter Wheat Production Potential Based on Remotely-Sensed Imagery and Process-Based Model Simulations
Includes: Lang, T.T.[Ting Ting] Lang, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Lang, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * HD(CP)2 Data Archive for Atmospheric Measurement Data, The

Lang, W. Co Author Listing * Central Axis Estimation for Ancient Chinese Pagodas Based on Geometric Modelling and Uav-based Photogrammetry
* Incidence Angle Correction of SAR Sea Ice Data Based on Locally Linear Mapping
* Post-Scan Point Cloud Colorization Method for Cultural Heritage Documentation, A
* Uncovering the Nature of Urban Land Use Composition Using Multi-Source Open Big Data with Ensemble Learning
Includes: Lang, W. Lang, W.[Wei]

Lang, W.G.[Wei Guang] Co Author Listing * Geographic and Climatic Attributions of Autumn Land Surface Phenology Spatial Patterns in the Temperate Deciduous Broadleaf Forest of China
* Precipitation and Minimum Temperature are Primary Climatic Controls of Alpine Grassland Autumn Phenology on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Includes: Lang, W.G.[Wei Guang] Lang, W.G.[Wei-Guang]

Lang, W.X.[Wen Xi] Co Author Listing * Discriminative feature mining hashing for fine-grained image retrieval
* Generative detect for occlusion object based on occlusion generation and feature completing
* Graph-based discriminative features learning for fine-grained image retrieval
Includes: Lang, W.X.[Wen Xi] Lang, W.X.[Wen-Xi]

Lang, X.[Xun] Co Author Listing * Distributed source coding for utilization of inter/intra source correlation
* Optimal fusion of features from decomposed ultrasound RF data with adaptive weighted ensemble classifier to improve breast lesion classification
* Superpixel-by-Superpixel Clustering Framework for Hyperspectral Change Detection, A
Includes: Lang, X.[Xun] Lang, X.[Xuechan]

Lang, X.C.[Xue Chong] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Remote Sensing of Metallic Elements for the Qishitan Gold Polymetallic Mining Area, NW China
* Swin-Transformer-Enabled YOLOv5 with Attention Mechanism for Small Object Detection on Satellite Images
Includes: Lang, X.C.[Xue Chong] Lang, X.C.[Xue-Chong] Lang, X.C.[Xue-Chan]

Lang, X.F.[Xu Feng] Co Author Listing * Online 3D Shape Segmentation by Blended Learning
Includes: Lang, X.F.[Xu Feng] Lang, X.F.[Xu-Feng]

Lang, X.L.[Xiang Long] Co Author Listing * Active Spatial Positions Based Hierarchical Relation Inference for Group Activity Recognition
* Global motion estimation with iterative optimization-based independent univariate model for action recognition
* YOLO-HR: Improved YOLOv5 for Object Detection in High-Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Lang, X.L.[Xiang Long] Lang, X.L.[Xiang-Long] Lang, X.L.[Xian-Li]

Lang, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Suppression of Cross-Pol Signals by DPCA With DBF Reflector for Hybrid/±p/4 Quad-Pol SAR
* Blind Universal Denoising for Radar Micro-Doppler Spectrograms Using Identical Dual Learning and Reciprocal Adversarial Training
* Camera-independent color constancy by scene semantics
* Localization of Craniomaxillofacial Landmarks on CBCT Images Using 3D Mask R-CNN and Local Dependency Learning
* Multi-Interactive Dual-Decoder for RGB-Thermal Salient Object Detection
* Omnidirectional Motion Classification With Monostatic Radar System Using Micro-Doppler Signatures
* One-Class Classification Method for Human Gait Authentication Using Micro-Doppler Signatures, A
* Open-set human activity recognition based on micro-Doppler signatures
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Disguised-Gait-Based Person Identification on Micro-Doppler Signatures
* Variational Degeneration to Structural Refinement: A Unified Framework for Superimposed Image Decomposition
* Which Is Plagiarism: Fashion Image Retrieval Based on Regional Representation for Design Protection
Includes: Lang, Y.[Yu] Lang, Y.[Yue] Lang, Y.[Yubo] Lang, Y.[Yankun] Lang, Y.[Yang] Lang, Y.
11 for Lang, Y.

Lang, Y.C.[Yun Chao] Co Author Listing * Mapping Algal Blooms in Aquatic Ecosystems Using Long-Term Landsat Data: A Case Study of Yuqiao Reservoir from 1984-2022
Includes: Lang, Y.C.[Yun Chao] Lang, Y.C.[Yun-Chao]

Lang, Y.J.[Yi Jun] Co Author Listing * Learnable dynamic margin in deep metric learning
Includes: Lang, Y.J.[Yi Jun] Lang, Y.J.[Yi-Jun]

Lang, Y.K.[Yan Kun] Co Author Listing * iterative convergence algorithm for single/multi ground plane detection and angle estimation with RGB-D camera, An
* rotation invariant 3D indoor scene labeling approach based on conditional random fields, A
Includes: Lang, Y.K.[Yan Kun] Lang, Y.K.[Yan-Kun]

Lang, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Co Author Listing * Vehicle routing problem solution considering minimising fuel consumption
Includes: Lang, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Lang, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng]

Lang, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Constrained Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* E2FIF: Push the Limit of Binarized Deep Imagery Super-Resolution Using End-to-End Full-Precision Information Flow
* Embarrassingly Simple Binarization for Deep Single Imagery Super-Resolution Networks
* Integrating Spatial Heterogeneity to Identify the Urban Fringe Area Based on NPP/VIIRS Nighttime Light Data and Dual Spatial Clustering
* Learning Steerable Function for Efficient Image Resampling
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* Orthogonal least squares based fast feature selection for linear classification
* Sensor Data Modeling and Model Frequency Analysis for Detecting Cutting Tool Anomalies in Machining
* Using Dual Spatial Clustering Models for Urban Fringe Areas Extraction Based on Night-time Light Data: Comparison of NPP/VIIRS, Luojia 1-01, and NASA's Black Marble
Includes: Lang, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Lang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Lang, Z.Q.[Zi-Qi] Lang, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiang]
10 for Lang, Z.Q.

Langan, D.A. Co Author Listing * Cluster Validation for Unsupervised Stochastic Model-Based Image Segmentation
* Maximum-Likelihood Parameter Estimation for Unsupervised Stochastic Model-Based Image Segmentation

Langar, F. Co Author Listing * Detection of FFH areas in forests with the assistance of remote sensing and GIS in Thuringia

Langari, B. Co Author Listing * Edge-Guided Image Gap Interpolation Using Multi-Scale Transformation

Langari, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Optimization of Speed Planning and Energy Management for Connected Hybrid Electric Vehicles Under Multi-Lane and Signal Lights Aware Scenarios
* Predictive Perception Model and Control Strategy for Collision-Free Autonomous Driving, A
* Real-Time Energy Management Strategy Based on Velocity Forecasts Using V2V and V2I Communications
Includes: Langari, R.[Reza] Langari, R.

Langat, P.K.[Philip K] Co Author Listing * Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment for Urban Areas Using an ANN and Hybrid SWOT-QSPM Model

Langbauer, W. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Assessment of Human-Wildlife-environment Interactions For Spatial Decision Support

Langbein, F.C. Co Author Listing * Comment on Constructing Regularity Feature Trees for Solid Models, A
* Constructing Regularity Feature Trees for Solid Models
* Density-Controlled Sampling of Parametric Surfaces Using Adaptive Space-Filling Curves

Langbein, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * Generalization of Moment Invariants on 2D Vector Fields to Tensor Fields of Arbitrary Order and Dimension, A

Langborgh, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * CHROMA-FIT Dataset: Characterizing Human Ranges of Melanin For Increased Tone-awareness, The

Langbort, C. Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation by Nuclear Norm Minimization and Local Recoverability Analysis

Langdon, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Selection and Detection of Visual Landmarks Using Multiple Segmentations

Langdon, G.G.[Glen G.] Co Author Listing * Compression of Black and White Images with Arithmetic Coding
* Note on the Ziv-Lempel Model for Compressing Individual Sequences, A
* Parameter Reduction and Context Selection for Compression of Gray-Scale Images
* Probability Estimation in Arithmetic and Adaptive-Huffman Entropy Coders: Comments
Includes: Langdon, G.G.[Glen G.] Langdon, Jr., G.G.

Langdon, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Learning for Motion Analysis and Segmentation in 3D Echocardiography

Langdon, P. Co Author Listing * On Destination Prediction Based on Markov Bridging Distributions

Langdon, P.M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Intent Prediction in Object Tracking Using Bridging Distributions
* Driver and Passenger Identification From Smartphone Data
* Intelligent Interactive Displays in Vehicles with Intent Prediction: A Bayesian framework
* Intent Inference for Hand Pointing Gesture-Based Interactions in Vehicles

Lange Canhos, D.A.[Dora Ann] Co Author Listing * openModeller: A Generic Approach to Species' Potential Distribution modelling

Lange Nawka, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Auditory Temporal Hints in AR Piano Tutoring
* Relationship Between Motivational Strategies and Gamification User Types in VR Movement Games
Includes: Lange Nawka, D.[Dominik] Lange-Nawka, D.[Dominik]

Lange, A.[Annkristin] Co Author Listing * Learn2Reg: Comprehensive Multi-Task Medical Image Registration Challenge, Dataset and Evaluation in the Era of Deep Learning
* Moment-Based Pattern Representation Using Shape and Grayscale Features
* Multilevel 2d-3d Intensity-based Image Registration
Includes: Lange, A.[Annkristin] Lange, A.[Andrey]

Lange, B.[Bertram] Co Author Listing * Pointing Accuracy of an Operational Polarimetric Weather Radar

Lange, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Holistic Body Tracking for Gestural Interfaces

Lange, D. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Estimation Using a Kalman Filter and a Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave Radar
* Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Monitoring Using a Kalman Filter and Backscatter Lidar Returns

Lange, D.S.[Douglas S.] Co Author Listing * Tasking Teams: Supervisory Control and Task Management of Autonomous Unmanned Systems

Lange, E. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition System Using Local Autocorrelations and Multiscale Integration
* Wavelet-Domain Principal Component Analysis Applied to Facial Similarity Trees, Caricaturing, and Nonlinear Illumination-Invariant Processing

Lange, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * RADAR Project: A Service for Research Data Archival and Publication, The

Lange, F.J.[Frederik J.] Co Author Listing * Multimodal MRI Template Creation in the Ring-tailed Lemur and Rhesus Macaque

Lange, H. Co Author Listing * Advances in the cooperation of shape from shading and stereo vision
* Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) for Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnosis: A New System Design in Medical Image Processing
* Energy Minimization Approach to Dense Stereovision, An
* Identifying multiple spatiotemporal patterns: A refined view on terrestrial photosynthetic activity
* Three Steps to Make Shape from Shading Work Consistently on Real Scenes
Includes: Lange, H. Lange, H.[Holger]

Lange, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Deriving 3d Point Clouds From Terrestrial Photographs: Comparison Of Different Sensors And Software
* Discrete-Continuous ADMM for Transductive Inference in Higher-Order MRFs
* Distortion Invariant Object Recognition in the Dynamic Link Architecture
* Microstructure Model Of A Multifilament Yarn Imbedded In Concrete
Includes: Lange, J.[Julia] Lange, J.

Lange, J.H.[Jan Hendrik] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Persistency Criteria for Multicut and Max-Cut
* Efficient Algorithms for Moral Lineage Tracing
* On the Lifted Multicut Polytope for Trees
Includes: Lange, J.H.[Jan Hendrik] Lange, J.H.[Jan-Hendrik]

Lange, K. Co Author Listing * Globally convergent algorithms for maximum a posteriori transmission tomography
* Grouped-coordinate ascent algorithms for penalized-likelihood transmission image reconstruction
* Majorization-Minimization Algorithm for Neuroimage Registration, A
* Poisson Phase Retrieval With Wirtinger Flow
* Seasonal Coastal Erosion Rates Calculated from PlanetScope Imagery in Arctic Alaska
Includes: Lange, K. Lange, K.[Kenneth] Lange, K.[Kennedy]

Lange, L. Co Author Listing * universal image coding approach using sparse steered Mixture-of-Experts regression, A

Lange, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Efficient Numerical Schemes for Computing Cardiac Electrical Activation over Realistic Purkinje Networks: Method and Verification
* Moment-Based Pattern Representation Using Shape and Grayscale Features
* Radiometric Correction of Simultaneously Acquired Landsat-7/Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Imagery Using Pseudoinvariant Areas (PIA): Contributing to the Landsat Time Series Legacy
* Signature verification based on fusion of on-line and off-line kernels
* Tree-like data structures for effective recognition of 2-D solids
Includes: Lange, M.[Matthias] Lange, M.[Mikhail] Lange, M.[Maximilian] Lange, M.

Lange, M.M.[Michael M.] Co Author Listing * Fast Pattern Recognition on a Base of Recursive Representation with Binary Trees

Lange, N.T.[Nicholas T.] Co Author Listing * Applications of Epsilon Radial Networks in Neuroimage Analyses

Lange, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Cluster Analysis of Biomedical Image Time-Series
* Cluster Analysis of Dynamic Cerebral Contrast-Enhanced Perfusion MRI Time-Series
* Computer-aided diagnosis and visualization based on clustering and independent component analysis for breast MRI
Includes: Lange, O.[Oliver] Lange, O.

Lange, P.K.[Priscila K.] Co Author Listing * Scratching Beneath the Surface: A Model to Predict the Vertical Distribution of Prochlorococcus Using Remote Sensing

Lange, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Remote spectral imaging with simultaneous extraction of 3D topography for historical wall paintings
* Simple AVC-based codecs with spatial scalability
Includes: Lange, R.[Rebecca] Lange, R.

Lange, R.D. Co Author Listing * Reducing local traffic emissions at urban intersection using ITS countermeasures

Lange, T.[Tilman] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature Selection in Image Segmentation
* Automated Computational Diagnosis of Peripheral Retinal Pathology in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scans using Graph Theory
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Learning with Constrained and Unlabelled Data
* Model Order Selection and Cue Combination for Image Segmentation
* Model Selection in Kernel Methods Based on a Spectral Analysis of Label Information
* Regularized Data Fusion Improves Image Segmentation
* Weakly Supervised Cell Nuclei Detection and Segmentation on Tissue Microarrays of Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma
Includes: Lange, T.[Tilman] Lange, T.[Tyra] Lange, T.
8 for Lange, T.

Lange, Z.[Zvi] Co Author Listing * Optical Computation with Negative Light Intensity with a Plastic Bacteriorhodopsin Film

Langelaar, G.C. Co Author Listing * Optimal Differential Energy Watermarking of DCT Encoded Images and Video

Langell, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * VIVA Project: Digital Watermarking for Broadcast Monitoring, The

Langen, K.J.[Karl Josef] Co Author Listing * Linearized Fit Model for Robust Shape Parameterization of FET-PET TACs, A
Includes: Langen, K.J.[Karl Josef] Langen, K.J.[Karl-Josef]

Langenberg, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Design Review In A Distributed Collaborative Virtual Environment

Langenfelds, R.L.[Ray L.] Co Author Listing * Country-Scale Analysis of Methane Emissions with a High-Resolution Inverse Model Using GOSAT and Surface Observations

Langenhan, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * a.SCAtch: A Sketch-Based Retrieval for Architectural Floor Plans
* Automatic analysis and sketch-based retrieval of architectural floor plans
* Improved Automatic Analysis of Architectural Floor Plans
* Text/Graphics Segmentation in Architectural Floor Plans

Langenkamp, J.P.[Jan Philipp] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Use of Orthophotos in Google Earth Engine for Very High-Resolution Mapping of Impervious Surfaces: A Data Fusion Approach in Wuppertal, Germany
Includes: Langenkamp, J.P.[Jan Philipp] Langenkamp, J.P.[Jan-Philipp]

Langenkamper, D. Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction of On-/offshore Wind Turbines for Manual And Computational Visual Inspection
* COATL: A learning architecture for online real-time detection and classification assistance for environmental data
* GAN-based Synthesis of Deep Learning Training Data for UAV Monitoring
* Strategies for Tackling the Class Imbalance Problem in Marine Image Classification
Includes: Langenkamper, D. Langenkämper, D. (Maybe also Langenkaemper, D.)Langenkämper, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Langenkaemper, D.)

Langer, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Automated Parameter Selection for Total Variation Minimization in Image Restoration
* Optimal Selection of the Regularization Function in a Weighted Total Variation Model. Part II: Algorithm, Its Analysis and Numerical Tests
* Subspace Correction Methods for a Class of Nonsmooth and Nonadditive Convex Variational Problems with Mixed L1/L2 Data-Fidelity in Image Processing
* Wavelet Decomposition Method for L_2/TV-Image Deblurring
Includes: Langer, A.[Andreas] Langer, A.

Langer, B.W.[Bernhard W.] Co Author Listing * Line Voronoi Diagrams Using Elliptical Distances

Langer, D. Co Author Listing * Behavior-Based System for Off-Road Navigation, A

Langer, D.D.[Dennis D.] Co Author Listing * HYPSO-1 CubeSat: First Images and In-Orbit Characterization
* Robust and Reconfigurable On-Board Processing for a Hyperspectral Imaging Small Satellite

Langer, D.L. Co Author Listing * Prostate Cancer Localization With Multispectral MRI Using Cost-Sensitive Support Vector Machines and Conditional Random Fields
* Prostate Cancer Segmentation With Simultaneous Estimation of Markov Random Field Parameters and Class

Langer, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * 3D microscopic imaging by synchrotron radiation micro/nano-CT
* Depth from Defocus on a Transmissive Diffraction Mask-based Sensor
* Fourier-wavelet regularization of phase retrieval in x-ray in-line phase tomography
* Gated2Gated: Self-Supervised Depth Estimation from Gated Images
* Line Voronoi Diagrams Using Elliptical Distances
* Monitoring Bedfast Ice and Ice Phenology in Lakes of the Lena River Delta Using TerraSAR-X Backscatter and Coherence Time Series
* Monitoring the Transformation of Arctic Landscapes: Automated Shoreline Change Detection of Lakes Using Very High Resolution Imagery
* new hierarchical approach in robust real-time image feature detection and matching, A
* Non-centered Voronoi Skeletons
* Potential of UAV Imagery for the Detection of Rapid Permafrost Degradation: Assessing the Impacts on Critical Arctic Infrastructure, The
* Quantitative Graph-Based Approach to Monitoring Ice-Wedge Trough Dynamics in Polygonal Permafrost Landscapes, A
* Regularization of Phase Retrieval With Phase-Attenuation Duality Prior for 3-D Holotomography
* Thaw Subsidence of a Yedoma Landscape in Northern Siberia, Measured In Situ and Estimated from TerraSAR-X Interferometry
* Very High-Resolution Imaging of Post-Mortem Human Cardiac Tissue Using X-Ray Phase Contrast Tomography
* What do we want from Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)?: A stakeholder perspective on XAI and a conceptual model guiding interdisciplinary XAI research
Includes: Langer, M.[Max] Langer, M. Langer, M.[Michael] Langer, M.[Maximilian] Langer, M.[Moritz] Langer, M.[Markus]
15 for Langer, M.

Langer, M.J. Co Author Listing * What Is A Light Source?

Langer, M.S.[Michael S.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Langer, M.S.[Michael S.]: langer AT cim mcgill ca
* Automated Removal of Partial Occlusion Blur
* Blur Calibration for Depth from Defocus
* Can Lucas-Kanade be used to estimate motion parallax in 3D cluttered scenes?
* Casting Light on Illumination: A Computational Model and Dimensional Analysis of Sources
* Cue to Shading: Elongations near Intensity Maxima, A
* Diffuse Shading, Visibility Fields, and the Geometry of Ambient Light
* Dimensional Analysis of Image Motion
* Discriminative Filters for Depth from Defocus
* Estimating camera motion through a 3D cluttered scene
* Evolving Measurement Regions for Depth from Defocus
* Large-scale failures of f- scaling in natural image spectra
* Motion Parallax without Motion Compensation in 3D Cluttered Scenes
* Omnistereo Video Textures without Ghosting
* Optical flow and the aperture problem
* Optical Snow
* Panoramic stereo video textures
* Performance of Stereo Methods in Cluttered Scenes
* Planar orientation from blur gradients in a single image
* Principal Components Analysis of Optical Snow
* Qualitative shape from active shading
* Ray-Based Computational Model of Light Sources and Illumination, A
* Removal of Partial Occlusion from Single Images
* Removing Partial Occlusion from Blurred Thin Occluders
* Reverse Projection Correlation Principle for Depth from Defocus, The
* Seeing Around Occluding Objects
* Shading Flows and Scenel Bundles: A New Approach to Shape from Shading
* Shape from Shading on a Cloudy Day
* Spatially Varying Illumination: A Computational Model of Converging and Diverging Sources
* Spectrum analysis of motion parallax in a 3D cluttered scene and application to egomotion
* Specular Streaks in Stereo
* Surface Visibility Probabilities in 3D Cluttered Scenes
* Toward Accurate Recovery of Shape from Shading under Diffuse Lighting
* Towards Accurate Recovery of Shape from Shading under Diffuse Light
* Tracking through Optical Snow
* Two-frame frequency-based estimation of local motion parallax direction in 3D cluttered scenes
* Visibility in three-dimensional cluttered scenes
* What is a Good Model for Depth from Defocus?
* When Shadows Become Interreflections
Includes: Langer, M.S.[Michael S.] Langer, M.S.
40 for Langer, M.S.

Langer, S.G. Co Author Listing * Medical image databases and informatics

Langer, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Hardware-Efficient Ultrasonic Entrance Counting: Comparing Different Machine Learning Approaches
* Learning by Hallucinating: Vision-Language Pre-training with Weak Supervision
* Mean Value Bézier Maps
Includes: Langer, T.[Tim] Langer, T.[Tomas] Langer, T.[Torsten]

Langerak, T.R.[Thomas R.] Co Author Listing * Free-form image registration regularized by a statistical shape model: application to organ segmentation in cervical MR
* Improving label fusion in multi-atlas based segmentation by locally combining atlas selection and performance estimation
* Label Fusion in Atlas-Based Segmentation Using a Selective and Iterative Method for Performance Level Estimation (SIMPLE)
Includes: Langerak, T.R.[Thomas R.] Langerak, T.R.

Langereis, G.[Geert] Co Author Listing * Restoring the perception of eye contact in the visually impaired

Langerock, B.[Bavo] Co Author Listing * Change of CO Concentration Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in China Observed by Surface and Satellite Observations
* CO2 in Beijing and Xianghe Observed by Ground-Based FTIR Column Measurements and Validation to OCO-2/3 Satellite Observations
* Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment
* Optimizing the Atmospheric CO2 Retrieval Based on the NDACC-Type FTIR Mid-Infrared Spectra at Xianghe, China

Langet, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Patterns of Response During Mild Stress-Testing in Continuous Echocardiography Recordings Using a Multiview Dimensionality Reduction Technique
Includes: Langet, H.[Helene] Langet, H.[Hélčne]

Langevin, C. Co Author Listing * Joint Space-Time Motion-Based Segmentation of Image Sequences with Level Set PDES

Langevin, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Segmentation for Vessels Dynamic Characterization Using High Resolution MR Sequences

Langevin, Y. Co Author Listing * Estimate Of Dtm Degradation Due To Image Compression For The Stereo Camera Of The Bepicolombo Mission

Langfield, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Personalized Minimal Purkinje Systems From Human Electro-Anatomical Maps

Langford, C.[Chad] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Crime Events around a Football Stadium from Georeferenced Tweets

Langford, J.C. Co Author Listing * Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction, A

Langford, M.[Mitchel] Co Author Listing * Combining Temporal and Multi-Modal Approaches to Better Measure Accessibility to Banking Services

Langford, Z.[Zachary] Co Author Listing * Mapping Arctic Plant Functional Type Distributions in the Barrow Environmental Observatory Using WorldView-2 and LiDAR Datasets

Langford, Z.L.[Zachary L.] Co Author Listing * Arctic Vegetation Mapping Using Unsupervised Training Datasets and Convolutional Neural Networks

Langguth, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Photometric Stereo by Example
* Photometric stereo for outdoor webcams
* Scene Reconstruction from Community Photo Collections
* Shading-Aware Multi-view Stereo

Langguth, J. Co Author Listing * Codesign Lessons Learned from Implementing Graph Matching on Multithreaded Architectures

Langhammer, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Employment, Utilization, and Development of Airborne Laser Scanning in Fenno-Scandinavian Archaeology: A Review

Langhammer, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * Automatic Tree Crown Extraction from UAS Multispectral Imagery for the Detection of Bark Beetle Disturbance in Mixed Forests
* Detection of Bark Beetle Disturbance at Tree Level Using UAS Multispectral Imagery and Deep Learning
* Mapping the Groundwater Level and Soil Moisture of a Montane Peat Bog Using UAV Monitoring and Machine Learning
* Multitemporal Monitoring of the Morphodynamics of a Mid-Mountain Stream Using UAS Photogrammetry
* Radiometric and Atmospheric Corrections of Multispectral µMCA Camera for UAV Spectroscopy
* Rapid Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Camera Array Using In-situ Data for UAV Multispectral Photogrammetry
* Tracking Forest And Open Area Effects On Snow Accumulation By Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry
* UAV-Based Optical Granulometry as Tool for Detecting Changes in Structure of Flood Depositions
* Use Of A Multispectral UAV Photogrammetry For Detection And Tracking Of Forest Disturbance Dynamics
Includes: Langhammer, J.[Jakub] Langhammer, J.
9 for Langhammer, J.

Langhammer, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * HyperBlock Floating Point: Generalised Quantization Scheme for Gradient and Inference Computation

Langhans, K.E.[Kelley E.] Co Author Listing * Influences of Satellite Sensor and Scale on Derivation of Ecosystem Functional Types and Diversity

Langhans, P. Co Author Listing * Driver Gaze Region Estimation without Use of Eye Movement

Langheinrich, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Analysis-Ready Data from Hyperspectral Sensors: The Design of the EnMAP CARD4L-SR Data Product
* Enhanced Algorithm for Automatic Radiometric Harmonization Of High-resolution Optical Satellite Imagery Using Pseudoinvariant Features And Linear Regression, An
* Multimedia Memory Cues for Augmenting Human Memory
* Using a Movable RFID Antenna to Automatically Determine the Position and Orientation of Objects on a Tabletop
Includes: Langheinrich, M.[Maximilian] Langheinrich, M. Langheinrich, M.[Marc]

Langhorne, P. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of Sea Ice Freeboard And Thickness In Mcmurdo Sound, Antarctica, Derived By Ground Validated Satellite Altimeter Data

Langhorst, T.[Theodore] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Airborne Color-Infrared Camera Water Mask for the NASA ABoVE Campaign, A

Langille, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Match-based Duplication Detection Algorithm, An
* Real-Time Image Processing Using Graphics Hardware: A Performance Study
Includes: Langille, A. Langille, A.[Aaron]

Langinmaa, A. Co Author Listing * Image Analysis Based Method To Evaluate Gravure Paper Quality, An

Langis, C. Co Author Listing * parallel iterative closest point algorithm, The

Langkamp, T. Co Author Listing * Classification and Modelling of Urban Micro-Climates Using Multisensoral and Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data

Langkilde, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Spatial Patterns in Actual Evapotranspiration Climatologies for Europe

Langkvist, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Classification and Segmentation of Satellite Orthoimagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* review of unsupervised feature learning and deep learning for time-series modeling, A
Includes: Langkvist, M.[Martin] Längkvist, M.[Martin] (Maybe also Laengkvist, M.)

Langlas, B. Co Author Listing * Numerical Potential Field Techniques for Robot Path Planning

Langle, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Mixture Trees for One Class Classification in Automated Visual Inspection
* General Cramér-von Mises, a Helpful Ally for Transparent Object Inspection Using Deflection Maps?
* Knowing when you don't: Bag of visual words with reject option for automatic visual inspection of bulk materials
* Real-time multitarget tracking for sensor-based sorting
* Visual words for automated visual inspection of bulk materials
Includes: Langle, T.[Thomas] Längle, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Laengle, T.)

Langlet, B.[Billy] Co Author Listing * Deep Network for Automatic Video-based Food Bite Detection, A

Langley, K. Co Author Listing * computation of deformation and rotation in stereopsis, The
* Computational analysis of non-Fourier motion
* Degenerate Models of Additive and Multiplicative Motion Transparency
* Inference of Structure in Images Using Multi-local Quadrature Filters, The
* Linear and nonlinear transparency in binocular vision
* Multiple Motions from Instantaneous Frequency
* On Transparent Motion Computation
* Recursive Filters For Optical-Flow
* Stereopsis from Contrast Envelopes
* Use of C-Band Ground Penetrating Radar to Determine Backscatter Sources Within Glaciers
* Validation of CryoSat-2 SARIn Data over Austfonna Ice Cap Using Airborne Laser Scanner Measurements
* Vertical and Horizontal Disparities from Phase
Includes: Langley, K. Langley, K.[Keith] Langley, K.[Kirsty]
12 for Langley, K.

Langley, P.[Pat] Co Author Listing * email: Langley, P.[Pat]: langley AT cs stanford edu
* Generalizing Over Aspect and Location for Rooftop Detection
* Improving Rooftop Detection with Interactive Visual learning
* Learning Object Models From Visual Observation and Background Knowledge
* Learning to Detect Rooftops in Aerial Images
* Probabilistic Learning of Three-Dimensional Object Models
* Report of the AAAI Fall Symposium on Machine Learning and Computer Vision: What, Why and How?
Includes: Langley, P.[Pat] Langley, P.
7 for Langley, P.

Langlois, A. Co Author Listing * Brightness Temperature Simulations of the Canadian Seasonal Snowpack Driven by Measurements of the Snow Specific Surface Area
* Improved Corrections of Forest Effects on Passive Microwave Satellite Remote Sensing of Snow Over Boreal and Subarctic Regions
* Modeling the Microwave Emission of Bubbly Ice: Applications to Blue Ice and Superimposed Ice in the Antarctic and Arctic
* Snow Microwave Emission Modeling of Ice Lenses Within a Snowpack Using the Microwave Emission Model for Layered Snowpacks
* Snow-Covered Soil Temperature Retrieval in Canadian Arctic Permafrost Areas, Using a Land Surface Scheme Informed with Satellite Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Langlois, A. Langlois, A.[Alexandre]

Langlois, J.M.P.[J. M. Pierre] Co Author Listing * Body temperature estimation of a moving subject from thermographic images
* Body temperature measurement of an animal by tracking in biomedical experiments
* Camera intrinsic blur kernel estimation: A reliable framework
* Catching a Rat by Its Edglets
* computationally efficient importance sampling tracking algorithm, A
* Computing a rodent's diary
* Enhanced motion compensated deinterlacing algorithm
* Explicit Ringing Removal in Image Deblurring
* Flexible architectures for retinal blood vessel segmentation in high-resolution fundus images
* Image Deconvolution Ringing Artifact Detection and Removal via PSF Frequency Analysis
* Measuring an Animal Body Temperature in Thermographic Video Using Particle Filter Tracking
* Memory efficient Multi-Scale Line Detector architecture for retinal blood vessel segmentation
* Red Lesion Detection Using Dynamic Shape Features for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Includes: Langlois, J.M.P.[J. M. Pierre] Langlois, J.M.P.[J.M. Pierre] Langlois, J.M.P.
13 for Langlois, J.M.P.

Langlois, L.A.[Lucas A.] Co Author Listing * Improving Approaches to Mapping Seagrass within the Great Barrier Reef: From Field to Spaceborne Earth Observation

Langlois, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Patch-Based Approach for Exoplanet Detection by Direct Imaging, An

Langlois, P. Co Author Listing * Hybrid video deinterlacing algorithm exploiting reverse motion estimation
* Where is the rat? Tracking in low contrast thermographic images
Includes: Langlois, P. Langlois, P.[Pierre]

Langlois, P.A.[Pierre Alain] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction by Parameterized Surface Mapping
* NeeDrop: Self-supervised Shape Representation from Sparse Point Clouds using Needle Dropping
* Surface Reconstruction from 3D Line Segments
* VASAD: a Volume and Semantic dataset for Building Reconstruction from Point Clouds
Includes: Langlois, P.A.[Pierre Alain] Langlois, P.A.[Pierre-Alain]

Langlois, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Infrared Hyperspectral and Ultraviolet Remote Measurements of Volcanic Gas Plume at Mt Etna during IMAGETNA Campaign
Includes: Langlois, S.[Stephane] Langlois, S.[Stéphane]

Langlois, T. Co Author Listing * Dataset and Pipeline for Multi-view Light-Field Video

Langlotz, C.[Curtis] Co Author Listing * ViLLA: Fine-Grained Vision-Language Representation Learning from Real-World Data

Langlotz, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Eye in Extended Reality: A Survey on Gaze Interaction and Eye Tracking in Head-Worn Extended Reality, The
* Fusing exocentric and egocentric real-time reconstructions for embodied immersive experiences
* Next-Generation Augmented Reality Browsers: Rich, Seamless, and Adaptive
* Power line detection using Hough transform and line tracing techniques
* Softposit for Augmented Reality in Complex Environments: Limitations and Challenges
* Unsynchronized 4D Barcodes
Includes: Langlotz, T.[Tobias] Langlotz, T.

Langmann, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Depth Auto-calibration for Range Cameras Based on 3d Geometry Reconstruction
* Development and Investigation of a Long-Range Time-of-Flight and Color Imaging System
* Modular Framework for 2D/3D and Multi-modal Segmentation with Joint Super-Resolution, A
* Multi-modal background subtraction using Gaussian Mixture Models
* Scanning 2D/3D monocular camera
Includes: Langmann, B.[Benjamin] Langmann, B.

Langmann, D. Co Author Listing * Active shape lip modeling

Langmore, I. Co Author Listing * Multipixel Retrieval of Structural and Optical Parameters in a 2-D Scene With a Path-Recycling Monte Carlo Forward Model and a New Bayesian Inference Engine

Langner, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Approach for High-Resolution Mapping of Hawaiian Metrosideros Forest Mortality Using Laser-Guided Imaging Spectroscopy, An
* Comparing Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat 8 OLI Imagery for Monitoring Selective Logging in the Brazilian Amazon

Langner, G. Co Author Listing * brain-like neural network for periodicity analysis, A

Langner, J. Co Author Listing * Influence and Compensation of Truncation Artifacts in MR-Based Attenuation Correction in PET/MR
* Traffic Dynamics at Intersections Subject to Random Misperception
Includes: Langner, J. Langner, J.[Johannes]

Langner, S.[Sonke] Co Author Listing * Invertible Modeling of Bidirectional Relationships in Neuroimaging With Normalizing Flows: Application to Brain Aging
Includes: Langner, S.[Sonke] Langner, S.[Sönke]

Langner, T. Co Author Listing * Identifying Morphological Indicators of Aging With Neural Networks on Large-Scale Whole-Body MRI
* On-line Stereo Self-calibration through Minimization of Matching Costs
* Weighted Semi-Global Matching and Center-Symmetric Census Transform for Robust Driver Assistance
Includes: Langner, T. Langner, T.[Tobias]

Langodan, S.[Sabique] Co Author Listing * Multi-Mission Satellite Detection and Tracking of October 2019 Sabiti Oil Spill in the Red Sea

Langohr, T. Co Author Listing * new computer vision-based system to help clinicians objectively assess visual pursuit with the moving mirror stimulus for the diagnosis of minimally conscious state, A
* ULg multimodality drowsiness database (called DROZY) and examples of use, The

Langoju, R.[Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Ultrasound image reconstruction using the finite-rate-of-innovation principle

Langone, R.[Rocco] Co Author Listing * Efficient evolutionary spectral clustering

Langousis, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Explanation and Probabilistic Prediction of Hydrological Signatures with Statistical Boosting Algorithms

Langowski, A. Co Author Listing * Communication Aspects of a Modified Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Algorithm

Langrana, N.A.[Noshir A.] Co Author Listing * Engineering Drawing Processing and Vectorization System
* Feature Identification from Vectorized Mechanical Drawings
* Perfecting Vectorized Mechanical Drawings
* Recognition and Integration of Dimension Sets in Vectorized Engineering Drawings
Includes: Langrana, N.A.[Noshir A.] Langrana, N.A.

Langridge, D.J. Co Author Listing * Curve Encoding and the Detection of Discontinuities
* Detection of Discontinuities in the First Derivatives of Surfaces
* Shape Encoding and Subjective Contours

Langroudi, H.F.[Hamed F.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Posit: Parameter aware numerical format for deep learning inference on the edge
* Alps: Adaptive Quantization of Deep Neural Networks with GeneraLized PositS

Langs, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Filtering Video Volumes Using the Graphics Hardware

Langs, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * 3D and Infrared Face Reconstruction from RGB data using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Active Feature Models
* Anatomical triangulation: from sparse landmarks to dense annotation of the skeleton in CT images
* ASM Driven Snakes in Rheumatoid Arthritis Assessment
* Automatic Surveying of Cutaneous Hemangiomas
* Building and registering parameterized 3D models of vessel trees for visualization during intervention
* Classification of tensors and fiber tracts using Mercer-kernels encoding soft probabilistic spatial and diffusion information
* Clique of Active Appearance Models by Minimum Description Length, A
* Cloud-Based Evaluation of Anatomical Structure Segmentation and Landmark Detection Algorithms: VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks
* Creating a Large-Scale Silver Corpus from Multiple Algorithmic Segmentations
* Determining Position and Fine Shape Detail in Radiological Anatomy
* Exploiting Epistemic Uncertainty of Anatomy Segmentation for Anomaly Detection in Retinal OCT
* Fast Active Appearance Model Search Using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Fast Anatomical Structure Localization Using Top-Down Image Patch Regression
* Generalized sparse MRF appearance models
* Hierarchical 3D diffusion wavelet shape priors
* Hierarchy of Partitions with Dual Graph Contraction
* Integral Trees: Subtree Depth and Diameter
* Keypoint Transfer for Fast Whole-Body Segmentation
* Local Structure Detection with Orientation-invariant Radial Configuration
* Localization of 3D Anatomical Structures Using Random Forests and Discrete Optimization
* Logarithmic Tapering Graph Pyramid
* Mapping visual features to semantic profiles for retrieval in medical imaging
* Modeling the structure of multivariate manifolds: Shape maps
* Motion Analysis of Endovascular Stent-Grafts by MDL Based Registration
* Multiple appearance models
* Optimal Sub-Shape Models by Minimum Description Length
* Overview of the 2013 Workshop on Medical Computer Vision (MCV 2013)
* Overview of the 2014 Workshop on Medical Computer Vision: Algorithms for Big Data (MCV 2014)
* Overview of the 2015 Workshop on Medical Computer Vision: Algorithms for Big Data (MCV 2015)
* Predicting Macular Edema Recurrence from Spatio-Temporal Signatures in Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* Segmentation of Skeleton and Organs in Whole-Body CT Images via Iterative Trilateration
* Shape priors and discrete MRFs for knowledge-based segmentation
* Sparse MRF Appearance Models for Fast Anatomical Structure Localisation
* Sparsity, redundancy and optimal image support towards knowledge-based segmentation
* Special issue on Optimization for vision, graphics and medical imaging: Theory and applications
* Stroke Segmentation in Infrared Reflectograms
* Unsupervised Identification of Disease Marker Candidates in Retinal OCT Imaging Data
* Unsupervised Pre-training Across Image Domains Improves Lung Tissue Classification
* Vision pyramids that do not grow too high
* Visual Information Retrieval System for Radiology Reports and the Medical Literature, A
* WGAN Latent Space Embeddings for Blast Identification in Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Includes: Langs, G.[Georg] Langs, G.
42 for Langs, G.

Langsdale, M.F.[Mary F.] Co Author Listing * Inter-Comparison of Field- and Laboratory-Derived Surface Emissivities of Natural and Manmade Materials in Support of Land Surface Temperature (LST) Remote Sensing
* new East African satellite data validation station: Performance of the LSA-SAF all-weather land surface temperature product over a savannah biome, A
* Spectral Emissivity (SE) Measurement Uncertainties across 2.5-14 µm Derived from a Round-Robin Study Made across International Laboratories
Includes: Langsdale, M.F.[Mary F.] Langsdale, M.F.

Langseth, H.[Helge] Co Author Listing * Latent classification models for binary data

Langshausen, J.[Joachim] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Future Multi- and Hyperspectral Satellite Systems for Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Norway Spruce Timber Volume
* Double-Sampling Extension of the German National Forest Inventory for Design-Based Small Area Estimation on Forest District Levels, A
* Using Landsat and Sentinel-2 Data for the Generation of Continuously Updated Forest Type Information Layers in a Cross-Border Region

Langston, D.B.[David B.] Co Author Listing * Identifying Optimal Wavelengths as Disease Signatures Using Hyperspectral Sensor and Machine Learning

Langston, M.H.[Matthew Harper] Co Author Listing * Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Imaging Using Sensitivity Functions and Beamforming

Langstroth, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Conserving Ecosystem Diversity in the Tropical Andes

Langton, J.T.[John T.] Co Author Listing * Combining Pixelization and Dimensional Stacking

Languille, F. Co Author Listing * 2d Sub-pixel Disparity Measurement Using Qpec / Medicis
* CO3D Mission Digital Surface Model Production Pipeline
* CO3D, A Worldwide One One-meter Accuracy DEM for 2025
* Copernicus Sentinel-2A Calibration and Products Validation Status
* Sentinel-2 Global Reference Image Validation And Application To Multitemporal Performances And High Latitude Digital Surface Model
Includes: Languille, F. Languille, F.[Florie]

Langwald, J. Co Author Listing * FPGA based real-time visual servoing

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