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Fuente, J.P.[Javier Parra] Co Author Listing * E2E-V2SResNet: Deep residual convolutional neural networks for end-to-end video driven speech synthesis

Fuentealba, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Using Circular Statistics Applied to Volcano Monitoring
* Improving the Classification of Volcanic Seismic Events Extracting New Seismic and Speech Features

Fuentes Aguilar, R.Q.[Rita Quetziquel] Co Author Listing * Framework to Model and Control the State of Presence in Virtual Reality Systems, A
Includes: Fuentes Aguilar, R.Q.[Rita Quetziquel] Fuentes-Aguilar, R.Q.[Rita Quetziquel]

Fuentes Fernandez, R. Co Author Listing * New unsupervised hybrid classifier based on the fuzzy integral: applied to natural textured images
Includes: Fuentes Fernandez, R. Fuentes-Fernandez, R.

Fuentes Jaque, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Evidence of Climate Change Based on Lake Surface Temperature Trends in South Central Chile
* Spatio-Temporal Variation of the Urban Heat Island in Santiago, Chile during Summers 2005-2017
Includes: Fuentes Jaque, G.[Guillermo] Fuentes-Jaque, G.[Guillermo]

Fuentes Jimenez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Deep Shape-from-Template: Single-image quasi-isometric deformable registration and reconstruction
* Equiareal Shape-from-Template
* Isowarp: The Template-Based Visual Geometry of Isometric Surfaces, The
Includes: Fuentes Jimenez, D.[David] Fuentes-Jimenez, D.[David]

Fuentes Monjaraz, M.A.[Mario Alberto] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Use of Sentinel-2 Data for Spatio-Temporal Upscaling of Flux Tower Gross Primary Productivity Measurements
Includes: Fuentes Monjaraz, M.A.[Mario Alberto] Fuentes-Monjaraz, M.A.[Mario Alberto]

Fuentes Orrego, J.M. Co Author Listing * Stratification of Patients With Liver Fibrosis Using Dual-Energy CT
Includes: Fuentes Orrego, J.M. Fuentes-Orrego, J.M.

Fuentes Pacheco, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Fig Plant Segmentation from Aerial Images Using a Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network
Includes: Fuentes Pacheco, J.[Jorge] Fuentes-Pacheco, J.[Jorge]

Fuentes Pineda, G.[Gibran] Co Author Listing * Object Discovery by Clustering Correlated Visual Word Sets
* Sampled Weighted Min-Hashing for Large-Scale Topic Mining
* Scalable Object Discovery: A Hash-Based Approach to Clustering Co-occurring Visual Words
* Unsupervised Object Discovery from Images by Mining Local Features Using Hashing
Includes: Fuentes Pineda, G.[Gibran] Fuentes-Pineda, G.[Gibran]

Fuentes, A. Co Author Listing * Biomechanical signal classification of surgical and non-surgical candidates for knee arthroplasty
* Comprehensive Survey of Image Augmentation Techniques for Deep Learning, A
* Deep Learning-based Techniques for Plant Diseases Recognition in Real-field Scenarios
* Sketch-QNet: A Quadruplet ConvNet for Color Sketch-based Image Retrieval
Includes: Fuentes, A. Fuentes, A.[Alvaro] Fuentes, A.[Anibal]

Fuentes, A.R.[Anibal Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Coding Region Prediction in Genomic Sequences Using a Combination of Digital Signal Processing Approaches
* Detection of Coding Regions in Large DNA Sequences Using the Short Time Fourier Transform with Reduced Computational Load
Includes: Fuentes, A.R.[Anibal Rodriguez] Fuentes, A.R.[Aníbal Rodríguez]

Fuentes, B. Co Author Listing * Independent-Variation Matrix Factorization With Application to Energy Disaggregation

Fuentes, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Sensor-Fusion for the Documentation of Rural Heritage Buildings
* Kalman Filtered MR Temperature Imaging for Laser Induced Thermal Therapies
* PocketNet: A Smaller Neural Network for Medical Image Analysis
Includes: Fuentes, D. Fuentes, D.[David]

Fuentes, H.A.[Henry Arguello] Co Author Listing * Online Tensor Sparsifying Transform Based on Temporal Superpixels From Compressive Spectral Video Measurements

Fuentes, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * E-Agriculture Planning Tool for Supporting Smallholder Cocoa Intensification Using Remotely Sensed Data
* Mapping of Cotton Fields Within-Season Using Phenology-Based Metrics Derived from a Time Series of Landsat Imagery

Fuentes, J.E.[Jose Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Coastal Erosion in the Watersheds of Municipality of Buenaventura, Colombia: Using Geospatial Techniques and the Composite Vulnerability Index

Fuentes, J.M. Co Author Listing * Privacy-aware average speed monitoring system for vehicular ad-hoc networks

Fuentes, J.M.M.[Jose Maria Michel] Co Author Listing * National, Detailed Map of Forest Aboveground Carbon Stocks in Mexico, A
Includes: Fuentes, J.M.M.[Jose Maria Michel] Fuentes, J.M.M.[José María Michel]

Fuentes, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Fusion of probabilistic knowledge-based classification rules and learning automata for automatic recognition of digital images

Fuentes, L. Co Author Listing * systemic approach for 3D recognition of simple primitives in discrete models, A

Fuentes, L.L.[Laura Lopez] Co Author Listing * Class-Balanced Active Learning for Image Classification

Fuentes, L.M.[Luis M.] Co Author Listing * From tracking to advanced surveillance
* People Tracking in Indoor Surveillance Applications
* People tracking in surveillance applications
Includes: Fuentes, L.M.[Luis M.] Fuentes, L.M.

Fuentes, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * CNN Based Software Gradiometer for Electromagnetic Background Noise Reduction in Low Field MRI Applications, A
* Detection of Follicles in Ultrasound Videos of Bovine Ovaries
* Multimodal Approach for Percussion Music Transcription from Audio and Video, A
* On line signature verification: fusion of a hidden markov model and a neural network via a support vector machine
Includes: Fuentes, M.[Miguel] Fuentes, M.[Magdalena] Fuentes, M.

Fuentes, M.M.P.B.[Mariana M.P.B.] Co Author Listing * Exposure of Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nests to Waves in the Florida Panhandle
* Exposure of Marine Turtle Nesting Grounds to Named Storms Along the Continental USA

Fuentes, O. Co Author Listing * Acquiring Visual-Motor Models for Precision Manipulation with Robot Hands
* Color Analysis of Facial Skin: Detection of Emotional State
* Color-Based Road Sign Detection and Tracking
* Face Detection in Low-Resolution Color Images
* Face Detection Using Combinations of Classifiers
* Imbalanced Problem in Morphological Galaxy Classification, The
* Integrated Learning and Feature Selection for Deep Neural Networks in Multispectral Images
* Local Context Normalization: Revisiting Local Normalization
* Multi-Pose Face Detection with Asymmetric Haar Features
* Object Detection System using Image Reconstruction with PCA, An
* Object detection using image reconstruction with PCA
* Real-Time Image-Based Motion Detection Using Color and Structure
* Removing JPEG blocking artifacts using machine learning
* Semi-Automated Semantic Segmentation of Arctic Shorelines Using Very High-Resolution Airborne Imagery, Spectral Indices and Weakly Supervised Machine Learning Approaches
* Stochastic Method for Face Image Super-Resolution, A
* Street Detection with Asymmetric Haar Features
Includes: Fuentes, O. Fuentes, O.[Olac]
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Fuentes, P.M.[Pablo Munoz] Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Estimation of Fisher Vectors to Aggregate Image Descriptors
Includes: Fuentes, P.M.[Pablo Munoz] Fuentes, P.M.[Pablo Muñoz]

Fuentes, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Pavement Crack Detection from Hyperspectral Images Using A Novel Asphalt Crack Index

Fuentes, R.W.[Robert W.] Co Author Listing * Generation of Hierarchical Multiresolution Terrain Databases Using Wavelet Filtering

Fuentes, S.[Sigfredo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Crop Water Stress in Nectarine and Peach Orchards Using High-Resolution Imagery from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
* Dependence of CWSI-Based Plant Water Stress Estimation with Diurnal Acquisition Times in a Nectarine Orchard
* Mapping Very-High-Resolution Evapotranspiration from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery

Fuentes, V.L.[Virginia Luis] Co Author Listing * Shape Analysis and Computational Fluid Simulations to Assess Feline Left Atrial Function and Thrombogenesis

Fuentetaja, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Extending the Evaluation of Social Assistive Robots With Accessibility Indicators: The AUSUS Evaluation Framework

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