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Newtoff, K. Co Author Listing * RECOVER: An Automated, Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Post-Fire Rehabilitation Planning

Newton La Scala, Jr. Co Author Listing * Changes in Carbon Dioxide Balance Associated with Land Use and Land Cover in Brazilian Legal Amazon Based on Remotely Sensed Imagery

Newton, A.[Alice] Co Author Listing * Contribution of Remote Sensing Technologies to a Holistic Coastal and Marine Environmental Management Framework: A Review
* MERIS Phytoplankton Time Series Products from the SW Iberian Peninsula (Sagres) Using Seasonal-Trend Decomposition Based on Loess

Newton, A.R. Co Author Listing * Digital image restoration by exposure-splitting and registration
* Sketched symbol recognition using zernike moments

Newton, D.C.[David C.] Co Author Listing * Human Factors Considerations for Head-Worn Displays in Civil Aviation
* Image-Based Ground Visibility for Aviation: Is What You See What You Get?
* Impacts of Dual Head-up Display Use on Workload in the Civil Aviation Flight Deck: Implications for Crew Coordination

Newton, E.M. Co Author Listing * Dependence characteristics of face recognition algorithms
* Meta-analysis of Face Recognition Algorithms
* Meta-Analysis of Third-Party Evaluations of Iris Recognition
* Preserving Privacy by De-identifying Facial Images
Includes: Newton, E.M. Newton, E.M.[Elaine M.]

Newton, F. Co Author Listing * On Random Field Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart Generation

Newton, I. Co Author Listing * Medical photogrammetric measurement: overview and prospects
* Method for the Automated Production of Digital Terrain Models Using a Combination of Feature Points, Grid Points, and Filling Back Points, A
Includes: Newton, I. Newton, I.[Ian]

Newton, I.P. Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Microultrasound System for the Detection of Inflammation of the Gastrointestinal Tract, A

Newton, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Mapping Banana Plantations from Object-oriented Classification of SPOT-5 Imagery

Newton, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Riemannian Variance Filtering: An Independent Filtering Scheme for Statistical Tests on Manifold-Valued Data

Newton, O.B. Co Author Listing * IMPACT of Agent Transparency on Human Performance, The

Newtson, K. Co Author Listing * Histogram Oriented Gradients and Map Seeking Circuits pattern recognition with compressed imagery

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