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Arevalillo Herraez, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * About Combining Metric Learning and Prototype Generation
* Combining feature extraction and expansion to improve classification based similarity learning
* Combining similarity measures in content-based image retrieval
* Eigenexpressions: Emotion Recognition Using Multiple Eigenspaces
* Image-Evoked Affect and its Impact on Eeg-Based Biometrics
* improved distance-based relevance feedback strategy for image retrieval, An
* Improving distance based image retrieval using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
* Learning combined similarity measures from user data for image retrieval
* naive relevance feedback model for content-based image retrieval using multiple similarity measures, A
* NSGA Based Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval, A
* On the Influence of Affect in EEG-Based Subject Identification
* Online Metric Learning Approach through Margin Maximization, An
* Random Extension for Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction and Metric Learning, A
* relevance feedback CBIR algorithm based on fuzzy sets, A
* Robust and Simple Measure for Quality-Guided 2D Phase Unwrapping Algorithms, A
* Robust Wrap Reduction Algorithm for Fringe Projection Profilometry and Applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A
* Steered Response Power Localization of Acoustic Passband Signals
Includes: Arevalillo Herraez, M.[Miguel] Arevalillo-Herráez, M.[Miguel] Arevalillo-Herraez, M.[Miguel] Arevalillo-Herráez, M.
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Arevalillo, J.M.[Jorge M.] Co Author Listing * Model Based Recursive Partitioning for Customized Price Optimization Analytics

Arevalo Lomas, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Processing Radargrams to Obtain Resistivity Sections
Includes: Arevalo Lomas, L.[Lucia] Arévalo-Lomas, L.[Lucía]

Arevalo Verjel, A.N.[Alba Nely] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Block Adjustment Error in UAV Photogrammetric Flights in Flat Areas
Includes: Arevalo Verjel, A.N.[Alba Nely] Arévalo-Verjel, A.N.[Alba Nely]

Arevalo, B. Co Author Listing * Deforestation Along The Maya Mountain Massif Belize-guatemala Border

Arevalo, H. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Estimation of Ventricular Fiber Orientations for Personalized Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology
* Multiple Kernel Learning Framework to Investigate the Relationship Between Ventricular Fibrillation and First Myocardial Infarction, A
* Myocardial Infarct Segmentation From Magnetic Resonance Images for Personalized Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology
Includes: Arevalo, H. Arevalo, H.[Hermenegild]

Arevalo, H.J. Co Author Listing * Spatially Adaptive Multi-Scale Optimization for Local Parameter Estimation in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Arevalo, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Bag of Features for Automatic Classification of Alzheimer's Disease in Magnetic Resonance Images
* End-to-end neural network architecture for fraud scoring in card payments
* Precipitation over the U.S. Coastal Land/Water Using Gauge-Corrected Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System and Three Satellite Products
Includes: Arevalo, J.[John] Arévalo, J.[Juan] Arevalo, J.[Jorge]

Arevalo, M.[Marlene] Co Author Listing * Giving Life to John Calvin the Reformer
Includes: Arevalo, M.[Marlene] Arévalo, M.[Marlčne]

Arevalo, V. Co Author Listing * Applying Image Analysis and Probabilistic Techniques for Counting Olive Trees in High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Improving Piecewise Linear Registration of High-Resolution Satellite Images Through Mesh Optimization
* Improving Piecewise-Linear Registration Through Mesh Optimization
* Mesh Topological Optimization for Improving Piecewise-Linear Image Registration
Includes: Arevalo, V. Arévalo, V.[Vicente]

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